Family Watch Websites

This powerful website (which can also be accessed at, provides research, news items and commentary exposing the international sexual rights agenda and the dangers of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). CSE sexualizes children by encouraging risky sexual behavior at young ages without parental knowledge or consent. The website also features one of our most important tools to fight against CSE and protect children, our documentary “Stop the War on Children: Exposing the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda.” The website provides families and governments with the tools they need to counteract harmful CSE programs in their schools. One of these tools is an online petition calling upon policymakers, educators and school administrators worldwide to oppose any funding or promotion of CSE programs. The site also includes a “best practices” section identifying effective family-friendly sex education programs and approaches.

Our UN Family Rights Caucus site, anchors the UN Family Rights Caucus, a UN coalition of individuals, policymakers, and organizations founded and chaired by FWI and representing every region of the world. The site provides information on how organizations can become accredited to the UN, lists UN family policy victories and the Caucus’s pro-family UN initiatives and events. It includes a library of Family Policy Briefs and other helpful policy resources, and an application for individuals and organizations to join the Caucus.

This site anchors Family Watch’s worldwide campaign calling upon the UN and UN Member States to investigate and stop International Planned Parenthood’s dangerous activities that harm children across the world. Resources published on the site include: A Special Report: “Abort Planned Parenthood—An Empire of Fraud, Deceit, and the Sexualization of Children,” Eight Steps People Can Take to Stop Planned Parenthood, Guidelines for Sexuality Education Standards for Schools, and other valuable materials.

In response to the Kinsey Institute’s application for UN accreditation, FWI launched this site to expose and document how fraudulent research and the sex experiments on children published by the Kinsey Institute laid the foundation for dangerous and radical sexuality education programs worldwide. provides background information and details on how to safeguard communities from the intrusive sexual ideologies of the Kinsey Institute.

This website highlights FWI’s Families for Orphans program, which promotes family-based care for orphans, including domestic and international adoption and supports “substitute family care” projects in Kenya and Mozambique.

This site provides information and helpful tools to implement “Seven Days of Nothing,” to help individuals understand at a deeper level how many of the world’s orphans and vulnerable children live, while helping them to do something about it. Participants (individuals, families, businesses, schools, church congregations, etc.) choose to sacrifice certain things and to live as close as possible to the way many orphans in the world do for at least a week. Participants may choose to do without modern conveniences and nonessential items, such as desserts or entertainment, or to forego eating at restaurants, or to ride a bike instead of driving. At the end of the week, participants calculate how much they have saved by sacrificing and contribute that amount to help an orphan or a vulnerable child somewhere.

This site promotes our family defense handbook, Stand for the Family: A Call to Responsible Citizens Everywhere, by FWI president Sharon Slater and our “I Stand for the Family” petition that individuals can sign or download and distribute to individuals, groups, churches and other organizations in their communities. This petition is used to show policymakers around the world that there is strong and growing support for the family and family values.

FWI launched this site to highlight the findings of our yearlong investigation documenting how the international and U.S.-based Girl Scout organizations promote promiscuity, abortion, and controversial sexual rights in the United States, at the UN and abroad.