Family Watch Activities & Significant Accomplishments at the United Nations

FWI Hosts Highly Successful Global Family Policy Forums Annually, bringing together key UN ambassadors and delegates for expert presentations and discussions on family issues. These Forums have been recognized by UN diplomats, major media outlets and other observers for having a direct impact on UN negotiations in favor of the family.


FWI Co-founded and Chairs the UN Family Rights Caucus. This widely respected and highly effective coalition of pro-family groups advocates for the family at the UN. The Caucus website,, created by FWI, features a Family Policy Resource Center with briefs, documentaries, and other resources to aid in defending and promoting the family.


FWI Serves as an Expert Resource and Strategy Consultant to a Number of UN Member States during UN negotiations. The following is a sampling of some of the major victories FWI has helped achieve at the UN:


Played a key role in getting the family recognized as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society” in several important UN resolutions.


Strongly influenced the UN’s adoption of provisions in multiple documents calling for“respect for religious and cultural values” and/or recognizing “the sovereign right of each country” as a condition to implementing key UN resolutions.


Helped UN delegations delete multiple anti-family provisions, including references to “sexual rights,” a term used to promote such things as the legalization of abortion, prostitution, same-sex marriage, explicit sexuality education, and radical homosexual and transgender rights for children and adults.


Rallied governments in multiple UN negotiations to reject harmful “comprehensive sexuality education” that promotes promiscuity to children.


Was instrumental in getting the UN to adopt a number of provisions recognizing parental rights.


Successfully lobbied to get a proposal adopted that discourages prenatal sex selection and the use of girls in prostitution and pornography.


Helped UN Member States on several occasions defeat provisions endorsing the UNAIDS “International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights” that calls for the legalization of abortion, same-sex marriage and prostitution.


Organized, chaired and cosponsored UN panels with multiple governments. These panels, many featuring UN ambassadors, have promoted the critical role of the family in society and the legal obligations of UN member countries to protect the family.


Organized and chaired the first major event on the family at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. This event, which was co-sponsored by 54 UN Member States, along with the FWI forums, laid the groundwork for the passage of the “Protection of the Family” resolution, a landmark victory for the pro-family cause at the UN.


Organized the first-ever UN event to promote and defend the critical role of mothers in society. This highly successful event was co-sponsored by four governments and chaired by a UN ambassador.


Hosted numerous successful side events on a wide variety of family issues during UN meetings and conferences, including on the dangers of comprehensive sexuality education, the myths used to promote abortion, and the importance of family-based care for orphans, including adoption.