Only 1 Day Left to Meet our Goal! Will You Stand With Family Watch?

In all of 2020 we have not bothered you for help – not until the past few emails we sent you in which we shared just some of our many important initiatives.


Could you make a donation of any size right now to help us meet our $120,000 goal?


Whatever number comes to mind right now, please don’t ignore it. Please take the time to support our efforts. Our team will be very grateful.


Anything you can contribute is much needed and greatly appreciated. Whether it be $5$25$50$100$200$500$1,000$5,000, every donation counts!


You can donate by check or by credit card, or a monthly amount. You can even donate stock and get a nice end-of-the-year tax write off if you are a U.S. citizen.


Regardless of where you live, won’t you help? Our work benefits families worldwide.


Thanks to our many supporters in 2019 we were able to have many, many victories in 2020.


Now we are facing 2021, and we hope to achieve even more for children and families around the world against even greater opposition.


But we need your help.


Please donate right now.


On behalf our entire Family Watch team, we thank you for whatever you can do!