NEW RESOURCE! What Every Parent and Policy-Maker Should Know About “Transgender” Youth—and What the Research REALLY Says

Are some children just “born in the wrong body?”


Are gender “transition” procedures (like puberty-blocking drugs and wrong-sex hormones) “medically necessary” for children and adolescents who identify as transgender?


Are kids likely to commit suicide if denied the ability to “transition?”


From the mainstream media—and maybe from your children’s schools—you’ve probably only heard the “politically correct” answers to these questions. (“Yes” to all three.)


Even if you know enough to question the transgender party line, you may feel that you can never understand, or know where to find, the scientific evidence behind the real answers.


Now there is a new resource to help fill those gaps in knowledge.


It’s called Transgender Research: Five Things Every Parent and Policy-Maker Should Know.


This concise, six-page research summary has just been published by the Institute for Research & Evaluation (IRE). IRE is a non-profit organization with a stellar reputation for its thirty years of research, especially on the outcomes of different forms of sex education.


This new paper answers five crucial questions in the current debate over “gender identity” and “transgender” issues:


1. Cross-Sex Medical Treatments: What does research show about the benefits and harms of cross-sex medical treatment for minors?


2. Suicide: What does research on medical gender transition tell us about preventing suicide in transgender youth?


3. Gender Dysphoria: Is gender dysphoria in children a permanent condition and one that requires medical treatment?

4. Transgender Identification: Can young people be influenced to identify as transgender, or is it all biologically determined?


5. Sex Ed: What does research tell us about teaching sex education and gender ideology to young children?


For each of these questions, the paper presents a simple answer followed by an extensive summary of the related research.


Let’s face it—most of us know that a boy can’t become a girl and a girl can’t become a boy. IT’S JUST COMMON SENSE!


But transgender advocates claim that “science” is on their side.


There’s only one problem with that claim—IT’S NOT TRUE!


Compassion would dictate that we would help gender-confused individuals understand the medical risks they take when they seek to “transition” to the opposite sex and that we discourage them from taking those life-altering risks.


No one should be fooled or intimidated by the false “scientific” claims of transgender activists.




Download this valuable resource today.