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January 25, 2021

Kansas House Passes Pro-Life Amendment. An amendment to the Kansas Constitution that would empower lawmakers to impose new regulations on abortion has been approved by the House. Read more here.


U.S. Bishops Urge Biden to Reject Abortion ‘Rights’ After ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Statement. President Joe Biden’s statement backing legal abortion on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade drew swift reaction from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops whose chairman said that no president of the United States should ever defend denying unborn children the right to life. Read more here.


Survey Finds Majority of Catholics Support Abortion. A survey conducted by Pew Research Center found that 56% of Catholics support abortion in most cases. Read more here.


SCOTUS Tosses ‘Moot’ Rulings Letting States Suspend Abortions for COVID-19. The U.S. Supreme Court vacated a pair of lower court decisions affirming the right of states to suspend abortions during a pandemic, agreeing with Planned Parenthood that the question has since been rendered moot. Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Protestors Disrupt Pro-Life Mass at Ohio Cathedral. Pro-abortion protesters disrupted the Respect Life Mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in downtown Columbus, Ohio which marked the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


NM Lawmakers to Debate Controversial Abortion Measure. Lawmakers in New Mexico will begin debating a controversial measure to repeal a 1969 law that makes it a crime to perform an abortion in the state. Read more here.

Biden Ends Partial Ban on Transgender Soldiers in U.S. Military. President Biden signed an executive order to allow all transgender soldiers to serve openly in the U.S. military and to receive gender reassignment surgery under the military’s health plans. Read more here.


BBC Educational Film Tells Children There Are ‘Over 100’ Genders. The British Broadcasting Company has come under fire for a program aimed at prepubescent children which claimed that there are “over 100” gender identities. Read more here.


#BidenErasedWomen Trends After Biden Signs Transgender Executive Order. President Joe Biden signed an executive order that sets the stage for rolling out transgender “protections” – a move that critics protested through the hashtag “Biden erased women.” Read more here.


House GOP Bill Reintroduced to Protect Women’s Sports. Florida Rep. Greg Steube reintroduced the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act” after President Joe Biden signed an executive order effectively eliminating women’s sports. Read more here.

Biden Official Withdraws Last-Minute Trump LGBT Memo. President Biden’s administration revoked a last-minute memo issued by former President Trump’s Justice Department that sought to limit the scope of a landmark Supreme Court decision on workplace discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Read more here.

Virginia Bill Would Allow Agencies to Be Shut Down for Denying Adoption to Same-Sex Couples. The state of Virginia has introduced a bill that would repeal the right of adoption and foster care agencies to deny child placements with homosexual couples on the basis of the agencies’ moral opposition to same-sex parenting. Read more here.


Ninth Circuit Upholds California’s Ban on Indoor Worship. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals denied a San Diego area church’s request to overturn California’s COVID-19 restrictions on indoor worship gatherings, although it acknowledged that the congregation is suffering “irreparable harm” due to the temporary ban. Read more here.

Members of Congress Seek to Resurrect ERA. Members of both chambers of Congress introduced a joint resolution to affirm the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, the language of which could be broadly interpreted to include protection for various issues including abortion and gender-transition surgery. Read more here.


Dozens of Missing Children Rescued in Anti-Human Trafficking Operation. Operation Lost Angels found 33 “vulnerable missing children” in southern California, eight of whom were likely being sexually exploited or trafficked when law enforcement saved them, according to the feds. Read more here.

Five Reasons Biden’s Move to Rejoin the WHO is Bad News, by Kimberly Ells. “The WHO not only supports sexual rights for children but is a strong advocate for eliminating parental consent in regard to abortion, contraception, and other sexual services for young people. With these five reasons in view, it is dumbfounding that the Biden administration made a top priority of ensnaring the US in this ethically corrupt organization once again.” Read more here.


State Legislation Would Protect Gender-Confused Children – Here’s How You Can Help, by Jeff Johnston. “While most eyes have been on the presidential transition and inauguration, many state legislatures are already in session. Legislators in at least eight states have proposed new bills that would protect gender-confused children and teens from permanently altering and irrevocably damaging their bodies with puberty blockers, opposite-sex hormones and surgeries.” Read more here.


What the Biden Administration is Expected to Do About U.S. International Policy on Human Rights, by Elyssa Koren. “Perhaps of greatest impact, on the issue of U.S. foreign aid, the Biden administration is expected to revoke the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy. As a result, billions of U.S. dollars that currently go toward maternal health assistance abroad would be used to promote abortion. U.S. taxpayer dollars would fund abortions in the developing world, including in many countries where the practice is either illegal or heavily restricted.” Read more here.


The Transgender Agenda Will Eviscerate Title IX, by Rob Jenkins. “Transgender advocates argue that boys who identify as girls actually ARE girls. No, biologically, they’re not—and in sports, biology matters. Others insist that males have no inherent physical advantage over females. I’m sorry, but anyone who believes that is either seriously delusional or has never played sports (or both).” Read more here.


Virginia Values Act Makes Everyone Who Disagrees a Bigot, by Nicole Russell. “In the United States, citizens of a certain sexual orientation or gender identity must be able to live peacefully with those who espouse traditional Christian beliefs without one labeling the other a bigot. Unfortunately, the Virginia Values Act elevates protections to another level, criminalizing anyone who dares to hold different beliefs and practices.” Read more here.


Equality Act’s Attack on Religious Liberty, Medical Conscience, by Wesley J. Smith. “The bill guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a defense against acts deemed discriminatory in the bill. Among other wrongs, this could force Catholic hospitals to permit sterilization, contraception, abortion, and transgender surgeries on premises despite their being prohibited by Catholic moral teaching.” Read more here.


Biden’s Trans Agenda Threatens the Military, Science, and Women’s Rights, by Tyler O’Neil. “Biden’s transgender agenda threatens to erode basic biological facts in the military, the health and science establishment, and the culture at large. His agenda threatens the safety of women’s private spaces, fairness in women’s sports, clarity in medicine, and best practices in the military. While the Biden administration touts ‘inclusivity,’ a rush of transgender people into the military may seriously harm morale, as female troops fear abuses at the hands of ostensibly transgender men and as suicide rates may increase.” Read more here.


Abortion – The Issue That Will Not Die, by Jerry Newcombe. “Where’s the most dangerous place to be in America today? In your mother’s womb. It should be the safest. The Court has unleashed this nightmare, provoking the wrath of Almighty God against the nation that sheds innocent blood – and so much of it too. ‘We the people’ did not get to decide this. The Court did.” Read more here.


Roe v. Wade’s Millions of Ghosts in the Cradle Haunt Us All, by Nathanael Blake. “At the time, it might have been said: forgive them, for they know not what they do. For most people in 1973, the womb was a black box; few knew much about fetal development. But we know. We excitedly share ultrasound photos via text and social media, and we stick the printouts on our fridges… We know. We have seen the moving limbs and the tiny fingers and the beating hearts.” Read more here.


Victoria’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill is Too Broad and Too Harsh, by Mark Sneddon. “Instead of trying to define and ban ‘harmful’ conduct and practices, the Bill makes illegal all practices and conduct (including a conversation or family discussion, counselling, pastoral care, prayer) engaged in for the purpose of ‘suppressing or changing’ a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, even if the conduct was requested and consented to by the person and even if that person experienced the conduct as beneficial rather than harmful.” Read more here.


Roe is Ripping America Apart, and It Must Go If the Republic is to Survive, by Jonathon Van Maren. “On abortion, unity is impossible. Those of us who recognize the humanity of the pre-born and abhor the destruction of innocents can never be united with those who believe killing children in the womb is a right. But if America is to survive, overturning Roe is an essential first step.” Read more here.


Seven States Introduce Bills to ‘Save Girls Sports’ – Here’s How You Can Help, by Jeff Johnston. “The good news in all this is that some states are pushing back, working to protect girls and women’s sports… LGBT activists and their allies in the media, academia, and the business world are already attacking these legislative efforts, saying they ‘target’ and ‘attack’ gender-confused students and are ‘discriminatory’ and ‘cruel,’ so it’s important for concerned people to weigh in and support these bills.” Read more here.


The Fight for Life Continues in States Throughout the Country, Despite New Pro-Abortion Administration, by Brittany Raymer. “For those that remain concerned about the radical abortion policy that will likely be introduced by the newly inaugurated administration of Joe Biden, there’s some hope. In states across the country, legislatures and state governments are fighting for life.” Read more here.


Inside the Many Ironies of Argentina’s Abortion Legalization, by Alice Lemos. “How sad that the Argentinians who backed this bill – which would allow girls over 13 years of age to obtain abortions without the consent of the parents – see this as a historic moment which will ‘solve a public health problem.’ Poor women in Argentina deserve better than abortion, as do their American counterparts.” Read more here.