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NEWSWIRE ISSUE 8:  May 29, 2018


Ireland Votes to Repeal Abortion Ban. According to the country’s Referendum Commission, 66.4 percent voted to amend Ireland’s constitution and repeal the Eighth Amendment legalizing abortion in the country. The vote was nearly two to one in favor of repealing the amendment. Read more here.

Doctors in Ireland Won’t be Forced to Dispense Abortion Pills. Health Minister Simon Harris said a conscientious objection provision will apply to doctors who are opposed to abortion. Irish citizens voted to amend the country’s constitution and repeal the Eighth Amendment which banned abortion. Read more here.


Iowa Attorney General Refuses to Defend Heartbeat Abortion Ban. Attorney General Tom Miller announced in a letter to the state legislature that the six-week abortion ban violates his personal beliefs. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU announced that they will sue the state over that law that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. Read more here.


U.S. Makes Statement Against Abortion at World Health Assembly. Dr. Alma Golden of the U.S. Agency for International Development stated that the U.S. does not “recognize abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our reproductive health assistance. The term sexual and reproductive health does not include the promotion of abortion nor do we recognize an international right to abortion.” Read more here.


Trump Administration Proposes Rule Change to Strip Abortion Providers of Funding. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services submitted the proposal that will require abortion providers to prove there is a “bright line of physical as well as financial separation” between abortion services and other services. Read more here.


Bermuda Supreme Court Reserves Judgement on Same-Sex Marriage Case. Last year the court ruled in favor of a same-sex couple that sued for the right to marry. Parliament later passed a law that banned same-sex marriage but allowed domestic partnerships. Read more here.


Italian Court Rules Same-Sex Marriages Performed Abroad Will not be Recognized.The Court of Cassation ruled that Italian citizens must register their partnerships as civil unions. The court noted that civil unions provide most of the same legal protections as marriage and therefore could not be considered discrimination. Read more here.


Northern Ireland Same-Sex Marriage Bill Blocked. The bill was introduced for its second reading at the House of Commons. A conservative MP objected, and the bill was re-listed for a date in October. Read more here.


Greece Allows Same-Sex Couples to Foster ChildrenLegislation was passed that will allow same-sex couples to become guardians of orphaned children. Same-sex couples must be in a civil partnership. Adoption by same-sex couples is allowed in at least 12 European Union member states including France, Portugal and Spain. Read more here.


Maryland Becomes 11th State to Ban Therapy for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Gov. Larry Hogan signed the bill into law that prohibits licensed therapists from offering sexual orientation change effort therapy to minors. It does not restrict therapy given in church settings. Read more here.


Hawaii Bans Therapy for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Gov. David Ige signed a bill into law banning sexual orientation change effort therapy and therapy for gender identity issues for minor children. Hawaii is the 12th state to pass a similar bill banning the practice, though there is evidence that the therapy has helped some individuals. Read more here.


Wales to Overhaul Sex Ed Starting in Kindergarten to be “LGBT Inclusive.” The new curriculum will begin in 2022 and will be taught to all children from age five to 16 and will be embedded across the curriculum rather than taught as a separate subject. Read more here.


Swiss Government Says it Should be Easier to Change Gender. The Federal Council has proposed that regulations be eased for gender-confused individuals who want to be recognized as a different gender. Under the proposed new law, any person may request the civil registrar to change their status. Read more here.


Number of UK Children Referred to Transgender Clinic Rises. Over 2500 children were referred to the Gender Identity Development Service in 2017/2018, which is a 25 percent increase over the previous year. Read more here.


Federal Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Student. The U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that federal law protects transgender students from being forced to use separate restroom facilities. The court denied the school board’s motion to dismiss the case. Read more here.


Costa Rican Court Issues Decision on Gender Identity. Costa Rica’s supreme electoral court has approved a resolution that will allow people to change their registered name to one that will match with their perceived gender identity through a simple and free procedure. Read more here.


Canada Will Add a Third Gender Option in Government Surveys. In future data collection, including the 2021 census, respondents will be provided with the option of male, female, and a third option that will indicate their gender identity. Read more here.


UK Transgenders Urge Government to not Make it Easier to Change Gender. Seventeen transsexuals who have undergone surgery to alter their genitals have written a letter stating they are “deeply concerned” about removing safeguards from the Gender Recognition Act. The Government wants to allow people to legally change their gender by “self-declaration.” Currently, people have to live as a member of the opposite sex for a minimum of two years and have a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Read more here.


Vermont Lawmakers Pass Gender-Neutral Bathroom Bill. Gov. Phil Scott signed the bill into law that will require all single-user bathrooms in public buildings or places of public accommodation to be marked as gender neutral. The law takes effect on July 1st. Read more here.


Canadian Pediatricians Tell Parents it’s Normal for Children to Switch Genders Multiple Times Each Day. The Canadian Paediatric Society has released a new set of guidelines for discussing transgenderism with children, encouraging parents to accept and reinforce their children’s gender confusion. The guidelines say it is “normal and healthy” for children as young as two to “assume other gender identities at different times (sometimes even in the same day).” Read more here.


Pakistan Passes Transgender Rights Bill. The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act allows people to choose their gender and to have that identity recognized on official documents, including national IDs, passports and driver’s licenses. The bill prohibits discrimination in schools, at work, on public transit, and while receiving medical care. Read more here.


President of Portugal Blocks Gender Change Law. The law would have eliminated the requirement for a person to undergo medical exams and lowered the minimum age at which a person could make the decision from 18 to 16 to change their gender identity on official documents. Read more here.


Church of England Encourages Transgenders to Become Priests. Bishops in the diocese of Lichfield have launched a diversity drive issuing guidance titled “welcoming and honoring LGBT+ people” as a reminder to parishioners and clergy that LGBT people can lead and serve in their local churches. Read more here.


Sexually Explicit Snapchat Channel Shut Down Following Parental Outcry. After just one week, Cosmopolitan ended its sex-themed Snapchat stories due to complaints from parents, children’s advocates and others. The content was supposedly unavailable to those under 18, but could still potentially be available to children. Read more here.


Boy Scout World Jamboree Leadership Requires Condoms to be “Readily and Easily Accessible” for Event. The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be held in West Virginia in 2019. The handbook mandates that the condoms be made available at “a number of locations.” Read more here.


Missouri Senate Passes Resolution Declaring Pornography Harmful to Individuals and Society. Senate Concurring Resolution No. 52 recognizes “pornography as leading to individual and societal harms and recognize(s) the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level.” Read more here.

STDs in California Reach Record High. According to a report from the California Department of Public Health, the number of sexually transmitted disease cases reached an all-time high with an overall 45 percent spike in the number of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis cases over the past five years. Officials are most concerned about the increase in the number of stillbirths due to congenital syphilis. Read more here.


Study Finds Nearly 250,000 Girls Under Age Five Die Each Year in India. The preference for male children contributes to the aborting of female babies prior to birth and neglect of young female children after birth. Read more here.


Glenn T. Stanton has authored an excellent report titled, “Why Mothers Matter,” and those who believe mothers and fathers are interchangeable would do well to read it. Stanton observes, “Motherhood is the most powerful force on earth. That is a not an opinion, but a fact. If mothers didn’t show up to work, nothing would get done.” And it’s much, much more than lunches, laundry, and lectures. The report reminds us that if mothers didn’t do the very things that make them mothers, “humanity would not exist. It’s that simple.” Read it here.


“What to Do in Our Current ‘Transgender Moment’” is an interview with Ryan Anderson, author of the recently published book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment. In the interview, conducted by Kathryn Jean Lopez, Ryan explains that “the claims made by transgender rights activists are contrary to basic, self-evident truths. And a culture can only sustain lies about human nature for so long.” Read it here.


The progressive view of Internet pornography that suggests it poses no threat to individuals or society is rapidly becoming less credible as evidence mounts showing that “addiction to Internet pornography looks very like addiction to cocaine and carries consequences that may prove just as harmful for individuals and families.” An alarming article by Nicole M. King and Bryce J. Christensen titled Internet Pornography—Akin to Cocaine” explains that there are neuroscientific elements of addiction that researchers are now realizing are similar whether it is an addiction to a substance or an addiction to a behavior. Read it here.


There is a dangerous threat not just to Americans, but to people around the world detailed by Emilie Kao in her article, “UN Poses Danger to Free Speech, Parents’ Rights. Here’s How Trump Administration Can Fight Back.” While the title of the article mentions America’s President Trump specifically, there is critical information in her article that is important for citizens of every country. Emily writes of the alliance that has formed between United Nations bureaucrats and LGBT activists that threatens fundamental rights. The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has launched a campaign called “Free and Equal” that “aims to socialize same-sex marriage, criminalize so-called ‘hate speech,’ and normalize transgender ideology, even though the terms sexual orientation and gender identity are not in the text of any U.N. treaties.” Read it here.


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