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Did you know that Family Watch International is recognized across the world as the #1 organization successfully leading the charge to fight the “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) agenda worldwide?


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We stopped CSE at the World Health Assembly this year! The WHA is the decision making body for the World Health Organization.


We didn’t do it alone, but our efforts were critical.


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Did you know that no UN Member State ever opposed references to CSE until 2010 when we raised the alarm?


We created the website the War on Children documentary and began holding briefings and annual forums with UN Member States.


And now “comprehensive sexuality education” has become one of the most controversial terms at the United Nations and in many countries all because of Family Watch International.


You can see how many CSE programs we have analyzed and exposed with our CSE Harmful Elements Analysis Tool that is used worldwide.


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Did you know that we are analyzing new CSE programs on a daily basis and helping countries fight CSE in Macedonia, Malawi and Mexico, in Zambia and Zimbabwe, in California, Canada and in the Caribbean? We are helping good people in countries all around the world to fight CSE.


Did you know we continue on a daily basis to expose CSE to governments and policymakers and activists in many countries and have defeated CSE all around the world?


Did you know in the U.S. Family Watch facilitates the Protect Child Health Coalition and anchors the website and creates the Defenders’ Toolkit with a Stop CSE Action Plan and multiple Stop CSE tools used by people all around the the U.S. and across the world to stop CSE where they live?


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How do we do all this and help governments fight to protect life and family at the UN day in and day out both at UN headquarters in New York and at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva?


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