The Anti-Family, Anti-Life UN Agenda As Revealed in the ICPD Review “Outcome Documents” and “Follow-ups.”

 (FWI Report) This document with its accompanying chart reveals a highly elaborate and deceptive plan concocted by UNFPA to advance abortion and controversial sexual rights in contravention of many UN Member State laws. Working in concert with International Planned Parenthood (IPPF), the World Health Organization, and a number of UN member states, UNFPA’s plan was to circumvent the standard full-body UN Member State negotiation process for the 20-year review of the International Covenant on Population and Development (ICPD). They did this by lobbying to get the UN General Assembly to pass a resolution calling for an operational review for ICPD that UNFPA could control. They also convinced States to forego the traditional transparent negotiations by all States, and instead, for the 20-year ICPD review, allow UNFPA to organize the regional and thematic reviews away from UN experts. The end goals of UNFPA and its partners were, and continue to be, to establish an unfettered international right to abortion, to ensure the indoctrination of children with harmful comprehensive sexuality education, and to change the traditional sex and gender norms of all societies. Nations should beware that UNFPA is now working on a similar plan for the 25-year review of ICPD.