Groundbreaking Sex Ed Findings – What does the research really show?

The Protect Child Health Coalition is excited to announce the next webinar:


“The Failure of Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) and the Case for Abstinence Education: What the Research Shows”


This will be presented by Irene Ericksen, Senior Research Analyst at the Institute for Research and Evaluation (IRE).


Click here to register for this webinar to be presented December 3 at 12:00 PM U.S. Eastern Time.


Irene will present highlights from IRE’s comprehensive worldwide review of school-based sex ed research, the same research that the UN and Planned Parenthood cite to make their extensive claims for CSE effectiveness. This IRE review, which was recently published in a peer-reviewed journal, also exposes the false nature of those claims using verifiable data and provides evidence on how CSE increases sexual-risk taking among teens rather than decreases it.


Click here to register.


This webinar will be the fourth in a series of child protection webinars facilitated by Family Watch and presented by the Protect Child Health Coalition (PCHC – See at The PCHC is a coalition of groups and individuals working to protect the health and safety of children across the U.S. and focuses on stopping comprehensive sexuality education (CSE), pornography, and more.


This is a great opportunity to learn about harmful Comprehensive Sexuality Education being pushed throughout the United States and worldwide by Planned Parenthood.


PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. You can share this invitation with members of your organization, teachers, school board members, elected officials and others who need to be informed—friends, neighbors, church leaders, colleagues and family members.


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We hope to connect with you on December 3rd!


Together we can and will protect the health and innocence of the world’s children from CSE!




Below is the list of our upcoming webinars so put them on your calendar! And please share with others!




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Thursday, 12/3: Thursday, 11/5: “The Failure of Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) and the Case for Abstinence Education: What the Research Shows


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Thursday, 1/14: “We Need Help! Building Coalitions – Their Power in Protecting Families and Children”


Thursday, 1/28: “Pornography Provided by Public Schools – School Databases: Corporate Exploitation of Children”


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Thursday, 2/11: “What Can I Do? – A Parent’s Guide to Protecting their Kids from CSE”