One of the largest purveyors of comprehensive sexuality education programs in the world is International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). IPPF’s sexuality programs are designed to raise up the next generation to demand their “sexual rights.”

Healthy, Happy and Hot was published by IPPF as a guide for HIV-positive youth. It teaches youth about their “sexual and reproductive rights” including their right to sexual pleasure. The booklet has been distributed to youth at official UN meetings.” While it may not technically be considered a sexuality education program, it is definitely intended to promote sexual pleasure to youth. In fact, it is specifically written to youth who are HIV positive and states outright, “Young people living with HIV have the right to sexual pleasure.”

The brochure further (and incorrectly) asserts that “Sexual and reproductive rights are recognized around the world as human rights.” The publication also promotes abortion, masturbation, homosexual behavior and other high-risk sexual behaviors, and is often widely distributed to both youth and adults during UN meetings.

Below are excerpts from IPPF’s “Healthy, Happy and Hot”


Remember, “Healthy, Happy and Hot was written for HIV-positive youth. To tell these youth that they are not obligated to disclose their status to their sexual partners is clearly an indicator that IPPF is not in the business of ensuring the sexual health of the world’s youth.

International Planned Parenthood operates in most countries of the world and is making billions of dollars off of their sexual services for children and adults. In 2010 alone, IPPF received $3.5 million from multiple UN agencies including UNFPA, UNAIDS, UN Women, WHO and the World Bank, and many governments grant IPPF and their affiliates millions of dollars annually to promote “sexual and reproductive health” likely not understanding how IPPF interprets the term.

To ensure they get their funding and the right policies in place to sexualize children, International Planned Parenthood brings teams of lawyers and youth to UN conferences to pressure governments to establish comprehensive sexuality education as an international human right in UN conference documents. They also manipulate governments of developing countries to call for comprehensive sexuality education or sexual education in their statements to the UN.

A number of the people representing developing countries in UN negotiations are actually paid employees of International Planned Parenthood who offer their services for free as technical experts, when in reality, they get on government delegations to promote the sexual rights agenda of Planned Parenthood in the negotiations. They are good at what they do, and this is bad news for the children of the world.