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September 3, 2009

Help Us Stop the UN from Sexualizing Children

Dear #Salutation#,Sharon Slater, President

According to a report recently issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), children as young as five have a “right” to learn about sexual pleasure, masturbation and homosexuality, among other things.   

As I explain below, we need your help to stop this radical UN document by supporting a letter we will be sending to all UN delegations.  

One of the main authors of the UNESCO report, “The International Guidelines on Sexuality Education” is Nanette Ecker, of the U.S.-based Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), an organization notorious for pushing inappropriate and explicit sex education in schools across the U.S.  The publication was a collaboration of many UN agencies including UNESCO, UNICEF, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

One of the most dangerous concepts promoted by the document, which is intended to drive sex education programs used in schools across the world, is that “Sexual behaviours can be pleasurable and without risk of unintended pregnancy and STIs including HIV.”

Another example of a dangerous concept is this objective for 12 year olds: “Contraceptives and condoms give people the opportunity to enjoy their sexuality without unintended consequences.”

It is unconscionable that UN agencies are encouraging children to engage in sexual behavior while telling them there is no health risk.  Especially since they know that sexually active children will likely engage in sexual intercourse and that even if they engage in so called “protected” sex, condoms fail and pregnancies and deadly sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS are the result.

Much of the document promotes “respect” for “sexual and gender diversity” and “people with diverse sexual expressions,” and it encourages ministries of education to “consult with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups.”

It also states that “teachers are likely to be the most skilled and trusted source of information” and “have a responsibility to act in the place of parents”

However, of most concern is the document’s systematic promotion of masturbation to children beginning at age five.  In fact, Floyd Godfrey, LPC, whose specialty is treating youth with sexual addictions stated: “After working with hundreds of clients with sexual compulsions, I have seen masturbation as the most common symptom of sexual addiction.  It is also the most common compulsive behavior for teenagers who later develop addictions.  Instructing young children in sexual behavior is abusive.  Although some young children encounter masturbation as they grow up, this does not give adults license to teach them how to perform sexual acts.  It is inappropriate and against the law to teach young children sexual behavior.”

Here are some excerpts from some of the “learning objectives” in these guidelines:

Learning Objectives for Level I (ages 5-8)

  • Girls and boys have private body parts that can feel pleasurable when touched by oneself
  • It is natural to explore and touch parts of one’s own body
  • Bodies can feel good when touched
  • Touching and rubbing one’s genitals is called masturbation
  • Masturbation is not harmful, but should be done in private

Learning Objectives for Level II (ages 9-12)

  • Both men and women can give and receive sexual pleasure
  • Health risks associated respectively with safe and legal abortion, and with illegal and unsafe abortion
  • Many boys and girls begin to masturbate during puberty

Learning Objectives for Level III (ages 12-15)

  • Respect for the different sexual orientations and gender identity
  • Both men and women can give and receive sexual pleasure with a partner of the same or opposite sex
  • Everyone is responsible for their own and their partner’s sexual pleasure and can learn to communicate their likes and dislikes
  • Access to safe abortion and post-abortion care

Finally, under the definition for “sexual orientation” they list this example: “a man who becomes a woman and is attracted to other women would be identified as a lesbian.” 

They believe this is the kind of thing children and teens need to learn in school.

We have told you in prior newsletters about explicit sex education manuals published by UN agencies such as UNICEF and UNFPA. 

And now, this.

We must put a stop to it!

We have people in over 112 countries who subscribe to The Family Watch and who have signed the “I Stand for the Family Petition.”

I am calling upon each of you now to take a stand for the family by clicking here to join us and others around the world in signing our letter calling upon UN Member States to denounce these radical sex education guidelines.

We need thousands of people around the world to support this campaign for it to have an impact, so please pass this alert on to everyone you know, and ask them to join you in signing this letter online.   

You have helped us protect the sanctity of the family at the UN before.  It is time to do it again!

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater



We Urgently Need Your Help!

We have never faced greater challenges to the family and family values than we do now and there is no doubt these challenges will only increase in the months ahead.  Not only do we face more threats at the UN than ever before but at the national level we are fighting to defend marriage in the U.S., prevent the liberalization of abortion and dealing with other issues as well.  As a result, our budget is stretched to the breaking point.

Please help in this effort to defend the family and family values by making the most generous contribution you can.  Contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers and any amount you contribute will be used effectively and efficiently.  You can easily make a secure contribution on line here or print out a form to mail in a contribution.



News Items of Interest


Judge Rules South Dakota Doctors Must Inform Patients "Abortion Ends Life."  U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier upheld a portion of a South Dakota state law that requires women to be told that abortion ends a human life.  She struck down requirements that would inform women that abortion increases the chances of suicide.  Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit in 2005 after a law was passed that required several disclosures be made to women seeking abortions.  Read more here.


Lawmakers Approve Same-sex Adoptions in Uruguay.  The measure passed by a vote of 40-13 and must still pass the senate, which it is expected to do.  Last year, Uruguay legalized civil unions for same-sex couples.  Religious leaders in the country were strongly opposed to the legislation.  Read more here.

German Court Legalizes Same-sex Adoption.  The Federal Constitutional Court ruled in favor of a lesbian who sued to adopt the child of her partner.  The court overturned a lower court ruling and stated that “life partners” have the right to formalize the role of parent to their partner's children and that parenthood is not only determined biologically, but also socially.  Adoptions by same-sex couples who do no have a legal or biological relationship to the child are still prohibited.  Read more here.

Homosexuality Related

Same-sex Marriage Referendum Will Be On Maine November Ballot.  Maine’s governor has signed a proclamation formally putting Question 1, the citizen’s veto provision of the proposed same-sex marriage law passed by the legislature in the Spring, on the November ballot.  Election officials verified that the required 55,087 valid signatures had been gathered by pro-marriage defenders who submitted more than 100,000 signatures, the most in Maine history.  Read more here.

UN Committee Tells Nations to Grant Rights Based on "Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity."  The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reports that the committee that monitors compliance with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has demanded that member states change their national laws and policies and create new human rights for homosexuals and transsexuals.  According to the committee, nations that fail to do so will be in violation of their obligations under international law.  Read more here.

Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Federal Defense of Marriage Act.  The plaintiffs, a homosexual couple from California, claimed the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional.  DOMA prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages and granting benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees.  The couple also filed suit in California superior court where the lawsuit was dismissed as well.  Read more here.

D.C. Court Rules That 'Sexual Orientation' Laws Include Former Homosexuals.   Superior Court Judge Maurice Ross reversed a ruling by the D.C. Office of Human Rights that determined that former homosexuals were not protected under the Human Rights Act, the law that protects homosexuals, and other minorities from hate crimes.  A complaint was filed more than five years ago after the National Education Association barred an organization that provides support for individuals who leave the homosexual lifestyle from leasing an exhibit booth during a convention.  Read more here.

Study Finds Homosexuals Twice as Likely to Seek Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment.  The study by University of California researchers and published in BMC Psychiatry found that of 2074 people interviewed in the California Health Interview Survey, 48.5 percent of homosexual and bisexual individuals received psychiatric or drug abuse treatment compared to 22.5 percent of heterosexuals.  Read more here.

Court Rules Baptist Children's Home Can Terminate Homosexual Employee.  The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit has found that Sunrise Children’s Services, a home which provides social services for at-risk children, was not in violation of Title VII, the federal employment discrimination law or of the Kentucky Civil Rights Act when it dismissed a homosexual employee.  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) brought the suit against the home.  Read more here.

Washington Domestic Partnerships Appear Headed To November Vote.  The secretary of state has certified that a coalition seeking to put a state law expanding domestic partnerships for homosexual couples on the November ballot for a vote of the people succeeded in gathering the required number of signatures.  The ruling has survived one court challenge but faces at least one more.  Read more here.

Ecumenical Opposition Building In D.C. To Same-sex Marriage.  Catholic Archbishop Donald Wuerl is joining with evangelical and African American ministers in aggressively pushing for a public vote in the District of Columbia on whether to legalize homosexual marriage.  Read more here.

Large U.S. Lutheran Denomination Liberalizes Acceptance of Homosexual Clergy.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America expanded its previous acceptance of homosexual clergy who were celibate to now include those in “lifelong, monogamous” relationships.  Read more here.

General Interest

European Committee Upholds Abstinence Program.  The European Committee for Social Rights, the committee that monitors compliance with the European Social Charter, which binds all Council of Europe states, determined that a pro-abstinence sex education program used in many Croatian schools is acceptable.  Abortion activists had filed a lawsuit against Croatia claiming that the abstinence program violated the Charter.  Read more here.

Statistics Reveal Disturbing Marriage Trends in Ireland.  Figures from the Courts Service Annual Report showed that one in four marriages in Ireland ends in separation or divorce.  Over 4000 Irish couples sought a divorce in 2008, which is a 22 percent increase since 2001.  Read more here.

‘Sex’ and ‘Porn’ on Top 10 List of Children’s Internet Searches.  A study released by Symantec Corp. found that of  3.5 million searches, the top search term by children was for You Tube. “Sex” was number four and “Porn” was number six.  Read more here.



Have We Gone MAD?

Bizarre, real-life examples that make us wonder. . . Have We Gone MAD?

Let the Games Begin?

Pretend you are a beauty queen.  (You know. Crown, sash, flowers.)

Pretend you are competing in a pageant.  (Evening gown, swimsuit, poise and composure.)

Pretend you are participating in some preliminary pageant activities (Condoms, condoms, condoms.)


Surprised?  Don’t be. 

The Miss Universe pageant held a “Condom Olympics” for its lovely contestants several days before the pageant.  The young women participated in all manner of games and events including testing the strength of condoms by inflating them with water and blowing them up with air until they ruptured.

In case you’re wondering, the purpose of the Condom Olympics was, of course, AIDS awareness and education.  The games are part of a peer education workshop used to teach youth about the seriousness of AIDS. 

And that particular game?  Well, according to one official, that very game is used to teach youth “the proper technique for using a condom.”

And we wonder why AIDS continues to spread??

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