Transgender Activists Label Concerned UK Parents ‘Bigots.’ Warwickshire Pride is calling for the ‘Trans Inclusion Toolkit for Schools’ to be reinstated despite parental concerns. Read more here.


High School LGBTQ+ Studies Course Approved in Maryland. Starting next spring, two high schools in Montgomery County, Maryland, will be offering an LGBT studies pilot course, making it one of the first school districts in the nation to offer such a course. Read more here.


Comprehensive Sex Ed Proponents Admit Teaching Children Sexual Pleasure is a Primary Goal. “Pleasure-based” sex ed is now acknowledged as a primary goal of “medically accurate” education that includes the radical LGBTQ agenda. Read more here.


New Report Outlines How Sex Ed is Sexualizing Kids. A new publication from a leading family advocacy group extensively documents the radical, explicit content and significant changes that have occurred in public schools nationwide regarding comprehensive sex education. Read more here.


Schools Still Using Banned Gender Lessons. One high school in New South Wales, Australia, sent home The Genderbread Person, an assignment that was supposedly banned three years ago. Read more here.


Kent and Barnsley Join Other UK Councils in Withdrawing Trans Guidance. Kent and Barnsley Councils have joined other local authorities in dropping controversial guidance on transgender issues in schools. Read more here.


Shropshire Becomes Latest Council to Withdraw Controversial Trans Guidance for Schools. Shropshire County Council has withdrawn its controversial guidance on transgenderism for schools and colleges and is asking them to stop using the advice. Read more here.


School Apologizes After 11-Year-Olds Asked to Define Explicit Sexual Terms as Homework. Teachers have asked the 11 to 14-year-olds to define pornography, soft pornography, hardcore pornography and transsexual pornography, as well as female genital mutilation, wet dreams, trafficking, male circumcision, breast ironing and more. Read more here.


Melinda Gates: ‘Really Good Quality Sex Education Starts Very, Very Early.’ Melinda Gates has outspokenly supported early sex education and advocates for increased family planning options for adolescents. Read more here.


Conference Will Teach Abortion Activists How to Push Sex on Kids. The “The Queer Not Fear — Sex Ed Advocacy for LGBTQ+” virtual conference is geared toward teens and young adults and will promote abortions through a series of sessions hosted by pro-abortion groups. Read more here.


Ofsted Downgrading Primary Schools for Not Teaching LGBT Issues, Despite It Being Optional. Speaking in a House of Lords meeting, Lord Polak highlighted that Ofsted’s guidance goes beyond the Department for Education requirements. Read more here.


Oxford Council Drops Controversial ‘Trans Toolkit’ After Legal Threat. Oxfordshire Council has withdrawn its controversial ‘Trans Toolkit’ amid pressure from parents and an impending court case. Read more here.


Former Sex Educator Exposes Planned Parenthood Ideology. A woman who was trained to teach sex education by U.S. abortion giant Planned Parenthood has said the organization encourages risky sexual behavior which will drive up demand for abortions. Read more here.


New Report Reveals Catholic Relief Services Paying for Pornographic Sex Ed. A new investigative report shows that CRS both implemented and promoted comprehensive sexual education curriculums that include pornographic images and the promotion of contraception. Read more here.


UK Equalities Minister Blasts Unapproved LGBT Guidance for Schools. The Minister for Women and Equalities has come out against new LGBT guidance for schools, which she says is not government approved. Read more here.


Radical Sex Ed? Look WHO’s Talking. The World Health Organization has been promoting dangerous and irresponsible learning objectives for children which encourage everything from gender and sexual experimentation to abortion, shocking acts of sexual pleasure, and departures from their parents more traditional views. Read more here.


UK Council Drops X-Rated Sex Ed Program for Kids. A controversial sex-ed curriculum that included lessons on masturbation, pornography and gender spectrum was dropped by a county council in England after parents and Christian activists protested. Read more here.


The Kids Aren’t Safe: Sex Education Homeschool Style. Schools are closed and the kids are home, but they are still prey to the dangerous Comprehensive Sex Ed agenda. Undeterred by the global pandemic, SIECUS, along with Advocates for Youth, AMAZE, and Planned Parenthood, are fighting hard to get Comprehensive Sex Ed into homes in order to advance their agenda of sweeping and uncompromising social change. Read more here.


At-Home Sex Ed Digital Media Teaches Children Watching Porn is Normal. Digital media platform Amaze has launched an at-home sex ed video series on Facebook that teaches children home from school during the coronavirus crisis that watching porn is normal. The only negative aspect of porn Amaze mentions in the video is that “porn is not real.” Read more here.


Washington’s Gov. Inslee Signs Comprehensive Sex Education Bill into Law. A controversial bill requiring comprehensive sex education for students in kindergarten through 12th grade was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee. Read more here.


Washington State Passes Far-Left Sex Ed Plan Promoting Promiscuity, LGBT, Abortion. The Washington state legislature gave final approval to a pro-abortion, pro-gender ideology sex education plan that will allow the sex act to be described to five-year-olds, seven-year-olds to be taught about sexual pleasure, and sixth graders to be directed to a website featuring a how-to on anal sex. Read more here.


Bill Mandating Sex Ed Starting in Kindergarten Heads to Washington Governor’s Desk. The controversial bill is opposed by many who feel the materials are not appropriate for young children. Read more here.


Sex Education Organization Depicts Fetus as a Circular Blob in Video Describing Abortion Procedures. The sex education organization AMAZE, which partners with the United Nations, has released a video depicting abortion as removing a circular blob from a woman’s uterus. Read more here.


Parents Tell School Board to Take Social Engineering Out of Sex Education. At a meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education in Georgia, opposition to the proposed sex education curriculum was voiced by dozens of people who said the new program would would bring aspects of sexuality they consider inappropriate into the classroom. Read more here.


Review of School-Based Comprehensive Sex Ed Finds Little Evidence of Effectiveness. The study published in the Institute of Law and Medicine found “little evidence that [comprehensive sex education] programs are effective at producing positive impact on their participants” and questioned the efficacy of school-based comprehensive sex education. Read more here.


California Parents Fight Graphic Comprehensive Sex Ed. California school districts are teaching more detailed descriptions of body parts, sexual acts and sexual diversity, which is resulting in parents pulling their children out of public school. Read more here.