Religious Freedoms and Families Under Attack at the UN – Join the campaign to stop this assault!

The Call


Dear Friend of the Family,


As an urgent matter we need an outpouring of support from all corners of the world to stop a serious threat to our families and our religious liberties worldwide.


We are calling upon concerned citizens, religious leaders, and NGOs everywhere to stand with us against this serious attack at the UN.


The Threat


A new report issued by the UN-appointed expert on religious freedom or belief is claiming, among other things, that legal protections for life in the womb, marriage, and protections for children against harmful sexuality education violate internationally recognized human rights including sexual and reproductive rights.


This so-called UN expert is scheduled to present his harmful report to the UN General Assembly in less than two weeks on October 20, and we need UN Member States to reject it.


The UN expert’s report also:


  • Instructs religions to reinterpret their religious texts to be in harmony with a radical, twisted and distorted understanding of “human rights.”


  • Seeks to ban voluntary “change therapy” for LGBT individuals with gender confusion or unwanted sexual attractions and to attempt to redefine the term “sex” to encompass sexual orientation and gender identities.


  • Claims, religious opposition to any of these things constitutes violations of human rights.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the many serious problems in the report that ironically was issued by the UN expert who is supposed to protect religious freedom or belief!


This report simply cannot go unchallenged.


We have created an entire website to counteract this threat at


More details can be found on this website including a link to the report, an analysis of the serious threats in the report, and an FAQ page to answer questions you may have.


Take Action


Please consider helping us get governments to reject this report by taking one or more of the following actions right now:


1. Sign the petition calling upon UN Member States to reject this report and invite others to sign as well!


2. If you are a religious leader, sign the religious leader sign-on letter. If you are not, help us identify religious leaders to sign it. Click here for a sample letter you can send to religious leaders encouraging them to sign the religious leader letter.


3. Add your organization’s name to this campaign to appear in the “About Us” section of the campaign website.


4. If you represent an organization, send an email to your contacts inviting them to sign the petition. (Click here to see a sample email you can send to your contacts inviting them to sign the petition.)


If ever there was a time to act to protect our religious rights and freedoms, the time is now.


If we don’t discredit this report and get governments to reject it, activists will be using it to try to change laws in countries around the world.


Please join us in protecting religious liberties and families worldwide.


Thank you for anything you can do to help!


The time is short, please act now.