Just a Few More Hours Left to Donate Before 2021! Please Help!

This is our final plea for help in 2020! There are just a few hours left to help us raise our needed budget. 


Anything you can contribute is much needed and greatly appreciated. Whether it be $5$25$50$100$200$500$1,000$5,000. Every donation counts!


We don’t believe you will find any other organization that accomplishes so much with so little. 


In fact, there are many successes we can’t even share publicly because doing so would compromise our relationships with high-level government officials we work with in a number of countries.


We promise to use whatever you send with the utmost care and 100% to the cause of protecting the family. 


I don’t take a salary, yet I do this full time and have done so for over 20 years now because I know what is at stake.


I have seen too much and it compels me to do everything within my power to warn, encourage, and equip good people across the world with what they need to protect their families. 


A number of our staff have done the same, worked countless years day in and day out advancing the mission of Family Watch across the world to protect families.


Each new donation and each new country that our donors represent gives us a major boost. 


Please take a minute right now to donate before the end of the year. Donations are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens.


We are looking forward to a wonderful 2021!


Thank you for all of your support!