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January 27, 2023

Virginia Lawmakers Kill Proposed ‘Pain-Capable’ 15-Week Abortion Ban. A Virginia Senate subcommittee has killed legislation banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, or the time when a baby in the womb is capable of feeling pain. Read more here.


‘Satanic’ Abortion Statue Appears Outside NYC Courthouse. An eight-foot-tall golden statue was installed atop a New York City courthouse, with many claiming that it has allusions to “demonic” imagery. Read more here.


Thousands of Pro-Lifers March in Paris as French Parliament Considers Pro-Abortion Measure. Twenty-thousand pro-lifers marched for life in Paris, as France faces a legislative battle to add “equal access to the right to abortion” to the constitution. Read more here.

Florida Orders Pediatric Group to Provide Reasons Behind Support for Child ‘Sex Changes.’ The American Academy of Pediatrics must provide the state of Florida with documentation on why it supports “gender transitions” for minors, a District Court ruled. Read more here.


UK NHS ‘Maternity Gender Inclusion Program’ Scrapped. NHS England has withdrawn plans to implement a “Maternity Gender Inclusion Program,” which critics say was based on bogus research and lacked solid evidence. Read more here.


Medical Watchdog Unveils Model Law for States to Protect Children From Transgender Procedures. The medical watchdog organization Do No Harm has unveiled model legislation designed to stop minors from undergoing “sex-change” procedures, including taking cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers. Read more here.


CA ‘Non-Binary’ Teacher Boasts of Changing Students’ Gender Identities Without Parents Knowing. A “non-binary” California teacher named Olivia Garrison bragged in an interview about helping students hide their social “gender transitions” from parents. Read more here.


Proposed New York Law Could Put Criminally Insane Male Inmates in Women’s Prisons. A proposed law in New York could allow mentally ill male inmates to assume a non-male identity and be granted access to women’s prisons, according to a women’s advocacy group. Read more here.


University in Wisconsin Funds Vocal Training for ‘Trans and Non-Binary Voices.’ The University of Wisconsin-Madison funded vocal training for “trans and non-binary voices” in a workshop scheduled to be held early next month, according to the event’s flyer. Read more here.

Wisconsin School Postpones ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Show After Public Scrutiny. A high school in Wisconsin is postponing a planned drag show after a social media account raised awareness of the event, claiming that the public scrutiny had become a “safety” issue. Read more here.


Alaska Library Board Keeps LGBT Books in Youth Sections Despite Community Opposition. The advisory board for an Alaska public library has elected to keep a collection of books with reported LGBT themes in its youth sections despite a petition from the community asking for them to be removed. Read more here.

Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker Loses Appeal Over ‘Gender Transition’ Cake. Christian baker Jack Phillips lost his appeal in a case that stemmed from his refusal to make a cake for an individual’s “gender transition.” Read more here.


UK PM Warned That ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban Likely to Criminalize Church Leaders. Church leaders have called on the UK government to drop its plans to ban “conversion therapy,” claiming the ban is likely to “criminalize innocent parents, teachers and church leaders.” Read more here.


Christian Charity Worker in Malta Prosecuted for Speaking Against Homosexuality. A Christian charity worker in Malta is facing prosecution for sharing his personal testimony about rejecting homosexual activity on the radio. Read more here.


Alabama Gov Adds Another Layer of Protection to Religious Freedom. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed an executive order to ensure the enforcement of the Alabama Religious Freedom Amendment. Read more here.

U.S. Critics Rip New Nationwide School Program Pushing ‘Community-Set Standards.’ Educators in 120 districts across the U.S. are participating in a new program some critics believe is aimed at manipulating students’ values and beliefs to replace parents as the primary moral authority in their children’s lives. Read more here.

UK Parents Still in the Dark Over Sex Ed Resources. Parents are still being prevented from viewing sex ed materials being shown to their children, despite the UK government’s promise to make the curriculum more transparent. Read more here.

NIH-Funded Study Claims Trans Hormones Improve Mental Health – Despite Patient Suicides, by Laurel Duggan. “A National Institutes of Health-funded study published Jan. 19 in the New England Journal of Medicine claimed to find that cross-sex hormones caused improvements in psychosocial functioning for transgender and nonbinary adolescents. However, two participants committed suicide while another 11 developed suicidal ideation, according to the study.” Read more here.


Christian Cake Artist Gets Persecuted Again, by Quin Hillyer. “Not content to let him get away with refusal to serve same-sex weddings, a leftist lawyer demanded that Phillips make a cake to celebrate a gender transition and another one depicting Satan. These were clearly not good-faith requests but mere harassment… Of course, Phillips refused, which kick-started another Colorado attempt to nail up Phillips as a sacrifice to their gender gods. Naturally, Colorado’s courts … again held Phillips responsible for illegal discrimination based on gender, his religious objections notwithstanding.” Read more here.


Oregon’s Unhinged ‘LGBTQ2SIA+’ Guidance Spells the Death of Education, by Emily Mangiaracina. “The Oregon Department of Education’s new ‘transgender’ guidance, now written for ‘LGBTQ2SIA+’ students …, may not have made more than a quiet splash upon its release – perhaps in part due to the numbing ‘boiling frog’ syndrome. However, it signals something monumental: that the state education department and the culture that shaped it have, perhaps unwittingly, completely subverted the very purpose of education.” Read more here.


The Pro-Life Movement Still Deserves a National Strategy, by Alexandra DeSanctis. “Up until now, thanks to Roe, calling oneself a pro-life politician hasn’t required much at all. This is the moment for pro-lifers to prove those tepid leaders wrong and insist that any candidate who calls himself pro-life must do more than gesture vaguely to state lawmakers. As the March for Life demonstrated, pro-life Americans still have momentum. They would be wise not to give it up.” Read more here.