August 15, 2007 – The UN is Promoting Homosexuality and Abortion Around the World

Family Watch International

August 15, 2007

UN is Promoting Homosexuality
and Abortion Around the World

Dear Friend of the Family,

Sharon Slater, PresidentFor
at least a decade, it has been increasingly clear to defenders of the
family that what happens at the UN “matters” — that outcome
documents created at UN conferences can and do affect family policies
in countries around the world.

We have warned that even though abortion and homosexuality are not
currently specifically mentioned in UN documents, various UN committees
and treaty monitoring bodies and radical nongovernmental organizations
(NGOs) pretend like they do. They try to use these UN documents
to bully countries into adopting and implementing abortion rights, and
other anti-life, anti-family and pro-homosexual policies.

And unfortunately, the UN keeps proving us right.

That proof comes yet again in some recent developments related to homosexuality
and abortion:

Promoting Pro-homosexual Policies

  • Unbelievably, the Committee on Nongovernmental Organizations, a
    standing committee of the United Nations Economic and Social Council
    (ECOSOC), voted this year to grant consultative status to two new
    homosexual rights advocacy groups (one from Quebec and the other from
    Sweden). They did this despite the recommendation of their investigating
    subcommittee that they not be accredited, and despite fierce
    opposition by UN member states, who were concerned they would use
    the UN as a forum to bully them into mainstreaming homosexuality in
    their countries.

    Of course, that is exactly their plan. Following their accreditation,
    the executive director of the Quebec group announced at a press conference
    that his group now plans to the use their newly bestowed UN accreditation
    to aggressively promote homosexual “rights” in the countries
    that voted against it! This is going to make the debates over “sexual
    orientation” provisions at the UN much more intense, and we
    pro-family advocates will have to fight even harder to stop this trend.

  • The UN committee overseeing implementation
    of and compliance with the UN Convention for the Elimination of All
    Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) recently grilled Honduras
    and Brazil regarding their current laws prohibiting homosexual marriage.
    They also branded South Korea “judgmental” for not recognizing
    same-sex couples and other “alternative family forms.”
  • Some countries feel that the UN is not
    doing enough to promote homosexuality so they are taking matters into
    their own hands. The Netherlands has announced plans to use their
    embassies in 36 of the countries where they provide foreign aid to
    pressure those countries to not only repeal their laws against homosexual
    behavior, but to actually increase the social acceptance of it. And
    we know that countries which have agreed to decriminalize homosexual
    behavior, soon thereafter are pressured to accept same-sex marriage
    and homosexual adoption.

What business the UN and the Netherlands have in forcing homosexuality
on other countries is beyond my comprehension.
The UN is grossly
exceeding its mandates on these critical social issues that should be
the sole domain of sovereign nations.

Promoting Abortion

  • The CEDAW committee also recently told Honduras that their ban on
    abortion is “a crime”, and pressured Belize, Brazil, Kenya
    and Liechtenstein to liberalize their abortion laws. All this even
    though the CEDAW treaty does not mention abortion!
  • The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has announced plans to
    "increase demand for sexual and reproductive health services
    and reproductive rights" (read “increase demand for contraception
    and abortion”). To accomplish this, over the next four years
    they propose budgeting $47 million in Africa, $33 million in Asia
    and the Pacific, $26 million in Latin America and the Caribbean and
    $14 million for each regional program in the Arab states, Eastern
    Europe, and Central Asia. Unfortunately, they will probably get all
    the funds they want to promote their anti-family anti life policies
    throughout the world.

These pressures by the UN work insidiously in many countries
to undermine essential social institutions and values.
the U.S. Supreme Court has cited international policies to justify radical
decisions such as Lawrence v Texas, which struck down all state
anti-sodomy laws.

We must recognize that threats to the family and fundamental social
institutions are not limited to the national or local policy arenas.
We must monitor UN conferences and policies and do our best to ensure
that what is agreed upon in UN negotiations does not further undermine
the family.

Unfortunately, in these areas at least, what happens at the
UN does matter.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater

News Items of Interest

Poll Shows U.S. Public Opinion Remains Firmly Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage

A new poll conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for CNN news
is the latest in a long series of opinion surveys that show that Americans
firmly oppose legalizing same-sex marriage. The survey, released August
9th, found that 57 percent oppose legalization versus only 40 percent
who support it. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3 percent. The
poll is available here

Teenage Abortions Rising in Wales

The government of Wales has made the morning-after pill widely available
to teenagers throughout the country, but new figures show that abortion
increased in the15 to17-year-old age group by 12 percent last year.
The number of second abortions also rose. The largest number of abortions
was in the 20 to 24-year-old age group. Read more here.

San Diego Firefighters Forced to Participate in Gay Pride Parade

On orders by their battalion chief, four firefighters were forced
against their wishes to participate in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade.
During the parade, they were subjected to sexual harassment and verbal
abuse from individuals in the crowd who made obscene gestures, shouted
sexually suggestive remarks and behaved in a lewd manner. The firefighters
have filed a complaint against the city. The city has changed its
policy, but a lawsuit is still likely. Read more here.

British Hotel Chain Drops In-Room Porn

Pay-per-view pornography will no longer be available in Travelodge
hotels across Great Britain. Travelodge Hotels announced that it will
replace the pornographic channels with family-friendly channels, hoping
to attract families with children to their hotels. Pornography generates
large profits for the hotel industry. Read more here.

Injections Used to Kill Fetuses Before Abortion

Abortion providers around the United States are now injecting fetuses
with lethal drugs before the procedure in order to circumvent potential
criminal charges. The United States Supreme Court recently upheld
the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban which prevents physicians from partially
delivering a live fetus and then killing it surgically before removing
the lifeless baby completely from the womb. The injections, which
are usually administered after 18 weeks gestation are either the heart
drug Digoxin or potassium chloride, the chemical used in many executions.
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University Professor Says No Evidence of “Gay Gene”

University of Nebraska professor Douglas A. Abbott, PhD. has issued
a well-documented report and has stated that genetic evidence for
homosexuality is “just not there.” He believes that homosexual
politics, not good science, is driving the search for a “gay
gene.” Professor Abbott asserts that internal and external environmental
factors play the major role in determining sexual orientation. Read
Professor Abbott’s report here.

Spain Subsidizes Births

Recognizing the need for “more families with more children,”
The Prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has
announced that couples will receive a subsidy worth U.S. $3,400 for
each new child. The birth rate in Spain is only 1.37 children per
woman. The financial assistance will also be provided to couples who
adopt children. Read more here.

Same-Sex Marriage Supporter Spends Millions of Dollars

The Gill Action Fund, financed by homosexual-rights activist Tim
Gill provided millions of dollars to oppose same-sex marriage bans
throughout the United States. Gill spent $3.8 million of his own money
in eight of nine states that had constitutional bans of gay marriage
on their ballots in 2006. In spite of the well-funded opposition,
all the states but one were successful in banning same-sex marriage.
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Thoughtful Commentary on Family Issues

“Reject the ‘Hate Crimes’ Bill” by Peter

“Such a brutal crime was unusual, but not unheard of, in Laramie,
Wyo. The victim had spent the evening drinking in a bar and accepted
a ride from a stranger. It would be the victim’s last.” He is
not talking about Mathew Sheppard, but there is an eerie connection.
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“Amnesty International’s Moral Incoherence”
by Ryan T. Anderson

“This May, First Things broke the news of Amnesty International’s
change of policy from neutrality to pro-abortion advocacy. Subsequently,
both the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the president
of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican issued
statements urging Amnesty International to reconsider its new policy.”
Read the rest here.

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