Brief of Amicus Curiae – 35 Comparative Law Scholars in Support of Gary R. Herbert, in His Official Capacity as Governor of Utah

(Amicus Brief) In October 2014 the U.S. Supreme Court unexpectedly declined to consider any of the five separate appeals brought by states seeking to overturn lower court rulings that would impose homosexual marriage on their citizens. As a result, judicial stays or orders suspending enforcement of lower court decisions that had temporarily blocked homosexual marriages in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin were lifted. Family Watch International funded this amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court by 35 comparative law scholars (from Europe, Central and South America, and Oceania) in support of the appeal filed by the Governor of Utah. This brief argued, among other points, that the tenth circuit ruling in the Utah case is out of step with international norms that recognize a legitimate policy basis for opposite-gender marriage laws. The brief also argued that the Utah case is inconsistent with international tribunals and foreign courts, which generally have refused to judicially mandate same-sex marriages and deferred to legislatures to regulate same-sex unions.