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July 17, 2024

FACT CHECK: THE SUPREME COURT NEVER ‘APPROVED’ ABORTION PILL OR RULED ON ‘ACCESS’ TO IT. The U.S. Supreme Court did not approve the abortion pill, it merely made the “decision” that the plaintiff doctors who brought the lawsuit did not have standing to sue. Read more here.


KOREA’S ABORTION LAW IN LIMBO FOR OVER 5 YEARS. The legal question of whether an abortion can be performed on a nine-month-old fetus is currently under intense scrutiny in Korea, as the country examines and potentially reforms its abortion legislation. Read more here.


OHIO 24-HOUR ABORTION WAITING PERIOD UNDER LEGAL ATTACK AS FEARED BY AMENDMENT OPPONENTS. The fears of pro-life advocates in Ohio are being realized as abortion rights supporters challenge the state’s 24-hour waiting period rule as at odds with the abortion rights amendment enshrined into the state constitution last fall. Read more here.


NYC COMPTROLLER PRESSURES PHARMACIES TO DISPENSE ABORTION PILL, THREATENING DIVESTMENT. New York City Comptroller Brad Lander is pressuring several major pharmaceutical retailers to dispense the abortion pill mifepristone or run the risk of divestment from the New York City pension fund. Read more here.


NYC PLANS TO STOP TREATING BODIES OF 2ND AND 3RD TRIMESTER ABORTED BABIES AS ‘HUMAN REMAINS.’ The New York City Department of Health is solidifying its erroneous stance that preborn babies are not human beings, as it plans to toss a requirement on how their bodies should be handled. Read more here.

NEWSOM SIGNS LAW BARRING SCHOOLS FROM REQUIRING THAT PARENTS BE INFORMED OF CHILD GENDER TRANSITION. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1955, which overrules school boards with policies in place requiring that schools be transparent with parents about their child’s perceived sexual orientation or gender identity, an issue that remains an active subject of debate especially given its potentially life-altering consequences. Read more here.


ONE NEW YORK COUNTY BANNED TRANS ATHLETES. HERE’S HOW LETITIA JAMES RESPONDED. New York Attorney General Letitia James and the ACLU have sued Nassau County over its policy to ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports. Read more here.


INSURANCE COMPANY HOSTS ‘DRAG QUEEN BINGO’ FOR EMPLOYEES. Skyward Specialty Insurance, a billion-dollar company in Texas, invited employees to attend a virtual bingo game on a workday, led by a man dressed in drag and using the name Schwa Works. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER KILLER HOUSED IN WOMEN’S PRISON LOSES ‘DISCRIMINATION’ SUIT AFTER COMPLAINING ABOUT SECURITY RISK STATUS. A U.S. federal judge has dismissed a discrimination lawsuit brought forward by biological male Michelle Renee Lamb, who is serving three life sentences in Topeka, Kansas for crimes against women. Read more here.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL STAR HANNAH HIDALGO SHARED VIDEO SLAMMING SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. Notre Dame University women’s basketball star Hannah Hidalgo is under heavy fire for sharing a video from political commentator Candace Owens because both women believe same-sex marriage is a sin. Read more here.

CATHOLICS IN AFRICA WANT NIGERIA WITHDRAWN FROM ‘PRO-LGBT, PRO-ABORTION’ SAMOA AGREEMENT. Catholic activists under the umbrella organization CitizenGO Africa are calling on the Nigerian government to withdraw from the Samoa agreement, a contentious document they say seeks to promote abortion and LGBTQ ideologies in the West African nation, while undermining the fundamental cultural values of Nigerians. Read more here.


COLORADO BISHOPS TO VOTERS: OPPOSE ABORTION & LGBT RIGHTS; SUPPORT ANTI-TRANS INITIATIVES. Four Colorado bishops representing the Catholic Church have taken a stance on multiple upcoming ballot initiatives, vocally opposing measures promoting abortion, same-sex marriage and measures that would negatively impact parental rights. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS WATER DOWN BILL AGAINST CHILD PROSTITUTION AFTER PRESSURE FROM LGBT ACTIVISTS. LGBT activists testified before the legislature that a bill making prostitution activities with a minor a felony would be “overly punitive,” would “disproportionately impact marginalized communities,” and would criminalize members of the so-called “LGBTQ community.” Read more here.


ONE MILLION MOMS CONDEMN DISNEY+ ‘STAR WARS’ SERIES FEATURING COVEN OF LESBIAN SPACE WITCHES PROCREATING. Disney+’s new series, “Star Wars: The Acolyte” promotes LGBT themes and witchcraft, and it sparked controversy for its portrayal of lesbian characters using supernatural elements to conceive children. Read more here.

CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL SHUTS DOWN ON-CAMPUS PLANNED PARENTHOOD FACILITY. After years of pushback from parents, a Planned Parenthood “well-being center” located at John Glenn High School in Southern California is being shut down. Read more here.


68 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS FILE BRIEF TO SUPPORT DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Three South Carolina legislators filed an amicus brief in the case of Kerr v. Planned Parenthood. Stating that Planned Parenthood does not qualify to receive Medicaid funding. They have been joined by 6 additional legislators. Read more here.


WISCONSIN GOV. EVERS JOINS PLANNED PARENTHOOD LAWSUIT, ARGUING A NEAR-COMPLETE ABORTION BAN IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Gov. Evers said the battle to restore Roe has “never been more important,” and he said he won’t stop fighting for abortion. Read more here.

COURT RULES FOR PHOTOGRAPHER CHALLENGING NY LAWS COMPELLING SPEECH. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has ruled that the case of a New York photographer and blogger may proceed and that a lower court should evaluate whether to issue an injunction to prevent New York from forcing her to create messages inconsistent with her faith. Read more here.

CA SCHOOL DISTRICT SCRUBBED MENTION OF LGBTQ PEOPLE FROM ITS SEX-ED CURRICULUM, VIOLATING THE LAW, STATE SAYS. A California state investigation found that Cajon Valley Union School District’s sexual health curriculum discriminates against LGBTQ+ people because it leaves out legally required instruction about LGBTQ+ and gender topics. Read more here.

POLL: CANADIAN FAMILIES WANT GOVERNMENT TO LEAVE THEIR KIDS ALONE TOO. Overwhelming supermajorities of Canadian parents who have school-aged children believe school should provide them with advance notice of controversial topics, so that they can opt their children out of the discussion, according to a new poll. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA LAWMAKERS HAND PORN INDUSTRY HUGE VICTORY AFTER WATERING DOWN AGE VERIFICATION BILL. The California Senate Judiciary Committee proposed making ID verification optional for pornography websites in new amendments to the state’s age verification bill. Read more here.

TRUDEAU’S GOVERNMENT IS SINKING MILLIONS INTO PRO-LGBT GROUPS AS YOU GET POORER, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The Trudeau years, a toxic fusion of runaway fiscal incompetence and woke progressive activism, have not been kind to ordinary Canadians. That is relevant context when considering the fact that the Trudeau government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote LGBT ideology over the past several years. …Canada spent a staggering $108,594,964 on LGBT ideology in 2022. The LGBT movement is an activist movement pushing a contested ideology that millions of Canadians profoundly disagree with.” Read more here.


MINNESOTA PRO-LIFE ADVOCATES STOP DEMOCRAT MEASURE FOR ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH, by Cathy Blaeser. “Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) just did the impossible. Despite a determined democratic trifecta, we defeated an attempt to put an abortion-up-to-birth constitutional amendment onto our ballot. We did it through an all-out grassroots and media campaign to reach ‘not us’ with the truth about our extreme abortion policy.” Read more here.


NO PRISONERS, by Sandra Pertot. “Dr Jack Drescher is an American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst known for his work on sexual orientation and gender identity. …He described how transgender activists adopted the strategies of the gay community when they made the case for removal from the list of psychiatric disorders. It’s fair to say that he has been a strong supporter of trans rights. …By the early 2000s, trans activists had adopted a ‘take no prisoners’ approach to anyone who disagreed with the Queer theory underpinning of gender ideology. Any arguments based on science are to be ignored, and dialogue can be abusive rather than calm and rational.” Read more here.


WHAT GALLUP GETS WRONG ABOUT MARRIAGE, by Conn Carroll. “Gallup published a welcome contribution to the growing realization that the decline of marriage is harming the nation last week, noting that while the institution has suffered among Democrats and Republicans, it is the Democratic Party that is leading the institution’s decline. ‘After decades of little partisan difference,’ Gallup notes, ‘a gap in the marriage rates of Republicans and Democrats cracked open in the 1980s and has widened in the past quarter century.’” Read more here.


BIDEN’S LEGALLY DUBIOUS SCHOOL BATHROOM POLICY MISREADS SUPREME COURT’S BOSTOCK DECISION, by Donald A. Daugherty. “Americans know the Biden administration habitually plays fast and loose with the law. This habit has been especially egregious in education, where the administration hopes to parlay the 2020 Supreme Court case on employment discrimination, Bostock v. Clayton County, into authority for new federal regulations under Title IX, a law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Not only are the new regulations legally dubious, but they also defy common sense as they would force girls to share school bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms with boys.” Read more here.


NEW CONVERSION BAN WILL HARM THE CHILDREN IT IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT, by Maya Forstater. “Such ‘conversion therapy’ is thankfully a thing of the past: recognised to be cruel and ineffective. If anyone tried anything similar today, it would be assault and they could go to jail. So why is Labour planning to ban “conversion therapy”, when it no longer happens? The answer is that the trans lobby, which has convinced doctors, teachers and many politicians to ‘affirm’ trans-identifying children and adults as the opposite sex on demand, is finally facing serious opposition.” Read more here.


WES STREETING IS RIGHT TO BAN PUBERTY BLOCKERS, by Lauren Smith. “It looks like the UK Labour government is actually going to do something sensible. Last week, health secretary Wes Streeting announced plans to extend the UK’s existing ban on puberty blockers, which was put in place by the Conservatives. Earlier this year, in the aftermath of Dr Hilary Cass’s report into NHS gender-identity services, NHS England banned the prescribing of puberty blockers outside of clinical trials. Evidence from the Cass Review, among other sources, had undeniably shown that ‘pausing’ a child’s puberty was potentially harmful. NHS Scotland soon followed suit.” Read more here.