Amicus Brief of Walt Heyer

BRIEF OF WALT HEYER, JAMIE SHUPE, LINDA SEILER, HACSI HORVATH, CLIFTON FRANCIS BURLEIGH, JR., LAURA PERRY, JEFFREY JOHNSTON, JEFFREY MCCALL AND KATHY GRACE DUNCAN AS AMICI CURIAE IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONER. Amicus Walt Heyer is a man who was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, took hormones and underwent surgery to adopt the physical appearance of the opposite sex, and lived for eight years appearing to be a woman. But those steps did not resolve his problems and he attempted suicide. He was diagnosed with dissociative disorder and was able to resolve his gender dysphoria through psychotherapy to effectively treat the dissociative disorder. His feelings of wanting to be the opposite sex went away, and he was able to return to living with a male appearance and be happy.