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June 23, 2011


FWI Sexuality Report Impacts
UN Negotiations!

Dear #Salutation#,

Great victories for the family occurred at the UN High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS held June 8-10th at UN headquarters in New York.  In attendance were presidents, first ladies, prime ministers, ambassadors and ministers.  Family Watch was privileged to be invited to conduct private briefings on some of the most controversial family issues with a number of high-level government officials. 

Although a few disturbing paragraphs made it into the final outcome  document, due to the valiant and tireless efforts of key delegates in the African, Arab and Caribbean voting blocs along with Russia and the delegation from the Holy See, many of the most harmful provisions were deleted from the early drafts.  

In addition to removing many harmful provisions, delegates fought successfully for a number of pro-family provisions which were adopted including 13 references to “families” and two references to “the family.”  One paragraph emphasized “the importance of cultural, ethical and religious values” and “the vital role of the family and the community” in dealing with the AIDS pandemic. 

The outcome document also contained two references encouraging “responsible sexual behavior, including abstinence, fidelity. . .” 

At one point during the negotiations, which spanned several weeks prior to the High Level Meeting, amendments promoting same-sex marriage and calling upon nations to combat “homophobia” were on the table, as well as multiple references to fictitious “sexual rights” and “reproductive rights.”  We were very relieved to see all of these removed from the final draft. 

Of particular concern were the multiple proposals calling for “comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).  We had prepared a special report exposing the explicit and insidious nature of this controversial education and provided it to the key delegations and voting blocs just as the references to CSE were being considered. (Click here to read this report.  Be forewarned that some of the excerpts cited from the UN promoted CSE manuals are quite graphic, and many will find them offensive.  Keep in mind that this material is being promoted to children as young as age 10.)

We should all be deeply concerned that some governments were trying to establish this kind of education for children as an international human right.  Other delegates supporting it were simply unaware that CSE encourages youth to be promiscuous and to experiment with same-sex and opposite sex partners in a variety of sexual acts, all in pursuit of sexual pleasure, which in and of itself is promoted as a “right.”  Promoters of CSE admit that their goal is to promote this kind of education in order to change gender and sexual norms throughout the world. 
One of the major successes at this conference was that after sending out our report, all of the references to “comprehensive sexuality education” were subsequently deleted.  We were told that one government representative referenced our report when he said that this kind of sexuality education had been a major concern for his country in the negotiations.    

Also very disturbing was the fact that liberal countries at this conference were aggressively advocating language promoting the very behaviors that are actually fueling the AIDS pandemic including “men having sex with men,” and “sex work.” 

It was appalling to see how the HIV/AIDS epidemic was being exploited to promote bogus sexual rights at the expense of the lives of those who become infected with HIV while exercising their so-called “sexual rights” which promote sexual anarchy.

It is mind boggling that the groups that spread AIDS at a higher rate than any other group (due to their promiscuous lifestyles) were being depicted as victims whose sexual practices should be promoted and protected  rather than identified as active agents in spreading the disease.     

Of course in order to protect homosexuals and prostitutes from contracting the deadly HIV virus, governments should discourage them from engaging in risky sexual acts, not try to mainstream their risky behaviors and establish them as “rights” to be celebrated.

However, activists argued that unless governments repeal their laws restricting male homosexual sex and destigmatize, normalize and mainstream homosexuality and prostitution that additional deaths would result because the individuals who engage in this behavior would be afraid to come forward to get tested and treated.  There is no data to support this, and people do not have to disclose their sexual preferences in order to get testing and treatment. 

Another great success was that all but one of the many references intended to promote and mainstream “men having sex with men” and “sex workers” that were in the original draft document were deleted.  The one remaining reference to these groups did not promote these behaviors, and the majority of nations felt more comfortable accepting that one reference because at the same time they insisted on the adoption of the following paragraph that tempers and constrains all the other language in the document:

Reaffirm the sovereign rights of Member States, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter, and the need for all countries to implement the commitments and pledges in this declaration consistent with national laws, national development priorities and international human rights;

It was clear that developing nations, especially those in Africa, are fed up with the undue pressure from Western nations and their attempts to bully countries into accepting the controversial sexual rights agenda that will fuel their AIDS pandemics and destroy their religious and cultural values.

And while we were disappointed with several references that ended up in the document calling for “destigmatization” and by implication the sexual behaviors of the groups at highest risk or most “vulnerable” to AIDS (which everyone knew was intended to refer to male homosexuals, trangenders, prostitutes and IV drug users), there were significant victories for the family that can be built upon in future negotiations.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater

P.S. If you would like to read the outcome document, we have posted it here.




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We have never faced greater challenges to the family and family values than we do now and there is no doubt these challenges will only increase in the months ahead.  Not only do we face more threats at the UN than ever before but at the national level we are fighting to defend marriage in the U.S., prevent the liberalization of abortion and dealing with other issues as well.  As a result, our budget is stretched to the breaking point.

Please help in this effort to defend the family and family values by making the most generous contribution you can.  Contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers and any amount you contribute will be used effectively and efficiently.  You can easily make a secure contribution on line here or print out a form to mail in a contribution.



News Items of Interest


New Zealand Court Rules Unborn Children Have No Right to Life.  The Court of Appeal reversed the findings of a High Court judge who ruled there was reason to doubt the legality of abortions authorized by certifying consultants, who often approve abortions under the “threat to the woman’s mental health” clause, when in reality, grounds for an abortion were not met.  The Court of Appeal bench of justices held that the law does not confer the right to life on an unborn child.  Read more here

Poll Shows Americans Conflicted About Abortion.  The poll by the Public Religion Research Institute found that while 56 percent of respondents believe that abortion should be legal in most or all cases, 53 percent thought it was morally wrong.  Read more here.

Homosexuality Related

Poll Finds Americans Overestimate Prevalence of Homosexuality.  The number of homosexuals in America has been estimated in various studies as being as high as 10 percent and as low as one percent.  A Gallup poll has found that 52 percent of Americans estimate that at least one in five Americans is homosexual.  Of those, 35 percent estimate that one in four Americans is homosexual.  The margin of error is +/- four percent.  Read more here.

CDC Study Finds Homosexual Students Engage in More Risky Behaviors.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a study showing that homosexual and bisexual teens are more likely to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco, and engage in unprotected sex.  Read more here.

Obama Administration Holds “Federal LGBT Youth Summit.” 
The Summit was sponsored by the U. S. Department of Education for the purpose of addressing issues facing LGBT youth.  U. S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spoke in support of LGBT youth reaching “their full potential.”  Read more here.

United Nations Human Rights Council Recognizes Rights Based on Sexual Orientation.  For the first time at the United Nations, the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have been specifically recognized in a controversial resolution.  The resolution was sponsored by South Africa and adopted by 23 countries with 19 against, 3 abstentions and one delegation absent.  Read more here.

Gates Sees No Problems in Implementing Repeal of DADT.  The Defense Secretary said that if the service chiefs recommended that the repeal could be imposed that he was prepared to sign off on it.  Read more here

Administration Admits it is Actively Recruiting LGBT Foster Parents. David Hansell, the Obama appointee who heads the Department of Education’s Office of Children and Families revealed this recruiting campaign at a government sponsored LGBT youth summit.  Read more here.

Marriage Related

New U.S. Poll Finds Solid Majority Support For Man/Woman Marriage. The poll, conducted by the prestigious firm Public Opinion Strategies and sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund, found that 62 percent agreed that marriage should only be between a man and a woman with 53 percent strongly agreeing.  Only 35 percent supported homosexual marriage.  These results are more in line with polling over the years and are in direct contrast to several recent national polls, which reported majority support for homosexual marriage.  Significantly, this poll surveyed a much larger number of people than these other polls and had a margin of error of only +/- 2.53 percent.  14 focus groups were also conducted.  Read more here.

Study Finds Half of American Fathers Have Children Out of Wedlock.  A report by the Pew Research Center revealed that Black and Hispanic fathers were more likely to father children out of wedlock.  The report also revealed that the number of fathers who live apart from their children is more than double what it was in 1960.  Read more here.

French Parliament Rejects Same-sex Marriage Bill.  The bill, presented by the Socialist Party, was defeated on a vote of 293 to 222.  The legislation was opposed by Sarkosy’s UMP.  Earlier this year, France’s highest court ruled that laws banning same-sex marriage are not a violation of the country’s constitution.  Read more here.

Major U.S. Study Underscores Harm to Children of Divorce.  The major five-year longitudinal study by University of Wisconsin researchers followed more than 3500 children.  It found a number of negative impacts, including learning difficulties, lower self esteem and difficulty in interpersonal relationships.  Read more here.

U.S. Study Correlates Early Sexual Debut by Teen Girls with Higher Divorce Rates.  The University of Iowa study published in the prestigious Journal of Marriage and Family found that sexually active teen girls had about twice the divorce rate of those who postponed sexual activity until adulthood.  Read more here.

Study Finds Single Mothers Have Poorer Health Than Married Mothers.  According to a study published in the American Sociological Review, women who were not married when they had their first child reported worse health by age 40 compared to married, first-time mothers.  Forty percent of all births in the United States are to unwed mothers.  The findings may be due to the emotional and financial stress of raising a child alone.  Read more here.

U.S. Federal Judge Rules Homosexual Prop 8 Judge Eligible to Render Decision.  U.S. District Chief Judge James Ware ruled that now retired Judge Vaughn Walker, an open homosexual, was not required to remove himself from deciding the constitutionality of Prop 8.  Judge Walker, who ruled last year that the ban on same-sex marriage in California was unconstitutional, has been in a long-term homosexual relationship.  Read more here.

News Items of General Interest

European Union Warns Germany it has Too Many Housewives.  With the population aging and fewer workers to support the growing number of retirees, the EU Commission has recommended that Germany better integrate women into the workforce.  This would require creating more places for children in day care and reducing the tax burden for two wage earners.  Read more here

U. S. House of Representatives Will Introduce Legislation to Defund UNFPA.  Following a weekly program called You Cut that allows online voters to pick wasteful government programs to defund, House Republicans will seek to remove funding from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).  UNFPA has been implicated in forced abortion in Peru and China.  Funding cuts to UNFPA will save American taxpayers $400 million over ten years.  Read more here.

French High School Curriculum Promotes Gender Confusion.
Beginning this fall, an official French science curriculum will require all 11th grade students to study material that promotes abortion and homosexual behavior.  It also minimizes differences between men and women stating, “Anatomic and physiological differences, caused by the influence of sexual hormones, between the masculine and the feminine brain are no more important than differences between individuals of the same sex.”  Read more here.

U.S. Birthrate Declines.  According to figures released by the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. births have declined for the third year in a row, possibly due to the economy.  A drop in immigration may also have partially contributed to the declining numbers. Read more here.

U.S. Fails in UN Human Rights Council Reform Effort.  Key recommendations pushed by the Obama Administration were largely ignored in the recently completed five-ear review.  Read more here.

Studies Demonstrate the Importance of Parental Roles in Children’s Sexual Identity and Behaviors.  A Canadian study found that 45 percent of children considered their parents as their primary role models, compared to 32 percent for peers and 15 percent for celebrities.  In a related finding, a U.S. study of children raised by lesbians found that about half of them considered themselves “partly homosexual,” a far higher percentage than is found in the population as a whole.  Read more here.  And here.



Have We Gone MAD?

Bizarre, real-life examples that make us wonder. . . Have We Gone MAD?


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