FWI SPECIAL REPORT: The Trojan Horse of “Gender” at the United Nations

The United Nations is at it again!


Today, the UN Secretary-General convened a “Transforming Education Summit” (TES) in New York. And, of course, the goal of “inclusive, equitable, safe and healthy schools” sounds laudable … until you dig a little further.


FWI Director of Research and Advocacy, Peter Sprigg has done that digging, and we are pleased to share his in-depth report The Trojan Horse of ‘Gender’ at the United Nations.”


As is standard operating procedure at the UN, the reality behind the lofty-sounding goals and inspiring words is often a deeply disturbing agenda, and the Transforming Education Summit is a perfect example.


 Peter’s special report explains this agenda in detail and reveals how the UN promotes forced acceptance and even celebrates diverse sexual orientations and gender identitiesand does so under the guise of “transforming education.”


Read Peter’s Special Report here.


As always, Family Watch is following this event, and we will keep you posted on what transpires.