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NOVEMBER 13, 2019

We, the pro-life and pro-family organizations, diplomats, scholars, faith leaders, youth leaders, politicians and individuals of good will assembled in Nairobi from November 10th to 14th, 2019 at the pro-life and pro-family side events alternative to ICPD+25, along with many across the world who also support this declaration;

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Concerned that the ICPD+25 process excluded pro-life and pro-family voices and input, and that the ICPD+25 outcome document does not represent the majority of the people of the world;


Disturbed by the obsessive focus of the ICPD+25 process on controversial issues that were not part of the original ICPD that our governments committed to, namely: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), a known banner for advancing abortion and radical sexual rights and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE),which sexualizes children and undermines the family;


Therefore, declare as follows:


Our Vision is:


A World Where Everyone has the Right to Life. We affirm the foundational truth in ICPD Principle 1 that “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person“ while recognizing that we have fallen far short in protecting life before as well as after birth as called for in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. For this we affirm that life of every person begins at conception and ends at natural death.


A World Where the Family is Protected as the Fundamental Unit of Society. We reaffirm ICPD Principle 9 wherein it states, “The family is the basic unit of society and as such should be strengthened. It is entitled to receive comprehensive protection and support.” And we reaffirm the ICPD call to governments to “develop policies and laws that better support the family, [and] contribute to its stability.” (ICPD 5.2)


A World Where the Rights of Parents are Respected, Valued and Affirmed. We reaffirm ICPD Principles 10 and 11 wherein they recognize that the responsibility for educating children “lies in the first place with the parents” (ICPD Principle 10) as they will have their children’s best interest in mind, and we also reaffirm that “The child has the right to be cared for, guided and supported by parents, families and society.” (ICPD Principle 11.)


A World Where Human Trafficking and Prostitution are Nonexistent. We emphasize that “Countries should prohibit degrading practices, such as trafficking in women, adolescents and children and exploitation through prostitution, and pay special attention to protecting the rights and safety of those who suffer from these crimes and those in potentially exploitable situations.” (ICPD 4.9.)


A World Where Every Girl Child is Valued and Protected. We reaffirm the need to “improve the welfare of the girl child, especially in regard to health, nutrition and education” (ICPD 4.16 (c)) and affirm that “Measures should be adopted and enforced to eliminate child marriages and female genital mutilation.” (ICPD 5.5.)


On Sovereignty:


Respect for National Sovereignty and Religious and Cultural Values of Countries. We reaffirm that “The implementation of the recommendations contained in the Programme of Action is the sovereign right of each country, consistent with national laws and development priorities, with full respect for the various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds of its people, and in conformity with universally recognized international human rights.” (Chapter II, Principles)


On Maternal Mortality


A World Free of Preventable Maternal Mortality. We are cognizant that “maternal deaths have very serious consequences within the family, given the crucial role of the mother for her children’s health and welfare. The death of the mother increases the risk to the survival of her young children.” (ICPD 8.19)


On the Definition of Health


A World Where Health is Defined, Understood and Implemented Holistically. We are cognizant of the fact that the current definition of health by the World Health Organization coined in 1948 that health is “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not  merely the absence of disease or infirmity” does not take into account spiritual and environmental wellbeing nor the centrality of the family as the primary unit of society. We declare that henceforth an accurate definition of health must encompass complete physical, mental, spiritual, family and environmental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Our Call to Action


We therefore call upon governments everywhere to accelerate the promise of ICPD by implementing the following neglected ICPD commitments made 25 years ago in Cairo, and urge all governments to take the following actions:


Respect Sovereignty and Religious and Cultural Values

  • Governments should implement all “population and development programmes, with full respect for the various religious and ethical values and cultural backgrounds of each country’s people” (ICPD 14.3 (f), ICPD 15.13.)


Protect and Strengthen the Family


  • “[F]ormulate family-sensitive policies in the field of housing, work, health, social security and education in order to create an
    environment supportive of the family” (ICPD 5.9.)


  • “[M]onitor the impact of social and economic decisions and actions on the well-being of families, on the status of women within families, and on the ability of families to meet the basic needs of their members.” (ICPD 5.9.)


Respect the Rights of Parents


  • Respect “the rights and responsibilities of parents” when implementing any programs involving youth or children of minor age, (See ICPD 11.24) and also recognize “the rights, duties and responsibilities of parents and other persons legally responsible for adolescents to provide … direction and guidance in sexual and reproductive matters.” (ICPD 7.45) This will require that children be protected from highly controversial comprehensive sexuality education programmes being pushed in and out of school; and that governments establish policies requiring transparency of and parental consent for any sex education or for any so-called “sexual and reproductive health services.” Also, understanding that gender derives from biological sex and can only be male or female, and that unscientific gender ideologies (claiming that more than two genders exist or that gender is fluid) are harmful to children, therefore, such ideologies should be banned from being taught in schools.


End Abortion


  • In line with the protection of the right to life of all persons from conception to natural death, abortion is to be understood as the deliberate killing of a preborn person and thus to be prohibited.


  • “[T]ake appropriate steps to help women avoid abortion, which in no case should be promoted as a method of family planning” (ICPD 7.24) and “reduce the recourse to abortion” strongly affirming that … “ [a]ny measures or changes related to abortion within the health system can only be determined at the national or local level according to the national legislative process” (ICPD 8.25) without outside pressures and interferences.


  • To prevent repeat abortions, all pregnancy losses, regardless of gestation, should be notifiable and registered in view to having accurate statistics on its prevalence, and provide care and counselling for post-abortive women.


We declare that the concept of SRHR that was pushed throughout the ICPD+25 process has never been accepted in any of the United Nations consensus documents and has always been rejected by many countries due its highly controversial and deceptive nature.


We further declare that as governments focus on the aforementioned seven critical pro-life and pro-family policy mandates, thereby fulfilling the unfinished and overlooked business of ICPD, families will flourish, children will thrive, and nations will experience more robust sustainable development.


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