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December 3, 2009

UN Member States Reject
New Definition of Gender!

Dear #Salutation#,

In an unprecedented move last week, UN member states sent a strong “push back” message when they voted to reject a radical report issued back in October by Martin Scheinin, a “special rapporteur” of the UN Human Rights Council.  (Special rapporteurs are supposed to be unbiased expert consultants who work with various UN agencies and committees.)

The topic Scheinin had been assigned to address in his report in October to the UN General Assembly had been gender-based human rights abuses in counterterrorism measures.  However, he grossly overstepped his mandate when he strayed from his assigned topic and attempted to redefine gender in a manner that runs counter to UN consensus language and in a way that undermines the institution of the family.  

Scheinin’s pronouncement that gender is fluid and socially constructed is a common position held by those seeking to advance the radical sexual rights agenda. 

In his report, Scheinin also tried to advance an extremely controversial sexual rights document called the Yogyakarta Principles, which he helped draft, along with a number of other self-proclaimed experts.  This is the same document we have warned you about before which seeks to establish, among other sexual rights, a right to government paid sex-change operations.  (See our policy brief here.)

Scheinin and his colleagues falsely claim that all countries are already under legal obligation because of treaties they have signed to promote and protect a number of fictitious sexual rights they have outlined in detail in the Yogyakarta Principles.  

Ironically, they claim that these invented rights are universally recognized (even though the majority of countries have laws that restrict the sexual activities they are seeking to promote and protect) and therefore have become binding customary international law.

One of our major goals at the UN is to educate delegates regarding the Yogyakarta Principles, which could be considered the Magna Carta of the homosexual and transgender rights movement and make sure they are never recognized or adopted by the UN, or by any government for that matter. 

In fact, we are sending a Family Watch team to the UN next week to do some briefings with a number of UN delegations that have requested more information about this and other emerging threats to the family at the UN.

Unfortunately, Mr. Scheinin’s radical sexual ideologies are not just his own but are supported by many European countries and a growing number of Latin American countries, which are being joined by the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia.  All of them voted to try to stop the proposal to reject Scheinin’s report.

Fortunately, due to the efforts of a number of UN delegates, led by the African voting block, and supported by the Islamic countries and a number of Caribbean states working hard behind the scenes, the report was successfully rejected by a majority vote of the UN member states.  

A statement made by the representative from St. Lucia right before the vote expressed their country’s “opposition to the incorporation of the Special Rapportuer’s personal ideas about what a ‘gender perspective’ means in the context of his mandate” and lamented the fact that the rapporteur had “(a) exceeded his mandate, (b) unilaterally attempted to change the definition of a universally accepted term, [and] (c) based his definition on premises which do not exist in international human rights law.”

We are grateful to the UN delegates who were willing to push back against these countries and UN “experts” who are seeking to manipulate the UN system to advance the sexual rights agenda.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater



We Urgently Need Your Help!

We have never faced greater challenges to the family and family values than we do now and there is no doubt these challenges will only increase in the months ahead.  Not only do we face more threats at the UN than ever before but at the national level we are fighting to defend marriage in the U.S., prevent the liberalization of abortion and dealing with other issues as well.  As a result, our budget is stretched to the breaking point.

Please help in this effort to defend the family and family values by making the most generous contribution you can.  Contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers and any amount you contribute will be used effectively and efficiently.  You can easily make a secure contribution on line here or print out a form to mail in a contribution.



News Items of Interest

Marriage Related

New York Senate Kills Same-sex Marriage.  The 38 to 24 vote was much more lopsided than most observers on both sides of the issue had expected.  Read more here.

California Homosexual Activists Further Fracturing on Prop 8 Challenge.  The disagreement between the various activist groups over whether to try to place an amendment on the ballot to repeal Prop 8 in 2010 or 2012 was further sharpened when one of the larger groups, Courage, decided not to back an effort next year.  Read more here.

D.C. Votes to Legalize Same-sex Marriage.  The D.C. Council gave initial approval to the bill 11-2, and it will be voted on again December 15.  D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty has said he will sign the bill.  Congress has 30 legislative days to review the legislation before it becomes law.  D.C. recognizes same-sex marriages performed legally elsewhere.  Read more here.

D.C. Sued for Blocking Vote on Same-sex Marriage.  Attorneys for the Alliance Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics for refusing to allow its citizens to vote on the definition of marriage.  The D.C. Charter guarantees its citizens the right to vote.  Read more here.

U.S. Pressured to Ratify UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reports that UNICEF recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).  Many UN officials and child rights activists continue to call for U.S. ratification of the Convention.  Only the U.S. and Somalia have not ratified the rights-based Convention.  Read more here.

Poll Shows Same-sex Marriage Losing Support in New Jersey.  The Quinnipiac University poll found that 49 percent of voters oppose legalizing same-sex marriage, while 46 percent support it.  A poll last April showed 49 percent in support and 43 percent opposed to legalizing same-sex marriage.  The margin of error is +/- 2.4 percentage points.  Read more here.

Argentina Judge Stops Same-sex Marriage from Going Forward.  The ruling came the night before the first same-sex marriage was to take place and blocked another judge’s earlier ruling that found that a same-sex couple had a legal right to marry from going forward.  Read more here.

Slovenia Set to Legalize Same-sex marriage.  The Slovenian Parliament is preparing to vote on a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, but many citizens are opposed to the measure.  The government created some legal rights for same-sex partners in 2006. Read more here.

Homosexuality Related

Vermont Judge Awards Sole Custody of Child to Ex-lesbian’s Former Partner.  Lisa Miller left lesbianism and the Vermont civil union she had entered with her partner.  Their former partner later sued for custody of Miller’s biological child.  After a long legal battle, custody of the child was granted to the former partner who has no legal or biological relationship to the child.  Miller plans to appeal the ruling.  Read more here.

General Interest

Study: Pornography Threatens Marriages, Children, Communities and Individuals. A new study released by the Family Research Council details the effects of pornography on marriages, children, communities and individuals. The study author, Pat Fagan, Ph.D., stated that the study was “a ground-breaking review of what pornography costs families trying to create a life together.”  Read more here.

Manhattan Declaration Calls for Public Commitment from Leaders.  The Declaration calls on Christian leaders to commit to stand for life, marriage and religious liberty.  The document has been signed by over 200,000 people.  Read more here.



Have We Gone MAD?

Bizarre, real-life examples that make us wonder. . . Have We Gone MAD?

Thanks for Nothin’

Thanksgiving for Americans has come and gone, and I hope, I HOPE that those of you who celebrated it didn’t lack for conversation around the dinner table.  You know, after everyone commented on how juicy the turkey was, how delicious the stuffing was, how creamy the potatoes were, was there an annoying lull in the chit chat?  Did the friendly banter leave you wanting?

Well, you could have, you should have, consulted the experts on Thanksgiving dinner conversation.

Planned Parenthood.

Yessiree.  Planned Parenthood.

What?  You didn’t consult them before you sat down to your Thanksgiving Day feast? 
The folks at Planned Parenthood, never ones to miss out on an opportunity to spread their propaganda, especially love holidays.  They use Christmas, Mother’s Day (I know, I know, shameful), and now Thanksgiving to get their anti-life message to the masses.

They thoughtfully published on their Web site talking points that could be used in any conversation about taking the lives of preborn children as it applies to the health care debate that is currently raging in the United States.  They are insisting that abortion MUST be in the legislation and Planned Parenthood MUST be part of the exchange.  Thoughtful, huh?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, with Planned Parenthood around, there will never be a shortage of “mad” material.  And once again, THEY are the real “turkeys.”


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