Transgender Agenda in the USA: A New Low and a New High

A terrible thing happened in the U.S. yesterday when the House of Representatives passed the Equality Act by a margin of 224-206.


Is it really possible that a full 224 duly elected U.S. House members actually voted for gender anarchy in our bathrooms, schools, sports and communities?


We truly have reached a tipping point and a new low when 224 U.S. representatives vote for this legislation that will also do away with long-standing religious rights under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act and to impose secular standards on Churches.


The serious implications of this legislation are so far reaching we cannot even begin to calculate all the harms that will ensue if it passes the Senate and is signed into law.


It will likely need 60 Senate votes to overcome an expected legislative filibuster, not a simple majority, so there is some hope that it can be stopped there.


On another note, a really great thing happened in the Senate yesterday.


U.S. Senator Rand Paul, while grilling transgender activist Dr. Rachel Levine (Biden’s pick to run the U.S. Department of Human Services whose main credential appears to be being a man who identifies as a woman), gave one of the most effective expositions on the madness of the transgender agenda I’ve seen.


Senator Paul boldly called a spade a spade when he decried the harms of puberty blockers and transgender hormones and likened transgender genital surgeries to “genital mutilation” which is “recognized internationally as a violation of human rights.”


The Senator challenged Levine again and again asking for agreement that children of minor age should not be able to consent to these harmful, draconian medical interventions, but Levine refused to answer the Senator’s questions.


Watch a five-minute clip of this exchange here.


I am a new fan of Senator Rand Paul.


If only more of our legislators would be so bold in standing up against the harms to children from the transgender agenda!