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December 5, 2022

U.S. Abortion Rates in 2020 Increased Eight Percent From 2017, New Report Finds. A new report from the Guttmacher Institute shows an eight percent increase in the overall abortion rate from 2017 to 2020, with a whopping 45 percent increase in the number of medication abortions during that period. Read more here.


Full Abortion Services to Be Set Up in Northern Ireland After Delays. Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris said Northern Ireland health trusts will now be able to recruit and train staff to support the permanent abortion service that is being commissioned. Read more here.


Nevada U.S. Senator Introduces ‘Abortion Funds’ Bill. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto introduced legislation that would create a federal grant program for organizations that connect women to reproductive health care and abortion resources. Read more here.

Minnesota Teacher Asks Students What Pronouns to Use When Speaking to Parents. A middle school teacher from Minneapolis, Minnesota gave her class a survey about their names and preferred pronouns, including a question on which pronoun should be used when talking to a student’s parents. Read more here.


Oklahoma Legislator Moves to Ban ‘Gender Transition’ Procedures for Anyone Under 21. An Oklahoma state legislator introduced a bill which would ban “gender transition” procedures from being provided to anyone under the age of 21. Read more here.


Memphis Hospital Says Halt to Transgender Procedures Is Temporary. A Memphis hospital says it has paused, not stopped, its “gender-affirming” services in response to possible legal action by civil rights advocates who argue the hospital’s move is illegal and discriminatory. Read more here.


Biden Official Calls on Doctors to Become ‘Ambassadors’ to Normalize Transgenderism. The Biden Administration’s Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine called on doctors to serve as “ambassadors” in the attempt to normalize transgenderism. Read more here.

Experts Say FDA Needs Messaging Campaign to Ease Homosexual Men Into Blood Donation. The Food and Drug Administration needs to prioritize a health messaging campaign to ease homosexual and bisexual men into donating blood, medical experts say, after the organization announced its plan to lift restrictions. Read more here.

SCOTUS Justice Accuses Colorado of Forcing Christian Baker to Undergo ‘Reeducation.’ Justice Gorsuch slammed the state of Colorado for forcing a Christian baker to undergo a “reeducation program” after he refused to create a custom cake celebrating a same-sex marriage because it violated his religious convictions. Read more here.


Philippines Passes Law to Protect Religious Freedom. The Philippine Congress passed the Magna Carta of Religious Freedom Act, which lawmakers say aims to protect every citizen’s right to religious freedom. Read more here.

California Teacher Who Outraged Parents With ‘Queer Library’ Claims It Helped Kids’ Identity Development. A California teacher who boasted about a “queer library” which contained sexually explicit content, including information on BDSM and orgies, said the books helped students figure out “who they are.” Read more here.


Virginia Elementary School to Host After School Satan Club. A Chesapeake, Virginia elementary school will begin hosting an After School Satan Club sponsored by The Satanic Temple. Read more here.

The Transgender Lobby Is a Massive and Well-Funded Leviathan, by Pedro Gonzalez. “The advocates of transgenderism like to present themselves as scrappy underdogs, outgunned and fighting for the marginalized, but they are actually immensely well-funded with far-reaching political connections and influence. The pharmaceutical companies fund the foundations that support the Democrats who promote the transgender movement, which, in turn, creates demand for the drugs used in the transitioning sequence. It’s a vicious wheel that turns round and round; everybody gets rich and powerful, and nobody cares about the victims.” Read more here.


The Biden Administration Wants Taxpayers to Fund Gender Transitions for Children, by Zachary Faria. “In a move that would surprise absolutely no one, the Biden administration is preparing to argue that gender transitions for children should be taxpayer funded… The damage being done to children in the name of acceptance is despicable, and there will be a national reckoning for it in the future once the consequences are made more clear. But the damage to children suffering from gender dysphoria, and to children who have been pushed down this path by social media, will have already been done.” Read more here.


Shrinking American Motherhood: 1-in-6 Women in Their 40s Have Never Given Birth, by Wendy Wang. “More U.S. women are skipping motherhood today. In 2020, 1-in-6 women reaching the end of their childbearing years had never given birth, according to a new Institute for Family Studies analysis of Census data. This share was lower in 2016, when 14 percent of women ages 40 to 44 had never given birth. At the same time, the share of women who have had two or more children declined from 32 percent in 2016 to 30 percent in 2020.” Read more here.


Amid Rise in Number of Gender-Confused Children in Maryland Schools, Parents Need a New Bill of Rights, by Madison Marino and Andrzej Wieciorkowski. “In the past two years, Maryland’s largest public school district … saw a purported 582 percent increase in students self-reporting as identifying as ‘gender nonconforming’ or as a gender different from their biological sex… Guidance counselors are building ‘gender support plans’ for students. According to district guidelines, they aren’t required to disclose a child’s preferred sexual identity to the parent and are instructed to strictly enforce transgender pronoun usage.” Read more here.