New Article: Sex Surveys and Hotlines Put Children at Risk!

Decades ago in the U.S., at a certain time each night, a brief public service announcement would air on network television:


“It’s 10 pm. Do you know where your children are?”


Well, the world has become significantly more complicated since then, so protecting our children and knowing where they are and what they are doing is even more important now.


Today, that nightly public service announcement might sound something like this:


“It’s 10 pm. Do you know what sexually explicit content your children were exposed to today during school, online, or on their mobile devices?”


For years, Family Watch has warned parents about the harms of comprehensive sexuality education in schools. And today, FWI Director of Research and Advocacy, Peter Sprigg, has another warning for parents about non-curricular resources like “hotlines” and surveys on intimate topics that can sexualize children and expose them to unwanted material and undermine parental rights.


If we don’t know what the threats are, we can’t protect our kids.


You can read Peter’s very informative article “Sex Surveys and Hotlines Put Children at Risk” here.