Help Us Protect Children from the Global Sexualization Agenda!

As we enter the holiday season and the time for giving, on behalf of our Family Watch team, I humbly request that you remember Family Watch International.


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We are not funded by any government or government-funded entities or special interest groups. Our funding comes from good people like you who appreciate the special niche we occupy in the worldwide pro-life/pro-family movement.


It is because of you that we are the number one organization in the world working to expose and stop the radical comprehensive sexuality/sexualization agenda worldwide.


No other organization in the world is working in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere in addition to working at the United Nationsboth at UN headquarters in New York and at the Human Rights Council in Geneva to protect life, children and the familybut with a special emphasis on protecting the health and innocence of children from comprehensive sexuality education.


It is our children who will form the future families of the world and the leaders of nations so there is an all out assault to sexualize and indoctrinate them in the left’s radical sexual and gender ideologies.


    • We have stopped them at the UN both in New York and Genevamany times.

    • We have empowered responsible citizens and African governments to stop CSE in many African countries–many times.

    • We have empowered groups in the US in many states to stop CSEmany times.

    • And we have empowered groups in many other countries as well to stop CSEmany times.


Please help us by making the most generous donation you can so we can continue to stop those who are deliberately harming our children.


We urgently need to raise a significant amount of money between now and January, and every dollar counts!


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If you have been blessed with more resources and can do $250, $500, $1,000, $2,000 or more, we need larger donors too, or we will not be able to meet our budget needs for 2023.


We are grateful at this time of Thanksgiving for you and for all you do to protect children and the family and for your continued support!