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Thank you for participating in our second worldwide webinar “UN Women Exposed: When Women’s Rights Become Women’s Wrongs.”


We were thrilled to have registrations come in from even more countries this time—over 70 countries!


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1. Share this link of the recorded webinar with government, religious, and civil society leaders in your country. You can access the recorded webinar at www.familywatch.org/webinars.


2. Watch the video CSW63 Abuse of Power: DISagreed Conclusions” (16 min.). This builds on the UN Women webinar content regarding the UN Commission on the Status of Women and provides a real live example of the games and deceptions played at the UN to advance harmful agendas. More details and important context below. Click here to watch the video.


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WEBINAR TOPIC: “UNFPA Exposed: The Abortion and Youth Sexualization Agendas”


DATE: Tuesday, June 2, 2020


TIME: 9:00 AM Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time)


PRESENTER: Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch




UNFPA claims that they do not promote abortion, yet their materials, partners and activities show otherwise. UNFPA claims to empower youth, yet their programs indoctrinate and sexualize young people. This webinar will present new evidence showing that UNFPA has been compromised by donor countries to advance highly controversial sexual orientation, gender identity and abortion agendas facilitated by an obsessive focus on comprehensive sexuality education, which is aggressively pushed on developing nations.


We look forward to connecting with you for our next webinar. Register at  www.familywatch.org/webinars.


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“CSW63 Abuse of Power: DISagreed Conclusions” (16 min.) is a dramatic video with highlights from a UN Web TV recording of the closing session of the 63rd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. It was put together by Family Watch to highlight the abuses that can occur during UN negotiations.


To give context, UN Member States had just finished several weeks of grueling negotiations on a document known as “Agreed Conclusions,” which is supposed to be adopted by consensus by all members of the Commission. Traditionally, if even one UN Member State rejects the final document then consensus is broken, and the entire document is thrown out.


Negotiations around family and life issues had been particularly contentious. However the pro-life and pro-family delegations had fought hard, and a number of good provisions remained in the final text. So the facilitator of the negotiations from Kenya, with support from the CSW chair from Ireland, at the last minute, without discussion, stripped out many good provisions which had been painstakingly negotiated over weeks. The chair then further proceeded to break rules of procedure by adopting the highly controversial and manipulated text. This was a blatant abuse of power and a show of disrespect as the CSW bureau, supported by UN Women, ignored the strong and formal rejection of the text by two UN Member States. This document should never have been adopted. Click here to watch the video.