New FWI Brief: What the Research Shows on Transgender Suicide

We are pleased to announce that FWI’s newest policy brief “Understanding Transgender Issues: Suicide Risk” has just been posted on our website!


Written by Peter Sprigg, FWI Director of Research and Advocacy, this brief reveals what the research shows about the suicide risk for transgender individuals. It also debunks common misconceptions regarding such and is a must read for anyone concerned with transgender issues.


Certainly, every suicide threat should be taken very seriously. Yet sadly, threats of suicide increasingly are being used to pressure parents of gender-confused children to collude with their child’s self-declared “gender identity” fantasy.


Indeed, parents  are being told they could cause their child’s death if they don’t ”affirm” their child’s distorted beliefs and help them “transition” socially and medically to assume a different “gender identity.”


In this comprehensive policy brief you will learn:


  • The strong association between transgender identification and suicidality in general.
  • What the research shows and does not show regarding suicide and transgender-identifying individuals.
  • If gender “transition” medical interventions actually improve mental health outcomes and prevent suicide.
  • If mental health issues in transgender individuals is caused by societal discrimination.


And much, much more.


Click here to read this excellent and very comprehensive policy brief.