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June 11, 2021

Record Abortion Numbers in UK Accompany Introduction of ‘DIY’ Home Abortions. Abortion statistics for 2020 were released by the Department for Health and Social Care and show the highest number of abortions ever recorded in England and Wales. Read more here.


NC Legislature Passes Ban on Discriminatory Abortions. The North Carolina legislature voted to ban abortions based on race, sex or Down syndrome diagnoses, and the bill now heads to the governor’s desk. Read more here.


Oregon Legislature Defeats Bill to Stop Infanticide. The Oregon state Senate voted down a bill to stop infanticide and provide appropriate medical care and treatment for babies who are born alive during a botched abortion. Read more here.


Argentine Judge Suspends Abortion Law Throughout Country. A judge ruled that a recent law legalizing elective abortion in Argentina must be suspended throughout the country, as the law is likely unconstitutional. Read more here.


G7 Embraces Abortion Language in Communiques as U.S. Reverses Position. The Biden administration affirmed the inclusion of “sexual and reproductive health” in a document about global health priorities at the annual G7 meetings, a term that has become synonymous with abortion. Read more here.


Ruling Expected on Censoring of Pro-Life Ads in Slovenia. A Slovenian court is expected to rule in the case of a state-owned bus company that removed ads commissioned by a pro-life NGO, violating the terms of a contract between the two parties. Read more here.


Leading European Politicians Call for End to All Legal Barriers to Abortion. Government ministers from five European countries are among 29 politicians and activists that have signed a letter stating that a woman’s “right” to safe and legal abortion is being eroded by misinformation and attacks on services. Read more here.


Pro-Lifers Denounce Media Manipulation Favoring Legal Abortion in El Salvador. Abortion activists claim there are 17 women in prison in El Salvador for aborting their babies or having a miscarriage, when in fact they were convicted of infanticide. Read more here.

HHS Secretary Struggles to Define Term ‘Birthing People.’ When asked in a congressional hearing about the term “birthing people,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra struggled to describe what it means. Read more here.


Gender-Critical Views Are Protected, UK Appeals Tribunal Rules. The gender-critical views of a researcher who lost her job after tweeting that “transgender women” could not change their biological sex are a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act, a judge-led panel has ruled. Read more here.


Gallup Poll: 51% Say ‘Changing One’s Gender’ Is ‘Morally Wrong.’ A slim majority of U.S. adults consider it “morally wrong” to “change” one’s gender, a Gallup Poll found. Read more here.


DeSantis: ‘For Sure’ I’d Sign Bill Banning Transgender Surgeries for Minors. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, when asked this week if he would sign a bill banning transgender surgeries for minors, answered succinctly, “That would be something that I would sign for sure.” Read more here.


Virginia Teen Slams School Board’s Transgender Locker Room Policy. A teenager who attended Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia is joining the pushback against the school board for embracing the transgender agenda at the expense of female safety. Read more here.


New Documentary Asks ‘What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender’ in Children. An upcoming video documentary challenges the widely accepted notion that children should be free to choose their gender, often against the will of their parents. Read more here.


Scottish Law Student Cleared of Misconduct After Affirming Biological Sex. A student at the University of Abertay in Dundee, Scotland has been cleared of misconduct after being investigated for saying “women have vaginas.” Read more here.


HRC Suing Florida Gov Over Transgender Sports Law. The Human Rights Campaign is suing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for signing legislation that protects female athletes from unfair competition with biological men who identify as women. Read more here.


Senator Grills NCAA President Over Support for Men in Women’s Sports. Sen. Ted Cruz grilled the president of the NCAA over the nonprofit’s threats to pull out of states that do not allow transgender-identifying students to participate in girls’ sports. Read more here.


Parents Praise Teacher Suspended for Saying He Won’t Use Transgender Pronouns. Parents in a Virginia county continue to rally around a gym teacher who was suspended for saying he wouldn’t call children who identify as transgender by their new preferred names and pronouns. Read more here.


Top Canadian Politician Asks Forgiveness for ‘Cisgender’ Privilege. In a social media post, a top Canadian Conservative Party MP asked for “forgiveness” because of her “cis/straight/white” privilege. Read more here.

Shows Aimed at Children See 222% Increase in LGBTQ Characters and Stories. Children’s TV shows have seen a 222 percent increase in LGBTQ characters and stories in just two years. Read more here.


Canada Declares ‘Pride Season’ Lasting All Summer. The Justin Trudeau-led government of Canada has announced that festivities for the celebration of LGBT “pride” will be extended to cover the whole summer season because one month is not sufficient. Read more here.

UK ‘No-Fault’ Divorce Law Delayed. The UK government’s “no-fault” divorce law, which would allow a person to divorce their spouse without having to give a reason, has been delayed until April 2022. Read more here.

Whistleblower: NH Med Society Pushed Docs to Sign Planned Parenthood Letter. The New Hampshire Medical Society pushed its physician members to sign a letter drafted by Planned Parenthood New Hampshire urging the governor not to ban late-term abortions, according to a whistleblower. Read more here.

Biden DOJ Amends Position of ‘Vigorously’ Defending Religious Freedom After LGBT Blowback. The Department of Justice quickly amended a court filing that initially said it would “vigorously” defend religious liberty after blowback from LGBT activists. Read more here.


Council Admits Unlawful Discrimination in Canceling Church Event. Edinburgh Council has admitted acting unlawfully in cancelling a Christian conference because of the speaker’s biblical beliefs on marriage and sexuality. Read more here.

Report Finds Facebook Is Number One Online Source for Sex Trafficking Recruitment. The majority of online recruitment in active sex trafficking cases in the U.S. took place on Facebook, according to the Human Trafficking Institute’s 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report. Read more here.


Christian Father Creates Free Internet Filter to Protect Kids From Sexual Content. A Christian father just launched a new internet filtering service to help parents protect children from pro-abortion propaganda, pornography and other sexual content. Read more here.


UN Declaration on HIV/AIDS Tainted by Calls for Legalizing Prostitution and CSE. The UN General Assembly adopted a declaration on HIV/AIDS that promotes the legalization of prostitution, drug use, and the removal of parental consent to health treatments for minors. Read more here.

Science Is on the Side of Those Resisting Transgender Ideology in Schools, by Glenn T. Stanton. “For reasons still not fully understood, 75 to 90 percent of children struggling with gender dysphoria at young ages revert to identifying with their natural sex and gender by puberty… So when all the adults around such children have ‘affirmed’ their dysphoria by cooperating with name, clothing, pronoun, and other identity changes, it can be exceedingly difficult for the child to revert to their natal sex identity as they desire.” Read more here.


Did the Biden DOJ Just Reveal Its Hand in the LGBT Religious Exemption Lawsuit? by Tyler O’Neil. “It seems the Biden DOJ is winking and nodding at [the Religious Exemption Accountability Project], telling the court that it will defend the religious exemption while preparing to yield key arguments to the LGBT activists when the actual case begins. The DOJ’s rush to revise the filing after LGBT activists condemned the original version only underscores the colleges’ concerns.” Read more here.


Another Reason Birth Rates Are Dropping: We Have Devalued Parenthood, by Erica Komisar. “This me-first mentality has replaced more traditional family and communal values. There is a dwindling interest in marriage and parenthood, especially among young adults, even those who are financially secure. Young women and men do not want to make the sacrifice of time and compromises to their lifestyles that are required to have multiple children… Somehow, we have managed to convince a generation that working 9 to 5 for a corporation is more noble than sustaining and nurturing human life.” Read more here.


Media Largely Ignores Key Takeaways From Recently Released Annual Gallup Poll on Abortion, by Rebecca Downs. “Megan Brenan’s write-up for Gallup highlights that a ‘Record-High 47% in U.S. Think Abortion Is Morally Acceptable…’ That headline is technically true. The plurality, 47 percent of respondents, who find abortion to be ‘morally acceptable’ is indeed a record high. But it’s crucial to look to the results of those who find abortion to be ‘morally wrong.’ That number is at 46 percent, which is nearly identical.” Read more here.


Orban v. Blues’ Clues Pride Parade, by Rod Dreher. “Americans have children’s media, children’s schools, and even children’s breakfast cereal, propagandizing their children to accept transgenderism from an early age, and then in some states, if a child as young as 13 decides that he is trans, the state can take the child away from parents and start the process of transition. This is evil. And this is where the Left wants to take all of us. Don’t believe them when they say otherwise — whether they say it in English, Hungarian, or whatever.” Read more here.


No-Fault Divorce Is Not the Right Way to Achieve ‘Therapeutic Justice,’ by Darius Lee. “While it is good that legal systems have become more sensitive to the psychological effects of the law on participants in the legal process, we should be wary of claims that assert that no-fault divorce is ‘therapeutic’ for divorcing couples or their children. Advocates for the sanctity of marriage across the globe should pay close attention to this shift.” Read more here.


How Transgender Ideology Takes Children Hostage, by Nathanael Blake. “…[S]keptics of the trans-kids movement are accused of being hateful, bigoted child-killers. But they are not the ones feeding vulnerable children a suicide script in which the alternative to transition is death. We should be alarmed by a movement that encourages mentally distressed youth to take themselves hostage… Though those who identify as transgender do commit or attempt suicide at high rates, it has not been demonstrated that early transition will ameliorate this.” Read more here.


Secretary Becerra Still Denies Federal Law Banning Partial-Birth Abortion, by Rebecca Downs. “…Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra denied the existence of federal law when it comes to the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003… Not only was Becerra in office as a U.S. Representative for California when the bill was signed into law, which he voted against, he also was in office when the Supreme Court upheld the law… Any such assurances that the secretary will follow the law ring hollow when he cannot even acknowledge it.” Read more here.


To Have Kids or Not: Which Decision Do Americans Regret More? by James L. McQuivey. “…[T]his should give us pause as we consider whether we can so easily tell people that personal choices related to procreation are merely that, just personal choices, some of which we will regret and others we will not. For some reason, most of us really want to have kids. And for those that do, an astonishing 88% agree that ‘having children is one of the most important things I have done.’ This suggests the joy far outweighs the regret.” Read more here.