September 12, 2007 – Uganda Needs Our Support and You Can Help!

September 12, 2007 – Uganda Needs Our Support and You Can Help!

Family Watch International

September 12, 2007

Uganda Needs Our Support and You Can Help!

Dear Friend of Families,Sharon Slater, President

Our contacts in Uganda have alerted us that Uganda is about to become the “Armageddon” of the international “sexual rights” movement.  They have asked for our help to counteract  the intense international pressure being brought to bear on their government to change their tough laws dealing with homosexuality. 

The latest example of that pressure is an “open letter” sent to Ugandan President Museveni by Human Rights Watch (HRW), one of the largest international homosexual “rights” advocacy groups.  They are claiming that Ugandan laws against homosexuality violate the UN International Covenant on Cultural and Political Rights (ICCPR) ratified by Uganda in 1995.  HRW claims that the ICCPR, drafted in 1966, obligates Uganda to not only repeal their laws against homosexuality, but also to amend their constitution to protect “sexual orientation.”

We have responded to this attack by sending our own open letter to President Museveni assuring him that according to experts in international law we have consulted, Uganda has no obligation to adhere to something they never agreed to when they signed the ICCPR treaty.

In our letter we also note that the HRW complaints are based at least implicitly on the fallacy that homosexuality is innate and immutable.  We explain that the research clearly refutes the contention that homosexuals “are born that way” and we point out the agreement of many experts that an accommodating environment with respect to homosexuality will mean that more people will engage in this behavior.

In encouraging Uganda to uphold their laws, Family Watch in no way condones violence toward any groups or individuals, including those who struggle with same-sex attraction, yet we recognize that nations have a right to uphold the cultural values of their country through laws that discourage behavior that negatively impacts the family.
I have a particular personal interest in helping defend Uganda.  In 2002, when I chaired The World Congress of Families in New York in conjunction with the UN Special Session on Children, I arranged for the First Lady of Uganda to be our keynote speaker.  President and Mrs. Museveni have been fearless in standing up to the international community in their highly successful campaign to combat AIDS by promoting abstinence and fidelity.  Uganda has been a leader to the whole world for dramatically lowering their HIV/AIDS infection rate.

Family Watch is helping to organize international support for Uganda.  I urge you to participate by contacting President Museveni and other key government officials in Uganda through a special Web site we have created, There is a prepared message on this site you can send to them and more background information on the problem.  This takes just a few minutes and the click of your mouse.

What is happening in Uganda is a classic example of what we have been warning people about for years–that UN committees supposedly monitoring compliance of UN treaties are instead using the vague language so common in these treaties to try to invent new, nonexistent rights that undermine the family.  In the process, they are seriously undermining national sovereignty, and it is only by preserving national sovereignty that countries like Uganda can adopt and enforce pro-family laws

These monitoring committees and activist groups like HRW are blatantly using the UN to advance thier own social engineering agendas.  It is essential that pro-family groups and concerned individuals stop them at every attempt.  This is one of those important opportunities, and I hope you will help!

Uganda has the opportunity to once again serve as an example to the world in resisting this international pressure, just as they have in the fight against HIV/AIDS. But to do that, they need our help and support.

Family Watch International is committed to helping Uganda in this fight.  Please take the time to actively join in by sending a message of support to President Museveni and other key leaders in Uganda

Sharon Slater
Sharon Slater

News From Family Watch International

Supporting Uganda

We are organizing an international effort to defend Uganda from pressure by international homosexual “rights” activist groups trying to force that country to change their laws on homosexuality.  FWI President Sharon Slater has sent a letter to Ugandan President Museveni refuting claims being made by these groups, available here.  FWI has also created a special Web site,, to make it easy for individuals around the world to express their personal support. 

Stopping Same Sex “Marriage” in California

Following the recent passage by the California legislature of a bill to legalize same-sex “marriage,” FWI is alerting California residents to contact Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to again veto the bill as he did with a similar bill passed by the last legislature.  The FWI action alert is available here.  Residents of California who have not contacted him are urged to do so.  Readers who know people in California are urged to forward the alert on to them. 


News Items of Interest

Families Boycott Homosexual Indoctrination Program in Spain

In response to a mandatory curriculum promoting homosexuality that is being forced on schoolchildren by the liberal government of Spain, thousands of families have officially registered their objections.  Five parents from the Spanish province of Andalucia are suing the government to prevent the program from being implemented.  The program’s guidelines state that children are to be taught to exercise a “critical evaluation of the social and sexual division of labor and racist, xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic social prejudices.”  Read more here.

Amnesty International Membership in Britain Falls After Pro-abortion Position

The announcement by Amnesty International that the organization has adopted a pro-abortion position has been met with the resignation of long-time supporters.  The Vatican called for Catholics to stop donating funds to the organization.  One local chairman stated that the resignations are affecting not only campaigning, but also the morale of the group.  Read more here.

Firefighters Forced Into Homosexual Parade Sue City of San Diego

The four San Diego, California firefighters who were ordered to participate in a homosexual “pride” parade against their wishes have now filed a lawsuit against the city.  The firefighters were sexually harassed during the three-hour parade by individuals in the crowd.  The San Diego Fire Chief , Tracy Jarman, is openly lesbian, and she had  encouraged all employees to attend the parade, which critics charge is in practice a temporary suspension of the city’s decency laws.  Read more here.

UNAIDS Accused of Inflating HIV Rates to Increase Funding

Two new books have criticized UNAIDS for “allowing politics to trump science” in the fight to combat HIV/AIDS.  In The AIDS Pandemic, U.S. epidemiologist James Chin accused UNAIDS of inflating HIV prevalence estimates to increase funding.  In another book, The Invisible Cure, author Helen Epstein maintains that UNAIDS either misunderstood or ignored data in the 1990s allowing HIV to spread throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.  Epstein writes that UNAIDS should have focused on encouraging people to be faithful to one partner.  Read more here.

Fearing “Discrimination” Label, Social Workers Allow Homosexual Couple to Abuse Boys

In an outrageous case of political correctness run amok, a homosexual couple in England  who was sexually abusing the children in their care, was not turned in by the social workers overseeing the case because they feared possible accusations of discrimination and homophobia.  There were 18 children in the care of the same-sex couple over a 15-month period.  Even after suspicions of the abuse were reported, the social workers did nothing about it, leaving the abused children to remain in the care of the abusive couple.  Read more here.

Iowa Judge Rules Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

A District Judge in Polk County, Iowa in the United States has ruled that the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, stating that Iowa’s marriage law “operates only to harm same-sex couples and their children.”  Judge Robert Hanson ruled that the law must be rewritten in gender-neutral language to permit same-sex couples to marry.  Pro-family advocates have vowed to work to get the issue on the ballot and allow the people of Iowa to decide.  Read more here.

California Legislature Persists in Passing Bad Legislation

In a repeat performance of last year’s efforts, the California Senate in the United States passed a bill to license same-sex marriage.  The language of the bill replaces the words “a man and a woman” with any “two persons” in California’s marriage laws.  It is expected that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will veto the bill as he did last year when a similar bill was passed by the state legislature.  Read more here

President of France Calls for Religion in Schools

In a letter to the country’s teachers, French President Nicholas Sarkozy has urged them to include the instruction of religion in their classrooms.  Sarkozy wrote, “I am convinced that we should not leave the issue of religion at the school door.”  It was clear that he was not promoting a specific theology, but rather his belief that religion and spirituality are important to the human experience.  Read more here.

Canadian Survey Shows Marriage Becoming Less Important to Society

A telephone poll of 1000 people by The Canadian Press and Harris-Decima indicates that 42 percent of Canadians feel that the institution of marriage is more important to them personally, but 53 percent feel marriage is less important to society.  Another finding from the survey shows that 50 percent of those polled feel that children fare better when raised by two parents.  The survey has a margin of error of 3.1 percent.  Read more here.

Top UN Official Praises Efforts to Throw the Vatican Out of the UN

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute reports that controversial figure Nafis Sadik, a top advisor to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is publicly applauding efforts to have the Vatican removed from the UN General Assembly.  In an article published in Conscience Magazine, Sadik praised the work of Frances Kissling of the pro-abortion  group, Catholics for a Free Choice, and their “See Change” campaign which has attempted for years to drive the Holy See out of the UN.  Read more here.

U.S. Homosexual Advocacy Group Offers Tolerance Tips to ”Straight” Allies

A series of public service announcements featuring actors and celebrities and sponsored by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is encouraging “straight” Americans to “Be an Ally & a Friend.”  Some of the ads suggest that homosexual friends or relatives who “come out” should be supported.  Others discuss the “harmful power of anti-gay words.”  The purpose of the ads is to “combat homophobia.”  Read more here.

British Columbia to Begin Homosexual Indoctrination for Twelfth Graders

Students in grade 12 in high schools across British Columbia, Canada are being offered an elective course that will promote homosexuality as an “alternate lifestyle” equal to traditional marriage.  The course was developed as a result of a Human Rights Commission complaint settlement with two homosexual activists.  Parents will not be allowed to opt out of offensive portions of the curriculum.  The settlement allowed the two men to have control over the content of the information presented to the students.  Read more here


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