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March 17, 2023

Utah Governor Signs Abortion Clinic Ban. Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed legislation preventing abortion clinics from obtaining new licenses in the coming months. The law eliminates the procedure altogether at health clinics in 2024. Read more here.


North Dakota’s Top Court Will Not Reinstate State’s Abortion Ban. North Dakota’s Supreme Court refused to revive a strict abortion ban previously blocked by a lower court, finding that the ban violates a state constitutional right to abortion to preserve the mother’s life or health. Read more here.


Irish Health Minister Receives Final Report on Review of State’s Abortion Laws. A detailed review of Ireland’s abortion laws has been sent to Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, which he will use to make a recommendation on future legislation. Read more here.


Norway Debates Proposal to Enshrine ‘Right’ to Abortion in Constitution. A proposal from the Venstre Party in Norway to make abortion part of the constitution has met heavy criticism from other religious and political groups. Read more here.


New Mexico Gov Signs Bill Overriding Local Abortion Bans. New Mexico’s governor signed an abortion rights bill that overrides local ordinances aimed at limiting access to abortion procedures and medications. The bill also protects access to “gender-affirming healthcare.” Read more here.


California Bill Would Protect Doctors Who Mail Abortion Pills. Doctors in California who mail abortion pills to people in other states would be protected from prosecution under a new bill announced in the state legislature. Read more here.

Florida Ban on ‘Gender Transitioning’ for Minors Now in Effect. The Florida Board of Medicine’s measure prohibiting the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapies or surgeries to treat gender dysphoria for anyone under the age of 18 has now taken effect. Read more here.


Kentucky Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Child ‘Sex Changes.’ A Kentucky bill banning child “sex changes” passed the legislature after being combined with a bill prohibiting schools from requiring that teachers use “preferred pronouns” and requiring parental notification of a child’s gender “transition.” Read more here.


MA High School Wins State Girls Track Title With Help From Biological Male. Brookline High School in Massachusetts won a state championship in girls indoor track and field with the help of a biological male student-athlete who identifies as female. Read more here.


Netflix Cancels Animated Show for Preschoolers With ‘Gender Non-Binary’ Character. Netflix has canceled the animated preschooler series “Ridley Jones,” which features a young female bison who identifies as “gender non-binary” in its fifth and final season. Read more here.


Iowa Lawmakers Send School Bathroom Bill to Governor. The Iowa legislature passed a bill requiring school students to use the restroom that corresponds to their biological sex and not their gender identity. Read more here.


Biden Requests Billions to Advance Gender Agenda Worldwide. President Joe Biden’s 2024 budget proposal requests billions of dollars to advance his gender and sexuality agenda around the world, allocating far more taxpayer dollars to that than dozens of other spending priorities. Read more here.


New Hampshire Senate Passes Parental Rights Bill on Gender. A parents’ bill of rights which requires school officials, when asked by parents, to disclose that a child is using a different name or being referred to as being a different gender, has passed the New Hampshire Senate. Read more here.


Kansas Gov Vetoes Bill to Protect Women’s Sports. A Kansas bill banning biological male athletes from girls’ and women’s sports was vetoed by Gov. Laura Kelly for the third year in a row, setting up a battle in the Republican-controlled legislature to override her. Read more here.


Montana Bill Defines ‘Sex’ as Determined by Biology. A Montana bill seeks to define “sex” under the law as the biological indication of being male or female at birth according to chromosomes and genitalia, disregarding personal experience or gender identity. Read more here.


Arkansas Bill Would Prohibit Schools From Forcing Teachers to Use Students’ Preferred Pronouns. A new bill in Arkansas would prohibit schools from forcing teachers to address students by their preferred pronouns, or the pronouns that align with their gender identity instead of their biological sex. Read more here.


CA Lawmakers Seek to Reverse Law Prohibiting Teachers From Disclosing Student Gender Identities. California Republican lawmakers introduced a bill that would require school districts to alert parents if their child identifies as transgender or “non-binary” after a state high school fired one of its teachers for violating a state anti-discrimination law that prohibits such interactions. Read more here.

Michigan Gov Signs SOGI Protections Into Anti-Discrimination Law. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation codifying LGBT protections into the state’s civil rights law, permanently outlawing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


Italian Govt Tells Milan to Stop Registering Same-Sex Couples’ Children. Italy’s government has told Milan’s city council to stop registering the children of same-sex parents, since adoption by same-sex couples is not legal in the country. Read more here.


Students at Utah College Graded on Adherence to LGBT Ideology. A professor at Snow College in Utah gave students a test that reinforced the idea that the United States is traditionally “heteronormative” and that gender is a “social construct,” according to documents obtained by the College Fix. Read more here.


Italian Senate Rejects Proposal for Universal Parenthood Certificate. The European Policies Commission of the Senate in Italy has voted down a proposal for a European parenthood certificate that would ensure same-sex parenthood is recognized throughout the European Union. Read more here.


Canadian Pastor Arrested Again for Protesting Children’s Drag Queen Events. A Canadian pastor was arrested for the second time in weeks after protesting drag queen story time for children at public libraries in Calgary. Read more here.

South Korean Marriages Slide to Record Low. South Korean marriages fell to a new record low last year, a warning sign that the world’s lowest fertility rate may fall even further. Read more here.

Christian Man Facing Jail for Ex-LGBT Testimony Reported to Police by EU Equality Official. A police report accusing a Christian man in Malta of illegally advertising “conversion therapy” by recounting how he left a homosexual lifestyle was reportedly filed by a top equality official in the European Union. Read more here.


Scottish Catholic Student Group Blocked for Encouraging ‘Prayer for the Unborn.’ Stirling University’s Roman Catholic society has been suspended for encouraging students to join a prayer gathering for the unborn outside a Glasgow hospital. Read more here.

Oregon High School Pulls Assignment Asking Students to Describe a ‘Sexual Fantasy.’ A high school in Oregon has retracted an assignment that asked students to write a story describing a “sexual fantasy.” The assignment originated from Canvas, an online learning management system. Read more here.


UK Govt Urged to Act Quickly to Protect Kids From Radical Sex Ed. The UK government has been urged to act swiftly to protect students from inappropriate sex ed instruction, such as requiring children to form genitalia out of Play-Doh. Read more here.


UK Sex Ed Instruction Says Children Can Be ‘Mixed Berry Gender Fluid Muffins.’ A 170-page “Agenda” document detailing how sex education should be taught in Wales reportedly instructs teachers that children as young as seven can be “mixed berry gender fluid muffins.” Read more here.

Why Is Netflix Teaching Preschoolers to Come Out as Nonbinary? by Madeline Fry Schultz. “In the show, which is targeted toward preschoolers, ‘Fred’ the bison is reunited with her grandmother and realizes that she hasn’t told her that she now goes by ‘Fred’ instead of ‘Winifred’ and uses ‘they/them’ pronouns… The story is pure propaganda, but don’t take my word for it: Series creator Chris Nee called the episode ‘a road map for coming out but also for having someone else tell you they’ve changed their pronouns and/or name.’” Read more here.


DeSantis Goes There, Shows Graphic Video of Effects of ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgeries Alongside Biden Comments, by Bob Hoge. “Tuesday afternoon, the Florida Governor’s response team … was it at again, taking footage of President Joe Biden lambasting the state for its policies on transgender surgeries and putting in a split-screen with videos showing some of the more benign steps of ‘gender-affirming surgery.’ WARNING: some of the images are graphic, so if you’re squeamish, beware. It’s hard to watch.” Read more here.


Vermont Bans a High School From Athletics for Objecting to Boys in Girls’ Sports, by Zachary Faria. “The [Vermont Principals’ Association] alleged that Mid Vermont Christian violated the organization’s policy on discrimination and harassment by refusing to force its girls to play basketball against a boy… This wasn’t done to uphold the sanctity of VPA’s policies. It was done as a warning to other schools that recognize how unfair it is to force its girls’ teams to play against boys. Bend the knee to gender ideology, or you too will be banned from all sports.” Read more here.


With ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day,’ Democrats Openly Celebrate Executioners, by Nathanael Blake. “…[A]bortion advocates believe that without abortion, women cannot be sexually and economically – and therefore socially and politically – equal to men. But this perceived remedy to the injustice and inequality of nature is itself unjust and unequal. In this age of ultrasound, we can no longer effectively lie to ourselves about the lives violently ended by abortion. We have all seen the pulsing heartbeats and the tiny fingers. There is no justice in ending these developing human lives.” Read more here.


If Biden Gets His Way, Using Correct Pronouns Could Be a Human Rights Violation, by Cherise Trump. “With Title IX enforcing gender ideology, what will happen to students who disagree with this dangerous dogma? What will happen to students who believe in basic biology, namely the notion that there are two sexes, that a man can’t become a woman, and vice versa? What will happen to students who have traditional values and remain true to their faith? The answer is alarming. Under this butchered version of civil rights law, these students will be vulnerable to an array of punishments, including suspension and even expulsion.” Read more here.