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April 19, 2024

IN UK AT LEAST 39,000 WOMEN TREATED FOR DIY ABORTION COMPLICATIONS IN FIVE YEARS. In the last five years across England and Wales, at least 39,000 women have been treated at NHS hospitals for complications arising from failed or incomplete DIY medical abortions at home. In the past, these complications would have been treated at the abortion providers’ facilities. Read more here.


HONDURAN WOMAN FILES UN COMPLAINT OVER COUNTRY’S PRO-LIFE LAWS. A Honduran woman has filed a complaint with the UN Human Rights Committee saying the country’s pro-life laws forced her into motherhood and serious mental suffering by preventing her from getting an abortion after she was raped. Read more here.


POLL: MOST AMERICAN VOTERS DO NOT SUPPORT ABORTION THROUGHOUT PREGNANCY. Sixty-six percent of American voters believe abortion should not be legal past three months, according to Rasmussen Reports. Read more here.


ARIZONA LEGISLATURE DEFEATS MEASURE TO REPEAL PRO-LIFE LAW PROTECTING BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. Following two attempts to advance a pro-abortion bill that would repeal the state’s ban on abortion, lawmakers defeated the measure. Read more here.


NEVADA SUPREME COURT APPROVES BALLOT AMENDMENT FOR ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. The Nevada Supreme Court unanimously approved the pro-abortion language and reversed a district court judge’s ruling stating that the language was misleading. Read more here.

SCOTLAND PAUSES ‘SEX-CHANGE’ AND PUBERTY-BLOCKER DRUGS FOR CHILDREN. Scotland’s only gender clinic for minors is formally pausing the prescription of puberty blockers and hormone medications that are designed to facilitate gender “transitions” for children after a review commissioned by the English government questioned the efficacy of those practices. Read more here.


U.S. CONGRESSIONAL PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS VOWS TO CODIFY ‘RIGHTS’ TO TRANS SURGERIES, HORMONES, PUBERTY BLOCKERS. Under the category “advancing justice” in their agenda, the caucus promises to “codify the rights of transgender, nonbinary and intersex people, including gender-affirming care and health care.” Read more here.


MOST WOMEN ATHLETES OPPOSE TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE PLAYERS IN WOMEN’S COMPETITION. A report published in the Journal of Sports Sciences found that 77 percent of world-class female athletes felt it was unfair for transgender women to compete in their respective sports, while 15 percent said it was fair. Read more here.


MONTREAL UNIVERSITY SYMPOSIUM CALLS FOR ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ FOR ‘MENSTRUATORS.’ Concordia University in Montreal is getting ready to host a one-day symposium focused on “menstrual equity” and “human rights” for “menstruators,” and a female scholar contends the event promotes the “erasure of women.” Read more here.


ONTARIO COURT OF JUSTICE SAYS PARTICIPANTS MUST STATE THEIR ‘PREFERRED PRONOUNS’ DURING INTRODUCTION. Sharon Nicklas, Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice, announced that all lawyers, clients and witnesses in the courtroom must give their “preferred pronouns” at the beginning of each court case – a move that aligns itself with radical gender ideology by implying that man should be referred to as “she” and “her.” Read more here.


DEMS WILL MAKE STATE SANCTUARY FOR KIDS’ ‘GENDER TRANSITIONS,’ ABORTION OVER GOP PROTEST. Maine’s Democrat-dominated legislature passed a bill that would shield abortion and “gender transition” surgeons from facing lawsuits for providing services to minors, and it would protect anyone aiding or offering medical services that are unlawful in other states, like abortion and “gender transition” surgical procedures or hormones. Read more here.


BIOLOGICAL MALE QUIETLY JOINED WOMEN’S NCAA DIVISION I VOLLEYBALL AT SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY. San Jose State University has very quietly added a transgender player – Brayden “Blaire” Fleming  to its women’s volleyball team without alerting opposing teams or the new player’s teammates that he was born a male. Read more here.


HARVARD CRIMSON CLAIMS IT’S ‘UNCLEAR’ WHETHER MEN HAVE AN ATHLETIC ADVANTAGE OVER WOMEN. In the college paper’s April 16 editorial, entitled, “There Are Many Obstacles Facing Women’s Sports. Trans Athletes Aren’t One,” writer Jonathan Yuan writes for The Crimson Editorial Board that the “science” is “less conclusive” that “transgender women hold a biological edge over their cisgender opponents.” Read more here.

THAI LGBT ACTIVISTS CELEBRATE VOTE THAT BRINGS SAME-SEX MARRIAGE CLOSER. Thai LGBT activists celebrated another victory after a same-sex marriage bill overwhelmingly passed a first reading in the upper house, a key step bringing the country closer to becoming Asia’s third territory to legalize same-sex unions. Read more here.

SWITZERLAND: TWO ‘QUEER YOUTH’ GROUP LEADERS ACCUSED OF SEXUALLY EXPLOITING TEEN BOYS, OFFERING MINORS BDSM GEAR. A homosexual couple who co-founded a Swiss LGBTQIA+ youth organization are being investigated by the public prosecutor after sexually exploiting two teenagers who were in their care. Read more here.

FEDS GAVE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD DURING YEAR OF RECORD ABORTIONS. The federal government gave an enormous sum of money to Planned Parenthood during a one-year span in which the clinic performed a record number of abortions, which coincided with a decline in all other major services, a recent report shows. Read more here.

CATHOLIC PRIEST IN SWITZERLAND FACES ‘HATE CRIME’ TRIAL OVER ARTICLE CRITICIZING HOMOSEXUAL CLERGY. Fr. Manfred Hauke, who teaches theology at the University of Lugano, Switzerland, is accused of violating a ban against “discrimination” and “inciting hatred” against homosexuals for publishing an article as the publisher of the magazine Theologisches. Read more here.


METALWORKER FIRED FOR OPPOSING COMPANY’S PRIDE SYMBOL. Daniel Snyder was fired from his job as a metalworker because he objected to his employer’s use of a rainbow to promote pride month, and he is suing his former employer, Arconic, for religious discrimination. Read more here.

PRO-ABORTION OBGYNS CRITICIZE FETAL DEVELOPMENT VIDEO FOR SEX ED CLASSES: ‘LAST THING KIDS NEED TO BE WATCHING.’ Pro-choice OBGYNs blasted the fetal development video, “Baby Olivia,” being considered for sex education curriculum in some states, with one doctor arguing the film was the “last thing kids need to be watching.” Read more here.

PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE PASSES CHILD PROTECTION RESOLUTION. The Assembly unanimously adopted a Resolution and a Recommendation on “The protection of children against online violence,” calling on States to “take specific measures to protect young children from premature exposure to the digital environment given their vulnerability to, inter alia, violent, sexual or pornographic content” Read more here.


BID TO OVERTURN SCOTLAND’S CONTROVERSIAL NEW HATE CRIME LAWS FAILS. A motion to overturn the bill was lodged by the Scottish Conservatives but was defeated. The laws criminalize language deemed to ‘stir up hatred’ on the grounds of age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or certain sex characteristics and carries stiff penalties of up to seven years in prison and the possibility of an unlimited fine. Read more here.

EXPERT PUSHES BACK ON NEW UN ‘INTERSEX’ RESOLUTION, bRebecca Oas. “Dr. Jay Richards says the new UN Human Rights Council resolution on people born with disorders of sexual development is an attempt to obscure the reality of biological sex. Richards, who directs the DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family at the Heritage Foundation, is a leading figure in countering the gender agenda nationally and internationally. His work is focused largely on protecting minors from attempts to change their sex through drugs and surgery. He says the resolution is a ‘classic operation of gender ideologues, using a noble cause — in this case, the universality of human rights’ to advance their own agenda.” Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION JUDGE DISAPPOINTED TO FIND PRO-LIFE JOURNALIST HAS FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “A pro-abortion judge with ties to Planned Parenthood has ‘reluctantly’ admitted that a pro-life journalist might not actually have violated an injunction against him when he shared video footage from a congressional hearing. Earlier this month, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) asked Judge William Orrick to issue an injunction against pro-life journalist David Daleiden for reposting a subpoenaed video on X (formerly known as Twitter) from a congressional hearing. Orrick agreed, and ordered Daleiden to remove the video; Daleiden, project lead for the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) immediately hit back after NAF filed a motion asking for him to be held in contempt of court, pointing out that airing footage from a congressional hearing is allowed.” Read more here.


TRANS ACTIVISTS PRIORITIZE PREDATORS OVER WOMEN’S SAFETY, by Chad Felix Greene. “On April 15, a woman noticed strange behavior from a male customer walking around Target, seemingly following women. He held his phone at odd angles near women and seemed to be sneaking around. With her suspicions raised, she turned on her camera and followed him where she caught him stalking a woman who was squatting to look at children’s books. The video she took shows him carefully watch the woman, position himself behind her, and then slide his phone under her skirt while her back was turned to him. …For many women, this isn’t an isolated incident. It represents a growing concern surrounding predator men targeting them in public, especially in restrooms and other vulnerable spaces, and their voices being dismissed. Read more here.


FEDERAL APPEALS COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF ALLOWING BOYS IN GIRLS SPORTS, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “What does it take for a federal court to reach the outcome it wants—instead of the outcome that the law demands? Apparently, just some creative judicial gymnastics. That’s what happened Tuesday with a panel of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit when it overturned a lower court decision and struck down West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports Act, a law that keeps scholastic sports in the state separated by biological sex. The appeals court’s rationale? Biological girls and transgender ‘girls’ (biological males) are exactly the same.” Read more here.


INSTAGRAM’S SELECTIVE BLURRING OF NUDITY FALLS WOEFULLY SHORT OF PROTECTING KIDS, by Sarah Wilder. “Instagram is finally taking action against sexual exploitation on its platform, just one day after being called out in the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s (NCOSE) Dirty Dozen List. Instagram, which is owned by Meta, will use artificial intelligence to automatically blur images of nudity in the direct messages (DMs) of users under 18 years old. While the new policy may seem like a welcome step in the right direction, it’s far from enough. Minors may still click ‘view image anyway’ and easily surpass the blurring on an explicit direct message.” Read more here.


BIDEN’S OUTRAGEOUS TITLE IX REWRITE, by Madeleine Kearns. “On Friday, the Department of Education announced its final Title IX regulations, broadening the definition of sex-based discrimination to include “gender identity.” This effectively prohibits all educational entities in receipt of federal funds from acknowledging biological reality when individuals dispute it. As well as undermining free speech and due-process rights, the new rule will have sweeping and disastrous consequences for women and girls, the very people Title IX was supposed to protect.” Read more here.