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July 9, 2013


Resounding Rejection of
Radical Yogyakarta Principles!

Dear #Salutation#,

When the infamous Yogyakarta Principles were published in 2006, many pro-family governments did not take them seriously because they were so radical and extreme.  As explained in more detail  in our Policy Brief, the Yogyakarta Principles attempt to redefine gender and promote governmental and societal recognition, protection and promotion of any kind of sexual behavior—no matter how harmful to society or  individuals.

The Principles, for example,

  • Call on nations to eliminate “prejudicial or discriminatory attitudes or behaviours which are related to the idea of the inferiority or the superiority of any sexual orientation or gender identity or gender expression”;

  • Require governments to establish a right to change one’s gender at society’s cost;

  • Seek to prohibit medical or psychological therapy for sexual disorders; and

  • Require nations to ensure that opinions, expressions and the practice and promotion of beliefs do not violate the rights and freedoms of persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender.

Promotion of the Principles

Since 2006, Family Watch has worked to help pro-family governments understand how radical the Yogyakarta Principles are and to persuade them to keep references to them out of UN documents under negotiation.  However, UN agencies and officials have repeatedly referred to them in non-binding documents as if they were law.

We have been concerned that governments might become desensitized to the dangerous concepts and assertions in this document and eventually adopt them nationally or at the UN.

On a regional level, Belgium, along with 13 other co-sponsor European nations, recently proposed a resolution to pressure the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) at its annual meeting to recognize the 29 Yogyakarta Principles and pressure member states to adopt them.

The OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization formed during the cold war and includes members of 57 countries from Europe, Central Asia and North America.  Belgium’s proposed resolution falsely claimed that “many parliaments and countries have adopted the Yogyakarta Principles.”

U.S. Congressman Denounces Yogyakarta Principles

U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, Deputy Head of the American delegation to the OSCE, led the opposition to the resolution during the deliberations in the OSCE’s standing committee.  His clear and strong intervention against the Yogyakarta Principles is a “must see” (click on the video link and begin at 1:20:40) for anyone who cares about preserving fundamental freedoms, specifically religion, and freedom of speech and expression.

Congressman Smith’s cogent arguments included the following:

  • The Principles are highly controversial among OSCE members and other nations, they are inconsistent with international law, and they were not negotiated by member states.

  • The Principles contradict existing OSCE commitments regarding religious freedom and freedom of expression.

  • The Principles contain 128 directives that require states to take certain actions. 
    • Principle 24, for instance, promotes unfettered homosexual adoption and weakens international law by relegating the best interests of affected children to “a primary consideration,” rather than “the paramount consideration,” as dictated by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    • Principle 16 requires states to ensure that education methods, curricula and resources serve to enhance understanding of and respect for diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

After the United States’ strong and articulate intervention, Armenia, Poland, Italy and Russia also expressed opposition.  Their statements can also be seen in the video (click on the video link and begin at 1:25:40) of the proceedings.  

We were pleased that no OSCE member state spoke up in support of the resolution seeking to adopt the Principles, and thus the resolution was defeated 23 to 4 despite it being co-sponsored by 14 governments.  This was a resounding rejection of the radical Yogyakarta Principles!

Interestingly, although Poland was one of the 14 co-sponsors of the resolution because one of its delegates supports the Principles, during the OSCE standing committee’s discussion the spokesperson for Poland called for the withdrawal of the resolution.  She announced that the Principles violate a number of provisions in the Polish constitution concerning parental rights, protection of marriage and family, and religious freedom.

Usually, when elected officials step up in international settings to reflect the true views of their constituents, proposals to advance sexual rights as human rights that undermine fundamental freedoms have no chance of gaining widespread acceptance. 

We hope the OSCE’s resounding rejection of the Yogyakarta Principles will send a clear message to sexual rights activists and others that they should stop trying to advance fictitious sexual rights in ways that undermine the consensus process required in the development and implementation of international law.

For our part, we will continue to urge all nations, the media and elected officials to beware of the Yogyakarta Principles, which must be strongly opposed wherever they are introduced, as they are an assault on parental rights, children, religious freedom, and freedom of expression and seek to radically change sexual and gender norms in society.

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater
Family Watch International



News Items of Interest


New Abortion Restrictions Signed into Law in Wisconsin.  Governor Scott Walker signed Senate Bill 206 that requires all women seeking an abortion to have an ultrasound of the fetus prior to the procedure.  In addition the bill prohibits physicians from performing abortions unless they have local hospital privileges.  A judge has granted a temporary injunction against the new law.  Read more here.

Study Finds Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk Six-fold.  The study, published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, found a 6.38-fold greater risk of breast cancer among women with histories of induced abortion.  The study found induced abortion was the most important risk factor for breast cancer.  Read more here.

Organization Fact-checks Pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.  Reproductive Research Audit, founded by Dr. Jacqueline C. Harvey, fact-checks the claims of pro-abortion research organizations.  Dr Harvey checks the abortion lobby’s data for errors, misuse of data or invalid conclusions.  Read more here.

Uruguay's Abortion Law Withstands Challenge as Ballot Fails to Force Referendum.  Congress passed a law authorizing elective abortions in the first three months of pregnancy.  Opponents mounted an effort to overturn the law by calling for a referendum, but there were not enough votes to force a national referendum.  Read more here.

New York Senate Defeats Abortion Expansion Bill.  The Senate refused to allow an abortion measure approved by the Assembly to be attached to another bill as an amendment.  The legislation is part of a 10-point women’s rights package.  The measure would have codified the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision into state law.  Read more here.

Human Sexuality

Girl Scouts March in 'GayPride Parade.  For the first time ever, Girl Scouts of Northern California marched in San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade.  Over 90 Girl Scouts and their family members participated.  One former Girl Scout, Sydney Volanski, who left the organization due to Girl Scout participation in controversial activities said, "GSUSA has promised they have 'established standards that do not permit the advocacy or promotion of a personal lifestyle or sexual orientation,' yet here is undeniable participation in an advocacy campaign. Unfortunately, this is not their first broken promise."  Read more here

UNICEF: Children Have Right to Confidential Sex Services.  The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reports that UNICEF’s latest annual report reveals that it interprets two UN human rights treaties as requiring nations to recognize the right of children to sexually related information and services without parental knowledge.  The treaties have no such right.  Read more here.

Religious Groups in Dominican Republic Outraged by U.S.-appointed Homosexual Ambassador.  James “Wally” Brewster would be the seventh openly homosexual U.S. ambassador.  Opponents are requesting that the Dominican President Danilo Medina reject Brewster’s nomination.  Read more here.

Church Leaders in Jamaica Opposing Efforts to Overturn Anti-sodomy Law.  A Sunday revival meeting was held that was aimed at countering a growing acceptance of homosexual behavior.  More than 1000 people attended the meeting.  Read more here.

President Putin Signs Ban on Homosexual Propaganda.  Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the legislation that prohibits giving “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations” to children.  The bill is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values over Western liberal values.  Read more here.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules against PEPFAR Pledge.  The Court ruled that it is a violation of free speech to require U.S. groups that work to end HIV around the world to be forced to take a pledge against prostitution.  Global health advocates said the decision lifts the stigma surrounding prostitutes and their role in the HIV epidemic.  Read more here

UK Teacher Investigated.  A Christian teacher is being investigated because she refused to teach a lesson telling children that all opponents of gay marriage are homophobes.  The teacher has been employed by the school for 17 years.  The complaint against her was raised by a colleague.  Read more here.

Marriage Related

Canada's Polygamy Laws Upheld by B.C. Supreme Court.  Chief Justice Robert Bauman ruled in favor of the section of the Criminal Code that outlaws polygamous unions.  Bauman noted that the law may infringe on religious freedom, but it is justified because of the harm polygamy causes to individuals and to society.  Read more here.

U.S. Supreme Court Decision Already Affecting Other Cases.  In Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority opinion in the U.S. v. Windsor ruling that struck down a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act, he said that the ruling applied only to legally married same-sex couples seeking benefits from the federal government.  But judges and lawyers representing same-sex couples are using Kennedy’s language and reasoning in other cases about the right to marry.  Read more here.

Costa Rican Lawmakers Mistakenly Approve Same-sex Unions. President Laura Chinchilla signed the bill, but conservative lawmakers didn’t notice that the final version of the bill had changed previous language that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman.  The final bill “confers social rights and benefits of a civil union, free from discrimination.”  The lawmakers asked Chinchilla to veto the new law, but she refused.  Read more here.

Obama Administration Extending Same-sex Marriage Benefits.  Following the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), it was announced that legally married same-sex couples could begin applying for federal employee benefits.  Same-sex spouses, as well as the children and stepchildren of same-sex marriages, will be eligible for health insurance.   Read more

Target States for Same-sex Marriage.  Short term and long term targets for 17 U.S. states are outlined in this article.  Read more here.

President Obama’s Pro-homosexual Comments Rebuffed by African Leaders.  Within 24 hours of President Obama’s arrival in Senegal, he advocated for same-sex marriage, but President Macky Sall responded by saying that although his country is “very tolerant,” it is not ready to decriminalize homosexuality. Senegal is a 95-percent Muslim country.  Read more here.  Officials in Kenya reacted much the same way.  Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta slammed Obama's promotion of homosexual rights.  Read more here.

Australian Same-sex Marriage Referendum Offer Refused.  Prime Minister Kevin Rudd offered to hold a referendum on same-sex marriage if Opposition Leader Tony Abbott refuses to allow Coalition members a conscience vote on the issue.  Rudd recently switched his position and is now in favor of same-sex marriage.  Read more here.

French Police Accused of Brutality against Traditional Marriage Demonstrators.  The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reports that complaints have been filed in the UN Human Rights Council against French police officers.  The officers are accused of beating peaceful demonstrators and using tear gas and clubs against even elderly individuals and children.  Read more here.

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Arizona and Nevada Same-sex Lawsuits.  The Court let stand an appeals court ruling that made state employees in same-sex relationships ineligible for domestic partner benefits.  The Nevada case was a challenge to the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.  Read more here.

News Items of General Interest

Study Finds Babies Respond to Speech Three Months Before Birth.  A team of French scientists conducted studies on premature babies and found that they were able to distinguish between different types of language.  Brain scans were used to determine the babies’ response to auditory stimuli.  Read more here.

Opinion and Analysis Worth Noting

In “50 Years of the Feminine Mystique, Feminism Through the Lifecyle,” Niclole M. King examines why after 50 years of radical feminism attempting to “liberate” American women, research finds that “in spite of the fact that all objective measures of women’s happiness have risen, both women’s subjective well-being and their well-being relative to men have fallen since the 1970s.  For the first time in the last 35 years, men report higher levels of happiness than do women.”  Read her column here.

In his column, “Same Sex Parenting: Child Abuse?,” Robert Lopez discusses why “single-parenting and divorce have always been understood as a breakdown of the married mom and dad ideal, but the demand to view same-sex parenting as ‘normal’ imposes a silence on children about the wound caused by the loss of one parent or the other.”  Read his column here.

Dr. Brad Wilcox highlights research showing that “the transformative power of fatherhood only seems to work its magic for the better when men live with the children they father, and with their baby’s mother” in his column “Daddy’s Home.”  Read it here.

Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George analyze the real implications of the two U.S. Supreme Court homosexual marriage decisions in their column “The Supreme Court, You and Me, and the Future of Marriage.”  Read it here.

Maggie Gallagher is one of the most widely respected and astute defenders of natural marriage in the U.S.  In this interview, “The Roe of Marriage,” she gives her views on the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court homosexual marriage decisions.  Read it here.


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