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October 18, 2019

School Transgender Support Guidelines Published in Northern Ireland. The guidelines cover uniforms, naming, use of toilets and changing rooms, access to sports and admissions to single-sex schools. They apply to pre-schools, primary schools, post-primary and special schools as well as other educational and youth service settings. Read more here.


Pro-LGBT Adults Admit 7-Year-Old in Gender “Transition” Case Isn’t Totally Convinced He’s a Girl. Expert witnesses and healthcare workers testified in court about transgenderism and James Younger, the seven-year-old whose mother, Anne Georgulas, wants to “transition” him into a girl against his father’s wishes. Read more here.

U.S. Attorney General Bemoans “Moral Upheaval” that has Brought “Suffering and Misery.” Attorney General William Barr in a speech at the University of Notre Dame Law School said the deterioration of religion in the country is an “organized destruction” by secularists in an “unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.” Read more here.


Polish Lawmakers Vote for Bill Criminalizing “Promoting Underage Sex.” Opponents claim the bill aims to ban sex education. Polish schools do not offer formal sex education but instead teach students how to “prepare for family life.” Read more here.

I Was Fired for Not Using Transgender Pronouns, by Peter Vlaming. “Using the wrong pronouns would mean denying not only my faith, but objective reality. What’s more, it would mean sacrificing my freedom of conscience. I’d also be permitting the administrators to violate my legally protected freedom of speech by allowing them to compel me to express ideas I don’t agree with … My spotless record was irrelevant. My reputation for fairness among my students and peers counted for nothing. My willingness to go several extra miles for this student didn’t mean anything if I wouldn’t go one final inch. In the end, they fired me, and now I’ve filed suit against the school division in state court.” Read more here.


The Road to Infidelity Passes Through Multiple Sexual Partners, by James McQuivey. “The old joke starts with ‘How do you get to Carnegie Hall?’ and ends with the sage words, ‘Practice, practice, practice.’ It is advice that appears to apply to people who want to engage in—or prevent—marital infidelity. People who are sexually unfaithful to their marriage partners ‘practice’ behaviors going back to their very first sexual experiences that increase the likelihood that they will be unfaithful. Conversely, by avoiding those same behaviors, those who wish to remain faithful to their marriage partners can reduce the likelihood that they’ll be the source of marital infidelity.” Read more here.


Parents Can’t Count on Politicians to Fight Gender Ideology. Time to Take Action, by Jonathon Van Maren. “As the sexual revolution approaches total victory in the West, the latest battleground in the culture wars has begun to centre on the colonization of childhood. In the last few years, there has been a tremendous effort on the part of the LGBT movement and their allies in politics, the media, and the entertainment industry to begin introducing the tenets of their ideology to children at younger and younger ages. Those who oppose this, it almost goes without saying these days, are damned as bigots.” Read more here.


6 Crazy School District Responses to Parents Mad About LGBT Indoctrination of Preschoolers, by Joy Pullmann. “To state what should be obvious, sexual attraction is not the same as love. I don’t know about all of you readers, but I love lots of people whose genitals I never want to touch. Deliberately obscuring crucial realities like this, and by trusted adults to children who have no knowledge of the world to help them know this is a lie, is one reason to call what the district did propaganda.” Read more here.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Skies Are Blue, by Michael Cook. “This was the expectation [of legalizing same-sex marriage] just about everywhere, and especially in the United States, where SSM became legal after the 2015 Supreme Court case Obergefell v Hodges. It is widely believed that marriage equality generate important health benefits not only for adult same-sex couples, but also for LGBQ-identifying youths. Well, that was four years ago for Americans. How’s that working out for LGBQ youths? Has their health improved? Um, no.” Read more here.


In Georgia, Parents Win Battle Over Transgender Bathrooms at School, by Tony Perkins. “Jasper, Georgia, isn’t a big town. At last count, it had about 3,800 residents. So it was a big deal when 900 squeezed into the Pickens High School auditorium determined to stop Jasper from becoming the next stop in the march for transgender bathrooms. For the small community, the time for polite conversation was over.” Read more here.