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Argentina’s Senate Rejects Bill Legalizing Abortion During the First 14 Weeks of Pregnancy. After months of debate, the landmark bill was rejected by a vote of 38 – 31 by Argentina’s upper house. Read more here.


Ireland Government Will Not Introduce Abortion Legislation Until Court Challenges Conclude. Ireland held a referendum in May, and citizens voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment that protected the life of unborn children. Read more here.


More Mothers in Denmark Are Choosing Not to Abort Down Syndrome Babies.Denmark boasted that 98 percent of Down Syndrome babies were aborted, but last year 13 women in Denmark chose to give birth to babies with the genetic disorder. In 2014 and 2015 only two women chose not to abort. Read more here.


U.S. Media Networks Praise Ireland for Voting for Abortion but Ignore Argentina Vote Against It. The three major broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC covered the story on their morning and evening shows when the citizens of Ireland voted to legalize abortion. The story of Argentina was not covered by the networks. Read more here.


Study Finds Thousands of UK Couples Exaggerate Faults of Spouse to Get Divorced. The study by the law firm Slater and Gordon found one-third of divorcees lie about cheating, a partner’s unreasonable behavior and the length of separation to get their divorce through the courts. Read more here.


Trinity Western Students Won’t Have to Sign Covenant Banning Sex Outside Heterosexual Marriage. The Canadian university had plans to start a law school, but it was turned down for accreditation because of the requirement for students to sign an agreement promising to abstain from all sex outside of heterosexual marriage. The agreement will now be optional. Read more here.


Number of Babies Born Out of Wedlock in Europe Increasing. According to Eurostat, the statistics-gathering arm of the European Union, as of 2016, 43 percent of births occurred outside of marriage, a 15 percent increase between 2000 to 2016. Read more here.


Army Chaplain Faces Six Months In Prison After Not Affirming Same-Sex Couple.Maj. Jerry Scott Squires is accused of unlawful discrimination for not allowing a lesbian couple to come to a marriage retreat. Squires rescheduled a retreat with a different chaplain for the following week to accommodate the same-sex couple. Read more here.


Ghana President Reiterates that Laws on Same-Sex Marriage Won’t Change. Amid rumors and speculation, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo stated with regard to legalizing same-sex marriage, “We have no authority to do so, and we will not seek any authority to do so.” Read more here.


Costa Rica Supreme Court Rules Against Same-Sex Marriage Ban. The court ruled that the law is unconstitutional and discriminatory. The country’s legislators were given 18 months to change the current law. Read more here.


Study Finds Therapies for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Are Effective. The study, “Effects of Therapy on Religious Men Who Have Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction,” published in The Linacre Quarterly, found that sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) improved the mental health of participants. Nearly 70 percent of respondents self-reported “some to much” reduction in their same-sex attraction and their behavior and an increase in their opposite-sex attraction and behavior. Read more here.


Survey Finds Most British Asians Think Same-Sex Relationships are Unacceptable. The ComRes poll found that less than half, 43 percent, of respondents thought same-sex relationships were acceptable. Read more here.


Disney Announces First Openly Homosexual Character in a Family Movie.  The character in “The Jungle Cruise,” will be played by a heterosexual actor, for which Disney is being criticized by some. Read more here.


New Zealand to Consider New Process for “Changing” Gender on Government Documents. The move would allow individuals to “change” their gender on a birth certificate by signed declaration, rather than the current system that involves a Family Court. It would also add a way to indicate an identity of a third, nonbinary gender. Read more here.


Lesbian Organization Says New Zealand Bill that Allows Gender “Changes” on Birth Certificates Endangers Women. The Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa states that the proposal will remove safety mechanisms and would make it impossible for females to retain the right to female-only or lesbian-only spaces. Read more here.


UK LGBT Rights Group Demands Equality for Fertility Services for Transgenders.The Equality and Human Rights Commission has threatened the National Health Service with legal action if it doesn’t provide standard fertility services—including gamete extraction—to transgender patients before they undergo treatment for gender dysphoria. Read more here.


German Cabinet Approves Third Gender Identity. Government officials approved a draft bill that would add a third gender option to official identity records. The bill follows a Constitutional Court ruling last year that found the current system violated a person’s individual rights and anti-discriminatory laws. Read more here.


Leading UK Exam Board Allows Students to Opt Out of Declaring Biological Sex. Teenagers who do not identify with either gender are able to request that male and female flags are removed from EdExcel’s system. Exam boards already have a process in place for transgender students who transition after sitting their exams and want to change the information on their certificate to reflect their new identity. Read more here.


New Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Masterpiece Cakeshop. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips after he was sued for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. Now he may stand in violation of Colorado law for refusing to decorate a cake to celebrate a biological male transitioning to a female. Read more here.


Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Proposes to Reinstate “Natural Family” on Identity Cards. The reform will modify “parent 1” and “parent 2” currently on identity cards and change it to “mother” and “father.” The move will make it impossible for same-sex parents to be recorded as the parents of a child. Read more here.


Ontario Families Launch Human Rights Challenge Against Sex-Ed Curriculum Rollback. Six families are filing a case with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario claiming that the government is discriminating against LGBTQ students because the curriculum no longer mentions issues such as gender diversity or the rights of LGBTQ students. Read more here.


Massachusetts Bill that Would Teach Children How to Perform High-Risk Sexual Behaviors Dies. S-2128 contained innocuous language, but the recommended program for middle school students was published by Planned Parenthood and provides instructions about anal and oral sex. Read more here.


U.S. Attorney General Calls Out Southern Poverty Law Center for Using “Hate Group” Label to “Bully” Conservatives. In a recent speech Attorney General Jeff Sessions highlighted “new hostility” against religious believers in the U.S. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled many pro-life, pro-family organizations as hate groups. Read more here.


Magazines for teenage girls used to cover hairstyles, makeup, and fashion, but not anymore. Now magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen promote sexual health and gender identity propaganda, among other controversial topics. In a disturbing article titled “Teen Magazines Are a Dangerousand InfluentialSex Ed Teacher,” Rachel Peterson provides some examples of what teenage girls are getting from these magazines, including “that abortion is funny.” Girls can also “answer 20 questions about their first time having sex, which includes how to reach an orgasm.” Read it here.


Maureen Mullarkey took a trip to her local library, and then she wrote an article titled “You Won’t Believe What Kids Can Find On ‘Transgender’ At The Public Library.” The American Library Association is in lockstep with LGBT activists and promotes politically correct notions of sexual orientation and gender ideology. Mullarkey lists some of the titles available on transgenderism and notes that “All but one promote public assent to the assumptions of a movement derived from queer theory and built on a psychiatric condition.” Her findings included books for children and books for parents of gender-confused children that celebrate and encourage their dysphoria. And she wisely observes, “Children destined to be exceptional in less colorful ways — e.g. Downs Syndrome, spina bifida, Tay-Sachs — are disposable in utero. Yet the child who develops a disfigured imagination is storied, the deformity protected and hypothesized into something of value. Why?” Read it here.


Though some insist otherwise, men and women are different. And it’s not just minor external physical differences. Men and women are different in myriad ways. In “Having Children Transforms Women’s Brains,” by John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris, they share a recent essay published in the Boston Globe that illustrated some differences between men and women at the neurological level. In fact there is a radical restructuring of the brain that occurs in nearly all women when they become mothers. “To call motherhood a ‘major event’ for the mother is the understatement of the century.” Turns out it is also a “major event” for mothers’ brains. Read it here.