Alert: Pro-life Geneva Declaration Under Attack!

A powerful abortion lobby funded by George Soros, Planned Parenthood, UN agencies and more have launched an all-out assault on the pro-life, pro-family Geneva Consensus Declaration (GCD). Click here to see our previous alert on the GCD.


These well-funded groups are pressuring African countries and telling them they must withdraw.


Will you please take just a few minutes to help us stop them?


Please sign our letter thanking the 32 countries for signing the GCD and urging them to stand firm. We need to thank each of these countries for doing the right and the brave thing—for standing for life and family, even in the face of extreme opposition.


As part of the same campaign, we invite you to also sign our second letter urging the 161 countries that have not signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration to sign it now.


You can sign the letters at


It will only take a minute. Then please forward this alert on to others you think might be willing to sign on.


See more information about the attacks on the signers of the Geneva Consensus Declaration below.


Thank you for your help! It is critical that we encourage these countries to stand strong in their resolve to protect life and family!




In Kenya, a coordinated attack on the Geneva Consensus Declaration is coming from the Kenya Legal & Ethical Issues Network on HIV and AIDS (KELIN), a network funded in part by Planned Parenthood and George Soros’ Open Society UNDP, the Global Fund and more. KELIN and their partners took out a full two-page add in the Daily Nation with a petition pressuring the Kenyan government to withdraw from the Declaration.


In Uganda an article written by Joy Asasira, Program Manager for the Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) a radical foreign-funded pro-abortion organization based in Uganda calls upon the Ugandan government to withdraw from the GCD.


KELIN and CEHURD are like-minded partner organizations working with many foreign funded puppet organizations to push abortion on Kenya and Uganda.