Past Newswire Headlines

Botswana Decriminalizes Homosexual Behavior. Three judges on Botswana’s High Court unanimously ruled that laws that impose up to seven years in prison are unconstitutional. The law banning homosexual behavior was enacted in 1965. Read more here.


U.S. VP Pence Defends State Department Decision to Disallow “Gay Pride” Flag on American Embassy Flagpoles. When asked about the policy, Vice President Pence said, “one flag should fly, and that’s the American flag – and I support that.” Read more here.


Trump Administration Bans Rainbow Flags Above U.S. Embassies. Requests from embassies across the world to fly the rainbow flag in recognition of LGBT “pride month” are being denied by the Trump administration. Flags can still be displayed elsewhere including on embassy walls and inside buildings. Read more here.


Boston Group Plans “Straight Pride” Parade. A group of Massachusetts conservatives is planning to hold the event in late summer to “spread awareness of issues impacting straights in Greater Boston and beyond.” Read more here.


San Marino Bans Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation. Citizens of the country voted on the ban in a referendum. The motion passed with 71.46 percent of the votes. Read more here.


Trump Supports “Pride Month” and Pledges to Overturn Laws Criminalizing Homosexuality Worldwide. President Donald Trump has asked the world to “stand with” same-sex attracted people in countries where homosexual conduct is illegal. Read more here.


Brazil’s Supreme Court Votes to Make “Homophobia” and “Transphobia” Crimes. Six of the 11 judges voted in favor of the measure and ruled that “homophobia” should be framed within the racism law until the country’s congress approves legislation specifically covering LGBT discrimination. Read more here.


Kenya High Court Upholds Law Criminalizing Homosexual Sex. The three judges rejected claims that the law violated the new constitution, which guarantees equality, dignity and privacy. Many African countries still enforce strict laws governing homosexuality. Read more here.


Target Stores Donate $100,000 To LGBT Nonprofit That Promotes Inclusive K-12 Schools. Target is donating the money to GLSEN, a pro-homosexual organization. The department store also offers clothing and accessories celebrating the homosexual lifestyle marketed to adults and children. Read more here.


U.S. House Passes LGBT Equality Act. The legislation, passed by a vote of 236 – 173, would extend civil rights protections to LGBT people by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


Federal Court Rules Christian Adoption Agency Can’t Reject Same-Sex Couples. A federal court says New York officials weren’t infringing on a Christian adoption agency’s religious freedom by requiring it to serve same-sex couples. An appeal is likely. Read more here.


White House Criticizes Equality Act but Stops Short of Veto Threat. The proposed legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity protections to federal civil rights law. A Trump administration official said “this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights.” Read more here.


PBS Kids’ Cartoon Features Homosexual Wedding. The season premiere of “Arthur,” the longest-running animated series for children in the U.S., depicted the marriage of Arthur the Aardvark’s teacher to another male. Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Non-Discrimination Law Covers Homosexual and Transgender Workers. The Supreme Court announced that it would decide whether the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees protections from workplace discrimination to homosexual and transgender people. The court will take up the cases of three individuals who claim they were fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


UK Teachers’ Union Calls for Compulsory Same-Sex Relationships Education in Schools. The National Education Union conference in Liverpool made the demand after protests over an “equality” program. Protesters said the program, “No Outsiders,” violates religious beliefs. Read more here.


Arizona Repeals Law Preventing Teachers from Discussing LGBTQ Issues in Health Classes. The law on the books since 1991 regulated HIV/AIDS instruction and prevented teachers from portraying homosexuality as a positive lifestyle. Read more here.


United Methodists in Conflict Over LGBT Policies. There have been disagreements in America’s largest mainline Protestant denomination for years over differences on same-sex marriage and ordination of LGBT pastors. Many believe a vote that took place in February in favor of the “Tradition Plan” that strengthened bans on LGBT-inclusive practices may prompt liberal congregations to split off. Read more here.


Israel’s Supreme Court Rules Adopted Child’s Birth Certificate Must List Two Parents of the Same Sex. The ruling by a three-judge panel came as a result of a lawsuit filed by a homosexual couple claiming discrimination. Read more here.


European Court Rules Russia Discriminated Against Homosexuals. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia discriminated against homosexuals by banning their rallies that the country considers as promoting homosexuality. Read more here.

Six-Year-Old Students Required to Write Love Letters in Homosexual Fairy Tale to Teach Diversity. A video shown by the BBC’s Radio Manchester shows the young students from Bewsey Lodge Primary School writing letters from one male story character to another male story character explaining why they should marry. Read more here.


LGBT Rights Groups Hail UN Chief Speech. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke to the UN LGBTI Core Group, which oversees homosexual rights globally. Activists said Guterres will need to follow up his words with actions. Read more here.


GLAAD Announces Award Category for Pro-LGBT Video Games. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation announced that at its annual awards show, a new award will be given for outstanding video game that includes LGBT content. Read more here.


Court Decriminalizes Sex Between Consenting Adult Males in Trinidad and Tobago. The ruling by a High Court judge said that sexual activity between consenting adults of the same sex should not be criminalized. Read more here.

Study Finds Therapies for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Are Effective. The study, “Effects of Therapy on Religious Men Who Have Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction,” published in The Linacre Quarterly, found that sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) improved the mental health of participants. Nearly 70 percent of respondents self-reported “some to much” reduction in their same-sex attraction and their behavior and an increase in their opposite-sex attraction and behavior. Read more here.


Survey Finds Most British Asians Think Same-Sex Relationships are Unacceptable. The ComRes poll found that less than half, 43 percent, of respondents thought same-sex relationships were acceptable. Read more here.


Disney Announces First Openly Homosexual Character in a Family Movie.  The character in “The Jungle Cruise,” will be played by a heterosexual actor, for which Disney is being criticized by some. Read more here.

Trump Administration Official Pledges to Stop Punishing Countries that Oppose Homosexuality. Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney said the U.S. will end the Obama-era practice of using aid to influence foreign nations’ policies on abortion and homosexuality. Read more here.


U.S. Senate Bill Introduced that Will Require Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data by 2030 Census. The Census Equality Act would require sexual orientation and gender identity questions to be added to forms for the census by 2030 and also added to the American Community Survey by 2020. Read more here.


Delaware Bans Therapy for Minors Who Have Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Gov. John Carney signed the law that will prohibit licensed mental health professionals from practicing sexual orientation change effort therapy on minors with unwanted same-sex attraction, even if they and their parents desire it. Delaware is the 14th state to outlaw the practice. Read more here.


Israel Supports Putting Two “Fathers” on Birth Certificates of Children Adopted by Homosexuals. In a state response to the High Court of Justice, the attorney general said that in cases when two men adopt a child together, they should both be registered as the fathers on the child’s birth certificate. However, the Interior Minister, whose ministry is responsible for documenting the population, holds that only one father should be registered. Read more here.

California Bill Banning Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Stalls in State Senate. The bill that some say is so broad that it will ban books on overcoming same-sex attraction cleared the California Assembly, but debate in the Senate has been delayed until early August. Read more here.


India Supreme Court May Decriminalize Homosexual Behavior. The law would legalize sexual relations between two consenting adults. One justice warned that such a ruling would legalize adult incestuous relationships. Read more here.


Study Finds Nearly Half of Homosexual Men Have Been Abused by Their Partner.The study published in the American Journal of Men’s Health found that among 160 homosexual male couples, 46 percent of the men reported “some form of intimate partner abuse” in just the past year. Read more here.


New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Outlawing Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill that will ban therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction, even if they and their parents want treatment. The bill also provides protection for individuals on the basis of gender identity in housing, employment and public accommodations. Read more here.


Alberta Judge Blocks Parents’ Bid for Right to Know if Children Join LGBT Clubs at School. Justice Johanna Kubik denied the application by parents to block Bill 24 that would make it illegal for schools to inform parents if their children join Gay-Straight Alliances. An appeal is being considered. Read more here.


UK Will Ban Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Under New Action Plan.Under the plan, the government will appoint a national LGBT health adviser and take measures to end the therapy that has helped many individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction. Read more here.


Maine Governor Vetoes Ban on Therapy For Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction and Gender Confusion. Gov. Paul LePage vetoed the bill that would have banned people from advertising, offering or administering the therapy to minors. Read more here.


Hong Kong Top Court Grants Visa Rights to Same-Sex Partners. The city’s Court of final Appeal issued the ruling that will pave the way for visas to be granted to same-sex spouses of LGBT expatriate workers in Asia’s biggest financial hub. Thirty-two banks and law firms issued a joint statement in support of the case. Read more here.


Indiana Veterans Hospital Replaces Military Flags with “Gay Pride” Flag. The Veterans Administration hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana temporarily replaced flags representing the branches of the military with the Gay Pride flag. The hospital claimed they were “flying the flag that represents and honors these veterans as a display of solidarity and respect for their service.” Read more here.


Maryland Becomes 11th State to Ban Therapy for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Gov. Larry Hogan signed the bill into law that prohibits licensed therapists from offering sexual orientation change effort therapy to minors. It does not restrict therapy given in church settings. Read more here.


Hawaii Bans Therapy for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Gov. David Ige signed a bill into law banning sexual orientation change effort therapy and therapy for gender identity issues for minor children. Hawaii is the 12th state to pass a similar bill banning the practice, though there is evidence that the therapy has helped some individuals. Read more here.


Wales to Overhaul Sex Ed Starting in Kindergarten to be “LGBT Inclusive.” The new curriculum will begin in 2022 and will be taught to all children from age five to 16 and will be embedded across the curriculum rather than taught as a separate subject. Read more here.


Illinois Senate Passes Bill Requiring LGBT History to be Taught in Schools. The bill will also require the use of “non-discriminatory” textbooks. The legislation will now go to the Illinois House for approval. Read more here.


Disney Unveils Rainbow Mickey Mouse Ears to Celebrate “Gay Pride.” All Disney parks will sell the iconic ears that will feature a version with rainbow stripes. Read more here.


California Assembly Votes to Ban Books on Treating Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction and Gender Dysphoria. Among other things, the legislation adds advertising or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts to the list of illegal “unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices undertaken by any person in a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer.” The bill moves to the California Senate for consideration. Read more here.


California School District Says Parents Can’t Opt Their Children Out of New LGBT Sex Ed. The new curriculum instructs students on abortion and homosexuality and provides a “sexual health toolkit” that offers tips on sex toys and high-risk sexual behaviors. The California law that mandates the material in the curriculum allows for parents to opt out, but the Orange County School District will not allow it. Read more here.


Increased Number of States Banning Sexual Orientation Change Effort Therapy. Despite scientific evidence showing that such therapy can help individuals who experience unwanted same-sex attraction, a record number of jurisdictions are making efforts to outlaw therapy for minors. Almost 50 bills in 24 states have been introduced. Read more here.


Washington State Bans Therapy for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction.Gov. Jay Inslee signed the bill that will penalize licensed therapists who treat minors even though research shows that some individuals can be helped with such therapy. Religious organizations are also prohibited from counseling. Read more here.


Therapy to Help Minor Children With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Will be Banned by the City of Milwaukee. The Milwaukee Common Council overwhelmingly approved the ban that will prevent minor children with gender confusion or unwanted same-sex attraction from obtaining fee-based therapy. The ordinance does not prohibit churches from counseling, preaching or speaking about the issue. Read more here.


Philadelphia Ends Partnership with Catholic Charities Foster Care Program Over LGBT Issues. Two faith-based agencies will no longer be able to place children in foster care because they refuse to place them with same-sex couples. Catholic Social Services placed 266 children in foster homes last year. Read more here.


Increasing Number of LGBT Candidates Running for Political Office in U.S. There are 48 LGBT candidates that have announced they are running in the state of Texas alone. One of the most high profile races will be in Maryland, where Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning, a male-to-female transgender and convicted felon, is running against Senator Ben Cardin for his seat in the United States Senate. Read more here.


Legislation in New Hampshire to Outlaw SOCE Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Fails. Lawmakers were unable to pass two bills that would have prohibited Sexual Orientation Change Effort (SOCE) Therapy for minors. SOCE has helped many individuals who experience unwanted same-sex attraction reorient to heterosexuality. Read more here.


European Court Rules Lesbian Woman Has No Right to Paternity Leave. Judges on the European Court of Human Rights ruled that a lesbian was not discriminated against when her application for paternity leave was denied. The case was brought by two French women in a civil partnership, one of whom applied for 11 days of paid paternity leave after her partner gave birth to a son. The application was denied at the time because terms of paternity leave referred to the “father” of the child. Read more here.


Georgetown University Approves LGBT-Only Dorm. Georgetown, a Jesuit university, has approved the new living space that is reserved exclusively for students interested in “exploring” gender and sexuality. According to vice-president of student affairs Todd Olson, the new LGBT campus housing “will provide a community space for discussion on gender and inclusion while upholding the Jesuit values of community in diversity and educating the whole person.” Read more here.


Italian Doctor Cleared of Defamation Charges Against Homosexuals. Dr. Silvana De Mari had been accused of defamation by homosexual activists after using social media to highlight the increasing health hazards and rise in sexually transmittable diseases among the homosexual community. Read more here.


Court Challenge Filed to Tampa Ordinance Banning Therapeutic Help for Individuals With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Liberty Counsel has filed the suit against the Florida city, which prohibits therapists from providing this proven therapy to minors and imposing heavy fines on violators. An increasing number of U.S. cities are adopting such bans, even though it is not clear that they have the authority to do so. Read more here.


New York City to Ban Change Therapy. The city council has overwhelmingly passed a city ordinance to prohibit licensed mental health practioners in the city from offering therapy that has been proven to be beneficial to many who suffer from unwanted same-sex attraction or the recognized mental disorder related to Gender Dysphoria. The ban applies to therapy for both minors and adults. The mayor is expected to sign the ordinance into law. Read more here.


Study Finds One in Nine American Men has Oral HPV. The study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine found that rates for oral human papillomavirus (HPV) infections are 11.5 percent of men and 3.2 percent of women. HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact and can cause throat, anus, penis, cervical and vaginal cancer. Read more here.


Florida County Rejects Ban on Therapy for Same-Sex Attracted or Gender-Confused Children. The Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners voted seven to four to reject a proposed ordinance that would have banned therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion. The proposal was rejected as a violation of free speech, religious exercise, and parental rights, as well as on the grounds that government should not be inserting itself between a client and a counselor. Read more here.


U.S. Department of Justice Says Law Doesn’t Apply to Sexual Orientation. The Justice Department has filed a brief in a federal discrimination case arguing that the word “sex” in Title VII does not protect employees based on their sexual preference. Read more here.


International Planned Parenthood Says Countries Must Provide LGBTI Assisted Reproductive Technologies. According to the Center for Family and Human Rights, at an event co-sponsored by International Planned Parenthood Federation, the organization stated that UN Member States must “provide viable options to assisted reproductive technologies for LGBTI people with parenting intentions” in order to comply with UN Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5. Read more here.


YouTube Bans “Gay Pride” Video Posted by Pro-Life Group Because it “Sexualizes Minors.” In order to draw attention to inappropriate activities during such events, the shocking video posted by LifeSiteNews showed a young girl waving a rainbow flag in front of a nearly nude male dancer during a “gay pride” celebration. YouTube quickly removed the video telling LifeSite that posting nudity or sexually provocative content especially involving minors is prohibited, yet such behavior is deemed acceptable by many who participate such events. Read more here.


Church of England Demands Ban on Sexual Orientation Change Effort Therapy.Despite evidence that shows the therapy is effective for some individuals who experience unwanted same-sex attraction, the church has called on the government to ban the therapy saying the practice had “no place in the modern world.” Read more here.


Cartoons Banned in Kenya for Homosexual Content. Kenya’s film and classification board called for the suspension of several U.S.-produced programs because of “disturbing content glorifying homosexual behavior” that were deemed not appropriate for children. Read more here.


Survey Finds Majority of Americans Believe LGBT Discrimination Exists in America.The findings from PRRI’s American Values Atlas showed while perceptions varied broadly by political affiliation and race, on average, 62 percent of Americans believe transgenders face discrimination and 58 percent believe homosexuals and lesbians experience discrimination. Read more here.


Sesame Street Celebrates LGBT During “Gay Pride” Month. The children’s show announced its support for the LGBT movement with a display of puppets in rainbow colors and a tweet stating “Sesame Street is proud to support families of all shapes, sizes, and colors.” Read more here.


Complaint Filed Against LGBT Activist Groups for Engaging in Deceptive Acts with Regard to SOCE Therapy. More than 60 licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians, who treat patients with unwanted same-sex attraction, along with more than 1,000 clients and their families, and pro-family groups filed a complaint with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission denouncing the “lies, deception, and fraud” of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. According to the complaint, these activist organizations have knowingly made numerous false claims and provided fraudulent testimony about Sexual Orientation Change Effort therapy. Read more here.


West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Rules Sexual Orientation Not Protected Under State Hate Crime Law. In the 3-2 decision the court ruled that the word “sex” has ambiguous meaning, therefore, it is unclear if the law protects individuals on the basis of sexual orientation. Read more here.


LGBT Rights Group Attacks Prominent Psychiatrist. Human Rights Campaign has launched a website attacking Dr. Paul McHugh, a world-renowned mental health expert who speaks out against radical gender ideology. Read more here.


Despite Huge Financial Losses, Target Stores Promote “Gay Pride” Products. For the second year, Target stores are selling the “Take Pride” line of products promoting homosexuality. The company experienced major financial losses after a boycott was launched following the announcement of their transgender bathroom policy. Read more here.


Connecticut Bans Therapy for Children with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Gov. Dannel Malloy signed the bill into law making Connecticut the sixth state in the U.S. to ban sexual orientation change effort (SOCE) therapy for minor children who desire to eliminate feelings of unwanted same-sex attraction. Read more here.


Colorado Senate Votes Down Sexual Orientation Change Effort Therapy Ban. For the third year in a row, Colorado lawmakers stopped a bill that would have prevented mental health professionals from treating minors with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity issues. Read more here.


Nevada Governor Signs Bill Banning SOCE Therapy. Gov. Brian Sandoval signed the bill making Nevada the eighth state to prohibit Sexual Orientation Change Effort therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction. Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court Rejects SOCE Therapy Ban Challenge. The court turned away a challenge to California’s ban on Sexual Orientation Change Effort therapy. The California law was challenged by a Christian minister who asserted the law was a violation of religious rights. Read more here.


Report Shows Over 90 Percent of New U.S. HIV Diagnoses in Young Men Age 13 to 24. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014, homosexual and bisexual men aged 13 to 24 accounted for an estimated 92 percent of new HIV diagnoses among all men in their age group and 27 percent of new diagnoses among all gay and bisexual men. Read more here.


United Methodists to Hold Special Session on LGBTQ Inclusion. The church will hold a special session of its General Conference, the United Methodist Church’s top legislative body, to settle questions on LGBTQ inclusion. The body typically meets every four years. The special session is scheduled to meet in 2019. Read more here.


UK Teacher’s Union Demands Two-Year-Old Children be Taught about Homosexuality and Transgenderism. The National Union of Teachers (NUT) voted on a measure that would push “age-appropriate content that would include promotion of an LGBT curriculum through all phases of the state education.” Read more here.


Ireland Launches National LGBT Youth Strategy. The country is the first in the world to carry out a national plan that aims to address the challenges faced by LGBT youth. The program plans include consulting young people between the age of 15-24 about all aspects of their lives so as to provide key policy recommendations. Read more here.


New Mexico Bans SOCE Therapy for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction.The bill that will criminalize professional counseling that treats minor children to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction was signed into law by Gov. Susana Martinez. The law also prohibits any healthcare professional from helping boys and girls to accept their biological sex. Read more here.


Colorado SOCE Therapy Bill Defeated in Senate Committee. The bill that would have denied therapy for children with unwanted same-sex attraction or transgender psychological issues had previously passed the Colorado House. Read more here.


LGBTQ Advocates Demand 2020 U.S. Census Include Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. The National LGBTQ Taskforce has condemned the Trump administration’s decision to not require citizens to disclose their sexual identity when responding to the U.S census. Read more here.


U.S. Federal Appeals Court Rules Civil Rights Law Prohibits LGBT Discrimination.The decision by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects LGBT employees from workplace discrimination. The law does not mention sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


Canadian University President Supports Institute that Links Website for Kids to Graphic Homosexual Websites. University of Alberta president David Turpin praised the Institute for Sexual Minorities Studies and Services (ISMSS). The ISMSS created a government-funded website for children that links to sexually graphic homosexual websites. Read more here.


Polish Court Orders LGBT Activists to Apologize to Researcher They Called a “Homophobe.” The group, Pracownia Różnorodności, was ordered to publish an apology for defaming Dr. Paul Cameron, an American psychologist. Dr. Cameron publishes empirical research on homosexuality. Read more here.


Only a Small Number of UN Member States Preoccupied with Homosexuality. The Center for Family and Human Rights reports that the data show while there is universal preoccupation of UN treaty bodies with abortion, homosexual and gender identity issues, less than 25 countries regularly take up the matters. Read more here.


New Hampshire Bill to Ban SOCE is Dead for a Year. The bill, which had passed the Senate, was postponed for at least a year by a House panel on a 13-8 vote. The bill would have banned licensed therapists from providing help for adolescents who suffer from unwanted same-sex attraction or were victims of sexual abuse (which can lead to confusion about sexual orientation) and violated the right of parents to seek the best healthcare for their children. Read more here.


UN LGBT Czar Issues Telling Statement After First Country Visit to Argentina. Vitit Muntarbhorn, the newly appointed Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) spoke positively of laws in Argentina that recognize self-perceived gender identity, same-sex marriage, and that call for comprehensive sexuality education for children. Read more here.


U.S. College Tells Students that Saying “Homosexual” Is Offensive. Emmerson College in Boston, Massachusetts has published a series of “Guidelines for Inclusive Language” on it’s website. According to the college, only the words “gay” and “lesbian” should be used when describing someone who experiences same-sex attraction. The college also recommends using such “politically correct” terms as “artificial” instead of “manmade” and “workforce” instead of “manpower.” Read more here.


Italian Court Recognizes Homosexual Parents.  The Court of Appeal in Trento, Italy ruled that the homosexual partners should both be recognized as the legal fathers of two surrogate children.  The court said parental relationships should not be determined only by biology.  Read more here.


City Council Bans Sexual Orientation Change Effort Therapy. The Toledo, Ohio City Council unanimously approved banning the therapy that can help individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction. This is the first ban in the U.S. that prohibits individuals of all ages receiving this therapy rather than just minors, which is the group covered by previous state and local bans. Read more here.


UK Magistrate Given Formal Warning for Misconduct for Refusing to Hear Same-Sex Parenting Case.  The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office ordered disciplinary action against Susan Preston after she declined to adjudicate on a case “because of her personal views about same-sex couple parenting.”  Read more here.


New UN LGBT Expert Outlines Strategy.  During a consultation held at the UN in New York, the newly appointed UN Independent Expert on sexual orientation and gender identity, Vitit Muntarbhorn, said among other things that through education, children could be “born and bred from a young age” with the right attitudes toward sexual orientation and gender identity.  Read more here.


Switzerland Removes Ban on Homosexual Men Donating Blood.  Homosexual men who have been celibate for the past 12 months will now be allowed to donate blood.  The ban was initiated decades ago during the AIDS crisis, but medical groups argue that new diagnostic tools that can detect HIV/AIDS make a total ban unnecessary.  Read more here.


Proposal Announced by Church of England Would Mean Homosexual Clergy No Longer Required to Remain Celibate.  Under current rules homosexual clergy members promise to be sexually chaste.  The proposal announced by Church of England bishops may not pass the General Synod.  Read more here.


Judge Throws Out Louisiana Governor’s LGBTQ Executive Order.  The order issued by Gov. John Bel Edwards was intended to protect the rights of individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.  State District Judge Todd Hernandez ruled that the anti-discrimination order is unconstitutional because it seeks to create or expand state law.  Read more here.


Russia Blocks Language Thanking  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon for Advancing LGBT Rights.  The Security Council was planning on expressing gratitude to the outgoing Secretary-General for promoting homosexual rights during the ten years he was in office.  When Russia objected, the statement was changed, and there was no mention of LGBT rights.  Read more here.


Record Number of Children Adopted by LGBT Families in UK.  The number of children adopted by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) couples and individuals has reached record highs, about 10 percent, over the last 12 months, with over 480 children placed in the last year.  Read more here.


New Study Unable to Replicate Previous Study on Mortality of Sexual Minorities.  The new study by Mark Regnerus published in Social Science & Medicine found no effect of structural stigma on premature mortality of sexual minorities.  Read more here.


Malta Outlaws Sexual Orientation Change Effort Therapy.  Any counselor who seeks to help a client with same-sex attraction reorient to heterosexuality will be fined or sentenced to jail.  The bill affirms that no sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression constitutes a disorder, disease or shortcoming of any sort.  The Maltese Parliament also passed amendments that lower the age to change gender legally to 16.  Read more here.


LGBT Characters on U.S. Television at an All-Time High.  According to GLAAD there are a total of 278 LGBTQ characters in regular and recurring roles across all platforms including 16 transgender characters.  Read more here.


Human Rights Campaign Threatens Johns Hopkins University Over Study.  The LGBT activist group told the University to denounce a meta-analysis by Dr. Lawrence Mayer and Dr. Paul McHugh that confirmed that there is no scientific evidence that supports the “born that way” theory of same-sex attraction.  HRC said there will be “consequences” if the university does not distance itself from the study.  Read more here.


Alberta Teacher’s Union Urges Students to Promote LGBT Rights.  The union’s resource “Prism Toolkit for safe and caring discussions” is intended for use in Grades 7 to 12.  The publication recommends staging “drag” shows in schools, referring to students as “comrades” rather than “boys” and “girls,” and having students take part in letter-writing campaigns to advocate LGBTQ rights internationally.  Read more here.


Obama National Security Advisor Reviews U.S. Policies to Promote LGBT “Rights.”  Susan Rice explained how U.S. embassies and agencies operating abroad were directed to promote the LGBT agenda, as well as other tactics such as opposing policies and proposed legislation in a number of countries that it deemed “anti-LGBT” and threatening to reduce or withdraw foreign aid to pressure countries into adopting more pro-LGBT policies.  Read more here.


UK Couple Blocked from Adoption for Expressing Concern About Same-Sex Adoptive Couple.  The heterosexual couple has been raising two foster children, and when they voiced an opinion against the children being adopted by a same-sex couple, they were told that their views about same-sex parenting were “concerning” and “could be detrimental to the long-term needs of the children.”  Read more here.


Homosexual Rights Activists Sue Utah Over Education Standards.  In the first lawsuit of its kind, the homosexual activist group Equality Utah sued the state’s education office challenging the provision in state law that bars instruction that “advocates homosexuality.”  Read more here.


New Atlantis Journal Editors Defend Authors of Homosexuality Study.  Following the meta-analysis of research that concluded that “some of the most frequently heard claims about sexuality and gender are not supported by scientific evidence”  published by the journal in August, authors Dr. Lawrence Mayer and Dr. Paul McHugh have received an onslaught of criticism. The journal editors presented a very effective counter to the criticisms that have been leveled by homosexual and transgender activists.   Read more here.


Belarus Leads Group of Nations Blocking LGBT Rights in UN Plan.  The group of up to 17 countries is opposed to the UN’s “New Urban Agenda” that includes language about homosexual rights.  Read more here.


Conference Discussing LGBT Issues to be Simulcast this Weekend.  The second Stand4Truth conference to be held in Houston, Texas on October 28th and 29th will be simulcast worldwide starting at 1:00 p.m. local time on the 28th and 9:00 a.m. on the 29th.  The conference will feature a number of outstanding speakers, including Dr. Christopher Rosik, past president of the Alliance for Thereupertic Choice and Scientific Intergrity.  Matt Staver, head of Liberty Counsel and David Pickup who is a leader in the coalition opposing state therapy bans will also speak.  Read more here.


Critical Analysis Challenges Claims of “No Differences” for Children Raised by Homosexual Couples.  It is widely claimed by homosexual activists that research shows there is no difference in outcomes between children raised by homosexual couples and those raised by heterosexual couples.  However, in a critical analysis of this research, Dr. Walter Schumm finds so many problems with the research that he concludes it cannot support this statement.  He notes that some solid studies show significant differences and says more high quality research is necessary.  Read more here.


UN Appoints First LGBT Czar.  Law professor Vitit Muntarbhorn has been appointed by the Human Rights Council as the first independent expert charged with investigating violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  Muntarbhorn co-chaired a meeting of liberal lawyers and other activist academics that  developed the highly controversial Yogyakarta Principles.  Read more here.


APA Researcher Admits Homosexuals Aren’t “Born that Way.”  Lisa Diamond, a lesbian activist and top researcher with the American Psychological Association (APA) has acknowledged that sexual orientation is “fluid” and not unchangeable.  Diamond has told LGBT activists to stop promoting the “born that way” myth.  Read more here.


“Ex-Gays Prove Change is Possible” Billboards Spark Controversy in Texas.  The billboards in Waco, Texas will be removed when the contract with the nonprofit organization Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX) expires.  The founder of an activist group complained to the billboard owner about the message.  Read more here.


UN General Assembly to Vote on Controversial LGBT Appointment in November.  The General Assembly must decide whether to approve a controversial new UN independent expert to enforce special new rights based on the sexual preference and behavior of individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT).  The post was established through a resolution passed by the Human Rights Council in June.  Read more here.


Northern Ireland Lifts Lifetime Ban on Homosexual Blood Donation.  The decision to lift the ban came after a series of court battles and following a long campaign by homosexual rights activists.  Now homosexual men may donate blood if they have not had homosexual relations in the previous 12 months.  Read more here.


Homosexual Anglican Priests Urge Bishops to Take Lead on Inclusion.  Fourteen Church of England priests who have married their same-sex partners have signed a letter to bishops asking them to take the church forward in its stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriage.  Read more here.


Study Finds Homosexual and Bisexual Teens More Likely to Engage in High-Risk Behavior.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control released statistics showing LGB teenagers experience more relationship abuse and are more likely to use drugs and alcohol.  Read more here.


Landmark Report Shows Many of the Political and Social Claims About Sexuality and Gender Are Not Backed by Science.  The report titled “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological and Social Sciences” published in the journal The New Atlantis was written by Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer and noted psychiatrist Dr. Paul R. McHugh.  It focuses on the higher rates of mental and physical health problems among LGBT populations.  Read more here.


Belize Supreme Court Rules Laws Criminalizing Homosexual Behavior are Unconstitutional.  Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin found that the law prohibiting consensual same-sex relations was a violation of the guarantee of dignity, personal privacy and equality.  Read more here.


Gay and Bisexual Men are Almost Two Percent of U.S. Population but 55 Percent of Those Living with HIV.  According to new data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, although the rate of HIV diagnoses have decreased 19 percent, infections among homosexual and bisexual men have increased.  Read more here.


Activist Group Recommends Adding LGBTQ Math Problems in Schools.  The Human Rights Campaign, a sexual rights activist organization, has released back-to-school tips for educators that include introducing LGBTQ topics into math word problems and “checking in on each other’s pronouns twice a year” to increase accountability.  Read more here.


More Than 15 Percent of Washington D.C. Students Identify as LGBQ.  According to a school district official, out of almost 50,000 middle school and high schools students in 110 schools, over 15 percent identify as either homosexual, bisexual or “questioning.”  Read more here.


Seattle Bans Therapy for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction.  Despite scientific evidence showing that some same-sex attracted individuals can reorient to heterosexuality, the Seattle City Council voted unanimously to prohibit mental-health professionals from treating minors with unwanted same-sex attraction.  Read more here.


Dutch Christian Charity Funding Cut Over Opposition to Homosexual Behavior.  The Netherlands’ ruling Party for Freedom and Democracy argued the charity, which encourages celibacy for same-sex attracted Christians, sent out the wrong message, and funding was removed.  Read more here.


Scottish Council to Encourage Children to Think if They are Homosexual or Transgender. Localities in Scotland will be carrying out the Named Person Scheme that assigns a non-parental adult to each child to oversee the child’s development.  North Ayrshire has published a guidebook with information that includes telling children that it is “a normal, healthy part of human life [to be] attracted to boys, girls or both,” and teens are told they should expect to become “preoccupied by sex.”  Read more here.


Nickelodeon Includes First Same-Sex Couple in Children’s Cartoon.  The animated Nickelodeon series “The Loud House” will feature an interracial same-sex couple that brings their child over to a sleepover.  Read more here.


California Students to Learn More LGBT History in Schools.  The California State Board of Education voted to include the study of the contributions of minority groups, including “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.”  Instruction will begin in fourth grade.  Read more here.


Court Rules Christian Law School Can be Denied Accreditation Over Biblical Stance on Homosexuality. The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that Trinity Western University’s “community covenant,” which, among other things, prohibits homosexual behavior, discriminates against LGBT people and that the Law Society of Upper Canada was justified in denying accreditation to the school.  Read more here.


STD Rates Rising in England Among Homosexual Men.  According to data from Public Health England, between 2012 and 2015, cases of syphilis increased by 76 percent and gonorrhea infections rose by 53 percent.  Read more here.


Canada Reduces Waiting Time for Homosexual Men Who Donate Blood.  The new regulation announced by Health Canada will allow men who have not had sex with another man in the past year to donate.  Currently, men who have had sex with men, even once, within the past five years are prohibited from donating blood. Read more here.


Judge Rules Christian Dating Website Must Now Include Homosexuals. an online dating service for Christian singles, has been ordered to include people who want to seek out same-sex relationships through their website.  Two homosexual men filed lawsuits claiming the site violated California’s anti-discrimination law.  Read more here.


Study Finds Homosexuals Have Greater Physical and Mental Health Risks than Heterosexuals. The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that homosexuals  “were more likely to report impaired physical and mental health, heavy alcohol consumption, and heavy cigarette use.”  Lesbians were found to be 91 percent more likely to have “poor” or “fair” health and 51 percent more likely to have multiple chronic conditions compared to heterosexual women.  Read more here.


India Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Challenge on Homosexual Sex Ban.  The law criminalizes homosexual relations.  The court has argued previously that only parliament has the power to change the law.  Read more here.


LGBT Groups Seek to Entrench Agenda at the UN.  The UN Human Rights Council has become a forum for agendas that now include LGBT issues.  At the most recent session a highly controversial resolution was adopted that establishes an “independent expert” to monitor and promote sexual orientation and gender identity issues worldwide.  Read more here.


European Union Member States Agree to Push LGBTI Cause Across Europe.  The unanimous decision of EU countries will result in the promotion of the homosexual activist cause across Europe, monitor LGBT rights in European countries, and “combat discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.”  Read more here.


Man In Belgium Wants to be Euthanized Because of His Sexuality.  Euthanasia is legal in Belgium, and a 39-year-old man claims he is enduring extreme psychological suffering because he is a homosexual and he is attracted to young men and adolescent boys.  Read more here.


Jamaica Attorney General Says Homosexual Flag at U.S. Embassy is Disrespectful.  The rainbow flag was flown at the U.S. Embassy following the massacre at an Orlando nightclub.  While condemning the shooting, the attorney general said the act by the embassy was an affront to Jamaica’s anti-sodomy laws.  Read more here.


Survey Shows Number of Americans Who Have Experimented with Homosexuality Doubled in Past 24 years.  According to the National Opinion Research Center’s General Social Survey,  in 1973, 4.25 percent of  Americans had engaged in homosexual acts.  By 2014 the number was 8.5 percent.  Read more here.


Toronto Homosexual Rights Activists Taught How to Work Around Parents With Traditional Beliefs.  Ken Jeffers of the Toronto District School Board gender-based violence prevention office told a group of educators at a conference that requests from parents who wish their children be withdrawn from discussions on LGBT issues “cannot be honored” and that all provincial boards are required to “embed diversity education every day in schools.”  Read more here.


Canadian Prime Minister First to Raise Homosexual Flag On Parliament Hill.  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hoisted the rainbow flag at an event to celebrate the month of June as World Pride Month.  The Prime Minister called it a “great day for Canada.”  Read more here.


Vermont Bans Sexual Orientation Change Effort Therapy.  Despite scientific evidence showing that some individuals can change their sexual orientation with SOCE therapy, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed the bill into law that will ban the therapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attraction even if they and their parents want it.  Read more here.


Massachusetts Music Teachers Told to Integrate LGBT Agenda into Their Classes.  Citing the work of Alfred Kinsey as support, an article published by the Massachusetts Music Educators Association suggests public school music teachers must include homosexual composers, change words of heterosexual song lyrics, use gender-neutral pronouns, and incorporate other strategies to provide “LGBTQ-friendly” classrooms.  Read more here.


Homosexual U.S. Ambassador Marks  “International Anti-Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia Day.”  U.S. Ambassador to Australia John Berry spoke in a video message commending efforts to secure “rights” for LGBT individuals worldwide.  Events acknowledging the day were held on May 17th in more than 130 countries.  Read more here.


Homosexual Pastor Admits He Lied about “Hate Cake.”  Jordan Brown claimed the cake he ordered from Whole Foods had a derogatory slur added to the words “Love Wins.”  He filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods, and the company subsequently released a security video showing Brown picking up the cake from the store with nothing offensive visible on the cake.  Read more here.


U.S. Senate Confirms First Openly Homosexual Armed Services Secretary.  The Senate confirmed the nomination of Eric Fanning to the position of Army Secretary.  Obama nominated Fanning to the position eight months ago.  Read more here.


Proposed Law Would Allow Same-Sex Couples  to Adopt in Ireland.  The bill that has been published but not yet enacted will allow couples to adopt regardless of marital status.  Activists are claiming the bill helps prioritize the rights and needs of children.  Read more here.


U.S. Lawmakers Urge “Expanded Data Collection” on LGBT Individuals.  A letter to a House subcommittee recommending that the U.S. Census Bureau begin surveying the population on gender identity and sexual orientation has been signed by 78 members of Congress.  The data would enable government to more effectively regulate and legislate on LGBT Issues.  Read more here.


California Teachers Unions Force Nonmembers to Pay for LGBT Political Activism.  Under a category called “human rights,” both the National Education Association and the California Teachers Association require nonunion teachers to finance LGBT leadership training and other political goals.  Unions charged  millions of dollars in “human rights” costs to nonunion teachers and members.  Read more here.


CDC Reports 1.4 Million Cases of Chlamydia in 2014 is “Highest Number of Annual Cases Of Any Condition Ever Reported.”  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s “2014 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Surveillance” shows dramatic increases in the number of Americans infected with STDs.  Increases were also seen in reported cases of gonorrhea and syphilis.  Read more here.


Syphilis Rates Among Homosexual Men in U.S. at Highest Levels Since Before Start Of HIV Epidemic.  Gail Bolan, an official from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, spoke on Capitol Hill at an event to raise money to fight the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases.  Read more here.


Explicit Sex-Ed Book Causes Controversy at Oregon Elementary School.  The book, “It’s Perfectly Normal,” contains graphic drawings depicting sexual acts and masturbation.  The book was shown to fourth-grade students, some as young as nine years old.  Read more here.


Study Released on Pornography in the Digital Age.  The study titled, “The Porn Phenomenon,” released by the Barna Research Group assesses Americans’ views on and use of pornography.  The digital age has contributed to pornography becoming far more widely accessible than ever before.  Read more here.


CDC Reports First Male-to-Male Zika Transmission.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the sexual transmission of the mosquito-borne virus.  The virus can cause birth defects when contracted by pregnant women.  Read more here.


LGBTQ Activists Tell Hollywood “Our strategy is you: The entertainment industry.”  At the 27th Annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLADD) Media Awards, homosexual rights activists admitted their strategy to influence Americans to accept homosexuality was through the use of television, movies, and mainstream news.  Read more here.


Colorado Preschooler Expelled After Parents Object to Sexuality and Gender Diversity Teaching. The parents of the 4-year-old preschool student raised questions about books read in the class, including books that told the stories about same-sex couples and worms unsure about their gender.  The student’s mother felt it was sex education and wanted to opt her child out of the instruction but was told by the school that the stories were part of the anti-bias curriculum, and because the discussions are embedded through the day, opting out was not possible.  Read more here.


University Threatens to Fire Professor for Criticizing a Faculty Member Who Allegedly Silenced Student Who Opposed Same-Sex Marriage.  The teaching assistant at Marquette University prevented a student from sharing his views against same-sex marriage in a “Theory of Ethics” class and suggested he drop the class.  When another professor published a blog post criticizing the assistant, the University suspended him without pay.  Read more here.


World’s Largest Psychiatrist Organization Condemns Treatment For Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction.  The World Psychiatric Association has joined other national psychotherapy bodies in Europe and North America in condemning any psychotherapies claiming to reduce or eliminate homosexual attraction in clients.  Some say the statement represents a political position unsupported by science, as research and clinical experience shows that many individuals can and do change their sexual orientation.  Read more here.


North Carolina Governor Signs Bill Overturning City Transgender Ordinance.  Governor Pat McCrory signed the measure that was previously passed by the North Carolina General Assembly.  The bill not only invalidates the city of Charlotte’s ordinance that allowed individuals to use the restrooms and public facilities designated for the gender opposite their birth gender, but the bill will also prevent every city from passing such ordinances.  Read more here.


North Carolina Attorney General Refuses to Defend New Transgender Law.  Attorney General Roy Cooper said that the law that requires individuals to use the bathroom of their birth gender is a “national embarrassment,” and he will not defend the new law against a federal challenge from homosexual rights activists. Governor Pat McCrory responded by saying Cooper “can’t select which laws he will defend and which laws are politically expedient to refuse to defend.” Read more  here.


Australia ‘Safe Schools’ Leader Admits Program is About LGBT Activism. Undercover video recorded at the 2014 Safe Schools Coalition National Symposium has revealed that the program is not about bullying. The video shows the coordinator of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria saying that the program is about supporting gender and sexual diversity. Read more here.


North Carolina General Assembly Blocks Bathroom Bills. The General Assembly held a special session and approved legislation that prevents cities and counties from passing their own anti-discrimination rules. The measure would prevent ordinances that would allow people to use restrooms and other public accommodations on the basis of claimed gender identity. Read more here.


Catholic Church in Michigan may Expand Health Care to Same-Sex Couples. The Michigan Catholic Conference is making changes to its health care to include legally domiciled adults, meaning those who are above 18, have lived with the employee for at least six months, and are financially interdependent with the employee. Read more here.


U.S. Bill Introduced that Would Allow Homosexual ‘Partner’ Overseas to be Deemed a ‘Spouse’ for Immigration Purposes. The Reuniting Families Act (RFA) would allow homosexuals in the United States to petition to bring their “spouse,” even if not legally married, to the U.S. from countries that do not allow same-sex marriage. Read more here.


Pro-Life Researchers Refute Study Claiming Only 48 Percent of Teens Identify as Straight. A new poll that alleges only 48 percent of youth aged 13 to 20 are exclusively heterosexual is being dismissed by several experts on sexuality and gender. Catholic University of America professor Dr. Paul Sullins said the numbers were based on a small marketing survey and were not convincing. He also noted that “the standards for marketing research are generally looser than for academic research.” Read more here.


American College of Pediatricians Issues Statement Saying Gender Ideology Harms Children. The position statement titled, “Gender Ideology Harms Children,” will be followed by a peer-reviewed statement on the subject to be released in several months. The statement says, “The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex.” Read more here. Read the statement here.


Seattle Mayor Issues Executive Order on Transgender Rights. The mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, signed the executive order in response to the state Senate’s vote against a bathroom bill that would have allowed transgenders to use public bathrooms and other facilities of the gender with which they identify rather than their biological gender. Under the order, Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights will develop “culturally relevant trainings and guidelines” for city staff members. Read more here.


Utah Passes Resolution Calling Pornography a ‘Public Health Crisis.’ The Utah House of Representatives unanimously passed a resolution calling pornography “a public health hazard leading to a broad spectrum of individual and public health impacts and societal harms.” The resolution was passed by the Utah Senate in January, and the governor is expected to sign it. While nonbinding, the resolution will hopefully raise awareness of the harms of pornography. Read more here.


Employers Fight Rule that Could Broaden Transgender Rights. Large companies are pushing back against proposed federal rules they say would require their medical plans to cover gender transition and other services under the nondiscrimination mandate of the Obamacare law. An increasing number of large employers are voluntarily covering transgender treatment, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Read more here.


Coalition Urges Parents to Keep Their Children Home on GLSEN-sponsored ‘Day of Silence.’According to the GLSEN website, “Day of Silence,” sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, is a student-led national event that brings attention to LGBT issues. A coalition of pro-life, pro-family organizations has prepared a response for parents who are opposed to groups that hijack the classroom for political purposes. Read more here.