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December 4, 2018


CDC Data Show 36 Percent of U.S. Abortions Abort Black Babies. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although black Americans comprise 13.4 percent of the U.S. population, they accounted for 36.0 percent of the abortions in 2015. Read more here.


Irish Government Votes Down Proposal to Fully Decriminalize Abortion. Amendments to the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy Bill would have protected doctors who act in good faith and would have dropped the current 14-year jail term. Read more here.


Niger Suspends Marie Stopes Clinics Over Illegal Abortions. Niger ordered the closure of two abortion clinics run by Marie Stopes International. The non-governmental organization operates in 37 countries. Niger allows abortion only in cases where the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. Read more here.


Kenya Also Suspends Marie Stopes. After the Kenyan government held an inquiry into alleged illegal activities, the abortion provider was banned from performing abortions by Kenya’s medical board. Read more here.


Report Finds Independent Abortion Clinics in the U.S. are Closing at an “Unprecedented Rate.” The report released by the pro-abortion organization Abortion Care Network found that the number of independent abortion clinics has been reduced by nearly 28 percent since 2012. Read more here.


CDC Reports U.S. Abortion Rates Reach a Decade Low. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that abortion rates among American women of all ages fell to a decade low in 2015, the most recent year for which data are available. Read more here.


Federal Judge Strikes Down Mississippi Ban on Abortions After 15 Weeks. U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves ruled that the abortion ban is a violation of women’s constitutional rights. Reeves said that States may not ban abortions before a fetus is viable, around 23 to 24 weeks of gestation. Read more here.


Doctors in New Zealand to Fight New Abortion Law. A group of doctors opposed to abortion say they will fight any moves in looming reforms to erode their rights to refuse to deal with patients wanting abortions. Currently, doctors who object to abortion only have to advise the patient they can get the service elsewhere without specifying where. Read more here.


Taiwanese Voters Reject Same-Sex Marriage. The country held a referendum after Taiwan’s high court passed a resolution in May 2017 ruling that it was a violation of the country’s constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Read more here.


Bermuda Supreme Court Reverses Government’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban. The government appealed an earlier court decision that reached the same conclusion. The court struck down the ban passed by Bermudian lawmakers last year. The ruling can still be appealed to the Privy Council in London. Read more here.


Hong Kong Rejects Motion to Consider Same-Sex Unions. Hong Kong’s parliament voted down a measure that would have urged the government to consider granting “equal rights” to same-sex couples. Read more here.


Same-Sex Marriage Ban in Northern Ireland Will Stay for Now. Two same-sex couples are attempting to overturn a previous ruling that the ban on same-sex marriage does not infringe on their human rights. The Court of Appeal is expected to reach a decision early next year. Read more here.


European Court Rules Russia Discriminated Against Homosexuals. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia discriminated against homosexuals by banning their rallies that the country considers as promoting homosexuality. Read more here.


Chile Enacts Law Allowing Sex “Change” from 14 Years of Age. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera signed into law a bill allowing people over the age of 14 to “change” their name and gender in official records. Children age 14 to 18 require parental consent. Read more here.


Twitter Bans Labeling Transgender Persons by Wrong Pronoun or Name. The new rules prevent Twitter users from calling transgender individuals by their birth gender or birth name if it has been changed. Users who violate the rules could be suspended temporarily or permanently from Twitter. Read more here.


Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Transgender Military Ban. Solicitor General Noel Francisco filed a petition to the Supreme Court asking them to hear the issue currently being debated in three lower courts in order to have the case decided quicker. Read more here.


Scottish Government Survey Finds Majority of Scots Support Self-Declaration of Gender. The survey supported proposals to create a legally recognized third gender for individuals who identify as neither male nor female. Three of five of respondants support self-declaration of gender. Read more here.


UK MPs Begin Debate on Gender Recognition Laws. The government is considering possible reforms to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act. Some feel the current system for “changing” gender on a birth certificate is too complicated and intrusive. It requires two medical reports, the consent of their spouse if they are married, demonstration that they have lived in their acquired gender for at least two years, and pay a fee. Read more here.


Australian Prime Minister Criticizes Lawmakers Pushing for Gender to be Optional Field on Birth Certificate. Tasmania’s Lower House passed a series of amendments including one that allows parents to decide if their child’s gender should be recorded on the birth certificate. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the move by Tasmania’s opposition Labor Party “ridiculous.” Read more here.


Science Journal Claims Biological Sex “Has No Basis in Science,” Slams Trump Policy Proposal An article in the publication Nature International Journal of Science responded to a memo from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that proposed that the definition of sex should be a person’s status as male or female. Read more here.


Good Morning America Television Show Promotes Child Drag Queen. The morning show devoted a segment to an 11-year-old boy who calls himself an “androgynous drag kid.” The show hosts touted the child’s “bravery.” Read more here.


Starbucks to Block Porn in over 14,000 U.S. Stores. The coffee chain said it would provide pornography-free Wi-Fi in its U.S. stores starting in 2019. Starbucks pledged to do so two years ago and is now making good on its promise. Read more here.


A new report from the Heritage Foundation by Ryan Anderson titled “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Laws Are Not Fairness for All” sheds some very important light on why SOGI laws are not about freedom, but rather about coercion. Even laws that provide for a religious exemption leave open the possibility that the privacy and safety of women and girls would be compromised, conscience rights of doctors would be jeopardized, and free speech would be infringed upon. Anderson concludes that “Establishing bad public policy and then exempting select religious institutions is not acting for the common good—and is certainly not fair for all.” Read it here.


The past decade has seen a rate of social change in the U.S. at almost the speed of light when compared with the decades that preceded it. Professor Mark Regnerus keeps track of such things and has written an enlightening article titled, “The Future of American Sexuality And Family: Five Key Trends.” Noteworthy shifts in the landscape covered by Professor Regnerus include the legalization of same-sex marriage, transgender trends, the growth of non-heterosexual self-identification, and more. Read it here.


The stories are becoming more and more common, and Ben Shapiro has collected several disturbing accounts to make his case in his article titled, The Real-World Consequences of Submitting to the Transgender Zeitgeist.” These accounts include a gym for women whose clientele can no long make use of their memberships because of a mentally ill transgender man who insists on disrobing in their presence; a social media giant that will now penalize users for stating biological realities; and a mother who dresses up her six-year-old son like a girl, calls him by a girl’s name, and accuses her soon-to-be ex-husband of child abuse for refusing to treat their son as a girl. Shapiro asks and then answers this question: “Can subjective perception trump objective observation? If the answer is yes, tyranny of the individual becomes the order of the day.” Read it here.