UNFPA Caught Red-Handed in 2015

June 14, 2018

Family Watch International has discovered a document that exposes the blatant, radical anti-life/anti-family agenda of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), an agency that has been implicated in forced abortions and sterilizations around the world.


In this strategy document, UNFPA’s plan to manipulate the UN system to advance abortion and controversial sexual rights is clearly exposed.


The document is a report of a meeting held in 2015 called “Interactive Dialogue between CSOs and UNFPA on ICPD Beyond 2014 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”  It contains alarming, detailed notes on the anti-family strategies developed and discussed by UNFPA and like-minded CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) at this meeting.


To provide some context, it must be noted that UNFPA, like other UN agencies, is not supposed to be lobbying for or driving UN policies. Rather, UNFPA is subservient to the United Nations General Assembly, and is only to assist in implementing UN policies that already have been agreed upon by UN Member states.


But the reality is that UNFPA heavily lobbies for and pushes its own controversial agenda at the UN and in countries around the world.

This document shows in stark detail how UNFPA is collaborating with certain CSOs to manipulate the UN system. Together they are advancing controversial agendas that are often the opposite of what has been agreed upon by UN Member States.


Over the years UNFPA staff members have threatened, bullied and blackmailed developing countries to accept abortion on demand as well as harmful and controversial comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) programs by using tactics such as threatening to pull aid money if the countries don’t comply with UNFPA’s demands.


The document Family Watch uncovered provides incontrovertible proof that UNFPA’s agenda violates its role as a UN agency.


Consider the following excerpts from the document:


1.  Proof of UNFPA’s anti-family agenda


Under the heading “underlying concerns affecting SRHR [Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights] in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the implementation of ICPD Beyond 2014,” the document lists the Human Rights Council (HRC) resolutions on “the family” as “problematic.”


This is referring to a series of HRC “protection of the family” resolutions that promote the family as the fundamental unit of society and that outline binding treaty obligations to protect the family.


In short, the notes from this UNFPA/CSO meeting assert that Member States that promote the protection of the family at the UN are an obstacle to UNFPA’s SRHR agenda.  But the protection of the family is mandated by no less than five binding UN treaties, whereas UNFPA’s SRHR agenda falls outside of existing international law.  The term SRHR is a phrase widely used to promote an international right to abortion, legalize prostitution, advance LGBT “rights” and implement controversial comprehensive sexuality education programs for children.


The document further reveals the anti-family agenda in the “Strategic issues” section of the document where it states, “The family: Current group ‘friends of the family’ essentially tries to throw back/attack language on rights, women, etc.” The “group ‘friends of the family’” is a fairly new and increasingly effective coalition of UN Member States that advocates for family-friendly policies at the UN.


Notice especially how the document characterizes this family coalition of UN Member States as “the opposition” in the following warning: “Don’t let the opposition co-opt the language of ‘family-friendly’” (emphasis added).



2.  The joint strategy document openly advocates for abortion, instructing the coalition to:

  • “Advocate against criminalization of abortion that compels women & girls to undertake clandestine abortions”
  • “Advocate against laws that criminalize abortion, CSE, etc., as discriminatory in nature”

3.  The joint strategy document advances a controversial “ICPD agenda”


The document states that countries influencing the position of “the African Group and the G77” are undermining what the agency calls “the ICPD agenda” and are complaining about “countries that are speaking up against ICPD issues.”


What does UNFPA mean by the “ICPD agenda?” ICPD stands for the International Conference on Population and Development, a UN agreement that UNFPA helps the UN implement. However, UNFPA relentlessly and irresponsibly reads into ICPD highly controversial sexual rights, including an international right to abortion, even though there is no basis for these interpretations.  Moreover, and most importantly, many UN Member States have explicitly rejected such alleged “rights.”


Family Watch previously uncovered and documented UNFPA’s radical “ICPD beyond 2014” agenda as outlined in Family Watch’s exposé, entitled, The Anti-Family, Anti-Life UN Agenda.


It is important to understand that UNFPA has been completely co-opted by more liberal European countries like Sweden and the Netherlands that control UNFPA with their funding and manipulate many of UNFPA’s positions and programs, almost as if UNFPA were their own NGO (or more bluntly, their own policy puppet). UNFPA is dependent upon such countries for money to fund their many SRHR/family planning programs in developing countries.



4.  The document reveals the UNFPA-led coalition’s aggressive promotion of highly controversial comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) despite strong objections from many UN Member States.


Since UN Member States refused to accept CSE as part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) despite UNFPA’s intense pressure and lobbying, the document describes how the coalition plans to get around this decision by establishing SDG indicators to measure implementation of CSE anyway. See the following quotes (with emphasis added):

  • UNFPA is working with UNESCO to get CSE included in the list of indicators. A strong push is also needed on the MoI [Means of Implementation] namely targets 17.18 and 17.19.”
  • “Recommendations … CSOs should advocate with UN agencies other than UNFPA in support of an indicator on CSE
  • “CSOs should engage with governments to ensure that indicators on CSE are included
  • Member States and UNFPA should urge the UN system (UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNAIDS) to support the inclusion of an indicator on CSE”
  • “CSOs should work to build the capacity of youth advocates to participate in national level advocacy in addition to working with youth and non-traditional youth advocates (eg student movements to call for CSE)”
  • “Promote CSE with support from young people and consider using a different name” [They already have deceptively begun to label CSE as “SRH education” and call it by other names.]
  • “Develop fact sheets showing key issues of ICPD and link to addressing the SDGs and new terminologies that address African fears related to CSE, SRHR etc.”

Please sign the petition calling upon UN Member States to demand a thorough investigation and a complete reform of UNFPA to stop this agency from promoting its radical agenda.

5.  The document labels conservatives “the opposition”


Under the heading of “Opposition,” the UNFPA/CSO coalition’s document encourages the examination of “Opposition strategies in proactively converting people to their ideology” and to “develop ways to reach out to people, recognizing the leadership role of UN Agencies in promoting culture change.” Since when is it the role of UN agencies to promote culture change?  Where is their authority to do this?


The strategy document further instructs coalition members to “Use their tactics, where they have been successful [–] e.g. arrange activities for potential supporters to influence them, train them, treat them.” UNFPA has been known to sponsor expensive regional conferences, funding travel and generous stipends for government officials.


Then, under the heading “Fundamentalism and opposition,” the strategy encourages the coalition to monitor “fundamentalisms” and to “Strategize and engage with various actors/opposition” and to “Map fundamentalisms.” UNFPA considers conservative Christian or Muslim governments that oppose abortion, LGBT rights, or teen sex to be “fundamentalist.”


The document further instructs coalition members to “Bring targeted groups of young people to talk directly to UN missions in New York,” including “a young sex worker.” UNFPA has already been known to promote the decriminalization of prostitution.


The document warns, “Be aware that empowering capitals [that is, national governments] might be counter-productive as it can raise the awareness of the conservatives who will oppose.”



6.  The document describes how the coalition will link their radical agenda to the UN’s 2030 Agenda as revealed in the following quotes:

  • “Focus more on 2030 Agenda and not on ICPD as processes have moved on.”
  • “Make sure there is no gap between what countries are supporting in CSW, CPD [Annual UN Commission meetings] and 2030 Agenda processes, negotiations, implementation and follow up and review.”
  • “Linkages between ICPD Beyond 2014 and 2030 Agenda … understanding of how to integrate the ICPD Beyond 2014 and 2030 Agenda is needed.”
  • “Link to HLPF [High Level Political Forum] and CPD reporting.”
  • “CSOs are encouraged also to write to Secretary-General on the importance of the inclusion of integration and linkages between ICPD and 2030 Agenda.”
  • “Select countries across regions (except Europe or America) to advocate.”

This report only scratches the surface of what the UNFPA/CSO coalition’s strategy reveals.


The document in its entirety is just further proof that the UN system has been turned upside down, with the UN agencies driving controversial political and sexual agendas against the will of many UN Member States.


UN Member States have an obligation to call UN agencies like UNFPA to account for their actions, and where necessary completely and fundamentally reform rogue agencies.


Until this happens, the world’s families and children will not be safe.

Please sign the petition calling upon UN Member States to demand a thorough investigation and a complete reform of UNFPA to stop this agency from promoting its radical agenda.