Past Newswire Headlines

Pinterest Labels Live Action’s Content As “Porn” then Permanently Suspends Account. Pinterest claimed the pro-life organization’s content was “harmful” and violated its policy on “misinformation.” Pinterest allows Planned Parenthood to promote their message. Read more here.


UN Budget Shortfalls Affecting the Work of the Human Rights Treaty Bodies. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights announced that of the committees that oversee compliance of the legally binding treaties adopted by the UN General Assembly, six may have their 2019 sessions cancelled for financial reasons. Read more here.


World Health Organization Says One Million STDs Diagnosed Every Day. According to new data released by the World Health Organization, more than one million new cases of four sexually transmitted infections are contracted every day. The four infections are chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and syphilis, and on average, one in every 25 people globally has at least one of these STDs. Read more here.


Single Parent Adoptions in UK Reach Record High. The number of single parents adopting children hit its highest ever figure in 2018 at 962  a rise from 904 in 2017. It is believed that a combination of “greater societal acceptance of single-parent households” as well as celebrity single-parents who have adopted children are factors that have contributed to the rise. Read more here.


Study Finds 25 Percent of Girls Who Receive HPV Vaccine End Up Sterilized. The study of eight million women was published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. The study adds that many vaccine recipients have reported “primary ovarian failure” – girls in their teens and young women in their 20s are suffering late-stage menopause, triggered by the vaccine. Read more here.


Trump Administration to Reportedly Allow Federally Funded Adoption Agencies to Reject Same-Sex Couples. This would be a reversal of the previous administration’s policy of blocking federal funding for religious adoption organizations that refuse to serve same-sex couples. Read more here.


U.S. Birthrate Continues to Decline. For the fourth straight year, the number of births in the U.S. has fallen. Last year there were 3,788,235 births across the USA, the lowest number since 1986. The total fertility rate in was the lowest on record. Read more here.


Ireland Allows Same-Sex Couples to be Listed on Child’s Birth Certificate. President Michael Higgins signed the Civil Registration Bill 2019 into law, which will allow same-sex parents to have the option of either the terms ‘mother’ and ‘father’ on the birth certificate or to replace them with the term ‘parent’ . Read more here.


UK MP Says Birmingham LGBT Lessons “Not Age Appropriate.” The MP said he did not feel four or five-year-olds “could comfortably handle” discussions about sexuality. Parents have been protesting the graphic sex ed program in the schools. Read more here.


Sacramento Parents and Students Join Statewide Rallies Against New Sex Education Approach. More than 100 parents, students and community members marched outside the Sacramento County Office of Education, protesting California’s controversial new framework for sex education adopted earlier this month. Similar rallies are planned throughout the state. Read more here.


California Approves Controversial Sex Ed Guidelines Despite Parents’ Protest. The 700-page guidelines encourage classroom discussions about gender identity and LGBT relationships. Read more here.


Psychologist Says California Public Schools’ Sex-Ed Changes are “Horrific.” The state Department of Education approved the new guidelines for sexual education, including encouraging teachers to speak to kindergartners about gender identity and discussing explicit sexual acts with middle and high schoolers. Dr. Michael Kuiper, a clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience, spoke against the new curriculum, saying it will be very confusing to children. Read more here.


Arizona Resolution Declares Pornography a Public Health Crisis. Arizona joins at least 15 other states that have passed similar resolutions. The resolution called for efforts to prevent children from exposure to online pornography. Read more here.


Twitter Drops Southern Poverty Law Center. Twitter has distanced itself from the far-left SPLC, an organization that has designated numerous pro-life/pro-family organizations, including Family Watch International, as hate groups. Read more here.


Comprehensive Sex Ed Bill Stopped in Washington. The Planned Parenthood-backed bill would have provided graphic sexuality education for children starting in Kindergarten. Read more here.


Colorado Bill Would Ban Teaching Abstinence-Only Sex Ed in Public Schools. The bill, backed by Planned Parenthood would require “the relational or sexual experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals” to be taught among other controversial things. Read more here.


Poll Finds People Who Attend Church Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t. A Pew Research Center report found that those who identify with a religious group and regularly attend worship services tend to be happier and more civically engaged than those who do not. Read more here.


Google Employees Troubled by the Term “Family Friendly.” During a company-wide presentation, a Google executive sparked a fierce backlash from some employees by using the word “family.” The concern was that linking “family” to “children” is “offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.” Read more here.


Prime Minister of Norway Urges Citizens to Have More Children. Prime Minister Erna Solberg expressed concern about the number of children being born and fewer taxpaying workers in the future. Norway’s birth rate is at the lowest point in 33 years. Read more here.

Northern Ireland has Lowest Same-Sex Adoption Rate in UK. According to statistics from the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Trusts, only one in 15 same-sex couples who apply to adopt have a child placed with them. Read more here.


Notre Dame Students Request Porn Filter on Campus Wi-Fi. More than 1,000 members have signed a petition calling on the University’s president to implement a filter to stop the use of pornography on the campus wireless Internet service. Read more here.


Starbucks to Block Porn in over 14,000 U.S. Stores. The coffee chain said it would provide pornography-free Wi-Fi in its U.S. stores starting in 2019. Starbucks pledged to do so two years ago and is now making good on its promise. Read more here.

Study Finds Adolescents Who Practice Religion Regularly Experience Greater Life Satisfaction. The Study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology also found that weekly attendance of religious services was associated with lower probabilities of marijuana use and early sexual initiation, and fewer lifetime sexual partners. Read more here.


More Babies in the U.S. are Born with Syphilis. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of babies born with syphilis has doubled since 2013 and is at a 20-year high. Forty percent of babies infected with syphilis are stillborn or die soon after birth. Read more here.

Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Proposes to Reinstate “Natural Family” on Identity Cards. The reform will modify “parent 1” and “parent 2” currently on identity cards and change it to “mother” and “father.” The move will make it impossible for same-sex parents to be recorded as the parents of a child. Read more here.


Ontario Families Launch Human Rights Challenge Against Sex-Ed Curriculum Rollback. Six families are filing a case with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario claiming that the government is discriminating against LGBTQ students because the curriculum no longer mentions issues such as gender diversity or the rights of LGBTQ students. Read more here.


Massachusetts Bill that Would Teach Children How to Perform High-Risk Sexual Behaviors Dies. S-2128 contained innocuous language, but the recommended program for middle school students was published by Planned Parenthood and provides instructions about anal and oral sex. Read more here.


U.S. Attorney General Calls Out Southern Poverty Law Center for Using “Hate Group” Label to “Bully” Conservatives. In a recent speech Attorney General Jeff Sessions highlighted “new hostility” against religious believers in the U.S. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled many pro-life, pro-family organizations as hate groups. Read more here.

UN Human Rights Agency Opens Offices in the U.S. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) headquartered in Geneva opened an office in Washington in 2016 and has plans for another office in San Francisco. The move occurred more than a year before the expansion proposal was presented to the UN General Assembly and turned down. Read more here.


Quebec Launching Sex Ed for Preschoolers. A pilot program for children under age five will be taught to 1200 preschoolers beginning this fall. The program will offer education on sexuality and equality between boys and girls. Read more here.


Italy’s Families Minister Criticizes Foreign Same-Sex Surrogacy. Lorenzo Fontana suggested that Italy’s laws on surrogacy should apply to children born to surrogates abroad. Under current legislation, same-sex couples are unable to adopt children via surrogacy in Italy, leading many to seek options in other countries. Read more here.

New Indiana Law Allows Parents to Veto Inappropriate Sex Ed. The legislation now known as Public Law 154 took effect starting in July and requires public schools to attempt to obtain written consent from a parent or guardian before teaching children about various topics pertaining to sexuality. Read more here.  


Landmark Resolution to Protect Children from Unsuitable Content Passed by Republican National Committee. The committee unanimously adopted the resolution supporting parental rights to know what their children are being taught in schools. The resolution will serve as the impetus for state legislation across the nation. Read more here.


Study Finds Only About One-Third of South African Children Live with Their Biological Fathers. The study found that about 36 percent of South African children live in the same household as their biological fathers, while 35 percent live in the same household as other men who were not their biological fathers. Read more here.


Birthrate in China Still Lagging. Despite the suspension of China’s one-child policy two years ago, Chinese couples are still not having babies fast enough to counter the country’s aging society and shrinking workforce. Read more here.


Concern Heightened About the Impact of Declining Fertility in the U.S. Recent data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the number of births in the U.S. fell one percent from a year earlier. Some demographers are concerned that if the trend continues, the country could face economic turmoil. Read more here.


Court Blocks Trump from Implementing Transgender Military Ban. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s order blocking implementation of the Trump administration’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. Read more here


Study Finds Kids Who Attend Government Preschool Learn Less and Misbehave More. The results from the first randomized control trial of a state pre-kindergarten program in Tennessee found children’s early gains quickly transformed into worse academic performance, more discipline problems, and higher special education placements than children who hadn’t participated. Read more here.


Romania Grants Residence Rights to Married Same-Sex Couples if One Partner is EU Citizen. The Constitutional Court announced its decision after the same decision was reached three weeks previously by the European Court of Justice. The court stipulated that the ruling referred to residence rights and not the recognition of same-sex marriage. Read more here.


UK Teenagers Becoming Less Likely to Have Sex. A survey of 1,000 16- to 18-year-olds found that two-thirds of the teenagers surveyed said they had never had sex, and 24 percent said they had never consumed alcohol. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service report also found that young people were more likely to view time with their family as of higher importance than time with their friends. Read more here.


World Health Organization Classifies Compulsive Sexual Behavior as a Mental Health Disorder. The controversial decision appears in the ICD-11, the foundational document that clinicians and scientists around the world use to identify and study health problems, injuries and causes of death. The ICD-11 defines the disorder as a “persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses or urges resulting in repetitive sexual behaviour.” Read more here.


School Refuses to Allow Parents to See LGBT Videos Students Forced to Watch. Students at Emmaus High School in Pennsylvania were required to watch four videos selected by the student-led Gay-Straight Alliance. But when parents asked to see the videos, school officials refused claiming they were not part of the curriculum. Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Challenging Abstinence-Only Program. Planned Parenthood has filed lawsuits in Spokane and New York City challenging the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ shift to an abstinence-only curriculum for its Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Read more here.


Poll Finds Increase in Number of Americans Who Believe Pornography is Morally Acceptable. According to the Gallup poll, 43 percent of Americans say pornography is morally acceptable, a seven-percentage-point increase from the previous year. Gallup began measuring moral perceptions of pornography in 2001. Read more here.


Numerous Organizations Considering Legal Action against Southern Poverty Law Center. About 60 organizations have been falsely named as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This consideration comes on the heels of an apology and settlement of over $3 million given to Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam Foundation by the far left SPLC. Read more here.


CDC Report Finds Cohabitation in the U.S. is Pervasive. The report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control on the demographics of heterosexual cohabitation is based on a large national survey of U.S. adults sampled between 2011 and 2015. It found that 17.1 percent of women and 15.9 percent of men were cohabiting. Read more here.


Statistics Show Family Life is Changing Across the U.S. According to an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by the Pew Research Center, adults are marrying later in life or not marrying at all. This has contributed to increases in births outside of marriage and children living with an unmarried parent. Read more here.


U.S. Quits UN Human Rights Council. The Trump administration announced the withdrawal following calls for reform by U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, which have gone unheeded. Haley stated that the council has been “a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias.” Read more here.


UC Santa Barbara Sociology Department Website Encourages Parents to Let Children Engage in “Sexual Play.” The website is maintained by students “who have studied advanced topics in human sexuality.” The website also says that “It is important that children understand that viewing pornography is a normal habit, and that they do not need to be ashamed of it.” Read more here.


Canadian Court Recognizes Child Born to Polyamorous Trio has Three Legal Parents. The unmarried trio, a woman and two men were given the right to be listed as the legal parents of the child on her birth certificate in a court in Newfoundland and Labrador by Judge Robert Fowler. The judge said, “This must be recognized as a reality and not as a detriment to the best interests of the child.” Read more here


Sexually Explicit Snapchat Channel Shut Down Following Parental Outcry. After just one week, Cosmopolitan ended its sex-themed Snapchat stories due to complaints from parents, children’s advocates and others. The content was supposedly unavailable to those under 18, but could still potentially be available to children. Read more here.


Boy Scout World Jamboree Leadership Requires Condoms to be “Readily and Easily Accessible” for Event. The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be held in West Virginia in 2019. The handbook mandates that the condoms be made available at “a number of locations.” Read more here.


Missouri Senate Passes Resolution Declaring Pornography Harmful to Individuals and Society. Senate Concurring Resolution No. 52 recognizes “pornography as leading to individual and societal harms and recognize(s) the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change at the community and societal level.” Read more here.


STDs in California Reach Record High. According to a report from the California Department of Public Health, the number of sexually transmitted disease cases reached an all-time high with an overall 45 percent spike in the number of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis cases over the past five years. Officials are most concerned about the increase in the number of stillbirths due to congenital syphilis. Read more here.


Study Finds Nearly 250,000 Girls Under Age Five Die Each Year in India. The preference for male children contributes to the aborting of female babies prior to birth and neglect of young female children after birth. Read more here.


Trump Signs Executive Order to Allow Faith-Based Groups Equal Access to Government Funding. President Trump also announced that he would be signing an order that will create a faith initiative at the White House that will help design new policies that recognize the role of faith in the family, community and the country. Read more here.


Outraged California Parents Successfully Block Controversial Elementary Sex Ed Program. Concerned parents approached district officials about the “Three R’s: Rights, Respect, Responsibility” program that would have taught elementary school students about sexual orientation, gender identity and rape. Officials agreed to find a different program that was more amenable to parents. Read more here.


Number of Births Outside Marriage Rises in European Union. According to data released by Eurostat, all EU member states have experienced this rise, and around 40 percent of the 5.1 million births in the EU in 2016 were born to unmarried parents. Read more here.


Parents Seek Restraining Order to Keep Sex Columnist From Speaking at School. Officials at the Chicago school with students from 7th through 12th grade had scheduled a speaker for its sexual education programming who promotes casual sex and the use of pornography. Parents were not given the opportunity to opt out of the presentation. Read more here.


Judge Rules Against Trump Administration Cuts to Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Lawsuits were filed against the administration last year after 81 organizations were notified that their five-year grants would end two years early. Even though numerous studies have shown that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program isn’t working, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ordered the administration to accept and process applications of four grantees as if they had not been terminated. Read more here.


Study Finds that Religious Adolescents Do Better in School. The study by the Stanford Graduate School of Education found that research points to the possibility that religiosity plays a role similar to characteristics such as race, class, and gender. Half of American teenagers report that religious faith is “very” or “extremely” meaningful to them, and one in three teenagers prays at least once a day. Read more here.


UK Study Finds Better Outcomes for Children Raised by Biological Fathers. The study published in the European Journal of Population found that when compared with children raised by single mothers, children who live with both their biological parents have better cognitive and socio-emotional outcomes. Read more here.

Children’s Own Sexually Explicit Selfies Fueling the Rise in Child Abuse Images. According to data from the Internet Watch Foundation, almost one in three reported child abuse images are now taken by the children themselves. Children are increasingly sharing explicit footage of themselves, which then ends up on adult pornography sites or shared by pedophiles. Read more here.


Untreatable Gonorrhea Case Not Responding to Antibiotics. A man in the UK is the first patient with the STD that is not responding to the medication commonly used to cure it. Some in the medical community are alarmed and are voicing concern that it could be the tip of the iceberg and lead to an epidemic. Read more here.


Croatians Protest Against European Treaty They Say Threatens Traditional Family. The proposed ratification of the Istanbul Convention describes gender as a “social role,” and some feel it opens the door to the acceptance of transgenderism. Read more here.


Florida Declares Pornography a Public Health Risk. The Florida House of Representatives passed a resolution acknowledging “the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change to protect the citizens” of Florida from the dangers of pornography. The resolution also noted that pornography contributed to the “hyper-sexualization of children and teens.” Read more here.


Nigerian Court Orders Condom Manufacturers to Add Health Warnings. Manufacturers will be required to warn users that condoms do not provide 100 percent safe sex. The warning states, “Condom is not 100 percent safe. Total abstinence or faithfulness is the best option.” Read more here.


Finland’s Parliament Approves Law to Allow Children to Have Two Mothers From Birth. The citizens’ initiative-inspired law will recognize both women in a same-sex partnership, including the one who does not give birth, as mothers of the child the moment it is born. Read more here.


Porn Still Accessed in the Federal Workplace Despite Ban. Congress enacted the ban six years ago, but in some government agencies the rule still isn’t in place. The problem of porn in the federal workplace exists in those agencies and even in agencies where the rule has been enacted. Read more here.


U.S. Congress Moving to Stop Online Sex Trafficking. The House has overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation that will make it easier to prosecute online sex predators and websites that post and promote online sex trafficking material. Similar legislation is expected to easily pass the Senate as early as this week. Read more here.


UN Member States Debate Reform of the UN Development System. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has proposed enhanced powers for UN resident coordinators in every country that would include having authority to decide policy priorities, budget issues, and to coordinate country teams of UN bureaucrats. Read more here.


Taxpayer Cost of Family Failure in the UK is £51 Billion. According to the Relationships Foundation the “Cost of Family Failure Index” is up from £37 billion ten years ago. The Index shows the financial cost of failed relationships borne by the UK government. Read more here.


Study Finds Religious Practice Buffers the Negative Effects of Childhood Abuse in Adults. The study published in the journal Research on Aging found that “These results underscore the importance of religion as a countervailing mechanism that blunts the negative impact of childhood abuse on adult mental health over time.” Read more here.


Survey Finds Most Dads Say They Spend Too Little Time With Their Children. The survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 63 percent of fathers feel they don’t spend enough time with their children. A smaller percentage, 36 percent, say they spend the right amount of time with them. Read more here.


U.S. Pediatricians Release Child Trafficking Statement. The American College of Pediatricians identified child trafficking as one of the major threats to the well-being of children, one which “undermines the future of children, families, and societies.” Read more here.


Experts Fear Falling U.S. Birth Rates Could Have Negative Effect On Future Economy. The baby boom predicted by demographers has not come to pass, despite the economic conditions that have triggered higher birth rates in the past. Experts are concerned that the decline could affect future job markets, economic growth and programs that provide for the elderly. Read more here.


Pro-Life and Pro-Family UN Delegations Taking Innovative Approach at the UN.These delegations are making recommendations during other countries’ Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process that all UN member countries undergo periodically to gauge their compliance with UN treaties. Traditionally these reviews have been used by liberal countries to attack pro-family and pro-life laws and policies of mostly developing countries. Read more here.


U.S. Appeals Court Reverses Ruling Forcing Arkansas to Reimburse Planned Parenthood. The 8th Circuit Court reversed the lower court ruling that had blocked the state’s attempt to withhold reimbursement payments to Planned Parenthood under the Medicaid program following undercover videos exposing the abortion provider’s sale of aborted baby body parts. Read more here.


Major Parental Rights Victories at UN. The coalition of mostly Latin American and developing countries seeking to impose a western oriented sexual “rights” agenda on the developing world suffered a major and surprising setback recently at the UN. Three resolutions considered on the girl child, the rights of the child, and girls with disabilities were amended due to strong opposition to make it clear that any sex education programs should only be implemented with “appropriate guidance and direction from parents and legal guardians.” The amendments were pushed through by St. Lucia and the African Group. In a departure from its past voting record on such matters during the Obama Administration, the U.S. supported the amendments. Read more here.


Study Finds that Religious People are More Charitable. A recent study claims that religiously affiliated people are more charitable and more likely to donate to both religious and secular causes. Religious congregations receive the largest share of public giving in America with education as the next largest subsector. Read more here.


Scotland’s Named Person Scheme Faces New Opposition. The Scottish Government’s embattled “Named Person” scheme has been deemed unworkable by one of its leading proponents. With central elements of the scheme recently ruled unlawful by the UK Supreme Court, the Scottish government has been struggling to regain support from the education and legal sectors. Read more here.


Federal Agency Reverses Unconstitutional Obama Administration Gag Order. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued strong regulations protecting the right of department employees and workers at facilities inspected by the USDA to express religiously based beliefs on social issues. The policy states in part “Opinions about same-sex marriage, gender identity, and sexual morality are all matters of public importance … USDA respects the First Amendment rights … [of personnel] … to share their varying viewpoints on these topics, whether through oral discussion, the display or distribution of literature, or other means.” The Obama Administration policy had attempted to prohibit such speech. Read more here.


European Nations Pushing to Drop the Term “Child Porn” in International Negotiations. The recent formal objection to the use of this term has highlighted the push by many of these nations to differentiate “adult porn,” which they do not find particularly problematic, from pornography involving children. Law enforcement and others trying to stop sex trafficking say these moves will make enforcement more difficult. Read more here.


UNESCO Prepares to Release Sexuality Education Mobile App in Africa. The agency claims that it is representative of the needs of African youth based on the input and recommendations of several dozen handpicked youth participants. This and other UN agencies are notorious for pushing sexual “rights” and comprehensive sexuality education indoctrination on youth and adolescents in developing nations. Pro-family advocates are concerned about what information will be disseminated. Read more here.


Alberta Catholic Schools Threatened with Closure for Not Teaching Government Sex Ed. The schools, which are partially publicly funded, have refused to teach the provincial government’s radical comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. Read more here.


Trump Administration Requires Sex Ed Funding to “Follow the Science.” In a break with the policy of the Obama administration, which largely funneled money for sex education to favored groups like Planned Parenthood, the Trump administration has announced that it will only fund programs that “follow the science to improve youth health and well-being.” The Department of Health and Human Services points to its own audit showing that 73 percent of the sex ed programs that have been funded in the past were either found to be ineffective or actually had a harmful effect. Read more here.


U.S. to Withdraw from UNESCO. The State Department announced the decision to withdraw from the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at the end of 2018. Among other things, UNESCO is known for promoting graphic comprehensive sexuality education for children. Read more here.


Boy Scouts Will Now Allow Girls to Join. The controversial decision has met with opposition, but the Boy Scouts of America claims its program could nurture girls as well as boys and it will help busy parents. The Girl Scouts criticized the decision. Read more here.


Georgia Sixth Grade Students Given “Sexual Identity” Quiz. The DeKalb County School District in Georgia is facing backlash from parents after a “sexual identity” assignment was given to the sixth graders of Lithonia Middle School. The health teacher gave out a quiz that defined 10 “sexual identity” terms that included gay, lesbian, and transgender and required the sixth graders to identify and differentiate between various sexual orientations and identities. Read more here.


Pentagon cuts ties with Southern Poverty Law Center. The U.S. Department of Defense had used the SPLC’s materials as a resource for training on extremism. Because they are misrepresenting organizations and falsely labeling them “hate groups” the Pentagon has officially disassociated from the SPLC. Read more here.


Children Can Write Their Own Advance Care Directives in Australian State of Victoria. Children of any age are being allowed to write their own advance care directive that doctors are obliged to follow. The measure will allow a child to decide on their medical treatment preferences, provided he or she was competent at the time of making the declaration, and the statement was witnessed by a medical practitioner and one other witness. Until now, laws around the world have given parents the final say in decisions about treatment options for minors. Read more here.


California Reduces Penalties for Knowingly Infecting Someone with HIV. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill that will make what was formerly a felony now a misdemeanor. The measure also applies to those who give blood without telling the blood bank that they are HIV positive. Read more here.


UK Pays for Transgender Teens to Freeze Sperm and Eggs Before Sex Change Surgery. Gender-confused children as young as age 12 are having their sperm and eggs frozen prior to undergoing cross-hormone treatment in case they want children after transitioning to the opposite gender. Hormone treatment can delay puberty and sterilize children. Read more here.


Pro-Family Leaders Sign Letter Warning Media Against Southern Poverty Law Center.  Forty-seven prominent pro-family leaders have signed an open letter warning the mainstream media against using data on hate groups compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).  The letter calls the SPLC a “discredited, left-wing political activist organization that seeks to silence its political opponents with a ‘hate group’ label of its own invention.”  Read more here.


Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions of Dollars to Offshore Entities.  The highly controversial and widely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), known for its “hate group” designations of many pro-family organizations, pushes millions of dollars to offshore entities as part of its business dealings.  The nonprofit pays six-figure salaries to its top directors and key employees while spending little on legal services despite its stated intent of “fighting hate and bigotry” using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy.  Read more here.


Donation Processor Drops Pro-Family Group Over “Hate” Label.  Vanco Payment Solutions, the online donation processor for the conservative, pro-family group Ruth Institute, notified the group that they were severing their relationship with them because the group was “affiliated with a product/service that promotes hate, violence, harassment and/or abuse.”  Ruth Institute takes a Biblical stance on gender identity and same-sex marriage, and Institute officials believe the relationship was severed due to being classified as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Read more here.


Twitter Bans Activist Mom After Criticizing Teen Vogue Editor for “Teaching Kids Sodomy.”  The popular blogger called out Teen Vogue’s Phillip Picardi for publishing a guide to anal sex last July.  The magazine is geared toward teenagers.  Read more here.


Research Shows Majority of Americans Believe Sex Education Should Teach Abstinence.  A study conducted by Barna in partnership with Ascend found that 71 percent of adults think sex education classes should primarily use practical skills to reinforce abstinence.  Read more here.


Trump Administration Cuts Target Contraceptive-Based Sex Education. Funding to teen pregnancy prevention programs that advocate for the use of contraceptives will be cut by more than $200 million annually. The cuts will not take effect until next year. Read more here.


Study Confirms Important Role of Fathers in Children’s Wellbeing. The study published in Pediatrics used data from the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study to research biological consequences of father loss (due to separation, divorce, death, or incarceration). Children without fathers were found to have decreased cellular function. Read more here.


Legislation Introduced to Protect Parental Rights in U.S. Constitution. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham reintroduced legislation that would amend the U.S. Constitution to clearly protect the rights of parents as they raise their children. The legislation would empower parents to make decisions over the type of education their child receives. It would also ensure that disabled parents’ rights are not infringed upon. Read more here.


Fertility Rates for U.S. Women Under Age 30 Hit an All-Time Low. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, births to unmarried women also declined since peaking in 2007-2008. Read more here.


U.S. Teen Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, last year the teen birth rate for women ages 15-19 fell nine percent. Read more here.


Liberty Counsel Sues GuideStar Over “Hate Group” Labels. GuideStar, the leading tracker of U.S. nonprofits that claims it is a neutral aggregator of tax data, falsely flagged 46 conservative organizations as “hate groups.” Read more here.


Study in Britain Finds Cuts in Sex-Education Programs in England Coincide with Decreases in Teen Pregnancy. According to researchers at the Nottingham University Business School, local expenditure cuts in contraception and sex-education programs throughout England were associated with reductions in teen pregnancy and abortion rates, not an increase as was predicted. Read more here.


World Health Organization Warns of Untreatable Gonorrhea Superbug. World Health Organization (WHO) researchers looked at data from 77 countries and found that in more than 50, first-line antibiotics were ineffective in treating gonorrhea with resistance increasing against second and third-line treatments as well. The WHO estimates that 78 million people worldwide contract the disease each year, with most cases affecting young men and women under the age of 25. Read more here.


GuideStar Labels 46 U.S. Conservative Organizations as “Hate Groups.” GuideStar is the leading source of information on U.S. charities and claims to be a “neutral” aggregator of tax data on non-profit organizations. They recently instituted “hate group” labels produced by the left-wing and widely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center. The decision prompted 41 conservative leaders to protest the move. Read more here. GuideStar subsequently announced they would remove the “hate group” label “for the time being.” Read more here.


Study Finds Babies with Involved Fathers Learn Faster. The study by researchers from Imperial College London, King’s College London, and Oxford University found that an active male role in the early stages of babies’ development produced better performance in cognitive tests by the age of two. Evidence could be seen from as early as three months. Read more here.


Poll Finds Americans Have Liberal Outlook on Many Moral Issues. The annual Values and Beliefs poll by Gallup found at least two-thirds of Americans are most likely to view birth control, divorce and sex between unmarried people as morally acceptable. Fewer than one in five say suicide, polygamy, cloning humans and extramarital affairs are morally acceptable. Read more here.


Report Finds the Normalization of Underage Sex is Leaving Children Unprotected.  According to a new report from the Family Education Trust in the UK, children are at risk of sexual exploitation due to cultural norms in which underage sexual activity has come to be viewed as a normal part of growing up and is seen as relatively harmless as long as it is consensual. Read more here.


Canadian Elementary School Cancels Mother’s Day Observance Because of Concerns About Diversity, Inclusivity. The Albert McMahon Elementary School in British Columbia sent a note home to parents stating they would not be acknowledging Mother’s Day or Father’s Day so that children who come from “non-traditional families” wouldn’t be alienated. Read more here.


Governments are Taking Meaningful Steps to Protect Children from Pornography. Some U.S. states are passing resolutions declaring pornography a public health crisis. In the UK, new legislation enforces meaningful age verification for all pornography sites. Read more here.


Mississippi State Audit Finds Porn on 20 Percent of School Laptops. The Mississippi State Auditor’s office randomly tested 150 laptops from 18 middle and high schools to see how well the schools were following the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act that requires schools that receive federal funding to use filters and monitor online content. Read more here.


UK Relationships Education Curriculum Imposes State Values on Families. According to MP Sir Edward Leigh, parents have the primary duty to bring up their children and should be able to raise them according to their beliefs. The Relationships Education plan could mean that children as young as age four would be taught about same-sex relationships, and parents would not be able to opt out their children from the instruction. Read more here.


Study Finds More Casual Sex in Teenagers who Harass Others. The study by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that teenagers who sexually harass those of the opposite sex and verbally harass those of the same sex tend to have more frequent casual sex than those who do not harass their peers. Read more here.


Study Finds Elderly People with Children Have Greater Longevity. The study by Swedish researchers at the Institute of Environmental Medicine found that elderly parents have lower mortality rates than their childless counterparts. Read more here.


Cuba Grants Parental Leave for Grandparents of Newborns. In an attempt to raise Cuba’s birthrate, grandparents are now entitled to receive up to 60 percent of their annual salary for up to a year. The country already gives mothers and fathers partial pay for maternity leave for a year. Read more here.


Best Friends Become First to Co-Parent in Canada. Two women who are friends but are not in a romantic relationship with each other have been legally recognized as co-parents of a disabled child. Read more here.


Study Finds Pornography Use Reduces Interpersonal Satisfaction. The meta-analysis, published in the journal Human Communication Research, is titled Pornography Consumption and Satisfaction: A Meta-Analysis. The study found that the association between pornography consumption and reduced interpersonal satisfaction pertains to men only. Read more here.


University Language Guide Says Terms “Homosexual” and “Housewife” are Offensive.  Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales has created a “Code of Practice on Using Inclusive Language” that lists potentially discriminatory vocabulary.  Also on the list of forbidden words is “mankind,” “forefathers,” and “Miss/Mrs.”  Read more here.


Sex Education to be Compulsory in England’s Schools.  According to Education Secretary Justine Greening, beginning at age four, all children will be taught sex and relationship education.  Parents will maintain the right to withdraw their children from the instruction.  Read more here.


Scottish Government Announces Overhaul of Named Person Scheme.  The controversial Named Person legislation as originally drafted would have assigned an adult to monitor every minor child in Scotland.  Opponents claimed it would be a violation of parental rights.  Read more here.


Study Finds Religious Practice Strengthens Social Bonds.  Researchers from the Santa Fe Institute found that individuals who worship frequently provide community members with more support and are viewed as more trustworthy and generous.  Read more here.


Study Finds Correlation Between Family Structure and Wealth.  The study found that following the economic declines during 2008-2012, married couples maintained a 70 percent advantage over their unmarried counterparts.  Read more here.


Canadian Prime Minister Announces $650 Million for Sexual and Reproductive Health Projects.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government plans to spend $650 million over three years for international sexual and reproductive health projects focusing on sexuality education, improving reproductive health services and investing in family planning and contraceptives.  Read more here.


Crowdfunding Site Helps Kenyan Home for Sexually Exploited Boys.  The home assists boys who have been sexually exploited, often by wealthy tourists who lure the boys into the lifestyle.  The boys are helped to break free from sex trafficking and go on to lead productive lives.  Read more here.


National Center on Sexual Exploitation Announces Dirty Dozen List of Organizations that Perpetuate Sexual Exploitation. Many well-established brands, companies, and organizations profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation in the United States. Read more here.


Indonesian Children’s Book Pulled Following Complaints Of Alleged Pornographic Content. The publisher of the book claims there was a mistake in the printing and release of an illustration showing a small child masturbating. Read more here.


Two More U.S. States Join Utah in Actions Declaring Pornography a Public Health Crisis. The South Dakota House and Senate have passed a resolution, and the Virginia House overwhelmingly adopted a resolution that has been sent to the Senate. Read more here.


UK Bill Aimed at Protecting Children From Online Porn Advances.  Despite criticism from many, including the UN, the Digital Economy Bill is set to continue in Parliament.  Under the proposal, the British Board of Film Classification would rate material on porn websites in the same way that they give ratings to films released publicly.  Read more here.


Nikki Haley Confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.  The South Carolina governor will step down from her post to assume the position.  Haley is staunchly pro-life.  Read more here.


European Court of Human Rights Overturns International Surrogacy Case.  The decision would allow Italian authorities to withdraw custody of a child obtained illegally through surrogacy.  The case paves the way for European States to fight against international surrogacy.  Read more here.


Last-Minute Hitch with Three-Parent Embryo Trials.  Just as the clinical trials are set to begin, a paper published in Nature suggests that with current techniques, some of the mitochondrial DNA is dragged into the new cell along with the nuclear DNA causing the disease rather than preventing it.  The technique is being developed to try to help women with mitochondrial disease give birth to healthy children.  Read more here.


UN Rejects Controversial Sex-Ed Programming.  A three-year campaign to have the General Assembly endorse controversial “comprehensive sexuality education” programming ended during negotiations this year.  European and World Health Organization standards for comprehensive sexuality education advocate teaching children under four years old about “early childhood masturbation” and promote social acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism.  Read more here.


Italian Law Requiring Children to Take Father’s Name Found Unlawful.  The constitutional court issued the ruling after a long political and legal battle to overturn regulations that some say are based on outdated patriarchal ideas.  Read more here.


New Israeli Law Would Block All Porn Sites.  The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation unanimously approved the bill that would block porn sites unless people publicly ask for access.  It is hoped the bill will prevent young people from being exposed to online pornography.  Read more here.


Australian Leaders Encourage Porn-Free City.  Religious and city leaders in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia are working together to combat violence against women by raising awareness of the negative effects of pornography.  Read more here.


World Health Organization Changes Definition of “Infertility” to Include Healthy Single Men and Women.  The WHO is set to announce that single men and women without medical issues will be considered “infertile” if they do not have children but want to become a parent.  The authors of the new global standards said the revised definition gave every individual “the right to reproduce.”  Read more here.


Anglican Church of Kenya Opposes Sex Education Classes in Primary Schools.  The Most Rev. Jackson Ole Sapit said that sex education was best handled in consultation with the family, church and other education stakeholders, and not imposed by government fiat.  Read more here.


Survey Finds Most Americans Think Children are Better Off with a Parent at Home.  According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of American men and women believe that children in two-parent families fare best when one parent stays at home with the children.  Read more here.


UK Parliamentary Group to Hear Research on Protecting Youth from Dangers of Pornography. Academics from the University of Nottingham will present the findings of their research into the effects of pornography on sexual development and behavior to Parliamentarians, charities and members of the Working Party on the Family.  The researchers recommend that sex education should place more emphasis on trusting and long-term relationships to challenge the images associated with Internet porn.  Read more here.


Study Finds Parental Absence Linked to Children’s Smoking and Alcohol Consumption. According to a study published in Archives of Disease in Childhood, those who experience parental absence in childhood smoke and consume alcohol at greater rates than those raised by both parents.  The study was conducted at the University College London.  Read more here.


Study Finds Childhood Family Environment Linked With Relationship Quality in Later Life. According to a study published in Psychological Science, adolescents who experience nurturing family environments build emotion regulation strategies that strengthen relationships with spouses later in life.  The study was conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Bryn Mawr College.  Read more here.


UNFPA Targets 10-Year-Old Girls.  The United Nations Population Fund in their report, State of World Population 2016, includes a focus on sexual and reproductive health and empowering girls through dangerous comprehensive sexuality education and contraceptives.  Read more here.


Study Finds Religion Contributes more than $378 Billion Annually.  According to the study published in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion, the annual revenues of faith-based enterprises including churches, hospitals, schools, and charities bring in more to the U.S. economy than Facebook, Google and Apple combined.  Read more here.


Paper Outlines Serious Flaws with “Safe Schools” Sexuality Education Program.  The paper by Patrick Parkinson of the Sydney Law School at the University of Sydney outlines several problems with the program including that the materials present statistics on same-sex attraction and transgender prevalence that have no valid scientific basis. Read more here.


British MPs Recommend Children be Taught About the Dangers of Pornography.  A report by the Women and Equalities Select Committee said that they had uncovered a concerning level of “deeply troubling” sexual violence and harassment in the schools.  Read more here.


The Scottish National Party Announces Intention to Implement “Named Person” Scheme by 2017.  The controversial program that names a non-parental guardian for every minor-aged child and that may violate parental rights began as a pilot program in some Scottish counties but was halted after it was ruled unlawful by the Scottish Supreme Court.  Read more here.  A recent poll shows 70 percent of Scottish citizens are against the scheme.  Read more here.


Government of Uruguay Launches “Sex Guru” Phone App for Teens.  With funding assistance from the United Nations, Uruguay’s Ministry of Public Health launched the app that provides sexual information to teens that includes where to obtain an abortion and that young people are entitled to vouchers for free condoms.  Read more here.


UK ISPs that Restrict Access to Porn Could be Violating EU Guidelines.  Current EU regulations only allow providers to block content for three reasons: to comply with a member state’s laws, to manage levels of traffic across a network, or for security.  There is no clear legal framework in UK legislation with regard to blocking pornography.  Read more here.


Italian Court Rules Public Masturbation no Longer a Crime.  The Italian Supreme Court ruled that masturbation in public is not a crime, as long as it is not conducted in the presence of minors.  If the act is witnessed by a minor, it could result in imprisonment.  Read more here.


Study Finds Family Relationships Increase Lifespan.  The study from University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health found that individuals with more family members in their network were less likely to die.  Read more here.



Kidnapping Victim Elizabeth Smart Says Pornography “Made My Living Hell Worse.”  Smart was kidnapped when she was 14 years old and sexually abused.  Her abuse worsened after her captor used pornographic materials.  Smart is now an activist against pornography and sexual exploitation.  Read more here.


Virtual Reality Firm Vows to Keep Company Porn Free.  The three founders of the virtual reality company The Void have said they will not include pornography in the “immersive hyper-reality experiences” they plan to open to the public in “Void Experience Centers” across the globe.  Read more here.


UK Therapist Says Easy Access to Online Pornography is Damaging Men’s Health.  Therapist Angela Gregory says more and more men in their late teens and early 20s are suffering from erectile dysfunction because they have become addicted to pornography.  Read more here.


A Stable Home Life Can Help Prevent Mass Violence.  Experts are examining the link between domestic violence and mass violence.  Many perpetrators of mass violence have ties to domestic violence or relationship problems.  Read more here.


The Best and Worst Places for Children in America.  The “2016 Kids Count Data Book” has analyzed the data looking at four key areas of child well-being—economic, education, health and family/community.  Read more here.


Penthouse Magazine Goes After Utah Governor and LDS Church Over Pornography Policy. The pornographic magazine attacked Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and the Mormon church because of a new state resolution calling porn a “public health crisis.”  Read more here.


Study Finds U.S. Youth are the Least Promiscuous Generation Since the 1920s.  The study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior found that young people in their early 20s are almost three times as likely not to be sexually active as their parents’ generation.  Read more here.


UK Supreme Court Rules Against Named Person Scheme.  The plan would appoint an individual to ensure the wellbeing of every child.  The court said some proposals breach privacy rights and are a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.  Read more here.


Panamanians March Against UN-Style Sex Education.  Citizens of Panama numbering 100,000 gathered to protest a new national bill that would introduce dangerous Comprehensive Sexuality Education into their schools.  The law was allegedly written by the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which promotes graphic sexuality education around the world.  Read more here.


Scottish Adoption Agencies Strive to Increase Same-Sex Adoption.  One national adoption charity is placing 20 percent of children with same-sex couples, while actively encouraging more same-sex couples to adopt children.  Read more here.


Houston Hilton Hotel Cancels Pornography Expo.  After being made aware of the harmful nature of the sexually exploitive event that was to be held in August, Hilton Worldwide cancelled the arrangement with the TEXXXAS expo.  Read more here.


American Academy of Pediatrics Rejects Abstinence Education.  The AAP says their goal is “early childhood” sexual instruction to reduce teen pregnancy and the spread of STDs.  The organization claims programs that promote abstinence until marriage are ineffective.  Read more here.


Poll Reveals Data on the World’s Most and Least Religious Countries.  According to the Gallup Poll of over 63,000 people in 65 countries, 90 percent of Chinese consider themselves to be atheists or non-religious.  Sweden and Czechoslovakia ranked second and third respectively in the poll.  Thailand was the most religious nation.  Read more here.


American College of Pediatricians Issues Statement on Adolescent Suicide and Connection to Sexual Activity and Elective Abortion.  The statement is a response to an article published in the journal Pediatrics in which the authors “glaringly omit the significant risk factors of sexual activity and elective abortion” that contribute to depression and suicide in adolescents.  Read more here.


Study Finds Correlation Between Sexually Explicit Media and Teen Sexual Experience.  The study, “Growing up with Media,” found that among 14- to 21-year-old youth whose media consumption had almost no or no sexual content at all, only two percent had ever had sex.  Among youth who stated that most or all of the media they consume contain sexual content, 60 percent reported sexual activity.  Read more here.


Study Finds Adults Who Wait to Have Sex are Stigmatized.  According to the study by the pro-sexual rights Alfred Kinsey Institute, people who wait to have sex are stigmatized and also stigmatize other sexually inexperienced adults.  The study said, “While virginity prior to marriage has been historically valued, there has been a generational shift that has made premarital sexual activity the norm for young adults.”  Read more here.


Report Finds Young U.S. Black Males Show Most Improvement in Sexual Risk Avoidance Choices.  According to a report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a 28 percent increase in the number of teens who have never had sex, with the most dramatic increase in African American male teens.  Read more here.


Poll Finds Porn Still Morally Unacceptable to Most Americans.  The Gallup poll found there was a moral  opposition to pornography by an almost two-to-one margin—61 percent to 34 percent.  Read more here.


Study Finds ’90s Era Condom Programs Increased Teen Fertility Rates.  The study of 22 school districts in 12 states over 19 years found that school districts that instituted condom distribution programs in the early 1990s saw significant increases in the teen fertility rate.  Read more here.


Hate Crimes Charge Leveled Against Catholic Archbishop. The Spanish Network for Refugees has initiated criminal proceedings against the Archbishop of Valencia, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, charging him with inciting “hate crimes” after he spoke out publicly against a reigning “gay empire,” criticized radical feminist groups and decried Europe’s open-door policy toward migrants.  Read more here.


Teens Today Smoke Less, Drink Less, And Have Sex Less Than Any Teens on U.S. Record. According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of teenagers who say they’re sexually active is at an all-time low.  Read more here.


Study Finds Soft-Core P0rn Users Unlikely to Hold Positive Attitudes Toward Women.  According to researchers from the University of Nottingham those desensitized to soft-core p0rnographic images are more likely to endorse rape myths.  Read more here.


Orlando Chick-Fil-A Restaurants Give Free Food to Blood Donors.  Several Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Orlando area that are closed on Sunday opened up and delivered free sandwiches and beverages to people donating blood following the nightclub massacre in the city.  Chick-Fil-A  was boycotted several years ago by homosexual activists when the owners came out in favor of marriage between a man and a woman.  Read more here.


Philippine President Proposes Three-Child Policy.  President-elect Rodrigo Duterte says he will defy the Catholic Church and will seek to control overpopulation in the country by limiting families to three children.  The country is about 80 percent Catholic.  Read more here.


P0rnography Website Launches Explicit Audio for the Visually Impaired.  P0rnhub now has a “described video” category that contains audio of professional voice actors explaining what’s going on in the scene.  One goal of the organization is to make p0rnography available to everyone.  Read more here.


Report Shows Babies Born to Unmarried Women in U.S. Exceeds 40 Percent for 8th Straight Year. According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the 3,977,745 babies born in the United States of America in 2015, 1,600,208 of them—or 40.2 percent—were born to unmarried mothers.  Read more here.


U.S, Students Given Sexually Graphic Surveys Without Parents’ Knowledge.  The survey given to students across America is the “Youth Risk Behavior Survey.”  The survey can be modified by local entities.  In Massachusetts, students in middle school were asked if they had engaged in specific, high-risk sexual behaviors.  Read more here.


Under International Pressure, Norway Reunites Seized Children With Family.  The  Norway child protection agency, Barnevernet, removed five young children from their parents sparking international protests.  As a result, the agency dropped its case against the parents.  Read more here.


Paraguay Defies Organization of American States to Defend the Family.  President Horacio Cartes of Paraguay has vowed to fight any threat from the Organization of American States (OAS) to impose abortion or redefine the family to include homosexual couples.  Paraguay’s Parliament approved a declaration asking its president to defend life and family from serious and repeated attacks by the OAS that include redefining the words “man” and “woman.”  Read more here.


Italy Considers Raise in “Baby Bonus” Payments to Encourage More Births.  Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin wants to double child benefit payments to curtail the country’s “catastrophic” birth rate decline.  Recent national statistics showing fewer babies were born in 2015 than in any other year since 1861.  Read more here.


Study Finds Women Who Attend Religious Services Live Longer.  The study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that women who attend church services more than once per week are more than 30 percent less likely to die during a 16-year-follow-up than women who never attended.  Read more here.


Drop in U.S. Teen Birthrate May be a Result of Character Programs.  The teen birthrate is the lowest since the numbers have been tracked.  Sex education programs have changed over the years with more lessons on the overall development of a child’s character, which some research has shown may be more effective.  Read more here.


Poll Shows U.S. Religious Groups Disagree on Five Key Moral Issues.  The Gallup Poll found Americans’ religious faith greatly shapes their views of whether moral issues or practices are acceptable or not.  In general, Jews and those with no religious preference are more liberal than Protestants, Catholics and Mormons in their views on abortion, doctor-assisted suicide, and animal cloning.  Read more here.


Catholic Bishop Praises World Congress of Families.  In a letter of support and encouragement, Bishop Dominique Rey of France extended “his warmest greetings” to everyone who attended World Congress of Families X in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.  Bishop Rey said the Congress was “a sign of hope for our post-modern societies.”  Read more here.


UN Blasts Hungary for “Gender Discrimination” Over Traditional Views on Life and Family.  After a 10-day tour of the country, the United Nations Working Group on Discrimination Against Women complained that “Legal abortion in Hungary is … obstructed by unnecessary waiting periods, hostile counselling or conscientious objection” and warned the Hungarian government “not to disguise gender discrimination under an ideology of conservative family values.” Read more here.


Federal Judge Rules Dallas Can Ban Porn Convention.  City officials had voted to ban the event this year because last year the producers violated a contract by allowing people under 18 into the event among other things.  Read more here.


Utah Becomes First State to Declare Pornography a Public Health Crisis.  The resolution passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Gary Herbert called on the industry and businesses to help keep “evil, degrading, addictive” materials away from children and also for education, prevention, research and policy changes to address the pornography epidemic.  Read more here.  Watch the press conference here.


Study Finds More Children Sexually Exploited Than Ever Before.  The study titled, “Offenders On The Move: Global Study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism 2016” details the devastating realities of the sex tourism boom and its effect on vulnerable children.  Read more here.     Read the report here.


Poor Parenting Practices Can be Passed on to the Next Generation.  Researchers have documented that poor parenting practices are often passed down through generations.  They suggest that one way to break the cycle is for pediatricians to ask parents about possible bad parenting habits and suggest ways to change them.  Read more here.


Witnessing Domestic Violence Can Have Lasting Impact on Children.  According to the Childhood Domestic Violence Association, growing up in a home where there’s violence between parents or toward a parent can have negative physical and emotional consequences for children even if a child isn’t abused.  Read more here.


UN Secretary-General Fails to Provide Required Annual Report on Reproductive Health Funding.  The report has served as an important oversight and accountability tool for nearly 20 years.  Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon cited the difficulty of estimating expenditures for different areas of reproductive health and recommended changing the methodology and focus of the report.  Read more here.


Candidates for Next UN Chief to Face Nations for the First Time.  In response to demand that current Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s successor be chosen in a more transparent way, for the first time in the history of the United Nations, all the member states will have the opportunity to question the candidates.  Currently, there are eight candidates vying for the position.  Read more here.


China Accommodating Parents Who Want Two Children.  Since the change to China’s one-child policy allowing couples to have two children, government officials have proposed additional policy changes to support parents, including daycare and possible revisions to the tax laws to provide financial incentives.  Read more here.


Norwegian Agency’s Removal of Couple’s Five Children Sparks International Protest.  The Norwegian child protection agency, Barnevernet, has been criticized for being too quick to separate children from their parents.  The parents were accused of spanking the children, who range in age from three months to 10 years.  Protests against the action have erupted around the world.  Read more here.


FWI and ACOP File Brief in Ecuadorian Same-Sex Adoption Case.  Family Watch International and the American College of Pediatricians, along with several internationally recognized experts in marriage and family structure, have filed an amicus brief in a potentially landmark adoption case before the Constitutional Court of Ecuador.  The brief, which is adapted from the brief filed in the U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage case provides a critical review of the research that claims to show no negative impacts on children raised by same-sex couples compared to heterosexual couples.  Read the brief here.


Two Million Colombians Request Referendum to Ban Same-Sex Adoption.  In response to a ruling by the Colombian Constitutional Court in November 2015 that said no homosexual person could be excluded from the process of adoption, over two million petition signatures were presented to the Colombian Congress in order to hold a referendum and put the issue to a vote.  Read more here.


French MPs Approve Controversial New Prostitution Law.  The legislation outlaws paying for sex, imposes fines for clients and overturns the existing ban on solicitation.  The bill also makes available €4.8 million per year to help prostitutes get out of the business.  Lawmakers claim the new law will protect prostitutes and help those who want to quit and also minimize human trafficking.  Read more here.


For the First Time Ever, the Global Population of People 65 and Older will Outnumber Children Under Five.  According to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, this will happen sometime before 2020, and the agency estimates that by 2050, the proportion of the population 65 and older will be more than double that of children under age five.  Read more here.


U.S. Congressman Leads Fight to Block Pornography on Government Computers.  Congressman Walter B. Jones spearheaded a letter to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers asking for language to be included in all future appropriations bills ensuring that computer networks in federal agencies block the viewing, downloading, and exchanging of pornography.  In last December’s omnibus appropriations bill, some federal agencies, but not all, were blocked from setting up or maintaining computer networks that enabled employees to view porn.  Read more here.  Read the letter here.


Egyptian MPs Call for Ban on Foreign Funding of NGOs. Many Egyptian MPs demanded that the law on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) be amended to ban foreign funding of human rights organizations. The MPs called for the reopening of an investigation that the money donated to NGOs is not spent in violation of Egypt’s legal and constitutional rules. Following the action of the MPs, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was accused of interfering after making a statement on the “deterioration” of the human rights situation in Egypt. Read more here.


Sperm Donor Legislation in Australia Will Revoke Anonymity. New regulations in the Australian state of Victoria will allow the children of sperm donors born before 1998 access to information about their donor, including their name, date of birth or ethnic background, without the donor’s consent. Prior to 1998, donors could choose to donate on the condition that their information would be withheld from potential children. Read more here.