Family Watch International

January 9, 2009

In Memoriam
T. Dennis Barney
1946 - 2009 

By Sharon Slater

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing away last Monday of Dennis Barney, one of our very earliest and most dedicated supporters and a beloved member of Family Watch International’s Advisory Board.  His passing is not only a great loss to Family Watch but also to me personally as he has provided invaluable counsel and advice to us since our founding.  He helped us with some extremely difficult situations, and we trusted his wisdom and judgment implicitly. 

In fact, it was Dennis Barney and his wife Ann who sponsored the event in his backyard in 1999 where we kicked off the formation of Family Watch International, originally under the name of “In Support of the Family.”  Dennis was a generous and tireless supporter of all of our efforts and recruited our original advisory board members and many of our donors. 

In addition to all of the essential help he gave to us, Dennis was a prominent leader in the community.  He helped and advised numerous charitable organizations and provided leadership and support to the interfaith community of Arizona.  On the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives last week, Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake delivered one of the many tributes to Dennis that have been and will yet be given.  Click here to view it.

Lynn Allred, Director of Communications for Family Watch and a longtime friend of Dennis said, “I can say without a nanosecond’s hesitation that I have never known a finer human.  And I suspect—no, I know—that thousands of others agree.”

Dennis helped so many organizations and individuals and did it all in the most humble, unassuming way imaginable.

Although Dennis was involved with many efforts and projects, nothing was more important to him than his wife Ann, their 10 children and their beautiful grandchildren whom he adored.  I know that it is customary in tributes such as this to include a formal picture of the individual being honored, but all of us who knew him know that Dennis would not have been comfortable with that.  It is a further testimony to the kind of man he was.  So, I am attaching below a photo of Dennis, Ann and their family.  He would have liked that much better.

Dennis and Ann and their 10 children truly are defenders of the family.  In recognition of his dedication, not just to Family Watch, but to the cause of protecting, defending and promoting the family in all his various activities, our board has unanimously awarded  Dennis Barney our “Defender of the Family” award.  

It would be safe to say that all of the accomplishments of Family Watch over the years were in large part made possible by the generosity and support of Dennis and Ann Barney.  In fact, much of the work of defending the family and family values here and around the world depends on the contributions and sacrifices of people like Dennis.  I hope that his example will serve as a positive example for you as well.  I know it does for us.

We extend our condolences to the Barney family.


The Dennis Barney Family