Help Stop Dangerous Medical Transgender Experimentation on Children!

We are urgently asking you to take just a few minutes to protect children and adolescents from being harmed by radical transgender ideology-driven medical procedures.


As I am sure most of you are aware, the growing influence and acceptance of radical transgender ideology poses one of the most serious threats to the family and to society.


This ideology not only denies but actually attacks the irrefutable scientific fact that an individual’s biological sex is established at the moment of conception and is thereafter an immutable human trait.


To protect children from receiving dangerous, experimental medical interventions, a very brave Congressman, California Representative Doug LaMalfa, introduced two important bills in the House last week.


The first bill, H.R.8012, would prohibit doctors from performing these experimental “gender-reassignment” procedures on minors. The second, H.R.8013, would prohibit taxpayer-funded “gender-reassignment” medical interventions.


Both of these bills already have several co-sponsors, and even though they have been introduced late in the current Congress, they are still very important. They lay a marker on the table that what is being done to so many gender-confused children is a serious and growing problem and concern—one that the federal government can and should be addressing.


We are asking you to do the following:


1. Call Rep. LaMalfa and his congressional co-sponsors and thank them for supporting these bills. They are coming under major attack, and it is important for politicians who get a lot of negative feedback to get positive reinforcement when they take the right positions and actions.


2. Call your own representatives and encourage them to also cosponsor the bills. Election season is the time when incumbents who are out campaigning are most accessible to their constituents.


This will take just a few minutes.


Click here for the contact info for Rep. LaMalfa and the other congressional co-sponsors.


The House is in recess until September, and offices are being minimally staffed. You will probably just be leaving a short voice mail message but that is perfectly adequate.


There is so much at stake for our children. We must stop the growing influence and damage of radical transgender ideology—not just to protect children but to protect society as a whole. Anything you can do to help is an important contribution.


Thank you for your support!