UNFPA Part I Webinar Recording is Posted & UNFPA Part II Webinar Registration

Thank you to those who participated in our third worldwide webinar, Part I of “UNFPA Exposed: The Abortion and Youth Sexualization Agendas.”


Registrations flooded in from over 70 countries! We are overwhelmed at the positive response we have received.


In Part I we covered UNFPA’s mission, structure, activities and donors, and how UNFPA partners with Planned Parenthood to advance abortion, CSE and promiscuity rights for youth. We also explored how UNFPA pressures states to adopt its agendas in UN negotiations and UNFPA’s manipulative ICPD “review outcome documents” strategy.


As a followup please take these three steps:


1. Share the link to the recorded webinar (www.familywatch.org/unfpa) with government, religious, and civil society leaders in your country. At this link you can also access, along with the recorded webinar, accompanying PowerPoint slides, video clips, briefs, reports, and other supplementary documentation.


2. Watch the video “The Road to Nairobi: Where Does it Lead?” (7 min.)


3. Register here, and also encourage others to register for the next webinar in our UN 101 series:


NEXT WEBINAR TOPIC: “UNFPA Exposed: The Abortion and


Youth Sexualization Agendas” Part II


DATE: Tuesday, June 16, 2020


TIME: 9:00 AM Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time)


PRESENTER: Sharon Slater, President of Family Watch


WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: In Part II we will further explore UNFPA’s controversial agendas, showing how UNFPA hides behind organizations and coalitions it funds, facilitates or participates in to more covertly advance abortion and sexual rights for children. We will provide additional evidence of these agendas from UNFPA’s own publications. We will end with a child and family protection action plan, providing concrete action steps for further exposing and stopping UNFPA’s harmful agendas.


We look forward to connecting with you for our next webinar. Register here: www.familywatch.org/webinars.


Together we will continue to grow a powerful online movement for life and family!