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November 6, 2014

“Protection of the Family”
UN Events Part II –The Family and the SDGs: Family-Based Solutions to World Problems

Dear #Salutation#,

We hope you took the time to watch the presentations we sent you from Part I of our UN side event at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.  Click here to see those presentations if you missed that report.

We have now also posted and made available the presentations from Part II, “The Family and the SDGs: Family Based Solutions to World Problems.”  (See  links to these presentations below.)

I know you will be impressed by the phenomenal presentation on the “Family Preservation Program” in Mozambique presented by Cindy Packard. If the UN put all their money and efforts into supporting just this one family-focused program, many of the world’s problems would be alleviated. You won’t want to miss the video clip Cindy shows of a mother in Mozambique explaining how her husband even stopped beating her because of this incredible program!

At our UN event we also formally launched the “Include the Family!” petition to urge the UN to include the protection of the family in the UN’s development agenda that will guide international development for the next 15 years.

Please watch for our next email which will link to the presentations made in Part III. “Preventing the Sexualization of Children.”

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater
Family Watch International



Part II: “The Family and the SDGs: Family Based Solutions to World Problems” - Protection of the Family UN Side Event, Geneva, September 15, 2104


Annie Franklin, Director of UN Activities of Family Watch International, Spokesperson for the UN Family Rights Caucus

Topics Covered:

How empowering families contributes to the United Nations goals. Research findings showing how family-based initiatives yield better results. Presentation on how the “Family Preservation Program” in Africa is lifting individuals and communities out of poverty—one family at a time. Regional speakers highlight family protection provisions from national constitutions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Launch of the “Include the Family!” petition to the UN (already signed by over 125,000 people in 170 countries). This petition is a call to UN Member States to establish a stand-alone post-2015 UN sustainable development goal to protect the family.

Protection of the Family Panelists:


  • Click here for introduction by Annie Franklin and the video presentation  "Voices for the Family at the United Nations" (4 minutes) by Family Watch International.

  • Susan Roylance, author/editor of the book The Family and the MDGs—“How Empowered Families Contribute to the UN Goals”

    (Note:  Mrs. Roylance's video presentation from this event is currently unavailable. Click here to view a very similar presentation given by Mrs. Roylance at another event.)
    Click here for her PowerPoint presentation.
    Click here to access an electronic copy of Mrs. Roylance’s book The Family and the MDGs.
  • Cindy Packard, founder of Care for Life—“The Family Preservation Program: Empowering Communities and the Nation, One Family at a Time”

    Click here for a video of Cindy Packard’s presentation.
    Click here for her PowerPoint presentation.
    Go to to learn more about the program.
  • Karen Bogenschneider, founder of the Family Impact Seminars—“Family-Based Approaches Yield Results.”

    Click here for her presentation.
  • Regional Presentations on Constitutional Family Protection Provisions

    Obianuju Ekeocha, founder of Culture of Life (Africa)
    Click here for her presentation.

    Mexican Senator Lisbeth Hernandez (Latin America)—Presentation not available

    Rody Deguzman (Asia)—Presentation not available
  • Geneva launch of the “Include the Family!” UN petition by Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch International

    Click here for her presentation of the petition.

The UN HRC “Protection of the Family” side events were organized by the UN Family Rights Caucus and Family Watch International, and cosponsored by the following additional nongovernmental organizations:

Global Helping to Advance Women and Children (Global HAWC)
Worldwide Organization for Women (WOW)
The Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (FACH)
Latin American Alliance for the Family (ALAFA)
Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP)
European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ)
Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam)
Family and Life
FamilyPolicy.Ru Advocacy Group
Universal Peace Federation (UPF)
Fundacion Familia Solidaria
Family Dynamics International
Asociación de Familias Numerosas de Madrid Profesionales por la Ética
Institution: Fundación Jaime Guzmán
Observatorio Internacional de Políticas Públicas y Familia, Centro de Bioética
Persona y Familia
and more!

For more information about the UN Family Rights Caucus or to join online go to


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