Back to School Warning: “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” Will Sexualize Your Children, Not Protect Them

As summer turns into fall, before the new school year is too far along, Family Watch is issuing this warning to parents everywhere.


Please investigate whether “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) is being taught in your country and in your state, and especially in your children’s schools!


On the schedule for many schoolchildren this year will not only be reading, writing, and arithmetic but also masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, abortion, gender change, sexual rights and sexual pleasure.


Some people think that “sex education” just means teaching about human reproduction. And many may assume that “comprehensive” sex education just means including information on how condoms and contraception can reduce (but not eliminate!) the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or pregnancy.


But today’s “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” involves much, much more—and it’s getting worse by the year!


In fact, the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education, published by UNESCO in 2018, says explicitly, “CSE goes beyond education about reproduction, risks and disease.”


Framework for Comprehensive Sexuality Education published by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) says the same thing—that CSE “is concerned with more than just the prevention of disease or pregnancy.”


What is the “more” they are talking about? Just how far “beyond … risks and disease” do they want to go?


Family Watch has documented 15 harmful effects of CSE on children, and the very first harm on the list is that CSE sexualizes children.


The IPPF Framework says that CSE “recognizes and accepts all people as sexual beings.” The UNESCO Guidance says, “Sexuality is present throughout life.”


Please understand—“all people” includes children! And “throughout life” means from birth!


UNESCO says that CSE “promotes … the rights of children and young people” and says, “CSE promotes the right to choose when and with whom a person will have any form of intimate or sexual relationship.”


That means CSE teaches that YOUR child has the “human right” to have sex WHENEVER he or she chooses to—at ANY age!


In fact, this “rights-based” approach is a key element in virtually every definition of “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” today. (See also UNFPA, 2010 and UNESCO, 2015.)


Whose “rights” are not promoted in CSE? YOURS AS PARENTS!


CSE programs are often designed to actively prevent parents from exercising their parental rights to guide the physical, emotional and moral upbringing of their own children.


Schools often even conceal the content of CSE programs from parents.


At the same time, these programs may teach students how to:


  • challenge their parents’ traditional values or religious beliefs; and
  • access services such as contraception, abortion or “gender transition” hormones without parental knowledge or consent.


CSE programs often include other content that is explicit and not age appropriate. This may include lessons on:


  • oral sex
  • anal sex
  • masturbation
  • sexual pleasure
  • homosexuality




Fortunately, it is possible to fight the radical sexual agenda of CSE—and WIN!


For example, last year when the Nebraska Board of Education (BOE) proposed new, CSE-based health education standards for the state, citizens alarmed by the content in the proposed standards quickly mobilized and formed the Protect Nebraska Children Coalition (PNCC).


Then in July, the BOE voted to remove some of the most controversial content dealing with sexual orientation and with gender identity as early as first grade. But critics persisted as problematic elements still remained, and in September, the new standards were indefinitely postponed!


Here are some news articles about others who are pushing back against comprehensive sexuality education:



So yes, it is possible to defeat the advocates of CSE. But they are relentless, and they are everywhere! Protecting children requires constant vigilance.


We hope you are now sufficiently concerned to take immediate action to protect children. You can use the Protect Children/Stop CSE Action Plan as your guide!


You can make a difference! Just take the following action steps:


  1. Find out what sex education programs are being implemented in your country, state and community. (The broad outline of what is to be taught is found in sex ed “standards.”)
  2. Find out what is being taught in your children’s schools—demand to see a copy of any sex education curriculum. (A “curriculum” spells out in detail how the lessons will be given.) 
  3. Do everything in your power to expose the CSE programs you find, and invite parents and religious leaders to join with you. 
  4. Share our documentary, “The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda,” found online at
  5. Sign our petition calling upon the United Nations, governments and schools everywhere to immediately stop promoting and funding harmful Comprehensive Sexuality Education.


Note: If you live in the United States and would like to get involved in protecting children from Comprehensive Sexuality Education in your state, please email us


Now is the time to visit the website and learn what else you can do. Click on the Defenders’ Toolkit. There you will find:


  • Research
  • Policy briefs
  • Fact sheets
  • Talking points
  • Videos


and more.


Another tool Family Watch has created is our CSE Harmful Elements Analysis Tool used to analyze sex ed curriculum. This tool can help you determine and document how many harmful CSE elements are included and then you can score your curriculum. 


Most CSE programs score 11-15 out of 15 harmful elements, and even just one element is reason enough to oppose a program.


Family Watch has already analyzed many of the best-known CSE “standards” and most widely used curriculum programs—both in the United States and internationally. See the CSE Materials Index.


Nothing can stop a group of engaged parents determined to protect their children.


Please do all that you can to uncover, expose and remove the harmful CSE programs where you live.


Together we can and will protect the world’s children!