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NEXT WEBINAR TOPIC: “UNFPA Exposed: The Abortion and Youth Sexualization Agendas” Part II


DATE: Tuesday, June 16, 2020


TIME: 9:00 AM Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time)
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PRESENTER: Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch


WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: In Part II we will uncover how UNFPA in partnership with International Planned Parenthood Federation manipulates African Union and States’ policies to advance abortion, LGBT rights and comprehensive sexuality education. We will further explore UNFPA’s controversial agendas, showing how UNFPA hides behind organizations and coalitions it funds, facilitates or participates in to more covertly advance abortion and sexual rights for children. We will provide additional evidence of these agendas from UNFPA’s own publications. We will end with a call to action with an invitation to join a campaign to stop all of these abuses.


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