We Still Need Help to Stop UN SOGI “Expert” Pushing Radical Gender Ideology

Thank you to everyone who has signed our International Petition to all UN Member States: “A Call to Protect Women & Girls From Gender Ideology.”


We still need your help to get many more signatures on the petition!


If you haven’t signed the petition, please do so here! It will just take a minute. And please forward this alert on to others who might be willing to sign it as well.


It is critical that we gather as many signatures as possible from all around the world to counteract the forthcoming report from the UN “Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI) that is intended to:


  • Mainstream “queer theory” into the UN system and UN Member State policies
  • Advance harmful comprehensive sexuality education
  • Name and shame those who oppose radical gender ideology
  • Redefine gender and gender equality in the UN Sustainable Development Goals to advance the transgender agenda


We will send the signatures to UN ambassadors both at the UN Human Rights Council and at UN headquarters in New York as the report will be presented in both venues. We need to send the message that the Independent Expert has overstepped his mandate and has no business promoting special rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity that will ultimately harm women and girls.


Here are some excerpts from Family Watch’s submission to the SOGI Independent Expert:


“The more recent use of the term “gender” in multiple, nonbinding UN consensus documents clearly shows that the term was intended to encompass the two sexes, male and female only, and not to advance unscientific ‘gender theory.’ Indeed, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court has clearly defined the term ‘gender’ in Article 7(3) stating that ‘gender refers to the two sexes, male and female, within the context of society.’ This is the definition of gender in international law.”


Girls and women have been extended special protections and rights because of the disproportionate amount of discrimination, harassment and violence that they experience—not because they identify as ‘girls’ or ‘women’ but due to the biological reality of being female and the inherent differences between the sexes.


Also of grave concern is the Independent Expert’s call to implement comprehensive sexuality education designed to indoctrinate children and mainstream queer theory, an unhealthy belief system that encourages children to disassociate from their biological sex in harmful ways. It should be noted the concepts of ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ and ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ were specifically rejected from the 2030 Agenda by many UN Member States and that the establishment of this SOGI expert’s mandate is a deliberate attempt to override the positions of States opposed to such and coerce them into accepting SOGI rights. This is a direct assault on the sovereignty of UN Member States and an abuse of the UN system.”


You can read the full FWI submission to the SOGI Independent Expert here.


We have also posted additional submissions from individuals and organizations. You can see those here.


Please act as soon as possible to help us get more petition signers. We are grateful for anything you can do to help!