Past Newswire Headlines

Study Finds Male-to-Female Transgenders on Hormones at Greater Risk for Breast Cancer. The Dutch study found that biological men who take female hormones have a nearly 50-fold increase in breast cancer risk compared with men. Female-to-male transgenders on hormone therapy had a nearly 60-fold higher risk for developing breast cancer compared with men. Read more here.


Vatican Issues Document Rejecting Gender “Change.” The document issued during LGBT “pride month” supports the sexual complementarity of men and women and rejects the notion that people can choose or change genders. Read more here.


UK Hotline Receives 6,000 Calls from Young People Struggling With Sexuality and Gender Identity Issues. The most common age group to contact Childline about these issues were 12- to 15-year-old children, and 409 of the counselling sessions were with 11-year-olds or younger. Read more here.


Transgender Teacher “Comes Out” to Elementary School Students by Showing a Video. The Wisconsin teacher showed the video to kindergartners through fifth graders. In the video he announces that he is a transgender and reads a children’s book about a transgendered individual. Read more here.


Transgender NCAA Champion Hurdler Says There Is No Benefit to Being Transgender. The male-to-female transgender who dominated this year’s NCAA women’s track championships claims elevated testosterone and physical size does not help in competition. Read more here.


Mexico City Announces Gender-Neutral School Uniforms Policy. According to government officials, children who attend state-run schools in Mexico City will no longer have to abide by a gender-specific dress code for their school uniforms. Boys can wear skirts, and girls can wear pants if they wish. Read more here.


Canada to Allow Gender-Confused Citizens to Mark Gender with “X” on Passports. The minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship said Canadians who want to change their existing passports to an “X” in the gender section can do so for the next year at no cost. Read more here.


USA Powerlifting Responds to the Transgender Athlete Dispute on Its Website. The weightlifting organization is defending itself against critics who say the federation’s policy of barring biological men from women’s competitions is discriminatory. The website makes it clear that sports are by definition discriminatory, and the transgender policies they are enforcing are rooted in a desire for fair play, not hate. Read more here.


Biological Male Wins NCAA Women’s Track Championship. The 400-meter hurdler who identifies as a female won the Division II women’s event, beating the second-place finisher by more than a second. The biological male previously ran for the men’s team as recently as January 2018. Read more here.


World Health Organization to Change Transgender Classification. The term the World Health Organization uses to describe transgender people in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11), “gender incongruence,” is being moved from the mental disorders chapter to the sexual health chapter. The move will effectively mean that the condition will no longer be considered a mental disorder by the World Health Organization. Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Pennsylvania Transgender Bathroom Case. Students in the Boyertown Area School District will be allowed to continue to use locker rooms and facilities designated for the opposite sex. Read more here.


UK Priest Resigned Post Over Children’s Gender Issues at School. A long-serving vicar and school-governor has resigned his post over what he said were children being “sacrificed on the altar of trans ideology” after an eight-year-old student at his school “transitioned” from a boy to a girl. Read more here.


Trump Administration Proposes Rollback of Transgender Protections.   The proposed regulation would replace a 2016 rule from the Obama administration that defined discrimination “on the basis of sex” to include gender identity. The Trump administration rule would no longer recognize gender identity as an avenue for sex discrimination. Read more here.


Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Law. Judge Carlton Reeves blocked enforcement of a new Mississippi law that bans abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. The judge said, “By banning abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, the law prevents a woman’s free choice, which is central to personal dignity and autonomy.” Read more here.


Poll Shows Support for Same-Sex Marriage in U.S. More than Doubles in 23 Years. The Gallup Poll found that the percentage of Americans who think same-sex marriage should be recognized by the law as valid has more than doubled from 27 percent in 1996 to 63 percent in 2019.  Read more here.


Alabama Lawmakers Pass Bill to Get Around Same-Sex Marriage Licenses. The House of Representatives voted 67-26 to advance a bill that would create marriage certificates that don’t have to be signed by a judge. Instead, couples would submit a form to a probate judge saying they meet the legal requirements of marriage and the judge would record it as the official marriage document. Read more here.


Ben Carson Restores Women’s Rights in Homeless Shelters. U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson has decided to restore single-sex spaces for women in homeless shelters amid growing pressure for women to share their sleeping and bathroom spaces with biological men who identify as women. Read more here.


UK Court Rules 4-Year-Old Can Begin Transgender Transition. The High Court of the United Kingdom has affirmed the right of a 4-year-old biological boy to live as a girl. Social workers at the child’s school were concerned when he was sent to school in a girl’s uniform. Read more here.


UK Judge Dismisses Concerns Over “Gender Manipulating” Foster Parents. A judge from Preston Family Court has dismissed concerns that two foster parents in Lancashire have been manipulating children in their care to “change sex.” A biological son and two of three foster children of the couple are living as the opposite sex. Read more here.


Pediatric Endocrinologist Explains “Transgender Therapy” Endangers Kids, “Based on Very Poor Science.” Dr. Paul Hruz said “drastic” treatments given to children are largely experimental and can cause lifelong harm. Read more here.


USA Powerlifting Continues Ban on Men Who Identify as Women in Female-Only Competition. The USA Powerlifting national board of governors voted to continue to prohibit gender-confused men who identify as women from competing against biological females. Read more here.


Senior Tax Expert Fired for Stating Opinion that Men Are Not Women. Maya Forstater was fired from her job at the Centre for Global Development for posting on Twitter that “male people are not women,” and that gender is a matter of “biology.” Read more here.


Association Rules Against Athlete in International Controversy. The International Association of Athletics Federations ruled that Caster Semenya has testosterone levels that are too high to compete in women’s 800-meter races. A congenital Disorder of Sexual Development creates abnormally high testosterone in Semenya that gives her an unfair edge in competitions. Read more here.


Female Olympic Athletes Object to Male-to-Female Transgender in Weightlifting Competition. After the biological male transgender broke four world records in the women’s competition, two female Olympians issued a warning about the future of women’s sports. The transgender weightlifter was later disqualified from the event for failing to disclose his biological sex. Read more here.


Parents Sue Oregon School After Teacher Educates Son About Being Transgender. The teacher kept the 8-year-old child from recess and showed the child videos and books promoting transgenderism because she mistakenly thought the child was gender confused. The parents say the lessons created lasting damage to the child. Read more here.


Eleven-Year-Old “Drag Kid” a Spokesperson for Converse Shoes. The 11-year-old child performs in drag as Desmond-is-Amazing. Converse is partnering with him and five other individuals who are connected with the LGBTQ community to market its “Pride collection.” Read more here.


Mexico’s Supreme Court Grants New Birth Certificate to Transgender Citizen. The court asked the state of Jalisco to grant the new birth certificate after the individual “changed” their sex and name. The court said that “everyone has the right to define their own sexual and gender identity and it is the state’s responsibility to guarantee this decision.” Read more here.


Employees Quit UK Transgender Clinic over Kids’ Experimental Gender Treatments. Five employees of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) have quit a controversial NHS transgender-therapy clinic because they feel that children are being misdiagnosed as transgender and treated with harmful and irreversible hormone treatments. Over the past three years, at least 18 staff members have reportedly quit the clinic over similar fears. Read more here.


Alaska Female Student Suspended for Defending Herself in Girls’ Bathroom After Boys Entered. The boys were protesting a photo taken in the boys’ bathroom by a female-to-male transgender student who posted it on Snapchat. Read more here.


Irish Children Sent to UK Gender Clinic. One hundred Irish children have been sent to the Tavistock Clinic over the past three years to be assessed at the controversial clinic accused of fast-tracking gender transition. Read more here.


Survey Given to 56,000 Texas Students Tells Them “Gender is How a Person Feels.” The survey was given to students in grades 3 – 11. The survey said, “Sex is what a person is born. Gender is how a person feels.” Then the students were asked how they identify. Read more here.


U.S. Transgender Military Ban Now in Effect. Troops in all branches of the U.S. military must identify as their birth sex, even if they are transgender. The change comes nearly two years after President Trump tweeted that he wanted a transgender ban. Read more here.


U.S. Naval Academy to Ban Transgender Students Beginning in 2020. The move follows a Pentagon policy that recently went into effect that bans transgender troops from serving openly and denies medical care for “gender transition” interventions. Read more here.


Data Show One in Seven U.S. Transgender Women Have HIV. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 14 percent of transgender women are HIV positive. The statistics for African American and Hispanic women are much higher—44 percent and 26 percent respectively. Read more here.


Nine-Year-Old Boy’s Drag Routine in a Bar Prompts Legislator to Seek New Rules on Child Exploitation. After watching a video of a young boy dancing in drag in a local bar in Ohio in a “provocative sexually explicit” manner, Representative Tim Schaffer introduced legislation that would stop businesses with liquor licenses from holding performances in which a “child simulates sexual activity.” Read more here.


Lesbian Activist Removed From Commission for “Misgendering” Convicted Rapist. Julia Beck, former member of an LGBTQ Commission in Baltimore, Maryland, was found guilty of “violence” for using male pronouns when referring to a male rapist who identifies as a female. The rapist was transferred to a female prison and assaulted two women there. Read more here.


New Jersey to Become Fourth U.S. State With Gender-Neutral Birth Certificate Option. The new law will include three birth certificate gender options: “female, male, or undesignated/nonbinary.” Oregon, California and Washington allow similar designations. Read more here.


German Court Rules Insurer Must Pay for Transgender Beard Removal. The court found the plaintiff, a biological male, experienced emotional difficulties with his heavy beard growth. Treatments from a physician caused skin inflammation, while treatments from a cosmetician did not, but the insurance carrier refused to pay for treatments not performed by a doctor. Read more here.


Florida School Board Keeps Policy That Requires Male Coach to Supervise Undressing Girl. Despite concerns from parents and teachers, the Pasco County School Board refused to change the unwritten policy that allows a gender-confused girl to use the boys’ locker room and forces a male coach to be present when she is undressing. Read more here.


California State Senate Committee Bans Saying “He” and “She.” The Senate Judiciary Committee now allows only gender-neutral pronouns when conducting their work. Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court Allows Temporary Limit to Transgender Military Service. The court allowed the Pentagon to restrict military service for transgender individuals while the Trump administration’s policy is litigated in the lower courts. Read more here.


Biological Men May Not Compete Against Women in USA Powerlifting Events. USA Powerlifting published their “Transgender Participation Policy” that bans the use of androgens by athletes, including biological women who identify as men. Male-to-female transgenders are also prohibited from competing as females. Read more here.


Report Finds Nearly Two Percent of American High School Students Say They Are Transgender. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed data from 131,901 public school students in grades nine through 12. Read more here.


UK National Health Service Staff to Ignore Parents’ Wishes and Listen to Gender-Confused Children. NHS staff members are told to override the rights of parents when it comes to the gender identity of children, even if the child is not considered to have the understanding and intelligence to consent. Read more here.

Virginia Governor Received Nearly $2 million in Contributions from Planned Parenthood. Gov. Ralph Northam who supports abortion up until birth received campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood Virginia totaling $1.9 million over five years. Read more here.


Court Rules Undercover Videos of Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Body Parts as Authentic. The U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state of Texas can strip funding from Planned Parenthood based on evidence found in undercover videos of the abortion provider’s involvement in harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts for profit. Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Pushes Radical Sex Ed With New Chatbot App. The cell phone app is intended for teens ages 13 – 17 and is designed to answer questions about sex, contraception and abortion. Read more here.


Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report Reveals 332,757 Abortions and $563.8 Million in Government Funding. The 2017-2018 annual report showed that the number of abortions increased over the previous year as well as the amount of government funding. Read more here.

Lesbian Activist Removed From Commission for “Misgendering” Convicted Rapist. Julia Beck, former member of an LGBTQ Commission in Baltimore, Maryland, was found guilty of “violence” for using male pronouns when referring to a male rapist who identifies as a female. The rapist was transferred to a female prison and assaulted two women there. Read more here.


New Jersey to Become Fourth U.S. State With Gender-Neutral Birth Certificate Option. The new law will include three birth certificate gender options: “female, male, or undesignated/nonbinary.” Oregon, California and Washington allow similar designations. Read more here.


German Court Rules Insurer Must Pay for Transgender Beard Removal. The court found the plaintiff, a biological male, experienced emotional difficulties with his heavy beard growth. Treatments from a physician caused skin inflammation, while treatments from a cosmetician did not, but the insurance carrier refused to pay for treatments not performed by a doctor. Read more here.


Florida School Board Keeps Policy That Requires Male Coach to Supervise Undressing Girl. Despite concerns from parents and teachers, the Pasco County School Board refused to change the unwritten policy that allows a gender-confused girl to use the boys’ locker room and forces a male coach to be present when she is undressing. Read more here.


California State Senate Committee Bans Saying “He” and “She.” The Senate Judiciary Committee now allows only gender-neutral pronouns when conducting their work. Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court Allows Temporary Limit to Transgender Military Service. The court allowed the Pentagon to restrict military service for transgender individuals while the Trump administration’s policy is litigated in the lower courts. Read more here.


Biological Men May Not Compete Against Women in USA Powerlifting Events. USA Powerlifting published their “Transgender Participation Policy” that bans the use of androgens by athletes, including biological women who identify as men. Male-to-female transgenders are also prohibited from competing as females. Read more here.


Report Finds Nearly Two Percent of American High School Students Say They Are Transgender. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed data from 131,901 public school students in grades nine through 12. Read more here.


UK National Health Service Staff to Ignore Parents’ Wishes and Listen to Gender-Confused Children. NHS staff members are told to override the rights of parents when it comes to the gender identity of children, even if the child is not considered to have the understanding and intelligence to consent. Read more here.

Church of England Backs Gender “Transition” Services. The church has released new guidance that provides church leaders with information on how to hold a special ceremony to celebrate the “transition” of transgender people. Clergy are advised to use the individual’s preferred name and pronouns. Read more here.


Poland and Hungary Block “LGBTIQ Rights” in EU Legislation. The term was blocked in a joint statement by employment and social affairs ministers meant to promote “gender equity in the digital era.” Read more here.


UK City Instructs Educators to Teach Students that “All Genders” Menstruate. The Brighton & Hove City Council issued guidelines to sex ed teachers in local schools to also provide menstrual products in both girls’ and boys’ bathrooms. The council report stated, “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods…menstruation must be inclusive of all genders.” Read more here.


Eleven-Year-Old “Drag Kid” Dances in Popular NYC Gay Club. The biologically male child, “Desmond is Amazing” has gained notoriety for cross dressing as a female. Patrons of the bar tossed money at the child as he performed. Read more here.


Germany Adds “Diverse” as a Gender to Birth Register. The German parliament was forced by the country’s highest court to make “diverse” a third option on the birth register. Read more here.


Scottish Parliament Bans Use of Gingerbread “Men.” The holiday cookies have been rebranded gingerbread “persons” in an effort to not offend, and as a strategy to eliminate sexual harassment experienced by women. Read more here.


San Francisco Creates District for Transgender People to Spread Gender-Fluid Culture. San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, a neighborhood located a few blocks from city hall, is now home to “Compton’s Transgender Cultural District.” The district was created as a “safe space” for transgenders. Read more here.


Parents of Gender-Confused Children Send Letter to American Academy of Pediatrics. Over 1,000 parents who are part of an online group have sent a letter to the pediatric organization asking them to reconsider their recently announced policy position, which supports “gender affirmation” of gender-confused children. Read more here.


Virginia School Board Fires Teacher for Not Using Transgender Pronouns. Even though high school teacher Peter Vlaming referred to the female student by her new male name, he was terminated for not using her preferred male pronouns. School officials claim Vlaming violated the school’s nondiscrimination and harassment policies. Read more here.

Chile Enacts Law Allowing Sex “Change” from 14 Years of Age. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera signed into law a bill allowing people over the age of 14 to “change” their name and gender in official records. Children age 14 to 18 require parental consent. Read more here.


Twitter Bans Labeling Transgender Persons by Wrong Pronoun or Name. The new rules prevent Twitter users from calling transgender individuals by their birth gender or birth name if it has been changed. Users who violate the rules could be suspended temporarily or permanently from Twitter. Read more here.


Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Transgender Military Ban. Solicitor General Noel Francisco filed a petition to the Supreme Court asking them to hear the issue currently being debated in three lower courts in order to have the case decided quicker. Read more here.


Scottish Government Survey Finds Majority of Scots Support Self-Declaration of Gender. The survey supported proposals to create a legally recognized third gender for individuals who identify as neither male nor female. Three of five of respondants support self-declaration of gender. Read more here.


UK MPs Begin Debate on Gender Recognition Laws. The government is considering possible reforms to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act. Some feel the current system for “changing” gender on a birth certificate is too complicated and intrusive. It requires two medical reports, the consent of their spouse if they are married, demonstration that they have lived in their acquired gender for at least two years, and pay a fee. Read more here.


Australian Prime Minister Criticizes Lawmakers Pushing for Gender to be Optional Field on Birth Certificate. Tasmania’s Lower House passed a series of amendments including one that allows parents to decide if their child’s gender should be recorded on the birth certificate. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called the move by Tasmania’s opposition Labor Party “ridiculous.” Read more here.


Science Journal Claims Biological Sex “Has No Basis in Science,” Slams Trump Policy Proposal An article in the publication Nature International Journal of Science responded to a memo from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that proposed that the definition of sex should be a person’s status as male or female. Read more here.


Good Morning America Television Show Promotes Child Drag Queen. The morning show devoted a segment to an 11-year-old boy who calls himself an “androgynous drag kid.” The show hosts touted the child’s “bravery.” Read more here.

American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Guidelines for Gender-Confused Children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is calling for “comprehensive” and “gender-affirming” health care for minors who do not identify with their birth sex. The organization is urging parents to accept the preferred gender identity of their children without regard for their actual biological sex. Read more here.


American College of Pediatricians Responds to American Academy of Pediatrics Transgender Statement. The American College of Pediatricians called upon the pediatric profession to exercise caution in following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which included validating all “gender identities” in children. Read more here.


California Passes Law Allowing Tax-Paid Transgender Treatments for 12 Year Olds.The law will allow gender-confused children in foster care to receive treatment to “affirm” their gender identity. Read more here.


The Number of Children in Western Australia Seeking to Change Gender Up 350 Percent in Four Years. Perth Children’s Hospital’s gender diversity service received 121 referrals for children under 18 in 2017-18 and currently has 207 patients in the service. There were 26 referrals in 2014-15. Read more here.


Professor in Sweden Under Investigation for Teaching Men and Women are “Biologically Different.” Germund Hesslow from Lund University was accused by a student who said the comment about biological sex made in a lecture was “transphobic”  and  “anti-feminist.” Hesslow is being urged by the university to retract his comments, but has refused to do so. Read more here.


NHS England Sued for Failure to Help Transgender Patients with Fertility. The Equality and Human Rights Commission recently wrote to NHS England demanding that gender-confused patients be offered fertility services prior to being treated for gender dysphoria. The treatment results in a loss of fertility. According to the organization, failure to offer to extract and store eggs and sperm prior to treatment for gender dysphoria constitutes discrimination. Read more here.


Colorado Issues State’s First Intersex Birth Certificate. The Vital Records Office at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment confirmed that an individual applied to amend the birth certificate and identify as being born intersex rather than male or female. Intersex people are born with anatomical characteristics of both males and females. Read more here.


Number of UK Children Seeking Gender “Change” Skyrockets. The Minister for Women and Equalities is launching an investigation into the phenomenon. Since 2009 there has been a 4,400 percent increase in the number of girls referred for transitioning treatment. Read more here.


Judge Rules U.S. Passports Can’t be Denied Over Refusal to Select a Gender. U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson said the U.S. State Department’s varied explanations for rejecting the application of a Colorado individual who has intersex characteristics weren’t reasonable. Read more here.

New Zealand to Consider New Process for “Changing” Gender on Government Documents. The move would allow individuals to “change” their gender on a birth certificate by signed declaration, rather than the current system that involves a Family Court. It would also add a way to indicate an identity of a third, nonbinary gender. Read more here.


Lesbian Organization Says New Zealand Bill that Allows Gender “Changes” on Birth Certificates Endangers Women. The Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa states that the proposal will remove safety mechanisms and would make it impossible for females to retain the right to female-only or lesbian-only spaces. Read more here.


UK LGBT Rights Group Demands Equality for Fertility Services for Transgenders.The Equality and Human Rights Commission has threatened the National Health Service with legal action if it doesn’t provide standard fertility services—including gamete extraction—to transgender patients before they undergo treatment for gender dysphoria. Read more here.


German Cabinet Approves Third Gender Identity. Government officials approved a draft bill that would add a third gender option to official identity records. The bill follows a Constitutional Court ruling last year that found the current system violated a person’s individual rights and anti-discriminatory laws. Read more here.


Leading UK Exam Board Allows Students to Opt Out of Declaring Biological Sex. Teenagers who do not identify with either gender are able to request that male and female flags are removed from EdExcel’s system. Exam boards already have a process in place for transgender students who transition after sitting their exams and want to change the information on their certificate to reflect their new identity. Read more here.

New Zealand to Consider New Process for “Changing” Gender on Government Documents. The move would allow individuals to “change” their gender on a birth certificate by signed declaration, rather than the current system that involves a Family Court. It would also add a way to indicate an identity of a third, nonbinary gender. Read more here.


Lesbian Organization Says New Zealand Bill that Allows Gender “Changes” on Birth Certificates Endangers Women. The Lesbian Rights Alliance Aotearoa states that the proposal will remove safety mechanisms and would make it impossible for females to retain the right to female-only or lesbian-only spaces. Read more here.


UK LGBT Rights Group Demands Equality for Fertility Services for Transgenders.The Equality and Human Rights Commission has threatened the National Health Service with legal action if it doesn’t provide standard fertility services—including gamete extraction—to transgender patients before they undergo treatment for gender dysphoria. Read more here.


German Cabinet Approves Third Gender Identity. Government officials approved a draft bill that would add a third gender option to official identity records. The bill follows a Constitutional Court ruling last year that found the current system violated a person’s individual rights and anti-discriminatory laws. Read more here.


Leading UK Exam Board Allows Students to Opt Out of Declaring Biological Sex. Teenagers who do not identify with either gender are able to request that male and female flags are removed from EdExcel’s system. Exam boards already have a process in place for transgender students who transition after sitting their exams and want to change the information on their certificate to reflect their new identity. Read more here.

Federal Judge Orders Wisconsin Taxpayers to Pay for Two Transgender Surgeries. Wisconsin Medicaid rules have barred coverage for “transsexual surgery” since 1996. In April two gender-confused individuals sued, saying that their rights to equal protection were violated. U.S. District Judge William Conley issued a preliminary injunction forbidding the state from enforcing the rule. Read more here.


Federal Judge Rules High School Boys Must Share Locker Room And Bathrooms With Gender-Confused Biological Girl. U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez ruled that male students must allow the gender-confused girl to share the facilities previously reserved for biological males. A gender-neutral bathroom is available to the student. Read more here.


Transvestites Teaching Gender Ideology to Schoolchildren. Some K-12 schools have instituted “Drag Queen Story Hour,” that claims to capture “the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.” Read more here.


Woman Forced to Share Room at Shelter With Gender-Confused Biological Male.  The Canadian woman, who was a victim of sexual abuse, filed a human rights complaint against a Toronto shelter for female recovering addicts, claiming she was forced her to share a small double room with a pre-operative male-to-female transgender person. She was told by the Ontario’s Human Rights Legal Support Centre that by describing her new roommate as a “man,” she was potentially violating discrimination laws. Read more here.


Canadian Doctor Performs Double Mastectomies on Gender-Confused Girls as Young as Age 14. Dr. Marc DuPéré, plastic surgeon in Toronto charges $9,000 for the procedure and has admitted that in addition to other teenagers, he has removed the breasts of two 14-year-old girls in the last five years. Read more here.


Children in Scotland From the Age of Five Can “Decide” Their Gender. As part of the Curriculum for Excellence, children will be told they need to learn about what is meant by gender, and that it is different from the sex assigned at birth. The curriculum teaches that “gender is about how we see and present ourselves in the world,” and “Your gender is what you decide. You might be a boy or a girl, or maybe you don’t like to decide that.” Read more here.


Ohio Judge Sued by Three Transgender Teens After Denying Requests for Legal Name Changes. Judge Joseph W. Kirby has allowed transgender adults to legally change their names, but has denied all transgender minors’ requests. The judge stated that he wanted them to wait until they were adults to make the change. Read more here.


Woman Who Sued Planet Fitness Over Transgender Biological Male In Locker Room Wins Appeal. The woman was stripped of her gym membership after expressing concerns about sharing the women’s locker room with a biological male who felt like he was a woman. Read more here


Government Staff Members in Victoria, Australia Ordered to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns for “They Day.” The Department of Health and Human Services is promoting the first Wednesday of every month as “They Day,” and 10,000 staff members are asked to avoid using “gendered” language and instead use pronouns such as “they” or “them.” Read more here.


Canadian Man “Changes” Gender to Save on Car Insurance. The individual identifies as a male, but got a note from his doctor saying he identifies as a woman and was able to change his birth certificate and driver’s license and save over $1,000 per year in insurance premiums. Read more here.


Bulgaria Court Rules Concept of “Gender” Unconstitutional. Bulgaria’s constitutional court said that the notion of “gender” blurred the lines between the two biological sexes. The court’s ruling said, “The definition of gender as a societal concept calls into question the limits between the two biologically determined sexes — man and woman.” Read more here.

Some Parents Raising Their Children as Gender-Neutral “Theybies.” These parents do not disclose their children’s biological sex to anyone, including their children, and they plan on allowing their children to decide their gender. Read more here.


Referrals of Gender-Confused Children Reach Record High in Scotland. A report by the Scottish Public Health Network revealed that there were 222 children, some as young as age six, who were referred to specialist services in 2017, a 21 percent increase of the previous year. Read more here.


Portugal Passes Law to Allow Citizens to “Change” Gender Without Medical Report.The law will allow individuals from the age of 16 to “change” their gender and name without a medical diagnosis of “identity disruption.” Portugal is the sixth European country to enact such a law. Read more here.


Indian State Announces Rights for Transgender Individuals. The state of Kerala said it would reserve places for transgender students in higher education institutions to ease their stigmatization in society. Read more here.


Gym Bans Woman for Objecting to Sharing Locker Room With Gender-Confused Man. A Planet Fitness in Florida has terminated the membership of a woman who objected to sharing the women’s locker room with a biological male who identifies as a female. Read more here.  


Puerto Ricans Now Allowed to Change Birth Certificates According to Their Gender Identity. U.S. District Judge Carmen Consuelo Cerezo ruled in April that Puerto Rico could not prevent transgender individuals from changing their birth records to conform to their gender identity rather than their biological sex. The change took effect this week. Read more here.


Restrictions on Children “Changing” Their Gender to be Lifted in Ireland. Under the existing legislation, children under the age of 16 are prohibited from accessing gender recognition, while teenagers aged 16-17 must go through a medical and psychiatric process before “changing.” Children under the age of 18 will require consent from both their parents. Read more here


Government of Ontario will Still Teach Gender Identity to Children Despite Dropping Controversial Sex Ed Program. A recent decision was made to abandon a controversial sex-ed curriculum instituted by former Premier Kathleen Wynne, but Ontario schoolchildren will still be taught about gender identity and same-sex relationships. Read more here.


Third Circuit Court Rejects Challenge to Bathroom Policy for Transgender Students.The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has upheld the denial of a preliminary injunction against a Pennsylvania school district’s policy allowing transgender high school students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms aligned with their gender identity. Read more here.


UK Ministers Say Transgender People Not Legally Entitled to Use Single-Sex Facilities. According to the ministers, single-sex spaces such as bathrooms and changing rooms will not be opened to individuals based on their gender identity if it is different than their biological sex. Read more here.


UK High Court Shuts Down Bid for Gender-Neutral Passports. An individual who self-identifies as neither male nor female petitioned the court for an “X” category for those in the same situation. The attorney for the claimant said the current law breaches two articles of the European Convention on Human Rights: the right to respect for private life and the right not to be discriminated against on the basis of gender or sex. Read more here.


Scotland Government Faces Legal Threat Over Teachers Not Telling Parents if Student Changes Gender. Government guidelines require that a child’s permission is needed for teachers to discuss transgender choices with the child’s family. The guidance places the child’s rights over parental rights. Read more here.


Oregon Schools to Include Third Gender Option on Official Forms for Students and Teachers. Starting this September the Oregon Department of Education will introduce the option of male, female, or “X” for individuals who identify as non-binary or “gender fluid.” Read more here.


The World Health Organization Will Stop Classifying Transgenderism as a Mental Illness. The UN agency announced that in its most recent edition of the International Classification of Diseases catalog “gender incongruence” has been moved out of the mental disorders chapter and into the organization’s sexual health chapter. The change will go into effect in 2022. Read more here.


Petitions Circulated After Transgender Athletes in Connecticut Sweep State Track Competition. Parents and other concerned citizens started the petition effort after two male-to-female transgender students won races, beating out biological females. The claim is that the transgender athletes have an unfair advantage. Read more here.


Swiss Government Says it Should be Easier to Change Gender. The Federal Council has proposed that regulations be eased for gender-confused individuals who want to be recognized as a different gender. Under the proposed new law, any person may request the civil registrar to change their status. Read more here.


Number of UK Children Referred to Transgender Clinic Rises. Over 2500 children were referred to the Gender Identity Development Service in 2017/2018, which is a 25 percent increase over the previous year. Read more here.


Federal Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Student. The U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia ruled that federal law protects transgender students from being forced to use separate restroom facilities. The court denied the school board’s motion to dismiss the case. Read more here.


Costa Rican Court Issues Decision on Gender Identity. Costa Rica’s supreme electoral court has approved a resolution that will allow people to change their registered name to one that will match with their perceived gender identity through a simple and free procedure. Read more here.


Canada Will Add a Third Gender Option in Government Surveys. In future data collection, including the 2021 census, respondents will be provided with the option of male, female, and a third option that will indicate their gender identity. Read more here.


UK Transgenders Urge Government to not Make it Easier to Change Gender. Seventeen transsexuals who have undergone surgery to alter their genitals have written a letter stating they are “deeply concerned” about removing safeguards from the Gender Recognition Act. The Government wants to allow people to legally change their gender by “self-declaration.” Currently, people have to live as a member of the opposite sex for a minimum of two years and have a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Read more here.


Vermont Lawmakers Pass Gender-Neutral Bathroom Bill. Gov. Phil Scott signed the bill into law that will require all single-user bathrooms in public buildings or places of public accommodation to be marked as gender neutral. The law takes effect on July 1st. Read more here.


Canadian Pediatricians Tell Parents it’s Normal for Children to Switch Genders Multiple Times Each Day. The Canadian Paediatric Society has released a new set of guidelines for discussing transgenderism with children, encouraging parents to accept and reinforce their children’s gender confusion. The guidelines say it is “normal and healthy” for children as young as two to “assume other gender identities at different times (sometimes even in the same day).” Read more here.


Pakistan Passes Transgender Rights Bill. The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act allows people to choose their gender and to have that identity recognized on official documents, including national IDs, passports and driver’s licenses. The bill prohibits discrimination in schools, at work, on public transit, and while receiving medical care. Read more here.


President of Portugal Blocks Gender Change Law. The law would have eliminated the requirement for a person to undergo medical exams and lowered the minimum age at which a person could make the decision from 18 to 16 to change their gender identity on official documents. Read more here.


Church of England Encourages Transgenders to Become Priests. Bishops in the diocese of Lichfield have launched a diversity drive issuing guidance titled “welcoming and honoring LGBT+ people” as a reminder to parishioners and clergy that LGBT people can lead and serve in their local churches. Read more here.


Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Launches Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy. The purpose of the new policy is to foster “a welcoming and inclusive learning and working environment for students and staff who are trans or gender non-conforming.” The new policy also stipulates that to identify an individual as transgender to a third party without the individual’s permission is a form of harassment. Read more here.


Study Finds Transgender Surgeries Increasing. The study published in the journal JAMA Surgery found that procedures to surgically remove or change genitalia have increased nearly fourfold from 2000 to 2014. Read more here.


Boy Scouts of America Changes Name as Girls are Welcomed into Program. The organization announced that it will be known as Scouts BSA. The organization already has started admitting girls into the Cub Scouts, and Scouts BSA begins accepting girls next year. Read more here.


Federal Judge Keeps Injunction on President Trump’s Transgender Military Ban.U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman ruled that the injunction put in place to stop the ban remain in place. The judge stated that transgenders are a protected class of people. Read more here.


Portugal’s Parliament Approves Gender Change Law. Citizens beginning at age 16 will now be able to change their gender identity and name in documents without the need of a medical report. For children under age 18, the change of gender identity requires approval from parents or legal guardians. Read more here.


Boston Marathon Allows Transgenders to Compete According to Their Gender Identity. A number of male-to-female transgender individuals competed in the Boston Marathon raising questions on whether they have an unfair physical advantage. Read more here.


UK High Court Considering Gender-Neutral Passports. An activist that self-identifies as neither male nor female is arguing that the government’s refusal to grant gender-neutral passports is unlawful and a human rights violation. Read more here.


U.S. Federal Grant of $1 Million Awarded for Study of Transgender Children. The National Science Foundation awarded the grant to University of Washington psychologist Kristina Olson to study transgender children as young as three years old. The project was launched in 2013 and will track more than 300 children from 45 states over a 20-year time frame. Read more here.


Trump Announces Ban on Transgender Military Members. Following through on a promise made last year, President Trump officially authorized the Pentagon to ban transgender individuals from joining the military with limited exceptions. Read more here.


Swedish Preschools Work to Eradicate Gender Differences in Children. Many of Sweden’s government-funded preschools have adopted a gender-neutral approach and are attempting to deconstruct traditional gender roles and patterns in children. Teachers avoid using the words “boys” and “girls.” In one preschool, boys are allowed to wear dresses. Read more here.


Puerto Rico to Allow Birth Certificates to Reflect Gender Identity. A federal court order will change the country’s current policy and allow transgender people to change their gender on ID cards based on their gender identity rather than their biological sex. Read more here.


Pediatrician Blasts Study Claiming that Affirming Kids’ Gender Confusion Reduces Suicide. Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, says the study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health is nothing more than an expression of “gender ideology.” The study claims that transgender youth who use a name different from the one given at birth reduce mental health risks. Read more here.


Study Finds Gender-Reassignment Surgeries Skyrocketing. According to the study published in the journal JAMA Surgery, gender reassignment procedures increased nearly fourfold from 2000 to 2014. The study’s authors are affiliated with Harvard University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Read more here.


Parents Lose Custody of Their Daughter for Opposing Transgender Medical Treatments. A judge in Ohio awarded custody of the 17-year-old girl to her grandparents who support her medical transition and will be allowed to make medical decisions for her. Read more here.


Judge Rules in Favor of Transgender Teen. The biological female student filed a lawsuit over a policy preventing the use of the male locker room at the Maryland high school. U.S. District Judge George L. Russell III ruled that transgender students have the right to use facilities matching their gender identities—a right the judge claimed was protected by federal and state law. Read more here.


College Student Punished for Telling Professor There are Only Two Genders. Lake Ingle, a religious studies major at the University of Pennsylvania, was barred from class by Professor Alison Downie for questioning her position on gender. The professor referred Ingle to the university’s Academic Integrity Board. Read more here.


Delaware Considering Policy that Allows K – 12 Students to Choose Name, Gender, and Race. The policy drafted by Delaware Gov. John Carney mandates that parents not be informed of these decisions unless the student explicitly wishes the parent be included. The policy also includes allowing students access to hormone blockers for gender transitioning without the consent of their parents. Read more here.


Chilean Legislators Pass Gender-Identity Bill. The bill passed by the Chilean House of Representatives “recognizes and gives protection to gender identity.” The bill defines gender identity as “the internal and individual experience” that “each person deeply feels” and can “correspond or not to the assigned sex” at birth. The bill will now go to Chile’s Senate. Read more here.


Study Finds More U.S. Teens are Rejecting “Boy” or “Girl” Gender Identities. The study published in the journal Pediatrics found three percent of Minnesota teens did not identify with traditional gender labels such as “boy” or “girl.” A study from UCLA a year ago estimated that 0.7 percent of teens identified as transgender. Read more here.


Virginia School Board May Restrict Parents Who Criticize Pro-LGBT Policies. The Fairfax County School Board in the suburbs of Washington D.C. is introducing new restrictions for parents making comments during school board meetings. Some parents feel the restrictions are to censor dissenting opinions on policies like a recently instituted gender identity policy. Read more here.


UK School for Girls Requires Gender-Neutral Language. In a letter to parents, the Altrincham Grammar School for Girls announced that the term “girls” will no longer be used when addressing students so that transgendered students aren’t “misgendered.” The school has no plans to drop the term “girls” from its name. Read more here.


UK Children as Young as 11 Offered Cross-Gender Treatment. Research has shown that the majority of children grow out of gender identity issues. NHS psychologist Bernadette Wren said schools are too quick to encourage gender transition in questioning students. Wren said schools should consult parents before “changing things like names in the register, uniforms, pronouns, toilets, sports.” Children who receive puberty blockers may become permanently infertile. Read more here.


Some Feminists Don’t Approve of Male-to-Female Transgender as Head of Their Organization. The recently elected president of the Canadian feminist organization, Fédération des femmes du Québec, was born a male, but self-identifies as a woman. One feminist who broke from the organization stated, “We think the experience of a woman who is born a woman is completely different from the experience of a man who decides one day to present himself as a woman.” Read more here.


UK NHS Guidelines Invite Men Who Identify as Women to Have Cervical Exams. The new guidelines recommend that biological males who register with their doctors as females should be invited to have their cervixes examined—even though as a biological male, they do not have that body part. Read more here.


U.S. Religious Leaders Warn of the Dangers of Gender Ideology to Children and Society. The warning came in a letter initiated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops that was also signed by representatives of the Anglican, Lutheran, Orthodox, Presbyterian, Southern Baptists, the Islamic Society of the Washington Area, and others. The religious leaders warned specifically of the damage done to children who are taught that they can change their sex, especially if they are given dangerous puberty blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones. They also criticized doctors who participate in such practices and called on governments to support the fact and reality of the male/female duality. Read more here.


UK NHS Survey of Children on Transgenderism Reversed Under Pressure. The Lancashire Care NHS Foundation questionnaire originally asked the children in the health survey if they “feel the same inside” as their biological gender. The question sparked widespread concern, and the agency dropped the question in the survey given to 10- and 11-year-old children. It now will only be used in “targeted” ways. Read more here.


UK Committee Of Advertising Practice Bans Portrayal of Traditional Gender Roles. The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) is targeting advertising that depicts mothers cooking and cleaning claiming that these traditional gender roles are now considered “harmful and outdated.” This decision came after a report that such gender roles “can lead to mental, physical and social harm which can limit the potential of groups and individuals.” Read more here.


U.S. Justice Department will not Appeal Judge’s Order to Allow Transgender Recruits. The government stressed that it is not abandoning its efforts to reverse several judicial rulings against President Trump’s order that transgenders would not be allowed to serve in the military. One judge had ordered that the armed services must consider openly transgender recruits starting on January 1. Instead of appealing that ruling, the department will wait until the results of an ongoing analysis being done by the Department of Defense, which is expected to strengthen the government’s case. Read more here.


Australia No Longer Requires Court Intervention for Hormone Treatment in Transgender Teens. Gender Dysphoric adolescents in Australia will no longer need a court order to instigate hormone treatment in their effort to “transition” to their non-biological gender. Hormone treatment, also known as “stage two” of transition, stops short of surgical intervention. Read more here.


UK Girl Guides to Allow Boys to Shower With Girls, Use Same Facilites. The organization’s new guidelines direct that boys who merely “self identify” as a girl be allowed to use all traditionally sex-segregated facilities, including showers, changing rooms and accommodations on excursions. The guidelines also direct that parents should not be informed that such self-identified “girls” will be participating in activities with their daughters. Read more here.


Outraged Parents Stop Delaware Rule that Would Have Allowed Young Children to secretly “Self Identify” Their Race and Gender. “Regulation 225” being considered by the state department of education would have allowed children to self identify as other than their biologically assigned gender or race at school without the parents being notified. Schools were directed to determine whether the parents were “supportive” of the child’s gender or race identification before deciding if the parents would be informed. Opponents of the proposed regulation generated more than 8,000 petition signatures and more than 11,000 written comments against the regulation in this small U.S. state of less than 1 million population. Read more here.


Christian Teacher Disciplined for “Misgendering” Student. A Christian pastor/teacher from Oxford is facing disciplinary action for referring to a biological female student as a female when the student identifies as male. While the pastor claims that it was a “slip of the tongue” and that he has made great efforts to be sensitive, he defends his ultimate belief that biological sex is defined at birth. Read more here.


Germany Required to Add Third Gender Category on Official Documentation. A recent court ruling in Germany means that all official documentation must have a third gender category. Previously, parents of babies born with characteristics of both genders have been allowed to register them as neither male nor female, but the new ruling has expanded to include any individual who self-identifies as neither male more female later in life. Read more here.


New York’s Transit Authority Bans Phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen.” The Metropolitan Transit Authority has ordered all subway personnel to refrain from addressing the riders as “ladies and gentlemen.” Staffers must instead use gender-neutral words in an attempt to be politically correct. Read more here.


Transgender Indoctrination in UK Nursery Schools Raising Concerns from Mental Health Professionals. The “Drag Queen Story Time” project being implemented in some publicly funded schools, community centers and libraries is ostensibly to prevent the 3 and 4 year olds from developing negative feelings toward transgenders early in life. But some mental health professionals are voicing concerns that it might be harmful to them by creating confusion about their own genders. Read more here.


Scottish Government Policy Ignores Rights of Parents of Gender-Confused Children. The government has endorsed a guidance document prepared by an LGBT activist group that tells schools they should help children explore their “gender identity” without the consent or knowledge of their parents. In fact, the guidance directs schools to assist gender-confused children in “transitioning” even if their parents are not supportive. It also says schools should allow these gender-confused children to use the facilities of the opposite sex. Read more here.


Church of England Encouraging Gender Confusion in Young Children. In new guidelines to teachers in the 4700 preschools, kindergarten and elementary schools across the country, schools and teachers are directed to encourage students to “try out the many cloaks of identity” and “explore the possibilities of who they might be.” In the last six years the number of gender-confused British children being referred for therapy has reportedly increased 1400 percent. Read more here.


School Facilitates 11-Year-Old Gender-Confused Child Without Informing Parents Until She Becomes Suicidal. The school, located in Alberta, Canada, allowed and facilitated the moderately autistic girl to identify as a boy at school but did not inform her parents. Only when she became depressed at being a “boy” at school and a girl at home and became suicidal did the school inform the parents. Read more here.


Scotland to Allow Children and Adults to Change Gender Identity at Will. The proposed law would create the gender identities “male,” “female,” and “non-binary.” No medical diagnosis or treatment history would be required, and individuals could change back and forth between the three gender identities multiple times at will. Read more here.


Research Shows Thousands of Genes Function Differently in Men and Women. As further scientific evidence that no one is “born in the wrong body” research shows the presence of the XY chromosomes in males and the XX chromosomes in females affect the functioning and even the activation of about 6500 genes. That is about a third of the approximately 20,000 genes in the human genome. Read more here.


Delaware Considers Allowing Students to “Self-Identify” Their Race and Gender Without Parental Knowledge. The regulation is being considered by the state education office and would only permit schools to request parental permission if they are “supportive of the student” and their desire to change their racial or gender identity. Read more here.


Second Judge Orders Halt to Trump Transgender Service Ban. A second federal district court judge in Maryland has issued a preliminary injunction halting the Commander in Chief’s directive that transgenders can no longer be inducted into the U.S. military and that those already serving can only do so pending an ongoing defense department review. This judge’s injunction also prohibited the Defense Department stopping payment for “gender reassignment” medical treatments and procedures. The prohibition is included in Trump’s order but was not addressed in the first injunction. Read more here.


California Adds “Non-Binary” as a Gender Option on State Licenses. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the “Gender Recognition Act”   that will take effect in 2019 and will allow state residents who don’t identify as either male or female to identify as non-binary on driver’s licenses and birth certificates. Read more here.


Gender Ideology Defeated in Paraguay. After public outcry protesting radical gender ideology taught to schoolchildren, Minister of Education, Enrique Riera, put forth a resolution that prohibits the diffusion and the adoption of educational materials based on gender theory or gender ideology in the country’s public schools. Read more here.


Greece Passes Gender Identity Law. The legislation, which passed by a vote of 171 – 114 will enable citizens to determine their own gender identity and legally change it on official documents. The Greek Orthodox Church was opposed to the measure. Read more here.


Surgeon Says More People Regret “Sex Change” Surgery and Want to “Detransition.” Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic is receiving more and more requests for surgery to reverse initial sex reassignment surgery. All of the requests have come from biological males over age 30 who want to restore their male genitals. Read more here.


Pediatrician Speaks Out on Dangers of Putting “Transgender” Children on Puberty Blockers. Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, spoke out at a forum sponsored by the Heritage foundation saying the practice is not scientifically proven and could be considered “chemical castration.” Read more here.


Denmark Says “Pregnant Woman” is Transphobic Term Because Men Can be Pregnant Too. In a written submission to a UN Human Rights Committee on the subject of the right to life, the country said, “We note that in using the term ‘pregnant woman’ the Committee may inadvertently be restricting the application of this paragraph to exclude transgender people who have given birth.” Read more here.


California Governor Signs Law that will Jail Nursing Home Employees who “Mis-Gender” Residents. Gov. Jerry Browned signed SB219 enacting the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Residents’ Bill of Rights.” The measure approves a $1,000 fine, and up to a year in prison for long-term care facilities and employees who “mis-gender,” or fail to use the gender pronouns patients prefer to be called. Read more here.


U.S. Justice Department Rescinds Transgender Workplace Guidance Issued Under Obama Administration. According to a memo from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, federal civil rights law does not protect transgender people from discrimination. The Obama administration reinterpreted the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars workplace discrimination between men and women as extending to transgenders. The memo said the Justice Department will “affirm the dignity of all people, including transgender individuals.” Read more here.


Washington Principal Instructs Teachers to Lie to Parents.  According to a middle school teacher in Yakima, Washington, teachers were instructed by the principal to lie to parents with regard to students who ask to be identified as a different gender.  Read more here.


UK Doctor Investigated for Giving Children Cross-Gender Hormone Treatment.  Dr. Helen Webberley has been banned from treating transgender patients without supervision during the investigation.  She has  prescribed cross-gender hormones to children as young as 12 years old.  Read more here.


South African Court Issues Ruling on Married Transgender People.  The Western Cape High Court ruled that transgender people who transitioned after they got married are not required to get divorced to have their gender reflected accurately in their legal identity documents.  Read more here.


Twelve-Year-Old Boy Took Hormones to “Transition” to a Girl Then Changed His Mind.  The Australian boy is featured on an episode of “60 Minutes Australia.”  After a time attempting to live as a girl, and receiving estrogen from his mother to develop female characteristics, the boy decided he was comfortable as a boy.  However, he now faces surgery to remove the breasts he developed while on the hormone.  Read more here.


Parents Successful in Blocking Gender Ideology Indoctrination in Peru Public Schools.  The first civil chamber of Lima’s Superior Court of Justice sided with the group Parents in Action (Padres en Acción) and nullified part of the Ministry of Education’s “National Curriculum of Basic Education,” which encourages teachers to present “gender” as a psychological construct.  Read more here.


UN Agency Promotes Sex Change and Abortion for Children.  The Center for Family and Human Rights reports that the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) endorsed a report that promotes sex-change procedures and abortion for youth without parental consent.  Read more here.


Defense Secretary Says Transgenders May Continue to Serve in U.S. Military Pending “Seasoned Judgment” of Experts.  Secretary James Mattis announced that he will establish a panel of experts to analyze the situation, and until then, the current policy allowing transgenders to serve will remain in place.  Read more here.


Canada Introduces Third Gender Option on Passports.  In addition to male and female, Canadians can now choose the option of “X” on their passports indicating a gender identity of neither male nor female.  Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the purpose of the change was so all Canadians can feel safe to be themselves and express their gender as they choose.  Read more here.


California First Grader Sent to Principal’s Office for “Misgendering” Classmate.  The incident occurred at Rocklin Academy, a charter school, when the first grader called the “transitioning” classmate by his given name, which he went by the previous year, rather than the female name he was currently going by.  Rocklin Academy has received international attention since a kindergarten teacher staged a transitioning event for a gender confused boy during class, upsetting many of the students in the class and their parents.  Read more here.


President Trump Announces Ban on Transgenders in the Military. The announcement on Twitter reverses Obama’s policy of allowing transgenders to serve openly and goes further by banning transgenders from serving at all. Trump said that the military cannot accept the burden of higher medical costs and the “disruption” that transgender troops would require. Read more here.


Retired Generals Praise Trump’s Transgender Military Ban. A letter from 16 retired flag-rank officers, including seven major generals and an admiral, was sent to President Trump to thank him for his decision to reverse President Obama’s “transgender social experiment” in the military. This letter is designed to offset a letter signed by a larger number of retired officers criticizing the president’s action. Read more here.


Transgender Activist Supports Trump’s Military Ban. The activist, who is a conservative supporter of Trump, said the disqualification should be because transgenders are “medically reliant” and should not have more privileges than other individuals who are ineligible for military service for medical reasons such as diabetics. Read more here.


Poll Finds Only 12 Percent of Military Members Support Transgenders Serving. According to a recent Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll, 57 percent of active-duty military personnel expressed a negative opinion of the decision to allow transgender troops to serve openly. More than half said the policy change had a very negative effect on military morale. Read more here.


School Agrees to Gender Inclusion Policy With No Notice or “Opt Out” for Parents. The K-12 public charter school agreed to the policy after facing a lawsuit over the treatment of a transgender kindergartener. The policy allows for approved uniforms without regard to gender, gender inclusive classroom environments, and sensitivity training for teachers and staff. Read more here.


Transgender Summer Camp Held for Children as Young as Four Years Old. The Rainbow Day Camp in the San Francisco Bay area has served about 60 gender-confused children from age 4 to 12 since opening three years ago. Many of the camp’s counselors are also transgender. Read more here.


Princeton Students Given Opportunity to Choose from Six Genders. The student services interface allows but does not require students to pick from one or more genders including “Cisgender,” “Genderqueer/gender non-conform[ing],” “Trans/transgender,” “Man,” “Woman,” and “Other.” Read more here.


Human Rights Advocacy Group Calls for Ban on Intersex Surgery. Human Rights Watch says such surgery on intersex children (children born with elements of both male and female genitals or genetic material) causes “irreversible physical and psychological harm.” Read more here.


UK to Make it Easier to Switch Gender. The Minister for Women and Equalities has launched an initiative that will streamline the process of changing gender in official government records. Currently, there must be a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria, a mental disorder, by a doctor, and the individual is required to live as the chosen gender for two years. Read more here.


CA University Adds Laser Hair Removal and Fertility Preservation to Transgender Health Care Coverage. The University of California at Berkeley is adding facial and neck laser hair treatment and the preservation of eggs or sperm for transgender students. The services will be covered under the university’s student health insurance plan. Read more here.


Minnesota Education Department Issues “Transgender Toolkit” Guide for Educators. The “transgender toolkit” recommends male students who identify as women use the girl’s bathroom, advises schools to refrain from assuming a student’s name or pronoun, and gives alternate titles to replace gender specific terms. Read more here.


School Boards in Ontario, Canada Say Teachers Can’t Tell Parents About Their Transgender Children. At least five Ontario public school boards have instituted policies that prohibit schools from telling parents a child has transitioned to another gender at school without the child’s express permission—even kindergarten students. Read more here.


Sex-Reassignment Surgeries on the Increase in Ontario. According to data from the ministry of health, the cost of the taxpayer-subsidized surgeries has risen from $2.2 million in 2014 – 2015 to $4.37 million from 2016 – 2017. The number of surgeries has increased from 195 in 2015 to 2016 to 1,365 in 2016 to 2017. Read more here.


Dutch Psychologist Condemns Ontario Plan to Provide Sex-Reassignment Surgery.  Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg, a psychologist with more than 50 years’ experience denounced the in-province “genital transitional” surgeries as “harmful mutilation and an act of inhumanity” toward people who have what he considers a serious mental disorder. Read more here.


Singapore Annuls Marriage After Husband’s Sex-Reassignment Surgery. A man and woman were legally married in October 2015 before the husband had sex-reassignment surgery. When the couple informed the government about the surgery, the marriage was voided by officials. Read more here.


Florida Police Officer Faces Complaint for Ticketing Transgender as a Male. The biological male identifies as a female, which is the gender listed on the driver’s license, but the officer thought it was a mistake and wrote “male” on the ticket that was issued. Police investigators recommended that the officer be reprimanded. Read more here.


Canada’s Bishops Condemn Trudeau’s Transgender Rights Bill. The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops released a statement in response to Bill C-16. The transgender rights bill adds “gender expression and identity” as prohibited grounds for discrimination under Canada’s Human Rights Code and as grounds for conviction under the Criminal Code’s hate crimes section. Read more here.


Lawsuit Says Revised North Carolina Bathroom Law Still Harmful. A law passed last year required transgenders to use sex-segregated facilities according to the sex on their birth certificate. The law was adjusted after companies and sports teams refused to do business in the state. Now the original lawsuit has been expanded with an amended complaint. Read more here.


New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Requiring Schools to Use Preferred Pronouns for Transgender Students. Gov. Chris Christie signed the legislation that mandates that state schools call transgender students by their preferred pronouns and prohibits them from requiring that transgender students use bathrooms opposing their gender identity. Read more here.


U.S. House Rejects Measure that Forbids Pentagon From Paying for Transgender Surgery and Hormones. Lawmakers voted 214-209 against an amendment to the annual defense policy bill. The proposal would have prohibited the military’s health care system from paying for medical treatment related to gender transition. Read more here.


Canadian Baby Given Health Card Without Sex Designation. The baby, who was born to a transgender parent, was issued a health card with the sex designated as “U” rather than “M” or “F” for male or female. The parent wants the child to determine its own gender. Read more here.


U.S. Army Training Materials Tell Female Soldiers To “Accept” Naked Men in Showers. The “Tier Three Transgender Training” materials are being used as mandatory training for all soldiers. Once a soldier’s preferred gender is determined they must use the bathrooms, showers and other facilities of their designated gender. Read more here.


U.S. Defense Department Delays Transgender Policy. Defense Secretary James Mattis granted the request by top military officials to postpone the implementation of the policy that would allow openly transgender individuals to join the armed forces until January 1, 2018. Read more here.


Anglican Church to Offer Special Services to Welcome Transgenders. The General Synod voted 284 to 78 backing a motion to welcome and affirm transgender people. Bishops may be encouraged to consider whether special liturgies “might be prepared to mark a person’s gender transition.” Read more here.


UK Threatens to Close Jewish School for Not Teaching 3-Year-Olds About Transgenderism. Following an inspection, the Office of Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) claims the Orthodox Jewish primary school is violating the law by not teaching the 212 female students ages 3 – 11 about “gender reassignment” and “sexual orientation.” Read more here.


Public Library Forced to Cover Transgender Surgery in Insurance Plans. A male library employee who filed a lawsuit against the Cincinnati, Ohio library and Hamilton County has won his fight to force taxpayers to foot the bill for his sex-change operation. Read more here.


Liberal Feminist Icon Breaks with Political Correctness on Transgenderism. Liberal feminist professor Camille Paglia in a recent interview stressed that she believes sex change is impossible and criticizes fellow liberals for ignoring the related science. She also argued against special rights or privileges for gender-confused individuals. Read more here.


Canada Senate Passes Transgender Rights Bill. Bill C-16 passed by a vote of 67 – 11 more than one year after being introduced. The bill will protect gender identity and expression and will penalize individuals who use the wrong pronouns for transgenders. The bill must still receive Royal Assent before becoming law. Read more here.


Report Finds New Treatment for Children with Gender Issues Not Supported by Science. The report published by The New Atlantis titled “Growing Pains: Problems With Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria,” summarizes the conclusions of 50 peer-reviewed studies on gender dysphoria in children and challenges the treatment that provides drugs to children to block puberty. Read more here.


Church of England Considers “Re-Christening” Transgenders Following Sex Reassignment. While church policy does not allow re-baptism, the church may affirm transgenders by officially acknowledging their new name and identity. Read more here.


U.S. Military Heads Want Delay on Transgender Troop Enlistment. Service leaders hammered out an agreement that rejected Army and Air Force requests for a two-year wait, and instead will request a six-month delay in allowing transgenders who are not already in the military to enlist. The military chiefs said they needed time to study the issue and its effects on the readiness of the force before taking that step. Read more here.


U.S. Schools can be Investigated for not Using Transgender Students’ Preferred Pronouns. According to a memo from Candice Jackson, acting assistant secretary for civil rights, failure to use a transgender student’s preferred name or pronoun is considered gender-based harassment and can lead to an investigation by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Read more here.


Consenting to Sex Change Easier than Crossing Street. The American College of Pediatricians has released a statement on the inconsistency of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which published an excerpt of a study in their daily briefing reporting that children under the age of 14 are not cognitively capable of crossing a busy street. But the same organization claims that children this age and younger are capable of deciding they are transgender. Read more here.


“Neutral Sex” Designation Is Struck Down in France. France’s Cour de Cassation (Supreme Court) refused to allow an intersex individual to legally define himself as neither male or female and be considered “neutral sex.” Read more here.


Study Finds 6,500 Genes That Are Expressed Differently in Men and Women.Research by the Weizmann Institute of Science published in BMC Biology has provided further support for the reality that men and women are uniquely different. The study determined the comprehensive mapping of the human sex-differential genetic architecture. Read more here.


UK Body Expected to Rule that Transgender Students Should not Have to Declare Birth Gender to Play on University Sports Teams. A motion to be debated by the National Union of Students claims forcing students to compete on the team of their birth sex is a “barrier” and that “trans and intersex students should be able to train and compete in whichever sports team best fits their gender identity.” Read more here.


Consenting to Sex Change Easier than Crossing Street. The American College of Pediatrics has released a statement on the inconsistency of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which published an excerpt of a study in their daily briefing reporting that children under the age of 14 are not cognitively capable of crossing a busy street. But the same organization claims that children this age and younger are capable of deciding they are transgender. Read more here.


Harvard Student Guide Says Gender Can Change Daily. According to the school-sponsored guide published by the university and passed out by activists in the Harvard University Office of LGBTQ Student Life, gender can “change from day to day” and saying that’s not true “is a form of … violence.” Read more here.


Trump Administration Drops Transgender Bathroom Lawsuit Against North Carolina. The Justice Department said it had dropped its lawsuit filed last year by the Obama administration because the North Carolina legislature had replaced it with new legislation. Read more here.


Teens Are Identifying as Transgender to “Stand Out.” According to Australian psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Stathis, who runs a gender clinic, only a minority of the children he treats have true gender dysphoria. Many are trying to be different, and in some cases, girls who have been sexually abused believe if they were male they wouldn’t have been abused. Read more here.


NHS Scotland Issues Guidance for Schools on Gender Variant Children. The 30-page document says gender is fluid, and gender expression can change on a daily basis. The publications states that teachers should not disclose a child’s gender choice to parents. Read more here.


Transgender Man Approved to Compete for Spot on U.S. Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team. USA Volleyball, the national governing body for the sport, cleared Tia Thompson, who was born a male, to compete as a woman. Read more here.


UK Schools Told to Give Transgender Students a Cake to Celebrate Their Transition. Delegates at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference were warned that teachers must be trained to deal with the “huge” surge in the number of transgenders coming forward. Read more here.


Former North Carolina Governor and LGBT Advocates Agree Bathroom Bill Not Really Repealed. Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and LGBT activist groups that fought over the state’s bathroom bill agree that the compromise struck last week was not a full repeal of the law. Current Gov. Roy Cooper acknowledged the compromise wasn’t his preferred solution, but claimed it was a positive step forward. Read more here.


Target Stores Continue to Have Serious Problems with Men in Women’s Dressing Rooms. An unidentified man in Illinois tried to use his cell phone to record a video of a girl in a Target dressing room. Read more here. And in a Tennessee Target store, a man was confronted while trying to photograph a woman in a dressing room, but the suspect got away. Read more here.


North Carolina Largely Repeals “Bathroom Bill.” Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper signed the bill that repealed HB 2, the controversial bill passed a year ago that required individuals to use the bathrooms that corresponded to the sex on their birth certificate. The compromise repeal bill retains in the General Assembly the sole power to regulate access to restrooms, showers and locker rooms. It also creates a moratorium that will prevent local governments from adopting any nondiscrimination ordinances until 2020. Read more here.


Vandals Damage Marriage Groups’ Tour Bus. The bus is touring the U.S. to convey the message that gender is biologically determined. Two men vandalized the bus while it was parked near the UN, smashing the windshield and hammering the side of the bus in addition to spray-painting pro-LGBT graffiti. The bus driver was also physically assaulted. Read more here.


Pennsylvania Student Sues School District After Being Forced to Use Locker Room with Transgender Girl. The high school student and his parents have filed a lawsuit against the Boyertown Area School District for sexual harassment and violation of personal privacy. According to Alliance Defending Freedom, the student approached school officials about what he felt was an invasion of his privacy, but was told he must “tolerate” it and make changing with students of the opposite sex as “natural” as he can. Read more here.


Associated Press Redefines Gender In Latest Stylebook Update. The Associated Press is urging journalists to avoid suggesting in news stories that there are only two sexes in the human race. According to the AP Stylebook, “Gender refers to a person’s social identity while sex refers to biological characteristics.” Read more here.


Target Stock Suffers Yet Another Plunge. The retail giant’s stock suffered the largest one-day decline since the economic crisis of 2008. It has been almost one year since Target announced that its bathrooms and dressing rooms would no longer be segregated by biological sex but would be open to individuals according to their claimed gender identity. Read more here.


British Male-to-Female Transgender Child Rapist Transferred to a Women’s Prison. The biological male was convicted of raping two little girls. Following sex-reassignment surgery paid for by British taxpayers, the prisoner cited “serious emotional issues” and requested a transfer to a women’s prison. Read more here.


Male-to-Female Transgender Wins Women’s Weightlifting Competition. New Zealander Laurel Hubbard is a biological male and has competed previously as a male. The win of the women’s competition was criticized by many who felt Hubbard had an unfair advantage. Read more here.


Sweden to Change Law on Transgenders. Current law says that a medical procedure is required for a gender “change” to be legally recognized. Two new laws have been proposed that would separate the legal and medical aspects of changing gender. Read more here.


Poll Finds Majority of Americans Want Bathrooms Linked to Biological Sex. According to the poll released from Crux/Marist, 66 percent of respondents do not think “someone who is transitioning to become the opposite sex” should be allowed to use whichever showers or locker rooms they want. And 56 percent have the same opinion about bathrooms. Read more here.


City Criticized for Installing “Female” Traffic Signals for Equality.  Officials in Melbourne, Australia felt the pants-wearing figure in traffic signals might perpetuate an unconscious bias and installed some signals with a dress-wearing figure.  They are now being criticized for perpetuating the idea that women should wear dresses.  Read more here.


Millions Gather in Peru to Protest Against Gender Ideology.  Organizers say more than 1.5 million people attended marches around the country to protest the introduction of gender ideology into the curriculum in Peru’s schools.  The curriculum will teach that gender is chosen rather than determined by biology.  Read more here.


Bus Protesting Gender Ideology is Touring Spain.  The purpose of the bus is to combat a transgender poster campaign depicting naked children with the genitalia of the opposite sex.  One slogan on the bus says, “If you are born a man, you are a man.  If you are a woman, you will still be one.”  Read more here.  Madrid officials impounded the bus claiming it could incite a hate crime.  Read more here.


Target Reports $15 Billion Loss Since Pro-Transgender Announcement. Target’s stock value is down by 30 percent since a consumer boycott that was initiated following the announcement of the retail giant’s policy of allowing customers to use bathrooms and dressing rooms according to their gender identity. Read more here.


Trump Administration Rescinds Obama’s Transgender Guidance. The controversial guidelines issued by the Obama administration provided “guidance” to schools to allow transgender students to have access to bathrooms, locker rooms, and other sex-segregated facilities according to their gender identity rather than their biological sex. The guidelines interpreted existing non-discrimination law regarding “sex” as also applying to gender-confused individuals and threatened federal funding for school districts that did not comply. Read more here.


Girl Who Identifies as a Boy and Takes Testosterone Wins Girls’ State Wrestling Title. The transgender teenager who is a biological female and must therefore compete as a girl takes testosterone as part of a transition protocol. Many feel that gave the teenager an unfair advantage in the competition. Read more here.


Proposed Bill in Ontario, Canada Would Prevent Parents Opposed to Gender Ideology From Adopting.  The controversial bill would ban parents who do not affirm transgenderism or a homosexual lifestyle from adopting or fostering children because according to the bill it would not be “in the best interest of the child.”  Read more here.


BSA Will Allow Transgender Scouts.  The Boy Scouts of America announced it will begin accepting members without regard to the sex listed on a birth certificate, paving the way for females who identify as males to join the organization.  The Scouts’ chief executive, Michael Surbaugh, said, “referring to birth certificates as the reference point is no longer sufficient.”  Read more here.


Transgender Survey Reveals High Rates Of Sexual Assault, Suicide, HIV, and Prostitution in U.S.  The survey of over 27,000 self-described transgenders was done by the National Center for Transgender Equality.  Read more here.


UK Students Told to Stop Using Terms “Boy” and “Girl.”  Children as young as age seven in 120 schools are being given a book titled “Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?”  The book teaches that using the terms “boy” and “girl” promotes discrimination against transgender individuals.  Read more here.


UK Charities Held Record Number of Counseling Sessions about Transgenderism. According to Childline in Scotland, experts held 185 discussions with young people in the last year.  The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) held 2,796 counseling sessions with children in the UK who felt their biological sex did not match their gender.  Read more here.


Study Finds Comprehensive Sex Education Doesn’t Work.  The Cochrane review of school-based interventions on sex education found that sex education programs do not reduce teenage pregnancies and do not reduce sexually transmitted diseases.  Read more here.


Canadian House of Commons Committee to Study Health Effects of Violent Online Pornography.  The study will mark the first time in 30 years that Parliament has looked at the question of pornography in Canada.  Read more here.


Pro-Life Catholic Sworn in as UN Secretary-General.  António Guterres, a practicing Catholic, has been sworn in as the next secretary-general of the United Nations.  Guterres is the former prime minister of Portugal and succeeds Ban Ki-moon.  Read more here.


Nine-Year-Old UK Child Given Puberty Blockers.  The female child, who has been dressing as a boy since the age of five, began taking the drugs to delay puberty and thus delay the decision of whether to take cross-sex hormones that would enable the girl to develop male-looking characteristics.  Research shows that the vast majority of children who experience feelings of gender dysphoria outgrow it naturally as they mature.  Read more here.


Controversial Children’s Program on BBC Follows Fictional 11-Year-Old Transgender.  The show aimed at children as young as six is about a boy who takes sex-change drugs to delay puberty in the event of future sex-reassignment surgery.  Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court Takes up Transgender Case.  The court has agreed to rule on the case of a Virginia public school district that is fighting to prevent a female-to-male transgender student from using the boys’ bathroom.  Read more here.


University Threatens to Silence Professor Protesting Genderless Pronouns.  Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto is protesting a law before Canada’s parliament that would force him to use certain pronouns for gender nonconforming individuals.  Peterson has received letters of warning from university officials for his noncompliance.  Read more here.


Federal Judge Rules Injunction Against  Obama Transgender Bathroom Policy Applies Nationwide.  Responding to a request from the federal government for clarification, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor said his August ruling that blocked the transgender bathroom policy applies to every school in the country.  Read more here.  In response, the U.S. Department of Education and other federal government parties named in the suit filed a notice that they were appealing O’Connor’s injunction to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the most conservative of the circuits.  Read more here.


Transgender Man Pleads Guilty to Taking Videos of Women in Target Store.  The male-to-female transgender pleaded guilty to Video Voyeurism Without Mutual Consent.  Target stores recently changed their policy to allow individuals to choose bathrooms and dressing rooms according to their perceived gender.  It sparked a nationwide backlash with nearly 1.5 million consumers pledging to boycott the chain, which has suffered economic harm as a result.  Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court to Decide on Transgender Rights.  For the first time, a major transgender rights case is before the court.  The case involves which bathroom a Virginia high school student can use.  Read more here.


Michigan Board of Education Approves Transgender Policy.  The State Board of Education passed the highly controversial guidance on a vote of 6–2.  The policy will let transgender students use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.  Read more here.


Target Sales Down Following Transgender Bathroom Policy.  The retailer blames the losses on a difficult retail environment.  The Wall Street Journal reported that this is the first time Target sales have fallen at their more established stores in two years, and to expect further declines.  Read more here.


U.S. Navy to Train on New Transgender Policy.  Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke said a three-pronged training approach will equip senior leaders and rank-and-file personnel for the changes announced by the Pentagon.  The training will “emphasize policies and expectations of personal behavior.”  Read more here.


High School Student’s Case Against Transgender Policy Goes to Virginia Supreme Court.  The court has agreed to take up the appeal in the case.  The student and his parents filed a lawsuit over the Fairfax County school district’s nondiscrimination policy and the student handbook’s code of conduct.  Read more here.


More Parents Sue to Protect Students From Obama’s Transgender Guidance.  Parents in Minnesota have joined others around the country to fight the U.S. Department of Education and its edict that opens public school restrooms to the opposite sex.  Read more here.


Number of Gender-Confused Youth in Sweden on the Rise.  According to child psychiatrist Louise Frisén, the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital has seen a 100 percent yearly increase in children and adolescents who are unsure of their gender and are looking for medical assistance.  In 2012, there were only four referrals, and in 2015 there were 116 cases.  Read more here.


Four-Year-Old Child in Australia Begins Gender Transition.  The child will begin the transition with the help of the New South Wales government and the support of the education department prior to the first day of kindergarten next year.  Read more here.


Minnesota Group Files Lawsuit Against Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Mandate.  Yet another lawsuit has been filed by a group of students and parents against the federal government and their school district for allowing a transgender student who was born male but identifies as a female into the girls’ locker rooms, showers and bathrooms.  Read more here.


U.S. Department of Justice Releases Transgender Sensitivity Training Video.  The instructional video is to train police officers how to deal with transgendered individuals and public safety issues including complaints about men using women’s bathrooms.  Read more here.


Doctors Sue Obama Administration for Forcing Them to Perform Gender Transition Procedures. Five states and a group of religiously-affiliated hospitals and physicians are suing over a federal mandate that forces doctors to perform gender transition procedures on adults and children against their medical judgment.  Read more here.


Federal Judge Rules Against North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law.  Judge Thomas Schroeder temporarily barred the University of North Carolina from enforcing HB2, the law that requires individuals to use bathrooms and other sex-segregated facilities of their sex at birth.  Read more here.


Judge blocks Obama Transgender School Bathroom Directive.  U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor granted an injunction blocking an Obama administration policy that public schools should allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice.  The judge sided with 13 U.S. states that filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration and found that the federal government failed to provide states with sufficient notice and opportunity for comment before issuing the guidelines.  He also ruled that the guidelines violated existing laws and regulations. Read more here.


Federal Court Dismisses Transgender Lawsuit.  The lawsuit was filed by a funeral home employee who was fired after announcing his intention of transitioning to a female.  The funeral home owner sought protection under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and it was determined that the employee had no civil rights claim because transgender or transsexual status is currently not a protected class under Title VII.  Read more here.


Thousands Protest Colombian Transgender Education Plan.  Protesters called for the resignation of openly homosexual Education Minister Gina Parody, who is requiring all the schools of the country to revise their student manuals to protect students from “discrimination” over their sexual orientation or internal “gender identity.”  Read more here.


Transgender Bathroom Access Extended to All U.S. Federal Buildings.  The agency that oversees thousands of federal buildings nationwide is issuing a notice declaring that transgender employees and visitors must be allowed to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.  More than 9,000 buildings will be included.  Read more here.


Target’s “Brilliant Marketing Strategy” is Backfiring.  The store’s revenue has dropped more than a billion dollars in the last quarter.  A boycott of the retailer ensued following Target’s announcement that its dressing rooms and bathrooms would be open to individuals based on their gender identity.  Read more here.  Read an open letter to Target by the organizer of the boycott here.


Fifty-One Families Ask Court to Suspend School Bathroom Policy.  The policy of the Illinois high school would allow transgender students access to the restrooms, locker rooms and showers of the gender they identify with rather than their biological gender.  Read more here.


New U.S. Federal Rules Would Allow Transgender Men in Women’s Shelters.  According to proposed federal rules, homeless shelters for women that receive federal funds would have to also be open to men who identify as women.  Read more here.


Medical Organizations Issue Statement Against Obama’s Transgender Directive.  “A Medical Response to DOE & DOJ Guidance for Schools” was issued by the American College of Pediatricians, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), and the Christian Medical and Dental Associations.  The statement says the directive is “rooted in a political ideology that will threaten the health, privacy, safety and learning experience of all students.”  Read more here.


Drunk Men at Alberta Bar Using Transgender Law to Enter Women’s Bathrooms.  Since the government passed a bill creating rights for transgenders, inebriated men claiming to be women have been using the women’s bathroom.  In response, the bar now requires individuals to use the bathroom of their birth gender.  Read more here.


Judge Questions North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law During Hearing.  U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder heard arguments over whether to grant a court order to block the law that requires individuals to use bathrooms and other sex-segregated facilities of their biological gender.  Read more here.


Pope Francis Concerned that Children are Told They can Choose Their Gender.  Speaking to a group of Polish bishops, the Pope lamented in particular that schools are teaching children that gender is a choice.  He placed the blame on ideologies from influential countries.  Read more here.


Transgender Women Olympic Athletes Tested For Hormone Levels but not Transgender Men.  To avoid “unfair advantages” the testosterone levels of male-to-female athletes will be tested but female-to-male transgenders will not.  Read more here.


World Health Organization Considers Dropping Transgender Identity from List of Mental Disorders.  The change is under review for the next edition of the WHO codebook that classifies diseases.  Each committee that has considered the change has approved it.  Read more here.


NBA in U.S. Pulls All-Star Game From North Carolina Because of Transgender Bathroom Law.  To protest the law, the National Basketball Association announced that the All-Star game that was scheduled to be played in Charlotte, North Carolina in February will no longer be held in the state.  Read more here.


University of Iowa to Use “Preferred Pronouns” When Addressing Students. The preferred pronouns to be used by faculty and staff include the gender-neutral pronouns “ze,” “zem,” “zir or hir,” “zirs or hirs.”  Read more here.


Study Finds Infants Prefer Toys by Gender.  According to a paper published in the journal Infant and Child Development, children as young as 9 months old prefer to play with toys specific to their own biological gender.  Read more here.


School Boards Modify Transgender Policy to Include Parental Oversight.  Responding to parental opposition, the policy of the Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas will now include respect for the rights and responsibilities of parents in decisions made for their children who attend the public schools.  Read more here.  A school board in Virginia has suspended new transgender regulations after resistance from parents.  Read more here.


White House Opens Restrooms Based on Gender Identity.  Visitors to the White House can use the restroom that matches their gender identity.  It is uncertain whether the Obama administration is applying the policy to all federal government buildings.  Read more here.


Transgender Bathroom Battle Reaches U.S. Supreme Court.  The Gloucester County School Board in Virginia filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court in an attempt to prevent a biological female from using the boys’ bathroom when school resumes in September.  Read more here.


Iowa Civil Rights Commission Forces Churches and Church-Run Daycare Centers to Follow Gender Identity Guidelines.  Church officials could be brought before extrajudicial tribunals if they “directly or indirectly” make individuals feel “unwelcome.”  New regulations also require private businesses, schools, libraries, police departments, and any private organizations that receive government funds to allow people to use bathrooms and other facilities according to their “presented” gender.  Read more here.


Iowa Civil Rights Commission “Clarifies” Policy After Public Backlash.  The commission says it will not silence churches that teach on matters of biblical sexuality or force them to provide single-sex restrooms to members of the opposite sex.  Read more here.


Second Lawsuit Filed Against Iowa Transgender Civil Rights Law.  The separate lawsuits have been filed against the Iowa Civil Rights Commission over provisions in the state’s civil rights act relating to sexual preference and gender identity that as written may apply to churches.  Read more here.


Washington D.C. has the Highest Transgender Identification Rate in U.S.  According to a study by The Williams Institute, of the estimated 1.4 million transgender-identifying individuals in the United States, about 14,550, or 2.77 percent of the total, reside in Washington D.C.  Read more here.


International Olympic Committee Allows Transgender Athletes to Compete in Olympics.  Two British athletes that were born male will compete as women in the Olympics in Rio.  Athletes must undergo at least a year of hormone-replacement therapy and maintain certain testosterone levels.  Read more here.


Number of U.S. States Suing Federal Government Over Transgender Bathroom Rules Rises to 23.  The Federal directive mandating that transgender students be allowed to use bathrooms in public schools corresponding with their gender identity has resulted in the lawsuit that claims the rule circumvents established law.  Read more here.


North Carolina Man Arrested After Indecent Exposure in Women’s Bathroom.  A woman in the bathroom confirmed that the man was in the stall next to her.  Her husband chased the man down the street after he exited the restroom, and he was detained by security guards.  Read more here.


Dozens of Corporations File Brief Against North Carolina HB2 Transgender Bill.  A group of 68 businesses including Apple, General Electric and IBM have signed on to the amicus brief supporting the Obama administration’s efforts to have the bill declared unconstitutional.  Read more here.


Canadian Prime Minister Will Explore Gender-Neutral Identification Cards.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is very supportive of LGBT issues, made the announcement as he participated in a “Gay Pride” event.  Trudeau is the first Canadian prime minister to march in a “Gay Pride” parade.  Read more here.


Transgender Woman Arrested for Voyeurism at Idaho Target.  The male-to-female transgender took photos of a woman changing clothes in an adjacent dressing room stall.  Read more here.


Massachusetts Governor Signs Transgender Bathroom Bill.  Gov. Charlie Baker signed the legislation that gives transgender people the right to use public restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity, regardless of their sex at birth.  The law includes language to address public safety concerns requiring the attorney general to issue regulations to protect against people abusing the law.  Read more here.


North Carolina Lawmakers Leave LGBT Law Largely Intact.  Legislators approved the revision of the law, which had been widely misinterpreted, after months of harsh criticism.  The change restored the right to sue in state court for discriminatory firings.  Read more here.


Gender to be Determined by U.S. Patients According to New Health Care Rule.  A new health care rule mandated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as part of the Affordable Care Act will require health care providers and insurance companies to treat individuals as male, female, neither, both or some combination of genders.  Noncompliance may result in legal action.  Read more here.


Pakistani Clerics Declare Transgender Marriages Legal Under Islamic Law.  The clerics said transgenders have a right to marry, receive a Muslim burial, and receive full inheritance law benefits.  The clerics’ decision is not legally binding.  Read more here.


Visitors to U.S. National Parks May Use Bathrooms Consistent With Gender Identity.  According to the U.S. Department of Interior, bathrooms on federal land are available to anyone regardless of their biological sex and despite any state or local law requiring otherwise.  Read more here.


U.S. Ends Ban on Transgender Troops in Military.  Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that transgendered individuals will now be able to serve openly in the military.  The policy will take a year to implement.  Read more here.


Words “Men” and “Women” to be Removed from New York City Bathroom Signs.  New York City Council’s Housing Committee voted 8-0 on Monday to remove “men” and “women” designations from single occupant public bathrooms to accommodate transgender people and those who refuse to identify as either male or female.  Read more here.


Poll Finds U.S. Voters Oppose Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Directive by Wide Margin. According to the Quinnipiac University poll, voters in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania disapprove of the Obama administration’s federal guidance requiring public schools and universities to allow transgender students to use the restrooms and showers of their chosen gender or lose federal funding by an average of 14 percentage points.  Read more here.


Lesbian Couple Raising Son as “Gender-Queer.”  The couple shown in the video explain how they are trying to eliminate notions of gender in traditional children’s stories, songs and games as they raise their son.  Read more here.


Teachers at UK Girls’ Schools Instructed Not To Call Students “Girls.”  At the Summer 2016 Briefing of the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) conference, an organization called Gendered Intelligence recommended that teachers at UK girls’ schools call students “pupils” instead of “girls” so as to avoid offending the gender-confused.  Read more here.


New Policies Coming for Hawaii’s Transgender Students.  The policies will offer transgender students alternative bathroom, uniform and locker room arrangements that correspond with their gender identity.  For overnight trips, transgender students can be housed in the same facilities as the gender they identify with, but can also ask to be housed alone.  Read more here.


Ohio Libraries Refuse to Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery for Employees.  The Ohio Library system decided that sex-reassignment surgery will not be covered under their health care plan for its 410 employees.  Read more here.


Primary School in England Introduces Gender-Neutral Uniform Policy.  The Allens Croft School will not differentiate between options for boys and girls.  Students will be allowed to wear any approved clothing item and will be allowed to express their chosen gender regardless of biological sex.  Read more here.


Kansas School Board Rejects Obama’s Transgender Decree.  Board members voted unanimously to disregard the federal directive that all public schools must allow transgender students to use restrooms, locker rooms and other facilities that match their gender identity.  Read more here.


New York City Launches Transgender Bathroom Ad Campaign.  The campaign that reportedly cost taxpayers $265,000 tells New Yorkers to “look past pink and blue” and use whatever bathroom they feel suits them, regardless of their gender when they were born.  Read more here.


Vanderbilt University Adds Transgender Surgeries to Student Health Insurance.  University officials say transgender-related surgeries will be covered in order to make the campus a more inclusive environment for students.  There are currently 71 universities in the U.S. that already offer the coverage.  Read more here.


Oregon Man Declared Genderless by Judge.  Jamie Shupe, a biological male, petitioned the court for a non-binary gender classification due to feeling neither male nor female.   The petition was granted by Judge Amy Holmes, and Shupe was declared “non-binary.”  Shupe prefers the pronoun “they” and uses Mx. instead or Mr. or Ms.  Read more here.


Washington State Quietly Changes Health Education Standards for Schools.  New gender identity guidelines include teaching kindergartners that “there are many ways to express gender.”  Fourth-grade students will be instructed in the definition of sexual orientation.  Read more here.


Reports Surface of Men Spying on Women in Target Dressing Rooms.  New reports of men watching women and teenage girls change clothes have come from North Dakota, Massachusetts, Texas and Ohio.  Read more here.


Massachusetts Legislature Rejects Amendment to Bar Sex Offenders From Opposite-Sex Bathrooms.  The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill requiring that all public accommodations be open to transgender individuals after rejecting an amendment that would have required Level 2 and 3 sex offenders to use the bathroom that corresponds with the sex listed on their birth certificates.  Read more here.


Virginia School Board Facing Lawsuit by Transgender Student Asks Supreme Court to Hear Case.  The case could potentially affect the policies of every school district and college in the U.S.  In April, the 4th Circuit Court ruled that schools must allow transgender students to use facilities that match their gender identity.  Read more here.


ACLU Leader Quits After Daughters’ Encounter With Men in the Women’s Restroom.  Maya Dillard Smith, interim director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, resigned after her elementary school-age daughters had to share a bathroom with three transgender young adults.  The children were frightened and concerned about their safety.  The ACLU actively promotes transgender rights.  Read more here.


Federal Judge Urges Prompt Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court on Transgender Rights.  Circuit Judge Paul V. Niemeyer called for the Supreme Court to sort out the rights of transgender students when they use restrooms at school.  At issue is the meaning of a 1972 federal civil rights law that outlaws discrimination “because of sex” in federally funded education.  Read more here.


Transgender Teacher Wins $60K Settlement for Co-Workers’ Improper Gender Pronouns.  The Gresham-Barlow School District agreed to pay emotional damages to Leo Soell, who teaches the fifth grade at Hall Elementary School and identifies as neither male nor female.  Soell preferred the pronoun “they,” which co-workers continuously failed to use.  Read more here.


Accounts of Male Predators in Female Bathrooms Show Danger of Transgender Bathroom Policy. There are dozens of examples of men entering women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms that highlight the problem of establishing policies that would make access to public restrooms easier for predators.  Read more here.


Mother of Girl Who Lost Race to Transgender Athlete Speaks Out.  For the first time, a male-to-female transgender high school student competed in the state track and field championship in Alaska. The student competed and won third place.  The mother of a female student who placed fifth and was not honored on the awards podium as one of the top four athletes was angered that the male student, whose times wouldn’t have qualified him to compete with the male athletes, was allowed to compete with the females.  Read more here.


U.S. Air Force Secretary Says Transgenders Will Be Allowed to Serve in a More Open Way. Secretary Deborah Lee James said a review of transgender policy in the military will soon be completed and that the current policy which bans transgenders will change.  Read more here.


Ontario Government Says Laws Defining Parents as a Man and a Woman are Outdated.  Premier Kathleen Wynne announced that legislation will be introduced that will recognize homosexual and lesbian couples as parents.  Read more here.


Massachusetts House Passes Bill Legally Abolishing Biological Sex.  The bill replaces the word “sex” with “gender identity” in multiple areas of Massachusetts law and will allow people to use the restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities that match their gender identity rather than their biological sex.  Read more here.


Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Support of Transgenderism and Sex-Change Surgery is to Enable a Disorder.  Dr. Paul McHugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, and former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital who has studied transgenderism and sex-reassignment surgery for 40 years, said the condition is a “mental illness” and to enable it is equal to “collaborating with madness.”  Read more here.


Barack Obama Cites Scripture to Defend Policy Forcing Schools to Let Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms.  At a town hall meeting Obama said instructing public schools to allow teenage boys to shower and spend the night in the same hotel rooms on school trips as biological females was just following the Golden Rule found in the New Testament.  Read more here.


Troubling Video of College Students Talking About Gender.  The video by the Family Policy Institute of Washington shows college students’ responses when asked if there is a difference between men and women.  See it here.


Forty-Three U.S. Republican Lawmakers Vote in Favor of Obama’s Transgender Executive Order. The order bans federal contractors who “discriminate” against transgendered individuals.  Read more here.


New Law in Bolivia Allows Transgenders to Change Name, Gender in Official Documents.  The Bolivian Congress approved the law that will now be sent to Bolivian President Evo Morales for final approval, who is expected to sign the measure.  Read more here.


Obama Says Hospitals Must Perform “Sex Changes” or Lose Federal Funding.  President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services implemented a rule change to the Affordable Care Act mandating that all health providers receiving taxpayer dollars must perform sex-change operations or lose their federal funding.  Read more here.


Obama’s Transgender Directive Includes Much More Than Bathrooms and Locker Rooms.  The directive includes mandating that school districts allow boys and girls to spend the night together in the same hotel room on field trips and that colleges allow male-ro-female transgenders to be roommates with women in dorms without parental notification.  Read more here.


House Republicans Sign Letter Demanding Answers on Obama’s Bathroom Directive.  The largest conservative congressional caucus is calling into question the legality of President Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directive for schools.  The letter asks the Departments of Education and Justice to detail how, and on what authority, they plan to enforce the new guidelines.  Read more here.


Norway Legislation Will Make Changing Gender Easier.  If the bill passes, individuals who want to change gender will no longer be required to undergo surgery or physical transformation.  For decades, gaining official gender reassignment in Norway has involved psychiatric exams, hormone treatment and surgery.  The bill will also lower the age requirement to change gender from 18 to 16.  Read more here.



Denmark to Become First Country to no Longer Define Transgenderism as a Mental Illness.  Government officials said classifying transgender people as mentally ill was “stigmatising.”  Being transgender is considered a mental or behavioral disorder by the World Health Organization.  Read more here.


Obama Transgender Directive Rejected by Virginia School Board.  The Grayson County School Board voted unanimously in favor of requiring students to use locker rooms and bathrooms matching their biological gender in direct opposition to President Obama’s recent mandate to allow students to use the facilities that match their gender identity.  Read more here.


Report Says “Stigma” Contributes to High Transgender HIV Infection Rate.  According to the report released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 percent of men who identify as women are infected with the HIV virus.  In addition, the report found that less than half of those infected report their HIV status.  Read more here.


Target Sales Drop in Response to Transgender Policies.  An analysis predicts that the store’s second-quarter sales may drop as much as two percent compared to the prior year.  Target’s stock has dropped 20 percent.  The Target boycott petition garnered over 1.2 million signers in one week after they announced that men who identified as women would be allowed to use the store’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.  Read more here.


House Policy Leader Seeks to Block Obama’s School Bathroom Directive.  Rep Luker Messer has introduced a bill that would block the Obama administration’s guidance mandating that public schools allow students to use the restrooms of their chosen gender identity.  Read more here.


Heartbreaking Account of Autistic Transgender’s Experience.  The girl, who was not mentally equipped to understand the consequences of her decisions, was seen by a gender therapist only twice before being told she should proceed with a bilateral mastectomy.  Read more here.


Canadian Prime Minister Seeks Federal Ban on Anti-Transgender Speech.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced federal legislation that would expand hate speech laws to include gender identity and gender expression.  Read more here.


Eleven States Sue Obama Administration over Transgender Bathroom Directive.  The states’ lawsuit accused the federal government of overstepping its constitutional powers by taking actions that should be left to Congress or individual states.  It also challenged the Obama administration’s interpretation of federal civil rights law with regard to sex and gender.  Read more here.  Read the legal filing here.


Transgender’s Claim of Harassment at North Carolina Bathroom Proven to be a Hoax.  The male-to-female transgendered individual claimed to have been confronted in the women’s bathroom and escorted out by security guards, but security camera footage shows that did not happen.  Read more here.


North Carolina Lt. Gov. Says Bathroom Law is About Protecting Women and Children.  Regarding the new and highly controversial law, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest said that LGBT activists and their allies are running an “amazing smear campaign” that is “based on a bunch of lies.”  Read more here.


Target Stores Boycotted After Instituting Transgender Bathroom Policy.  Over one million petition signatures have been obtained following the announcement of Target’s new policy allowing individuals to use the bathroom and dressing rooms of their chosen gender.  The company’s stock price and brand loyalty has dropped since the boycott started.  Read more here.  In response to Target’s policy, one Alabama city instituted its own ordinance requiring people to use the bathroom of their biological sex.  Read more here.


Federal Appeals Court Rules Female Teenager in Virginia Has a Right to Use Male Bathrooms.  A three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the Gloucester County School Board’s policy that required students to use the bathroom of their gender at birth.  Read more here.


Minnesota Parents Sue School For Refusing to Teach Five Year Olds About Transgenderism.  The parents of a transgender kindergartener say their son’s rights were violated when the school allowed families to opt out of classroom instruction on transgenderism.  Read more here.


UK Parents Asked to Allow Four Year Olds to Choose Their Gender.  Brighton and Hove city council sent a letter asking parents to support their child’s choice on whether they identified as male or female and allowed them to leave the form blank if their child had “another gender identity.”  Read more here.


Florida School Board Approves Transgender Bathroom Policy.  The Marion County School Board policy was passed 4 – 1 and requires transgender students to go to the bathroom of their birth sex rather than their identified gender.  Read more here.


Obama Administration Issues Guidelines to Schools on Transgender Bathroom Access.  The legally nonbinding guidance from the U.S. Justice and Education Departments said that public schools must permit transgender students to use bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower facilities consistent with their claimed gender identity even if their education records or identity documents indicate a different sex.  The departments warned that schools that did not comply would risk losing federal funding.  Read more here.  State officials have responded saying this represents a  blatant overreach of the federal government. Read the response from the North Carolina Lt. Gov. here.  Read the response from Utah Gov. here.


University of North Carolina Students Fight Back Against Obama Administration Bathroom Lawsuit.  A group of students filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education.  Read more here.


California Assembly Passes Gender-Neutral Bathroom Bill.  The bill would require all single-use bathrooms in business, public and government establishments to become gender neutral.  Read more here.


Chicago Public Schools Will Punish Students Who Address Transgenders by the Wrong Pronoun.  The new guidelines require everyone to affirm a transgender’s claimed identity.  Violations will result in “consequences” for offenders.  Read more here.


European Union Speaks Out Against North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law.  The European Union issued a statement criticizing House Bill 2 saying the law is a violation of an international agreement on civil rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  But the international treaty says nothing about LGBT individuals.  Read more here.


Canada Introduces New Laws Against Transgender Discrimination.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the government would ensure the “full protection” of transgender people.  Legislation is expected to add a ban on discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act on the basis of gender identity.  Read more here.


Obama Appoints Male-to-Female Transgender to Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships Council.  The man is an Air Force veteran and also served on the executive council of the United Church of Christ.  He was instrumental in the church’s decision to affirm transgendered persons in the ministry.  Read more here.


Target CEO Speaks Out on Transgender Policy Following Boycott.  CEO Brian Cornell confirmed that the retailer will not be reversing its policy of allowing transgendered individuals to access bathrooms and dressing rooms.  Over 1.2 million people have signed a petition supporting a boycott of the company, and Target’s stock has dropped significantly.  Read more here.


Canadian Court Orders Father to Treat His 11-Year-Old Daughter as a Boy.  The parents of the gender-confused child who is on hormone blockers are estranged, and the father disagrees with the mother with regard to the treatment of the child’s condition.  Nine out of 10 gender-confused children ultimately accept their biological sex if their gender confusion is not reinforced.  Read more here.


Negative Public Response to Target Transgender Bathroom Issue Still Growing.  The Target boycott has grown to over 1.2 million signatures.  Read more here.  Target stock has dropped 4.2 percentsince the announcement that bathrooms and changing facilities would not be segregated by biological sex.  Read more here.
The Attorney General of Texas requested the text of Target’s safety policiesthat protect women and children in the wake of their policy.  Read it here.


Alabama City Withdraws Transgender Bathroom Ordinance.  The Oxford City Council originally passed the ordinance in response to the Target policy allowing individuals to use bathrooms and changing rooms corresponding to their gender identity.  The ordinance, which would have required people to use the facilities of their biological sex, was recalled after counsel from the city attorney.  Read more here.


North Carolina and Federal Government Duel Over Bathroom Law.  The U.S. Department of Justice gave the state a deadline to withdraw the law.  North Carolina refused and filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that the federal intervention was a “baseless and blatant overreach” of its power.  Hours later, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced a federal lawsuit had been filed against the state.  Read more here.


More Than Fifty Families Sue Over Illinois High School Transgender Bathroom Policy.  A group of 51 families filed a federal lawsuit in an attempt to reverse the school’s new policy allowing transgender students to use their chosen bathrooms and locker rooms.  The families tried to work with the school to protect the privacy of all the students, but the school refused.  Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Now Offering Sex Change Services for Transgenders.  Planned Parenthood is no longer accepting reimbursements for providing fetal body parts to researchers and may need the money that could be made from providing hormones and counseling to transgendered individuals.  Read more here.


Texas Lt. Gov. Calls for Fort Worth School Superintendent to be Removed Over Bathroom Policy. Dan Patrick said Dr. Kent Scribner has placed his own political agenda ahead of the safety of more than 86,000 students by unilaterally adopting a policy that will allow transgender students to use the bathroom that coincides with their gender identity rather than their biological gender.  Read more here.


One Transgender’s Admitted Goal for Society Goes Beyond Bathrooms.  Riki Wilchins, a well-known LGBT rights activist has stated that the battle over bathrooms is really about eliminating the “heterobinary structure” including all distinctions between males and females.  Read more here.


Nebraska Institutes Transgender Policy for High School Athletes.  The state’s governing body for high school athletics adopted a policy that will allow transgender students, in some circumstances, to compete as a gender other than their gender at birth.  Read more here.


Pope Francis Says Sex Education Should Accept “Body as it was Created.”  The Pope rejected the modern “ideology of gender” denying transgender claims that differentiate biological sex and gender.  Read more here.


Public Debate over Bathroom Gender Wars  is Raging Across America.  Supporters see bathroom gender neutrality as critical to mainstreaming transgender adults and children who may feel uncomfortable in bathrooms assigned to a particular gender.  Critics see the new policies as threatening basic rights to privacy and safety, particularly of women and girls, who may now be exposed to predators lurking in bathrooms, taking advantage of laws that allow men to use women’s bathrooms at will without demonstrating transgender status.  Read more here.


White House Holds Conference on Gender Stereotypes and Toys.  The White House invited toy, media, and retail industry representatives along with parents, academics and activists to talk about ideas to break down gender stereotypes in young girls.  The purpose of the conference, called the “Conference on Helping our Children Explore, Learn, and Dream without Limits: Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes in Media and Toys” was to draw attention to the issue.  Read more here.


Obama Administration Considering Withholding Federal Funds from North Carolina Due to Transgender Bathroom Law.  Billions of dollars in federal aid for schools, highways and housing are potentially at stake.  The newly passed law prohibits local governments from passing nondiscrimination ordinances that go beyond state law.  Among other impacts, it would mean gender-confused individuals will have to use the bathrooms and facilities that correspond with their biological gender.  Read more here.


PayPal Cancels Plan for Facility in North Carolina Citing Transgender Law.  The online-payment company was planning an expansion but says the state law requiring individuals to use the bathrooms of their birth gender “perpetuates discrimination.”  The expansion would have created hundreds of jobs.  Read more here.