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July 3, 2020

UK MPs Attempt to Hijack Domestic Abuse Bill to Get Abortion on Demand. Pro-abortion Members of Parliament are seeking to introduce abortion on demand in England and Wales by hijacking the government’s Domestic Abuse Bill. Read more here.


Mississippi Governor Signs Life Equality Act. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed the Life Equality Act into law. The legislation will stop the practice of discrimination abortions carried out because of a child’s race, sex, disability, or genetic makeup. Read more here.


Supreme Court Declines to Hear Abortion Clinic Case. The U.S. Supreme Court denied a petition by Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill challenging a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision that allowed Whole Woman’s Health to operate as a provisionally licensed clinic. Read more here.


Judge Temporarily Blocks Iowa Law on Abortion Waiting Period. A judge has put a temporary block on a newly signed Iowa law that would require a woman seeking an abortion to wait at least 24 hours before undergoing the procedure. Read more here.


UK Pro-Abortion Campaigners Now Demand DIY Abortions Stay Post-Lockdown. The policy allowing at-home abortions is supposed to remain in place for two years or until the COVID-19 crisis recedes, but now researchers have published a paper calling for the changes to be made permanent. Read more here.


Supreme Court Orders Indiana Abortion Laws Be Reconsidered. The U.S. Supreme Court gave Indiana a second chance to revive two restrictive abortion laws by throwing out a lower court’s rulings blocking them. Read more here.

Transgender Athlete Legislation Could Be Heard in 14 States. Bills restricting transgender students’ involvement in school-sponsored athletics are up for consideration in 14 states, according to the Human Rights Campaign. Read more here.


UK Surgeon Calls for Womb Transplants in Men Who Identify as Women. A prominent surgeon specializing in “gender reassignment” surgery has said that men should be allowed to have wombs implanted if they want to give birth to children. Read more here.


Persons Who Identify as Transgender May Soon Be Recruited as Indian Combat Officers. The Indian government is considering allowing individuals who identify as transgender to take the recruitment exam in order to become combat officers. Read more here.


Report Claims Transgender Ideology Has ‘Corrosive Impact’ on UK Society. The mainstreaming of transgender ideology has had a “corrosive impact” on British society and has had a negative influence on the wellbeing of children, a study from think tank Civitas has found. Read more here.


Trump Admin Pushes New Rule to Protect Women in Shelters From Gender-Confused Men. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed a new federal regulation that would allow single-sex homeless shelters to turn away gender-confused individuals of the opposite sex, consistent with the religious beliefs of shelter providers. Read more here.


Individuals Who Identify as Transgender Will Soon Serve in Indian Central Police Forces. In a major gender reform, the home ministry is set to allow induction of individuals who identify as transgender as “third gender” into the central armed police forces. Read more here.

Petition Signed by 275,000 Blasts Movie Portraying Jesus as a ‘Lesbian Woman’. The daughter of late pop singer Michael Jackson stars in a new movie in which she portrays Jesus Christ as “a lesbian woman,” according to a petition opposing the film. Read more here.


Netflix Orders ‘Queer-Friendly’ Animated Children’s Series. Netflix is ordering so-called “queer-friendly” animated children’s series DeadEndia, a horror-comedy series known for its tales of adolescence and inclusion of LGBTQ story lines. Read more here.


French Court Acquits Young People of ‘Homophobia’ Charges. A French Court of Appeal has found 12 college students who joined a spontaneous action against an “LGBT rights” stand in France not guilty of homophobic insults and obstruction to a legal public demonstration. Read more here.

Russia Votes in Favor of Referendum Banning Same-Sex Marriage. Russia voted in favor of a national referendum that defines marriage exclusively as a union between a man and a woman. Read more here.


Massachusetts City Officially Recognizes Polyamorous Relationships. Somerville, Massachusetts, has adopted a domestic partnership ordinance granting polyamorous groups the same rights as married couples. Read more here.

Planned Parenthood Clinic That Sold Aborted Baby Parts Injures Woman in Botched Abortion. This Planned Parenthood facility has a checkered history of involvement in botched abortions and public scandals that have captured national headlines. Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Uses Racial Slur to Attack Pro-Life Hispanic. Planned Parenthood Texas Votes launched a series of digital attack ads and a website slamming the pro-life senator, who is Hispanic, with a racial slur basically equivalent to “dirty Mexican.” Read more here.

Photographer Sues Over Virginia Law That May Force Him to Service Same-Sex Weddings. A professional photographer has filed a lawsuit against a new Virginia law that he says would force him to violate his sincerely held Christian beliefs by requiring him to provide his services to same-sex weddings. Read more here.


European Commission Still Undecided on Special Envoy. The European Commission continues to send mixed messages about the mandate of the Special Envoy on the promotion of freedom of religion or belief outside the EU. Read more here.


Catholic Priest Defends Criticism of ‘Pride’ Celebrations. A Catholic parish in the Diocese of Lafayette has stood by its criticism of the New Orleans Saints for celebrating the “gay rights movement,” despite being attacked for it on social media. Read more here.

Police Investigate Deaths of 42 Babies, Three Mothers at UK Hospital. Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust is currently the subject of an independent review into preventable mother and baby deaths at their maternity wards in what is believed to be the worst maternity scandal in British history. Read more here.


Singer Blasts Netflix for Airing Film that Glamorizes Sexual Violence. Welsh pop singer, Duffy, is criticizing Netflix for releasing its 365 Days movie, as she believes it “glamourizes the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping and rape.” Read more here.


Senate Panel Advances Bill Targeting Online Child Sexual Abuse. The legislation advanced would create a government-backed commission to develop “best practices” for purging child sexual abuse material from the Internet. Read more here.

New Supreme Court Decision Will Protect Mexico City Policy, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The Supreme Court may have crushed the hopes of pro-life advocates at home in the June Medical Services ruling, but it left open the door to pro-life advocacy abroad in Alliance for Open Society International. The decision about U.S. conditions to foreign aid will likely help ward off future legal challenges to the Mexico City Policy, a Republican party policy that denies U.S. funding to foreign groups that promote abortion.” Read more here.


What the SCOTUS Decision on Anti-Trafficking Rules Means for Pro-Life Policies, by Catholic News Agency. “U.S. foreign aid to these groups can be conditioned on them taking certain stances, including anti-prostitution and anti-trafficking positions. Other requirements — such as that foreign non-governmental organizations (NGO) not promote abortion — can also be levied, the court found.” Read more here.


There is No Right to Kill Babies in Abortions in the Constitution, There Never Has Been, by Kristan Hawkins. “For those new to pro-life advocacy who may be disappointed, brokenhearted, shocked, and surprised by judicial overreach, welcome to the pro-life movement. We’ve been dealing with activist, abortion-supporting judges since 1973, but this is not the end.” Read more here.


What Does Justice Roberts’s Ruling Mean for the Pro-Life Cause? by Erika Bachiochi. “The record shows that abortion providers, on their own, were clearly not looking out for women’s best interests. It is indeed strange for those now characterizing abortion as basic ‘health care’ not to want to be held to the same standards as, well, basic health care.” Read more here.


Supreme Court’s June Medical Decision Doesn’t End the Fight for Women’s Safety, by Kristen Waggoner. “Although the injustice continues, cases like June Medical expose abortion law for what it is: a broken framework that has been a poor fig leaf from the beginning for a ‘right’ that never existed. So we fight on.” Read more here.