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December 14, 2018

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I am going to share a few stories to put you in the trenches of the battle with us to protect children and the family, while sharing with you along the way some very important information. These stories will also be instructive as we take you around the globe with us. Look for links to important publications and tools that may help your work to protect children and the family.


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In the Trenches in Geneva


Imagine walking into the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland into one of the most hostile environments, if not the most hostile environment, to the family and family values—an environment that would shortly become even more hostile because of what you were setting out to do—that is basically to take on the whole UN system.

We had sent out a flyer advertising our side event “Comprehensive Sexuality Education: What the evidence shows.” We knew this would strike at the center of the UN agenda to sexualize children.  We were there to boldly expose the graphic and harmful nature of UN-promoted programs for children


We weren’t going to hold anything back.


The opposition tried to thwart our efforts. They scheduled our event at the absolute worst time, Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., before most of the UN delegates even arrive. And of course, in a very inconvenient room way out of the way that was difficult to find.


But there was no way were we going to cancel. The protection of children is too important. 


We wondered if the UN agencies would boycott our event or show up to challenge us. It ended up being the latter.


In fact, International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the largest provider of comprehensive sexuality education worldwide had sent their expert over CSE programming from the UK to attend. 


Then there was the person over CSE from the World Health Organization and a representative from UNFPA. They sent in the big guns. You see, they know who we are, they know we know who they are, and they know we are determined to expose and stop their harmful agenda. And if they didn’t think Family Watch was a threat to that agenda, they likely wouldn’t have shown up so bright and early in the morning. 


The interesting thing is, we simply read quotes from their CSE guidance and program materials for children and asked questions. We started with their 2018 “International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education,” which boldly reveals their agenda. 


We also quoted from Planned Parenthood’s, “Healthy, Happy and Hot” publication—you know the part where it says HIV-positive youth have a right to sexual pleasure, gives detailed instructions on how to get it, and then advises that it is against their internationally recognized human rights for these youth to have to tell their “sexual partners” (notice the plural) they are infected with HIV. Click here to see it. 


And that’s not all, Irene Erickson, of the Institute for Research and Evaluation, detailed the Institute’s research findings in a landmark report Family Watch commissioned that found more evidence of failure than success for CSE programs in schools worldwide. Ironically, the Institute had analyzed the UN’s own data to arrive at this finding. (See at


Needless to say, the UN reps present were not happy as Irene presented her findings in great detail.


Now let me be clear. I don’t enjoy doing that. None of our team does. No one wants to confront major UN agencies head on in the middle of a UN building. Truly, I wish they didn’t have this ugly agenda so I could just stay home and enjoy my family and play with my grandkids. I don’t get paid for this. And neither does Annie Franklin, our Director of UN Activities and our Geneva rep, who worked so hard to organize this event despite the many obstacles.


Fortunately, our true target audience also came to the event. Despite the obstacles, we had a good showing from UN diplomats from several nations. Our purpose was to stop CSE provisions from being inserted in multiple UN resolutions negotiated in that same UN building. This is a relentless, ongoing battle.


As I read offensive quotes from the actual CSE program manuals published by WHO, UNFPA (see here and here), and IPPF, I calmly asked questions like, is this appropriate for a toddler, a five year old, a ten year old? Do children have a right to sex? Should children of minor age be taught about sexual pleasure as these materials suggest?


There was a deafening silence as I asked many such questions after reading CSE program quotes. 


When our presentations concluded, the WHO representative declared that they would be aggressively challenging everything we presented.


Really? Everything?


I found that so ironic because then they would be challenging their own materials and data because that is what was what we quoted from. 


We have yet to hear from them. But we did hear from several delegates who thanked us for our presence and told us how important it was to have a strong pushback against CSE from NGOs since most of what the governments hear from NGOs at the UN Human Rights Council is a demand for CSE.


Taking on UNICEF in New York


Although our Family Watch team didn’t especially enjoy protesting in front of the UNICEF building in March in the middle of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, we did it anyway.


I don’t see myself as a protestor. But UNICEF is also at the center of this agenda to sexualize children. They are just more careful about it than the other UN agencies. Since they are the agency that is supposed to protect children, they must be exposed and stopped.


We were able to enlist good people from many organizations from around the world who joined with us to protest. We had a large youth group from Latin America, representatives from European countries, Canada, the U.S., African nations, and more, who marched with signs and handed out flyers with links to our campaign page at  We would encourage you to go look there too and see the proof for yourself.


Exposing Planned Parenthood’s UN Partnership


Did you know a main official partner in the UN’s radical agenda to sexualize children is no less than International Planned Parenthood Federation? IPPF helped UN agencies write the UN’s new “Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education,” and they are the only NGO partnering with all the UN agencies in a major UN initiative that promotes abortion and CSE worldwide.


And Family Watch is uncovering all this and more and rallying UN Member States to stop it. We are in this for the long haul. 


Exposing CSE in Africa


In April I was greatly honored to be invited to speak on CSE in Uganda’s parliament at the launch of their new parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus. Ugandan Parliamentarians were shocked as I showed them excerpts from a program that has infiltrated their schools. They had passed a law banning CSE after our War on Children documentary was posted on their parliamentary network.


I also exposed 10 serious problems with Uganda’s new “National Sexuality Education Framework.”  While most of their Framework is quite good as it was prepared under the guidance of Uganda’s First Lady who is strongly pro-life and pro-family, it was funded by UN agencies that also helped on technical teams. This is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse. 


Deceptive terms and even a copy of a major African document promoting CSE was in the appendix. You can read our major analysis of it here.


And can you guess who is behind the lawsuit that was filed in the Ugandan courts to strike down the CSE ban? If you guessed IPPF, UN agencies, and European countries through their puppet “African” NGOs and coalitions, you guessed right. A court decision is expected soon.


With regard to our activities in other African countries, we had no time to report to you on all of our presentations in churches, symposiums, and conferences in several African countries, meeting with a minister of families, speaking at a World Congress with Kenya’s First Lady, or addressing law students at a university in Rwanda on the distortion of human rights law in ways that undermine the family.


All our work in Africa this year was toward the same goal—exposing CSE in Africa (See hereherehere, and here) to protect more of our world’s children and families. 


Then there was Moldova. There I had the honor and privilege to present our “Stand for the Family” family defense handbook to the President of Moldova! And in Austria, Annie equipped NGO leaders with tools to fight CSE in their respective European countries. 


And let’s not forget our many activities in the U.S. and Family Watch’s strong presence and activities in Washington D.C., which even included a meeting at the White House! 


Our team has been very busy this year!


Stay tuned for more reports as well as our 2018 UN Summary Report: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” and our launch of exciting new Protect Child Health initiative.


So much to tell you.


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Sharon Slater