Thank Guatemala for Standing for Life and Family!

Dear Friend of the Family,


Finally some great news! On Wednesday, Guatemala formally joined the Geneva Consensus Declaration (GCD)Please join us in thanking Guatemala for standing strong for life and family. Click here to send a thank you message.


You may recall we told you about this historic and important document, where 35 countries have now committed to protect life, defend family, promote women’s health and safeguard the sovereignty of nations.


These countries committed to do so NOT by championing abortion, but instead by bravely affirming the truth that there is no international human right to abortion.


Having a country like Guatemala join just weeks before the first anniversary of the GCD, demonstrates that there exists a living, growing coalition that is moving forward to advance pro-life and pro-family policies at the United Nations and around the world.


Valerie Huber, former Special Representative for Global Women’s Health during the Trump Administration, and who played a key role in the U.S. government creating and advancing the GCD, participated in the signing ceremony in Guatemala, along with President Alejandro Giammattei.


As Huber so eloquently stated, “Guatemala is not alone in having its sovereign rights to defend life and family under attack. But a coalition like this, specifically designed to protect those values has never before existed. I believe it can be a game-change … If fully activated and working together, I truly believe this coalition could be the most effective protector of women’s health, life and the family around the world.


We agree.


Please thank Guatemala by clicking here. We need to show an outpouring of support from all around the world to the Guatemalan government.


If your country has not yet signed the GCD, please do everything within your power to urge your government to join this powerful coalition. If you want more information or help, please contact us at 


Sharon Slater
Family Watch International


Laura Cunliffe
Executive Director and Vice President of Policy
Family Watch International