Videos Available from Protecting Children in Education Summit!

We are pleased to announce you can now access the recorded sessions of the Protecting Children in Education Summit. 


We apologize for the delay.


A recording of my presentation “The Global Agenda to Sexualize Children” has already received 20,000 views since we posted it on YouTube! (Technical difficulties on the day of the Summit prevented me from using my slides, so what is posted at this link was recorded after the original Summit presentation.)


We hope you will take the time to watch it!


The Summit last month was organized by the Heritage Foundation, and Family Watch was honored to be on the planning committee and to cosponsor. The Christian Post did a great write up summarizing the key messages of the speakers. See also below an outline of the program.


Each of the speakers provided vital information to help us to protect our children. And while some of the speakers focused on the U.S., much can still be gleaned that can be helpful.


Summit Program Outline


Introduction: Protecting Children and Parental Rights in Education  Mike Farris, CEO, Alliance Defending Freedom


Panel 1: International, Federal, and State Initiatives: Efforts to Sexualize Children through School Curriculum


Moderator: Emilie Kao, DeVos Center, Heritage Foundation


Panelists: Andrew Beckwith, Massachusetts Family Policy Council (state legislation); Ryan Anderson, DeVos Center, Heritage Foundation (Federal legislation); Sharon Slater, Family Watch International (International)


  • How state legislation and policy has already led to CSE and SOGI education in public schools
  • How federal legislation could lead to sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) education in public schools in all 50 states
  • How the United Nations is promoting comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)


Panel 2: Exposing Sexual Content in Recommended Curricula and its Failures to Meet Legal Standards


Moderator: Lindsey Burke, Center for Education Policy, Heritage Foundation


Panelists: Mary Hasson, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Catholic Women’s Forum (expert on transgender ideology); Monica Cline, founder of Reclaiming Parenthood; Irene H. Ericksen, Senior Research Analyst, Institute for Research & Evaluation (IRE)


  • Planned Parenthood’s agenda
  • How transgender lessons showing up in schools harms kids