Join the Global “Empowered Youth Coalition” Now!

Please join us for the kickoff webinar on May 18, 9:00 a.m. Arizona Time. Register here.


Dear Friend of the Family,


The world has come to a tipping point as across the globe youth and young adults are being indoctrinated, sexualized, and enlisted in the radical sexual rights movement.


Enter the exciting new Empowered Youth Coalition (EYC) which has already begun uniting youth and young adults across the globe to stand for life and family. The EYC is a project of FWI in conjunction with many other good organizations.




Family Watch is excited to announce of the launch of a new EYC website Saturday, May 15th in conjunction with the International Day of Families.


The EYC will provide a platform for networking and sharing to empower the rising generation to stand for their values. Although the focus of the organization will be for youth and young adults ages 15-35, we believe the educational videos, quizzes and campaigns on family and life issues can benefit people of all ages.




Individuals of all ages can join the EYC!


Membership in the EYC is free and open to any individual or organization that promotes EYC values such as the protection of life and the family. Although the materials created and distributed by the EYC will be oriented toward youth and young adults ages 15-35, people of any age can join and receive the informative quizzes, videos and alerts.


We need individuals to join from every country of the world as we create this youth battalion for life and family. Let’s empower the next generation of youth and young adults and equip them to go toe to toe with the radicalized youth being mobilized by Planned Parenthood and UN agencies. We also need older adults to be mentors and to also join the battle to protect life and family. Click here to join now.


We urgently need more organizations to join the EYC!


Organizations can join as a youth-led or youth/focused organization or join as “mentoring” organizations if they are an existing pro-life or pro-family organization without a youth focus. Any organization that joins before Saturday, May 15 will be a co-founding partner organization.


We have about 70 organizations that have joined, and our goal is to launch with 100 co-founding member organizations. There is no cost or obligation to join, just many optional opportunities. Imagine the benefits of connecting more youth and good organizations with the many individuals and organizations that have already joined the EYC from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, USA, Asia and Europe.


Exciting EYC Youth Empowerment Tools


Try out EYC’s informative “Fact Over Fiction” sample quiz, watch our inspiring EYC “Listen and Learn” videos, and participate in EYC “Taking a Stand” activities. Learn more at


Mission and Values


See our brochure with our mission and values and our EYC declaration.


Join Now!


Please join now, and forward this invitation to youth and young adults everywhere, and encourage them to join and get connected with likeminded youth across the globe. Also please forward to pro-life and pro-family organizations, and encourage them to join now.


Any help spreading the word about the EYC will be greatly appreciated!


For more information go to


Together we can equip and empower more youth and young adults to become effective advocates for life and family.


Thank you for anything you can do!