FWI Webinar Exposing the WHO Agenda Gets Traction in Over 60 Countries!

We have found a huge silver lining in the COVID-19 crisis!


Since UN events have been cancelled we have had time to create a series of webinars that will form part of our new online learning course, “International Family Law and Global Health Policies.”


Our first webinar in the series, “The World Health Organization Exposed: Sexual Rights vs. Sexual Health” was a major success!


We had about 1000 registrants from over 60 countries! See some of the positive feedback from around the world below.


We are making it all available for free, and the first webinar is now posted at www.familywatch.org/webinars. There you will find:


  • Introduction of Panelists (4 min)
  • WHO Exposed Webinar (53 min)
  • Webinar Q&A (24 min)
  • WHO PowerPoint Presentation
  • Special Report: “The World Health Organization Exposed: Abortion, Sexual Rights and CSE”


I believe this just may be the most powerful and impactful initiative we have ever undertaken. We are very excited about the worldwide interest.


Soon we will also be posting translated versions of our webinar materials subtitled in Spanish and French.


Please feel free to share widely!


We are also announcing our next webinar in the UN series which is already scheduled as follows:


TOPIC: “UN Women Exposed: When Women’s Rights Become Women’s Wrongs”

DATE: Tuesday, May 12

TIME: 9:00 AM Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time)

REGISTRATION LINK: www.familywatch.org/webinars.


Finally, more information on the Family Watch free online learning course “International Family Law and Global Health Policies” will be forthcoming.


Please register, and encourage others to register for our next webinar on UN Women on Tuesday, May 12 by sending them to www.familywatch.org/webinars.


Together we will grow this powerful worldwide movement for life and family!


Please note that you must sign up for each webinar separately.





“Hello co-warriors … from Kenya. Delighted to be walking this journey with the experts. Can we get this powerful powerpoint presentation? It was a great lesson. Sharon and team be blessed.” – Kenya


“The webinar was excellent and very professional, and the content was riveting. Thank you, and God Bless Family Watch International!” – United States


“This was excellent, thanks. Need something in summary to send to my MP to raise awareness.” – United Kingdom


“Just finished watching live. It was very good … Thank you.” – Ireland


“Words cannot adequately express my appreciation for the work you are doing. Just imagine your extensive reach with this webinar — to people all over the world.” – United States


“Thank you so much for what you are doing, A profound webinar, and I hope that it will be watched by many more, May God bless you all for your courage and commitment to stand up for the family”  – South Africa


“Just wanted to quickly say Thank You for your webinar yesterday. You have so much to share, and you share it so generously. We learn so much from you and are grateful for watchdogs like you and the others at FWI. So grateful. Learned so much about WHO.” – United States


“Thanks so much for this webinar! Having subscribed to your website I was familiar with some of the material but you made such a profound case against WHO that it would have helped to have others watch it too. It’s almost beyond believing and equipping parents with the tools to push back is essential. If parents don’t it, who will? Thank you again!” – Czech Republic


 “Thank you for sharing your research about the WHO. It was a very good & interesting webinar. Congratuations! ” – El Salvador


“I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar today.” – United States


“Thank you very much for the information, the previous webinar had been very helpful and educative, since my ministry is working with the youths, women and the aged. all the information will help to make my work easier and that I can be able to make a difference in the society promoting justice and peace . I’Ill be looking forward to the course offered and other webinars to come. May God bless the entire team of family watch international. THANK YOU.” – Zambia


“Awesome !!! I have a lot of people already waiting for it. I had a bunch of people from Latin America that signed into today’s session. Thank you!” – United States


“Fantastic presentation. Thanks Sharon and Family Watch team.” – Ireland




“I need this presentation to share with all the diocesan coordinators of Family and Human Life Unit in Nigeria. FHLU is the pro-life and pro-family ministry of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria.” – Nigeria