Older Articles on Human Sexuality


NYT Promotes a Pro-LGBT Handel’s ‘Messiah.’ The New York Times posted a complimentary story of a rendition of Handel’s Messiah, called Messiah: Complex, which shows an LGBT “pride” flag, an LGBT “pride” crosswalk, and other LGBT imagery. Read more here.


Rights Groups Condemn Hungarian Laws on the Family. Human rights groups condemned a new Hungarian law that effectively bans adoption for same-sex couples and applies a Christian conservative viewpoint to the legal definition of a family. Read more here.


Hundreds of Religious Leaders Call for Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy.’ More than 370 religious leaders from around the world are calling for a ban on “conversion therapy,” while other religious figures said a ban could risk criminalizing pastors. Read more here.


Multifaith Group Attacks Biblical Sexual Ethics, Biological Sex. LGBT activist and General Synod member Jayne Ozanne has joined forces with members of other faiths in a campaign to challenge biblical teachings on sexual ethics and biological sex. Read more here.


Marvel Confirms Star-Lord is Bisexual. According to Marvel Comics, the popular “Guardians of the Galaxy” character Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star-Lord) is a polyamorous bisexual. Read more here.


LGBT Activists Issue List of Demands From Biden. Thirty prominent groups have banded together and issued a 51-page list of demands to insist that the Biden administration put the LGBT agenda at the center of its foreign policy. Read more here.


Victoria’s Conversion Therapy Bill a ‘Dramatic Overreach of the State.’ A bill seeking to ban so-called conversion therapy for sexual orientation or gender identity in the Australian state of Victoria dangerously oversteps the bounds of protecting people from coercive practices, the Archbishop of Melbourne said. Read more here.


Boca Raton, Palm Beach Attempt to Revive FL Counseling Ban. The City of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County are seeking a rehearing from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals which struck down laws that ban counselors from providing minor clients with help to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or gender confusion. Read more here.


Concerns Raised About Study Claiming ‘Nearly Half’ of LGBT Americans Are Religious. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Al Mohler has questioned the validity of a study claiming that “nearly half” of LGBT-identified Americans are religious. Read more here.


Appeal Claims Board Illegally Retried Catholic Trustee to Appease LGBTQ Activists. Embattled trustee Michael Del Grande has appealed the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s decision to retry him on the code of conduct complaints he was cleared of in the summer. Read more here.


Canadians Protest Bill to Ban ‘Conversion Therapy.’ Campaign Life Coalition held a rally in front of the Canadian parliament to stop radical new anti-family legislation seeking to ban “conversion therapy.” Read more here.


New Progressive Methodist Denomination Formed Before Possible UMC Schism Over LGBT Issues. A group of theologically progressive United Methodists and others have formed a new denomination in advance of an expected division within the United Methodist Church over LGBT issues. Read more here.


Victoria to Ban ‘Conversion Therapy.’ The Victorian government will introduce legislation to outlaw “conversion therapy,” with fines of close to $10,000 or up to 10 years in jail. Read more here.


Nasdaq Wants to Require Sexual Identity Diversity Quotas for Corporate Boards. Nasdaq, the second-largest U.S. stock exchange, filed a proposal with the Securities and Exchange Commission that would mandate listed companies to have a minimum of two “diverse directors,” including one who “self-identifies as female and one who self-identifies as either an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ+.” Read more here.


EU Commissars to Crack Down on ‘Homophobia.’ The European Commission announced that it wants to make “hate speech” and “hate crimes” EU crimes by 2021 and to impose mutual recognition of “rainbow families” across the European Union by 2022. Read more here.


SCOTUS Could Review Indiana Case on ‘Parenthood’ of Homosexual Couples. The U.S. Supreme Court might be positioning itself to hear the Indiana case of eight lesbian couples who used sperm donors to have children and are fighting the state to have both partners be recognized as “parents” on birth certificates. Read more here.


Hallmark Channel Releases First LGBTQ Holiday Movie. The Hallmark Channel released The Christmas House, its first holiday film featuring a same-sex couple as its main characters. Read more here.


Drag Queen Promotes LGBT Agenda to Kids on CBBC. A drag queen has promoted the LGBT agenda to kids while presenting on a CBBC program which provides lessons for children who may have missed school due to COVID-19. Read more here.


Perth Establishes LGBTQ Advisory Group. Perth councilors have voted to establish an LGBTQ advisory group to provide insight and direction to the City of Perth but declined a staff suggestion to expand the body to include other diverse communities such as migrants, youth and seniors. Read more here.


Appeals Court Strikes Down Florida Counseling Ban. A three-judge panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals struck down laws that ban counselors from providing minor clients with help to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or gender confusion. Read more here.


Trudeau Govt Introduces Bill to Force Online Media Companies to Push ‘Diverse’ Content. Justin Trudeau’s government has introduced a bill which, if it becomes law, will require broadcasters to include content from Canadians of different “sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and ages.” Read more here.


EU Unveils First Plan to Address LGBT ‘Rights.’ The European Union’s executive arm, the European Commission, unveiled a plan to extend the list of crimes in Europe to cover “homophobic hate speech” and propose new laws to guarantee that same-sex parenthood will be recognized across the 27 member nations. Read more here.


Toronto Catholic School Trustee Fights Back Against LGBTQ Lobby. Toronto Catholic school trustee Michael Del Grande is launching an appeal after eight Toronto Catholic District School Board trustees voted to revisit code of conduct complaints of which he was cleared in August. Read more here.


Top Dictionary Changes Definitions for ‘Man’ and ‘Woman.’ Publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary have modified the definition of dozens of words after a gender diversity review, including “woman” and “man.” Read more here.


Christian Councilor Cleared After Refusing to Back Pride Event. A Christian councilor has been cleared of any wrongdoing for opposing the use of public money to promote LGBT ideology. Read more here.


Bible’s Teaching on Sexual Ethics ‘Homophobic,’ Says LGBT Activist. LGBT activist Jayne Ozanne has accused the Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union of homophobia for affirming the Bible’s teaching on sexual morality. Read more here.


Christian Ministry to Sue Bank Over Dropping Account. Core Issues Trust plans to file legal action against Barclays Bank for its decision to close the ministry’s account because they offer therapy to individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction. Read more here.


Survey Shows Americans Broadly Supportive of ‘LGBTQ Rights.’ Research done by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that the vast majority of Americans approve of same-sex marriage and LGBTQ non-discrimination laws. Read more here.


New Documentary Explores Promise of ‘Conversion Therapy.’ Titled “Censored,” a newly released documentary explores the many aspects of what is popularly called “conversion therapy,” which aims to resolve youth traumas that are often at the root of same-sex attraction. Read more here.


UK Public Bodies Paying Thousands to Join Stonewall’s Pro-LGBT Movement. Approximately 250 public bodies, including government departments, police forces and local councils, have joined Stonewall’s ‘Diversity Champions’ program which rewards employers who promote LGBT ideology. Read more here.


Parents’ Challenge to School’s LGBT Non-Discrimination Rules Dismissed for Lack of Standing. In Reynolds v. Talberg, a Michigan federal district court dismissed, primarily for lack of standing, the parents’ challenge to a school district’s policies that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Read more here.


Biden Pledges Passage and ‘Full Enforcement’ of LGBT Equality Act in His First 100 Days. U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told the Philadelphia Gay News that he wants to see the Equality Act passed and signed into law during his first 100 days in office and that he will direct his cabinet to “ensure immediate and full enforcement of the Equality Act across all federal departments and agencies.” Read more here.


BBC ‘No Bias’ Rules Prevent Staff Joining LGBT Pride Marches. BBC journalists have been told that new rules on impartiality mean they may no longer be able to go on LGBT pride marches, even in a personal capacity, in case their presence is taken as a sign of political bias. Read more here.


Maryland Counseling Ban in Appeals Court. Liberty Counsel will present oral argument to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals asking it to reverse the district judge’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction against Maryland’s harmful counseling ban. Read more here.


U.S. Senator Says LGBTQ Rights Are at Risk With Barrett Confirmation. Sen. Mazie Hirono gave a speech on the Senate floor saying that confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court would put the “rights” of LGBTQ Americans at risk. Read more here.


UK Census to Ask About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Data on the proportion of the population that is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender will be gathered for the first time in the UK during next year’s census, with members of the public asked to provide information about their sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here.


First-Ever Survey of Sexuality and Gender Identity of Episcopal Clergy Underway. The Episcopal Church’s Church Pension Group is encouraging all active and retired clergy to log on to the profiles and add their race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation. Read more here.


Bill Offering LGBT Protections in Italy Spurs Rallies on Both Sides. Protesters turned out for rival demonstrations on a bill that would make violence against LGBT-identified persons a hate crime carrying harsher penalties than under current law. Read more here.


Biden Again Pledges to Sign Equality Act. U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pledged again to sign the Equality Act, which would make “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” protected characteristics under federal anti-discrimination law. Read more here.


LGBT Groups in Japan Launch Petition Seeking Equality Law. Human rights activists launched a petition calling for an LGBT equality law in Japan in hopes that it can be enacted next year when the country is to host the Olympics and will be the focus of international attention. Read more here.


Belize Equal Opportunities Bill Withdrawn. A bill purporting to secure equality and anti-discrimination in Belize was withdrawn after Catholic leaders raised objections to the bill’s treatment of sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here.


MEPs Call for Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy.’ More than sixty Members of the European Parliament have signed a letter to three European Commissioners, demanding a Europe-wide ban on so-called “conversion therapy” practices. Read more here.


Effort to Bar LGBTQ Discrimination Moves Ahead in Michigan. A ballot drive has turned in more than 483,000 signatures for an initiative to prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ people in Michigan by amending the state’s civil rights law. Read more here.


Senator Scolds U.S Supreme Court Nominee for Using ‘Anti-LGBT’ Term ‘Sexual Preference.’ Sen. Mazie Hirono chastised Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for using the term “sexual preference,” claiming that the words are “offensive.” Read more here.


Merriam-Webster Changes Definition of ‘Sexual Preference.’ The Merriam-Webster dictionary changed its definition of “sexual preference” to include the word “offensive” when used to describe sexual orientation as Democrats slammed Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett for using the term. Read more here.


Record Number of LGBT+ Candidates Set to Run in U.S. Election. The LGBTQ Victory Fund reports that at least 574 openly LGBT+ candidates will appear on the ballot for the November 3 election. Read more here.


Oreo Releases Rainbow Cookie Celebrating LGBTQ+ Allyship. Oreo has released the first-of-its-kind Limited Edition Oreo Rainbow Cookies “in celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month.” Read more here.


Hungarian Govt Calls Children’s Book ‘Homosexual Propaganda.’ Hungary’s nationalist government condemned a book of modern fairy tales for children published by a lesbian group as “homosexual propaganda” and said it should be banned. Read more here.


Facebook Removes Page for Those Struggling with Unwanted Homosexuality. Facebook recently shut down the entire page of Restored Hope Network, a coalition of ministries, therapists and pastors who offer Christian help and support for those struggling with unwanted homosexual and transgender desires, actions and identities. Read more here.


California Rolls Out Diversity Quotas for Corporate Boards. Hundreds of California-based corporations must have directors from racial or sexual minorities on their boards under a first-in-the-nation bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read more here.


Trudeau Govt Reintroduces Bill Criminalizing Help for Unwanted LGBT Inclinations. Justin Trudeau’s government reintroduced a bill making it a crime punishable by five years in jail to help minors overcome same-sex attraction or gender confusion, or to remove them from Canada to seek such help. Read more here.


Poland Rejects Int’l Criticism Over LGBT Rights. Polish leaders rejected suggestions that LGBT people are deprived of any of their rights in the country, after an open letter from 50 ambassadors and international representatives cited a need to work for “non-discrimination, tolerance and mutual acceptance.” Read more here.


Chicago Renames LGBTQ Neighborhood Over Concerns Name Was Not Inclusive of Non-Binary. Following an “inclusivity survey,” Chicago’s historic LGBTQ neighborhood, “Boystown,” will rebrand as “Northalsted” and market itself as “America’s Proudest Neighborhood” over concerns “Boystown” referenced only one gender. Read more here.


Icelandic Church Apologizes for Ad Featuring Jesus With Breasts, Wearing Makeup. An Icelandic church recently received backlash after attempting to “emphasize diversity” by running a cartoon ad featuring a bearded Jesus with breasts and makeup dancing under a rainbow. Read more here.


Poland Criticized in EU Parliament Over LGBT Rights. Poland’s government came under criticism in the European Parliament, where some lawmakers called for it to lose European Union funding over its rule of law record and its “stigmatization” of LGBT people. Read more here.


Korean Bishops Concerned About Anti-Discrimination Law. The Bioethics Committee of the Catholic Church of Korea expressed concerns about a bill that aims to end all forms of discrimination, including those against LGBTI people. Read more here.


Lifetime Will Feature First LGBT-Themed Movie Starring Real Married Same-Sex Couple. Lifetime announced its “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” holiday movie slate, chief among them being “The Christmas Setup” starring actors Ben Lewis and Blake Lee, who are married in real life. Read more here.


Burger King Ad Features Homosexual Kiss Between Mascots. To celebrate Helsinki “Pride Week,” Burger King Finland launched an ad campaign featuring the chain’s male mascot embracing and kissing Ronald McDonald. Read more here.


UK Survey on LGBT Teaching in Schools Shows Concern Over Inappropriate Instruction. The survey conducted by Kantar found that 56% of those who practice a religious faith disagreed with teaching a six-year-old that it is acceptable to be homosexual; 30% of people described as ‘not religious’ also disagreed. Read more here.


Malta Police Add LGBT Rainbow to Coat of Arms. The police force of the predominantly Catholic country of Malta added the pro-homosexual rainbow to its coat of arms this September to mark “Pride” month. Read more here.


PA City Enacts Non-Discrimination Law. Shippensburg is the 59th municipality in Pennsylvania to enact protections for LGBT people with regards to employment, housing and public accommodations. Read more here.


Manchester to Give Old People’s Homes LGBT Makeover. Manchester is working with artists to “improve LGBT visibility” in elderly people’s homes to encourage residents to “come out” as homosexual or transgender. Read more here.


Polish Bishops Clarify Call for Counseling Centers in LGBT Document. A Polish bishop has dismissed suggestions that the country’s bishops want to force people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender to undergo therapy and instead clarified that counseling services offered would be only for those who voluntarily seek them. Read more here.


Yeshiva University Nixes LGBTQ Club. Yeshiva University rejected the formation of a campus group for LGBTQ students but said it was putting in place new policies to help them feel safe. Read more here.


CA Legislature Passes Bill to Soften Criminal Penalty for Sex with Underage Teens. The California General Assembly has advanced legislation that seeks to prevent homosexual adults who sodomize or perform oral sex with underage teenagers from being automatically assigned to California’s sex offender registry. Read more here.


German Diocese Releases Videos of Employees Demanding Church Accept Homosexuality. The German Diocese of Essen launched an attack on Catholic teaching, releasing videos featuring employees and volunteers of the diocese demanding to change what the Church has taught since the time of Jesus Christ, including traditional marriage. Read more here.


LGBT+ Candidates Celebrate ‘Rainbow Wave’ in U.S. Election. This year, more than 880 openly LGBT+ candidates have appeared or will appear on ballots across the country, nearly double that of 2018, according to the LGBTQ Victory Institute. Read more here.


Canberra ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill Passes With Amendments. A bill banning “conversion therapy” for individuals dealing with sexual orientation or gender identity issues has become law in the Australian Capital Territory, with amendments added to protect parents who seek to address sexuality issues with their children. Read more here.


Coalition Issues Statement on the Right of Polish Citizens to Protect the Family. Civil Society for the Family, a coalition of over 200 organizations, has issued a statement supporting the right of polish citizens to protect marriage, the family, and children by taking a stand against “LGBT propaganda” without interference from international organizations. Read more here.


Over 300 LGBT Leaders Endorse Biden for U.S. President. More than 300 LGBT leaders voiced their support for Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president, stating that the former vice president and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, together make “the most pro-equality ticket in American history.” Read more here.


Polish Bishops Weigh in on Country’s LGBT Debate. Catholics have a duty to respect people who identify as LGBT+ but are not obliged to accept their views uncritically, Poland’s bishops said. Read more here.


Kentucky Lawmakers Resume Push to Curb ‘Conversion Therapy.’ Bipartisan opponents of “conversion therapy” in the Kentucky legislature have introduced a proposal to prohibit licensed mental health professionals from engaging in “conversion therapy” with people under 18. Read more here.


Amazon Bans Book Outlining ‘Health Hazards of Homosexuality.’ Retail giant Amazon has removed a book outlining the medical and psychological dangers associated with same-sex sexual acts from its website. Some say it is further evidence of a larger censorship trend. Read more here.


Arkansas Governor, Lawmakers Unveil Hate Crimes Proposal. Arkansas’ governor, attorney general and a bipartisan group of lawmakers unveiled legislation that would impose harsher penalties for crimes motivated by the victim’s race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Read more here.


L.A. to Close Hollywood Blvd for Installation of LGBT-Themed Mural. The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services will close part of the Hollywood Boulevard next week in order to install a permanent street mural with the slogan “All Black Lives Matter” written in the colors of the LGBT rainbow, a move they say is a memorial to transgender people of color. Read more here.


Germany Plans Equal Rights for ‘Lesbian Co-Mothers.’ A baby born into a lesbian family will have two mothers, and neither will be required to apply to adopt the child, according to a proposed reform. Read more here.


Polish Nationalists and LGBT Activists Face Off in Warsaw. Hundreds of Polish nationalists and defenders of LGBT rights faced off against each other on opposite sides of a street in central Warsaw, separated by a line of several police vans and dozens of policemen. Read more here.


U.S. Political Convention Features ‘Transgender Non-Binary Gender Transcendent Mermaid Queen-King.’ A “Black-Vietnamese, transgender non-binary/gender-transcendent mermaid Queen-King currently living out their ever-evolving truths in Winston-Salem” spoke at the Democratic National Convention during a daytime session. Read more here.


Polish ‘LGBT-Free’ Town Gets State Financing After EU Funds Cut. A Polish town that lost European Union funding after it set up a zone free of “LGBT ideology” will receive government financial support, Poland’s justice minister said. Read more here.


CA State Senator Fights for Bill That Could Alter Sex Offender Registration for Homosexual Sex With Minors. A California state senator is seeking to salvage a bill that could decriminalize homosexual sex between young adults and minors in some cases, arguing that present state laws governing the sex offender registry unfairly discriminate against the LGBTQ community. Read more here.


Queensland Becomes First Australian State to Outlaw ‘Conversion’ Therapy. Under the new law, healthcare professionals could face up to 18 months in jail for attempting to change or suppress a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


Disney’s ‘The Owl House’ Features First Bisexual Lead Character. The Disney Channel’s animated series The Owl House features what is believed to be Disney’s first bisexual lead character. Read more here.


Mennonite Regional Body Considering Cutting Ties Over LGBT Issues. A regional body of Mennonite Church USA has entered into a period of discernment over possibly leaving the denomination, in part over LGBT issues. Read more here.


Upcoming Hallmark Movie to Feature First Same-Sex Wedding. An upcoming Hallmark Channel movie will feature a same-sex wedding as a secondary part of the plot, a move many see as the first step in their commitment to prioritize “diversity and inclusion.” Read more here.


Lifetime Christmas Movie to Feature Same-Sex Romance for First Time. Lifetime cable network has announced that one of its upcoming Christmas movies will be its first to feature a same-sex romance as the lead story. Read more here.


First Lesbian Woman to be Appointed to Tel Aviv’s Religious Council. Abigail Sperber, 47, a mother of two and founder of the LGBT religious women’s organization Bat Kol, is expected to be appointed next week to Tel Aviv’s religious council. Read more here.


Three Poles Charged for Hanging Rainbow Flags Off Statues. Three people accused of hanging LGBT rainbow flags off statues in Warsaw have been arrested and charged with desecrating monuments and offending religious feelings. Read more here.


Russian Foreign Ministry Sends Notes of Protest to Western States’ Embassies Over LGBT Flags on Buildings. The United Kingdom embassy in Moscow has received a note of protest from the Russian Foreign Ministry over the appearance of an LGBT flag on the embassy building in late June. Read more here.


Democrats Demand Military Flag Policy Allow LGBT ‘Pride’ Flag While Banning Others. More than two dozen Democrats are demanding Defense Secretary Mark Esper allow service members to fly the LGBT “Pride” flag, which was banned when Esper issued a broad flag policy. Read more here.


Barclays Closes Bank Account of Christian Counseling Org. A UK Christian charity that helps people deal with unwanted same-sex attraction has been notified by their bank that their account will be closed. Read more here.


Facebook Censors Christian Ministry for Allegedly Promoting ‘Conversion Therapy.’ Facebook is starting to censor a Christian ministry for allegedly promoting “conversion therapy,” removing posts of men and women who were once LGBT-identified.. Read more here.


BBC Airs Teen Same-Sex Kiss in Show for Kids as Young as Six. The BBC, the publicly funded British TV and radio institution, has aired a kiss between two teenage girls in a program aimed at young children. Read more here.


Facebook Says Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy’ to Strike ‘Right Balance’ on Speech, Safety. In response to activists, Instagram and parent company Facebook plan to ban information about “conversion therapy” but haven’t fully defined the term. Read more here.


Ukraine Proposes Fine for Promoting Homosexuality. Two Ukrainian MPs are proposing a fine for the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism. Read more here.


Knesset Bill Banning ‘Conversion Therapy’ Passes Initial Vote. A bill outlawing controversial same-sex “conversion therapy” passed a preliminary vote in the Knesset, drawing cheers from LGBT rights advocates and angering Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political allies. Read more here.


UK Prime Minister Promises to Ban ‘Conversion Therapy.’ UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that the government will move to ban same-sex “conversion therapy,” while failing to define how this might impact those seeking help with unwanted same-sex attraction. Read more here.


Italian Priest Performs Same-Sex Civil Union Ceremony. A priest has resigned as a parish pastor after he performed a same-sex civil union ceremony in the town hall of the Italian town of Sant’Oreste. Read more here.


NYC Pays $100K for Censoring Therapist’s Conversations on Same-Sex Attraction. The city of New York agreed to pay $100,000 in attorneys’ fees and nominal damages this week after the city council backtracked and repealed an ordinance that unconstitutionally censored private conversations between counseling professionals and their patients. Read more here.


Hallmark Movies Soon to Include ‘LGBTQ Storylines.’ Upcoming Hallmark movies will include “LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors” as part of a company-wide strategy to promote diversity, an official from the parent company of Hallmark Channel says. Read more here.


UK Police Forces Spend Thousands on LGBT Causes and Training. Police forces around the UK have been criticized for spending tens of thousands of pounds on Stonewall subscriptions and other “LGBT expenditures.” Read more here.


Polish ‘LGBT-Free’ Town Weighs Risk of Losing EU Funds. Like about a hundred other municipalities across rural Poland, the local council has declared Konskowola to be free of “LGBT ideology.” Read more here.


Facebook Bans Content Related to Change From Homosexuality. Facebook announced that both Facebook and Instagram would be updating “hate speech” policies to ban any content that promotes so-called “conversion therapy.” Read more here.


‘Scooby-Doo’ Producer Confirms Character Velma is Lesbian. Velma Dinkley, the brainy square-glasses-wearing fictional character from the American animated franchise “Scooby-Doo” is lesbian, said a producer and former screenwriter for the franchise. Read more here.


Top Human Rights QC Blasts Northern Ireland Hate Crime Proposals. In a detailed legal opinion, Ivan Hare Queen’s Counsel attacked the proposals which could see “hate crime” laws extended to those who express disagreement on issues like same-sex marriage or transgenderism. Read more here.


Arab Israelis Call for Tahini Boycott Over LGBTQ Support. There are calls for a boycott after Al-Arz, an Arab Israeli company which produces locally popular tahini, announced last week that it would start funding a hotline for LGBTQ Arab Israeli youth. Read more here.


Polish President Proposes Constitutional Ban on LGBTQ Adoption. Ahead of a tight run-off race, the president of Poland has announced plans to change the country’s constitution to ban adoption of children by same-sex couples. Read more here.


UK Award-Winning Authors Call for Peer to be Reinstated as Honorary VP of Booker Prize. Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne was removed from her position following accusations of “transphobia” and “homophobia” after she voted against same-sex marriage in 2013 and “misgendered” a model who claims to be a woman. Read more here.


Knesset Says No to Surrogacy for Homosexual Men, But Minister Vows It Will Happen. Israeli Justice Minister Avi Nisseknorn said that he intends to advance a bill that would enable homosexual men to use the surrogacy procedure that is currently only available for heterosexual couples or single women who are unable to have a child. Read more here.


LGBT Flags on Moscow Embassy Buildings Seen as Attempt to Influence Voting. A Russian official feels that the flying of rainbow flags on the U.S. and UK embassies in Moscow was politically motivated. Read more here.


German Pastor Charged With Incitement for Anti-Homosexual Comment. Prosecutors in the northern German city of Bremen have charged a Protestant pastor with incitement for comments he made about homosexuality. Read more here.


LGBTQ Groups March Through Paris Demanding Political Action. Grassroots LGBTQ groups marched through Paris demanding more political actions on behalf of migrants, sex workers and other “marginalized” members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. Read more here.


Drag Queens Dance in Calgary Park to Drum Up Stampede Spirit. According to one participant, the event — with five drag performers and some rodeo clowns — was created to spark joy and keep the spirit alive for the annual Calgary Stampede rodeo and exhibition, despite its cancellation due to COVID-19. Read more here.


Petition Signed by 275,000 Blasts Movie Portraying Jesus as a ‘Lesbian Woman’. The daughter of late pop singer Michael Jackson stars in a new movie in which she portrays Jesus Christ as “a lesbian woman,” according to a petition opposing the film. Read more here.


Netflix Orders ‘Queer-Friendly’ Animated Children’s Series. Netflix is ordering so-called “queer-friendly” animated children’s series DeadEndia, a horror-comedy series known for its tales of adolescence and inclusion of LGBTQ story lines. Read more here.


French Court Acquits Young People of ‘Homophobia’ Charges. A French Court of Appeal has found 12 college students who joined a spontaneous action against an “LGBT rights” stand in France not guilty of homophobic insults and obstruction to a legal public demonstration. Read more here.


Drag Queen Event for Toddlers Cancelled Following Backlash. UK Parents have successfully persuaded a library to cancel a Drag Queen Story Hour event aimed at children as young as two. Read more here.


Unsanctioned ‘Pride’ Parade Draws Thousands in Chicago. The city’s parade was canceled because of fears of the spread of the coronavirus, but activists gathered anyway at the “Reclaim Pride March,” which partnered the causes of “LGBT Pride” and the Black Lives Matter movement. Read more here.


First ‘Transqueer Lesbian’ Stars in Calvin Klein Billboard for ‘Pride Month’. American fashion brand Calvin Klein launched a nine-part video series featuring “rising stars” in the LGBTQ community, including self-described “transqueer lesbian” Jari Jones who is a biological male. Read more here.


Canadian Museum for Human Rights CEO Resigns After LGBT Censorship. The president and CEO of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights has resigned following reports that the museum forced staff at times to censor and block LGBT content for certain guests including religious school groups. Read more here.


Catholic Catechesis Directory Addresses Gender, Biological Sex. Bioethics, gender identity, and biological sex are new subjects covered in the Vatican’s latest Directory for Catechesis. Read more here.


U.S. Speaker of the House Calls Again for Senate Vote on Equality Act. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a statement commemorating the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, in which she called upon Senate leadership to bring up the Equality Act for a vote. Read more here.


Tel Aviv Announces Recognition of Same-Sex Couples During ‘Pride Week’. Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai announced that same-sex couples will enjoy similar municipal benefits to those enjoyed by married couples. Read more here.


LGBTQ Advocates Sue Over Rollback of Non-Discrimination Protections. The Trump administration doesn’t have the authority to allow health providers to discriminate against LGBTQ patients, according to a lawsuit filed by advocacy groups seeking to block a new rule from taking effect. Read more here.


Catholic Activists to LGBT Members: ‘We’re Transforming the Church From the Bottom Up’. Outreach 2020, an “LGBTQ Catholic ministry gathering,” was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers put out a video message instead. Read more here.


Canadian Human Rights Museum Under Fire for Allowing Touring Religious Schools to Bypass LGBT Displays. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is under fire from LGBT activists for having previously accommodated the request from religious schools for tours that bypass exhibits dedicated to LGBT “rights.” Read more here.


U.S. Senate Republicans Block Vote on Equality Act. The bill passed the House of Representatives last year and would extend protections for LGBTQ individuals, superseding the rights of religious groups. Read more here.


UK LGBT Group Complains About Rainbow Artwork Inspired by Lockdown. A London-based LGBT group claimed that “the rainbow is ours” and told the group who decorated a bridge that they cannot use it for a different meaning “without taking it away from us.” Read more here.


Global ‘Pride’ Event Scheduled After Canceled Parades. After the cancellation of “Pride” parades due to the COVID-19 pandemic, national “Pride” networks have set up a new digital “Global Pride Day” which will include a 24-hour stream of music, performances and speeches. Read more here.


UN Calls for End to ‘Cruel’ ‘Conversion Therapy’. The United Nations is urging nations around the world to ban what opponents call “conversion therapy,” which involves therapy for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion. Read more here.


Polish President Calls LGBT ‘Ideology’ Worse Than Communism. Earlier in the week, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a declaration with a ban on “propagating LGBT ideology in public institutions.” Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court Extends Anti-Discrimination Protections to Transgender, Homosexual Employees. The Supreme Court ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects workers from discrimination on the basis on sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here.


Polish Archbishop Urges Protection of ‘Family Values’ Ahead of Vote. Archbishop Marek Jedrazszewski spoke out against ideologies that undermine the institution of marriage and the family. Read more here.


Nickelodeon Suggests SpongeBob is Homosexual in ‘Pride Month’ Tweet. Although the tweet doesn’t explicitly say the animated cartoon character SpongeBob is homosexual, the two other “rainbow” character treatments, released alongside SpongeBob, are of known queer characters. Read more here.


Polish President Makes Re-Election Promise to Protect Kids From LGBT Propaganda. President Andrzej Duda’s re-election campaign includes a focus on his pro-life policies, one of which is “Protection of children from LGBT ideology.” Read more here.


World Economic Forum: LGBT Inclusion Will Determine Cities’ ‘Post-Pandemic Success.’ An article published by the World Economic Forum argued that better inclusion of transgender and homosexual people “is the secret to cities’ post-pandemic success.” Read more here.


Over One-Third of Ontario’s English Catholic School Boards Give Nod to ‘Pride Month.’ The Catholic boards acknowledged “Pride Month” in the context of assurances that Catholic schools are inclusive and welcoming to all. Read more here.


Austrian Priest: Church Must Recognize ‘Sacramental Character’ of Same-Sex Partnerships. The editor of a book commissioned by the Austrian bishops that argues for the blessing of homosexual relationships has indicated that the ultimate goal is to have the Church “recognize” the “sacramental character” of homosexual partnerships. Read more here.


UN Report Condemns Talk Therapy for Homosexuality. The report encourages governments to outlaw doctors from offering, and patients from seeking, this particular method of dealing with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. Read more here.


No ‘Pride Month’ Proclamation for June From President Trump. President Donald Trump has not officially recognized June as “LGBT Pride Month” by issuing a proclamation about it, nor has he done so during the prior three years of his administration. Read more here.


Canadian Catholic University Raises ‘Pride’ Flag on Campus. St. Jerome’s University, a publicly funded Catholic institution federated with the University of Waterloo, explained in a press release that it was doing so to be welcoming to all. Read more here.


Courage Director Responds to Call for Same-Sex Church Blessings. Blessings of homosexual couples in the Catholic Church would only obscure knowledge of what is important and good about persons with same-sex attraction, according to the director of Courage International. Read more here.


German Bishop Quits Synodal Forum Endorsing ‘Polyvalent Sexuality.’ No general debate of the presented paper had been provided for, Bishop Dominikus Schaderlapp said, which led to his decision to renounce his membership in the forum. Read more here.


U.S. Speaker of the House Issues Statement in Honor of LGBTQ Pride Month.hHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a statement in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month in which she said that “LGBTQ leaders, activists and allies have advanced the cause of freedom for all Americans.” Read more here.


IKEA Manager Charged for Firing Pole Over Anti-Homosexual Remarks. A Polish prosecutor has charged an IKEA manager with violating the religious rights of an employee terminated for voicing strong objections, within the company, to a corporate event supporting LGBT people. Read more here.


Rainbow Flags Over Baghdad Fan Debate. In what both progressive and conservative critics considered a tone-deaf step to support Iraq’s LGBTQ community, several Western embassies’ raising of the rainbow flag did not have its intended effects. Read more here.


Malaysian Federal Court to Hear Challenge of Law Criminalizing Unnatural Sex. The Federal Court recently decided that it will proceed to hear a man’s constitutional challenge over a Selangor state law that makes it a Shariah offense to have unnatural sex. Read more here.


Canadian City Bans Help to Overcome Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. The bylaw comes with fines of up to $10,000 or a year-long prison term for those found to violate the law. Read more here.


Marvel Film ‘Eternals’ Includes Openly Homosexual Married Superheroes. One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, is warning parents that the upcoming Marvel Studios film “Eternals” features an openly homosexual male superhero and his “spouse,” who kiss on screen. Read more here.


Austrian Bishops Commission Book Calling Same-Sex Relationships ‘Image of God’s Goodness.’ A new book commissioned by the Austrian bishops calls upon the Church to change its teaching against homosexuality and to bless homosexual relationships. Read more here.


Pixar Short ‘Out’ Features Studio’s First Homosexual Lead Character. Disney Plus debuted a Pixar short film that breaks new ground for the animation studio by featuring an openly homosexual character who is shown kissing his partner. Read more here.


Catholic GOP Committeewoman Fired From Healthcare Job After Cheering Cancellation of LGBT Pride Parade. Not only did the employer fire the home caregiver, but LGBT activists have harassed her and her family. Read more here.


SNP Veteran: ‘Beware Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill’. The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill seeks to extend the law on ‘hate crime’ against particular groups, namely age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and variations in sexual characteristics. Read more here.


Albanian Psychologists Ban Conversion Therapy. Gay rights organizations welcomed a decision by the governing body of psychologists in Albania to prohibit the so-called conversion therapy, which attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expressions. Read more here.


PBS Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ With Series on LGBTQ+ Identity in the South. The Public Broadcasting Service, which is funded in part by U.S. taxpayers, is introducing a series in June to celebrate “Pride Month” that will examine LGBTQ+ life in the southern United States. Read more here.


Pennsylvania Focusing on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Collection of Coronavirus Data. Governor Tom Wolf’s office announced that the state’s health department, under transgender Health Secretary Rachel Levine, is focusing on gender identity and sexual orientation or expression in the state’s collection of coronavirus data. Read more here.


Latest Coronavirus Relief Bill to Address LGBT Youth Suicide. The latest economic recovery bill making its way through the U.S. Congress calls for providing assistance to help develop strategies and plans to prevent suicides among “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer” (LGBTQ) youth. Read more here.


Scottish Hate Crime Bill Could Be ‘Weaponized to Suppress Free Speech’. The Hate Crime and Public Order Bill in Scotland seeks to extend the law on ‘hate crime’ against particular groups, listed as age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity and variations in sexual characteristics. Read more here.


LGBT Activists Complain at Rainbow Being Used to Thank the NHS. LGBT activists in the U.K. are complaining that the rainbow is being appropriated by others to be used as a sign of support for the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here.


Turkish President Backs Cleric Who Claims Homosexuality Brings Disease. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday threw his weight behind Turkey’s top Muslim cleric, who caused a storm by claiming homosexuality “brings disease and causes this generation to decay.” Read more here.


Finland’s First Same-Sex Adoptions Confirmed. The adoptions come three years after reform of the Marriage Act which allowed marriage equality and same-sex couples to adopt. Read more here.


German Bishops’ Head Calls for Changing Church Teaching on Homosexuality. Bishop Baetzing claims the Church’s teaching is something many no longer want or understand. Read more here.


Bosnia Takes First Step to Regulate Same-Sex Partnerships. Despite widespread resistance to LGBT rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, civil society groups believe the political will is now there to regulate same-sex partnerships in one of the country’s two entities. Read more here.


Disney Producer Says ‘Relevant LGBTQ+ Narratives’ Are in the Works. Disney’s kids’ cartoon “DuckTales” has introduced a gay couple — two dads — as the parents of Violet, and the co-producer says upcoming themes will continue to address LGBTQ narratives. Read more here.


San Francisco 50th Anniversary LGBT Pride Parade Canceled. Carolyn Wysinger, the organization’s board president, said that alternative methods to celebrate LGBT Pride will be explored. Read more here.


Former Homosexual Begs Canadian Politicians to Not Ban Therapy That ‘Freed’ Him From LGBT Lifestyle. A man who formerly lived a life of homosexuality, drugs, and prostitution for 35 years is calling on Canadian politicians to vote against legislation that would ban “conversion therapy” designed to help LGBT people overcome unwanted same-sex attraction. Read more here.


Singapore Court Rejects Attempt to Overturn Ban on Gay Sex. Singapore’s High Court rejected an attempt by three pro-LGBT activists to overturn the city-state’s law against homosexual relations, thereby reaffirming its prohibition of gay sex as constitutional. Read more here.


UK School Threatened With Deregistration for Refusing LGBT Instruction. A strictly Orthodox secondary school has been threatened with removal from the register by the Department for Education because it will not teach openly about LGBT people. Read more here.


South Africa Opens Continent’s First Queer Wellness Center. The founders of the center in Johannesburg, the country’s biggest city, said it would provide clients with “stigma-free” sexual and mental health services, as well as treatments that focused specifically on LGBT+ people’s needs. Read more here.


Trudeau Government Introduces Bill to Criminalize Therapy for Those With Unwanted LGBT Identity. The bill will make it a crime not only to give Canadians of minor age help to overcome same-sex attraction or gender confusion but to “remove a minor from Canada” to seek such help. Read more here.


Middle School Hangs LGBT Flag in Cafeteria, Bans Flag of Traditional Family. Marshall Middle School in Marshall, Minnesota allowed the rainbow flag to be displayed. A student-circulated petition opposing the LGBT flag and requests to display other flags offered by the school population were not approved by the administration. Read more here.


UK National Health Service Will Refuse to Treat Patients Who Are “Intolerant of Sexuality.” The NHS will refuse treatment to patients who are deemed “homophobic” beginning in April unless the case is an emergency. Read more here.


Switzerland Votes to Criminalize ‘Homophobia.’ In a public referendum, 63.1 percent of the voters agreed that “discrimination,” “hate speech” and other forms of public “insults” aimed at homosexuals because of their “sexual orientation” will be punishable by a fine and up to three years’ imprisonment. Read more here.


Croatia’s Top Court Rules Same-Sex Couples Can be Foster Parents. A ruling by the Croatian Constitutional Court obliges courts and relevant authorities to give all competent appliers to foster equal opportunities, including same-sex couples. Read more here.


Nepal’s Next Census to Count LGBT+ People for the First Time. The census will be held in June 2021, and it is believed that the move could help sexual minorities gain better access to education and health schemes. Read more here.


Oklahoma Bans State Travel to California in Tit-for-Tat over LGBT Laws. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed an executive order banning nonessential state-funded travel to California, in response to California’s own ban on travel to Oklahoma. Read more here.


Tennessee Senate Passes Bill so Adoption Agencies Won’t Be Forced to Place Kids With Same-Sex Couples. On a vote of 20-6 the senate passed the bill that will ensure that licensed adoption agencies cannot be forced to make child placement decisions that “violate the agency’s written religious or moral convictions or policies.” Read more here.


Criminalization of Same-Sex Relations in Belize Ruled Unconstitutional. The Court of Appeal of Belize ruled that the Criminal Code that prohibited same-sex sexual relations is a violation of the Belize Constitution, which guarantees free expression and freedom from discrimination on the basis of sex. Read more here.


Calls for Improved Rights for LGBT Families Using Surrogacy to be Examined in Ireland. The Irish Government has tasked its special rapporteur on child protection to examine calls for improved parental rights for LGBT families using surrogacy and other forms of assisted human reproduction. Read more here.


Croatia Court Rules Same-Sex Couple can Foster Children. The Zagreb Administrative Court ruled that a same-sex couple has the right to become foster parents. Read more here.


Trump Administration Rule Again Allows Religious Adoption Agencies to Serve in Face of LGBT Demands. The federal rule change once again allows faith-based adoption agencies to receive federal funding without being required to place children with same-sex couples. Read more here.


Pro-LGBT Governments and U.S. Clash on Campaign to Decriminalize Homosexuality. U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell pitched a U.S. campaign to decriminalize homosexual conduct to members of the UN LGBT Core Group that promotes LGBT rights but they were not on board with the plan. Read more here.


Cambodia to Teach LGBT Issues to Students. From grade seven, around age 13, modules covering sexual orientation and gender identity will be part of sex education in schools. Officials believe the training will combat bullying and discrimination. Read more here.


Experts’ Group Says Governments Must Respect ‘Freedom … Right’ Of Homosexuals Wanting to Overcome Same-Sex Attraction. The International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice released its 2019 Declaration stating that “everyone should have the freedom and right to walk away from sexual experiences and practices they find unfulfilling, and have support to do so.” Read more here.


American Medical Association Announces Support for U.S. Ban on “Conversion” Therapy. Despite scientific evidence showing that sexual orientation change effort therapy can help individuals overcome unwanted same-sex attraction, and that counseling can help individuals overcome gender confusion, the AMA announced it would begin supporting a ban on so-called “conversion” therapy. Read more here.


Singapore Court to Hear Legal Challenges on Homosexual Sex Ban. Singapore has retained an old law that criminalizes homosexual behavior. Three Singaporean activists have launched separate bids to decriminalize homosexual sex. Previous legal challenges to overturn the ban have failed. Read more here.


Homosexual Pressure Group Demands 1 of 5 Prime-Time TV Characters be LGBT by 2025. In its annual report on the state of LGBT representation in television, the pro-LGBT pressure group GLAAD found a rise in prime-time depictions of homosexual and transgender characters but is demanding that a fifth of regular primetime characters are LGBT five years from now. Read more here.


UK Politician Deselected for Backing Parents Over LGBT Teaching in Schools. Roger Godsiff, an MP of 27 years, was formally reprimanded by the Labour Party after he sympathized with parents who complained that LGBT issues were being taught to their children without consultation. Read more here.


Order Signed in Ireland to Let Same-Sex Couples Register Both Names on Birth Certificate. Minister for Health, Simon Harris, signed commencement orders and regulations for parts of the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015, which will come into effect on May 5. Previously, some same-sex couples could only register the child’s birth mother, meaning the other person in the relationship had no legal parental rights to the child they were raising. Read more here.


German Health Minister Submits Law Banning “Conversion” Therapy. Germany’s health minister, Jens Spahn, submitted a draft law to ban so-called conversion therapy for minors that would prohibit them from undergoing therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion. Read more here.


Kentucky Supreme Court Tosses Suit Against Designer Who Declined to Print “Gay Pride” Shirts. The court ruled that the plaintiff, Lexington’s Gay and Lesbian Services Organization, lacked standing in the case since the city’s homosexual rights law is meant to protect individuals rather than activist groups. Read more here.


Former LGBT Individuals Gather in Washington D.C. to lobby against LGBTQ-Rights Bills. The group is lobbying against H.R. 5, better known as the Equality Act, and H.R. 3570, or the Therapeutic Fraud Prevention Act. Both bills have been supported by the country’s major LGBTQ advocacy organizations. Read more here.


Trump Administration Announces that Adoption Agencies Won’t be Forced to Give Kids to Same-Sex Couples. The announcement said that the administration will not be enforcing Obama-era rules forcing faith-based adoption and foster agencies to place children in same-sex households and proposed new rules specifically recognizing the religious and conscience rights of such organizations. Read more here.


Tens of Thousands Take Part in First “Gay Pride” Parade in Taiwan Since Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage. An estimated 200,000 people took part in the event in central Taipei near the Presidential Palace. Taiwan was the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. Read more here.


Scottish Citizens Face ‘Baffling’ List of 21 Sexualities to Choose From in 2021 Census. National Records of Scotland revealed a plan to expand the four basic sexualities— straight or heterosexual, gay or lesbian, bisexual and other—to include 21 additional sexualities including bicurious, gynephilic and skoliosexual. Read more here.


Kellogg Announces Special Pro-Homosexual Breakfast Cereal to Raise Money for ‘LGBTQ Advocacy Work.’ All Together cereal is a limited-edition variety pack of Corn Flakes, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, and Rice Krispies. It was created in recognition of GLAAD’s Spirit Day 2019, which the organization bills as a “means of speaking out against LGBTQ bullying and standing with LGBTQ youth.” Read more here.


UK LGBT Teaching Row: School Exclusion Zone Decision Put Off. The decision on whether to keep a protest exclusion zone around a school at the center of a debate over LGBT equality teaching has been put off until a later date. The school has been at the focus of a campaign against teaching about LGBT relationships, led by some parents and activists who say it is in conflict with their religious beliefs and family values. Read more here.


LGBT Protesters Succeed in Shutting Down First Chick-Fil-A in the United Kingdom. LGBT advocacy groups in England have succeeded in convincing a shopping center in the UK not to renew Chick-fil-A’s lease, leading the company to announce that it will permanently close the location. Countless protests and boycotts have been organized by LGBT activists because the owners of Chick-fil-A hold a religious belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. Read more here.


UK Christian School Administrator Suspended After Questioning LGBT Agenda. The woman who held the position of governor (similar to a school board member) objected to the introduction of a pride month and the addition of LGBT books to the school library. Shortly after voicing her objections, she was suspended for “breaching the Governors Code of Conduct.” Read more here.


Tampa, Florida Counseling Ban for Minors with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Struck Down. Federal Judge William F. Jung struck down the city ordinance that prohibited licensed counselors from providing talk therapy to minors seeking help to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion. Read more here.


Disney Confirms ‘Gay Couple’ in Star Wars Resistance Kids’ Show. Two producers of the Disney show said they were “proud” the two characters, Orka and Flix, in the animated show for children are a “gay couple.” Read more here.


Iowa City Rejects Federal Request to Remove Rainbow Crosswalks. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration requested that Ames, Iowa remove the crosswalks because they don’t comply with federal traffic control standards, which require crosswalk to use only white paint. Read more here.


France’s Medical Ethics Committee Expresses “Reservations” Over IVF for Lesbians and Single Women. In a debate about a bill that would legalize medically assisted pregnancies, the committee warned that children without fathers pose a developmental risk. Under current French law, only heterosexual couples have the right to use medically assisted procreation methods such as in vitro fertilization. Read more here.


Chick-Fil-A Sales Have Doubled Since LGBT Boycotts Began In 2012. Protests began following the CEO’s public support for marriage between a man and a woman. The fast-food chain has become the third largest restaurant in the U.S. Read more here.


Judge Tosses Lawsuit Challenging Maryland Therapy Ban for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. U.S. District Judge Deborah Chasanow’s ruling makes Maryland the 11th state to ban therapy for same-sex attracted minors. The lawsuit was initiated by therapist Christopher Doyle who believes his First Amendment rights to free speech and religious freedom were violated by the ban. Read more here.


New York City to Repeal Ban on Counseling for Same-Sex, Gender Dysphoria. The New York City Council is backing down from the ban on counseling for individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion for fear the U.S. Supreme Court would strike it down along with other similar bans throughout the country. Read more here.


Homosexual “Chemsex” Parties Are Fueling Urban HIV Epidemics, AIDS Experts Warn. Parties where people spend days using drugs and engaging in sexual behavior with dozens of partners is causing an increase in HIV among homosexual men in Europe. Read more here.


Brazilian President Moves to Protect Schoolkids from LGBT Gender Ideology. President Jair Bolsonaro has announced that his administration is preparing legislation to prohibit the spreading of gender ideology in Brazil’s public primary schools. Read more here.


Spanish Region Gives Parents the Right to Take Children Out of Talks Led by LGBT Groups. The government of Murcia will allow parents of elementary students to decide if their children will attend classes led by external organizations on a range of issues including sex education. Read more here.


“Veggie Tales” Creator Says it is “Inevitable” That Christian Filmmakers Will Be Forced to Address LGBT Issues. Phil Vischer said the issue has become a growing presence in children’s media, but he will not cave to pressure from Hollywood to promote such things as same-sex marriage to children. Read more here.


More States Pledge to Include LGBT History in School Curriculums. Illinois has joined California, New Jersey, and Colorado in mandating the teaching of LGBT History. Maryland is also planning to include LGBT individuals who are viewed as historically underrepresented in lesson plans. Read more here.


Illinois Governor Mandates LGBT History Curriculum for Public Schools. Gov. J. B. Pritzker signed the bill that will require schools to incorporate “a study of the roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people” as part of the American history curriculum. Read more here.


U.S. Uses UN Mechanism to Pressure Countries on Homosexuality. The U.S. State Department is using a little-known UN mechanism, the Universal Periodic Review, to pressure governments to change their laws on sexual practices related to “sexual orientation and gender identity.” Read more here.


Maryland Therapist Fights for Free Speech and Religious Liberty Against “Conversion Therapy” Ban. Christopher Doyle, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor filed a lawsuit against a Maryland law banning therapy for minors with unwanted homosexual or transgender issues. Read more here.


White House Confirms Global Campaign to Protect Homosexual Behavior. The White House confirmed the launch of a global U.S. campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in a tweet from Richard Grenell, the openly homosexual U.S. Ambassador to Germany. Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Case in October. On October 8 the court will begin hearing oral arguments on whether longstanding anti-discrimination laws should be reinterpreted to include homosexuality and gender identity. Read more here.


California Lawmakers Suggest Religious Are to Blame for LGBT Suicides. ACR-99 is a resolution passed by the California Assembly that declares that “being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender” are “part of natural variations that occur in sexual orientation and gender identity.” The resolution condemns counseling services that help people resolve unwanted gender confusion or same-sex attraction. Read more here.


Oregon Mandates K–12 LGBT Identity Curricula in Civics, Economics, Geography, Government and History. House Bill 2023 was signed by Gov. Kate Brown and will go into effect in January 2020. By September 2026, all textbooks and instructional materials will have to include perspectives of LGBT individuals. Read more here.


Study Finds LGBTQ Americans Could Be at Higher Risk for Dementia. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that compared with non-LGBTQ people LGBTQ individuals were 29 percent more likely to report memory loss and confusion—two early signs of dementia. Read more here.


Former Homosexuals Petition Amazon to Stop Banning Books That Help With Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction. Amazon recently removed several books in response to a Change.org petition that mislabeled all materials dealing with leaving the practice of active homosexuality as destructive “conversion therapy.” Read more here.


Botswana to Appeal Ruling Decriminalizing Homosexuality. Attorney General Abraham Keetshabe said the court made a mistake, and the government will appeal the ruling by the High Court. Read more here.


Poll Finds UK is Less Tolerant of Same-Sex Relations. According to the British Social Attitudes Survey, one-third of the population is opposed in some way to homosexual behavior for the first time since the AIDS crisis. Read more here.


UK Prime Minister Defies Parents to Back Compulsory LGBT Lessons. Prime Minister Theresa May has commended compulsory Relationships Education for primary school children despite parents’ opposition. The program, which will be compulsory in all primary schools in the UK from 2020, is “heavily biased towards LGBTQ” as it covers topics such as gender, gender reassignment and sexual orientation. Read more here.


Over 200 Companies Urge U.S. Supreme Court to Make “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Protected” Classes. The 206 corporations including Amazon, Google, Nike, and General Motors have signed an amicus brief urging the court to interpret the meaning of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964’s prohibition against “sex” discrimination to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Read more here.


French Politician Excluded From Party For Opposing Law Allowing Lesbians to Artificially Procreate. Agnès Thill, a member of the French National Assembly, was excluded from the presidential “République En Marche” (LREM) party for opposing access to artificial procreation for single women and lesbian couples. Read more here.


10-Year-Old Girl Suspended for Asking to be Exempted From LGBT School Lesson. The student from the Heavers Farmer Primary School in South London was suspended from school for a week for making the request. Read more here.


UK Education Secretary Says School Children Must Learn About Same-Sex Relationships. Damian Hinds said, “Our new guidance is clear that children should leave school having learnt about LGBT relationships.” The government issued final guidance this week ahead of compulsory Relationships Education lessons that will be introduced next year. Read more here.


Poll Finds Americans Greatly Overestimate the Size of the LGBT Population. U.S. adults estimate that nearly one in four Americans (23.6 percent) are homosexual or lesbian, more than five times Gallup’s more encompassing 2017 estimate that 4.5 percent of Americans are LGBT, based on respondents’ self-identification as being lesbian, homosexual, bisexual or transgender. Read more here.


Survey Shows Young Americans are Increasingly “Uncomfortable” With LGBTQ Community. The survey of nearly 1,800 American adults by GLAAD, formerly known as the “Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation,” found the percentage of those surveyed who were “very or somewhat comfortable” in all the scenario prompts dropped by eight points on average, from 53 to 45 percent. Read more here.


LGBT “Pride” Parade Advocates Say Children Like to See “Nakedness” and “Kink.” A sex therapist in Canada claims she cannot imagine “a safer place for families to bring children” than an LGBTQ “pride” celebration. “Pride” parades often feature public nudity and sex acts. Read more here.


Active Homosexuals Deliberately Break UK Blood Donor Waiting Period. A regulation that bans men who actively engage in homosexual behavior from giving blood if they’ve had sexual contact in the previous three months is being intentionally violated to protest the ban and “fight the system.” Read more here.


Top U.S. Library Group Colludes With Local Librarians to “Sneak” LGBT Content to Kids. The American Library Association (ALA) website features an article by a Maryland librarian that describes ways children’s librarians can sneak LGBT content and activities into libraries located in conservative rural areas. Read more here.


Cartoon Network Promotes LGBTQ Lifestyle to Kids. The network viewed by millions of children is encouraging support of “pride month” in one of its shows and is using cartoon characters to promote an LGBTQ lifestyle in social media campaigns. Read more here.


Scotland 2021 Census to Include New Questions on Transgender Identities and Sexuality. The Scottish Parliament unanimously approved the new questions but stressed that answering them would be voluntary with no penalties for those who choose not to respond. Read more here.


France to End IVF Ban for Lesbian Couples and Single Women. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced that the ban on single women and lesbian couples accessing medically-assisted procreation will be lifted. Currently only heterosexual couples who have been married or living together for more than two years can access procedures such as artificial insemination, IVF or sperm donation. Read more here.


“My Little Pony” Cartoon Introduces Lesbian Pony Couple. The cartoon based on the popular toy figurines aired an episode which featured the same-sex pony couple. The episode was approved by Hasbro, the company that produces the toys. Read more here.


“Gay Pride” Flag Raised at California State Capitol for the First Time. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office wrote that the flying of the flag over the capitol was a celebration and support of the LGBT community. Read more here.


Homosexual Rights Activists Want Police Out of “Pride” Events. Some activists claim police officers inspire fear and threaten the safety of participants. “Cops out of Pride” protests are set to take place in opposition to the policing of “pride” parades. Read more here.


Botswana Decriminalizes Homosexual Behavior. Three judges on Botswana’s High Court unanimously ruled that laws that impose up to seven years in prison are unconstitutional. The law banning homosexual behavior was enacted in 1965. Read more here.


U.S. VP Pence Defends State Department Decision to Disallow “Gay Pride” Flag on American Embassy Flagpoles. When asked about the policy, Vice President Pence said, “one flag should fly, and that’s the American flag – and I support that.” Read more here.


Trump Administration Bans Rainbow Flags Above U.S. Embassies. Requests from embassies across the world to fly the rainbow flag in recognition of LGBT “pride month” are being denied by the Trump administration. Flags can still be displayed elsewhere including on embassy walls and inside buildings. Read more here.


Boston Group Plans “Straight Pride” Parade. A group of Massachusetts conservatives is planning to hold the event in late summer to “spread awareness of issues impacting straights in Greater Boston and beyond.” Read more here.


San Marino Bans Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation. Citizens of the country voted on the ban in a referendum. The motion passed with 71.46 percent of the votes. Read more here.


Trump Supports “Pride Month” and Pledges to Overturn Laws Criminalizing Homosexuality Worldwide. President Donald Trump has asked the world to “stand with” same-sex attracted people in countries where homosexual conduct is illegal. Read more here.


Brazil’s Supreme Court Votes to Make “Homophobia” and “Transphobia” Crimes. Six of the 11 judges voted in favor of the measure and ruled that “homophobia” should be framed within the racism law until the country’s congress approves legislation specifically covering LGBT discrimination. Read more here.


Kenya High Court Upholds Law Criminalizing Homosexual Sex. The three judges rejected claims that the law violated the new constitution, which guarantees equality, dignity and privacy. Many African countries still enforce strict laws governing homosexuality. Read more here.


Target Stores Donate $100,000 To LGBT Nonprofit That Promotes Inclusive K-12 Schools. Target is donating the money to GLSEN, a pro-homosexual organization. The department store also offers clothing and accessories celebrating the homosexual lifestyle marketed to adults and children. Read more here.


U.S. House Passes LGBT Equality Act. The legislation, passed by a vote of 236 – 173, would extend civil rights protections to LGBT people by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


Federal Court Rules Christian Adoption Agency Can’t Reject Same-Sex Couples. A federal court says New York officials weren’t infringing on a Christian adoption agency’s religious freedom by requiring it to serve same-sex couples. An appeal is likely. Read more here.


White House Criticizes Equality Act but Stops Short of Veto Threat. The proposed legislation would add sexual orientation and gender identity protections to federal civil rights law. A Trump administration official said “this bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights.” Read more here.


PBS Kids’ Cartoon Features Homosexual Wedding. The season premiere of “Arthur,” the longest-running animated series for children in the U.S., depicted the marriage of Arthur the Aardvark’s teacher to another male. Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Non-Discrimination Law Covers Homosexual and Transgender Workers. The Supreme Court announced that it would decide whether the Civil Rights Act of 1964 guarantees protections from workplace discrimination to homosexual and transgender people. The court will take up the cases of three individuals who claim they were fired for their sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


UK Teachers’ Union Calls for Compulsory Same-Sex Relationships Education in Schools. The National Education Union conference in Liverpool made the demand after protests over an “equality” program. Protesters said the program, “No Outsiders,” violates religious beliefs. Read more here.


Arizona Repeals Law Preventing Teachers from Discussing LGBTQ Issues in Health Classes. The law on the books since 1991 regulated HIV/AIDS instruction and prevented teachers from portraying homosexuality as a positive lifestyle. Read more here.


United Methodists in Conflict Over LGBT Policies. There have been disagreements in America’s largest mainline Protestant denomination for years over differences on same-sex marriage and ordination of LGBT pastors. Many believe a vote that took place in February in favor of the “Tradition Plan” that strengthened bans on LGBT-inclusive practices may prompt liberal congregations to split off. Read more here.