Help Stop UN SOGI “Expert” Pushing Radical Gender Ideology

We urgently need your help to counteract a forthcoming report from the UN “Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) that is intended to:


  • Mainstream “queer theory” into the UN system and UN Member State policies
  • Advance harmful comprehensive sexuality education
  • Name and shame those who oppose radical gender ideology
  • Redefine gender and gender equality in the UN Sustainable Development Goals to advance the transgender agenda


Two Things You Can Do to Counteract the UN SOGI Report!


1. Please sign (as an organization or an individual) the International Petition to all UN Member States: “A Call to Protect Women & Girls From Gender Ideology” and encourage others to sign online too! This will only take a minute! See at


2. Consider making a submission to the “UN Independent Expert” in answer to his call for input. Our goal is to generate many submissions from organizations and medical and mental health experts across the world challenging the UN SOGI “Expert’s” radical gender agenda. You do NOT have to be accredited with the UN to make a submission, and you can submit individually or as an organization. 


We need to let him know he has overstepped his mandate in ways that will harm especially women and girls as he seeks to erase all differences between women and men.


Don’t feel you have to submit more than a few paragraphs. Just a page will suffice, although you can make it much longer too. The point is to have many submissions opposing the report that will also educate readers on the medical and psychological harms of the gender ideology agenda.


You also don’t have to answer all of his leading questions and could address just one or more of the topics his report will cover.


The time is short. The deadline for submissions is COB March 14 (Geneva time). 


Instructions for submissions and the questions he is seeking responses to can be found here.


If you choose to make a submission, let us know so we can keep track of the number of submissions from our side.


Please act as soon as possible. We are grateful for anything you can do to help!