Breaking News! Major Transgender, Abortion, and Sexual Rights Controversies Erupt at the United Nations

March  23, 2019

Dear Friend of the Family,


The outrageous, deceptive tactics and methods used this past week both at UN headquarters in New York and at the UN Human Rights Council are beyond compare.


We report to you on two major developments that erupted at the UN on Friday on critical family and life issues.


They lie, they cheat, they bully, and they abuse the UN system, all because they know they cannot get their radical agendas adopted by the body of UN Member States in open, transparent negotiations.


We are pleased to report to you that more than one-third of the UN Human Rights Council members took the serious step of disassociating from South Africa’s transgender resolution on women in sport!


Thank you to everyone who helped by emailing and faxing messages to South Africa and other HRC Member States!


See the joint statement from these countries here.


We also report on the underhanded, disrespectful, abusive tactics used at the UN Commission on the Status of Women to pretend that nations reached “consensus” on multiple radical provisions.


For weeks, many nations repeatedly and strongly contested multiple provisions promoting abortion, gender/transgender confusion, comprehensive sexuality education, radical sexual rights, and much more.


Yet the Kenyan ambassador facilitating the negotiations completely ignored their calls for deletion and included most every controversial paragraph, while pretending they represented the consensus of the group.


Powerful provisions on the family as the “fundamental unit of society” and other aspects were all gutted, despite the insistence by multiple countries for their inclusion. The 50-plus references to the family throughout the document and strong references to mothers and fathers had been either deleted from the final text or twisted in meaning.


The straw that broke the camel’s back was likely when a paragraph calling for the document to be implemented with respect for national sovereignty and religious and cultural values was abruptly deleted from the document by the facilitator with no discussion. This sovereignty provision was backed by the entire African voting bloc and many other Member States.


Ironically, in the end, the openly biased chair from Ireland announced that the working document for CSW called “Agreed Conclusions” had been “agreed” with consensus. She did this immediately after listening to the strong, emotional statements of two CSW member states (Saudi Arabia and Bahrain) calling out many of the procedural abuses during the negotiations and announcing their countries were withholding consensus from “Agreed Conclusions.”


See the strong, pointed statement from Saudi Arabia outlining the many abuses here, or scroll down to the end of this alert.


Yet another joint statement was read from the floor by the country of Comoros, signed by 18 Member States (Bahrain, Belarus, Cameroon, Comoros, Djibouti, Libya, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Gambia, Malaysia, Mauritania, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Sudan, Zambia and Zimbabwe), expressing their outrage for the abuses of the process during the negotiations, and in particular on how the family paragraphs were handled.

To witness firsthand the length and depth to which abortion, sexual rights, and transgender ideology activists will stoop to force their agenda on the world was breathtaking to say the least. You can watch a video of the atrocities as they unfolded here.


We predict big changes are coming to the UN as many UN Member States are now finally sufficiently angry to say enough is enough.


The radicals have finally gone too far, and they are going to regret what they did at CSW this year as the backlash is going to be strong.


Our Family Watch team covering both Geneva and New York is grateful for all you did to support our grueling work these past few weeks as we worked to be your voice in protecting family, life, and children at the UN.


Stay tuned for much more.


Our more in-depth report on all of this will be forthcoming on Monday.


Sharon Slater


Family Watch International