“Comprehensive Sex Ed” as “Grooming 101”?

You will find linked below an excellent article by Peter Sprigg, Family Watch International Director of Research and Advocacy, which shines a spotlight on the battle over sex education in Nebraska. Last year the Washington Post (WAPO) targeted our colleagues there and also sent me a long list of interview questions that were clearly aimed at trying to make anyone who opposes comprehensive sexuality education to be either hateful, ignorant or both. Indeed, WAPO journalists, a team of them no less, appeared to be looking for anything they could find to discredit those who successfully opposed CSE at the Nebraska state school board level as well as anyone who supported them. WAPO seemed especially fixated on quashing any attempts to equate CSE as “grooming.” But, as Peter shows in his article, WAPO failed miserably in their quest because the facts just aren’t on their side.


We hope you enjoy Peter’s article which we have posted here.