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The San Francisco Chronicle Ignores the Problem of Schools Hiding Information From Parents, by Zachary Faria. “Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira mocked the concerns of parents in their workshop about running gay and transgender clubs on campus. They talked about how they look at the Google search history of students to try and determine potential clubs members [sic] to recruit, and that they eavesdrop on students’ conversations with the same intent. And, most importantly, they emphasize that parents should be left in the dark… ‘What happens in this room, stays in this room,’ Caldeira said on a podcast.” Read more here.


‘Self-Care’ That Harms and Kills: The WHO’s Push to ‘Demedicalize’ Abortion, by Alexis I. Fragosa, Esq. and Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “In recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has increasingly advocated for the use of self-care in the field of ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights,’ including for abortion. Unlike other forms of self-administered health care, which seeks [sic] to balance the ability of patients to manage their own treatments and the need for and availability of medical professionals, the WHO is explicitly using the framework of ‘self-care’ to bypass legal restrictions on abortion and make access to it the highest priority.” Read more here.


The New Public School Orthodoxy, by Mark R. Schneider. “Sex and gender theory comes in many guises but is centered around the separation of biology from personal identity. This messaging begins in kindergarten, where children are sometimes exposed to cartoon instructional books… Teachers tell impressionable children, ‘Babies can’t talk, so grown-ups make a guess [about their gender] by looking at their bodies.’ This is followed in later grades with books like My Princess Boy and Jacob’s New Dress, and graphical tools like ‘The Gender Unicorn’ to cement the illusion that chromosomes and body parts are irrelevant.” Read more here.


Joy Reid Asks for Proof Porn Is in High School Libraries. Here It Is, by Ben Johnson. “When a Twitter reader asked if Reid had seen some of the pornographic material in public school libraries, Reid challenged her: ‘Can you name some of the titles you’re talking about and the offending passages? I highly doubt libraries are stocked with pornography, but happy to hear your intel.’ The user then named a number of books including Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts), Gender Queer (illustrated), All Boys Aren’t Blue, and Tricks. As of this writing, Reid has not responded.” Read more here.


USA Swimming Official Stands Up for Women’s Rights, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Millen is right. The women competing against Lia Thomas don’t stand a chance. Thomas has crushed every female athlete in competition, breaking multiple U.S. women’s swimming records. In one race, Thomas beat the second-place swimmer by 38 seconds. A video of the race shows Thomas lapping opponents several times. As I’ve written before, that’s like expecting a teenage girl to be able to hold a block against a 250-pound male linebacker. It’s absurd.” Read more here.


With Biden Support, UNFPA Steps Up Abortion Advocacy, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Other panelists repeatedly referred to abortion activists as ‘human rights defenders.’ This, too, is an area in which UNFPA has sharply diverged from global consensus. The UN General Assembly adopted an important declaration on human rights defenders in 1998. Its official title refers to the protection of ‘universally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms,’ which cannot be said to apply to a right to abortion or the redefinition of gender or the family as promoted by UNFPA and the UN’s human rights expert bodies.” Read more here.


Children Are Being Groomed With Gender Ideology, by Debra Soh. “There is zero science supporting the concept of gender fluidity. Science does, however, support the existence of rapid-onset gender dysphoria, an epidemic of adolescent girls and young women who suddenly announce their desire to live as male or ‘nonbinary’ despite having no previous history of gender dysphoria. In most cases, their decision stems from issues unrelated to gender identity… The idea that educators should ‘affirm’ a child’s gender not only oversteps parental boundaries but is unscientific.” Read more here.


The Left’s Gender Tyranny, by Betsy McCaughey. “Elementary school teachers are putting words such as nonbinary and transgender on the blackboard, even before kids have learned multiplication. But the Maine Department of Education reports that between 13% and 18% of public high school students say they’re ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, or unsure’ of their gender. It’s no wonder when the curriculum programs them to doubt their identity. In school, it’s cool to be anything but heterosexual.” Read more here.


Kindergartner Claire Didn’t Want to Wear a Skirt One Day. Mom, NBC Now Call Her ‘Clark,’ by Jordan Boyd. “Other experts have warned that the hormones, puberty blockers, and surgical procedures gender-confused kids undergo can lead to sterility, severe dysfunction, and a myriad of health problems. These facts, unfortunately, aren’t stopping parents, schools, the progressive left, and corporate media outlets such as NBC from promoting transgenderism as a good thing that needs to be shoved down the throats of people as young as 5 years old.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Sanctions Mail Order Abortion. Here’s How the Move Endangers Women, by Melanie Israel. “So how does mail order abortion put women even further at risk? It is impossible for a prescriber who may not even be in the same town – or state – to rule out ectopic pregnancy without an ultrasound… Neither can a prescriber precisely date a pregnancy, meaning more women might be prescribed an abortion pill well past 70 days gestation (a serious risk itself, as the risks from a chemical abortion increase the farther along in pregnancy she is).” Read more here.


Texas Democrats Might Use Federal ‘COVID Relief’ Money to Fund Abortion, by John McCormack. “At the time, pro-life advocates and members of Congress warned that without the [Hyde Amendment] — the long-standing measure that prevents federal funding of abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, and when the mother’s life is endangered — there were several slush funds in the ‘COVID relief’ bill that could be used to fund elective abortions with federal tax dollars. The Houston Chronicle reports that Democratic officials in liberal Harris County, Texas, are now considering whether to do just that in response to the state’s law generally prohibiting abortion later than six weeks of pregnancy.” Read more here.


How Dare We Support the Chemical Castration of Children, by Michael Brown. “A related article reported that, ‘In one case, a girl who wished to become a boy at the age of 10 was put on a regimen of puberty-blocking drugs at the age of 11 by the hospital. Five years after the treatment, the effects of the hormone therapy are said to have resulted in osteoporosis and damaged the vertebrae in teen’s [sic] back, Swedish broadcaster SVT reported…’ How is this not child abuse?” Read more here.


Biden’s FDA Allows Deadly Abortion Drugs to Permanently Be Available by Mail Without In-Person Visit, by Rebecca Downs. “A woman first takes mifepristone, which starves her unborn child of nutrients. Then, 24-48 hours later, she takes misoprostol to cause contractions to expel the dead child. This method carries with it four times the complications of surgical abortions… In procuring the drugs by mail or online, a woman may not be sure of the safety or authenticity of the drugs. Without an exam, she may not know if she is under the gestational limit or is not experiencing an ectopic pregnancy.” Read more here.


To Fix a Cratering Birthrate, Stop Killing Your Children, by Bonnie Chernin. “The statistics are grim: in 2020, the Centers for Disease Control reported that the U.S. birth rate is plummeting and is the lowest it has been since 1909… Part of the population decline could have been avoided had abortion not wiped out 63 million preborn babies. It’s astonishing that people can talk about a demographic shift of the magnitude America is facing without including the tragedy of abortion. It isn’t just the 63 million people missing, but their children and the generations after them. That loss is incalculable.” Read more here.


The Religious Marriage Paradox: Younger Marriage, Less Divorce, by Lyman Stone and W. Bradford Wilcox. “The effect of cohabitation on marriage is indeed statistically significant (premarital cohabitation increases divorce probabilities by about 15%), but the biggest effect religion has on union stability isn’t about what happens once a woman is married, but more about her relationship choices before marriage – the fact that she did get married, rather than start a series of cohabiting relationships. To the extent that the effects associated with religious upbringing are causal, they show that religiosity could dramatically reduce women’s experience of relationship instability in early adulthood.” Read more here.


Women’s Sports Should Be Women Only, by the Editors of National Review. “Even if Thomas is in compliance with the NCAA rules that require testosterone-suppression treatment for one year for male-to-female athletes, this is still … insufficient at mitigating sex-based advantages that are years in the making and do not simply disappear with chemical or surgical interventions. Such policies fail on principle, in any case. As politically incorrect as it is to point out, there is no material difference between a man and a trans woman. This is not difficult. The athletes in women’s sports should be women only.” Read more here.


The Magic Fix for Family Life: Dinner Together, by Ida Gazzola. “Imagine if there was one simple thing parents could do for their children that would lead to the following results: better mental and physical health, higher self-esteem, less risky behaviour, better academic performance, better communication skills and a better relationship between parent and child. Twenty years of research has shown that this tool does, indeed, exist. It is the family meal.” Read more here.


Cross-Sex Hormones Are Steroids and Addictive, by Walt Heyer. “Gender clinics, now including Planned Parenthood, routinely prescribe cross-sex hormones on the first or second visit, and they neglect to disclose that steroids are addictive and distort one’s ability to make decisions. Steroid use makes people easy marks for the next step: surgery, such as mastectomy and genital reconfiguration, both of which mutilate healthy tissue.” Read more here.


The University of Pennsylvania Is Oppressing Females, by Christopher Tremoglie. “…[B]iological males should not be allowed to race as females and take opportunities away from women. As much as I empathize with Thomas for the mental and emotional struggles, I empathize with the female swimmers more. Thomas was a second-team All-Ivy League swimmer in 2018-2019. Yet this sick, twisted, maniacal philosophy would allow men to dominate women’s sports simply by identifying as a different gender. Sorry, but the emperor is wearing no clothes — it is offensive and insulting this is being allowed to occur.” Read more here.


Here Are Five False Pro-Abortion Claims Totally Refuted, by Mary Szoch. “The matter of an unborn child being a human being is not a ‘philosophical issue;’ it is a scientific fact. Furthermore, at no point in time do babies — born or unborn (or countless fully grown adults) — have the ability to ‘survive separately,’ so if Rickelman actually believes that the Court’s line where a person has the ability to ‘survive separately’ is the logical point before which a person can be killed — she is endorsing abortion, infanticide, and the right to kill anyone who cannot survive on their own.” Read more here.


What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy, by Charlie Jacobs. “I managed to get all of her passwords to all of her social media accounts. What I saw was jaw-dropping. Almost everyone that she was conversing with was a stranger… The discussions on the Discord platform online involved fetishistic sexual conversations. Kids were sending each other erotica, including involving incest and pedophilia… I went nuclear. I took the phone and stripped it of all social media – YouTube, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter. I even blocked her ability to get to the internet. I deleted all of her contacts and changed her phone number.” Read more here.


SCOTUS Keeps Texas Heartbeat Law Alive, but Roberts Joins Court’s Left-Wing in Foreshadowing Pro-Abortion Dissent, by Jordan Boyd. “’Texas has employed an array of stratagems designed to shield its unconstitutional law from judicial review,’ Roberts wrote. Later he added that ‘these provisions, among others, effectively chill the provision of abortions in Texas’ and claimed that abortion is ‘a federal right.’ Roberts’ strong display of opposition to the Texas law prompted some to speculate whether he could be the fourth vote in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization to side with upholding abortion law and Roe v. Wade.” Read more here.


Democrats’ Massive Entitlement Plans Include Banning Christians From Government Childcare, by Joy Pullmann. “This means potentially forcing religious organizations to deny all theology that acknowledges basic truths about human biology and reproduction. Given the state of federal ‘nondiscrimination’ law, this could include forcing religious organizations to allow males into female bathrooms, hire transgender babysitters, and teach small children that men can turn themselves into women and that theologically condemned sex acts are in fact morally good.” Read more here.


Understanding the Left’s Plan to Codify Roe v. Wade Into Law, by Christian Mysliwiec. “’When the left says they want to ‘codify’ Roe v. Wade – a Supreme Court decision – into law, what they’re actually talking about is the misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act… The bill would endanger policies that disentangle tax dollars from abortion, conscience-protection laws, state-level pro-life laws such as informed consent requirements, reflection periods, parental involvement laws, and more.’” Read more here.


The Supreme Court Did No Harm With the Texas Abortion Case, by the Editors of National Review. “…[W]e continue to be disappointed in Chief Justice Roberts, whose opinion endorsed the judicial-activist remedy of federal lawsuits against state court clerks, a bizarre position for a man whose professed judicial minimalism is supposed to be justified by a concern for the institutional integrity and prestige of the courts. We are skeptical of the enforcement mechanism used by the Texas legislature, which was born of desperation to find some way to protect unborn life. The Court has available, in Dobbs, a better way: End Roe.” Read more here.


Parents Have to Fight Big Tech, Government, Schools and More to Protect Their Kids From LGBT Propaganda, by Jonathon Van Maren. “If you have children and you want them to develop a healthy, biblical view of sexuality, you need to know that you are facing off against the forces of Big Tech, the government, the entertainment industry, and what passes for education these days. Parents have told me that it is pretty much impossible to let kids pick out their own books at the public library … because LGBT themes pervade the children’s section (all funded by you, the taxpayer)! To ensure that your children do not see the ugliness, hedonism, and confusion of today as ‘normal,’ you will have to be extraordinarily vigilant.” Read more here.


Abortion on Trial, by Jerry Newcombe. “…Justice Samuel Alito posed a question to Biden’s pro-abortion Solicitor General, who is relying heavily on maintaining decades of Supreme Court precedent rather than the Constitution itself. He asked her: ‘Is it your argument that a case can never be overruled simply because it was egregiously wrong?’ Just because we’ve lived with Roe all these years doesn’t make it right. 63 million dead babies in the wake of Roe v. Wade would agree, if somehow they could be polled.” Read more here.


The Left’s War With Biological Reality, by Ben Shapiro. “The same people who maintain that your biology dictates that you can be a man in a woman’s body and that this represents not gender dysphoria … but an objective reality to which all of society should conform also argue that biology creates morally unjust connections between mother and child… This means that women should consider killing the child rather than putting it up for adoption.” Read more here.


If the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, What Happens? by Larry Elder. “Roe did not legalize abortion. Rather, the Court discovered a ‘right to privacy’ – nowhere mentioned in the Constitution… Our Founding Fathers restricted the duties, powers and obligations of the federal government, leaving the remainder to the people and to the states themselves. This includes abortion… With a reversal of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court says this: Where the Constitution fails to provide a specific empowerment for the federal government – butt out.” Read more here.


An Appalling Attack on Adoption, by the Editors of National Review. “…[S]he explained that pregnant women have a threefold ‘liberty interest’ in abortion. The right to abortion keeps women from having to go through pregnancy, to go through childbirth, and ‘to have a child out in the world.’ Notice how that third interest is framed. The ‘freedom’ that Roe v. Wade promises — that it insists the Constitution protects — includes not only the freedom from having to raise an unwanted child but the freedom from knowing that someone else is raising her.” Read more here.


Canada Has Just Declared War on Freedom of Religion and Conscience, by Michael Brown. “The reality is that this new bill actually prohibits Christians from practicing their faith when it comes to homosexuality and bisexuality and transgenderism. It also prohibits people who want to get help to pursue change, whatever their age, from pursuing that change – as long as it is changed away from being gay or bi or trans. Not only so, but the bill prohibits any attempt at ‘behavioral modification,’ meaning, simply wanting to lessen one’s same-sex attractions or actions. This is now forbidden by law.” Read more here.


NYC Will Spend $500 Million Teaching Kids to Obsess About Sex and Race, by Auguste Meyrat. “To make up for this injustice, Parker has now committed herself to providing a ‘culturally responsive and sustaining education’ or ‘CRSE.’ This means that she will pick texts on the basis of ‘representation’ and ‘diversity’ and emphasize racial and sexual identity in all her lessons. Instead of learning about the world and how to contribute to it, her students will now learn about themselves and how to become ‘agents of change.’” Read more here.


Telling the Truth on Abortion and Adoption, by Kelly Rosati. “Adoption isn’t the reason so many kids are without those life essentials. But it is one of the solutions for kids who are suffering and alone, without permanent family in their lives. And let’s settle this once for all: The idea that babies are better off dead than adopted is repugnant. And, as a society, we should push back hard against it and work for the day when all reasonable people gasp and shake their heads in disbelief that there was a time when this line of reasoning was advanced in a civilized society.” Read more here.


Report: The CIA Caught Employees Molesting Children and Didn’t Prosecute Them, by Joy Pullmann. “According to the internal CIA report BuzzFeed obtained, a CIA employee who had sexual contact with a 2-year-old girl and a 6-year-old girl was merely fired… The article also notes that child pornography is widespread on federal intelligence employees’ work computers and phones. BuzzFeed quotes director of the Pentagon’s Defense Security Service Daniel Payne in 2016 noting that on intelligence agency workers’ computers and phones, ‘the amount of child porn I see is just unbelievable.’” Read more here.


During Dobbs Oral Arguments, Justice Sotomayor Referenced Some of the Worst Pro-Abortion Arguments There Are, by Rebecca Downs. “Sotomayor bent over backwards to try to dismiss claims that unborn children can feel pain in the womb. The Mississippi solicitor general, Scott Stewart, had offered up the science of studying fetal pain as one of the advancements made since 1992’s Planned Parenthood v. Casey… Justice Sotomayor admonished Stewart, claiming that it’s ‘a gross minority of doctors who believe fetal pain exists before 24, 25 weeks, it’s a huge minority and one not well founded in science at all…’” Read more here.


Religious Liberty Is Inadequately Protected by Australia’s Religious Discrimination Bill, by Greg Walsh. “A critical flaw of the Bill is that the protections for the conscience rights of health professionals found in the previous draft of the Bill have been removed. These provisions protected a health practitioner who objected to a procedure that conflicted with their religious beliefs. If it is not politically feasible to provide comprehensive protection for the conscience rights of health professionals, then there should at least be protection in relation to procedures involving the ending of life such as euthanasia and abortion.” Read more here.


No, We Shouldn’t Kill Babies Because Adoption Is Traumatic, by Katy Faust and Stacy Manning. “Adoption is a just society’s response to children in need. It’s an institution centered around the well-being of children, not the desires of adults. In adoption, the adults do the hard thing by meeting the needs of the child. They undergo screenings, background checks, references, home studies, financial and physical evaluations, etc. The list of qualifications to adopt is daunting, which is right and proper because the state is responsible for furnishing children with the loving and stable home they deserve.” Read more here.


Why the [Australian] Sex Discrimination Act Must Change, by Binary Australia. “If sex is not a protected characteristic in the Sex Discrimination Act, how can we defend and promote sex-based rights? If sex – that is male or female – is not referred to or defined, how do we know discrimination has or has not occurred? There are no other sexes. Sex is binary: male or female. No law can change this fact, but laws not founded in biological reality will do untold harm to our children and our communities.” Read more here.


Parents Across Country Sue Schools Over Clandestine Gender Transitions, by Harold Hutchison. “The lawsuit filed Nov. 17 by two public interest law firms against the Kettle Moraine School District in Wisconsin over the clandestine social transition of a 12-year-old girl marks the latest in a series of cases where school officials allegedly initiated social gender transitions without parental consent… ‘[T]his sort of thing is metastasizing like a cancer underneath the surface around the country,’ Vernadette Broyles, president and general counsel of the Child and Parent Rights Campaign, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.” Read more here.


Pro-Lifers Slam NYT Guest Essay Over Claim That Adoption Can Be More Traumatic Than Abortion, by Landon Mion. “Democratic consultant Elizabeth Spiers … argued that adoption is ‘often just as traumatic as the right thinks abortion is, if not more so, as a woman has to relinquish not a lump of cells but a fully formed baby she has lived with for nine months.’ The article prompted a slew of criticisms from notable conservative commentators that Spiers described as ‘callous’ opinions.” Read more here.


When It’s Parents Versus Teachers, Kids Lose, by Leonard Sax. “Twenty years ago, if a kid was caught cheating at school, that kid would be disciplined, but he or she would likely face more severe discipline at home. The teacher would notify the parents, who were likely to withhold privileges, perhaps grounding the child for cheating. Today, when a student is caught cheating, it’s not unusual for parents to swoop in like attorneys, demanding evidence and mounting a defense. Children and teenagers are most likely to thrive when parents and teachers are in alliance. But that alliance is breaking down.” Read more here.


High Court Hears Arguments in Biggest Abortion Case Since Roe. Here Are Key Takeaways, by Thomas Jipping and Sarah Parshall Perry. “Sotomayor asked a question about the current case that actually applies best to Roe and Casey: How can the Supreme Court ‘survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just acts’? The answer is, how can the high court survive without overruling Roe and Casey – decisions that divined a constitutional right to abortion very nearly out of thin air?” Read more here.


Actually, Justice Sotomayor, Everything Has Changed About the Abortion Debate Since Roe, by Tiana Lowe. “The average point of fetal viability has fallen to just 23 or 24 weeks, but even that continues to plummet thanks to miraculous advances in neonatal medicine… Even if the court upholds Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban, ultra-blue states like New York will surely maintain their statutes permitting abortion up until the point of birth, while, God willing, red states at least match our European counterparts with bans after the first trimester. If the past does indeed prove preview, those babies may very well soon be considered viable.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court’s Originalist Justices Should Allow Bad Abortion Law to Die by Its Own Hand, by Margot Cleveland. “Scientific advances likewise ‘have so changed’ that the court should see things differently – if only the justices would look. The rudimentary sonograms used at the time of Roe make the descriptor of fetuses as mere ‘clumps of cells’ more understandable, but the high-tech 4D ultrasounds of today establish beyond doubt the humanity of the unborn… And science now shows that fetuses experience pain much earlier than thought.” Read more here.


Dispelling 3 Common Myths About Abortion, by Melanie Israel and Levy Pait. “Abortion activists claim that abortions are safer than childbirth. But that’s the exact inverse of reality – and for a number of reasons. First, this framing of the debate denies the humanity of the unborn child from the outset. Because every fetus is a human possessing fundamental dignity, their health and safety must also be taken into consideration. No procedure that destroys life can be considered safe. By definition, abortion is always fatal for at least one party involved; namely, the unborn child. Therefore, by definition, abortion is never ‘safe.’” Read more here.


Critics Say Canada Is Too Quick to Treat Gender Dysphoria in Minors With Hormones and Surgery, by Tom Blackwell. “…[L]ast year the young woman made a stunning admission to her mother: even as she was being wheeled into the operating room to have her breasts removed, she was having doubts about her decision. Now the 21-year-old is ‘detransitioning,’ reverting to her original female identity. And Mary is part of a nascent movement calling for breaks to be placed on a health-care system geared to affirming a young person’s transgender feelings with drugs and surgery, allegedly in some instances after little assessment of other psychological issues.” Read more here.


Regardless of When an Unborn Child Is Considered ‘Viable,’ It’s an Arbitrary Standard, by Timothy M. Jackson. “The Supreme Court heard arguments in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on Wednesday, a case addressing the specific question of, ‘Whether all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.’ Or in layman’s terms, should states ever be allowed to outlaw abortions before the child is developed enough to survive outside the womb? The Supreme Court’s answer to this question has the potential to reshape or even obliterate the applicability of Roe.” Read more here.


Pro-Life Movement Is ‘Encouraged’ by Oral Arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson, by Rebecca Downs. “The United States is just one of seven nations that allow for elective abortions past 20 weeks, with China and North Korea also included in that list. Emphasizing how the United States is indeed ‘extreme,’ Bennett responded that it ‘does’ give her a renewed sense of hope to hear that Roberts brought up that point. She added she hopes all the justices will consider it in their decision-making.” Read more here.


A Major Abortion Case Goes Before the Supreme Court. Here’s What You Need to Know, by Melanie Israel. “…[O]utdated abortion jurisprudence has blocked much state policymaking on pre-viability abortions that accounts for advances in modern science and technology… Overturning Roe v. Wade wouldn’t mean that abortion in America would immediately be prohibited. It would mean that the American people in their respective states, through their elected representatives, could establish policies that account for advances in modern science and technology as well as pro-life shifts in public sentiment.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Will Determine If Customers Can Sue Businesses for ‘Emotional Distress.’ This Has Serious Implications for Religious Freedom, by Sarah Parshall Perry and Teresa Schuster. “If Premier Rehab is forced to pay emotional distress damages to Cummings, what of the medical practitioners who refuse to perform mastectomies on transgender patients or bakeries that decline to make custom cakes for same-sex couples? …As the courts continue to recognize sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes under federal civil rights law, allowing people to sue violators for causing them vaguely defined and often unverifiable emotional distress would open a Pandora’s box of harmful effects on religious freedom.” Read more here.


Pennsylvania Governor Celebrates Hospital Accused of Grotesque Fetal Experiments, by Ryan Navarro. “Claims from whistleblowers that aborted babies have lived through the procedures at Magee go back as far as 1972, when a Magee nurse provided testimony to Pennsylvania’s Abortion Law Commission. She discussed witnessing moving, breathing fetuses being ‘packed in ice’ and rushed to a laboratory. Doctors at the hospital were using a legal loophole to perform abortions during this time, according to a former Magee employee.” Read more here.


The Persecution of J.K. Rowling at Hands of ‘Oppressed,’ by Douglas Blair. “If you are transgender, especially a biological man pretending to be a woman, you will have the full backing of the media, corporate America, academia, the political class, and the vicious, violent Twitter mob. How could anyone with the backing of every major facet of American life be considered oppressed? Criticism of transgenderism, no matter how benign, is immediately met with fierce pushback and deplatforming.” Read more here.


Biden’s State Department Slips Abortion Into Human Rights Report, by Arielle Del Turco. “The term ‘reproductive rights’ is code for abortion, and its use in official U.S. human rights reports is inappropriate. A ‘right’ to abortion is nowhere to be found in international human rights law; meanwhile, the right to life certainly is. Now, American allies like Poland – known for being a great protector of human rights and champion of freedom – will receive a slap on the wrist at the hands of the State Department’s report for having pro-life protections.” Read more here.


Wisconsin Case Illustrates Public Schools’ Disdain for Parental Rights, by Emilie Kao. “Dr. Kenneth J. Zucker warns that encouraging social transition is actually ‘implementing a psychosocial treatment that will increase the odds of long-term persistence’ of gender dysphoria. School officials do not have the medical expertise, much less the authority to make health care decisions for students. The Wisconsin lawsuit should be a wake-up call to all parents. Parents, not schools, have the authority and the duty to help children flourish according to the truth that they are born in the right body.” Read more here.


A Conversion Therapy Ban Threatens to Leave Unhappy Children Medicalised, Sterilised and Sexually Impaired, by Maya Forstater. “The thing we are being warned off talking about here is that, at the heart of the proposal to ban conversion therapy, is a plan to criminalise delivering talking therapies to under-18-year-olds ‘with the intention of changing them from being transgender.’ This will mean that if children claim to be transgender, therapists who try to explore possible alternative diagnoses or causes for their distress could be accused of attempting conversion and face criminal investigation.” Read more here.


The Abortion Restriction Mississippi Wants Is Actually Moderate, by Tom Joyce. “Globally, the U.S. is a rarity when it comes to abortion law… While people may think of Mississippi as some bastion of southern Christian conservatism, the gestational limit that the state wants to put in place is liberal, even by European standards. In Europe, 47 of the 50 countries ban elective abortion at or before 15 weeks gestation, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute. That’s the part of the world many American liberals want to emulate.” Read more here.


The Horror of the Abortion Pill: Tens of Thousands of Women Need Hospital Treatment Due to Adverse Effects, by Helena Sutan. “Based on 85 freedom of information requests to NHS trusts, it was discovered that in 2020, more over 1 in 17 women (about 20 per day) who utilized the tablets by post service required hospital treatment. The findings have prompted advocates to demand that post-service tablets be phased out because to the risk [sic] they pose to women. The service was implemented as part of the Covid measures, which encouraged people to stay at home, but it is now being suggested that it should be phased out now that the limitations have been eased.” Read more here.


Germany’s New Government Surrenders to Identity Politics, by Katja Hoyer. “…[E]xisting legislation regarding trans people will be replaced with a ‘self-declaration law,’ which will allow everyone to change their gender by declaration alone. Gender reassignment surgery will be fully funded through the public health system. ‘Rainbow families’ will receive more support ‘especially in middle-size businesses and in the civil service’ but also in education, which is traditionally a devolved matter for the individual states.” Read more here.


10 Amazing Facts About Unborn Babies You Should Know Before SCOTUS Rules on Dobbs, by Jordan Boyd. “By 10 and a half weeks gestation, babies in the womb can control their fingers. Unborn babies typically begin to explore their new appendages by opening or closing their fingers into their hands before slowly learning to intentionally reach and grasp at the womb around them. By 27 weeks, Furth says a baby ‘will be able to support his own body weight momentarily by grasping!’ As early as 10 weeks gestation, unborn babies also learn to suck their thumbs and start to show a preference for a dominant right or left hand.” Read more here.


Why Aren’t We Having Enough Children to Replace Ourselves? by Louis T. March. “Bottom line: this is the first time in the history of humanity that fertility has declined on a sustained basis. Why is this happening? Even demographers, who relentlessly track such things, are stumped. Rather than rehash Pew’s research, let’s cut to the chase. Why? I’ll take a whack at it. Here are some reasons, all interrelated and overlapping, in no particular order.” Read more here.


Social and Emotional Indoctrination in Schools, by Betsy McCaughey. “On Nov. 22, the Hartford Courant reported that West Hartford, Connecticut, elementary school parents are in an uproar. They’re complaining that teachers are putting words such as ‘nonbinary’ on the chalkboard and telling kids, including kindergarteners, they can live life as a gender different from what they were assigned at birth. Parents were told by school authorities that they can’t opt their children out.” Read more here.


ER Visits Went Up 500 Percent With Chemical Abortions, Yet Biden’s FDA Wants to Expand Availability, by Rebecca Downs. “According to Medicaid claims data, visits to the emergency room following a chemical abortion increased by 507 percent from 2002 to 2015. Also of concern should be that most these [sic] ER visits, over 60 percent, were miscoded as spontaneous miscarriages, which a press release from [the Charlotte Lozier Institute] learns is ‘potentially putting patients at risk and masking the true dangers of chemical abortion.’” Read more here.


Fairfax County Public Schools Gives Parents the Double-Barreled Middle Finger, by Andrea Widburg. “In Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), parents identified sexual grooming in two library books: Lawn Boy and Gender Queer: A Memoir, both of which have explicit homosexual behavior and groom children for pedophilia. FCPS temporarily pulled the books, but it’s now reinstated them, which is the equivalent of a double-barreled middle finger at parents. …[A]ny educators who sign off on this X-rated grooming material should be dismissed as a potential risk to children.” Read more here.


A Trans Online ‘Friend’ Tried to Groom My Son, by Anonymous Author. “WPATH [World Professional Association for Transgender Health] is telling us to shut up and let the professionals discuss transgender medicine in journals behind a paywall. Activists call us transphobic, allies say we are harming our child. The media says affirming and celebrating a trans identity is suicide prevention. I disagree! In our experience, the more our child attached to the trans identity, the less functional and more self-destructive he became. We are the parents of a formally [sic] trans identifying kid – what more of a stakeholder could we be than that?” Read more here.


Roe v. Wade: Unscientific and Outdated, by David A. Prentice. “For decades, those who championed unrestricted abortion until birth advanced two arguments to supersede all others. First, an unusually stringent loyalty to legal precedent that is questioned even by pro-choice legal scholars; second, that science should reign as the preeminent authority in policymaking. In making these two rules the platform of their defense, guardians of Roe have backed themselves into an uncomfortable corner.” Read more here.


The Importance of the Adoption and Children Bill [in Ireland], by Colm Gildernew. “Some of the key provisions contained in the Bill are to align adoption law to ensure that the child’s welfare is the paramount consideration in decisions [and] allowing the Department of Health to establish an independent review mechanism in relation to assessing prospective adopters… These changes are important and will positively affect the lives of children and young people. They do not come without a financial cost… But we cannot just look at the costs of implementing these changes; the costs of not doing this may be seen in young people who cannot reach their full potential.” Read more here.


Religious Employers Shouldn’t Have to Violate Their Convictions on Gender Ideology, by Shannon O. Royce. “If you happen to be one who brings sincere religious convictions to debates about gender identity, it’s disturbing to find suddenly that the deepest beliefs you hold are forfeit to government overreach… What’s more, the mandate even compels some to perform procedures they believe do egregious physical harm on those who look to them for medical care. That’s a lot to ask of any citizen in a country founded on religious liberty and freedom of speech. Indeed, it’s far too much.” Read more here.


The United States Goes All-In to Advance LGBT in UN Policy, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The Biden administration took a risk by tabling a draft UN resolution with ‘sexual orientation and gender identity,’ but it paid off when the resolution was adopted unanimously… Traditional countries may come to regret not voting against the resolution. Allowing the Biden administration to put ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ in a UN resolution is a provocation. It sets a precedent for adding LGBT issues in dozens of UN resolutions every year, ending a longstanding stalemate in UN negotiations over LGBT issues.” Read more here.


Trans Ideology Has No Place in Children’s Groups Like the Girl Guides, by Frank Furedi. “As it happens, there is far more at stake than the issue of safeguarding. Transgender ideology is not simply committed to advocating the inclusion of biological males who identify as girls to join a well-known single gender organisation. It is also obsessed with imposing gender-neutrality on society and eliminating biological distinction between the sexes. Consequently, the term ‘Girlguiding’ is fast becoming a misnomer.” Read more here.


Dear Birthmom, by Ryan Bomberger. “I want you to know that I was adopted and so deeply loved. The parents that welcomed me into their home and hearts, when I was just six weeks old, weren’t deterred by how I came to be. They were committed to nurturing who I was meant to be. I wish you knew the beautiful reverberations you caused with that singular decision so many years ago. When I look into the faces of my amazing wife and four children (two of whom were also adopted), I can’t help but thank you…” Read more here.


How Some Schools Hide Sex Curriculum From Parents, by Capital Resource Institute. “The bait-and-switch is intentional. Remember, the school hands a concerned parent a binder containing the curriculum. The concerned parent assumes he or she is holding all of it… The parent is not told that a large portion of the curriculum lurks in a second location – either on a flash drive meant only for the teacher, or on the curriculum website that the teacher opens with a code – and it is here where the true intention and purpose of the supposed ‘curriculum’ is revealed.” Read more here.


In Case With Global Implications, Finland Puts Christians on Trial for Their Faith, by Joy Pullmann. “Rasanen and Pohjola are being charged with ‘hate speech’ for respectively writing and publishing a 24-page 2004 booklet that explains basic Christian theology about sex and marriage, which reserves sex exclusively for within marriage, which can only consist of one man and one woman, for life. The Finnish prosecutor claims centuries-old Christian teachings about sex ‘incite hatred’ and violate legal preferences for government-privileged identity groups.” Read more here.


The Left’s Appalling Efforts to ‘Normalize’ Pedophilia, by Nicole Russell. “While Heine rightly noted that abusing children is ‘wrong without any doubt,’ she also said that a ‘pedophile who doesn’t abuse children has done nothing wrong.’ That seems like a dramatically low bar for civilized society and hardly an area where we want to collectively shift our cultural standards: Pedophilia is a form of paraphilia, not an orientation, and it isn’t acceptable even if abuse does not occur.” Read more here.


Outcry After Nigeria Removed From U.S. ‘Country of Particular Concern’ List, by ADF International. “Why is the United States undermining its commitment to protecting international religious freedom? …Christians living in Nigeria face some of the worst acts of persecution. Millions of people have fled devastating violence and have become internally displaced. As a result of the violence, 13,000 churches have been closed or destroyed altogether. Many victims have been kidnapped, raped, forcibly converted or married, or sold into slavery.” Read more here.


New Olympic Committee Rules Essentially End Women’s Sports, by Libby Emmons. “This essentially spells the end of women’s sports at the highest levels of global competition. The IOC said testing athletes’ testosterone levels to verify that they are able to compete against women, who have far less testosterone than any male person, is ‘invasive’ and ‘disrespectful.’ They did not issue a statement on how invasive or disrespectful it is to force women to compete against bigger, stronger, men, or to allow men to take women’s places in athletic competition. The IOC basically doesn’t care about that.” Read more here.


Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Will Be Central to a Post-Roe America, by Thomas Glessner. “These agencies provide vital support to mothers contemplating abortion. Medical services include pregnancy testing and ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, as well as STI testing and treatment. Material resources include adoption services, referrals for ongoing medical and legal care, post-abortion counseling, temporary housing services and ongoing support. More than 1,300 centers are licensed medical clinics providing medical care at no charge.” Read more here.


Pedophilia Takes a Cautious Step Forward Toward Respectability, by Michael Cook. “My prediction is that it will be argued that paedophiles, at least the non-offending ones, have a ‘right’ to act out their desires. How this will be achieved is anyone’s guess. Perhaps child pornography will be legalised… Perhaps the law will take a more ‘enlightened’ view of the age of consent. But no doubt Allyn Walker and ‘their’ colleagues will find a way forward.” Read more here.


How Activist Teachers Recruit Kids, by Abigail Shrier. “Last month, the California Teachers Association (CTA) held a conference advising teachers on best practices for subverting parents, conservative communities and school principals on issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. Speakers went so far as to tout their surveillance of students’ Google searches, internet activity, and hallway conversations in order to target sixth graders for personal invitations to LGBTQ clubs, while actively concealing these clubs’ membership rolls from participants’ parents.” Read more here.


Former Architect of American Abortion Industry Speaks Out Against It, by Jerry Newcombe. “Nathanson was the ‘abortion king.’ He was the architect of the abortion industry. He co-founded NARAL… Beatley relates the main points of Nathanson’s erstwhile strategy to deceive America, the first being: ‘They framed the debate, and they framed it around the word “choose.”’ The use of euphemism, concealing the killing of a child under the positive word ‘choice,’ was highly effective.” Read more here.


The Olympics Open the Door for More Men in Women’s Sports on the World Stage, by Zachary Faria. “The International Olympic Committee has updated its guidelines for transgender athletes. The result is a collection of meaningless language about ‘inclusion’ and new standards that are open to subjectivity… It seems that the IOC is setting itself up to make determinations on a case-by-case basis. That alone would be unacceptable, but it is made even worse by the fact the IOC and other national sporting organizations have begun surrendering to gender ideology and transgender activists at the expense of female athletes.” Read more here.


If You Let Government Parent, Don’t Be Surprised When It Claims Your Kids, by Julie Gunlock. “Those who advocate for keeping children’s medical care private from parents often cite concerns about abuse arising from a parent finding out about their child’s sexual activity or its consequences. Yet school officials seem less concerned about the harms that could result from letting a child navigate these traumatic and potentially life-altering health conditions without assistance from their parents.” Read more here.


Democrats Like Me Are Furious With Our Party for Pushing Gender Insanity, by Kara Dansky. “Feminists have a saying: we cannot protect women and girls on the basis of sex if we cannot say what sex is. My hope is that lawmakers across the political aisle will get a grip and right the wrongs that have been perpetrated in the name of ‘gender identity.’ Every single human being is either female or male. No one ‘is transgender.’ It’s long past time that lawmakers across the political aisle and members of corporate media said so.” Read more here.


Biased ABC Poll Falsely Claims Americans Support Roe v. Wade and Abortions Up to Birth, by Micaiah Bilger. “A new ABC News/Washington Post poll with biased questions appears to show that a strong majority of Americans support the infamous abortion ruling Roe v. Wade… These results, however, do not match with numerous other polls that show strong public opposition to what Roe does: It forces states to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions without limits up to viability and allows abortion on demand up to birth.” Read more here.


Religious Freedom Means Both Worship and Witness, by Kristen Waggoner. “A militant secularism that is hostile to religion has been on the rise for many years… Who could have imagined that faith-based adoption agencies would be punished for living out their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman? Or a cake artist, a florist, or a web designer? Believing that all we need to do is look inside in order to flourish has not made America more pluralistic. Instead, hyper-individualism has led to surging intolerance against those who dissent from new orthodoxies on sexuality, marriage, and the family.” Read more here.


Transgender Professor at Old Dominion University Rebrands Pedophiles as ‘Minor-Attracted Persons,’ by Spencer Lindquist. “Pedophiles are stigmatized because pedophilia is and deserves to be accurately seen as unspeakably reprehensible. Stigmas are a way we socially communicate this reprehensibility. Any word, framing, or action that chips away at this stigma inevitably breaks down the guardrails against such evil actions. Yet again we witness an instance of the left siding with the oppressor while pretending to advocate for the victim, this time under the guise of academic inquiry.” Read more here.


The Department of Justice Is Ignoring Child Victims of Sex Crimes, by Congresswoman Ann Wagner. “This isn’t conjecture. Serious sex crimes, including human trafficking, selling Child Sexual Abuse Material, kidnapping, battery, and child rape, involving OnlyFans have occurred across the country this year. I’m a mother and a grandmother, and I believe that we have a moral obligation to protect the most vulnerable. Frankly, I’m infuriated that the Department of Justice seems to be willing to turn a blind eye to the serious threat OnlyFans poses to minors.” Read more here.


Memphis Christian School Under Attack for Affirming Christian Values, by Todd Starnes. “Briarcrest Christian School drew fire after they announced a training session for parents and students on a Gospel response to sexuality and gender titled, ‘God Made Them Male and Female. And It Was Good. A Gospel Response to Culture’s Gender Theory…’ LGBT activist Dylan Sandifer accused the school of promoting bigoted ideas.” Read more here.


Money Is Not the Main Reason Why Americans Who Desire Marriage Remain Single, by Wendy Wang. “Marriage is declining quickly in the United States, especially among lower-income Americans. What’s worse, this ‘family polarization’ by income seems to have deepened since the pandemic began last year, according to our new report. Needless to say, money plays a critical role in this marriage divide. But if you ask individual Americans on the marriage market today why they are not married, surprisingly, their answers have little to do with money.” Read more here.


Transwomen May Have a Right to Be Pregnant, Argue Bioethicists, by Michael Cook. “Do transgender women (i.e., natal males) have a right to experience pregnancy? Two Italian doctors from the University of Rome Sapienza argue in Acta Biomedica that technology is advancing so fast that we need to confront this question. At the moment uterine transplants (UTx) are rare and often unsuccessful. But as surgeons improve their techniques, it may be possible for a natal male to give birth. ‘Such an option will mark a point where the set of moral and ethical precepts which we espouse could soon become obsolete,’ they write.” Read more here.


The Real Pro-Life Movement, by Kathryn Lopez. “I wish more people knew about the actual pro-life movement. It’s not just about defunding Planned Parenthood and undoing Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that made abortion legal in all trimesters of pregnancy. It’s about love. Women deserve better than abortion. And their unborn babies certainly do.” Read more here.


My Son’s English Teacher Showed a Transgender Activist’s Video in Class. Here’s What I Did Next, by Matt Schoenfeldt. “My eighth grade son recently got a ‘lesson’ in English class that featured a video of a transgender activist making a speech that includes sexually suggestive language. As a society, we have seen this sort of thing play out time and time again in recent years. First the left asks for tolerance, then acceptance, and then they demand that you celebrate their push for full ‘social justice’ indoctrination in every classroom in America.” Read more here.


Therapists Have Betrayed the Parents of Gender-Confused Kids, and There’ll Be Hell to Pay, by Miriam Grossman. “Following their teen’s bombshell announcement, most parents initially consult with gender therapists or clinics. The vast majority tell them they must unconditionally accept their child’s chosen identity, use a random, unfamiliar name, and help Sara bind her breasts and Michael tuck his genitals. Parents object, suggesting a slower process and deeper exploration. They insist: we know our child! The ideologues dismiss their parental instincts. They see their discomfort but brush it off.” Read more here.


To Protect Women, Trust the Science on Abortion, by Donna Harrison. “The truth is, in protecting women’s health, U.S. policies are woefully behind those of our European neighbors. In many progressive countries throughout Europe, laws require that elective abortions be performed at 14 weeks or earlier… These countries have based their abortion laws not on politics but on peer-reviewed medical research aimed at protecting women’s health. Their intent is to use empirically accurate information to promote the highest standards of medical care for women.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Restores Abortion to Human Rights Reports, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Given the U.S.’s record of leadership on international human rights issues and extensive diplomatic presence around the world, the State Department’s annual country reports are an important source of information for advocates seeking to expose and end human rights abuses. Placing abortion alongside issues like freedom of speech, religious liberty, and other universally agreed human rights sends a message to the global community.” Read more here.


The Fringe of the Far-Left Fringe Is Controlling the Media’s Discourse on Transgenderism, by Becket Adams. “Feminism is always, always, always sidelined in favor of competing special interest groups that work against women. In this case specifically, the demands of transgender ideology require the suppression of the word ‘women.’ It is being erased from basic speech in service of honoring men who identify as women. This is what some would call ‘irony.’” Read more here.


Abortion Isn’t the Winning Issue Democrats Think It Is, by Zachary Faria. “Democrats like to convince themselves that abortion is a winning issue because of some neatly worded poll questions, but Virginia and Texas both provide evidence that that just isn’t the case. Abortion may be one of the driving issues for Democratic politicians and liberal activists, but it isn’t a deal breaker for independent voters. And it appears to create a lot more enthusiasm among pro-life voters than it does among Democrats.” Read more here.


Azusa Pacific University Proves Gender Insanity Has Also Invaded Christian Schools, by Jasmine Campos. “The conversation moved to a lecture, question and answer format. After a discussion of ‘neo-pronouns’ including xe/xem and ze/zer, the leaders briefly explained what they believed it meant to be transgender. One individual described it as someone feeling as though one is ‘different from the sex they were assigned at birth…’ The leaders then asked the group how each individual had explored his or her identity and pronouns, implying this is something everyone goes through.” Read more here.


Abortion Is Not a Punch Line, SNL, by Alexandra Desanctis. “If we assume the best of the skit’s creators, perhaps they meant to help post-abortive women feel less alone, but instead they erased the stories of countless women who didn’t want to choose abortion. All too often, women who have had an abortion felt that they had no choice because of financial difficulties, pressure from family, or lack of support from the child’s father. The skit likewise whitewashes the reality that some women are coerced into abortion, whether by literal force or by threats of abandonment.” Read more here.


If the Left Ends Parent Rights, You Might Need a License to Raise Your Own Child, by Stella Morabilto. “Social engineers would certainly like to see legislation that allows the state to assess parents for ‘fitness,’ dictating whether people can raise their own children… The idea is still consigned to journal articles and some academic chatter. But let’s not forget that critical race theory and transgenderism were once laughed off as fringy academic notions before they burst into newsrooms, then into classrooms and public libraries.” Read more here.


Please Don’t Clown Around When It Comes to Abortion, by Michael Brown. “…[A]ll of this underscores the need to sit down … and have honest, compassionate discussions with those on the ‘pro-choice’ side, as well as to provide safe spaces for the many women grieving over past abortions, enabling them to open up their hearts. In stark contrast, the last thing we need is someone called Goober the Clown to clown around about abortion. If there is any subject on the planet that does not comport with a ridiculous clown skit, it is the subject of abortion.” Read more here.


Therapists Must Be Allowed to Question Gender Identity, by Maya Forstater. “The Department of Health … has commissioned Dr. Hillary Cass to undertake an independent review of gender identity services for children and young people. She and her team are carefully considering evidence without a predetermined outcome. The Government should resist the LGBTQIA+ lobby’s encouragement to rush to criminalise therapists who refuse to tell parents they have a choice between a ‘dead daughter and living son.’ Instead, it should be patient and allow the Cass Review team to do their job.” Read more here.


UK Universities Clamp Down on Speech About Gender, by Lois McLatchie. “The integrity of one of Britain’s greatest global legacies is at stake here. The UK attracts over half a million international students to its institutions of higher learning every year, including over 20,000 students from the U.S. Oxford and Cambridge are legendary bastions of free speech, discovery, and the pursuit of truth. But with biological fact sheltered from exposure and legitimate debate silenced on uncomfortable issues, it’s unclear where these global titans will go next.” Read more here.


Boy Scouts Announce New Critical Race Theory Requirement, by Spencer Lindquist. “One such resource is the ‘All My Relations’ podcast, which focuses on the Native American experience and features episodes titled ‘Decolonizing Sex,’ ‘Celebrate Indigenous Peoples, Not Columbus,’ and ‘Indigiqueer.’ Flag folding is so last year. What we really need are Eagle Scouts who understand the Native American LGBT sexual experience!” Read more here.


Debunking a Fallacy: New Study Shows Therapy for Undesired Same-Sex Attraction ‘Can Be Effective, Beneficial, and Not Harmful,’ by Andre Van Mol, MD. “Ideology-driven legislative initiatives are underway to ban therapeutic choice – ‘conversion therapy’ being the provocative, pejorative and ill-defined colloquial term used as a jamming tactic – in the U.S. and internationally for people with undesired same-sex attraction or levels thereof… The foundational requirement for such therapy – and for talk-therapy of any kind for any patient complaint – is a willing, motivated and self-directed client. Involuntary therapy is failed therapy, no matter the problem.” Read more here.


Growing Problem of a Teen Transgender Trend, by Family First. “Many young people today are wondering if they were ‘born in the wrong body,’ and transgender activists are pushing an agenda that insists the body should be remade to conform with feelings. As such, the transgender trend spreads a confusing message to all kids, including those who struggle to accept their sex. Regrettably, this trend is taking root in the school curriculum where these radical ideas are being indoctrinated into young people, often without the express permission or even knowledge of parents.” Read more here.


Why Young Adults in Canada Embrace Marriage – or Reject It, by Peter Jon Mitchell. “Our most intriguing finding was among partnered young adults choosing to forego marriage. Half of partnered men and two out of five women selected ‘don’t believe in the institution of marriage’ as the main reason for their decision not to get married. The second most selected response among young adult women in this group was ‘current situation is fine as is,’ followed by ‘wedding preparations and cost.’” Read more here.


Upcoming Congressional Hearing on Abortion Ban Cares More About Politics Than Women’s Health, by Christina Francis. “The argument for the existence of these under-credentialed abortion clinics follows the rationale that women who wish to undergo an abortion would otherwise have to resort to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Yet, ironically, abortion clinics often replicate the same unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Furthermore, these clinics evade the fundamental tenets of informed medical consent that apply to the entire medical industry… These clinics, in short, are not ethical or honest in their approach to health.” Read more here.


Media Explodes in Fury as Ghana Prepares to Pass the World’s Most Restrictive LGBTQ+ Law, by Mathew Otieno. “This is where the Western LGBTQ+ train goes off the rails. For some reason, they think it will be possible to impose tolerance for their community in Africa from the top down… Well, Africa has some news for the LGBTQ+ lobby. This approach will fail, friends. Pompous moralising can’t magically turn something people detest into something they admire. If anything, it will most likely result in more kneejerk reactions of the kind that precipitated the bill in Ghana. A tolerant future for LGBTQ+ people in Africa is possible. But it will have to come through genuine dialogue.” Read more here.


Dear Trans Activists: Parents Have Their ‘Lived Experience’ of Gender Dysphoria, Too, by Anonymous Author. “…[W]e parents are not having it. [Rapid onset gender dysphoria] is real. We need no more studies to tell us what we are seeing with our own eyes. These are our lived experiences. Unlike activists, we do not histrionically accuse our detractors of trying to deny our existence or to kill us. However, we do expect to be listened to and taken seriously so that our kids can receive proper care and avoid unnecessary harm – and we will not stop screaming from the rooftops until this happens.” Read more here.


Orphaned Children Need Attention on Adoption Law, by Barrister Zahid Rahman. “Adoption is usually viewed positively by society and has many benefits like loving families that take care of and lift their adopted children as if they were their own and giving them opportunities for better lives. As per the record, there are more than 4.4 million orphaned children in Bangladesh. Adoption can provide a favorable home to those children.” Read more here.


Rising Number of Single Mothers a Big Concern, by Samuel Yesuiah. “The respective family organisations and religious bodies [in Malaysia] need to implement measures to strengthen the institution of marriage through effective pre-marriage courses for men and women intending to get married. These courses should be made compulsory for all couples of all races and religions… The courses could help reduce marriage related issues and prepare them to face the impending onslaught of marital blues and thus rein in separation and divorce.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Two Texas Heartbeat Act Cases. Here Are the Top Takeaways, by Thomas Jipping and Sarah Parshall Perry. “Justice Neil Gorsuch appeared impatient with the United States’ broad request for relief, saying that there had never been such an injunction so expansive ‘in the history of the United States.’ This skepticism about the federal government’s desire to intervene in a state’s legislative and judicial process may mean that United States v. Texas is on shakier ground than Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson.” Read more here.


They Legalized Abortion by Complaining Women Were Doing Their Own, Now That’s What They Want Women to Do, by Micaiah Bilger. “They claimed they wanted to protect women from dangerous, self-induced abortions. But now they are openly promoting them. Self-induced abortions are becoming ‘more popular’ across the U.S. now that the pro-abortion movement is openly promoting what it once called a dangerous crisis… And the very language that abortion activists used for years to claim that legalizing abortion was necessary to protect women from dangerous self-induced abortions, they are now calling stigmatizing.” Read more here.


Abortion Pill Complications Requiring Hospital Visits in UK Mirror U.S. Data … and It’s Not Good, by Carole Novielli. “Abortion pill complications arising from incomplete abortion in the UK seem to mirror recently published data from a study in the U.S. According to Kevin Duffy, a former Global Director of Clinics Development at MSI Reproductive Choices (formerly Marie Stopes International), nearly 6% of women (as many as 1 in 17 pregnant women) who obtained a so-called ‘medical abortion’ (abortion pill) in the UK were subsequently treated for complications and needed hospital treatment arising from an incomplete abortion.” Read more here.


The Abortion Lobby Doubles Down on Risky Chemical-Abortion Pills, by Kristan Hawkins. “Corporate Abortion is now making sales pitches to stockpile the drugs in light of potential changes in the law. See, as one example, the recent New York Times op-ed… Uninformed readers were treated to extraordinary claims that no-test, at-home experiences are safe, and that there were ‘no significant safety reasons’ to have health and safety standards … kept in place by the FDA. That all depends on how women feel about infection, surgery, infertility, depression, horrifying pain, and even death.” Read more here.


Texas Heartbeat Act Again Before Supreme Court. Here’s What You Need to Know, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “…[T]he primary focus will be on strictly procedural questions. In United States v. Texas, the court will address whether the Department of Justice has standing to sue Texas at all and, if so, under what cause of action. In Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson, the court will address the abortion provider’s claim that the civil enforcement mechanism itself is unconstitutional.” Read more here.


Democrats Still Haven’t Fixed All the Abortion-Funding Problems in Their Reconciliation Bill, by John McCormack. “This issue is in the legislative weeds, but the point is important: The Hyde amendment, which prohibits Medicaid funding of abortion except in rare circumstances, must be attached each year to an appropriations bill that funds the program. The Hyde amendment is not permanently embedded in the underlying law that established Medicaid.” Read more here.


Man Who Fights Women Claims Safety and Fairness Aren’t Legitimate Concerns, by Zachary Faria. “You can either oppose letting men such as McLaughlin punch women in the face in combat sports, or you can oppose physically and chemically altering the bodies of children because they claim to be of the opposite gender, an irreversible process that roughly 80% of them will grow to regret. Opposing both means you don’t care about safety. Or something.” Read more here.


The Aftermath of Gray Divorce for Men, Women, and Their Adult Children, by Kay Hymowitz. “So, what happens to relations between parents and adult children after gray divorce? The first thing to note may not sit comfortably with those committed to gender-neutral assumptions: fathers and mothers react to a break-up very differently. Mothers increase their involvement with their adult children; they are twice as likely to have more frequent contact with their adult children after a late divorce than they did before. For men, it’s the opposite; they are only half as likely to engage regularly with their grown children after a split.” Read more here.


Virginia Parents Standing Up to Loudoun County School Board Should Inspire Parents Everywhere, by Mary Clare Amselem. “…[O]ne cannot help but wonder how the public school system became so detached from the will of the parents, whose tax dollars fund the school…. The answer is that the left has come to embrace the troubling perspective that children are partially owned by the state. In the leftist worldview, the family unit does not have the sole right to determine what values and perspectives children should hold, but that public schools are equal stakeholders in these deeply personal decisions.” Read more here.


Biden’s Equality Plan: Deadly for Unborn Babies, by Marie Smith. “Perhaps they forgot that the Declaration of Independence recognized ‘that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights’ and that the first of these rights is Life. The promotion of the death of the most vulnerable children among us – those alive but not yet born – shows the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration’s claim that it is following a ‘tireless pursuit of greater equity for all.’” Read more here.


Irony: ‘Inter-Gender’ MMA Fight Horrifies Fans in Poland, by Matt Margolis. “…Ula Siekacz was eventually overpowered by Piotrek Muaboy, who pinned her down and repeatedly punched her in the head while she was unable to move. MMA fans couldn’t believe what they saw. ‘How is this sanctioned? This is horrific,’ one fan asked on social media. But we know the answer. Men physically beating up women has been sanctioned for a while now. The key difference here is that Piotrek Muaboy isn’t a ‘transgender woman;’ otherwise, the fight would have been celebrated by the LGBTQ community and trans rights activists.” Read more here.


Small-Town Wisconsin Schools Won’t Tell Parents If Their Children Identify as Transgender, by Dan O’Donnell. “To officially change their names in the district’s computer system, students will still need to provide documentation of a legal name change. However, the new policy allows teachers and other district employees to treat students as members of the opposite sex without ever informing their parents that they are doing so… ‘This is outrageous,’ said one Oshkosh parent. ‘So, if my son starts identifying as a girl at school but hides it from me, I will never know about it?’” Read more here.


‘Award-Winning’ Sexually Explicit Books Terry McAuliffe Kept in Virginia School Libraries, by Dr. Susan Berry. “In late September, the Fairfax County school district finally removed two books from its libraries, including Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe, which contains explicit illustrations of sexual encounters, including oral sex and masturbation, involving children… Fairfax County parent Stacy Langton raised the issue about the books’ accessibility to children at a school board meeting, and, as she read some of the explicit passages from Gender Queer, a school board member cut her off and actually chastised her for using explicit language.” Read more here.


Genderless Passports Are Absurd, by Nicole Russell. “Normalizing a person’s gender as ‘X’ rather than male or female is as dangerous as allowing an anorexic person to continue to starve herself because, after all, she’s merely only living out her true identity by refusing her body nourishment. Willingly participating in identifying a person as genderless is a sign that the U.S. government … fails to recognize the disastrous signs of what will become of a nation that allows people enduring an obvious mental health crisis to succumb to their whims.” Read more here.


Portland’s Abortion ‘Bereavement Leave’ for Employees Begs the Question: Who Died? by Bettina di Fiore. “If ‘bereavement’ is frequently defined as a period of grief or mourning after the death of a family member or loved one, and ‘bereavement leave’ is time off of work that is granted to employees to mourn that death, then this amended policy begs the question: who died? Granting this type of leave following an abortion is a tacit admission of the humanity and family membership of the one who has been aborted — something abortion advocates almost never do.” Read more here.


No Woman Should Have to Get an Abortion to Keep Her Job, by Mary Szoch. “Our society and workplaces will not be equal for men and women until we recognize that men and women are fundamentally different. Women have the ability to nurture and sustain life within them, and men do not. Little girls growing up in America should hear, ‘Women can do anything,’ not, ‘Women can do anything … as long as they don’t have children.’ If a man were told to kill his child in order to keep his career, the world would react in horror, and rightly so. So, why, then, do we accept women being told to do the same?” Read more here.


Loudoun County Is Putting Children in Harm’s Way, by Bethany Kozma. “Five years ago, I stood in front of both the Fairfax and Loudoun County school boards advocating for the protection of my children and others by warning against the adoption of radical new gender identity policies that are now in effect across Virginia and many parts of the United States. I uncomfortably spoke up as a sexual assault survivor, speaking on behalf of those who have no voice or are silenced. Looking back, who would have thought that freedom of speech at a public school board meeting would be such a divisive issue threatening our country today.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Issues Gender Strategy Promoting Abortion and LGBT Rights, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Like several gender strategies issued under the Obama administration, Biden’s gender strategy aligns federal policies with international gender policies developed without the input and consent of U.S. voters and their representatives. But Biden’s gender strategy expands the reach of ‘gender’ policies far beyond what even the Obama administration had previously adopted. It affects both domestic and international policy. Obama’s gender policies only affected U.S. foreign policy and U.S. foreign assistance.” Read more here.


‘Fake News’ From Malawi About Unsafe Abortions, by Michael Cook. “…[T]he latest and more authoritative evidence from the World Health Organisation and the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study estimates that the number of maternal deaths every year [in Malawi] is between 1150 and 2100. So the number of back-street abortions cited in The Telegraph is between 6 and 10 times the number of maternal deaths from all causes. In the real world, outside of the Twitterverse, that is called ‘making it up as you go along.’” Read more here.


The Death of Marriage Proves Yet Again That Social Conservatives Were Right, by Nathanael Blake. “The sexual revolution’s redefinition of family was never going to stop with same-sex marriage, but few on the left have had the courage to say no to the expansion of the alphabet agenda. People who insisted same-sex marriage would have no effect on the rest of us now want to punish dissenters who don’t want to promote and celebrate same-sex weddings. People who declared this was about consenting adults are now all-in on the LGBT youth agenda, from child drag queens to transgender toddlers.” Read more here.


Why the Transgender Movement Is So Aggressively Misogynistic, by Kira Davis. “They constantly silence the voices of women. They hurl misogynistic, vile names at women like J.K. Rowling who simply defend the biological reality of womanhood. They label her and other women who don’t toe the trans line as TERFs – trans-exclusionary, radical feminists. Did you catch that? You’re a ‘radical’ for opposing the erasure of womanhood from the public square.” Read more here.


What to Do About Your Local Library Putting Porn on Kids’ Shelves, by Jonathan Lange. “The pornographic language and pictures found in the children’s section of America’s libraries are so over-the-top that examples cannot be printed in any respectable publication… Thus, parental concerns are shielded from the public by sheer decorum and decency. But that same decency is not restraining librarians from exposing even the youngest children to indecent content. By attractive, kid-friendly displays, they invite curious children to read what your local newspaper editor is ashamed to print.” Read more here.


First Comes Love. Then Comes Sterilization, by Suzy Weiss. “It used to be that people wanted to make babies. Women, especially, but also men. That was a healthy young person’s default position, and our existence depended on it. We wanted to do other things, of course, and the great post-feminist challenge was how to have it all — the proper work-life balance, the career and the baby, the supportive husband and the adventurous life. But now, for an increasing number, the question isn’t how to have it all. It’s: why do it at all?” Read more here.


Empty Pews Are an American Public Health Crisis, by Tyler J. Vanderweele and Brendan Case. “Our research suggests that religious service attendance specifically, rather than private practices or self-assessed religiosity or spirituality, most powerfully predicts health. Religious identity and private spirituality may, of course, still be very important and meaningful within the context of religious life, but their effects on health and well-being don’t seem to be as strong as those of regular gatherings with other believers.” Read more here.


Rachel Levine Is Not the First Female Anything, by Christopher Tremoglie. “Being female is more than just a word. It is not a ‘social construct,’ as is so often claimed… What is the message Levine’s boasted promotion sends to women? It lets them know that men will game the system to deny women opportunities and will be aided in doing so by the Democratic president and his party.” Read more here.


Prenatal Testing, Used in a Pro-Life Way, Made the Difference for These Families, by Bridget Sielicki. “Many well-meaning people decide against prenatal testing altogether, as if receiving it would somehow indicate that they intend to abort if an abnormality is detected. But prenatal testing can be used in a very positive, pro-life way. When parents are aware of a child’s medical needs before birth, they are often better able to prepare for raising a special needs child, while securing the help and attention needed immediately to give their child the best chance of survival after birth.” Read more here.


Conflicts of Interest Between Radical Left George Soros-Funded NGOs and Judges on the European Court of Human Rights: ECLJ Report Bears Fruit, by Grégor Puppinck. “A year and a half after its publication, a report on NGOs and the judges of the ECHR by the ACLJ’s international affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), continues to bear fruit. In what may be a most important move, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has just modified its internal code of ethics and has undertaken to modify its rules on conflicts of interest.” Read more here.


Biden’s Absurd Gender Strategy, by the Editors of National Review. “Yes, the ‘National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality,’ the first-ever such declaration because in the near-quarter millennium of this country’s existence no one ever thought we needed one, lays out a list of goals and aspirations and solutions to alleged problems whose existence keeps being asserted without evidence. ‘Health care,’ for instance, is a strange action item to list as a gender crisis when women outlive men in this country by 5.7 years… But of course the ‘women’s health’ issue that most excites the imagination of progressives is the continued right to exterminate the unborn.” Read more here.


Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Is Becoming a Growth Industry, by Michael Cook. “…[F]rom an ethical point of view, the most controversial feature of [non-invasive prenatal testing] is that many women will abort their child after learning of the abnormality. A cynic might even argue that NIPT is basically a marketing tool for abortion clinics. As the authors note, this is sometimes factored into studies of the cost-effectiveness of public funding. In other words, economists assess the life of a person with a disability as a drain on the economy.” Read more here.


Will More Canadian Journalists Stand Up to the LGBT Mob After CTV’s Report on the Dangers of ‘Gender-Transitioning’? by Jonathon Van Maren. “For the Canadian media, even admitting that there are two sides to the transgender question is a big step… This CTV investigation may seem like a small thing, and I noticed that almost no Canadian journalists did the usual thing of tweeting and commenting about anything controversial that emerges from their bubble, probably calculating that on this issue, it is wiser to simply stay silent. Canada deserves better journalists; reporters who actually have the guts to do deep dives into stories and report perspectives regardless of how ideologically correct they are.” Read more here.


Marriage Protects Mental Health: Evidence During COVID-19, by Christos Makridis and Clara E. Piano. “What do these results about the protective effects of marriage imply for children? While time will tell, they suggest that children with the benefit of both parents fared better during the pandemic than their counterparts who had only one parent present. If one parent was laid off, he/she could reallocate time to child care, while the other parent continued working. If only one parent is available, then he/she could be forced to take time off, especially since the child care sector was hit so hard.” Read more here.


Two Transgender Specialists Wonder: Has the New Orthodoxy Gone Too Far? by Paula Rinehart. “For nearly a decade, the transgender movement has steamrolled through American society with a façade of certainty and moral superiority no one is allowed to question. Choosing one’s gender has been the brave new frontier our children are entitled to cross, and woe to the parent, doctor, or educator who takes issue. In recent weeks, though, another major crack in this wall has appeared.” Read more here.


UN Health Special Rapporteur Supports Abortion at Expense of Women’s Health, by Grace Melton. “Pro-abortion actors in the U.S. and abroad have been working to weaken existing restrictions on chemical abortion pills and to promote telemedicine and mail-order pills under the guise of pandemic-related concerns. This is leading to more women undergoing this dangerous process at home, away from medical supervision and support. The consequences for women of self-administering mifepristone and misoprostol can be devastating, especially in the developing world.” Read more here.


Science Says What’s Really Compassionate Is Encouraging People With Gender Dysphoria to Love Their Real Bodies, by Kylee Zempel. “The sad truth is that so-called transition and those who peddle it as a solution can’t deliver on their promises. According to the study, 71 percent of respondents reported that prior to transition, they ‘thought transitioning was my only option to feel better,’ and 65 percent said they ‘thought transitioning would eliminate my gender dysphoria.’ They later detransitioned when these beliefs were exposed as lies.” Read more here.


Democrats’ Assault on Religious Liberty Began With an Innocuous-Sounding Phrase, by Sean Spicer. “Words matter. When politicians speak of freedom of worship, they are saying that you are free to worship any way you choose in your home or in your house of worship. But they don’t want your religion to affect the way you live your life in public or the way you conduct your business. Democrats and progressives say that you are perfectly free to pray and worship in any way you choose — as long as you do so behind closed doors.” Read more here.


Mom Says Superintendent Defended Gay Porn Book in School Library After Complaint, by Spencer Lindquist. “Erika Sanzi reported … that another concerned parent had emailed Auger about the ‘inappropriate’ book, which features multiple graphic scenes of gay men having sex, discussion of sexual fantasies, and even an instance where a girl is encouraged by her sibling to ‘taste’ herself. Sanzi posted a screenshot of an email she says is from Auger, which insists the book is not pornographic and compares the book to the work of Renaissance artist Michelangelo or an anatomy textbook.” Read more here.


Overturn Roe? It’s Not 1973 Anymore. Justices Should Let States Follow Science, by Melanie Israel. “In 1973, doctors couldn’t have dreamed of the ways they are now able to treat unborn patients. As science and technology advances, the field of perinatal medicine has exploded with options to diagnose, plan for, and treat various conditions – including surgery while children are still in the womb. Likewise, knowledge about fetal pain – and how it may be felt as early as at 12 weeks, far earlier than previously thought – has changed the standard of care for surgical procedures in utero, palliative care for babies born too early to survive, and more.” Read more here.


If You Can’t Tell a Man From a Woman, You’re Not a Health Official, You’re a Health Threat, by Joy Pullmann. “Not only did Joe Biden appoint a man who claims he’s a woman, and whose poor public health decisions led to thousands of unnecessary COVID deaths, as assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Biden has now made that man a four-star admiral and proclaimed we should all cheer at his administration appointing the ‘first’ ‘female’ ‘four-star officer.’ I repeat, this is not a joke.” Read more here.


Democrats Are Trying to Sneak Gender Dogma Into Bill on Family Violence, by Jay Richards. “Many of these updates are uncontroversial. But if you read closely, gender activists are trying to legally redefine sex, making it harder to maintain public facilities specifically for female victims of violence… The proposal would prohibit programs from providing reasonable safety for women as women – including sex-specific dressing, sleeping, and shower spaces – unless they can prove it’s essential to the program. It’s beyond bizarre to impose a higher burden for women-only spaces in violence prevention programs that mainly help women.” Read more here.


Solving the Supreme Court’s Abortion Dilemma in Dobbs, by Richard Stith. “The strategy I propose … would avoid a constitutional crisis; it would allow the Court to speak powerfully and compassionately about the nature and dignity of the child; and it would allow it to declare the reasonableness of protecting both the child and the child’s mother from the violence of abortion. Then, many years from now, after a successful outcome to the political debate that must still come, the Court could finally recognize that child to be fully one of us: a fellow human being with a constitutional right to life.” Read more here.


Yes, Abortion and Transgenderism Do Have Lots in Common, by Nathanael Blake. “Although there are abortion supporters who oppose transgenderism and vice versa, Boylan is correct that the justifications for abortion and transgenderism share most of their ideological DNA. Both are rooted in hatred for the givenness of human embodiment and its limitations. Both should be rejected in favor of something better.” Read more here.


To My Daughter’s Gender Therapist: You Were Wrong, by Anonymous. “She is a brilliant and beautiful human being whose entire future came so close to being stolen from her by the gender transition industry. It is alarming that an entire generation of gifted children who may be on the autism spectrum is being sterilized in what amounts to a eugenics experiment with the participation of big-name medical and professional institutions, and to the benefit of a novel category of mental health practitioners: gender therapists like you.” Read more here.


McAuliffe Agrees Public Schools Should Not Tell Parents If Their Child Is ‘Gender Fluid,’ by Nick Bell. “The most pernicious aspect of the model policies is the alarming mandate that schools not tell parents if their son or daughter has adopted a new gender at school: ‘If a student is not ready or able to safely share with their family about their gender identity, this should be respected.’ The policies even suggest teachers use a child’s birth name with parents but a name of the opposite sex at school.” Read more here.


The Importance of Foster Care, by Kathryn Lopez. “In the abortion debates, the polarized discussion often focuses on death. Which is a shame, as foster care and adoption are important, even crucial, parts of the pro-life platform… We are getting into a heated season for the abortion debate – which too often is all about adults and not the child who has a right to not just life but love. Let’s work together to find solutions for children, families and communities.” Read more here.


Keeping Kids Off Porn, by Alysse ElHage. “Preventing our children from becoming the porn industry’s next addicts also involves equipping them to reject porn when they encounter it, which starts with pointing them to something better, and then helping them to make wise decisions alone. Even as we warn them away from harmful content, we should introduce children to the beauty and purpose of healthy sexuality, relationships, and marriage early and often, so they can identify the fraudulent messages of pornography.” Read more here.


Democrats Erase Women Through Budget ‘Reconciliation,’ by Jay Richards and Jared Eckert. “In 2021, opting to refer to a woman as a ‘pregnant, lactating, and postpartum individual’ suggests that someone need not be a female to be pregnant, to lactate, or to suffer postpartum health complications. That is, of course, exactly the point. For certain radical gender activists, being a woman is more a function of nurture and self-designation than nature and biology. That language reflects that conviction.” Read more here.


Loudoun County Knew It Was Putting Female Students at Risk With Its Transgender Policy, by Kaylee McGhee White. “In each of these cases, there’s a noticeable trend: Women are always the targets. Girls identifying as boys aren’t the ones waltzing into male locker rooms and assaulting or flashing young men. Women are almost always the victims, which means these transgender policies place women at a distinct disadvantage. Loudoun County’s officials knew this. They pushed their transgender agenda anyway, and two young women were raped as a consequence of their negligence.” Read more here.


Telling Women They Don’t Need Men Is Hurting Their Children, by Tim Goeglein. “Seeking to fill the void left by the absence of a loving father can tempt fatherless girls to become severely depressed, self-destructive, or sexually promiscuous. Boys more often deal with that void through anger, rage, or apathy. While we know of single mothers who have done heroic jobs in raising self-confident and successful children, in most cases society reaps the negative consequences of what we have sown over the past 25 years – children who have no concept of an intact family.” Read more here.


The Facebook Expose: Four Things Parents Need to Know, by Jean Twenge. “…[I]t seems clear that parents should delay kids and teens getting social media (particularly Instagram) as long as possible – perhaps until age 16 or even age 18. In a recent op-ed, a college student said her parents had not allowed her to have social media until she was 17 – and that she was grateful for that. In pre-pandemic visits to college campuses to give talks on iGen, I heard similar statements from many young students: Their parents had limited their use of technology when they were younger, and they praised their parents for doing so.” Read more here.


Mississippi Makes a Powerful Case Against Roe v. Wade, by Kaylee McGhee White. “When the Supreme Court hears the case in December, it will deal specifically with one question raised by Mississippi: whether all restrictions on pre-viability abortions are unconstitutional. This will make it extremely difficult for the court to avoid revisiting its previous rulings in Roe and Casey, which provide the legal justification for pre-viability abortions. In other words, the court will have to decide definitively: Can states restrict abortions, pre-viable or not, or should they be banned from restricting abortions altogether?” Read more here.


General Assembly Will Test Biden’s Commitment to Abortion and LGBT Rights, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “During negotiations over UN strategic plans last summer, where western donor countries influence is at its height, UN member states accepted language on ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ as well as ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ for the first time, albeit with disclaimers and asserting national prerogatives… It remains to be seen if the Biden administration and its allies can carry either of those terms into UN resolutions, where they have been repeatedly rejected in the past, and traditional countries feel more able to influence the outcome.” Read more here.


Humanity’s Demographic Future, by Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde. “…[T]he world’s demographic future is, to put it lightly, unusual. Not only is fertility declining, it is collapsing faster than I would have predicted ten years ago… Although a full analysis of this phenomenon is beyond the scope of this article, one thing is clear: the political, social, and economic consequences of such a demographic collapse will be tremendous.” Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Group Wants to Send Mobile Abortion Units to Surround Texas, Kill Babies in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger. “Pro-abortion groups are doing everything they can to ‘help’ women ‘choose’ abortion, including sending a mobile abortion facility to the border. Meanwhile, pro-life advocates are quietly and compassionately offering real help to mothers and their babies across Texas, providing financial aid, material resources and many other forms of support, all for free.” Read more here.


Without Roe v. Wade, Abortion Will Remain Legal in Most States, by Jacob Sullum. “In most of the country … neither voters nor legislators are inclined to support the sort of sweeping restrictions that were common prior to Roe. Something like a 14% drop in abortions would be a welcome development for those who view the procedure as tantamount to murder. But it is a far cry from the goal that has driven the anti-abortion movement since Roe, and the dystopia envisioned by that decision’s most passionate supporters.” Read more here.


Queering Public Schools: LGBTQ+ Propaganda Within the U.S. Education System Worries Parents, by RT. “As part of education on consent and abuse prevention, 3Rs directs students to pair up and role-play various relationship scenarios. One of the tasks asks a male student to pretend his name is ‘Morgan’ and he is very active in the school LGBTQ+ community, while another student plays the role of ‘Terence,’ a closet homosexual in love with Morgan. In the role-play, Morgan plans a secret date with Terence, and it is suggested that students ‘make a decision on whether to have sex.’” Read more here.


Meet the Heretical Parents Questioning the Trans Narrative for Children and Teens, by Michael Cook. “…[I]t’s refreshing to read dissenting voices from mums and dads across the world who believe that their children should not adopt a transgender identity in their teen years… Are they transphobic? Ms. Armstrong bristles at the word. ‘Every single one of us has been called “transphobic,” but that’s a ridiculous term used to silence us from asking legitimate questions about actions and beliefs that directly threaten the health and safety of our children.’” Read more here.


New Sex Ed ‘Common Core’ Would Force Explicit Images, Gender Mayhem, and Abortion on Kids, by Nick Bell. “This is widespread debasing of sex and the creation of new life through filling the minds of public school children with sordid sexual imagery. It interprets humans as animals operating on pure instinct. For parents, there is nothing more disturbing than learning that their right to teach their children about sex, and the great responsibilities that accompany it, is being trampled by public schools.” Read more here.


Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Rape, Prosecuted a Concerned Father to Protect Transgender Agenda, by Kaylee McGhee White. “They tried to avoid getting law enforcement involved, telling Smith they would handle it ‘in-house,’ apparently in order to prevent controversy over their transgender policy. They also downplayed the assault when communicating with other parents, describing the incident as ‘something out of the ordinary.’ And finally, they transferred the assailant to a different school, where he went on to sexually assault another student just a few months later.” Read more here.


Here’s What We Know About Pitt’s Sadistic Experiments on Unborn Babies, by Madeline Osburn. “Daleiden explained how, in grant applications to receive NIH funding, the University of Pittsburgh essentially advertised their facilities as the best location for the GUDMAP aborted fetal kidney harvesting program. Pitt described how aborted babies are still alive at the time their kidneys are cut out. This was a selling point for why Pitt should receive millions of taxpayer dollars.” Read more here.


Now Two-Parent Families Are Racist, Too, by Kendall Qualls. “According to [the National Council on Family Relations], the nuclear family is now a vehicle of ‘family privilege’ – yet another new term – and white supremacy, a ‘structure’ that no longer is viewed as one that nurtures young children, provides them with stability and security, and prepares them for successful and emotionally sound adulthood. Instead, NCFR now says the family of mom, dad, and kids has mistakenly been upheld as ‘superior to all others’ and ‘creates systemic barriers to equal opportunity and justice for all families.’” Read more here.


When Conscience Is Attacked, the Ground Beneath Us Shakes, by Brian Bird. “This neglect is costing us. If there is one form of freedom on which a liberal democracy stands or falls, it is the freedom to live in alignment with our core convictions, whether ethical, religious, or political. Yet the once-settled principle that we should not force others to betray their conscience – unless there is a compelling reason to do so – is being diluted across our society.” Read more here.


Finnish Christian MP in Epic Court Battle Over Right to Criticise Homosexual Activity, by Michael Cook. “[Finland] is also the Number 1 country in the world for quality of life… Religious freedom, though, not so much. An astonishing case is beginning to make its way through the Finnish court system which the rest of the world should observe carefully. It could be a template for bullying LGBTQI+ activists to exclude Christian perspectives from the public square everywhere in the West.” Read more here.


When Parents Became the Enemy, by Michael Brown. “One mother told me that, without her or her husband’s knowledge, their 16-year-old daughter’s school was about to announce publicly that their daughter was now ‘he,’ with a new name and a new set of pronouns. The parents only found out because they happened to meet with her daughter’s teachers the night before the announcement was planned, having been concerned about the negative influence the school was having on their daughter. How can this be? Who gave the public school system such rights?” Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Advocates React as Texas ‘Heartbeat’ Law Is Reinstated by Federal Appeals Court, by Madeline Leesman. “The Center for Reproductive Rights’ President and CEO Nancy Northup said in a statement that the Supreme Court needs to intervene and that ‘patients are being thrown back into a state of chaos and fear.’ Adiana Pinon, the senior staff attorney at the ACLU of Texas said in a statement that ‘[t]he Fifth Circuit has failed again to preserve a critical right that has long existed in the United States.’ ‘Abortion is critical health care, and no one should be denied safe and legal access to it,’ she added.” Read more here.


Pushing Gender Dysphoria on Kids Is Child Abuse, and Child Abuse Warrants Intervention, by Casey Chalk. “Vanity Fair contributor Tracy Moore … writes glowingly of the new, unexplored adventure of talking pronouns with her 11-year-old daughter, whose friends identity as ‘demi-girls’ (those born female who don’t fully feel the part), or are transitioning genders, or expect Moore to use certain unintuitive preferred pronouns. For parents who have reservations about all of this, Moore enjoins them: ‘take your discomfort somewhere else, because this isn’t about you. It’s about stepping up as a parent in an era that’s new for all of us, but doubly delicate for our children.’” Read more here.


The UN and Gender Ideology: Laying Down a Paper Trail to Be Used by Activists in the Years Ahead, by Jonathon Van Maren. “A key aspect of totalitarianism is that dissenters from the state orthodoxy are punished… We are seeing that with the LGBT movement. Same-sex weddings aren’t just for same-sex couples — they want to force Christian florists and bakers to help them celebrate. It isn’t enough for them to change their pronouns, or even to have the government play along and recognize them either — they want you, and everybody else, to affirm them, as well.” Read more here.


12 Pro-Life Truths to Counter Every Abortion Myth, by Eleanor Bartow. “…[D]rawing the line at the point of viability is also problematic — that point will continue to get earlier in the pregnancy as medical advances create better means of keeping the unborn alive outside the womb; indeed, viability is now weeks earlier than it was when Roe was decided. Yet the unborn child did not become a person because it could survive due to modern science. Newborns are not technically viable either, as they cannot survive on their own. By this logic, we should consider it acceptable to kill newborns.” Read more here.


The Texas Heartbeat Law and the Pro-Life Movement After Roe, by Charles C. Camosy. “Dr. Jennifer Kerns … said in a Wired interview that at that stage, the child does not have a heart, only ‘a group of cells with electrical activity…’ If it wasn’t clear that abortion politics has been driving the rhetoric in these debates, the very same OB-GYNs will tell pregnant woman who want their child that at six weeks that [sic] their baby’s heartbeat is so-and-so many beats per minute and make sure they can in fact listen to that heartbeat.” Read more here.


Yes, the House Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill Would Fund Elective Abortions, by John McCormack. “…[I]t is indisputably true that the current iteration of the House Democrats’ $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill would fund abortion in several different ways. It includes a new ‘Medicaid-like’ program… The new program is fully funded by the federal government outside of the annual … bill that funds the traditional Medicaid program and has for many years included the Hyde amendment. According to judicial precedents, any federal health-care program that does not explicitly prohibit federal funding of elective abortion must fund all legal abortions.” Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Protesters Admit They Don’t Care If the Unborn Are Humans, by Spencer Lindquist. “We often presume that if we can simply win the war of ideas and prove that the unborn child is a living being, then the other side will naturally accept that we must protect them. Unfortunately, this assumption that everyone values human life isn’t always true. It’s an irreconcilable difference that transcends political ideology: Some people value life, and others do not. When debating those who have a complete disregard for human life, your arguments don’t matter.” Read more here.


An Important Church and State Battle in Seattle, by Jerry Newcombe. “A month after he was sworn in as our first president, George Washington wrote a group of Baptists: ‘If I could have entertained the slightest apprehension that the Constitution framed in the Convention, where I had the honor to preside, might possibly endanger the religious rights of any ecclesiastical society, certainly I would never have placed my signature to it.’ In short, if you believe that the Constitution allows for government to interfere with religious organizations, you’ll find no support from the father of our country.” Read more here.


The Women’s Health Protection Act Does Anything but Protect Women, by Congresswoman Kat Cammack. “The Women’s Health Protection Act … codifies universal, unlimited access to abortion, prohibiting states from implementing restrictions on when or how an abortion can be performed, including waiting periods, ultrasounds, or limits based on pregnancy stage. It also permanently eliminates pro-life protections including the Hyde Amendment, which protects American taxpayers from paying for abortions with their tax dollars.” Read more here.


Federal Judge Slams Texas Heartbeat Law With Strong Words as He Blocks Enforcement, by Rebecca Downs. “The ruling not only denied the state’s request to pause the ruling pending appeal, U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman, appointed by President Barack Obama, also had the strongest of words with his ruling… Pitman’s ruling is close to 113 pages long. His introduction refers to the now blocked law as ‘flagrantly unconstitutional,’ a term he also uses later in his decision… Pitman’s language towards the end of the decision was certainly an attention grabber, as he slammed what he called ‘offensive deprivation of such an important right…’” Read more here.


No, Men Cannot Become Pregnant and Have Babies, by Christopher Tremoglie. “This nonsense that males can bear children is the latest brainwashing attempt against society by radical leftists and Democrats. What was once a push for equality for people regardless of their sexuality has now evolved into an attempted reinvention of societal norms to accommodate fringe ideas. …[T]his is something everyone who believes in science must resist. Treating others equally and with respect is one thing. Recreating reality to accommodate gender dysphoria is another.” Read more here.


Fact Check: Do Most Americans Oppose the Hyde Amendment? by Ben Johnson. “Polls have consistently shown that Americans support limits on abortion, including the time it may be performed, the conditions under which abortion should be legal, and who pays for it. Years of polling data show that the Hyde Amendment and other policies that protect taxpayers against having to pay for most elective abortions have strong and steady support across political parties.” Read more here.


WA: Disturbing Outcome to Landmark Trans Case, by Peter Abetz. “That a judgement is based on the claims of a child which were reported second hand to the court, and were not allowed to be tested in court, and which are not divulged in the judgement, is most concerning. Indeed, the judgement seems to have been made on the basis of assuming that what the child reportedly said was true and accurately reported, while the parents were not reliable witnesses and not in a position to provide a safe home for their daughter.” Read more here.


Parents of Trans Kids Deserve Compassion, Not Condemnation, by Binary Australia. “The media’s wrongful characterisation of regular, careful parents as abusive monsters has gone unchallenged for far too long. It works to alienate children from their parents, right when parents are relying on the trust and connection they have established with their child over years of careful nurturing and relationship development… At a time when culture is working so hard to encourage children down the transgender road, the vilification of ordinary Australian parents who express caution about where that road might lead should concern us all.” Read more here.


Victoria’s Conversion Practices Act Is a Genuine Assault on Religious Freedom, by Murray Campbell. “…[F]or all the pop-talk about the separation of church and state, and of government commissions not getting involved in church doctrine, this law is all about doctrine and forcing a hardline (and at times anti-scientific) humanistic view onto religion. As another pastor expressed to me, for a law that’s designed to ban ‘conversion,’ he feels that he is being forcibly converted away from Christianity and into some new-fangled civil religion.” Read more here.


The Left Is Trying to Bypass Long-Standing Pro-Life Protections in $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill. Here’s What You Need to Know, by Melanie Israel. “The plans would also be required to cover ‘family planning’ services for those individuals, with the Department of Health and Human Services reimbursing insurers for 100% of the added cost – all without the Hyde-like protections that apply in other contexts of Obamacare to ensure that tax dollars aren’t underwriting abortion.” Read more here.


With a Conversion Therapy Ban on the Table, the Threat of Jail for Christians Is Real, by David Robertson. “In summary, we now have a group of people … who argue that abortion must not be criminalised. Killing the elderly or sick must not be criminalised. But praying for someone who asks for prayer is to be criminalised… If the principle is conceded that any form of prayer or religious practice which seeks to change people is ‘harmful’ to someone’s identity, then all forms of conversion could be banned. The sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, slanderers, swindlers are not permitted to be converted or prayed for – lest we harm their ‘identity.’” Read more here.


Panel Rules That Not Using Preferred Pronouns Violated Transgender Person’s Human Rights, by Chris Enloe. “Cousineau also ordered … restaurant owners to update their employee policies to include a statement ‘that affirms every employee’s right to be addressed with their correct pronouns.’ Perhaps someone should lend Cousineau a basic linguistics textbook. Despite Cousineau claiming that ‘pronouns are a fundamental part of a person’s identity,’ pronouns are merely grammatical devices used in language to refer to nouns or noun phrases that have either been stated already or are assumed by context.” Read more here.


Media, Abortion Groups Recognize ‘International Safe Abortion Day,’ by Katie Yoder. “Abortion organizations and many in the media recently recognized and even celebrated ‘International Safe Abortion Day…’ But abortion is never safe because it always ends at least one life, the pro-life movement stresses. Five years ago, obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Anthony Levatino partnered with pro-life group Live Action to detail abortion procedures. Even his description of abortion by pill made clear: abortion is not safe for the unborn baby.” Read more here.


The Ideological Civil War Over Abortion, by Michael Brown. “For the pro-choice side, this is really a matter of life and death. A matter of ‘my body, my choice.’ A matter of health and security and freedom… For the pro-life side, this is also a matter of life and death. A matter of stopping the shedding of innocent blood. A matter of standing with ‘the least of these.’ A matter of doing what is best for the mothers as well.” Read more here.


With ‘Pregnant People’ Tweet, Government Promotes Transgender Agenda, by Katrina Trinko. “If you’re pregnant, it’s because you’re a woman – because you have a vagina, a uterus, and everything else necessary for a baby to be conceived and grow. If someone doesn’t ‘identify’ as a woman and is pregnant, it’s still because that person is biologically female. Our scientists – who seem to have little humility or wisdom about the dangers of manipulation and control of life – are recklessly working on uterus transplants and other technology that could allow a man to be pregnant, but we’re not there yet.” Read more here.


Doctors Kill 10 Percent of All Babies Who Die in Flanders, by Wesley J. Smith. “Belgium has no age limit for its euthanasia. Now, a letter published in a British Medical Journal publication reports that 10 percent of babies who died from 2016 to 2017 in Flanders … were given drugs by their own doctors with ‘an explicit life-shortening intention.’ In other words, they were euthanized, a.k.a., infanticide… Instead of demanding immediate action to stop these homicides, the authors suggest that a framework be considered to permit infanticide under more controlled conditions.” Read more here.


Women’s March Excludes Women With New Abortion Focus, by Katie Yoder. “The Women’s March first announced the Oct. 2 marches ‘to defend abortion rights’ in a Sept. 3 press release. Instead of calling them regular ‘women’s marches,’ organizers revealed that this would be a ‘Rally for Abortion Justice.’ Even its merchandise reflected the abortion messaging, with shirts reading ‘It’s my body, it’s my choice’ and ‘We need to talk about the elephant in the womb.’” Read more here.


Suicidal Sweet Sixteen: A Reflection on Trans Youth Medicine, by Jean C. Lloyd. “In acute situations of crisis, parents and young people need immediate help, as well as support to slow down and aim for the best long-term outcomes… But that is not what is happening. Instead, parents are led astray by a rogue and en vogue ‘trans-affirmative’ medical establishment, in which financial and ideological motivations override good clinical practice. As with Keira Bell, clinicians now often begin with suppressing puberty instead of dealing with suppressed problems.” Read more here.


Preteens Need Less Social Media, Not More, by Kimberly Ross. “For teenagers, social media is a different but no less toxic beast… The teenage years spawn enough body image and self-esteem issues. Social media makes all of it worse. Instead of launching an Instagram Kids to target 10- to 12-year-olds, there should be a hands-off approach. If anything, preteens should be sheltered from any type of social media platform whether it’s supposedly tailored to them or not.” Read more here.


Panic and Threats as a Small Fraction of British Doctors Dissent From LGBTQ+ Orthodoxy, by Carolyn Moynihan. “Woke politicians around the world want to ban ‘conversion therapy,’ though most of them could not tell you exactly what it is or who is doing it. For many people, the term evokes nasty scenarios from decades ago… What the average person doesn’t realise is that it now includes parents, pastors, teachers and possibly mental health professionals who recoil from the idea of giving drugs to 12-year-olds to stop them entering puberty because the children are unhappy with their sex.” Read more here.


Newborn Babies Are Killed in Belgium, Netherlands – but Most Won’t Call It Infanticide, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Of course, most will not defend these practices as ‘infanticide,’ per se. These killings are defended as necessary sacrifices for sexual liberation, ‘choice,’ ‘science,’ or ‘compassion.’ Infanticide is too inflammatory a term to use, which is why activists advocating for it are always careful to use different terms. And when researchers and journalists and activists shed light on the practice, it is ignored.” Read more here.


Wrong Then, Wrong Now: The Fake Abortion History of Roe v. Wade, by Justin Dyer. “The history put forward in abortion litigation by advocates of abortion has never been about history. By their own admission, they ‘fudge it as necessary,’ keeping up ‘the guise of impartial scholarship while advancing the proper ideological goals.’” Read more here.


Keeping Kids Off Porn, by Alysse ElHage. “Through our families, faith communities, and schools, we can infuse our children’s minds with beautiful and rich depictions of friendship, love, marriage, and family life from Scripture, good books, movies, music, art, and even social media. Teaching our kids to dwell on the edifying and beautiful things in this world – and how to seek out that content wherever they look – can help them reject harmful content.” Read more here.


Parents Deserve to Know What Kids Are Being Taught – so Why Is This State Preventing It? by Meg Kilgannon. “Since presumably, the teacher assigning the books would know about their content, simply notifying parents of that content is not much to ask. The education lobby maintained that parents should have to read all the assigned books to find out which ones had explicit sexual content. But if schools are truly partnering with parents, why the secrecy? Why not disclose to the parents what is going to be read by their children, which the teachers well know is in the material?” Read more here.


Abortion Harms Women, Including Athletes, by Katie Yoder. “Hundreds of female athletes are making headlines after claiming in a Supreme Court brief that their careers and profession depend on abortion. But their narrative isn’t unanimous. Other athletes – athletes who don’t appear in the brief – tell a different story: Their abortions wounded them.” Read more here.


PPU Students Seek to Expel Conservative Student Who Spoke Out Against Pronoun Rule, by Jonathan Turley. “Of course, anyone can post such an anonymous petition, and there is no indication that the university is taking such a move seriously… However, what does concern me is the hundreds of signatures in support of the campaign and, most importantly, the silence of the university. I could not find any comment from PPU reaffirming that it will not expel a student over his … criticism of the university or such policies.” Read more here.


Another Jack Phillips? Website Designer Targeted for Her Faith Appeals to Supreme Court, by Nicole Russell. “…[A]ttorneys representing Smith at the Alliance Defending Freedom petitioned the Supreme Court to hear her case, perhaps pushing the Supreme Court for a more broad ruling on free speech and antagonistic public accommodation laws that seem to compel people to act against their faith in the workplace, effectively punishing them for their religious beliefs.” Read more here.


Abortionist Proposes Scheme to Dispense Abortion Pills … Before Pregnancy, by Carole Novielli. “Despite the dangers, the abortionist is going full speed ahead with promoting this dangerous scheme, even spelling out how it could be done… Writing in the LA Times, Grossman stated, ‘The idea is simple: Give women abortion pills before they need them — “advance provision,” as it’s known — so that they can take them as soon as they discover a pregnancy. Women could get the pills from their gynecologist at the time of their annual exam, say, or the pills could be made available online.’” Read more here.


The Texas Heartbeat Act Is Saving 100 Babies’ Lives Every Single Day, by Rebecca Parma. “So far in Texas, we are seeing the abortion industry comply with the new law. Eighty-five percent of abortions that previously would have been occurring in our state are now illegal. More than 100 babies per day are being given a chance at life. There have not been any credible assertions of violation. This means that the unique threat of private lawsuits under this law is successfully saving babies.” Read more here.


There Is No Time to Lose in the Appointment of a New EU Special Envoy for FoRB, by Mervyn Thomas. “Many of the world’s most serious conflicts are rooted in, or are exacerbated by, religious differences or the misappropriation of religion. The EU is generally viewed as a neutral broker; consequently, its interventions, including through the agencies of the Special Envoy, are essential to advancing international peace and security… Moreover, the Special Envoy should be integrated more holistically into EU human rights policy structures, in order to facilitate the emergence of an overarching FoRB policy strategy that is long-term and connected to other human rights strategies and activities.” Read more here.


Can a Minor Consent to Losing Their Sexuality? by Edie Wyatt. “Internationally, many counties [sic] are moving away from the ‘gender affirmation model’ for the treatment of gender dysphoria and its reliance on puberty blockers. Gender affirmation is the practice of affirming the child in their chosen gender and critically requires widespread social engagement and restructuring of beliefs in human sex and gender. My opinion is that the political investment in the later [sic] has led to inappropriate activism for the former.” Read more here.


Pro-Life Work Doesn’t Stop With Texas, by Nathan Berning. “The demand for abortions will not decrease just because we have outlawed them. The supply may shrink, which is undoubtedly a good thing, but we cannot hope to eradicate abortion primarily through legislation, no matter how far it goes to limit the ability to obtain an abortion. Without support, women that are facing unplanned pregnancies will still find ways to have abortions.” Read more here.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court in Position to Hand Our Commonwealth to Abortion Extremists, by Jeanne Mancini. “A win for the abortion industry in this case would not only force state funding of abortion but would likely enshrine abortion as a right in Pennsylvania’s Constitution. That’s a chilling prospect, considering that abortion providers have been allowed to stay open even when they repeatedly fail health and safety inspections.” Read more here.


Colorado 303 Creations Web Designer Petitions Supreme Court Over Compelled Speech, by Rebecca Downs. “Smith serves all people, including those who identify as LGBT, but she is against being compelled to create websites and graphics that would go against her religious beliefs, such as supporting a same-sex wedding. Further, she cannot even make clear on her website that she is only willing to create websites consistent with her beliefs.” Read more here.


Fired High School Football Coach Appeals Prayer Case to Supreme Court, by Nicole Russell. “Kennedy’s brief inspirational prayers on a football field are clearly not an example of him or the school ‘establishing’ religion, nor would it look like the Bremerton School District promotes religion via its employees if it had allowed him to continue the practice. Even if he is a government employee, Kennedy’s free speech and free exercise rights aren’t moot.” Read more here.


What Pro-Abortion Dems Did Besides Passing So-Called Women’s Health Protection Act Adds Insult to Injury, by Rebecca Downs. “Not only did Democrats vote to pass such extreme pro-abortion legislation, they also denied the motion to recommit, which would have amended the bill to include protections for babies born alive after abortions… Republicans have been trying for years to get such protections onto the House floor for a vote, in the form of Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Their efforts remain stymied, however, because the method the Republicans are turning to, a discharge petition, needs 218 members, and there just aren’t enough.” Read more here.


The Long-Awaited End to Roe v. Wade Will Be Just the Beginning, by Nathanael Blake. “The violent evil of abortion itself is obvious in the age of ultrasound, and decades of abortion on demand have shown that it only encourages other evils, rather than remedying them… Abortion removes the perceived problems of an undesired pregnancy, but it encourages the dynamics that produce such situations. Abortion supports a materialistic and selfish culture, in which wealth and status are the measure of a life, and relationships are about looking out for number one, rather than mutual love and self-giving.” Read more here.


Policing Pronouns: How ‘Misgendering’ Is Becoming the New Battleground Over Discrimination, by Jonathan Turley. “Pronouns are fast fading from common discourse under the threat of pronoun penalties. Cities, too, are enforcing misgendering rules; for example, the New York City Human Rights Law allows for fines if employers, landlords or professionals fail to use a preferred name, pronoun or title. Yet some people have religious beliefs against following the new order and using such pronouns. As a result, there are serious free-speech and religious-freedom objections to mandatory usage rules.” Read more here.


What the Latest Current Population Survey Tells Us About the Future of Fertility, by Lyman Stone. “Marriage is not only being delayed, it is being foregone altogether by a growing share of women. To the extent marriage rates do converge across generations, that convergence occurs by the time women are in their 40s and 50s, and these marriages have less influence on childbearing trends. In all the crucial years of childbearing, fewer women happen to have ever been in the married unions that tend to produce more children. This trend has continued at a similar pace across each generation with no sign of abating.” Read more here.


House Democrats Unite to Pass Barbaric Abortion Bill, by the Editors of National Review. “The legislation is nothing short of an act of barbarism: It would create an absolute right to abort a child before ‘fetal viability’ … and it would prohibit states from protecting life after viability until birth if a lone ‘health care provider’ determines the ‘continuation of the pregnancy would pose a risk’ to the mother’s life or ‘health.’ The bill’s chief sponsor in the Senate has acknowledged the legislation ‘doesn’t distinguish’ between physical and mental health, and the text of the bill explicitly instructs the courts to ‘liberally’ interpret the legislation.” Read more here.


The Pro-Life Movement’s Best Chance at Overturning Roe v. Wade Heads to the Supreme Court, by Kaylee McGhee White. “When the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case, it said it would deal specifically with one question: whether all restrictions on pre-viability abortions are unconstitutional. This will leave the court no choice but to revisit its previous rulings in Roe and Casey that the lower courts cited as a justification for striking down Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban. And it must choose to either roll back its past restrictions on abortion bans or expand them.” Read more here.


How the Women’s Health Protection Act Endangers Women, by Kristan Hawkins and Rep. Lauren Boebert. “Why is this pro-abortion legislation so dangerous? If passed, H.R. 3755 would obliterate almost every state-implemented restriction on abortion. Widely supported policies such as mandatory waiting periods and ultrasounds, counseling requirements, informed consent laws, late-term abortion limits, and even basic health and safety standards would be invalidated.” Read more here.


House Republicans Just Voted to Draft Our Daughters – and GOP Senators Will, Too, by Drew White. “Politicians can repeal and amend statutory language, but they cannot repeal and amend basic biology. The fact is, my daughter, your daughter, your granddaughter, does not have an equal opportunity to survive on the battlefield. Indeed, a 2013 Marine Corps study showed that all-male units have a higher performance than mixed-sex units in 70 percent of combat tasks. Women have far higher injury rates than men when undergoing the same training, sometimes ten times the injury rate.” Read more here.


You Must Read This Stunning Letter From a ‘Detransitioned’ Woman Demanding the Medical Establishment Treat Gender Dysphoria With Science, Not Activism, by Kira Davis. “…Watson and others in her organization remain concerned that people … are actually hurting healthy youth by steering them down the singular path of medical transitioning, instead of taking a robust and ‘evidence-based’ approach to the issue of gender dysphoria. For a group of people who claim to be on the side of those we’ve made ‘invisible’ in our society, the pro-transition activists seem very determined to relegate detransitioned trans youth to the plane of invisibility in service of their agenda.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court Has Several Chances to Preserve Religious Liberty, by Nicole Russell. “It wouldn’t be a Supreme Court semester without a lawsuit involving nuns. In Diocese of Albany v. Emami, an order of nuns that provides healthcare services is involved in a large group of faith-based organizations challenging a New York state abortion mandate that would force the nuns to cover abortions in their health plans. The mandate does have a narrow religious exemption, but that’s not enough for nuns reaching out to all people of all walks of life.” Read more here.


Transgender Medicine Has Failed Us, Say Detransitioners, by Rachael Wong. “The courts must also recognise that puberty blockers and other ‘gender-affirming’ treatments are not like any other medical treatments in terms of the magnitude of their implications and irreversible nature. Even better would be the recognition that they are not ‘medical treatments’ at all, but rather highly problematic medical experiments on some of our society’s most vulnerable young people.” Read more here.


Most People Support Women-Only Sports. Why Won’t Corporate Media Admit It? by Natasha Chart and Wendy Wixom. “…[I]s there any other issue on which the media is so consistently afraid to air a viewpoint that’s probably shared by about two-thirds of their potential audience? … Maybe journalists appear afraid that a Twitter mob will get them fired, or that some of their far-left colleagues will organize against them at the office. But how many polls do journalists and their editors have to see before they stop letting internet comments and fashionably unpopular activists run their newsrooms?” Read more here.


Is This Child Abuse? by Binary Australia. “One Australian study found 2.3 percent of Australian students in years 10 to 12 identified as transgender or gender diverse. The current study, led by Dr. Michelle Tollit, found 29 percent of patients over 10 years old received puberty blockers and 38 percent of teens were given gender-affirming hormones. More than 90 percent were transgender or non-binary. Alarmingly, these medical professionals are including very young children in their experimental treatments.” Read more here.


The Pro-Abortion Case Is Based on Bad Science, by Grazie Pozo Christie. “We want the justices to know that there have been vast changes in our fields in the decades since Roe… The patient-doctor relationship with our fetal patients has grown and grown, reflecting scientific advances in the areas of fetal therapeutics, fetal imaging, and our understanding of fetal pain. Our growing knowledge of fetal pain, especially, demands the end of Roe, which enshrines the nationwide legality of the breathtaking brutality of second- and third-trimester elective abortion. In short, if Roe is based on science, then let it stand or fall today on modern science.” Read more here.


What Really Led to OnlyFans’ Flip Flop on Its Porn Policy, by Haley McNamara. “There was significant backlash to OnlyFans from content creators who felt betrayed by the platform’s momentary no-porn policy. But in reality, this platform was already betraying them, and is still betraying them every day, by enabling an environment rife with sexual exploitation. OnlyFans, like other pornography sites, will always gloss over the reality that prostitution is never ‘safe’ and inevitably leads to physical, emotional, and psychological trauma.” Read more here.


Rand Paul Hasn’t Given Up on Recovering Illegitimate PPP Loans to Planned Parenthood, by Christopher Tremoglie. “The facts suggest that Planned Parenthood knowingly and willfully took taxpayer money to which it did not have a right. Bureaucratic malfeasance is common in our country, but there seems to be purposeful wrongdoing in this situation. If an organization like Planned Parenthood is able to skirt the rules during a time when all of the country is suffering vast economic setbacks, it demonstrates that organizations that align politically with Democrats in power are simply above the law.” Read more here.


More Radical Than Roe: House Abortion Bill Would Repeal Existing Laws, Prohibit Future Pro-Life Laws, by Melanie Israel. “The Women’s Health Protection Act would expressly prohibit existing laws that regulate abortion and the abortion industry. The bill bans informed consent requirements, reflection periods, and provisions that give women the opportunity to view an image of their unborn child or listen to the child’s heartbeat. The proposed federal policy would also preempt policies like the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which currently protects women and their unborn children in more than a dozen states from inhumane late-term abortions performed after 20 weeks.” Read more here.


Don’t Ask Me for My Pronouns, by Debra Soh. “Nonbinary people identify as a third gender, either male and female or neither, and typically use pronouns such as ‘they/them,’ a mix such as ‘she/they,’ or nonsensical creations such as ‘xe/xem…’ From what I’ve observed, this obsession with pronouns is being pushed by nonbinary people and so-called allies who enjoy the attention that comes with advertising their pronouns but are not themselves transgender and have no desire to transition.” Read more here.


Gender Identity and Your Kids, by Rod Dreher. “’Forget trying to turn off their phones, if parents aren’t talking to their children right now about what sex (and gender) really are and how varied and multifaceted they can be while still existing in a binary, then they might as well be handing them over to the gender-packaging factory to receive their stripes. The instant someone says, “I don’t always adhere to stereotypes,” a million voices are waiting to tell them which of 364,000 identities they can fit into to be special and cool just like everyone else. If they don’t have a response for that, it’s over. Period.’” Read more here.


The Realities of Abortion, by Kathryn Lopez. “Whatever you think of the specifics of the Texas abortion law, there is something to be said for telling the truth: We’re not talking about a clump of cells in abortions, but a developing child. Science suggests that children in the womb can detect pain. We help no one by insisting abortion doesn’t involve the death of a child.” Read more here.


Democrats Are Set to Launch a Vicious Attack on Texas’ ‘Heartbeat’ Law, by Jeff Charles. “It seems the Democrats plan to once again introduce the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021… If passed, it would enact sweeping measures specifically designed to ensure an increase in the number of abortion procedures performed each year. It would essentially eliminate any methods for helping mothers consider other solutions; for example, ultrasounds and counseling would be banned.” Read more here.


Christians Should Be ‘Outraged’ That Children Are Being ‘Trafficked in Our Own Backyard,’ by Jeannie Ortega Law. “As this CP reporter was being driven to the safe house in a remote location to meet some of the boys in the organization’s care, a team member of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking shared several stories of the horrors the boys experienced as children and young teens. Sadly, most of the boys have been raped multiple times before the age of 15. One boy was abused so badly he was hospitalized for weeks before being transferred to the safe house.” Read more here.


EU Resolution on Afghanistan Demonstrates a ‘Guilty Lack of Attention to Christians,’ Says Co-Chair of Intergroup on FORB, by ADF International. “An estimated group of 10,000 Christians are facing danger in Afghanistan because of their faith. The majority are converts from Islam to Christianity. For decades they have largely practiced their faith underground, as conversion is considered a crime punishable by death under Sharia Law. Credible reports claim that the Taliban is conducting targeted killings of Christians and other minorities found using public transportation, as well as executing anyone found with Bible software installed on their cell phones.” Read more here.


Texas’s Abortion Law Isn’t Just a Win for Unborn Children, by James L. Sherley. “We face this disturbing prospect of a world with genetically modified clones because, when we stand by while legalized abortion strips six-week-old pre-born children of their right to life, it becomes even harder to require scientists to respect the privacy of children they have conceived in their experiments who are only days or weeks old. With its heartbeat law, the Texas Legislature may be saving us all from ourselves.” Read more here.


A Pattern of Anti-Family, Anti-Religion Legislation Is Emerging in Victoria, by Andy Mullins. “It’s almost impossible now to deny that the Andrews government has an anti-family agenda. In the government’s 18-page anti-vilification response, there are no references to ‘parent’ or ‘family,’ but the word ‘school’ is used 22 times. The primacy of parental rights in education has been ignored. Back in ancient Sparta, children were the responsibility of the state, not the parents. This is a step 2,400 years into the past.” Read more here.


When I Was a Kid, It Was Nothing for Boys to Play With Girl Toys. Now, It’s Life-Threatening, by J. Allen Cartwright. “Government intervention in gender transitions has become increasingly aggressive. As a consequence, this ‘cultural’ issue affects the average person more than other GOP talking points … and cannot be dismissed by our political leaders. Nor can conservatives simply write off the issue as ‘between a doctor and patient.’ Because the American Psychological Association and American Medical Association both support affirmation of gender transitions as a matter of policy, the outcome of the doctor-patient meeting is thus a foregone conclusion.” Read more here.


Google Is Helping Abortion Advocates Lie About an Abortion Reversal Treatment, by Kaylee McGhee White. “…Google removed and blocked advertisements from pro-life group Live Action, including ads about a medical treatment used to reverse the abortion pill and a video depicting how an unborn child develops in the womb. Live Action President Lila Rose shared a screenshot of the notification she received from Google, which says the ads were removed for using ‘restricted drug terms,’ ‘restricted medical content,’ ‘health in personalized advertising,’ and ‘misleading content.’” Read more here.


Beer Brand Celebrates Female Athletes by Promoting Men in Women’s Sports, by Zachary Faria. “Telfer, a biological man who races against female athletes, won the NCAA women’s championship in the 400-meter hurdles in 2019… What better way to celebrate the accomplishments of women in sports than promoting the accomplishments of a man who was competing against them and depriving them of opportunities at the college level?” Read more here.


Facebook Said That Instagram Wasn’t Bad for Teens. It Is and Here Are the Facts, by Christia Brown. “Humans, as a general rule, look to others to know how to fit in and judge their own lives. Teens are especially vulnerable to these social comparisons. Just about everyone can remember worrying about fitting in in high school. Instagram exacerbates that worry. It is hard enough to compare yourself to a supermodel who looks fantastic (albeit filtered); it can be even worse when the filtered comparison is Natalie down the hall.” Read more here.


Colleges Don’t Have a Guy Problem. America Has a Marriage Crisis, by Conn Carroll. “…[W]hen marriage rates decline, boys are more often left without male role models to help them navigate and master the world. And there is a growing body of evidence that being raised in an unmarried household hurts boys more than it hurts girls… A majority of Americans (53%), including 73% of Democrats, believe unwed parents can raise children just as well as married couples. Unfortunately, they are just wrong. Marriage matters.” Read more here.


European Group Attacked for Criticizing Dark Money Influence on UN Human Rights, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “…[T]he European Center for Law and Justice issued a report charging that the UN human rights agenda was driven by leftwing foundations. Almost immediately, UN bureaucrats closed ranks to defend their own from accusations that they promote LGBT rights and abortion under the influence of dark money.” Read more here.


If the Weddings Boom Keeps Going, It Could Solve a Lot of the World’s Problems, by Tim Goeglein. “Perhaps this recent uptick in birthrates is the beginning of achieving that demographic balance and will bring an economic, emotional, and even physical healing and restoration to our nation. It could transform our society from being trapped in a fallow winter of exploding entitlements to an abundant spring that can adequately care for all its members, and with a special focus on the needs of others rather than the needs of one individual.” Read more here.


What Happens When an Anti-Family Activist Has a Baby? by Kimberly Ells. “Israeli Labor Party Leader Merav Michaeli has momentous news: she has a new baby. This news is especially momentous since, for the last decade, Michaeli has been among the most vocal opponents of marriage, familial belonging, and parental rights on the planet… If anything can soften Michaeli’s heart or change her mind, it will be her baby, just like it is for most of us. Welcome to motherhood, Merav. It’s going to be a wonderful ride.” Read more here.


More College-Educated Women Putting the Baby Carriage Before Marriage, by Andrew Cherlin. “…[T]he percentage [of college graduates] who have a nonmarital first birth is rising… The data also suggest, however, that having a nonmarital first birth does not necessarily indicate a lifelong rejection of marriage. Rather, some college-educated young adults may be moving toward a pattern we have come to associate with Northern Europe, in which couples have a child outside of marriage, usually while cohabiting, and then marry at a later point.” Read more here.


Federal Leaders Get an F on Defending Religious Freedom, by Brian Dryden. “Father Deacon Bennett said Quebecers are Canadian citizens too and the federal government has a duty to defend religious freedom across the country despite Quebec Premier Francois Legault maintaining the rest of Canada has no business interfering. He said the law is ‘an affront’ to people who came to Canada after suffering religious persecution only to find it happening here.” Read more here.


The Draw and Drawbacks of Porn for Young Adults: Can Mindfulness Help? by Joshua Otani, Alyssa Lysenko Brown, and Rebecca Clarke. “Among individuals 18 to 30 years old, 63% of men and 21% of women reported they had viewed pornography at least several times a week. In addition, young adults have reported viewing porn more frequently compared to other age groups. But how is widespread use of pornography affecting young adults in terms of relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, and commitment between partners? How does porn affect emotional health, and what are the dangers of using it as a coping mechanism to escape daily stress?” Read more here.


Canadian Tax Dollars Pay for State Broadcaster’s LGBT Promotion, by Jonathon Van Maren. “CBC’s latest show almost defies parody… Here’s how one Toronto publication described it: ‘”Sort Of” follows Toronto millennial Sabi Mehboob, a gender fluid, Canadian-Pakistani as they navigate the twists and turns of, well … life. The show has everything. Sabi struggles with their gender identity and sexuality, friendships, work, and relationships all while coming of age. Based loosely on Bilal Baig’s life, “Sort Of” is the first show on TV to star a trans-feminine, queer, Muslim actor.’ Yeah. Reread that for a moment. Your tax dollars pay for that.” Read more here.


Texas Stood Up for the Unborn – Others Must Follow, by Marjorie Dannenfelser. “…[T]hanks to the Supreme Court’s radical and hopelessly convoluted precedents, the United States is one of only seven countries in the world — including China and North Korea — that permit abortion on demand, for any reason, up to the point of birth. The strong majority of Americans agree this is too extreme, something they share with 47 out of 50 European nations that limit elective abortion prior to 15 weeks.” Read more here.


Allowing Biological Men to Fight Women in Combat Sports Is Dangerous and Grotesque, by Zachary Faria. “It does not matter what gender Fox or McLaughlin identifies as. There are two biological sexes, and McLaughlin is biologically male. Maybe that doesn’t matter in most aspects of life, but it certainly matters in combat sports. This is not progress. This is not ‘acceptance’ or compassion or tolerance. It’s grotesque. It is barbarism.” Read more here.


Family Love Is the Foundation of Civilization, by Kimberly Ells. “…[I]s loving your own child a racist, ‘moral vice?’ Well, if a new mother cared no more for her newborn babe than for the baby in the next room, the world—and the babies in it—would be in a world of hurt. In fact, I submit such a world could not last one generation. Family love is not racism. It is the very foundation of civilization.” Read more here.


In Defense of Motherhood: What’s Wrong With ‘Birthing People,’ by Cole S. Aronson. “If a mother is just a birthing person, a mere channel introducing into the world an otherwise rootless individual, then a mother’s child is not hers in any morally thick sense. If children are raised to believe parental authority is arbitrary, and if lawyers and policymakers ingest the same vision, then the rich network of claims and duties binding parents to children will become publicly unintelligible.” Read more here.


In Texas and Montana, Pro-Life Attitudes Are Winning, by Nicole Russell. “As science has improved to now observe a baby’s development, state legislatures have also evolved. As a result, they have passed laws that demonstrate a more broad, nuanced concern for mother and baby. If anything, in an age of life-saving in utero fetal surgeries, Roe reads like a horror novel. Only barbarians offer up their babies ‘for the good of society.’” Read more here.


The Supreme Court Should Follow the Science That Proves Human Life Begins at Conception, by Thomas Glessner. “Contrary to the Supreme Court’s 1973 statement in Roe, current science proves beyond doubt that human life begins at conception. Thus, the most important question for the court now as it reconsiders Roe is, ‘when do human rights begin?’ The obvious answer to this question is that human rights begin when human life begins. In determining the fate of Roe v. Wade and millions yet to be born, the Supreme Court simply needs to follow the science.” Read more here.


‘The U.S. Government Is Censoring Private Conversations,’ Says the ‘Conversion Therapist’ Fighting a Legal Battle Not to Be Silenced, by Chris Sweeney. “Should private discussions between a counsellor and minors worried about their sexuality be allowed? Therapist Brian Tingley believes they should, and has taken to the courts to fight his case. Brian and his team are keen to overturn a district court decision in the state of Washington to reject his challenge to a law that prohibits ‘sexual orientation change therapy’ for young people.” Read more here.


Poll Delivers Blow to Narrative on Texas Heartbeat Law, by Rebecca Downs. “A new poll from Rasmussen Reports paints a different narrative than what Democrats and abortion advocates would like us to think when it comes to how voters feel when it comes to the Texas abortion law which recently went into effect… Forty-six percent support the new law, while 43 percent were opposed. Eleven percent were undecided.” Read more here.


Mexico High Court Declares Right to Abortion for Women and ‘Gestating Persons,’ by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Mexico’s Supreme Court unanimously struck down the criminal abortion laws of the State of Coahuila de Zaragoza based on what it termed ‘women’s and gestating persons’ right to choose…’ The effect of the decision could be that abortion may never be considered a criminal act when it is carried out with the woman’s consent, effectively granting a right to abortion-on-demand up to the point of birth.” Read more here.


Hell Hath No Fury Like Democrats Blocked From Killing Babies, by Christopher Tremoglie. “We can make laws that … cover extreme cases. But this would not be enough for baby-killing advocates. Their endgame is predicated on keeping abortion legal in all cases. Nothing short of that is acceptable to them. People should not conflate a ‘right to choose’ with the termination of human life through abortion. Such language only desensitizes the public to the harsh reality of infanticide. There is no choice that supersedes the right of an innocent person to live.” Read more here.


Three-Year-Olds to Be Asked Their Pronouns, by Binary Australia. “The NSW government has sunk to new lows, publishing a guide that imposes radical gender ideology on children as young as three years of age. An official guide produced by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian titled Empowerment and Participation says adults should not assume a child’s gender… Unable to really defend the nonsense, a spokesman from the NSW ­Office of the Children’s Guardian said the prompt to ask for pronouns was simply about ‘avoiding confusion.’” Read more here.


UN Human Rights Experts Mess With Texas Pro-Life Law, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “While the opinion of experts like Upreti and Alsalem may be sought by newspapers like The Guardian or their testimonies solicited by local or national governments with regard to specific legislation, they have no power to impose obligations on any level of government. No binding international human rights treaty – either ratified or unratified by the U.S. – creates any right to abortion, and nor does any nonbinding global consensus.” Read more here.


Anti-Discrimination Acts Are Discriminatory, by Binary Australia. “An increasing number of people are challenging the discriminatory nature of the anti-discrimination acts around the country… Tasmanian Jessica Hoyle wanted an exemption to exclude ‘biological men’ from lesbian-only events in Launceston. She was denied. Hoyle is currently appealing a decision to deny lesbians the right to sex-based spaces and events.” Read more here.


There’s a Four-Letter Word for Pornography: Evil. Why Can’t the Media Pronounce It? by Michael Cook. “There’s only one correct response to pornography: absolute rejection. It corrupts men; it exploits women. Our democracy is built on the notion that each person has a unique, precious and transcendental destiny. Pornography is built on the notion that some persons are just raw meat. Are there difficulties in banning pornography? Of course. We’ll never scour this blot entirely away. But the first step is the unwavering conviction that it is absolutely unacceptable in a civilised society.” Read more here.


Gender Self-Identification Laws Are Being Exploited by Sexual Predators, by Debra Soh. “Of note, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a flyer from 2018 stating that Merager claims to be female in order to access women’s locker rooms and showers. But instead of pausing for a moment of reflection, left-leaning publications have dug in, framing any apprehension or sense of alarm as attempts by the ‘far-right’ to sow division and anti-transgender discrimination. Concern for the safety of women and girls has been replaced with emphatic reminders about the harassment transgender people face if they are excluded from their preferred spaces.” Read more here.


Deep in the Hearts of Texas Babies, by Cal Thomas. “Abortion and refusing to take personal responsibility for one’s actions have contributed to a general coarseness and disrespect for life at all stages as witnessed by the shooting sprees regularly occurring in Chicago and other major cities. The Texas and Mississippi laws seek to reverse, or at least slow down the process of squandering human life. The question remains: Is abortion the cause of our increasingly decadent culture, or a reflection of it?” Read more here.


Virginia Supreme Court Stands With Teacher Who Opposes School Transgender Policy, by Nicole Russell. “It’s one thing for school districts to create an atmosphere of compassion for children in puberty who are dealing with gender dysphoria, but it’s quite another to require staff, teachers, and students to defy science and logic and to engage in the all-out denial of sex differences and embrace the mysticism of gender transitions and gender-fluid pronouns, especially when social or medical transitions have not been proven to help children.” Read more here.


A Turning Point in the Scientific Debate on Childhood Transition, by Debra Soh. “…[M]ore research needs to be done to determine the best treatment course for these youth, particularly those for whom gender dysphoria only became present after puberty. This is a newer, less understood population… Because gender has become so hotly politicized, any scientific paper posing a threat to accepted narratives will typically be retracted, subjected to an additional round of peer review and a correction, or, more likely, rejected from publication to begin with.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court Should Look at International Abortion Law and Overrule Roe v. Wade, by Ligia De Jesus Castaldi. “The amicus curiae brief of 141 international legal scholars … argues that if the Court chooses to consider international law in the Dobbs case, it should find that international human rights law and foreign law generally recognize unborn children as rights-holders and affirm the prerogative of sovereign states to protect their lives by rigorously regulating abortion. Many countries’ abortion laws are much more restrictive than the Mississippi Gestational Age Act.” Read more here.


Yes, Pro-Lifers Should Cheer for Texas’s Winning New Unborn Protection Law, by Nathanael Blake. “As Texas already shows, law shapes culture, as well as being shaped by it. In particular, abortion on demand has been a boon for irresponsible and abusive men, but we don’t have to live like this. Abortion supporters have been arguing that without abortion men will have to support the women they impregnate, and that the government will need to treat the unborn as persons, to which the pro-life reply is a simple: Yes.” Read more here.


An Example of How Transgender Rights Affect Women’s Safety, by Katrina Trinko. “Across the country, women are being affected right now by transgender rights… Solutions are out there that could accommodate both transgender people and keep women’s spaces safe, such as single-stall bathrooms that are gender-neutral. Yet unfortunately, instead of working on solutions like this, the default seems to be letting transgender rights trample women’s rights.” Read more here.


We Must Refuse to Accept Sex-Selective Abortion, by Brittany Summers. “…[T]he UNFPA reported in 2020 that an estimated 1.5 million unborn baby girls were killed that year globally through sex-selective abortion – not health issues, incest, rape or financial reasons – just preference. Calling this simply, ‘son preference’ achieved via ‘gender-biased sex selection,’ and leaving out the term ‘abortion,’ mind you, the UNFPA conveniently attributes this to discrimination against females, but takes no issue with abortion taking a life of either sex.” Read more here.


Abortion Is Not Just a Women’s Issue – Men Are Hurting, Too, by Nathan Misirian. “It is our culture’s perception that men are the perpetrators and aren’t hurting. In consumer research conducted by Support After Abortion, 48% of men surveyed who had an abortion experience shared they didn’t have a voice. Additionally, 71% of men shared that have experienced [sic] an adverse effect from abortion.” Read more here.


Left’s Reaction to Texas’ Pro-Life Law Shows It Reveres Abortion, by Nicole Russell. “Since the Supreme Court legalized abortion in Roe v. Wade, abortion has been a hot-button issue for the left and right for different reasons. The left’s unhinged, ignorant, bizarre reactions to a law that protects the lives of the most vulnerable Texans demonstrate that abortion will always be an issue of utmost importance to it, no matter that it literally destroys women and children.” Read more here.


Post-Cotonou Agreement: Blackmail for Development Aid, by Nicolas Bauer. “Before the adoption of the agreement, some MEPs … demanded precise answers from the EU institutions on some of its provisions. In particular, they questioned Article 29 § 5, which commits the parties to ‘supporti[ng] universal access to sexual and reproductive health commodities and healthcare services, including for family planning … and the integration of reproductive health into national strategies and programmes.’ When the European Commission uses the concept of sexual and reproductive health, it explicitly includes abortion.” Read more here.


The Real Attack Against Our Children, by Michael Brown. “It’s as if a horde of demons has been unleashed and our society has fallen into deep deception and delusion. And the ultimate victims, targeted for indoctrination from their earliest years, are the children. (If you think I’m exaggerating, take a minute to watch this ‘queer, non-binary’ pre-school teacher celebrating her accomplishments or this toddler reading through a gay ABC book.) Whatever the cause of this societal madness, the question that remains is simple: what are we going to do about it?” Read more here.


Congress Ignores Biology, Human Nature, and Decency in Moving to Make Women Draft-Eligible, by Quin Hillyer. “The confused elite culture insists that ‘equality’ means equal bearing of burdens, all burdens, as well as of opportunities. In this oh, so exalted viewpoint, the differences between men and women are so negligible as to be unworthy of serious consideration. After all, goes the sentiment, we’re all just ‘assigned’ a ‘gender’ at birth, right? Biological sex? Nothing more than a ‘social construct.’” Read more here.


Supreme Court’s Texas Abortion Decision Could Spell Doom for Roe v. Wade, by Thomas Glessner. “Due to the existence of safe haven laws in every state and the estimated 1-2 million couples waiting to adopt, there is no longer such a thing as an unwanted child… Much has changed since 1973. These substantial changes provide strong legal grounds for the Supreme Court to eliminate Roe v. Wade. As a just nation, America must always protect its most vulnerable citizens – born and unborn, regardless of gender, race, handicaps or infirmities.” Read more here.


Pro-Abortionists Want to Codify Late-Term Baby-Killing in the Vermont Constitution, by Jordan Davidson. “If passed, the potential amendment, which is heavily promoted and even financially supported by Planned Parenthood, will show up on Vermont voters’ ballots in November 2022. In Planned Parenthood’s press release celebrating the potential amendment’s progress, the organization which profits off of killing children in the womb explicitly stated the abortion industry’s intent to make the changes national if their efforts prove successful in Vermont.” Read more here.


Texas Heartbeat Law Is Now in Effect. Here’s What You Need to Know, by Melanie Israel and Sarah Parshall Perry. “…[T]he Texas Heartbeat Act takes a novel approach. Specifically, state officials may not enforce the law and are granted sovereign immunity against anyone seeking to bring suit on the grounds that the bill is contrary to constitutional law. Instead, private citizens may bring a civil enforcement action against someone who performs an abortion in violation of the law or assists someone in obtaining an illegal abortion.” Read more here.


Outside of the Media, Support for Roe Is Thin, by Timothy P. Carney. “The public, wrongly convinced by sloppy and biased media reporting that overturning Roe would amount to a few judges instantly outlawing all abortions, tells pollsters that it wants Roe upheld. If you ask them about the things Roe does, though, you get very different answers. A majority in a recent CBS poll (54%) want abortion to be more restricted than it currently is. That means they want Roe and Casey to be struck down or replaced with a completely different court precedent.” Read more here.


Loudoun County School Board’s Transgender Policy Is Still a Threat to First Amendment Rights, by Zachary Faria. “Under the guise of compassion for children, Loudoun County may still be able to compel teachers to adhere to the worldview of transgender activists, redefining sex and gender not just in violation of the religious rights of teachers, but basic biology. Cross’s recent victory is well-deserved, but the fact that it was necessary at all is a problem that goes far deeper.” Read more here.


20 States Sue Biden Administration for Corrupting Title IX With ‘Gender Identity’ Mumbo Jumbo, by Kylee Zempel. “…[T]he bureaucrats in the Biden administration, by ‘flouting procedural requirements in their rush to overreach,’ have decided to rewrite the law so that wherever ‘sex’ appears, it actually means ‘sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.’ This overreach from Biden’s Department of Education and EEOC creates its own barrel of problems, of course — not the least of which is the fact that by writing ‘gender identity’ into the meaning of sex, the people who do not deny basic biology will assuredly face discrimination.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Gets It Right on Texas Abortion Law, by Editors of National Review. “The private-enforced mechanism in the Act is a brilliant response to the traps for pro-life legislation that Roe and Casey have illegitimately set. There are good reasons to question whether that mechanism is a desirable feature of a model abortion law. The right time to address that question is after Roe and Casey have been overturned. Let’s hope that the chief justice shows much sounder judgment on that question in Dobbs and joins with the five members of today’s majority to restore the people’s constitutional power to enact strong legislative protections for unborn children.” Read more here.


International Abortion Groups Demand a Cut of Climate Funding, by Alexis I. Fragosa, Esq. “The letter is likely an effort to make up for the deficit in funds for sexual and reproductive health due to the UK’s cuts to its foreign aid budget earlier this year. However, this is not the first time abortion advocates have lobbied for funds from a seemingly unrelated source. Abortion advocates have successfully integrated into other sectors, including funding for HIV/AIDS and LGBT rights.” Read more here


Supreme Court Rejects Injunction of Texas Abortion Law … Media Erupts With Roe Obituaries, by Jonathon Turley. “…[I]n the age of echo journalism, legal experts are expected to drive ratings and readership with breathless, partisan takes on every story. Some of that analysis constitutes raw conspiracies [sic] theories dressed up as legal analysis like declaring that this order proves the ‘very real possibility in America right now that the federal courts are conspiring against us, against the rights of women, of people of color, of voters, of poor people.’ Others cut to the chase and demanded that Congress immediately pack the Supreme Court with a liberal majority to guarantee results in such cases.” Read more here.


When Abortion Access Is at Stake, Suddenly the Left Remembers Men and Women Are Different, by Libby Emmons. “Abortion activists who have been referring to mothers as ‘birthing people,’ to women as ‘people who menstruate,’ and to biological males who identify as transgender as ‘women’ suddenly appeared to know what women actually are when laws opposing abortion went into effect in Texas… When it suits the left’s interests, men and women don’t exist, biology is a myth, and transgender persons are whatever they say they are, but for an abortion, everyone knows what a woman is.” Read more here.


Should Public Schools Be Allowed to Deceive Parents? by Abigail Shrier. “The ‘Gender Support Plan’ the district followed is an increasingly standard document which informs teachers of a child’s new chosen name and gender identity (‘trans,’ ‘agender,’ ‘non-binary,’ etc.) for all internal communications with the child. The school also provided the girl a year’s worth of counseling in support of her new identity, which in her case was ‘no gender.’ Even the P.E. teachers were in on it. Left in the dark were her parents.” Read more here.


The Texas Heartbeat Bill Is a Preview of a Post-Roe World, by Alexandra Desanctis. “…[T]he fundraising plea from the American Civil Liberties Union this morning insists that the effects of the Texas law ‘will be immediate and devastating…’ Contrary to this rhetoric, it’s important to note that the law in Texas imposes no criminal penalties, and none of its civil provisions apply to a woman who seeks or obtains an abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.” Read more here.


Thousands of Doctors and Health Professionals Sue the Biden Administration Over New Gender Transition Policy, by Jonathon Turley. “The third claim is under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which prohibits the federal government from substantially burdening a person’s exercise of religion, unless the government demonstrates that the burden is the least restrictive means of furthering a compelling government interest… ‘The gender identity mandate substantially burdens the Religious Plaintiffs’ exercise of religion by requiring them to engage in the objectionable practices in violation of their beliefs.’” Read more here.


Singer Shares 3 Positive Abortion Stories: ‘My Favorite Traumatic Topic of All Time!’ by Katie Yoder. “The latest burst of positive abortion storytelling came … when singer and musician Amanda Palmer released a video featuring conversations with three women in Canada about their abortions. Their stories all had one thing in common: They claimed that abortion improved their lives. The video came as part of a new series that Palmer advertised on Twitter, where she has one million followers. She’s no stranger to the topic, having had three abortions herself.” Read more here.


‘We’re on a Mission:’ Advocacy Groups Behind Push to Save Women’s Sports Campaign Against Trans Surgeries for Minors, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “The battle to ‘Save Women’s Sports’ resulted in a slew of legislation banning biological males from girls’ sports and conversations on the national stage about gender, sex, individual dignity, and much more. Now the advocacy groups behind this push are assembling to battle the next burgeoning culture war issue — transgender sex change surgeries and procedures for minors.” Read more here.


Landmark Court Ruling Invites Inevitable Transgender Dilemma, by Nicole Russell. “This court’s ruling has incredible implications: By embracing a deceptively simple view of language that feigns ignorance about what the differences between ‘gender identity’ and ‘sex’ really are, this logic eliminates the ability for any person, organization, workplace, or university to have sex-specific sports programs, clubs, or bathroom facilities without fear of a lawsuit crying discrimination.” Read more here.


A Supreme Court That Capitulates on Roe v. Wade Will Unleash a Whirlwind, by Nathanael Blake. “The most important consideration is the wickedness of the radical regime of abortion on demand established by Roe and confirmed by Casey. In the age of ultrasound, we know what abortion is, and who it kills. The images eagerly shared on social media and stuck to the fridge condemn the atrocity of our abortion regime, in which the child whose features can be seen on the screen, and whose movements can be felt in the womb, has less legal protection than livestock.” Read more here.


State Reports Reveal Gruesome Abortion Procedures Once Thought Obsolete Are Still Being Committed, by Carole Novielli. “…[T]wo gruesome abortion procedures used shortly after abortion was legalized are being used again today… While some saline (prostaglandin) reports could be the result of miscoding, there is a concern that hysterotomy abortions conducted in both the first and second trimesters — which are very dangerous for women — could be used to procure live human specimens for ghoulish research like the experiments conducted using aborted children at the University of Pittsburgh.” Read more here.


When Harvard Hired an Atheist to Be the Chief University Chaplain, by Michael Brown. “…[T]o be a chaplain, by definition, means to be a religious leader, not simply a department head or an administrator or someone who believes in ethical living. And so, to appoint an atheist to be chief university chaplain is like appointing a Christian evangelist to head up the university’s atheist club. Or a devout Muslim to head up the university’s Judaism club. It is a total contradiction in both purpose and logic.” Read more here.


With the Help of a Unicorn, College Students Are Schooled on Which Restroom to Use, by Alex Parker. “…[A]ttendees of the University of Hawaii at Manoa are getting educated on which restroom to use. And in case they don’t quite get it, a quiz at the end can help out. Aiding the adolescents: a unicorn. For those unaware, The Gender Unicorn was created by Trans Student Educational Resources… Additionally, the resident training affirms all LGBTQ+ people’s preferred pronouns. As for LGBT identity, students are provided a form by which they can ban their ‘dead’ name and become something new.” Read more here.


The Pandemic Changed How Abortions Are Performed in America. Here’s How, by Zachary Mettler. “The regulation required abortionists ‘to prescribe and provide the first abortion pill (mifepristone) in person, before the woman takes the other half of the abortion pill protocol (misoprostol) at home to complete the abortion.’ The pro-abortion groups won in court and convinced a federal judge to block the policy nationwide… So, a woman could choose to abort her preborn child, be prescribed the abortion pill virtually, and then abort her baby via a chemical abortion without ever talking to someone in-person.” Read more here.


Biden Admin ‘Back-to-School’ Transgender Message: ‘We Intend to Enforce Our Ideology,’ by Dr. Susan Berry. “The Biden administration released a ‘back-to-school’ video that serves as a message it intends to ‘enforce’ its transgender ideology and ‘use children as enforcers,’ states the founder of an organization that helps victims of what she refers to as the ‘Sexual State.’” Read more here.


McDonald’s New ‘Saweetie Meal’ Promotes Rapper With Foul Videos and Lyrics, by Jeff Johnston. “Her videos also feature sexually suggestive dancing and clothing. One video on her YouTube channel is titled, ‘I shot with P*rnhub’ where she says, ‘We just wrapped a really sexy skit with Pornhub.’ The more than 633,000 people who’ve watched that video on her YouTube site get to see her in costume for the Pornhub shoot and performing sexually suggestive acts.” Read more here.


Afghanistan’s Christians Are Turning Off Phones and Going Into Hiding, by Kelsey Zorzi. “Some Christians on the ground have expressed that, with the takeover of Kabul, they expect to be killed, mafia-style. Although some reports say that the Taliban is already conducting targeted killings of Christians and other minorities found using public transportation, as well as executing anyone found with Bible software installed on their cell phones.” Read more here.


In Illinois, Tanning Salons Now Get More Oversight Than Abortion Facilities, by Amy Gehrke. “Abortion centers now fall outside the realm of standard Illinois health facility regulations, allowed to conduct their deadly business as they please. Does this sound like an industry that cares for women’s health? This disregard for women is par for the course throughout the abortion industry and is protected by politicians beholden to the millions in donations they receive from the industry and its supporters.” Read more here.


America’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan Will Open the Door for Sex Traffickers, by Tim Ballard. “Imagine being a woman or a child in Afghanistan now faced with one of two options, both with potentially tragic outcomes. The first, stay in a country that is ruled by a regime that was known to have one of the worst human rights records in the world. The second, attempt to flee the country and risk falling prey to those who seek to victimize the vulnerable, and force them into being trafficked for sex for forced labor.” Read more here.


OnlyFans Is Exploitative, but Not in the Way Elites and Prostitutes Claim, by Emily Jashinsky. “OnlyFans gets negative treatment and media coverage when pornographers are exploited and endangered, which is great but stops short of conceding those dangers are inevitable byproducts of ‘sex work’ and a culture that normalizes it… Normalized pornography warps and numbs men, consequentially hurts women, and absolutely commodifies bodies and intimacy to psychologically scarring effects.” Read more here.


Abortion Businesses Give Discounts to Women Already Under Pressure to Abort, by Nancy Flanders. “Making abortion cheaper for underprivileged women will only further enforce the pro-abortion discrimination that they already experience. Free or low-cost abortion weighed against the costs associated with raising a child is a tactic used by the abortion industry to convince women that abortion is their best option.” Read more here.


Why a Virginia Middle School Is Removing Urinals From the Boys’ Bathrooms, by Michael Brown. “…[T]his same school is removing the urinals from the boys’ bathrooms. Why? It’s because a number of biological females, who identify as males, are offended by the presence of urinals. So, rather than point out to these females that they are not really males (otherwise, they’d have no problems with urinals), the school turns the world upside down to accommodate them.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology Is a Boon to Big Pharma and Threat to Parental Rights, by Pedro L. Gonzalez. “In our brave new world, a culture of depravity preys on children. That culture insists that the state and medical professionals revoke guardianship from the adults to whom kids were accidentally born. The implications for this are terrifying, yet neither political party seems to have the courage to speak for the sanity and safety of American families. Meanwhile, Big Pharma cashes in handsomely.” Read more here.


Loudoun County School Board Enacts Wide-Ranging ‘Gender Identity’ Policy, by Alexandra Desanctis. “At least one public-school teacher in Loudoun County has already quit her job since the board approved the new policy, which also requires teachers to use students’ preferred pronouns as opposed to those that reflect their sex, without requiring students to offer ‘any substantiating evidence’ of their new gender identity.” Read more here.


‘Heteroromantic’ Privilege? James Madison University Pulls Controversial Diversity Training Video, by Jonathan Turley. “While employees were reportedly told not to share the material with others, the material became public before the school suddenly pulled it off of its sites. What stood out for me was the inclusion of the term ‘heteroromantic’ as a privileged group juxtaposed with the countervailing oppressed groups of ‘homoromantic, aromantic, bi/panromatic’ individuals.  I had not previously seen those categories in such materials, so I sought out some definitions.” Read more here.


While COVID Restrictions Reduced General U.S. Health Services, Sex Change Surgeries Grew by 12%, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The elites in education and many other public institutions now believe that they know what is good for children, and parents do not. In fact, they will assist and facilitate children living as different genders and obtaining permanent and damaging treatments with lifelong effects without alerting mothers and fathers to what is going on… As Shrier noted in Irreversible Damage, one day, many girls will wake up with no breasts and no uterus and wonder: I was just a teen. A kid. Why didn’t anyone stop me?” Read more here.


A Court Victory in Texas Against Obamacare’s Transgender Mandate, by Jay Richards and Sarah Parshall Perry. “Many doctors, for instance, reasonably believe that to remove healthy organs, or to give young people puberty-blocking drugs, would harm their patients—whatever the subjective wishes of the patient. Healthy organs are not deadly tumors, and puberty is not a disease. O’Connor’s ruling protects such medical judgment, whether it’s based on scientific evidence, religious conviction, or plain common sense.” Read more here.


Cohabitation Changes People: Contemporary European Evidence, by Laurie DeRose and Rebecca Oldroyd. “Why is this new work so remarkable? Because much cohabitation research in the past quarter century has focused on the characteristics of those who choose to cohabit versus marry—not on how people’s characteristics (i.e., their attitudes towards family dissolution) change during cohabitation. Such changes in attitudes have measurable consequences: favorable attitudes toward divorce are linked to patterns of marital interaction that decrease marital quality and increase the likelihood of divorce.” Read more here.


Democrats Pursue Radical Abortion Agenda, Upending Bipartisan Consensus, by Melanie Israel. “Outside Congress, pro-life policies enjoy broad support across the political spectrum. A majority of Americans oppose using taxpayer dollars to fund elective abortions, including 65% of independents and 31% of Democrats… To reflect that, members of Congress should reject attempts to enact spending bills that don’t incorporate longstanding pro-life policy provisions.” Read more here.


Texas Pro-Life Victory Is a Reminder That the Supreme Court Should Reevaluate Its Abortion Jurisprudence, by Zachary Faria. “The Supreme Court repeatedly has appeased pro-abortion activists … when it comes to abortion, disregarding the Constitution to expand and protect the abortion industry… That’s why lower courts, such as the district judge who was rightly overruled this week, continue to enjoy cover for even the most extreme pro-abortion jurisprudence. Confused lower courts will continue such jurisprudence until the Supreme Court does its duty by issuing a new, clear standard for abortion laws.” Read more here.


California Prisons ‘Lead’ the Way Into an Imaginary Sexless Future, by Inez Stepman. “The situation in the Golden State is the inevitable result of the false idea that sex is a social construct — an idea that is in the process of being enshrined at every level of U.S. law. What’s happening in California is the future of the country, unless the majority of Americans who object to the insanity find the courage to contradict the most sacred of politically correct edicts.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court Must End Coercive Abortion Mandates, by Alexandra Desanctis. “In order to qualify for relief from New York’s abortion-funding mandate, these and other Christian churches and ministries would have to cease offering their services to anyone except for those individuals who share the same faith… Unless they follow the mandate and provide coverage for elective abortions, the only other option for these groups is to forgo health insurance altogether, opening themselves up to immense fines from the state.” Read more here.


The Free Speech of Christians in the Public Square Must Be Protected, by Jeremiah Igunnubole. “Numerous other examples can be given of individuals arrested and detained, and though not prosecuted, chillingly warned not to repeat the alleged behaviour… Or those who, after arrest, release and confirmation that their actions are perfectly legal, are simply too scared to re-engage in the lawful activity for fear that another officer may think differently – reasoning that a repeat of the ordeal is not worth risking. How, despite changes in law specifically created to protect free speech, has it continued to be unjustly restricted in the public sphere?” Read more here.


Uninformed Consent: The Transgender Crisis, by Paul McHugh and Gerard V. Bradley. “To block puberty and then artificially redirect its course is to tamper with a vital human developmental matter with no reason for confidence in what will emerge beyond a lifetime preoccupied with medico-surgical interventions to maintain the illusion that one’s sex has changed. It was with this crucial feature of human beings in mind that the UK court ruled that no child is capable of consenting to these treatments.” Read more here.


Religious Belief Deserves Protection, by Vanessa Cheng and Mark Spencer. “We accept that people have the freedom to change their interpretation of what the Bible teaches around many things, including sexuality and marriage. But we do not believe that an individual teacher should expect to impose their changed beliefs about an important theological matter onto a Christian school that has been entirely consistent about their beliefs from the start.” Read more here.


Democrats Want to Use Your Taxpayer Money to Fund Abortion on Demand, by Rep. Steve Scalise and Rep. Kay Granger. “If congressional Democrats truly cared about bipartisanship, they would listen to voters. Recent polling reflects that most voters do not support the subsidizing of abortion on demand with their tax dollars. The poll … found that 58% of voters — including 31% of Democrats, 34% of self-described pro-choice voters, and 65% of independents — oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.” Read more here.


Booksellers’ Organization Apologizes for Promoting Book on Trans Damage to Children, by Jonathon Van Maren. “…[E]very aspect of [the American Bookseller’s Association]’s work will be combed over for any evidence of disloyalty to the trans movement, with … a new editor ‘reviewing for conscious language and an awareness of equity and inclusion issues.’ A program aimed at promoting LGBT voices will also be launched so that instead of booksellers getting Shrier’s book, they’ll only see what her detractors have to say.” Read more here.


‘Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality,’ by Angus Fox. “To spell out precisely how nefarious the pharmaceutical industry’s behaviour has become, she cites the work of Jennifer Bilek, who has mapped out the labyrinthine financial networks connecting hospitals, commercial hormone providers, rights campaigns and politicians, each professing wide-eyed innocence while stashing the cash on the sly.” Read more here.


The Scottish Government Is Determined to Advance Trans Ideology – and It’s Our Children Who Will Suffer, by David Robertson. “This week it was reported … that ‘children as young as four will be able to change their name and gender at school without their parents’ consent under new LGBT inclusivity guidelines drawn up by the Scottish Government.’ You have to stop, take a breath and re-read that sentence again… As someone said to me, it’s so mad that it cannot be true. Four-year-olds sometimes think they are animals or Thomas the Tank Engine – they are certainly not capable of determining that they are a different gender from their body.” Read more here.


Biden’s Transgender Healthcare Mandate Has Always Been Unlawful, by Nicole Russell. “Of course, the federal court found that forcing faith-based doctors to treat patients in a way that goes against their faith and medical training violates their religious liberties, protected under both federal law and the Constitution. There is truly no other way to rule in this case. It is remarkable, in fact, that the Biden administration thought this was not only the right thing but the lawful thing to do.” Read more here.


The Trans Trends Which Are Sending Scotland Mad, by Ann Farmer. “Scotland, once renowned as the home of the philosophy of common sense, is slowly going bonkers… Gender is a purely personal category constructed by the individual; in real life nobody can change sex — they can only change their pronouns. Most people judge by their senses as to whether an individual is male or female – and the fact that there are two sexes is one of the very few facts of life that a four-year-old is able to grasp – but in Scotland people are being told to ignore common sense and obey government diktats.” Read more here.


I’m a Teacher. Parents Should Know That School Districts Hide an Ideology of ‘Unlimited Gender,’ by Brenda Lebsack. “As a current special education teacher, I believe communication with parents is essential. And as a former school board member, I believe transparency to taxpayers, who fund public education, is obligatory. Unfortunately, authorities in public school districts in charge of pre-K through grade 12 have been slow to disclose to parents and taxpayers their new terms and definitions for ‘expanding’ gender identities and ‘evolving’ sexual orientations.” Read more here.


SCOTUS Should Reverse Roe v. Wade Because Abortion Is a Crime Against Humanity, by Thomas Glessner. “Abortion is a gruesome and hideous act. It … brutally dismembers a living human being. Skulls are crushed. Arms and legs are dismembered. And the human remains of children are scraped together, placed in a plastic body bag, and sent to an incinerator for disposal. Animals killed at slaughterhouses for food are treated more humanely. The procedures for the demise of condemned prisoners on death row are far more compassionate.” Read more here.


Shocking Allegations of Live Baby Organ Harvesting Deserve Explanation, by Lou Barletta. “The documents demonstrate that Pitt has received at least $2.7 million in federal Health and Human Services (HHS) funding to become a ‘tissue hub’ for baby body parts for scientific research… So, what does almost $3 million in federal funding buy? Well, according to the documents, it bought Pitt a stockpile of fetal tissues, including ‘liver, heart, gonads, legs, brain, genitourinary tissues including kidneys, ureters and bladders.’” Read more here.


Global Family Planning Partnership Garners U.S. Support in Rebranding and Promoting LGBTQ Issues, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The current foreign aid bill passed in the U.S. House raises international family planning by $200 million. Under the Biden administration, agencies involved with any foreign assistance have been ordered to ‘consider the impact of programs…on LGBTQI+ persons’ when making funding decisions.” Read more here.


Breastfeeding Academy Bails on ‘Breasts,’ by Alex Parker. “Though the organization features ‘breast’ in its very name, it’ll no longer tout the term as a prime ‘lactation-related’ reference… The Academy asserts that ‘language has power,’ and it’s standing against ‘gender inequality and health inequities’ — those contribute ‘to rising morbidity and mortality of vulnerable populations.’” Read more here.


Olympics Bans Women From Women’s Sports While Letting Men Compete, by Elle Reynolds. “…[W]e have a system in which men can be women if they take enough hormone blockers, but women who have not messed with their natural hormone levels are told they cannot qualify as women. Such is the stunted logic of our modern view of sex, taken to its batty conclusion.” Read more here.


Biden’s IRS Is a Partisan Weapon in the War on Religious Freedom, by Timothy Head. “Never before in the history of America has professing the Christian faith been understood as a form of partisan political campaigning… Our Constitution was designed to protect us from government tyranny, and the IRS has no right to target and discriminate against Christian nonprofits like this. Our fundamental religious freedom should never be weaponized by partisan politics.” Read more here.


Are These 7 LGBT ‘Kids’ Books in Your Child’s Classroom or School Library? by Virginia Allen. “Children are learning about gay marriage, preferred pronouns, and gender identity, thanks to woke children’s books… Beyond the sexual messages of the books being inappropriate for children, there are also mental health concerns involved…” Read more here.


Why Women Should Pursue Marriage Just as Intentionally as a Career, by Suzanne Venker. “Whom you marry, and how that marriage fares, will have a greater effect on your happiness and well-being than anything else you do. It will be the axis upon which all other decisions are made: where to live, which career to pursue, how much wealth you’ll build — the list goes on. What sense does it make, then, to not prioritize it?” Read more here.


The Pro-Life Movement Doesn’t Just Save Lives, It Can Herald Real Feminism That Actually Helps Women, by Willis L. Krumholz and Robert Delahunty. “The pro-life movement can and should be an important part of this new feminism… It should have an educational, not merely a legal, mission. Overturning Roe will not be enough. Even stopping (some of) the killing will not be enough. Restoring the sense of the true dignity of womanhood is the momentous but achievable task for a post-Roe world.” Read more here.


We’re All Funding Stonewall, by Danielle Boxall. “Unfortunately for taxpayers, this craze has vigorously swept through our public institutions. So much so that each year, taxpayers are funding over £1 million worth of guidance on issues like gender-neutral spaces, pronouns, and transgender inclusion as part of the ‘Diversity Champions’ programme. At least 327 publicly funded groups were signed up to the scheme (at an average cost of around £3,500), but that is only the tip of the iceberg.” Read more here.


The Incoherence of Gender Ideology, by Michael Robillard. “The logical implications of the passing of the U.S. Equality Act would therefore constitute nothing less than the legal canonization of a new priest class of magical persons who speak all of reality into existence and a subordinate class of everyday citizens held hostage by state compulsion to be unwilling stage-actors in their never-ending, incoherent game of pretend. What is at stake here is therefore not simply one of politeness and etiquette having to do with proper names.” Read more here.


Investigate Now: Federal Grants Sponsored Possibly Live Baby Harvesting at University of Pittsburgh, by Edie Heipel. “…[N]ew evidence points to the University of Pittsburgh harvesting organs from born-alive babies as a real possibility—meaning the babies would have died while researchers dissected their bodies for kidneys and other organs… The records released this week reveal this wasn’t a one-off incident, unearthing an agreement between NIH and the university to fully operationalize a grotesque baby organ bank funded by federal taxpayers.” Read more here.


In the UK, Doctors and Judges Trample on a Family’s Religious Liberty, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “…[T]he doctors aren’t God. Courts aren’t, either. And while I certainly agree that there are times when palliative care is perfectly appropriate and humane, the way this is all happening is chilling. The temporal isn’t everything, and we should all be able to agree that the spiritual care of a child is well within parents’ rights.” Read more here.


Trans Activism’s Long March Through Our Institutions, by Helen Joyce. “What campaigners mean by ‘trans rights’ is gender self-identification: that trans people be treated in every circumstance as members of the sex they identify with, rather than the sex they actually are. This is not a human right at all. It is a demand that everyone else lose their rights to single-sex spaces, services, and activities. And in its requirement that everyone else accept trans people’s subjective beliefs as objective reality, it is akin to a new state religion, complete with blasphemy laws.” Read more here.


Federally Funded University Makes Startling Admissions When It Comes to Tissue Bank Utilizing Aborted Babies, by Rebecca Downs. “Speaking on the ‘Drew Mariani Show’ on Friday, Dr. Michael New brought attention to how the university in their grant application indicates they try to keep the fetal tissue at room temperature, which raises concerns that the tissue may be extracted from infants born alive.” Read more here.


My 13-Year-Old Identifies as Polyamorous. What Should I Do? by Michael Cook. “There’s a good reason why it’s problematic. Polyamory – three or more adults in consensual sexual relationships, both homosexual and heterosexual – is not a good way to raise children… Society should not get into the business of protecting lifestyle choices for people who have lost sight of what sex is all about. We all have a stake in men and women ushering a new generation into the world, but not in subsidising their desire for pleasure.” Read more here.


Abortion Activist ‘Eats’ Abortion Pills on Camera ‘Because I Can,’ by Katie Yoder. “To show women that abortion ‘doesn’t necessarily need to be a huge deal,’ Amelia Bonow, the cofounder of Shout Your Abortion, recently swallowed abortion pills on camera. In a two-part video series, Bonow ordered the pills online and walked through the process of taking them – by taking them herself. But it was unrealistic for at least two reasons: Bonow wasn’t pregnant and she didn’t film what happened after she swallowed the pills.” Read more here.


Bill to Ban Conversion Therapy Poses Problems for Therapists, by Jacky Grainger, Madeleine Ni Dhailigh, and Stella O’Malley. “If therapists are fearful of accusations of ‘conversion’ therapy, first the majority won’t work in the area of gender and, second, there will be no chance for gender-questioning clients of this age to explore or be challenged. No room for growth, no time for reflection or self-discovery. The result of which would be a rigidity most alien to both effective psychological therapy and every single child development model that has every [sic] existed.” Read more here.


Roe v. Wade Must Meet Its End at Supreme Court, by Thomas Glessner. “After a significant victory by the Allied forces in World War II, Winston Churchill remarked, ‘This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’ The same will be true of the demise of Roe, which many feel is imminent. The cultural battle for the sanctity of life will become more intense in the months and years ahead. In the end, respect for innocent human life will prevail and a culture of life will become reality in America.” Read more here.


Breaking: Crisis-Pregnancy Centers Help Women Avoid Abortion, by Alexandra Desanctis. “Once again, it seems impossible for ‘pro-choice’ activists to comprehend that, in the majority of cases, women don’t actually want to choose abortion — and that, far from harming or misleading these women, the majority of CPCs actually offer women a real choice by giving them the help they need to choose life.” Read more here.


Polyamory Gets Another Push, This Time From Harvard Law, by Alex Parker. “A mere few years ago, there were only hims and hers and straight, bi- and gay. Now we have eys, yos, xies, ves and bunselves, who may or may not be demigender, pansexual and/or neurodivergent minor. And as we evolve, no one should be stunned if their local Ferris wheel’s seats get conspicuously widened. They may need to, in accommodation of a cotton-candy eating romantic trio or quartet. Romance isn’t dead; in fact, it’s multiplied. Hence, prepare for the expanding popularity of polyamory.” Read more here.


SCOTUS Must Abandon Its Jurisprudence of Appeasing Abortion, by Zachary Faria. “The courts have once again affirmed that Tennessee’s 48-hour abortion waiting period is legal. Now, it’s on the Supreme Court to offer a clear standard for abortion laws… The Supreme Court needs to reevaluate its abortion jurisprudence based on the Constitution, or it risks giving away its institutional credibility.” Read more here.


Trans YouTube Star Arrested for Raping 79-Year-Old Mom to Be Jailed With Female Inmates, by Jonathon Van Maren. “…[W]e have decided that women are collateral damage as we rebuild society according to the ever-evolving ideology of gender activists. This male rapist … even insisted on being able to shower with the women. Vulnerable women are being locked up with sexual predators, and there is almost no protest. And now a man who allegedly raped his own mother will be locked up with female prisoners. Trans activists say this is right and just. It is not. It is wicked.” Read more here.


American Medical Association, Descending Into Wokeness, Calls for Eliminating Sex on Birth Certificates, by Jarrett Stepman. “The managerial class in government agencies, corporate boardrooms, and professional organizations have flipped on a switch, transforming themselves into social justice warriors. The cause and the revolution always will come first, no matter the science, no matter the truth. Medicine clearly isn’t immune.” Read more here.


Activists Seeking Universal Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy’ Frustrated by Fundamental Rights Enshrined in Law, by Alexis I. Fragosa, Esq. “’Mental health clients have the right to explore, with the assistance of a supportive therapist, questions or issues in their lives that may be causing them concern or distress and to participate in the setting of counseling goals that are compatible with their freely chosen personal or religious values,’ says the Alliance website. LGBT activists reject this right and are pushing for a universal ban on all therapies addressing same-sex attraction.” Read more here.


Do We Really Want to Draft Our Daughters? by Frances Tilney Burke. “What some people conveniently forget is that some women enjoy raising their children. It’s a privilege to do so. They do not want to be taken away from their family unit by the draft, and they do not want to abdicate the responsibility of mothering to another person, to include the father (in a scenario where the mother is drafted first). In a hypothetical scenario of ‘total war,’ where the draft would go into effect, wouldn’t it make sense to leave the young mothers, or the women with potential to become mothers, at home?” Read more here.


Don’t Let the SJWs at the American Medical Association Neuter Your Birth Certificate, by Kylee Zempel. “If a person’s gender is detached from his sex (it is not, but for a moment just entertain the delusion), why should he care that the way he identifies doesn’t match the ‘M’ or ‘F’ on his birth certificate? If the argument goes that gender and sex are different, then why is gender identity relevant in matters of sex? Why is something so purportedly so irrelevant to one’s identity so triggering?” Read more here.


The Troubled Girls the Transgender Movement Ignores, by Ginny Gentles. “The young teenage girls increasingly captivated by gender ideology possess bodies and minds that are still growing and developing. The adults in their lives are responsible for guiding them safely through adolescence. Yet journalists and many other corners of society are suddenly claiming that cross-sex hormones and damaging surgeries should be readily offered to children, often citing the examples of transitions by people who are already adults.” Read more here.


The Left Has a Pedophilia Problem, and It’s Out in the Open, by Spencer Lindquist. “With increasing frequency, the obvious has become undeniable. Those who have a creepy obsession with involving children in their sexual tastes, and use any avenue at their disposal to do so, either have a direct sexual interest in children or want to run cover for those who do. The left has a pedophilia problem, and it’s only getting worse.” Read more here.


Biological Sex in Sydney, by Katherine Deves. “Every protected group should have the right to advocate for their interests and to facilitate discussions that impact those interests, yet the City of Sydney Council do not believe women are entitled to that right. Denying modest resources to a woman-centred legal service for daring to question the controversial belief that ‘transwomen are women,’ the Council have joined the ranks of other Australian institutions that are in thrall to gender identity ideology.” Read more here.


Let’s Celebrate the Best Year in Decades for the Preborn’s Right to Life, by Tim Goeglein. “In the first half of 2021, in states across America, 90 pro-life laws have been passed and signed into law – a new record (the previous record was 89 in 2011)… But there is a key difference between 2011 and 2021… In 2021, rather than passing laws against something, state lawmakers are passing laws for something – the right to life for the preborn child.” Read more here.


The Hyde Amendment Is Popular. Why Do Democrats Pretend Otherwise? by Kimberly Ross. “The leftist media portrays a majority as wholly supportive not just of abortion but also its federal funding. This could not be further from the truth. Abortion is a polarizing topic in the discourse, but wide support for unrestricted, government-funded abortion simply does not exist. That narrative is driven by those who wish to see it become reality.” Read more here.


Time to Overturn Roe v. Wade, by Star Parker. “It is no accident that following the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, we have seen a collapse of the American family and now the general collapse of birth itself… A society without family and children, with increasing drug overdoses and suicides, with reports of far too great a frequency of individuals pointlessly murdering people they don’t know, is a society whose soul is in bad shape. Restoring sanctity of life in the womb is a good place to start turning things around.” Read more here.


Roe v. Wade Got Its Legal History Wrong, by John Finnis and Robert P. George. “The Fourteenth Amendment bars States from depriving ‘any person of life’ ‘without due process of law’ or denying ‘to any person’ ‘the equal protection of the laws.’ It was adopted against a backdrop of established common-law principles, legal treatises, and statutes recognizing unborn children as persons possessing fundamental rights.” Read more here.


Mississippi Seeking to Become ‘The Safest Place in America for an Unborn Child,’ by Denise Burke. “Mississippi and other states should be free to pass commonsense laws through their democratically elected representatives without interference from the courts. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prohibits states from regulating abortion; in fact, the U.S. Supreme Court has already repeatedly held that states are free to regulate abortion to protect unborn children, maternal health, and the dignity of the medical profession. That is exactly what Mississippi did here.” Read more here.


We Can’t Solve the Sexual Assault Problem Unless We Solve the Porn Problem, by Greg Teague. “There has been little recognition of the destructive impact pornography has on the perception of what is appropriate sexual conduct. The sex industry debases and exploits women. Men are wholly capable of having fictitious and ‘satisfying’ interactions with women where the concept of consent and rejection are entirely absent. The issue of sexual assault can never truly be tackled unless we can solve the problem of pornography.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology Run Amok, by Abigail Shrier. “How did we get to this point? How is it that we are all supposed to pretend that the only way you can know I’m a woman is if I tell you my pronouns? How did we get to an America in which a 13-year-old in the State of Washington can begin ‘gender affirming’ therapy without her parents’ consent? How did we get to an America in which a 15-year-old in Oregon can undergo ‘top surgery’ – elective double mastectomy – without her parents’ permission?” Read more here.


The Urgency of Ending Roe v. Wade, by Roger Wicker. “Science has been pivotal in shifting many hearts and minds on abortion. Written in 1973, Roe could not comprehend that expectant parents would one day use sonograms to look at their unborn children’s hands and feet and see themselves in the faces of their offspring. We now know that the fetal heartbeat begins as early as six weeks and that an unborn child can feel pain at 20 weeks, if not earlier. These realities weigh heavily on the hearts of millions of Americans, and they are driving pro-life change in state after state.” Read more here.


Don’t Believe a Man Can Be a Woman? Prepare to Be Labeled an Extremist, by Shea Bradley-Farrell. “If this bill passes, the insanity we have witnessed since the Obama administration – biological males in female safe spaces like locker rooms and on sports teams – will be enshrined into our civil rights law. Public facilities will be forced to allow a man who ‘self-identifies’ as a woman to use and benefit from the same facilities, programs, or funding that biological women do. ‘Self-identification’ means there are no legal or medical standards to reach under this legislation; if a man says he’s a woman, presto, he’s a woman.” Read more here.


House Forces Taxpayers to Fund Abortion, Even After Speaker Pelosi’s Bishop Confirms Church Stance on Issue, by Rebecca Downs. “Abandoning Hyde was something supported by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), even after Archbishop Salvadore Cordileone of the Archdiocese of San Francisco issued a reminder last week that ‘no one can claim to be a devout Catholic and condone the killing of innocent human life, let alone have the government pay for it.’” Read more here.


The Democrats’ Appalling Vote to Kill the Hyde Amendment, by the Editors of National Review. “The House Democrats’ unanimous support for taxpayer funding of abortion is atrocious. As common sense and multiple studies tell us, government subsidies for abortion result in more abortions. A report published in 2020 by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a nonprofit affiliated with the Susan B. Anthony List, estimated that the Hyde amendment had spared the lives of more than 2,400,000 human beings since 1976.” Read more here.


California May Require Public Colleges to Provide Free … Men’s Menstrual Products? by Stephen Green. “I’ll concede there might be some merit … to Chen’s argument in favor of putting free menstrual products in the ladies’ rooms. But men’s menstrual products? AB-367 isn’t about providing an inexpensive necessity to women who might have gotten caught unawares. Garcia’s bill is about using taxpayer money to comfort the delusions of a very few who believe that they might somehow, all biology aside, magically get a period this month. Because science.” Read more here.


‘Truly the End of Female Sports:’ Athletes and Congresswomen Fight Transgender Takeover, by Maggie Hroncich. “As a coach, Cynthia said it breaks her heart to see her students give up after realizing they often can’t physically compete with males. One of her students who had been training and preparing for a race was beaten by a male who two weeks prior decided he would compete, and was able to run faster than any of her times. Cynthia said this student didn’t want to include her performance on college applications, because she didn’t see a point since the male athlete took away her chance to compete in state championships.” Read more here.


Students of Faith Should Have Confidence in the First Amendment, by Nicole Russell. “Anti-discrimination laws were put in place to quell true bigotry. They were not designed to see people of belief gaslit into believing they are bigots. Even in 2018, when this University of Iowa lawsuit originally began, it was hard to believe any court took seriously the claim that a faith-based club requiring its leaders to be religious was discriminatory. Undoubtedly, a university or college campus might be an alienating or frightening place for a political conservative or person of faith to thrive.” Read more here.


The Case for the Unconstitutionality of Abortion, by Josh Hammer. “According to Finnis, unborn children are properly understood as ‘persons’ under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, and state-level homicide laws therefore cannot discriminate by protecting live people but not unborn people. The upshot under this logic is that overturning Roe and its 1992 successor Planned Parenthood v. Casey would not merely return abortion regulation to the ambits of the various states… Rather, it would mandate banning the bloody practice nationwide.” Read more here.


Women Deserve Full Information About Abortion’s Effects, by Emily Gerlach. “The association between abortion and an increase in mental health problems is statistically significant. Abortion interrupts the hormonal cycle in a similar way to a miscarriage. Women who have had an abortion are consistently shown to be at a greater risk of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, suicidal tendencies, and post-traumatic stress symptoms.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Set to Ignore Abortion Transparency Requirement, by Melanie Israel. “…[S]imply notifying a policyholder at the time of enrollment that there will be an abortion surcharge falls short of what is statutorily required. The abortion surcharge may, in some cases, be buried in pages upon pages of plan documents. And after this ‘notice,’ the abortion surcharge would be essentially hidden from consumers within a monthly premium that is collected in a single—again, not separate—payment. For consumers with sincere moral or religious objections to abortion, the proposed rule is particularly harmful.” Read more here.


Biden’s Call for a UN Inquisition Into America Is Even Worse Than It Seems, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “After a couple of weeks, the experts will publish their reports with a summary judgment on the status of racism, health (including reproductive health), religious freedom, and other issues in America. The reports will have been largely prepared in advance as is typical. And they will find that the U.S. is a uniquely racist and sexist country. They will blame U.S. laws and policies protecting the religious freedom of Churches for the oppression of women and sexual minorities.” Read more here.


Why We Need a Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment Even if the Supreme Court Modifies Roe v. Wade, by Willis L. Krumholz and Robert Delahunty. “Jacobs argues strenuously that the movement should seek the ‘constitutionalization’ of a general nationwide ban on abortion. The argument is that the Constitution protects human life whenever it exists – and an unborn fetus is a human life, entitled to government protection from anyone who would kill it.” Read more here.


Exhibit A in the History of How the Transgender Movement Domesticated the Press, by Jonathon Van Maren. “If one day on the other side of this madness, somebody wants to write a history of how the transgender movement domesticated the press, Exhibit A will be the way they leaped to obey each time a celebrity announced that he or she was switching genders and declared that they wanted to be addressed by the pronouns of the opposite sex.” Read more here.


Transgender Policy and the Willful Demoralization of the American Military, by Kurt Schlichter. “…[I]f you genuinely believe that men and women can mutilate their genitals, change their clothes, and become the opposite sex, you are unfit for military service. At any rank, in any position. Full stop. But these men don’t really believe it. They are motivated by varying combinations of a desire to get promoted and a fear of getting fired. These are … men who don’t have the spine to speak an obvious yet suddenly unspeakable truth. Men who will force out of service everyone who isn’t also a coward in order to maintain uniformity.” Read more here.


Inconvenient Truth: No One Actually Changes Gender, Only Persona, by Walt Heyer. “Because sex change is physically impossible, contortions to language are necessary in order to sell the procedures. Preferred terms for attempting the change have evolved over the years. ‘Sex change’ became ‘sex reassignment,’ then ‘gender reassignment,’ followed by ‘gender affirmation.’ The attempts to physically change gender and sex through ‘affirmative’ surgery are in vain.” Read more here.


The Left Keeps Trying to Codify Roe. This Time, It’s Also Slashing RFRA, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Together, these bills form a nefarious trio: one requires federal health care programs and facilities to cover abortion, one ensures taxpayer dollars flow to abortion providers, and one invalidates virtually all state limitations on abortions, thereby codifying abortion policy on a national level. Pair this with the EACH Act’s explicit denial of RFRA protection for employees who refuse to participate in the termination of unborn life based on their religious beliefs, and the stage has been set for another battle royale.” Read more here.


New Book Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Fixation: A ‘Positive, Moral Good,’ by Katie Yoder. “In her memoir published on July 27, Dr. Leana Wen details her time spent as president of the nation’s largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood… Among other things, she says she was told to say ‘abortion’ in ‘every media interview.’ Someone else also warned her that ‘If we don’t talk about abortion openly, loudly, and proudly, as a positive moral good, then we are further stigmatizing it.’” Read more here.


8 Facts You Should Know About the Abortion Pill, Which Kills Babies and Hurts Women, by Micaiah Bilger. “…[M]ost of the reports about the abortion pill do not tell the whole truth. One would be hard pressed to find any that mention the unborn baby. BuzzFeed referred to the unborn baby as a ‘pregnancy [leaving] the body’ – as if pregnancy is a thing rather than a condition and the unborn baby does not exist. So here are eight facts about the abortion pill that the mainstream media is neglecting to tell women…” Read more here.


Mississippi Takes Aim at Roe, by Kathryn Lopez. “We won’t be a healthy society until we realize that what we’re doing as a nation under Roe is not only killing more than a million children a year and leaving behind a trail of sorrow, but killing the soul of this nation. Roe makes no sense constitutionally or any other way. The Mississippi case is about more than overturning Roe; it’s about saving us from the culture of death that we’re immersed in.” Read more here.


Meet the CDC-Backed Groups That Want to Teach Trans Ideology to Kindergartners, by Patrick Hauf. “Children in Grades 3-5 are taught about masturbation, hormone blockers used to transition pre-pubescent children, STDs, and the differences between cisgender, transgender, nonbinary, and ‘gender expansive.’ Grades 6-8 are taught about abortion, contraception, and differences between vaginal, oral, and anal sex… Dr. Susan Greenwald, a retired pediatrician in Nebraska who worked with childhood victims of sexual abuse for 35 years, said the standards are closer to ‘grooming’ than age-appropriate education.” Read more here.


University of Iowa Again Found to Be Discriminating Against Religious Groups, by Jonathan Turley. “In a July 16 decision, the Eighth Circuit affirmed that the University of Iowa administrators violated the First Amendment rights of … the InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship. While the group allowed anyone to join, it required its leaders to adhere to core Christian values.  It is another major victory for religious rights… It is also a serious rebuke of the University which defiantly continued to discriminate at not just great cost to these students but the university as a whole.” Read more here.


Nancy Pelosi’s Abortion Defense Signals Alarming Trend, by Katie Yoder. “As for Speaker Pelosi, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco responded directly: ‘Let me repeat: no one can claim to be a devout Catholic and condone the killing of innocent human life, let alone have the government pay for it’ …It’s a difference the media should note: Just because a politician ties his or her faith to abortion, doesn’t mean they belong together.” Read more here.


The Bible Is Clear: Transgender Ideology Is Incompatible With Christianity, by Tyler O’Neil. “Ferguson noted that in modern America, ‘gender has become divorced from biology.’ He recounted that his interactions with gender dysphoric friends taught him three key lessons: that gender dysphoria is real and involves real suffering; that uncertainty on these issues is pervasive, especially among Christians; and that Christian engagement requires compassion and clarity.” Read more here.


Chicago Is Wrong on Condoms for 10-Year-Olds, by Laura Hollis. “…[A]ccording to Fox, these children are developmentally capable of having sex and of making the responsible choice to use a condom during sexual intercourse. In fact, he says as much in the article: ‘Young people have the right to accurate and clear information to make healthy decisions.’ So, a middle schooler having sex qualifies as a ‘healthy decision?’” Read more here.


In Louisiana, Legislators Fall Short of Saving Women’s Sports, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Until or unless the Supreme Court hears a challenge to a state law protecting women’s sports or one based on the federal government’s reinterpretation and application of Title IX spawned by last year’s Bostock decision, women’s right to fair play in Louisiana, at least for the time being, remains on the bench.” Read more here.


Mississippi’s Case Against Roe, by the Editors of National Review. “The brief notes that just last year, the five justices who agreed to strike down an abortion regulation could not agree on the basis for doing it, and the five justices who agreed on what Casey meant did not reach the same judgment in the case. The justices’ inability to devise a predictable set of rules that protects abortion from legislatures, gives them some leeway to set policy, and has some plausible grounding in the Constitution does not stem from any lack of cleverness on their part. The thing cannot be done.” Read more here.


EU Commission Will Sue Poland and Hungary at the EU Court Over LGBT Issues, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “This is the latest escalation of the ongoing culture war between the European Commission and Poland and Hungary. The Commission is the most powerful organ of the European Union. It controls the EU budget. It sets EU rules for all aspects of trade and governs the EU bureaucracy. The Commission has been openly critical of Polish and Hungarian politicians and their policies to protect life and family, and is not afraid to use all tools available to put pressure on them.” Read more here.


Psychotherapeutic and Behavioral Approaches to Treating Gender Dysphoria, by Anonymous. “The ‘affirmative’ model of care for patients with ‘gender’ identity disturbances essentially fast-tracks vulnerable people into a life dependent on exogenous hormone supplementation and surgical after-care, without helping them resolve their underlying psychological issues. The supposed scientific evidence supporting these ‘affirmative’ approaches is based on smoke and mirrors. This has resulted in many harms.” Read more here.


In Praise of Texas’s Abortion-Ban ‘Trigger’ Law, by Kevin D. Williamson. “It is difficult to say whether the Supreme Court actually will overturn Roe and its companion cases, but if five of the justices were to muster enough self-respect to do their job, it is likely that the ruling would be followed by some considerable civic disturbance and political violence, because that is how Americans do things, now. Better to have the law on the books before the riots start.” Read more here.


Senate Republicans Are Determined to Get to the Bottom of Planned Parenthood’s PPP Loans, by Rebecca Downs. “The Small Business Administration (SBA) approved funds for Planned Parenthood it was not supposed to, to the tune of $80 million… Last August, then Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) spearheaded an effort to demand accountability on the loans, and if Planned Parenthood knowingly committed fraud to obtain these loans. Since then, even with Sen. Loeffler out of office and their party now in the majority [sic], Republicans have not let up.” Read more here.


We Are Doctors. Here’s the Truth About Transgender Females’ Bodies and Athleticism, by Michelle Cretella and Quentin Van Meter. “Studies have identified more than 3,000 genes that are differentially expressed in male and female skeletal muscle. Obvious bone differences due to a combination of genetics and hormones even exist at birth; the average male is heavier and taller than the average female and this advantage continues, when controlled for stage of puberty, throughout life. Genetics is why a male who self-identifies as female remains male, and giving estrogen to a male does not transform him into a female.” Read more here.


We Should Defund Colleges and Universities That Distribute Abortion Drugs, by Rep. Chip Roy, Sen. Steve Daines and Kristan Hawkin. “In California, abortion activists recently helped pass a law mandating every public college and university to make abortion pills available to pregnant female students, without exception. This move to dramatically expand abortion on college campuses essentially converts every student health center into another Planned Parenthood and turns dorm rooms into potential abortion clinics.” Read more here.


You Have a Right to Be Transgender. You Don’t Have a Right to Expose Yourself to Women, by Dennis Prager. “Within the lifetime of even the youngest person reading this column, exposing the male organ to strangers … was considered sick and criminal. Men who did it were arrested and charged with indecent exposure, and rightly so. In the span of a few years, thanks to the schools people still send their children to, and thanks to the media people still watch, listen to and read, exposing one’s penis is to be considered wholesome and not only legal but a fundamental civil right.” Read more here.


Medical Professionals and School Districts Are Denying Girls Access to Mental Health Services, by Ginny Gentles. “…[P]arents with daughters who have historically struggled with anxiety, body image, obsessive thoughts, and eating disorders are being told that any expression of gender dysphoria, commonly known as a transgender identity, must be affirmed and validated. Rather than partner with parents, doctors, mental health professionals, and public school staff ignore the child’s mental health anguish, and focus only on validating their gender confusion.” Read more here.


Sports Illustrated’s New Transgender Cover Model Is the Latest Harbinger of Our Confusing Future, by Jonathon Van Maren. “…[E]very time a trendy ‘trans girl’ takes another award or prize or spot from an actual female, the space allotted to women shrinks. That said, biological men identifying as women and winning beauty pageants and landing on swimsuit covers has got to be some sort of feminist nightmare: patriarchy combined with crude objectification. To many trans activists, being gawked at and catcalled like a real girl is the goal, not an irritating part of life in a pornified culture.” Read more here.


Why Free Online Porn Should Be Banned, by Anthony Leonardi. “On a foundational level, our country enacts laws that protect the least of us, particularly children, from becoming victims. Neither federal law nor the Constitution permits obscenity or child pornography. But a proactive, commonsense porn law, like banning free online porn, can and should be enacted to protect them.” Read more here.


Abortion Is Always a Tragedy. No Hollywood Treatment Can Cover That Up, by Madeline Fry Schultz. “…[D]espite a fetus’ current residence in his or her mother’s womb, that infant is still a living, human child, one that would certainly be recognized as such if the mother had chosen to keep her baby. When she’s the first or second child, she’s a miracle, she gets a gender reveal, she has presents piled up for her at a baby shower. When she’s the accident that arrives after the parents have decided they’re done having children, she’s just a clump of cells that an abortionist can dispose of in a ‘safe and quick’ procedure.” Read more here.


Hey, There, IOC: Why Are You Letting Men Compete Against Women at the Olympic Games? by Donna M. “Despite the International Olympic Committee’s mission and commitment ‘to encourage fair play,’ ‘to act against discrimination’ and ‘to encourage and support the promotion of women,’ it has abandoned women. The pinnacle event for female sports is a mockery. Why? Because men are masquerading as women at Tokyo. At least three men have taken the place of female athletes at the Olympics.” Read more here.


The Nation’s Most Profitable Abortion Business Is Also the Main Provider of Sex Ed for Children, by Catherine Livingston, Ph.D. “According to Planned Parenthood, any sex education that promotes avoiding sex before marriage is ‘shaming’ and doesn’t work at all. In fact, in its own words and in bold print, what the abortion giant actually says is this: ‘We have to fight against abstinence-only-until-marriage/SRA [sexual risk avoidance] programs and advocate for sex education laws and funding that support the full range of sex education topics that young people need.’” Read more here.


Why Are Defense Department Schools Transitioning Students’ Gender Behind Parents’ Backs? by Amy Haywood. “To ‘out’ children to their parents, said the teacher, would be ‘unsafe’ and would put them ‘at risk’ at home. For these children, she claimed, school might be the only safe place for them to be their authentic selves, with their chosen ‘safe’ adult. Activist Gay-Straight Alliance sponsors are assuming the roles of medical professional and parent as they facilitate secret gender transitions at school.” Read more here.


The Transgender Industry Is Culling Tomboys Out of Existence, by Nathanael Blake. “The biggest sources of sex stereotypes and strict gender roles in America today are the trans movement and its allies. Many self-described feminists have knuckled under, cheering as it is said that girls should stick to dresses and dolls and that girls who like ‘boy’ things must actually be boys. The transgender movement is far more sexist than the most retrograde, fundamentalist Christians I’ve ever known — at least the latter still let their daughters enjoy basketball and PE.” Read more here.


‘Gender Neutrality’ Emojis Have Given Us a Pregnant Man Emoji, by Rebecca Downs. “There is also ‘a gender-inclusive alternative’ to the princess and prince emojis. The new emoji will simply be ‘Person with Crown.’ It’s all part of a consistent ‘gender neutral option’ though, as mentioned in the blog: ‘The above additions will mean that nearly all emojis can have default [sic] a gender neutral option, with choice to use a woman or man where relevant.’” Read more here.


Against ‘Impurity,’ by Dominic Pino. “If your idea of pornography is Playboy, we aren’t even having the same conversation. We’re so far beyond revealing pictures of models or famous actresses. However bad you think Internet pornography is, it’s worse than that, and the choices are endless. Inexhaustible supply, delivered immediately, no consequences… The church has been powerless to stop it. It feels like all we get are sermons on impurity.” Read more here.


No, Emma Corrin, Chest Binding Is Not ‘Cool,’ by Grace Glaser. “…[A] growing number of young girls have been practicing a technique called chest binding, which involves compressing breast tissue in an attempt to appear more masculine. Compression garments are frequently worn by transgender and ‘nonbinary’ people to diminish feelings of body dysmorphia. Despite the potentially severe consequences, chest binding has been glamorized by fashion magazines and celebrities as a means of fueling the transgender movement.” Read more here.


‘Birthing People’ Canceled – Along With Yet-to-be-Birthed People, by Ann Farmer. “Some have warned that the ‘birthing people’ controversy is just ‘the latest move towards a language which erases women.’ Indeed, we are fast approaching a Brave New World in which the F-word is ubiquitous but motherhood is a dirty word… The wokest of people are usually the most anti-people of people, even while they shout loudest about human rights.” Read more here.


Feminist Camps Clash Over Gender Ideology, Decriminalizing Prostitution, by Lisa Correnti. “Called ‘An Affirmation of Feminist Principles,’ the statement includes eight tenets… These include legalizing abortion, decriminalizing prostitution, ‘gender-transformative comprehensive sexuality education’ for children, including for bodily autonomy and pleasure, opening women-only spaces to biological men who identify as women, and free, comprehensive life-long health care that assists persons identifying as transgender to change their bodies with hormones and surgery.” Read more here.


Schools, Back Off. It’s My Kid You’re Transitioning, by Anonymous Author. “Without my permission or knowledge, my son’s school counsellor changed his name to a girl’s name. When I wrote to the counsellor, she ignored my emails. I was looked upon as the enemy even though I have always been my son’s biggest advocate. I was afraid to push back because I feared that the school would call in child services.” Read more here.


For These Booksellers, Science Is Suddenly Violence, by Madeline Fry Schultz. “It would be funny, if it weren’t so sad, to see the way progressives on Twitter responded to the ABA’s already groveling apology. ‘You’ve actively hurt people,’ reads one comment, which, as far as I can tell, is not satire. No mention of the ‘hurt’ that may be endured by thousands of young girls who permanently alter their biology to conform to an identity they might well wish to abandon when they grow up a bit.” Read more here.


Loudoun County Parents Discover Chilling CRT Teacher Training Material Decrying ‘Heterosexism’ and Parental Autonomy, by Kira Davis. “Got that? The role of parents role is to respect the teachers’ authority as the secondary parent in a child’s life. If any birthing person want to exercise their role as a co-parent with the state and voice their opinions about Critical Race Theory they will first need to…*checks notes*… ‘accept responsibility for their own racism, sexism, heterosexism, etc., and attempt to deal with them in a non-defensive, guilt free manner.’” Read more here.


Yale Professor Wants Your Kids to See Sex at Pride Parades so They’re Not ‘Homophobes,’ by Spencer Lindquist. “The assertion that ‘children might like it,’ with ‘it’ referring to adult nudity and kink, blatantly contradicts the common moral understanding that children should be entirely removed from adult sexuality. Through this statement and the entire article, it becomes apparent that this understanding is one Fischel is actively working to undermine.” Read more here.


Thanks to Neil Gorsuch, the Biden Administration Is Forcing Employers Everywhere to End Free Speech and Put Men in Women’s Bathrooms, by Laura Baxter. “This regime forces employers to waste enormous amounts of time and money on compliance (i.e., lawyers), Orwellian training, complaint hotlines, and redesigning perfectly serviceable bathroom facilities. And employees waste time and brain cells on continuous self-censorship, while struggling with how to stand up for their convictions without getting fired. Actual work, of course, goes on the back burner.” Read more here.


I Went to Drag Queen Story Hour in Washington, D.C. so You Don’t Have To, by Gabe Kaminski. “One can only hope parents did not have knowledge of the performer’s past while bringing children to the event. Her performances include dancing in stockings with pieces of green cake falling off her costume, singing shirtless with duct tape on her breasts as people touch her forehead, dancing with a black thong around her thighs, and laying down with what appears to be fake sperm across her mouth.” Read more here.


Radical Transgender Activism Is Proof Positive That We Have Lost Our Corporate Minds, by Michael Brown. “No one has the right to expect that a biological male, naked and fully exposed, will not come marching into the women’s area? No one has the right to expect that their children will not suffer this kind of sexual and psychological abuse? Seriously? This used to be called indecent exposure. You could go to jail for this. But not today. Today it is just a needless ‘hullabaloo,’ to quote the exact term used by the Times. We’ll get over it soon enough.” Read more here.


New York Times Shocked: Parents Oppose ‘Porn Literacy’ in Schools, by Ben Johnson. “In reality, parents objected to an overly explicit (and amoral) presentation being made to their children without their consent. One outraged parent told the New York Post, ‘It’s outrageous that the school is introducing pornography into a mainstream classroom and starting to indoctrinate kids. The goal of this is to disrupt families.’ That parent may not have known how right she was.” Read more here.


Netflix Star Dons Latest LGBT Fashion Trend to Promote Gender Confusion in Young Girls, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Corrin’s ‘first breast-binder’ photo, unfortunately, will torque the transgender craze and assist in the normalization of the medicalization of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. For many girls considering taking this step, a faux-sexy celebrity photo shoot will go a long way towards convincing them that this is a safe and normal step to take. Transgender ‘treatments’ have entered the mainstream. Protect your families. This is going to get much worse before it gets better.” Read more here.


2 Educators Fight for Their Jobs After Suggesting Commonsense Transgender Policies for School, by Nicole Russell. “…[W]hat’s the harm in allowing for multiple viewpoints in the spirit of tolerance? Perhaps their commonsense views would have been a jumping-off point to a different kind of debate, one that allows for tradition, logic, and science—rather than the pervasive view that transgender students should be able to waltz into whatever bathroom they desire, to the chagrin of other students and their privacy.” Read more here.


Trans Activist: ‘As a Non-Binary Person, My Abortion Experience Led to a Lot of Gender Dysphoria,’ by Jonathon Van Maren. “Lloyd is now both an abortion activist and a trans activist, attempting to debunk the old pro-abortion slogans about abortion being a women’s issue. Abortion activists who never accepted that pre-born children had fathers and that fathers have a stake in the future of their children are happily accepting the idea that men can get pregnant and thus also need to experience the joy of having a child killed.” Read more here.


Yes, a Family Competes With Women’s Careers, but Family Matters More, by Joy Pullman. “If you have a husband and children — and the vast majority of women very much want these things — it is counterproductive to acquire them only to take them out only on weekends like rented designer clothing. Not only do you miss the full experience of family life this way, you also miss the opportunity to shape your children deeply in the ways that women find so rewarding and society needs so badly.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Denies a Woman’s Free Exercise of Christianity, by Terence Jeffrey. “Can Barronelle Stutzman, a Christian, run her flower shop in keeping with her faith? The Supreme Court—with determinative votes cast by Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and Justice Brett Kavanaugh—has effectively decided she cannot.” Read more here.


2021 Has Been a Banner Year for the Pro-Life Movement So Far, by Zachary Faria. “Voters have given their politicians a mandate, and in several states, those politicians have fulfilled it. This year, Arkansas passed a near-total ban on abortion. Idaho, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas have passed bills banning abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected… And Oklahoma and Texas have joined the 10 other states who have ‘trigger’ laws on the books, which would enact near-total abortion bans if the legal abomination of Roe v. Wade is overturned.” Read more here.


Inside UC San Francisco’s Massive Abortion Training Network, by Ben Zeisloft. “The Ryan Residency’s recruitment brochure for medical students laments that obstetrics and gynecology programs ‘do not offer routine abortion training’ and ‘spend little time discussing abortion.’ Beyond residencies, students are encouraged to attend an annual Conference on Family Planning ‘for a weekend of abortion and family planning education’ and an Abortion Training Institute to ‘learn all about abortion procedures’ and ‘abortion-focused legislation.’” Read more here.


Canadian Psychotherapist Says That School Teachers are Cultivating Transgender Kids, by Wyatt Claypool. “When asked if teachers specifically are pushing it on students Dr Gillies confirmed it and said, ‘Yes, I’ve interviewed teens about this,’ going on to agree with the proposition that some teachers feel ‘progressive’ by cultivating transgender children in their classroom and are not simply just following the lead of the children and often leading the children into identification as transgender.” Read more here.


The Transgender Lobby Wants to Rewrite the Law, by Maya Forstater. “That there are two sexes, and that people cannot literally change sex, are plain statements of fact that also align with British law… A powerful lobby group led by the charity Stonewall, which used to campaign for gay rights, has told organisations to go ‘above and beyond’ the law. As a result, we now live in a society where articulating the law is deemed an offence for which powerful people and organisations will try to ruin your life, while others look away.” Read more here.


Facebook-Funded Radical Trans Ideology Infiltrates UK Schools, by Ann Farmer. “Children naturally internalise such matters, and boys and girls still at the stage of believing in fairies, witches and magic spells will begin to wonder if they are really girls and boys, with predictable results: the numbers of self-identifying ‘gender questioning’ young people will rise, justifying … even more unnecessary, dangerous and irreversible ‘treatments’ and, no doubt, even more government money for sexual diversity activists to produce even more damaging material for schools.” Read more here.


Chinese Scientists Try to Make a Male Rat Pregnant. It’s Time to Draw the Line, by Matthew Eagan. “The ramifications for this would be extreme. Would the development of such a procedure lead to doctors being encouraged to implant uteri into biological males who identify as females so they are able to gestate children? This is just one of many questions that could and should be asked about this study and where they hope for it to lead.” Read more here.


Biden’s Budget Proposal Contradicts Majority of Americans Who Oppose Taxpayer-Funded Abortion, by Marjorie Dannenfelser and Tessa Longbons. “…Biden now caters to the most extreme pro-abortion voices in his party and has campaign promises to keep to an industry that spent millions to elect him. House Democrats likewise have the Dornan Amendment in their crosshairs. Their dream budget would unravel these vital protections – forcing taxpayers to pay for unlimited abortions, even up to birth, against the will of most Americans.” Read more here.


We’ll Tell You What ’60 Minutes+’ Won’t About How Transgender Movement Endangers Kids, by Emilie Kao. “A growing number of actual doctors in the U.S. and overseas are questioning why there is such a sudden rise in the number of children who ‘identify’ as transgender. The recent surge in the number of children expressing gender dysphoria even caused the doctors who created the ‘Dutch Protocol’ of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries to question its use on young patients with gender dysphoria.” Read more here.


If You Think Trans Ideology Is Infantile, You’re Not Wrong, by Jane Robbins. “Transgender mania thus is explained on a theoretical level by understanding this academic context. It simply doesn’t matter that there’s no science to support it and that rational people are baffled by it. There is no normal, no objective truth. And the experiences of the growing number of primarily young people who now regret the medical interventions imposed upon them are simply not ‘authentic.’” Read more here.


Academics Rush to Defend Teacher Who Taught ‘Pornography Literacy,’ Showed First Graders Cartoon About Masturbation, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “…[E]ducators defended the teacher’s methods to The New York Times, saying that she did not teach anything inappropriate… The Times emphasized that many children have already been exposed to pornography by their early teenage years and thus profit from pornography literacy classes that teach students how to assess what they see.” Read more here.


Gay Men’s Chorus Sings ‘We’ll Convert Your Children, We’re Coming for Them.’ They’re Serious, by Doug Mainwaring. “These are arrogant conquerors who, despite their after-the-fact protestations, are letting it be known that the rainbow flag has been firmly planted in American culture, eviscerating science, nature, and morality by rejecting the immutable truth of complementarity… Activist homosexuals and transgenders have ostensibly won this war.” Read more here.


Base Olympic Competition on Biological Sex, Not Testosterone Levels, by Tom Joyce. “The testosterone level policy is bunk. What matters is whether or not someone is a man or a woman. Some people have natural athletic advantages over one another. If that person is an XX chromosome woman, she should be allowed to use those advantages and compete against other women. If that person is a man with XY chromosomes, let him use those advantages to compete against other men… This isn’t an issue that should require intense debate: Accept biology and move on.” Read more here.


New Security and Humanitarian Compact: Advancing Women or Abortion Trojan Horse? by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The Compact was not the result of an open and transparent negotiation, as UN agreements are traditionally required to be. UN donors increasingly bypass traditional negotiations to avoid having to sacrifice political priorities that lack universal support, including abortion and LGBT issues.” Read more here.


When Marriage Becomes a Private Matter, by Mark Regnerus. “It matters profoundly whether a society understands marriage as a public concern or merely a private matter… Divorce severs far more than a solitary marriage, even if the union has yielded no children. In-laws are commonly cut off from an ex-spouse, and friends often wind up forced to pick sides. (I refer to divorce as ‘the gift that keeps on taking.’) Both marriage and divorce have extensive social ramifications in others’ lives.” Read more here.


The Endgame Is in Sight: Participate in the Mass Delusion of Trans Ideology or Face Sanction, by Jeanette Ward and Jonathan David Farley. “The media uses the pronoun ‘she’ to describe biologically male students who wish they were girls, and in so doing denies science and the very basis for sex-segregated restrooms and locker rooms. If biological sex does not determine restroom usage, there is no reason to prohibit any student from using any restroom, locker room, or shower that he, she or ‘ze’ desires. ‘Indecent exposure’ becomes meaningless.” Read more here.


Transgenderism: Is Restroom Choice All There Is to It? by Richard Arrington. “Should we as a society encourage young people to do what feels right, even if it is wrong? Why don’t we treat the anorexic who feels like they are fat, see themselves as fat, and starves or purges as a result, like we do the gender dysphoric? Both are harmful to the student, and both are mental illnesses. Why don’t we just tell the child with social anxiety disorder, ‘it is who you are, go home and become a hermit?’ …[W]e show compassion and seek to help them with treatment.” Read more here.


Solving the Nation’s Violence Problem Starts With Supporting Fathers, by Ellen Sauerbrey & Richard E. Vatz. “Since the 1960s Great Society, government programs that attempted to replace the father have failed to solve the problem. In fact, they have made it worse. Despite clear evidence of the relationship between crime, gangs, poverty, and educational failure, politicians, religious leaders, and the media simply refuse to acknowledge, much less address, the primary cause: the breakdown of the family.” Read more here.


Trans Women Should Not Be in Women’s Prisons, by Jo Bartosch. “But fear not, there’s a procedure for filtering out the benign convicts in wigs and lippy from the baddies who might identify as trans to gain access to female victims. A Ministry of Justice (MoJ) policy, entitled ‘The care and management of individuals who are transgender,’ advises that staff with responsibility for placing male prisoners in the female estate must first complete an e-learning module on transgender identity. What could possibly go wrong?” Read more here.


Biden Admin’s Gender-Confused Passport Reform Is Just a Road to More Confusion, by Jonathon Van Maren. “You’ll notice … that there were a number of things that Blinken did not explain. For example, why a non-binary person — who rejects identifying as either male or female — needs ‘a gender marker.’ Or why gender identity needs to be presented on government ID. Or whether self-selecting gender eliminates the usefulness of ID in the first place. Or if government documents are really the best place for self-expression.” Read more here.


WaPo Promotes Children Being Exposed to ‘Kink at Pride’ in What May Be Its Most Horrifying Piece Yet, by Rebecca Downs. “The piece reads throughout as a celebration of those engaging in kink, exposing it to children, and claiming everyone else is in the wrong. They’re ‘fierce and determined role models’ and ‘Kink embodies the freedom that Pride stands for…’ It’s one thing for people to do as they please as consenting adults and in the appropriate, private setting. Literally parading it around in public is another story entirely.” Read more here.


This Is the Dangerous LGBTQ+ Trajectory That We Have Been Warning About, by Michael Brown. “Just look at this four-word phrase: ‘woman exposing their penis’ (and yes, never forget that he did this in the presence of girls). What kind of madness is this? A woman does not have a penis (yes, we need to remind people of this fact these days, since it is hotly disputed). And a single woman is not described by the possessive pronoun ‘their…’ And what of the dangerous trajectory in which some believe that this man has the ‘right’ to such behavior since, after all, he is trans?” Read more here.


EU to Orban: Back Gay Rights or Get Out! by Pat Buchanan. “Christian teachings have a pedigree that goes back millennia. But what is the source of moral authority for modernity’s doctrine that homosexuality is moral, other than some transient ideology, which Russell Kirk reminded us is political religion? What is the source of the morality that teaches same-sex unions are the equal of traditional marriage and any government that does not agree is a bigoted regime with which we ought not associate?” Read more here.


Biden Administration Masks Abortion Agenda as ‘Gender Equality,’ by Neydy Casillas. “Simply put, the unstated purpose of Biden’s memo is to ensure access to free abortion with no limits globally, even if this means bypassing a country’s national sovereignty. The memo states that existing conditions undermine the U.S.’s ability to advance ‘gender equality’ globally because it restricts the possibility to support ‘women’s health.’ Women and gender equality are not of interest to the Biden administration, advancing the abortion agenda is.” Read more here.


Watch Barclays Demand Employees Mindlessly Agree With LGBTQ Mantras in Creepy Video, by Jordan Davidson. “During pride month in June, the multinational bank instructed employees how to ‘support pride by understanding how our actions can help the LGBT+ community…’ In addition to disturbingly telling employees to state their alliance with gay, transgender, and other queer people, the company openly encourages employees to prioritize ‘championing equality, understanding, respect, and inclusivity for the LGBT+ community.’” Read more here.


California’s Latest Gender Identity Law Is Producing Predictable Consequences, by Katie Pavlich. “A California state law passed last year … allows men to be housed at prisons with women. All they have to do is identify as a woman and they’re in. No questions or judgement allowed. Sane people knew the law would have negative effects on women in California’s prisons by putting them at risk for assault and abuse. Now, six months into the practice the results have been horrific. Worse, they were completely predictable.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Wants to Eradicate Religious Freedom, by Liberty Counsel. “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 permits houses of worship to make employment decisions based on religion… The ‘Equality Act’ would abolish this fundamental right. Churches, synagogues, and mosques could be forced to violate their sincerely held religious beliefs with respect to LGBTQ. The Senate version of the bill states that ‘Q’ stands for ‘Queer.’ This term can include the LGBTQ agenda as well as a long list of paraphilias, including ‘minor attracted individuals’ (pedophilia).” Read more here.


Critics Slam Washington Post Article Encouraging ‘Kink Culture’ for Children, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “Greenwald added: ‘The problem is that when a highly funded social movement succeeds in all of its goals, it won’t declare victory and stop: too much money, too much activist bureaucracy and jobs at stake, so it keeps expanding to justify its own existence into unrecognizable areas.’” Read more here.


Women’s Sports Are Under Attack, by Nicola Williams. “No one has a human right to compete in the Olympic Games. Nonetheless, in 2015, … the IOC reviewed its 2003 policy. The new policy ditched not just the testes-removal requirement but all three of the old criteria, opening up eligibility to compete as female to many more trans-identifying males, not just transsexuals. Now all that’s needed is a declaration of gender identity, and testosterone suppression for twelve months, to a level that is still ten times higher than the typical female level.” Read more here.


Britons Are Fighting for American Values, by Abigail Shrier. “Gender ideology provides the ultimate test for free speech across the West precisely because its demands are so egregious, its arrogation of women’s rights so shameless, its tenets so absurd: the case for ‘reasonable minds may differ’ will never be more easily made. Fail this test, and we will soon be babbling Woke patois: ‘My pronouns are she and they.’” Read more here.


Save James: Father Risks Arrest to Save 9-Year-Old Son From Forced Gender Transition, by John-Henry Westen. “Jeff points out just how dangerous the ‘transitioning’ methods are to psychological and physical health. He explains how ‘puberty blockers block the normal growth of the skeleton,’ and mentions the problems with cross-sex hormones, which cause permanent sterilization. Jeff tells me how he believes it is his right and duty as a father to protect his son and to disobey ‘any illegal order, mandate or law that especially endangers my son.’” Read more here.


Laurel Hubbard Is Just a Symptom of New Chilling Attacks on Free Speech in New Zealand, by Amy Brooke. “The situation regarding the NZOC’s decision is now even more relevant, given new proposals by the Left to widen New Zealand’s ‘hate speech’ legislation, proposing it be removed from the Human Rights Act to create a new offence in the Crimes Act. Despite the usual disclaimers, it will inevitably (and is very probably so designed) not only inhibit debate but empower the government to punish those formerly able to claim freedom of speech in any area now regarded as displeasing. Possible debate around basic sexuality has become one of these fraught areas.” Read more here.


Marriage Officers Should Have the Right to Object on Religious Grounds, by Shaun de Freitas. “…[T]he required protection should be awarded to the marriage officer or magistrate who objects to solemnise same-sex marriages, an objection based on a conscientiously prescribed conviction. Related to this, the civil authorities, as tasked by the Constitution itself, ‘must respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights.’ The final outcome in this matter will clearly indicate the degree of commitment and urgency by the government to truly advance diversity…” Read more here.


When Men Are Crowned First Place in Female Beauty Pageants, You Know Elites Think You’re Stupid Cattle, by Gabe Kaminsky. “If this all rubs you the wrong way, don’t fret. You are a sane person who understands basic science, regardless of what corrupt institutions and the government demand that you think. Enriquez’s victory is not shocking given the cultural moment we find ourselves in, but the minute it becomes normalized by the public is when our republic gets laid to rest.” Read more here.


The Trouble With Claiming 1 in 5 Latter-Day Saints Is Non-Heterosexual, by Jacob Hess. “…[S]cientific research has the potential to unite us as we gather together to grapple over truth and consider the meaning of particular datasets. This scientific process at its best can undermine even popular narratives and unsettle cherished ideas. But at its worst, we see more and more examples of exactly the opposite — selective data analyses being leveraged to advance popular narratives, quite apart from what the actual truth of the matter is. And that should concern us all.” Read more here.


‘Trans Mission’ Raises Questions LGBT Activists Refuse to Answer About Transgendering Kids, by Nathanael Blake. “Even if we accepted the claim that some adults should surgically alter their bodies to impersonate the opposite sex, could we ever justify putting young children on a course of social and medical interventions that will leave them sterile and consigned to a life of potentially hazardous hormone treatments? … This is not about being nice to Caitlyn. It’s about ruinous mutilations of children’s bodies.” Read more here.


U.S. and Other Donors Pledge Billions at UN Event to Promote Abortion and Radical Feminist Policies, by Alexis I. Fragosa, Esq. and Rebecca Oas, Ph. D. “Twenty-five years ago, 189 countries adopted a landmark platform to advance women’s rights without creating a right to abortion. This week, the UN commemorated that agreement with a forum in which donors pledged billions of dollars to advance abortion and a radical feminist agenda.” Read more here.


5 Things Every Christian Should Know About the Trans Movement, by Brandon Showalter. “Until recently, the idea that someone might be ‘transgender’ was confined to the margins of society and was seen as an extremely rare phenomenon. Today, rising numbers of people, especially in the younger generations, are not only identifying as the opposite sex, as transgender, but are choosing a new gender identity from an ever-growing list of made-up options. Some of these include ‘nonbinary,’ ‘agender’ or ‘genderqueer.’ None of these so-called gender identities can be defined biologically or in material terms.” Read more here.


Doublespeak on Abortion Helps Neither Women nor Children, by Christina Francis. “This is what the pro-choice lobby doesn’t want you to know: according to the Guttmacher Institute’s own numbers, the overwhelming majority of abortions in the U.S. are performed for socioeconomic and not medical reasons. Even so, pro-choice advocates pretend that abortion and women’s health are one and the same. They are not, and in fact, there are thousands of cases each year of abortions causing lasting damage to a woman’s health.” Read more here.


Abortions Due to Disabilities and Illness are Heartbreaking and Should Not Be Normalized, by Charlotte Pence Bond. “Fostering a sense of normalcy around late-term abortions due to disability enhances the stigma that disabled persons and their families live with on a daily basis, not to mention ignores the situations when doctors are wrong about a diagnosis and a mother who was encouraged to abort her baby gives birth to a perfectly healthy child. It also reinforces the notion that some lives are worth living — while others are not.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Gives Democrats Free Rein to Transgender Public Schools, by Margot Cleveland. “…[W]hile the Supreme Court may see no urgency in the resolving the legal questions at issue, while the justices sit on the sidelines, the privacy rights of children (and adults) are at risk, as are parental rights, the right to free exercise of religion, and the right to free speech—which also includes the right not to be compelled to speak, even when the forced speech concerns pronouns.” Read more here.


Repudiating Roe (Part I): The Most Important Abortion Case in Thirty Years, by Michael Stokes Paulsen. “Roe’s formulation of the abortion right is also quite extreme… After viability, an abortion may be had for any ‘health’ reason, but ‘health’ is defined broadly (and misleadingly) to embrace emotional, psychological, age, or ‘familial’ considerations. This loophole is big enough to make the right to abortion functionally absolute, even when the child could live outside the womb.” Read more here.


Repudiating Roe (Part II): The Pernicious Doctrine of Stare Decisis, by Michael Stokes Paulsen. “Whenever it can be said, with sufficient confidence, that a prior decision is seriously and meaningfully wrong—not just technically mistaken in some minor, immaterial, or inconsequential respect; not a matter of reasonable disagreement; but out-and-out wrong in a way that matters—the justices’ ultimate duty to the Constitution obliges them to overrule the error. Roe … is not a close case. It is a flat-out indefensible misreading of the Constitution with enormous consequences.” Read more here.


By Dodging School Bathrooms Case, Supreme Court Cements Earlier Win for Transgender Rights, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “The recent guidance issued by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights makes clear that at least until a change in administration or the Supreme Court’s review of the issue, Title IX’s prohibition on sex discrimination in educational institutions that receive federal funding will be interpreted to mean discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, too.” Read more here.


Transgender, Transracial, What’s the Difference? by Rod Dreher. “If men can have vulvas, and women can have penises, despite their biology, and despite their DNA, by what standard do we tell Oli London that he can’t be an ethnic Korean, despite having the DNA of an Englishman? I think he’s beyond bonkers, but if identity is a matter of self-perception and assertion, no matter what biology testifies, then Oli has a valid point.” Read more here.


Ohio Democrats Bang on Desks to Disrupt Vote on Amendment to Protect Women’s Sports From Men, by Joshua Arnold. “It’s sad that legislators are so imprisoned by a false ideology that they cannot endure a brief description of reality. And it’s sad that so many grown Americans lack the self-control to listen to an opposing point of view with civility and respect. On the other hand, it’s encouraging to see states maintain momentum in protecting women’s sports.” Read more here.


How a 10-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Saved Her From Going Transgender, by Walt Heyer. “With this mother’s permission, I share her terrifying experience of almost losing her young daughter in a few short months. I’ve shortened her emails for space and clarity. Her story illustrates how easily a ten-year-old girl can be groomed into a cross-sex identity, but for the intervention of her mindful parents… Their story followed a common five-step process I have seen numerous times.” Read more here.


‘Progressive’ Education: Against Religion, Substitute Polymorphous Sexuality, by David Lewis Schaefer. “…[F]ew of these scenarios have anything to do with the stated purposes for implementing a sex-education curriculum: preventing pregnancy or STD’s. Instead, the aim is to encourage students to rethink their gender identification and sexual orientation, to challenge traditional sources of moral authority, and to regard sexual activity, as early as the tenth grade, as a ‘right’ free of parental interference.” Read more here.


Thanks to Supreme Court Cowardice, the Government Is Still Persecuting Jack Phillips for Being a Christian, by Dennis Weisman. “The extant case is arguably not about discrimination, unless it is discrimination against Phillips’s religious beliefs, but about the Colorado Civil Rights Commission expressing its disapproval of his views. Phillips does not think the way the commission thinks he should. Phillips is a devout Christian, and the government should not force him to employ his skills in a manner that offends his faith.” Read more here.


SOCE Reduces Suicidality in a New Study, by Andrè Van Mol, M.D. “What if another study came to print asserting that sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) constituted harmful stressors to sexual minorities? What if a published letter to the editor in the same journal exposed gaping holes in the assessment? What if a reanalysis of the original study … revealed polar opposite findings: SOCE ‘strongly reduces suicidality’… Now that would be something! And these things happened!” Read more here.


The Crusade to Destroy Jack Phillips Continues, by David Harsanyi. “Phillips is now back where he started, guilty of a thought crime. Scardina, in fact, admitted this was about wanting to ‘correct the errors’ in Phillips’ thinking. And an unprincipled judge has affirmed the right of certain people to impel speech on others… What is certain is that the crusade to destroy Phillips—and many others like him—will continue until the Supreme Court upholds the clear language and intent of the First Amendment.” Read more here.


Standing Up to the Gender Ideologues, by Quillette Magazine. “…[T]he very fact that she had to defend her reputation in this way shows how deeply embedded gender dogma has become in the world of arts and letters. This includes journalism, too: Even after the Academy apologized to de Wahls, news reports described the artist as being marked by ‘accusations of transphobia,’ without plainly noting that these accusations are baseless. And thanks to Google, these smears will follow de Wahls throughout her career.” Read more here.


President Biden Rants Against ‘Ugliest, Most Un-American Laws’ Which ‘Target Transgender Children,’ by Rebecca Downs. “The Equality Act would not so much protect LGBT individuals as it would infringe on the rights of everyone else who is not in lock-step with the radical left. It should never be ‘appropriate’ or be considered ‘medical care’ for minors to be given puberty blockers, hormonal therapies, and be sterilized or even mutilated because they may or may not be trans. Studies have consistently showed that most children with gender dysphoria grow out of it.” Read more here.


Promoting Loki’s ‘Bisexuality’ May Be Hurting the Show’s Ratings, by Megan Basham. “’As for why he believes the show is falling off a cliff, Heel vs Babyface states, “It’s very, very obvious to see why. Because Marvel, Disney, whichever way you want to put it, are hiring selfish, self-absorbed, narcissistic activists, who can’t see past skin, who can’t see past sexuality, who must force their politics into the show.”’” Read more here.


Births in Germany: A Dead Cat Bounce or Real Recovery? by Louis T. March. “Sadly, every year since the 1970s, more people have died than were born in Germany. Only through longevity and immigration has the population increased, and that is certainly a double-edged sword… [I]f the number of native, traditional Europeans continues to decline, with cheap labor imported to fill the gap, soon enough their societies will be European only by incident of geography.” Read more here.


Conservative Democratic [sic] Disappoints With Opposition to Legislation Protecting Women’s Sports, by Rebecca Downs. “…Edwards raised concerns that the NCAA would punish the state and not allow the 2022 Final Four to be played in New Orleans… However, as I reported last month: ‘Earlier this week, the NCAA proved it wasn’t going to punish states that passed laws to protect young women from competing in sports against biological men after all.’” Read more here.


Jamaica Under Pressure: A Caribbean Nation Faces Mounting Demands by International Actors to Change Its Abortion Laws, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “…[T]he framing of the survey’s findings as ‘massive support’ for abortion as a right is part of a coordinated campaign to convince Jamaicans that their neighbors support a right to abortion, and to convince politicians that taking a stand in favor of abortion will be popular among their constituents.” Read more here.


Fatherlessness Can Be Fatal, by Jerry Newcombe. “…[O]ne of the biggest problems with all this is viewing the father as ‘expendable.’ And who fills in the gap? Uncle Sam? The gang leaders? Of course, many young men become gang-bangers because the gang leader becomes surrogate fathers for them. The Bible warns: Bad company corrupts good morals. And the whole thing becomes a vicious cycle.” Read more here.


Growing Up With Mom and Dad: New Data Confirm the Tide Is Turning, by Nicholas Zill. “It is too early to say for certain but growing numbers of actual and would-be parents seem to be heeding the conventional wisdom that a stable two-parent family helps children flourish educationally, socially, and economically. They have come to accept that loving and being loved by one’s two parents, who are also committed to one another, has benefits for the children and adults involved and for the community in which they live.” Read more here.


Government Cannot Force Americans to Affirm Transgender Ideology, by Travis Barham. “When a right enumerated in the Constitution … conflicts with an interest, a right, or an alleged ‘right’ that is not in the Constitution, the constitutional right always prevails in a legal dispute… So, the free speech and free exercise rights of a professor should prevail over a transgender-identifying person’s demand that other people affirm his asserted gender identity (and the underlying ideological claims about the relationship between sex and gender identity that go along with it).” Read more here.


Scientists Are Creating Unborn Babies to Kill for Research, by Jamie Bowers. “‘The ISSCR is a self-appointed group of scientists with no oversight making up the rules to justify their horrific experiments. The removal of the 14-day limit shows their real goal: unlimited human experimentation, making human embryos into disposable laboratory supplies.  The removal of any limits on laboratory growth of human beings also paves a deadly path for further use of human embryos as lab rats.’” Read more here.


Nickelodeon Promotes Transgender Programming to Kids, by Armstrong Williams. “Children should be off-limits, and networks like Nickelodeon must be held accountable if people of moral standing have any leg to stand on. Children are vulnerable, easily influenced and unaware of what adults know, which is all the more dangerous and concerning… Parents could trust television content when I was younger, but those days are long gone; we are ceding the ability to raise kids who can be just kids.” Read more here.


Poll: Voters Hate the Equality Act When They Hear What It Actually Does, by Natasha Chart, Carolina Sagebin Allen, and Wendy Wixom. “When likely voters were asked whether female-only athletic competitions should be banned, only 11 percent said they should, while 74 percent disagreed. Only eight percent supported a ban on female-only homeless and domestic violence shelters, compared to 83 percent who opposed one. Asked whether they support allowing male sex offenders and domestic abusers to serve their sentences in women’s prisons, only 7 percent said yes while 82 percent said no.” Read more here.


The Problems With Laurel Hubbard’s Qualifying for the Olympics as a Woman, by Nicole Williams. “Inclusion for some always means exclusion for others. The female sport category was created to include females in sports by excluding males. Sport is about bodies, not gender identities. In fact, many sports have ‘open’ and ‘female’ categories. But the open category tends to end up looking like it’s only for men. If gender identity is allowed to replace biological sex for those who wish it, the female category, or at least the podium end of it, could end up looking much the same.” Read more here.


When Sons Become Daughters: It’s Time to Admit That Reflexive ‘Affirmation’ Has Been a Mistake, by Angus Fox. “Nearly half attributed their children’s changes in identity, at least in part, to a desire to be part of a positive social movement… Four-fifths thought that their children had been influenced by spending too much time online. Parents have been complaining about their kids’ lifestyle choices and political convictions since the dawn of time, of course. But rarely have such choices involved committing oneself to the possibility of sterility and a lifetime of medical therapies.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court’s Bostock Ruling Opened a Can of Worms for Title IX and Girls’ Sports, by Elad Hakim. “Recently, the Department of Education announced that transgender students are protected under Title IX, which [now] protects people from discrimination based on sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, in any educational setting that receives federal aid. Again, the decision was based on the court’s decision in Bostock and the broad definition of ‘sex.’” Read more here.


Lancet Commission Sanitizes China’s Human Rights Abuses Against Mothers and Children, by Alexis I. Fragosa, Esq. and Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The Commission also claims that women benefited from the one-child mandate because fewer pregnancies and births meant fewer birth complications and fewer child deaths, due to fewer children. The Commission also claims that China’s one-child policy ‘accelerated gender equality because of the large number of single daughters who benefited from all household resources.’” Read more here.


This Transgender Lawsuit Will Go to the Supreme Court, by Stu Cvrk. “While the worldwide Left … are [sic] spinning Act 626 as an outrageous violation of human and civil rights and a violation of the 14th Amendment, the reality is that the LGBTQ+ onslaught against existing societal norms is in reality an attack on traditional morality and Judeo-Christian faith. In short, this is just their latest assault on the family by undermining the time-honored practice in society and the law of parental control of minor children – without the state or cultural Marxists interfering in those personal decisions.” Read more here.


The Time I Had to Apologize for America, by Valerie Huber. “…[T]he Biden administration is proving to be the most pro-abortion administration, so the importance that it seems to be placing on dismantling this global coalition is no surprise. The [Geneva Consensus Declaration] coalition is deemed so groundbreaking and significant that pro-abortion and anti-family advocacy groups warn that decades-long gains on their radical agenda are in serious jeopardy.” Read more here.


A Sobering Moment in the Midst of June’s Endless Flood of LGBTQ Pride, by Michael Brown. “…[T]hese were the choices offered (and I quote them verbatim): ‘Female (including transgender women); Male (including transgender men); Prefer to self-describe as ______ (non-binary, gender-fluid, agender, please specify); None of the above.’ So, not only must we be told that ‘female’ includes men who identify as women and ‘male’ includes women who identify as men … [but] we must be given examples of the various ways we can self-describe in case we needed some hints.” Read more here.


The Tokyo Olympics Marks the Beginning of the End for the Integrity of Women’s Sports, by Zachary Faria. “Even while Russia is banned from fielding a team for the next two Olympics over doping, the natural biological advantage of male puberty has received the green light for competition, so long as a mostly useless one-year minimum of testosterone suppression is adhered to. And with transgenderism being a growing trend, we are likely to see more athletes like Hubbard, Wolfe, and Telfer.” Read more here.


Equality Act Slams the Door on Religious Freedom, by Star Parker. “Now that same-sex marriage is law of the land, the option of foster care in the home of same-sex couples should be examined. But they should not be free to shut down organizations insisting on biblical values. Now congressional Democrats are trying to pass the Equality Act that would do just that… The Equality Act is not about equality. It is about forcing the LGBTQ agenda on all Americans.” Read more here.


Fulton Is Not a Case About ‘LGBT Rights,’ by Alexandra Desanctis. “…[T]he agency also does not partner with unmarried straight couples. Presumably, the agency would not place a child with two brothers, straight or gay, who wish to adopt a child together, nor would the agency place a child with two female best friends who live together… [T]he Catholic Church teaches and the agency believes that it is best for children to live in a home headed up by a married mother and father. The sexual orientation of the individuals is beside the point.” Read more here.


A Small Win for the Free Exercise of Religion, by Washington Examiner. “The 9-0 majority in Fulton found that the city of Philadelphia discriminated against a Catholic organization. That’s true, and it’s good that anti-religious discrimination is still barred by the liberals on the Supreme Court. But the Constitution, rightly understood, demands more from our governments. Cities, states, and the federal government owe more than equal treatment to religion — they owe deference.” Read more here.


3 Ways the Left’s Hatred of Women Shows Up In Transgender Ideology, by Jane Robbins. “Much of the left’s misogyny arises from the sudden ‘transgender’ contagion. Trans-accommodating policies have real victims, in addition to the ultimate victimization of the gender-dysphoric. Usually if not always, those other victims are women… President Biden plans to force federally funded women’s shelters to admit biological males, and California now allows male prisoners to transfer to women’s prisons even with no surgical procedures.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court’s Unanimous Gift for Children and Pluralism, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “It’s this hostility that caused the city of Philadelphia to cut off ties with Catholic Social Services — a storied and superior player among foster-care and adoption agencies — because of their views on marriage and the family. But the good news is that the Supreme Court has heard the plea. Things have gone too far. That’s why all people of good will can rally around the Fulton case. People close to the plaintiffs in the case admit that the unanimous 9–0 ruling wasn’t in their wildest dreams.” Read more here.


Will Republicans Step Up to Challenge on Values? by Star Parker. “Those pushing the LGBTQ agenda, the anti-Christian, the anti-traditional values agenda, are totally clear with themselves that this is not about peaceful coexistence, mutual acceptance, or religious liberty. They are in an all-out cultural war to eradicate all influence of biblical values in our culture. And why should they back off? As the data above shows, they are winning.” Read more here.


Catholic Foster Care Wins Unanimously on Religious Liberty, by Dan McLaughlin. “The central front of religious-liberty battles in recent years has been government pressure on religious institutions and individuals to accept same-sex marriage and other aspects of LGBTQI+ ethics in violation of their faith. Fulton is no different. Even the Court’s most liberal justices agreed: This was a case of discrimination — against Catholics.” Read more here.


Young Women Lose Under Biden’s Title IX Edict, by the Editors of National Review. “…[R]edefining sex discrimination for schools across the country has implications beyond youth athletics. In several key contexts, this redefinition will put girls’ privacy and safety at risk, permitting a biological male to enter any female-only space without anything more than an assurance that he identifies as female. One need not be a critic of gender theory to understand why such a situation poses unique risks to female students.” Read more here.


Colorado Just Won’t Leave Baker Jack Phillips Alone, by Becket Adams. “Phillips is obviously the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment. It’s well-known he is a Christian. It’s also well-known he won’t create anything that endorses something at odds with his faith. So, ‘customers’ such as Scardina intentionally ask him to do things they know he won’t do. Asking him to do things he likely won’t do is the entire point.” Read more here.


Unanimous Supreme Court Upholds Religious Freedom of Philadelphia Faith-Based Foster Care Agency, by Bruce Hausknecht. “Despite the 9-0 win, there was some division on the conservative side of the court, and ominous warnings that the decision did not go far enough and left the important issue behind this case and many other religious freedom cases for another day. The Fulton decision can probably be better understood as 6 votes for what Chief Justice Roberts wrote, and 3 votes castigating what Roberts wrote and concurring only in the ultimate result.” Read more here.


Democrats Cite State Abortion Restrictions and ‘Trigger Laws’ In effort to Codify Roe, by Cassidy Morrison. “Blumenthal’s bill, which was re-introduced earlier this month, would establish the legal right to an abortion in all 50 states… The legislation would also outlaw states from enforcing ‘trigger laws,’ which are laws passed by state legislatures that would automatically ban abortions once Roe was overturned.” Read more here.


San Francisco Leftists Are Funding Your Local Library’s Drag Queen Story Hour, by Spencer Lindquist. “The process of Californication, in which California exports its culture to supplant the way of life of other states or regions, isn’t just an issue facing Idaho or Texas, two common destinations for those fleeing the Golden State. It’s an issue that threatens any community with a library and a group of parents who are sick enough to take their four-year-olds to cuddle with registered pedophiles for the sake of social brownie points or the entirely nebulous value of ‘tolerance.’” Read more here.


Education Secretary Prioritizes Transgender Students Over Biological Girls, Does What Supreme Court Hasn’t, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “…[T]he Education Department has decided that sex-separated spaces, protected by law for decades under Title IX, ought to be sex-neutral, and has opened up single-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, sports, overnight accommodations, and more at every institution receiving federal money to not just girls and women, but also to those who feel like girls and women. And the department will need to sniff out any perceived violation and pursue them one by one.” Read more here.


Mississippi Leans Into Life, by Chuck Donovan. “Planned Parenthood is awash in taxpayer funds, but devoid of pregnancy services and general women’s health care. So we ask you: who is providing Mississippi’s women with the personalized, life-affirming care they want and need? As taxpayers and neighbors, we can say with confidence it isn’t the jaded abortion industry. It’s you and me, and we trust and pray the Supreme Court will hear our arguments and agree.” Read more here.


In Philadelphia Foster Care Case, Roberts Supreme Court Refuses to Protect Christians From Persecution, by Margot Cleveland. “While Thursday’s headlines proclaimed the decision, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, a victory for religious liberty, in reality it represented yet another failure by the high court to definitely end the ongoing governmental targeting of faith-based organizations.” Read more here.


Unanimous Supreme Court Gives Win to Religious Foster Care Agency, by Kassie Dulin. “The Supreme Court’s unanimous judgment was a clear win not only for Catholic Social Services but for First Amendment advocates looking for a strong denunciation by the court of blatant religious discrimination by the city government. Even so, the court’s opinion was narrower than some advocates of religious freedom would have preferred.” Read more here.


The Roberts Court Punts on Religious Liberty Again, by Joe Cunningham. “Smith destroys the very foundation of the First Amendment by saying ‘Well, okay, you can abridge the free exercise of religion so long as it’s merely incidental.’ The aforementioned speculation surrounding the 9-0 decision is that Roberts, in order to rock the boat as little as possible, forged a deal with the liberal Justices and got them to sign on to a narrow decision that supports the Catholic group but does not strike down Smith.” Read more here.


Abortion Survivor Testifies Against Abortion Bill: ‘We Are an Inconvenient Truth,’ by Katie Yoder. “Abortion supporters regularly point to women’s stories to justify their position. But now, two pro-life women are sharing their personal stories about abortion in an attempt to expose abortion for what it is: the intentional destruction of innocent human life that negatively impacts women.” Read more here.


Marriage Works. Why Won’t Politicians Back It? by Harry Benson. “More than eight out of 10 young unmarried women and men want to get married. 86 percent of unmarried women and 80 percent of unmarried men under 30 in a relationship say they would ‘like to get married at some point’ in their life, while 76 percent of women and 77 percent of men under 30 say they ‘expect to get married at some point.’” Read more here.


‘Pride Month’ Is Now an Industry Targeting Children as Young as 3, but There Is a Resistance, by Christopher Bedford. “In a recent study of 13 Pittsburgh high schools, about 10 percent of students said they were transgender or ‘non-binary.’ Were these kids actually born with the ‘wrong gender?’ …No, of course not. And today, what we’re seeing is really just teenagers responding to the challenges of growing up by embracing a new ideology that is pushed on them aggressively.” Read more here.


UNAIDS Declaration Seeks to Promote Behaviours That Increase HIV Risk, by Kimberly Ells. “Despite data showing that delaying sexual debut and reducing sexual partners have been the two most effective ways to curb HIV infection, no mention whatsoever is made of these obvious, free, and highly effective strategies in the UN’s grand declaration to reduce HIV infection. …[I]t is an intentional move to promote ‘sexual rights’ ideology which insists that encouraging people to change their sexual behaviours in order to avoid infection or disease is a violation of their ‘sexual rights,’ which are purportedly included under the umbrella of human rights.” Read more here.


Abortion Activists Admit Most Late Abortions Aren’t for Medical Reasons, by Kelsey Hazzard. “Author Becca Andrews criticizes her fellow abortion advocates’ approach: ‘You’re familiar with the milieu, which goes something like this: Abortions after 15 weeks are rare, and these are heartbreaking cases where the pregnancy was wanted and something went horribly wrong. But the reality is, these are simply medical procedures given to those who need them… The reasons why people get them are often not all that different from “early-term” ones…’ Thanks. We’ve only been saying this for years.” Read more here.


Why Do Some Parents Think Prepubescent Sexual Grooming Is Pro-LGBT? by Kylee Zempel. “…[A]t the core of all the rainbow flag-waving and ‘love is love is love’ sloganeering is the sick reality that any Pride activism involving children is the result of adults sexualizing them, fetishizing them, and exploiting them for political or social gain. When a parent posits that their child’s happiness is more important than their security and a drag queen heralds a kid’s gender whims as brave and inspiring, they project their perverted sexual ethics on a generation of innocents who become casualties of the culture war.” Read more here.


Liberal Activists Promote Sex Changes for Minors, Rebranding It as ‘Gender-Affirming Medical Care,’ by Mary Margaret Olohan. “Liberal activists are rebranding sex change surgeries as ‘gender affirming medical care,’ even when discussing these procedures for children. Former transgender people and conservative activists told the Daily Caller News Foundation that this is a deliberate effort to normalize the surgeries and make them more accessible to children.” Read more here.


Why a Court Ruling on Free Speech Should Reset Gender Debate, by Murdo Fraser. “To deliberately ‘mis-gender’ an individual, or use pronouns with which they are uncomfortable, is simply bad manners. Just as it would be ignorant and discourteous to address a woman as either ‘Miss’ or ‘Mrs.’ against her wishes, so the use of incorrect pronouns for individuals should be equally unacceptable. However, it would be absurd to extend from that to conclude that ‘mis-gendering’ should amount to a criminal offence.” Read more here.


After Competing Against Transgender Athletes, Mom and Daughter Fight for Fairness in Women’s Sports, by Kelsey Bolar. “Critics of those who question such trends often downplay the growing presence of biological males in women’s sports, along with the implications for girls and women. But each instance of a transgender woman entering and affecting women’s competitions alters the rankings of athletes who were born female.” Read more here.


Left Demands That Big Business Boycott States That Don’t Want Abortion, by Nathanael Blake. “Care for the least among us begins in the womb. Abortion is a turning away from human need and vulnerability in its most elemental form, and a breaking of the primordial social bond of mother, father, and child. Abortion is an assertion of ‘I’ that violently excludes the ‘Thou’ and ‘We’ of interpersonal responsibility.” Read more here.


Watch Furious Mom’s Epic Response to School Teaching Children About Anal Sex, by Grant Atkinson. “…[T]hese young children would be forced to ‘explain the differences between cisgender, transgender, gender non-binary, gender expansive, and gender identity,’ she said… Once the children reach middle school, Swan read that the NSES would require them to ‘define vaginal, oral, and anal sex.’” Read more here.


Biden’s DOJ Threatens to Abandon Legal Protections for Religious Colleges, by Ryan Bangert. “…[T]he DOJ will not even commit to defending Title IX’s statutory religious exemption as applied to religious colleges. Progressive writers have urged that ‘figuring out where Biden stands on religious exemptions and LGBTQ rights is critical right now.’ The DOJ has now given them an answer. But before embracing that path, the DOJ should consider that making war on religious exemptions in the name of LGBT rights represents a false choice, born of an intolerant ideology.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court Must Settle the Selective-Abortion Question, by Alexandra Desanctis. “…[T]he Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked key provisions of a pro-life statute in Missouri, including the portion of the law that prohibits abortions knowingly performed after an unborn child has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. The decision marks the second time this year that Eighth Circuit judges have struck down a state law attempting to regulate selective abortions following a prenatal Down-syndrome diagnosis.” Read more here.


Your Kids Have Probably Seen Porn, and You Need to Talk to Them About It, by Daniel Weiss. “Research has shown a vast disconnect between what parents believe their children’s online behavior to be versus the actual stark, and often harrowing, truth. A 2016 Indiana University study found half as many parents thought their 14 to 18-year-olds had seen porn as had watched it in reality… Online sexual exploitation of kids is a serious social issue that is only getting worse. We are far past the time when parents can stay silent and hope for the best.” Read more here.


The Biden-Becerra Budget: Equity Is In, Religious Freedom Is Out, by Roger Severino. “A word search of the president’s 33-page budget narrative reveals his administration’s priorities… Gobs of other intersectional buzzwords are layered throughout, with women/gender, race/racial, people of color, minority, black, … sexual orientation, and transgender/gender identity appearing a whopping 90 times combined. Conspicuously missing from Biden’s equity list, however, is any mention of conscience or religious liberty.” Read more here.


Senators Are Determined for Legislation Banning Down Syndrome Selective Abortions to Come to Floor for a Vote, by Rebecca Downs. “In highlighting the ultimate form of discrimination those diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome face, the letter also notes the disturbing situation in Iceland, where virtually all children diagnosed in the womb with Down syndrome have been aborted. According to what information is available, the abortion rate for Down syndrome diagnoses in the United States appears to be at 67 percent.” Read more here.


G7 Shared Agenda Includes Ending the Lives of Unborn Children, by Marie Smith. “They commit ‘to close alignment with the Generation Equality Forum (GEF)’ which takes place in France at the end of the month and includes an action coalition on Bodily Integrity and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights which seeks ‘removal of restrictive policies and legal barriers’ so ‘50 million more adolescent girls and women,’ who currently live countries which protect unborn children from abortion, will have access to abortion by 2026.” Read more here.


Young Children Are Being Targeted With Sexual Content. The Equality Act Would Make It Worse, by Jared Eckert and Makenna McCoy. “By directly targeting children, corporations, media, and schools are seeking to normalize sexual content that is inappropriate and confusing for young audiences. In many instances, the content could be considered pornographic material, and some have described the process of normalizing as the first step in grooming children for sexual acts.” Read more here.


How 2021 Is Becoming Banner Year for Pro-Life at State Level, by Arina O. Grossu. “I researched state bills that contain at least one pro-life provision that have been enacted or advanced in each state so far this year. The bottom line? There are nearly 500 pro-life bills (or bills containing at least one pro-life provision) that have been advanced from January through May. Many of those bills contain multiple pro-life provisions.” Read more here.


Abortion Funding and the G7, by Marie Smith. “The W7 resorted to the use of bullying in its call for the G7 members … to threaten countries with ‘isolation from the G7’ if any dares to enact pro-life foreign policies like President Trump’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy, previously known as the Mexico City Policy, which prevented U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to international NGOs that perform or promote abortion on demand.” Read more here.


Science Is on the Side of Those Resisting Transgender Ideology in Schools, by Glenn T. Stanton. “For reasons still not fully understood, 75 to 90 percent of children struggling with gender dysphoria at young ages revert to identifying with their natural sex and gender by puberty… So when all the adults around such children have ‘affirmed’ their dysphoria by cooperating with name, clothing, pronoun, and other identity changes, it can be exceedingly difficult for the child to revert to their natal sex identity as they desire.” Read more here.


Did the Biden DOJ Just Reveal Its Hand in the LGBT Religious Exemption Lawsuit? by Tyler O’Neil. “It seems the Biden DOJ is winking and nodding at [the Religious Exemption Accountability Project], telling the court that it will defend the religious exemption while preparing to yield key arguments to the LGBT activists when the actual case begins. The DOJ’s rush to revise the filing after LGBT activists condemned the original version only underscores the colleges’ concerns.” Read more here.


Another Reason Birth Rates Are Dropping: We Have Devalued Parenthood, by Erica Komisar. “This me-first mentality has replaced more traditional family and communal values. There is a dwindling interest in marriage and parenthood, especially among young adults, even those who are financially secure. Young women and men do not want to make the sacrifice of time and compromises to their lifestyles that are required to have multiple children… Somehow, we have managed to convince a generation that working 9 to 5 for a corporation is more noble than sustaining and nurturing human life.” Read more here.


Media Largely Ignores Key Takeaways From Recently Released Annual Gallup Poll on Abortion, by Rebecca Downs. “Megan Brenan’s write-up for Gallup highlights that a ‘Record-High 47% in U.S. Think Abortion Is Morally Acceptable…’ That headline is technically true. The plurality, 47 percent of respondents, who find abortion to be ‘morally acceptable’ is indeed a record high. But it’s crucial to look to the results of those who find abortion to be ‘morally wrong.’ That number is at 46 percent, which is nearly identical.” Read more here.


Orban v. Blues’ Clues Pride Parade, by Rod Dreher. “Americans have children’s media, children’s schools, and even children’s breakfast cereal, propagandizing their children to accept transgenderism from an early age, and then in some states, if a child as young as 13 decides that he is trans, the state can take the child away from parents and start the process of transition. This is evil. And this is where the Left wants to take all of us. Don’t believe them when they say otherwise — whether they say it in English, Hungarian, or whatever.” Read more here.


No-Fault Divorce Is Not the Right Way to Achieve ‘Therapeutic Justice,’ by Darius Lee. “While it is good that legal systems have become more sensitive to the psychological effects of the law on participants in the legal process, we should be wary of claims that assert that no-fault divorce is ‘therapeutic’ for divorcing couples or their children. Advocates for the sanctity of marriage across the globe should pay close attention to this shift.” Read more here.


How Transgender Ideology Takes Children Hostage, by Nathanael Blake. “…[S]keptics of the trans-kids movement are accused of being hateful, bigoted child-killers. But they are not the ones feeding vulnerable children a suicide script in which the alternative to transition is death. We should be alarmed by a movement that encourages mentally distressed youth to take themselves hostage… Though those who identify as transgender do commit or attempt suicide at high rates, it has not been demonstrated that early transition will ameliorate this.” Read more here.


Secretary Becerra Still Denies Federal Law Banning Partial-Birth Abortion, by Rebecca Downs. “…Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra denied the existence of federal law when it comes to the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003… Not only was Becerra in office as a U.S. Representative for California when the bill was signed into law, which he voted against, he also was in office when the Supreme Court upheld the law… Any such assurances that the secretary will follow the law ring hollow when he cannot even acknowledge it.” Read more here.


To Have Kids or Not: Which Decision Do Americans Regret More? by James L. McQuivey. “…[T]his should give us pause as we consider whether we can so easily tell people that personal choices related to procreation are merely that, just personal choices, some of which we will regret and others we will not. For some reason, most of us really want to have kids. And for those that do, an astonishing 88% agree that ‘having children is one of the most important things I have done.’ This suggests the joy far outweighs the regret.” Read more here.


Networks Program Children With LGBT Agenda During Pride Month, by Tony Perkins. “Say goodbye to the regular plot lines of ‘Blue’s Clues’ and ‘Scooby-Doo’ – and say hello to a 21st-century lesson in transgenderism, sex, homosexuality, nonbinaries, and drag queens. That’s the new reality of radical programming on some of America’s favorite shows… Loveable animals like Arthur and My Little Pony have been commandeered by the far left for lessons that would make most adults’ jaws drop.” Read more here.


When the State Comes for Your Kids, by Abigail Shrier. “Here … are the powers granted to a 13-year-old child by the state of Washington. Minors age 13 and up are entitled to admit themselves for inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment without parental consent. Health insurers are forbidden from disclosing to the insured parents’ sensitive medical information of minor children – such as that regarding ‘gender dysphoria [and] gender affirming care…’ Insurers in Washington must cover a wide array of ‘gender-affirming treatments’ from tracheal shaves to double mastectomies.” Read more here.


Aborting Disabled Babies Is Genocide, so Why Is It Legal? by Sarah St. Onge. “Despite the official stance of the American Medical Association against both euthanasia and medically assisted suicide, academics … encourage the legality of killing disabled newborns. When these ideas are accepted in the highest places of learning, showcased in ethics discussions, and defended in newspapers, we can soon expect to see calls for ending the lives of disabled children after birth.” Read more here.


How the Irish, and Many Others, Lost Their Religious Freedom to COVID Restrictions, by Lois McLatchie. “If you’re hearing a faint solo over the Irish Sea, it might be a ‘hallelujah’ — after almost 12 months of criminalization, churches reopened recently, albeit at a limited capacity. It’s good news for many. However, the Irish government has never acknowledged that the blanket ban was ever wrong. The next time an emergency hits, it will be back to police squadrons and church raids in another bizarre blend of Exodus meets World War Z.” Read more here.


Joe Biden’s Budget Calls Mothers ‘Birthing People,’ by Micaiah Bilger. “Ultimately, the notion that abortion is health care and the belief that ‘mother’ is discriminatory devalue human life… Unborn babies are irreplaceable human beings whose lives are blotted out in the claim that killing them is health care. Likewise, the claim that women and men can both be mothers ignores one of the most special parts of being a woman: the ability to bear children.” Read more here.


How Pro-Lifers in This Texas Town Beat Planned Parenthood, by Mary Szoch. “…[B]ecause the city would not be party to civil lawsuits triggered by the ordinance and would not be enforcing the ordinance, Planned Parenthood—or any other pro-abortion business—does not have standing to sue the city over this ordinance. Hence, once Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit was dismissed, the leader of the culture of death had no option but to comply.” Read more here.


If the Supreme Court Upholds Roe v. Wade, Expect an Uprising, by Willis L. Krumholz and Robert Delahunty. “The majority of Americans support limiting abortions to the first 15 weeks of gestation, as is common in Europe. Most abortions occur before 12 weeks. Yet the people of Mississippi or any other state are precluded by a group of unelected lawyers from using the democratic process to restrict abortion even at 15 weeks? Such an antidemocratic setup makes America’s entire political system brittle, and ripe for a crackup far more momentous than Trump’s election.” Read more here.


Biden Replaces Women With ‘Birthing People’ in Woke 2022 Budget, by Spencer Brown. “’Birthing people’ (along with its related term ‘chest feeder’) is nonsense leftist gobbledygook that’s used to signal tolerance because, of course, saying that women are the exclusive source of children is exclusionary. Or something. Biology means nothing, science is out the window, and to argue otherwise makes you a terrible person, or so leftists—and exceedingly more Democrats including the President of the United States—say.” Read more here.


Pork-Stuffed Bill About to Pass Senate Enables Splicing Aborted Babies With Animals, by Haley Strack. “The U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, or so-called ‘Endless Frontier Act,’ has been lauded as a force against China’s technological dominance, but it’s turning into a giant pile of special-interest pork that increases taxpayer outlays for grotesque medical research that splices the bodies of animals with those of aborted human babies.” Read more here.


HHS Puts Abortion Special Interests Over Healthcare, by Denise Harle. “…[T]he text of the statute specifically provides that the funds cannot go to ‘programs where abortion is a method of family planning.’ But the Biden HHS’s proposed Title X rule changes would contradict that clear text in the most egregious way, allowing abortions to be intermingled with Title X services — and then requiring all recipients of Title X funds to counsel and refer women for abortions.” Read more here.


The Inconvenient Truth About LGBTQ+ Activism, by Michael Brown. “…[T]he vast majority of these Gen Z adults who identify as LGBT say they are bisexual, which points more to experimentation or confusion or breaking the norms than it does to a deep, innate sense of being different. And this, in turn, points back to the fruits of the sexual revolution, in particular, the effects of LGBTQ+ indoctrination and activism. And this leads back to my question, what are we do to?” Read more here.


Tinkering With Embryos Up to a Limit of 14 Days Is Wrong. What Happens When the Limit Vanishes? by David Albert Jones and Michael Wee. “These new proposals constitute a rule on embryo experimentation that is, in effect, a shifting goalpost. Considering that abortion is legal up to 24 weeks in Britain, or up to birth for babies with disabilities, one must wonder what principle would protect unborn infants from experimentation up to, or beyond, these same limits.” Read more here.


Scottish Feminist Criminally Charged for Tweets Opposing Gender Self-Identification, by Jonathan Turley. “What is particularly concerning in this case is that Millar was not told which of her tweets were deemed ‘malicious.’ Millar has thousands of tweets and was told that the charge is based on tweets between 2019 and 2020… After she emerged from the station, she quoted the novelist Salman Rushdie: ‘Nobody has the right to not be offended. That right doesn’t exist in any declaration I have ever read.’” Read more here.


As Mexico Votes, Transgender Self-ID Makes a Joke of Gender Parity in Politics, by Michael Cook. “The Tlaxcala electoral commission carried on a spirited debate… Its members concluded that it was wrong to doubt the reality of the candidates’ gender self-identification and that there was no evidence to support allegations of a bogus transition. How could there be? Only the candidates know whether they are male or female or whatever. Biology has nothing to do with it.” Read more here.


Corporations Don’t Care About Gay Rights – Just Money, by Tom Joyce. “Disney has no problem playing both sides of the issue so it can make as much money as possible. It sells Pride Month merchandise online, and its Twitter cover photo now includes a pride flag… This is the same Disney that removed a kiss between two female characters from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when showing the movie in Singapore… Both prison time and caning are legal punishments for gay people in Singapore.” Read more here.


Why Instagram for Kids? by Karl D. Stephan. “Rather than further erode the influence and authority of parents over their children by taking even more of the child’s attention away from the live human beings who care for them and using them as a means of profit as well as providing a dubious service that so far they have done fine without, I hope that Zuckerberg listens to the attorneys general and declares the under-13 set sacrosanct from further intrusions by his firm.” Read more here.


Biden Budget Would Scrap Decades of Consensus on Not Funding Abortion, by Melanie Israel. “Biden’s call for more funding for Title X comes amid his plan to strip the program of important pro-life protections implemented during the Trump administration. Without those protections, abortion providers, such as Planned Parenthood, would be free to commingle their federally subsidized family planning activities with their abortion activities—in a clear violation of the legislative intent of the Title X statute.” Read more here.


Corporate LGBT Pride Pushes the End of the Constitution, Not Inclusion, by Elle Reynolds. “The marketing branches of these corporations pretend the Equality Act would simply recognize that people in the LGBT community have the same human rights anyone else does. But in actuality, the Equality Act would strip religious liberties, freedom of speech, parental rights, and the safety and privacy of women and girls.” Read more here.


Canada’s Shame: Parliament Refuses to Condemn Sex-Selective Abortion, by Michael Cook. “The issue, of course, is abortion. Whatever the MPs’ views on ‘gendercide,’ they believe that a vote against sex-selective abortion must be a vote against abortion. And that is unthinkable. ‘The debate is over,’ Ms. Monsef declared. ‘Women and women alone are in control of their bodies and their health care choices. This is not a place for politicians to weigh in.’ Maybe the debate is over, but that is bad news for girls in countries like India.” Read more here.


Is Grafting Dead Babies’ Scalps onto Lab Rats Any Better Than Child Sacrifice? by Joe Allen. “Another study, published in Nature, shows pictures of infants’ scalps growing on the backs of pitiful rodents. The viewer knows the soft hair should be growing on a child’s head, but isn’t. The conscience revolts. The spell is broken. You begin to wonder whether any potential benefits to those who are alive are worth something like this.” Read more here.


These Transgender Individuals Regret Transitioning. Parents Need to Hear Their Stories, by Nicole Russell. “Not only did the school’s policy violate the parents’ constitutional rights, but perhaps more importantly, the parents did the right thing in their care for their daughter. The school attempted to subvert their authority and pushed the idea of a transition down their daughter’s proverbial throat, even though they eventually were proven to be hasty and wrong.” Read more here.


The 6th Circuit Was Right: My University Can’t Force Me to Endorse Ideas I Disagree With, by Nicholas Meriwether. “…[T]ransgender ideology is no harmless dysphoria. Falsehoods are rarely harmless, which is why I won’t endorse them. For thousands of children, it leads to intentional infertility through ‘puberty blockers’ and the surgical removal of reproductive organs, all based on confusion that frequently dissipates over time. Endorsing an ideology unsupported by science and that inflicts enormous damage on hurting people is far from compassionate.” Read more here.


In First 100 Days, Biden Redirects U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Abortion, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “In public statements in international forums, as well as behind the scenes during multilateral negotiations, Biden appointees have spoken out in favor of ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights,’ a concept that has never been accepted by consensus in the UN General Assembly, but which is understood by its proponents as including a right to abortion and other controversial elements.” Read more here.


Why Would Planned Parenthood Care About Donor Disclosure Laws When HHS Is Handing Them Millions of Taxpayer Dollars? by Rachel N. Morrison. “Although Planned Parenthood’s conspicuous silence on the matter appears surprising, it is not so shocking given that Harris and Becerra are funneling taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood in amounts that will more than make up for any donor shortfalls. Why let a little thing like past disputes over principles get in the way of such a lucrative friendship?” Read more here.


I am a Mother to a Son With Gender Dysphoria. Here Is My Message to Elected Officials, by Crystal. “Accompanying gender dysphoria are issues such as autism, which many counselors don’t take the time to understand. But, the gender affirmation-only approach in states like New Jersey only encourages our children and young adults to transition. We would serve our children better by providing them with proper mental evaluations as to why they experience anxiety in their real bodies.” Read more here.


Institutions Are Destroying Themselves to Appease Science-Denying Transgender Activists, by Zachary Faria. “The extent to which institutions will bend to accommodate the fictional worldview of transgender activists is absurd… The institutional rot of social justice is most evident when it comes to this issue, where dissent is silenced and biology is warped to fit the ideological view of whatever activists demand. These institutions sacrifice their dignity and their independence to please angry ideologues, and it will only get worse before it gets better.” Read more here.


Studies Prove Pro-Life Laws Save Babies From Abortions, by Paul Stark. “Take parental involvement laws. Numerous studies show that these measures reduce the rate of abortion among minors. A study in the American Journal of Public Health, for example, found that the minor abortion rate in Minnesota dropped 28 percent in the years immediately following enactment of Minnesota’s parental notification law (the abortion rate did not decline among women ages 20-44, who were unaffected by the law).” Read more here.


Joe Biden Wants to Overturn Pro-Life Law That Has Saved 2.5 Million Babies From Abortions, by Liberty Counsel. “The Biden administration’s pro-death radical agenda continues as the fiscal 2022 budget proposal includes eliminating the Hyde Amendment, which will destroy a 40-year ban on federal funding for abortions and force taxpayers to pay for the intentional killing of unborn babies.” Read more here.


Meet ‘Gegi,’ the Unicorn Schools Are Using to Turn Young Children Into Trans Activists, by Georgia Howe. “Until very recently in human history, having separate restrooms, sports teams, and sleeping quarters for boys and girls was the norm. However, according to Airton, ‘with these new human rights protections, [those] might actually constitute discrimination,’ and children should be equipped with the knowledge to confront that ‘discrimination.’” Read more here.


Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife: ‘Blue’s Clues’ Is Trans-Propagandizing Preschoolers, by Joy Pullman. “…[T]he only thing that sets LGBT people apart from others is their sexual behavior. Therefore, to talk about the ‘LGBT community’ with preschoolers is to talk about sex. And not ‘sex’ as in age-appropriate basic human biology — men have certain body parts, women have others, and together those parts can make babies — but R-rated sexual techniques like anal sex, oral sex, and masturbation.” Read more here.


From Mickey Mouse to Tony the Tiger, Brands Improperly Target Kids for Pride Month, by Nicole Russell. “Pride Month, and particularly the parades that are staged nationwide throughout the month, often feature drag queens, whose appearance would be confusing to most children. The inherently sexual nature of LGBTQ issues makes the topic inappropriate for children who have yet to understand, let alone wonder about, their own gender, sex, or identity.” Read more here.


Biden’s $6 Trillion Spending Proposal Forces American Taxpayers to Fund Abortions, by Jordan Davidson. “Since the 1970s, Congress has included the Hyde Amendment in spending bills to prevent taxpayer dollars from funding abortions except if the mother’s life is in danger, she was raped, or there was incest. Biden’s newest spending plan excludes this provision protecting Americans’ consciences and instead reinstates giving federal finances out to cover killing babies.” Read more here.


Hi, Doc, I’d Like to Order Some Chemo, Please, by Lynn Meagher. “…[I]magine that thousands of children were given chemo, with no diagnostic tests. Imagine further, that the patients began complaining that parts of their bodies were disturbing to them and asked the doctors to remove those healthy body parts. Imagine that the doctors all complied… Can you just picture the outrage? The lawsuits? The media coverage? Nope. Silence… Now open your eyes. It’s actually happening.  It’s called ‘gender therapy.’” Read more here.


Incarcerated Women Brace for Influx of Male Inmates, by Abigail Shrier. “For the moment, the transfers are arriving from male prison. But under California law (and … presumably all states, if the Equality Act passes), male convicts will soon not need to begin their sentence at the male prison. They will simply identify as women at time of conviction and go straight into women’s prison as ‘female inmates.’ In other words, they may soon be untraceable by journalists or feminist groups who would want to know how the women trapped in this experiment are faring.” Read more here.


U.S. Taxpayers Don’t Want to Fund Abortion, by Katie Yoder. “Abortion activists frequently argue that abortion should be a private ‘choice’ between a woman and her doctor. But when millions of taxpayers are forced to pay for that choice – one that results in the destruction of a human life – abortion becomes a public issue in an unmistakable way.” Read more here.


Transgender Ideology Versus the Truth Business, by Washington Examiner. “Culture warriors … note the demands of good manners … and leverage this to demand that society as a whole toss aside the notion of biological sex. They say that we may not call biological males ‘males’ if they identify as girls. The culture warriors don’t want to let Mitchell voice her objection to being cheated out of success by boys competing as girls. Instead, they bully newspapers to describe male athletes as ‘transgender athletes.’” Read more here.


China’s New Three-Child Policy Is Nothing to Celebrate, by Reggie Littlejohn. “Most couples in China are not willing to have a second child of either gender, largely because of the expense. For this reason, China did not experience the baby boom it had expected when it moved to the two-child policy in 2016. Indeed, its birth rate has plummeted to the lowest in decades. It is facing a demographic crisis because of its rapidly ageing population. The move to a three-child policy is too little, too late to avert this impending disaster.” Read more here.


Biden Twists History, Using an Islamic Terror Attack as an Excuse to Force His LGBT Agenda, by Tyler O’Neil. “This statement ignores the fact that various aspects of American society, from public schools to literature to corporate America to the Biden administration itself, bend over backwards to kowtow to LGBT activist demands, even to the point of endangering key fundamental rights like free speech and religious freedom. While some people who identify as LGBT do face limited hostility, the LGBT activist movement enjoys immense sway.” Read more here.


‘Gender Nullification Surgery’ Enables ‘Non-Binary’ Patients to Achieve ‘Smooth Genital Area,’ by Georgia Howe. “…[M]y immediate reaction is this is wildly predatory on the part of these doctors. It should be plainly evident to anyone, regardless of medical credential, that a person who wants to remove all genitals, or add supplementary genitals, is someone who requires far more care and counseling than just superficial plastic surgery. I don’t mean to be insensitive to the ‘enbys,’ but this is insane and astonishingly exploitative.” Read more here.


Virginia County’s ‘Diverse Book Collection’ Spotlights Radical Agenda Coming to K-12 Schools, by Jarrett Stepman. “The book ‘Ana on the Edge,’ recommended to sixth graders, is about a female figure skater who meets a girl who ‘identifies’ as a boy and wants to identify as a boy herself… At the eighth-grade level and above, the number of books about transgenderism, bisexuality, homosexuality, and with racial and gender identity topics explodes.” Read more here.


Boom in LGBT Content for Children: Queer Is in, Christian Is Out, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Now that indoctrination is both institutionalized and commercialized, you’re called a conspiracy theorist, bigot, and homophobe for pointing this out. Queer is in, Christian is out, and all you can do is ensure that you keep a close eye on your kids at the library, at Barnes and Noble, and online. The LGBT activists certainly will be.” Read more here.


Kellogg’s LGBT-Themed Cereal Features Preferred Pronouns on Box, by Tony Perkins. “There are rainbow Skittles, gay Mickey Mouses, custom Converse, even Love Is Love Le Creuset, but they’re coming on the market at a time when most Americans are saying: ‘Enough!’ They don’t want their cereal preaching transgenderism or their drinks fighting voter ID… So when Fruit Loops tries to serve up new genders, don’t be surprised if he, she, they, or them don’t buy it.” Read more here.


Chemical Abortion: Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You, by Tessa Longbons and Hannah Howard. “When the in-person requirement is removed, the risk increases dramatically. Without an ultrasound, doctors cannot confirm the age or location of the pregnancy. Instead, women could inadvertently be prescribed the pills at later gestations, when chemical abortion becomes less effective and more dangerous. If a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, which cannot be alleviated by chemical abortion, her life will be at risk.” Read more here.


Lego Releases Set Celebrating ‘LGBTQIA+’ Figures, Drag Queens, by Tony Perkins. “If Lego wants to trot down this same controversial path, it’ll learn pretty quickly that American parents aren’t interested in its building blocks of indoctrination. Most U.S. consumers are wide awake, thanks to the cancel culture, and they’re not about to let a major decision by Lego corrupt a playful tradition that they loved as children themselves.” Read more here.


The Stealthy Cancelling of Mummy Knows Best, by Lizzie Troughton. “Parents need to be aware and suspicious of the trend of sidelining them with the reassurance of ‘trust me, I’m from the government’, advocacy needs effectively to target the policy-makers and school management, and law needs to be clearly and persuasively articulated. Without this, the movement to sexualise children through a public broker will see parental primacy become a memory.” Read more here.


Transgender Activists Do Not Want You to Hear Stories of ‘Gender Transition’ Regret, by Madeline Osburn. “If ‘detransitioning’ wasn’t a growing trend and did not undermine so much of the transgender movement’s message, then by their own logic, they would let them ‘live their truth.’ Maybe even add another letter to the LGBTQQIP2SAA community that supposedly affirms all non-traditional patterns of sexuality and gender.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Promotes LGBTQI Rights in Foreign Policy, Threatening International Religious Freedom, by Grace Melton. “It further promises to fight ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia,’ which means that the US military is now effectively charged with pressuring other countries to change their domestic laws and policies dealing with sexual conduct and other sensitive moral issues. Military leaders are now simultaneously charged with promoting relationships with allies and also promoting LGBTQI+ tolerance and policies. It may prove very difficult to do both.” Read more here.


There Is Nothing Sexist About Opposing At-Home Abortions, by Georgia Gilholy. “It is … impossible to estimate a pregnancy’s gestation over the phone. As of December 2020, there were at least 52 cases reported to the Department of Health and Social Care of women who used pills-by-post beyond 10 weeks gestation, including a case where the pregnancy was a month on from the legal time limit.” Read more here.


‘Gender Fluid’ Celebrities Like Demi Lovato Are Defining New Moral Relativism, by Nicole Russell. “A common misconception is that people are now less afraid to announce themselves as nonbinary thanks to the prevalence of the LGBTQ community in everyday life. However, it makes more sense to view the wave of new nonbinary people as a popularity contest, a contagious frenzy: Making such a claim grants attention to stars who crave it.” Read more here.


Abortion Always Kills a Baby, by Chelsey Youman. “A woman may be capable of undergoing an abortion without permanent physical damage, but an innocent human life is always violently ended. During abortion procedures, babies were once burned alive with saline solution; today, they are more often pulled to bloody pieces while alive by a surgeon’s instruments or expelled in a bloody clump by ‘safe and effective’ pills. This kind of killing is what ‘terminating a pregnancy’ really means.” Read more here.


Trans Ideology Is Warping Our Justice System, by Jo Bartosch. “It is exceptionally rare for women to be convicted of crimes such as those of Brennan, Watts, Wilson and Thompson – 98 per cent of those prosecuted for sexual offences are male, as are 93 per cent of those found to be possessing weapons… Recognising these sex-based patterns of offending is vital for policy and for the protection of the public. But the recording of crimes committed by men as if they were women threatens to significantly distort the figures.” Read more here.


I Was the Fastest Girl in Connecticut. But Transgender Athletes Made It an Unfair Fight, by Chelsea Mitchell. “…[M]ales have massive physical advantages. Their bodies are simply bigger and stronger on average than female bodies… But Connecticut officials are determined to ignore the obvious. And unfortunately, a federal district court recently dismissed our case. The court’s decision to do so tells women and girls that their feelings and opportunities don’t matter, and that they can’t expect anyone to stand up for their dignity and their rights.” Read more here.


Eliminating People With Down Syndrome Deprives Our Society of Love and Joy, by Eric Schmitt. “Despite these advances, the Down syndrome community today faces an existential threat even greater than the medicalized discrimination of the twentieth century. Due to advances in prenatal screening technology, persons with Down syndrome are targeted for abortion at extreme rates before they are born. In the United States, somewhere between 67 and 91 percent of all infants with Down syndrome are eliminated by abortion.” Read more here.


Xavier Becerra Spearheads Unscientific, Anti-Religious Policy at Biden’s HHS, by Matt Bowman. “Rewriting the meaning of ‘male’ and ‘female’ in the context of medicine is not only anti-science; it’s madness. Hospitals and doctors would be required to do dangerous things such as falsely list females as males in medical charts and codes, adhering to the patient’s gender identity rather than biology. Indeed, a new field of ‘gender-specific medicine’ is being created to supplant basic biological fact.” Read more here.


Why Can’t Academia Tolerate Dissent on Biological Sex? by John Staddon. “We remain uncertain about less-well-established socio-cultural (gender) differences between males and females. Not all gender questions can be decided by science, but political and even ethical decisions that ignore established biology are unlikely to be wise. A Pavlovian reaction to mild dissent is unlikely to advance our understanding.” Read more here.


Family and Marriage Paid Dividends During COVID-19 Lockdowns, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “According to University of Texas at Austin professor Mark Regnerus, recent surveys on marriage wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic show that satisfaction and wellbeing within marriage have remained steady during lockdowns, with significant surveys reporting marriages being stronger despite the stress of the pandemic.” Read more here.


A Back Door Attempt to Include a Right to Abortion, by FSSPX News. “The European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) is trying to enshrine abortion rights in the European Union (EU) through the back door… This fraudulent and cautious attempt to introduce a ‘right to abortion’ and to deny conscientious objection is troubling. Unfortunately, this one is gaining ground. This is all the more reason to oppose it in every way, as long as possible.” Read more here.


The Big One? The Supreme Court Accepts Case That Could Deliver a Lethal Blow to Roe, by Jonathan Turley. “Roe was deemed a great victory because it removed abortion rights from legislative discretion by making it a constitutional imperative. Now, Biden is planning to snatch away any legislative discretion given back to the states by preempting state laws on abortion. Before Roe, abortion was viewed as a core state issue that left policies to the voters of each state. The Biden administration would effectively seize any legislative discretion and federalize abortion law.” Read more here.


Over Legal Objections, Biden Moves to Reinstate Family Planning Funds for Abortion Providers, by Melanie Israel. “…[T]he Biden administration has proposed a rule to reverse the Trump administration’s pro-life policies and allow Title X activity to be conducted alongside abortion activity without strict physical and financial separation. The rule would require grantees to refer for abortions, despite sincere moral or religious objections, effectively banning otherwise qualified pro-life grantees from participating.” Read more here.


Transgenderism: All of These Minor Changes Amount to a Cultural Sea Change, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Sure, I get that in the grand scheme of things a cereal company launching a Pride Month Kellogg’s box telling kids to pick their pronouns (‘they/them’ being a grammatically confusing option) is minor, but the reality is that all of these minor changes amount to a cultural sea change that has been surging up the beach, inch by inch.” Read more here.


Fact-Check Sticks It to Biden’s HHS Secretary for Denying Existence of Federal Abortion Law, by Rebecca Downs. “…Health & Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra went before a a [sic] House Energy and Commerce Committee, where he was asked by multiple Republican congressmen about the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003..Becerra denied the existence of the law, leading him to be fact-checked by PolitiFact, which rated his claim as ‘false.’” Read more here.


Five Ways the Pandemic Affected Families, by Robert VerBruggen. “A study published in April put together divorce and marriage numbers for a handful of states with available records. Marriages and divorces both fell in the early months of the pandemic, and they didn’t fully rebound in some states, leaving a ‘shortfall.’ Interestingly, measures of marital contentment also rose in 2020, raising the possibility that some divorces were averted altogether.” Read more here.


Roe v. Wade in Crosshairs as Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Major Abortion Case, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Perhaps the court will take this opportunity to reconsider Roe v. Wade and to see it for what it was – an unwarranted and unwise power grab in which the court crafted a ‘constitutional’ right to abortion out of thin air. Overturning Roe would return abortion policy to the states where it belongs…” Read more here.


Biden Abandons Religious Freedom as First Among Rights, by Grace Melton. “Blinken’s repudiation of the commission’s report is purely political; because the commission highlighted the importance of religious freedom, the progressive left saw the report as presenting a stumbling block to advancing abortion and LGBTQ rights, which are top priorities of the Biden administration.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Abortion Case May Reverse a Key Aspect of Roe v. Wade, by Tyler O’Neil. “The Court’s viability standard allows a woman to kill the baby within her until the baby can survive outside the womb. The Court will not likely rule that the Constitution protects human life from the moment of conception, but it may allow states to ban abortion before the point of viability, reversing a key aspect of Roe v. Wade.” Read more here.


The NCAA Was All Threats and Bluster Against Non-Trans Athlete States, but It Just Crumpled Like a Cheap Suit, by Brandon Morse. “…[I]f you stand firm in the face of threats from the left, chances are that you’re going to win in the end. As you can see, the NCAA’s bluff was proven to be just that, and any state still worried about being punished by the organization for making it clear that a woman is a woman and a man is a man, especially in sports, should now move to do the same as Tennessee or Alabama.” Read more here.


Xavier Becerra Lies About Partial-Birth Abortion, by Marjorie Dannenfelser. “During a congressional hearing last week, … Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra repeatedly denied the existence of a federal ban on barbaric partial-birth abortions that has been law for 18 years. Even under the most pro-abortion administration in history, where such shameless lies are par for the course, a new low has been set.” Read more here.


Transgender Activist Triggered by Greeting ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ on Train, by Jonathon Van Maren. “There are now dozens of genders and dozens of pronouns. Conductors cannot welcome Zees and Zirs; I suspect not even trans activists can conjugate more than a handful of these fictitious formulations. And so, instead, conductors and everyone else will just have to dispense with the pleasantries altogether. A victory, I’m sure you’ll agree, for everyone.” Read more here.


Overturn Roe, by National Review Editors. “…[W]ith each passing year, modern medicine finds new ways to save babies delivered earlier and earlier, and modern science finds new ways to bring us face to face with the elementary biological fact that the unborn are individual human beings. Roe was supposed to make law rest on science instead of text and tradition, but real science accepts new discoveries.” Read more here.


The Stakes of the Supreme Court’s New Abortion Case, by Dan McLaughlin. “While that case appears unlikely to settle the 48-year war over the constitutional status of abortion, it offers the first opportunity to witness the 6–3 majority of George W. Bush and Donald Trump appointees in action on the abortion issue. And because the case involves a direct ban on some abortions, rather than a regulation, it potentially puts the entire edifice of Roe v. Wade in the crosshairs.” Read more here.


Kids Can Explore Pronoun Options on Box of Kellogg’s New ‘Pride’ Cereal, by Jonathon Van Maren. “…Kellogg’s went above and beyond to ensure that your kids can go woke just after waking. On the side of the box, children are asked to choose their pronouns, with options like ‘he/him,’ ‘she/her,’ and ‘they/them,’ which, if you haven’t been keeping up, isn’t plural so much as ‘nonbinary’ or just bewildered. There are also some helpful blanks spaces in case you want to fill in your own, because at this stage in the revolution we’re just making stuff up and everyone has to go along with it.” Read more here.


The Case for Medical Conscientious Objection, by Brian Bird. “The basic motivation for conscientious objection is that the health-care service at issue does not help but harms: It injures health and is not care. Physicians who conscientiously refuse to intentionally terminate a patient’s life do so because health care, in their moral judgment, excludes killing. Health care, in their view, seeks to alleviate suffering while preserving life… If health care is laden with moral issues, it is dangerous to restrict the moral agency of health-care workers.” Read more here.


Here’s What ‘Partial-Birth Abortion’ Means, by Katie Yoder. “The secretary of Health and Human Services recently dodged a question about ‘partial-birth abortion’ by claiming that it isn’t a ‘medical term.’ But it’s a term that both Congress and the Supreme Court have carefully described – and the definition is shockingly gruesome.” Read more here.


Don’t Mix Up Adoption and Maternal Health, Worthy Causes, With Abortion, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “Garcia was adopted as an infant. She is in a unique position to change the way our national debate about abortion looks. She could uniquely be a voice for the young scared black and Hispanic girls going into that very clinic day in and day out, and for their babies. The girls could choose adoption and allow the next Kathryn to be born — if we’d rally behind real options.” Read more here.


Don’t Ban So-Called ‘Conversion Therapy,’ by Andrea Williams. “Boris Johnson has since suggested that prayer will not be criminalised, but just what would be criminalised? Conversations about sexual attractions appear to be the target. No free society should ever contemplate criminalising private conversations, yet this is what the government seems intent on doing. Anyone who cares about free speech should realise just how totalitarian and oppressive banning certain types of consensual conversations actually is.” Read more here.


Biden’s HHS Is Lying About Title X to Push Abortion, by Ryan Bomberger. “There is no health equity when it comes to abortion. Women bear the brunt of the physiological and psychological consequences of abortion. Men don’t. There is no health equity, regardless of hue of skin or socioeconomic status, if you’re a victim of abortion. The Biden administration is lying to the American public about Title X… The only thing that should be aborted is the new rule wrapped in old lies.” Read more here.


There Is No Way to ‘Fix’ the Equality Act. It’s Identity Politics or Equality Before the Law, and Republicans Must Choose, by Joy Pullmann. “Statistically speaking, nobody wants gay people forced to die alone without their families, or denied health insurance or a place to sleep at night. There are legal solutions to all such things that don’t involve erasing women’s sports and forcing Christian churches to be bankrupted by lawsuits from anti-religious cranks with axes to grind.” Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Group Too Extreme Even for NARAL Pays for Employee Abortions, by Rebecca Downs. “If you’re looking for an example of disgusting pro-abortion promotion on display, look no further than Avow, a group so extreme that they used to be NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, but ended up splitting to be even more pro-abortion. As Live Action exposed, Avow’s executive director Aimee Arrambide brazenly shared in an interview with ReproJobs that employees and their family members are provided with a stipend for abortions, to the tune of $3,000…” Read more here.


Doctor: Time for Transgender Treatment Industry to ‘Follow the Science,’ by Dr. Patrick Lappert. “Over 80% of children treated this way abandon their cross-sex idea of themselves by late adolescence. However, if you let them fall into the hands of the transgender treatment industry, virtually 100% will continue to suffer from gender dysphoria, and will ultimately have the same high risk of self-harm… This is no longer in doubt. This is why Sweden, Finland, and the UK have abandoned the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery in gender confused children.” Read more here.


The LGBT Movement’s Destructive History and Legacy, by Thomas Coy. “The most widespread intimidation tactic of the LGBT movement has been the creation of the word’s ‘homophobia,’ ‘homophobic,’ ‘homophobe,’ and recently ‘transphobia.’ These terms do not mean fear of homosexuals or transgenders. Rather, they mean being opposed to LGBT social objectives… The terms are meant to slander, shame, and intimidate, in the same manner a racist or bigot uses slanderous words to demean people they don’t like.” Read more here.


Russia: How Will Re-Training of Foreign-Trained Clergy Be Implemented? by Victoria Arnold. “While the number of people affected by the re-training requirement is likely to be small, as most clergy, religious teachers and missionaries in Russia now undergo any formal training inside the country, the burden for those individuals and communities which are affected may turn out to be considerable in terms of costs, bureaucracy and potential problems with law enforcement agencies.” Read more here.


When Sons Become Daughters, Part V: The Links Between Trans Identity, Gifted Minds, Categorical Thinking – and Anime, by Angus Fox. “Parents of trans-identified boys mention anime repeatedly. The animation style seems to loom large in the lives of many—at least half—of the young men whose stories I’m telling. Many of these boys have anime alter-egos, which function as a sort of stand-in for their real-life trans personae. Two of the boys whose parents I’ve met have even named themselves after the same anime character.” Read more here.


For the G7 [Comprehensive Sexuality Education] Is a Priority, by Luca Volontè. “One has to be speechless when one realizes that the foreign and development policy priority of the seven strongest economies in the world is girls’ education which includes the explicit support of both comprehensive sexuality education (in which early sex, contraceptive use and abortion are included), as well as reproductive health (which has become the equivalent of abortion). Another attack on the health and dignity of women and their freedom to be mothers.” Read more here.


Let’s Give American Families More Time for ‘Kinder and Kirche,’ by Samuel J. Abrams. “As President Biden and many in Congress push for countless new programs that grow the reach of government, citizens should ask for more support around time for faith and family. This is not suggesting that the government regulate personal time but simply help make kinder and kirche easier for millions of Americans. …[W]e have clear evidence demonstrating just how critical these institutions are toward promoting community stability and connectivity.” Read more here.


This Biden Cabinet Member’s Disregard for Violation of Federal Abortion Law Is Disturbing, by Rebecca Downs. “What do you know, the hyperpartisan and super pro-abortion Health & Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, is ignorant on federal law which prohibits the gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion, a procedure which entailed partially delivering a baby, and then either crushing the skull or removing the brain.” Read more here.


Two New Studies May Upend Current Attitudes Toward Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, by Doug Mainwaring. “A second flaw in the majority of LGBT psychological studies is that they’ve failed to take into account pre-[sexual orientation change effort] levels of distress. In other words, researchers failed to ask each participant if they were suicidal before entering counseling to change. The studies only asked ‘Did you attempt SOCE?’ and if so, ‘What is your suicidal tendency now?’” Read more here.


By Blessing Homosexual Unions, German Catholics Are Fomenting Schism – Again, by John Daniel Davidson. “The German Catholics are at it again. Catholic priests across Germany have been blessing same-sex unions this week in open defiance of the Vatican, which explicitly forbade such practices in March, reflecting long-settled and unchangeable Church doctrine.” Read more here.


The United Kingdom Forced Northern Ireland to Legalize Abortion, and the Irish Are Fighting Back, by James Silberman. “The U.K. government has made clear its intentions of forcing legalized abortion on Northern Ireland, but the Northern Irish are making just as clear their intentions of defying Westminster’s tyranny.” Read more here.


Gender Identity Counselling Is Not ‘Conversion Therapy,’ by Joanna Williams. “Alarmingly, the proposed legislation lumps together sexual orientation and gender identity. This makes a ban on conversion therapy very 2021 indeed, and no doubt reveals the motivation of those advocating for it now. Those shouting loudest for bans on conversion therapy are those most likely to demand ‘positive affirmation’ for people questioning their gender identity.” Read more here.


HHS to Force Religious Hospitals, Doctors to Prescribe Puberty Blockers and Perform Sex-Reassignment Surgeries, by Bruce Hausknecht. “HHS failed to mention that doctors and hospitals have conscience as well as medical reasons to avoid performing such questionable surgeries and procedures. The agency framed its action in such a way as to imply that hospitals and doctors were turning away patients simply because they are LGBT.” Read more here.


No, a Four-Year-Old Girl Is Not ‘Really’ a Boy, by Jo Bartosch. “Part of being a child is not knowing where the boundary lies between fantasy and fiction. I remember vividly believing I was the queen and that I could fly. My teachers were not expected to call me Her Majesty, nor to congratulate my imaginary aerobatic skills. It is cruel and unnecessary to give kids a clout for expressing themselves. But much more cruel is for parents to abdicate responsibility and allow themselves to be led by infantile fantasies.” Read more here.


Artificial Wombs and the Right to Life, by Phillip Wozniak and Ashley Fernandes. “Some have defended a right to the death of the fetus based on, variously, a right not to be a biological parent, a right to genetic privacy, and property rights. Others have argued that the advent of [artificial womb technology] requires creating a third status of being, conceptually between fetus (in the womb of the mother) and neonate (newborn baby independent of its mother’s body).” Read more here.


LGBT Rebellion Against the Body Is Making Casualties of More Foster Children, by Nathanael Blake. “Indeed, we all owe our very existence to the embodied difference between men and women. And mothers and fathers matter for raising children, as well as begetting them. This is why faithful Christian adoption agencies do not place children with same-sex couples. Doing so deliberately deprives an already traumatized child of either an adoptive mother or a father.” Read more here.


NY Photographer Challenges State Sexual Orientation and Gender Law That Stifles Her Artistic Freedom, by Bryan Neihart. “…[W]hile New York promotes some artists, it punishes those like Emilee. New York’s laws force Emilee to create photographs and blog posts celebrating same-sex weddings and publish them on her own website because she does the same for weddings between a man and a woman. New York officials incorrectly label Emilee’s artistic choices as ‘discrimination’ to try to paper over the fact that they just disagree with Emilee’s views.” Read more here.


Including Queer Sexuality Actually Means Excluding Women, by Glenn T. Stanton. “Before our eyes, the trans movement is eclipsing the women’s movement. Literally and explicitly, gender studies have displaced women’s studies. Of course, the false and wholly manufactured claim that ‘trans rights are human rights’ cannot peacefully coexist with the inherently true claim that ‘women’s rights are human rights.’” Read more here.


Birth Dearth About Values, Not Economics, by Star Parker. “I don’t think our young people are avoiding marriage and children because of concerns about financial security. I think they are avoiding marriage and children because they don’t want marriage and children… The collapse of marriage, family and the national birthrate is the result of the secularization of our culture. Faith and values have been displaced by materialism and egotism.” Read more here.


What Happens When a Sex Shop Owner Runs the School Board? by Meg Kilgannon. “First grade students … were read a book in class about a child who claims to have ‘a boy body but a girl brain.’ When concerned parents complained that six-year-olds shouldn’t be confronted with such sensitive topics at school, the teacher explained that she was just following school policy. After all, the book is from the school library’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion collection, she informed the worried parents.” Read more here.


Claims That Planned Parenthood Saves Lives Are Contradicted by the Facts, by Brittany Raymer. “Between 1991 and 2020, there has been a 168.2% increase in the number of abortions performed at Planned Parenthood. When added all together, that’s 7,322,364 preborn lives that have ended at the hands of the nation’s largest abortion business. How Planned Parenthood is supposedly saving lives when over seven million souls are not here due to their efforts is unclear.” Read more here.


Swedish Hospital Bans Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones for Gender Dysphoric Youths Under 16. We Should, Too, by Nicole Russell. “Caution seems far more prudent when it comes to a child’s growing body, especially through puberty, but when it comes to transgenderism, prudence, research, and facts have been actively cast aside. Patience, talk therapy, and time are rarely discussed as viable options within the LGBTQ community.” Read more here.


Lack of Money Isn’t the Reason Our Culture Hates Children, by Joy Pullmann. “The real barriers to more healthy American families are an unwillingness to sacrifice money and careers on behalf of kids’ best interests on the part of higher-income Americans, and an unwillingness to reserve child creation for the stability of marriage among lower-income Americans. On both sides of the income spectrum, it’s selfish choices that are harming the nation’s future. And money can’t solve selfishness.” Read more here.


Woke Semantics Like ‘Birthing Persons’ Erases [sic] Women, Ignores Real Problems in Women’s Health, by Madeline Osburn. “We hear testimonies like Bush’s and demand to know how a pregnant woman’s concerns could go ignored, all while hospitals focus on initiatives like replacing ‘breastfeeding’ with ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘breast milk’ with ‘human milk.’ ‘Birthing person’ is not just an innocent word. Adhering to the left’s language means adhering to their doctrine.” Read more here.


Biological Men in Women’s Weightlifting? The Numbers Show It’s Just as Absurd as It Sounds, by Zachary Faria. “The science is quite clear on this. World Rugby concluded that biological men were anywhere from 25% to 50% stronger than their female counterparts. Studies have found minimal decreases in muscle mass among transgender athletes even after a year of testosterone suppression, the arbitrary, unscientific time period upon which the International Olympic Committee bases its regulations.” Read more here.


Canadian Pastor Arrested and Dragged Off by SWAT Team on Busy Highway for ‘Inciting’ People to Go to Church, by Rebecca Downs. “I had written just over a week ago how a judge had granted a warrant for police to arrest Pastor Artur Pawlowski using ‘anything necessary,’ but still, watching a pastor getting arrested and dragged away on a Saturday on a busy highway, along with his brother, Dawid, isn’t something we should get used to, especially when it happens in a first world country, by authorities from our neighbor to the north.” Read more here.


‘Banning Transgender Athletes’ or Protecting Fairness in Women’s Sports? by Nicole Russell. “Banning transgender athletes sounds like something to get upset about; protecting fairness in women’s sports sounds benign. In a bizarre reversal, women’s rights are giving way to men who happen to identify as female and happen to want to compete in a sport they often never have won until they started competing against women.” Read more here.


The Pillars of Transgender Medicine Are Shaking, by Michael Cook. “There are a many journals and squillions of studies which support medical treatment of teenagers’ gender dysphoria. There is never any lack of highly-paid PhDs with active Twitter accounts to sprinkle the fairy dust of statistical jargon over ‘evidence.’ The question is whether their evidence is robust and trustworthy. From this point of view, the NICE study was devastating.” Read more here.


Scientists Want to Grow Babies in the Womb for 40 Days and Kill Them for Research, by Dr. Tara Sander Lee, Dr. David Prentice and Lila Rose. “The lead scientist of the ‘mouse in a bottle’ research team is calling for human beings to be next… Such thoughts and intentions are abhorrent. They set the stage for systematic exploitation of human beings. No human being should be considered disposable, brought into existence as a science experiment and then destroyed.” Read more here.


Using the Term ‘Birthing People’ Erases Women, by Ian Haworth. “The ability to create, protect, and deliver life is a miraculous gift bestowed solely upon women. Men cannot give birth. ‘People’ cannot give birth. Women can give birth. Trying to ram through terms like ‘birthing people’ erases women. The fact that it was uttered under the guise of ‘protecting’ mothers — while denying their basic feminine characteristics — makes it all the more despicable.” Read more here.


The Transgender Debate Has Become a Propaganda War, by Kurt Mahlburg. “There is a notable grassroots pushback against the transgender movement and the threat it poses to women and children. No doubt the Biden administration has played a central role in prompting this pushback… Everyday Americans and sane state legislatures are waking up to the issues. This is why the woke press senses the need to stoke fear and weaponise big business in the culture wars.” Read more here.


Biden Says He Has the Transgender Community’s Back. What Does That Mean? by W. James Antle III. “President Joe Biden had a message in his first address to a joint session of Congress. ‘To all transgender Americans … I want you to know your president has your back.’ The context is a spate of bills in predominantly Republican states that seek to prevent either transgender athletes from competing against biological girls in girls sports or that restrict gender-transitioning treatments for minors. The Biden administration would like to reverse this trend, but its legal options are limited.” Read more here.


Conversion Therapy Bans: Enforcing a Faulty Anthropology on Sex and Gender, by Darius Lee. “While concerns about violent, coercive, fraudulent, or manipulative conduct are legitimate, these are already prohibited under existing laws across all liberal democracies. Instead, by imposing ‘affirmation’ as the only acceptable approach to sexual orientation and gender identity, conversion therapy bans go beyond merely prohibiting harmful conduct to enshrine and enforce a new—and deeply harmful—moral dogma on sex and gender.” Read more here.


How ‘Love Is Love’ Leads to Sexless ‘Marriages Between Friends,’ by Glenn T. Stanton. “So marriage continues to become something else that it has never been. What we are witnessing here is simply the long continuation and devolution of something that started decades ago. Sociologists have called this development ‘expressive marriage,’ or marriage as self-actualization — whatever brings meaning and happiness to the lives of the adults involved.” Read more here.


New Bill Will Ensure Abstinence Until Marriage Is the Focus for Sex Education in Ohio, by Linda Harvey. “The bill … requires that abstinence education include teaching risk avoidance of other unhealthy behaviors like alcohol and drug use, dating violence, bullying, gambling, pornography, and human trafficking and encourage optimal health for all students. This bill would also require schools to inform parents in detail if they plan to teach any other type of sex education. And then, schools must have written permission from parents before they teach this alternative kind of sex-ed, an ‘opt-in’ requirement.” Read more here.


Why Are the Police Handcuffing Street Preachers? by Paul Coleman. “The same consequence-free approach can be said of so-called ‘hate incidents.’ It doesn’t matter that a ‘hate incident’ is, by definition, not a crime. It doesn’t matter that no proof is needed. The subjective perception of ‘hate’ is enough for the police to record a ‘hate incident’ against you without you committing a crime and potentially without you even knowing about it. And it can stay on your record for six years.” Read more here.


Female Athletes Ask Court to Allow Idaho Law Banning Males From Women’s Sports to Go Into Effect, by Virginia Allen. “College track and cross-country athlete Madison Kenyon has been forced to compete against a biological male on five occasions. She lost every time. ‘Losing unfairly to someone who has natural advantages is frustrating and unmotivating,’ said Kenyon … at a press conference after a court hearing on the legality of Idaho’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.” Read more here.


Report: The Biden Administration Has Plans to Quash ‘Anti-Trans’ Legislation in Various States, by Beth Baumann. “While the Left is quick to label these bills and laws as ‘anti-trans,’ that label fails to mention the truth behind the legislation. Young girls’ rights are being pushed by the wayside, all in the name of ‘inclusion’ and ‘acceptance.’ These girls are being forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with trans girls. They’re being forced to compete in sports with young boys because they ‘feel’ like a girl.” Read more here.


Texas Bill Would Rightly Ban Transgender Drugs, Surgery for Youths Under 18, by Mary Elizabeth Castle. “Operations and puberty blockers are the opposite of care and cause great immediate and attenuated harm to children… Administering estrogen to boys and testosterone to girls eventually results in permanent sterility. And sadly, 10 to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who undergo sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times as compared with their peers.” Read more here.


Joe Biden Comes Down Against Stay-at-Home Parenting, by Robert Verbruggen. “Joe Biden’s American Families Plan would plop the government’s thumb heavily on one side of the scale, using taxpayer money to massively subsidize child care for the working and middle classes. Stay-at-home parents, who watch their own kids so no one else has to, would no longer pocket the resulting savings for their families. This is far outside the proper role of government, contrary to the values of many American parents, and quite possibly harmful to kids.” Read more here.


Polyamory? What Do They Put in the Water in British Columbia? by Michael Cook. “Justice Wilkinson’s decision makes it clear that the reasoning which has led countries in the Western world to legalise same-sex marriage will eventually lead to pressure to equate other romantic configurations to traditional marriage. Will this lead to huge numbers of polygamous or polyamorous unions? Probably not. What it will do is convince young couples that traditional man-woman-kids-‘til-death-do-us-part kind of marriage is a pointless joke.” Read more here.


Finnish Lawmaker Faces Jail for Sharing Bible Quote About Homosexuality, by Tony Perkins. “In a case that’s stunned the West, Finland’s former interior minister and leader of the Christian Democrats has been criminally charged for posting a picture of the Bible, opened to Romans 1:24-27. She was disturbed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church joining a gay pride event and decided to remind it what God says about homosexuality. Now, after a two-year investigation, the tweet could put her behind bars.” Read more here.


Why We Should Not Extend the 14-Day Rule for Embryo Experimentation, by Bruce Blackshaw. “…[T]here are no compelling reasons to extend the 14-day limit for now, even if the embryo is not considered to be a valuable human being. Doing so might work against the aim of the Warnock committee, which was to alleviate public mistrust of science. Critics have always warned about the dangers of a slippery slope and extending the limit might confirm those fears.” Read more here.


16 States Now Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome, by J.P. Duffy. “These laws prohibit anyone from knowingly aborting an unborn child solely on the basis of his or her sex or disability. FRC’s new issue analysis explains how these laws address the long shared history of abortion and eugenics in America; which states have passed legislation to ensure unborn children are not aborted on account of their race, sex, or disability; and the challenges these laws have faced in court.” Read more here.


The Newest Redefinition of Traditional Marriage: ‘Platonic Marriages,’ by Jonathon Van Maren. “Some refer to each other as ‘life partners,’ and say they are pursuing marriage because ‘they want to be legally and socially recognized as a family.’ These days, it seems that people want whatever relationship they pursue formally recognized by the state, which has replaced the church as the body that confers legitimacy.” Read more here.


Biden Spends First 100 Days Expanding Abortion on Demand, by Alexandra Desanctis. “As president, Biden appears to have shed any last vestiges of pretending to believe that unborn human beings deserve even minor protections under the law or that pro-life taxpayers ought not be forced to fund elective abortions. Early in the administration, Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson announced that … they expected Biden to follow marching orders when it came to abortion.” Read more here.


Is Kenya’s Biggest Abortion Provider Trying to Gag Critics? by Mathew Otieno. “[Marie Stopes Kenya] calls itself the ‘the leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya.’ It’s no secret, however, that this is a euphemism for ‘the leading provider of abortion in Kenya.’ That abortion is illegal in Kenya seems to be worth less than a roomful of rat droppings to the organisation. In fact, in 2019, MSK got so brazen about its abortion business that it ran a salacious ad campaign on local radio stations to promote it.” Read more here.


Studies Purporting to Show Safety of Telehealth Abortions Are Unpersuasive, by Michael J. New. “…[I]n recent days, supporters of legal abortion and their allies in the mainstream media are working overtime to try to make the case that telehealth abortions do not pose health risks. However, the evidence they provide is weak – and in some cases demonstrates that telehealth abortions actually do pose serious health risks.” Read more here.


Family and the Future of Civilization, by Scott Yenor. “Over the past two generations, opponents of marriage have delivered a wide-ranging critique of this idea of marriage. For many today, the traditional idea of marriage as an enduring community limits individual freedom. They imagine, instead, a marriage dedicated to autonomy, ‘expression, intimacy, and spirituality…’ The new ideas of marriage may have yielded more freedom and equality, but they come at a price.” Read more here.


Humanizing the Victims of Abortion, by Jerry Newcombe. “One of the great blessings of the United States is that written into our national birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence, is the acknowledgement that we are endowed by our Creator with the right to life. But the right to life is under assault today through the widespread practice of abortion—and has been for decades.” Read more here.


‘Gay Conversion Therapy’ Can Work, No Matter What Joe Biden Says, by Michael Cook. “Elsewhere bans are spreading. Some jurisdictions in Australian forbid it. The European Parliament has passed a resolution condemning it. Malta, Ecuador, Brazil, Taiwan and Albania and Germany have effectively banned it. The legislative energy invested in these initiatives is puzzling. In the past coercive and abusive programs to ‘cure’ people of homosexual urges did exist. But nearly all of these disappeared long ago. What’s the point of banning them today?” Read more here.


President Biden’s First 100 Days Full of Pro-Abortion Agenda, but Pro-Lifers Are Fighting Back, by Rebecca Downs. “…[T]here are groups out there which have put together resources to expose such a pro-abortion agenda and educate voters on what went on during President Biden’s first 100 days in office, and why that’s so detrimental to protecting the right to life. The very existence of these resources, though, shows that the pro-life movement hasn’t given up, but rather is going to ramp up their efforts even further.” Read more here.


India Kills 22 Million Girl Babies in Sex-Selection Abortions, Where Are the Feminists? by Micaiah Bilger. “A 2019 report in Newsweek … exposed how not one single baby girl had been born in a three-month period in all of the Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand state, northern India. Birth data from the district showed that all of the 216 babies who were born were boys, according to the report. Authorities suspect the reason was sex-selection abortions.” Read more here.


Purchase Orders Show FDA Bought ‘Fresh’ Livers of Viable Babies Killed in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger. “On June 28, 2017, the FDA asked ABR for an estimate for 16 livers and 16 thymuses from second-trimester aborted babies. It specified that the babies’ bodies must be ‘free of known chromosomal abnormalities’ and ‘fresh and never frozen.’ According to the document, the FDA wanted livers and thymuses ‘approximately two to three times per month.’” Read more here.


What Will You Do When Teachers and Trans Activists Try to Force Your Children to Violate Their Conscience? by Amy Haywood. “One of the most egregious arenas where children’s civil liberties are being violated is in our nation’s public schools… Schools are … urging students to keep social transitions to another gender secret from parents and are directed by policies pushed by activists and the National Education Association to hide changed names and pronouns on official school documents that an unsupportive parent might see.” Read more here.


LGBT Activists Are Taking Aim at Christianity Itself, by Tyler O’Neil. “Ultimately, LGBT orthodoxy is at odds with biblical Christianity. There is no escaping it. Christian colleges and universities should have the religious freedom to operate according to their beliefs, and prospective students should make decisions accordingly. If students choose to attend a Christian college with a code of conduct that applies biblical morality, they should not be surprised when the college refuses to kowtow to their sexual identities.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood: Abortion Is ‘Critical Expression of Freedom,’ by Katie Yoder. “Abortion is critical to the freedom and imagination of Americans, according to the head of Planned Parenthood. But in reality, it’s the reason why millions don’t exist today – their freedom lost along with their lives.” Read more here.


One Hundred Days of Abortion Extremism, by Marjorie Dannenfelser. “The first 100 days of the Biden-Harris administration have brought an unprecedented tsunami of anti-life extremism. Almost daily, there are fresh assaults not only on the unborn and their mothers, but on the foundations of America itself as pro-abortion Democrats hurry to push through their agenda before the 2022 midterm elections.” Read more here.


UN Agencies and Western Donors Reveal Sexual Agenda Ahead of HIV/AIDS Summit, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Under the guise of addressing HIV/AIDS, UN agencies and Western-backed non-government groups called on governments to legalize drug use, and prostitution. This occurred during a General Assembly consultation last week where they also called for sexual autonomy for children.” Read more here.


Are Streaming Services Like Disney Plus and Netflix Really as ‘Family Friendly’ as They Claim to Be? by Josh Shepherd. “…[P]arents’ advocates are under no illusion that technology alone solves complex problems. For years, PTC has noted a conflict of interest in how networks and streamers rate their own shows. How titles are categorized matters just as much, with Netflix continuing to stock its Teen category with TV-MA titles.” Read more here.


College of the Ozarks Stands Up to Biden’s Transgender Executive Order, by Nicole Russell. “Traditional views on gender and sex may seem antiquated to the LGBT community, but the college’s policies are rooted in thousands of years of Judeo-Christian history. Regardless of culture’s changing definitions of gender and sex, the school should be able to hold to this, protected both by the Constitution and federal law, without so much as a slap on the wrist for ‘discrimination,’ or ‘bigotry.’” Read more here.


Texas Bill Would Provide Array of Supports to Women Seeking Abortion Alternatives, by Melanie Israel. “Fully 75% of women seeking an abortion report that under different circumstances they would choose to keep their child. The legislation looks to change circumstances by offering women seeking an abortion a ‘resource access assistance offer.’” Read more here.


Governments Don’t Get a Pass on Violating Religious Freedom in a Pandemic, by Gayle Manchin and Tony Perkins. “Recently released, our 2021 annual report documents how governments treat religious practice during the pandemic. Some measures to restrict in-person religious activities were justifiable on public health grounds, while others unfairly targeted religious communities and were troubling.” Read more here.


Activist Judge Dismisses Connecticut Suit That Would Protect Girls’ Sports From Male Competitors, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Can a judge who orders plaintiffs’ counsel to call biological boys ‘females’ – even though the very nature of the Title IX lawsuit involves questions of males’ competitive advantage in scholastic sports – render an impartial ruling on defendants’ motion to dismiss the suit? It would seem the answer is ‘no.’” Read more here.


Uncle Sam Does Not Belong in Girls’ Dorms or Showers, by Jerry C. Davis. “Young women should not be forced to share private spaces — including showers and dorm rooms — with men, and a religious institution should not be forced to betray its religious beliefs. The government’s threats include harmful fines that could easily amount to six figures, in addition to punitive damages and attorneys’ fees. Fair Housing Act violations can even put someone in jail.” Read more here.


The Inequality Act, by Debbie Wuthnow. “Under the Equality Act, discrimination against Americans of faith would be condoned and upheld by federal law—nationwide. Christians would be among those singled out for penalties if they expressed or lived out their faith in business or many other areas of life. Their biblical beliefs regarding marriage and sexuality would be antithetical to this law.” Read more here.


Top 10 Sickening Details About How Federal Employees Trafficked Baby Body Parts, by Edie Heipel. “FDA’s purchases were calculated according to ABR’s current ‘Fees for Services Schedule,’ which maintained the same prices for all buyers. One procurement log records the sale of a 21-week-old baby with Down Syndrome. This child’s limbs, organs, and skin were sold at hundreds of dollars apiece. ABR made $2,600 in total from the sale of this baby.” Read more here.


Do We Really Want Hate Speech Laws Under Which Children Will Shop Their Parents? by Lizzie Francis. “…[I]t is fair to say that caution should be given to children in these localities posting their support for their favourite author, J.K. Rowling, and her views; writing their thoughts on sexual ethics taught in Sunday school; or disagreeing with their school’s new policy to make bathrooms gender neutral. Opinions should be ‘mainstream’ only. Not conservative, and certainly not orthodox.” Read more here.


Abortion Pills Are Not ‘Medication,’ by Katie Yoder. “In order to distinguish from surgical abortion, many in the media already use ‘medication abortion,’ ‘medical abortion,’ or ‘chemical abortion’ to describe an abortion administered by pill. But only recently have major outlets begun switching the words around to use phrases such as ‘abortion medication’ to call abortion itself a type of medicine.” Read more here.


Why the Cultural Assault on Natural Womanhood Robs Women of Fulfillment, by Carrie Gress. “We have dismissed womanhood and all its attending realities, like having children and raising them. Meanwhile, we’ve encouraged women to become so men-like that we can’t tell the difference anymore. If we can, we aren’t supposed to say that part out loud. We have scarcely any idea what true womanhood or manhood is anymore.” Read more here.


Here’s the Latest Roundup of How Governors Voted to Protect Girls in Sports, by Rebecca Downs. “When it comes to being ‘not welcoming,’ biological males are still welcome to compete in sports against biological males. The governor takes this from the perspective of worrying about transgender ‘children and families,’ but the focus must be on worrying for young women and maintaining their Title IX protections.” Read more here.


Only Pro-Lifers Can Offer Women a Real ‘Choice,’ by Emily Berning. “When you show women considering abortion that, contrary to what the abortion industry tries to tell them, they are not alone, that thousands of good people are ready to help them face the challenge of motherhood, their whole outlook changes. The fake ‘choice’ they’ve been presented by selfish boyfriends and assembly line abortion providers fades away, and a real choice becomes clear to them.” Read more here.


LGBT Activist Urges the Government to Fight ‘the Pernicious Power of Prayer,’ by Tyler O’Neil. “How do ‘conversion therapy’ bans restrict everyday church practices? These laws forbid any attempts to ‘change’ a person’s sexual orientation. If a Christian experiences unwanted same-sex attraction, and a pastor preaches the Bible passages forbidding homosexual activity, that may be considered ‘conversion therapy.’” Read more here.


Salon Piece Says ‘Pro-Choice Ethics’ Prove Abortion Isn’t Murder, by Katie Yoder. “There’s a moral and ethical case to be made for abortion, according to two experts writing for Salon. Nathan Nobis … and Jonathan Dudley … argued that abortion supporters should employ ethics to undercut the pro-life position. They went so far as to propose a few ‘ethical arguments’ of their own – arguments rife with fallacies.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Disavows Its Founder (but Not Abortion), by Michael Cook. “From now on, says McGill Johnson, PP will tone down its association with Sanger and commit itself to combat racism and all forms of dehumanisation… This, she says, might seem like virtue signalling. But it’s not… Yet, as critics of McGill Johnson’s statement immediately pointed out, PP is still proudly the largest abortion provider in the United States. And black babies are over-represented.” Read more here.


Five States Send a Powerful Rebuke to Joe Biden’s Attack on Women’s Sports, by Tyler O’Neil. “The NCAA argued that its approach ‘requires testosterone suppression treatment for transgender women to compete in women’s sports,’ following the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) policies. Yet a study in The Journal of Medical Ethics concluded that the IOC’s policies allow biological males who identify as female to maintain a key advantage that constitutes ‘intolerable unfairness.’” Read more here.


When Sons Become Daughters, Part IV, by Angus Fox. “Therapists dealing with bulimia impress upon young people the long-term consequences of their behaviour, such as low bone density and weak tooth enamel. When the discussion turns to issues of fertility and reproductive health, and the child in question responds by saying, ‘I don’t want kids anyway,’ therapists will push back, pointing out that many people feel that way early on in life, only to change their minds later. These same medical risks apply to cross-sex hormones, but in this case, mentioning these risks suddenly becomes taboo.” Read more here.


Agenda to Lower the Age of Consent, by Binary Australia. “Arguments to lower the age of consent are usually framed so as to grant more freedom to teenagers to explore sexuality with one another. The results of course would be starkly different, as teens would become available to adults of all ages without fear of legal prosecution.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Moves to Force Religious Hospitals to Uphold Transgender Mandate, by Madeleine Kearns. “Religious objections aside, the idea that an invasive and high-risk treatment on a highly vulnerable population for which there is (at best) conflicting evidence of safety and efficacy, should be mandated makes no sense. But then, neither does the ideology behind such aggression.” Read more here.


New California Law Could Put Male Serial Rapists Into Women’s Prisons, by Margot Cleveland. “…[W]ith federal law tying their hands and state law mandating the absurd, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will talk the talk, while slow-walking men to the women’s prisons. If this solution is a step forward for LGBTQ people, it’s only because society cares not for the women stomped on during the march.” Read more here.


Biden Ramps Up Abortion Agenda, by Mairead McArdle. “Biden’s attacks on the Hyde Amendment propel Democrats into relatively new ideological territory. Even Biden’s former boss, President Obama, signed an order preserving the amendment, which attempts to ensure that taxpayers who do not support abortion are not forced to fund something at odds with their conscience.” Read more here.


Illinois Bill Would Force Health Insurers to Buy Babies for Gay and Single People, by Elizabeth Bauer. “The new bill in Illinois, HB 3709, actually has nothing to do with infertility. Instead, it would mandate that all health insurance plans sold in the state pay for fertility-related services for single people and same-sex couples regardless of whether, physiologically, they have any impairment in their fertility at all.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Is Indoctrinating Public School Children With Pro-Abortion Propaganda, by Christina Stierhoff. “Did you know that Planned Parenthood, the country’s largest abortion provider, has infiltrated the public school system? In their own sneaky and conniving way, the abortion giant has convinced school administrations through veiled language that they can provide important assistance to their students.” Read more here.


Study: A Manly Father Is Good for Children, by Annie Holmquist. “We have today what authors Warren Farrell and John Gray call a ‘boy crisis’ – a crisis where boys fail to become men, struggle in school, get in trouble, and have difficulty finding wives. Would we see that crisis begin to be resolved if we encouraged fathers to practice and model their manly virtues once again, showing not only love and gentleness, but courage, competitiveness, and an adventurous spirit as well?” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Is Trying to Exploit the COVID-19 Crisis to Rake in More Taxpayer Funding, by Kristan Hawkins. “If you haven’t already guessed, Planned Parenthood isn’t pushing for reduced safety standards out of concern for women. The only thing the abortion business cares about is making a profit, no matter the cost. And COVID-19 has presented it with the perfect opportunity to seize more money and more power.” Read more here.


UN Commission Agrees on Food Security, Not Abortion and LGBT Rights, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The apparently innocuous theme of this year’s session of the commission, ‘Population, food security, nutrition and sustainable development,’ did not stop powerful countries from attempting to add abortion, LGBT issues, and sexual autonomy for children on the menu. In the end, they were unsuccessful.” Read more here.


Lockdowns Are Feeding the Transgender Obsession, by Angus Fox. “Much of this is about schoolteachers, many of whom have recklessly encouraged kids to explore their so-called ‘gender identity’ knowing that someone else will mop up the inevitable mess. Shielded by Zoom, these crypto-activists can now let loose, safe in the knowledge that parents are now the only ones in loco parentis. Turn up, clock in, subvert the ubiquitous patriarchy, sign out.” Read more here.


Morality Has Little Hope in Government, by Charles Lewis. “Opposing sex-selection abortions, however, should have been easy. The practice has a dark side to it. To decide to end a pregnancy because one prefers a boy or a girl – usually it’s a boy – seems the absolute height of selfishness… A sex-selection abortion reeks of a form of soft genetics and has echoes of China’s obscene one-child policy.” Read more here.


Pornography in Schools: Teachers Suffering in Fearful Silence, by Georgia Howe. “According to at least 10 sources in LISD, including parents and teachers, a significant majority of LISD teachers (across the political spectrum) vehemently oppose the use of graphic sexual content in their classes. However, every teacher I spoke with stated unequivocally that they believe they would lose their job if they publicly dissented from the new curriculum.” Read more here.


Proposed Partnership Agreement Between EU, Developing Countries Builds on Past Negotiation Losses, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The European Union (EU) is working with countries in the Pacific, Caribbean and African regions to finalize a new twenty-year development cooperation agreement.  If adopted, the proposed agreement text would add further leverage to the EU’s efforts to promote controversial issues like abortion and comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in those developing regions.” Read more here.


Another Look at the Horror of the Porn Industry, by Alexandra Desanctis. “Her story is just one example of a reality we prefer to ignore, because to address it would require taking a real look at the costs of an essentially unregulated porn industry. Perhaps her story … will be the occasion for another small reckoning, this time for an even larger pornography site and maybe even for Google, which appears to have no scruples about facilitating users in their search for illegal content featuring the abuse of minors.” Read more here.


Sin of Planned Parenthood Is Abortion, Not Margaret Sanger, by Star Parker. “Johnson takes one step further into the moral abyss, noting that Planned Parenthood is remiss for having ‘excluded trans and nonbinary people’ from its programs. She writes that Planned Parenthood pledges ‘to fight the many types of dehumanization we are seeing right now.’ Dehumanization has one cause, of which Planned Parenthood is among the guiltiest in the nation: lack of respect for the sanctity of life.” Read more here.


How to Talk to Someone Struggling With Gender Confusion, by Walt Heyer. “During my transgender years, people exhibited true compassion not in affirming me in a false identity, but by asking uncomfortable, but caring, questions. My compassion is motivated by wanting to protect people from unnecessary body-mutilating procedures. True compassion means not collaborating with the rush to medical intervention.” Read more here.


Taxpayers Must Now Fund Trafficking of Baby Body Parts, by Liberty Counsel. “Now the Biden HHS, under Xavier Becerra, will no longer require extramural research applications for NIH grants and contracts proposing the use of human fetal tissue from elective abortions to be reviewed by an independent advisory board. Research using fetal tissue will now move forward and taxpayers will pay for barbaric experiments using the body parts of aborted babies.” Read more here.


Keeping the Faith, by Christian Smith. “The empirical evidence is clear. In almost every case, no other institution or program comes close to shaping youth religiously as their parents do – not religious congregations, youth groups, faith-based schools, missions and service trips, summer camps, Sunday school, youth ministers, or anything else. Those ­influences can reinforce the influence of parents, but almost never do they surpass or override it.” Read more here.


Americans Say Why They’re Pro-Life: My Baby Was ‘Sucking His Thumb,’ by Katie Yoder. “They recently flocked to Twitter to share why they are pro-life. Lila Rose, president of pro-life group Live Action, prompted them by asking, ‘What was the moment you realized you were pro-life?’ Hundreds of people responded and many openly shared what inspired them to identify as pro-life, from realizing what abortion entails to being personally wounded by abortion.” Read more here.


Poll Showing Americans Are ‘Overwhelmingly’ Pro-Transgender Ideology Is Misleading, by Madeleine Kearns. “Participants were asked, ‘Do you support or oppose legislation that would prohibit gender transition-related medical care for minors?’ Out of 1,066 participants, only 26 percent of Democrats and 26 percent of Republicans said that they would support such legislation. But I wonder how many it would have been if they had asked Do you support or oppose legislation that would prohibit the chemical castration of children as was recently outlawed in England?” Read more here.


Chemical Abortion by Mail Is Cruelty to Women and Girls, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “A political party and ideology of sexual revolutionary values should care about these girls and women having some medical supervision as they are dealing with a cocktail of drugs starving the baby within them to death and forcing the baby to be expelled from the uterus… Does anyone care what is going on in the heart and mind and soul of a child going through this and the side effects — physical and otherwise?” Read more here.


PBS Poll Claiming Americans Reject Transgender Legislation is Full of ‘Euphemisms to Prevent Understanding,’ by Rebecca Downs. “Polls love to ask about taking away or ‘prohibit[ing]’ medical care, and why wouldn’t they, when it fires people up so much. Having minors transition is hardly ‘medical care,’ but in reality the opposite. It can range from hormone therapy, to gender mutilation, to sterilization, of a minor who can’t properly consent.” Read more here.


American Dollars Should Have No Part in China’s Forced Sterilizations, by Arielle Del Turco and Connor Semelsberger. “A Jamestown Foundation report found funds from the Chinese central government went towards funding sterilizations in Xinjiang, sufficient for almost 200,000 sterilizations. The UNFPA should not be partnering on ‘family planning’ efforts with a government that brutally employs sterilization and abortion to commit genocide against a minority group. The fact that the UNFPA continues to do so is more than enough reason for the United States to halt all contributions.” Read more here.


Does Daniel Andrews Have New Bars on Free Speech Coming? by David Limbrick. “…[B]ureaucrats and judges would only need to be satisfied that a person recklessly engages in conduct that is ‘likely to incite hatred against, serious contempt for, or revulsion or severe ridicule’ of a person based on whether they possess or associate with someone who possesses a ‘protected attribute.’ The list of attributes would expand to include race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, intersex status, disability, and HIV/AIDS status.” Read more here.


A Victorian Health Organisation’s Non-Binary Propaganda Campaign, by Binary Australia. “To suggest that young people are suiciding because society uses terms like mum, dad, girlfriend or boyfriend is, frankly, bizarre. In the strange post-modern vortex of radical gender ideology almost any proposition might fly. For people grounded in the real world, this looks like a cruel joke. They are using vulnerable children as a human shield for their political agenda and playing the highly emotive card of suicide to bully the rest of us into playing along.” Read more here.


The Complex Cultural Issues Surrounding Abortion, Including Sex-Trafficking and Pornography, by Wendy Smith. “Consider how medical abortion removes all barriers for traffickers… Perpetrators will avoid being exposed, purchasing the abortion pill over-the-counter or on-line, without prescriptions, eliminating the need for evaluation by provider. The victims might not know what they are taking, or they could be forced to take the pills. If victims experience complications, more than likely they would be told they’d had a miscarriage.” Read more here.


As French Senate Tightens Church Controls, Christian Advocates Avoid Fear, by Kami Rice. “In particular, churches face increased requirements for declaring themselves to the government and stringent new rules related to finances… The law would also increase government surveillance of pastors’ teaching and increase religious leaders’ legal liability, proposing steep sanctions for speech deemed to encourage disrespect of laws.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Repudiates Unalienable Human Rights, Elevates Sexual Rights Instead, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The new emphasis on ‘sexual rights’ signals the intention of the Biden administration to elevate controversial social policies, including abortion, LGBT issues, and sexual autonomy for children as human rights. And it is consistent with the positions taken by the Biden administration at the United Nations alongside the European Union.” Read more here.


The Dark Truth About Chemical Abortions, Explained, by Virginia Allen and Lauren Evans. “We know that with chemical abortion, the complication rates are four times higher than they are for surgical abortion. Which is crazy to think about because the abortion lobby says that chemical abortion, it’s so easy. It’s like having a heavy period. You can do it at home. It’s no big deal. They really downplay the risks and offer it as being this great alternative to surgical abortion.” Read more here.


When Sons Become Daughters, Part II, by Angus Fox. “They call the phenomenon ‘institutional capture:’ healthcare practitioners are either indoctrinated with absolutist beliefs about gender identity that would have been seen as radical until just a few years ago, or are so terrified of running afoul of affirmation dogmas that they simply refer patients on to someone else. As a result, Christine’s trust in the medical profession has collapsed.” Read more here.


When Sons Become Daughters, Part III, by Angus Fox. “Maya now speaks openly with colleagues and friends about [Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria], and has become active online. She’s increasingly vocal about the erosion of parental rights, whether in the healthcare system or in schools. She worries that she must sound like a conspiracy theorist when she explains what’s happening in clinics and classrooms and chatrooms, but she doesn’t care. ‘I’m done being scared,’ she says. ‘Now I’m pissed.’” Read more here.


Scientists Want to Remove Ethical Limitations on Human Embryo Research, by C. Ben Mitchell. “The International Society for Stem Cell Research will recommend abolishing a longstanding ethical limitation on human embryo research. For decades the scientific community has observed the so-call 14-day rule… The ISSCR wants the rule lifted so that human embryos can be developed to a more mature stage.” Read more here.


The Online Safety Bill Is an Assault on Free Speech, by Radomir Tylecote. “The government plans to censor what it calls ‘offensive material,’ as if giving offence is a harm from which a fragile public needs protection by the state. The ‘duty of care’ for online companies proposed by the bill covers tackling content that could produce an ‘adverse … psychological impact on individuals.’ This ‘psychological impact’ could mean almost anything.” Read more here.


Is Abortion a Global Public Health Emergency? by Michael Cook. “Their argument works like this. If the foetus is a human person, abortion must be regarded as a global health emergency which is even more serious than Covid-19. There are an estimated 50 million abortions every year — about the total number of deaths of infants, children and adults from all causes. Deaths from Covid are far lower.” Read more here.


Miscarriage as Bereavement in a World of Abortion, by Carolyn Moynihan. “Do women who miscarry mourn ‘the end of a pregnancy?’ Surely, they grieve for a child; that is the only way to make sense of the term ‘bereavement’ as a description of what has happened. It is not just a change in a woman’s body, but the loss of a relationship with a person, a new human individual who is your own flesh and blood.” Read more here.


UK Research Review is Sceptical of Medical Treatment for Gender Dysphoria, by Michael Cook. “All of the studies in the review of the literature were flawed. They were all uncontrolled observational studies, which are subject to bias and confounding; they had relatively short follow-up; most of them did not report comorbidities (physical or mental health); most of the studies were poorly reported and used a confusing variety of scoring tools and methods.” Read more here.


School Districts Are Hiding Information About Gender-Transitioning Children From Their Parents. This Is Unconstitutional, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Stunningly, the policy prohibits personnel from communicating with parents on any of the above actions, and goes so far as to direct teachers and staff to deceive parents by reverting to a child’s birth name and corresponding pronouns whenever a child’s parents are present.” Read more here.


Arkansas and the Politics of Experimenting on Children, by Mark Regnerus. “…[T]he legislature knows something the governor apparently does not: hormonal treatment of adolescent gender dysphoria continues to yield little demonstrable benefit across samples and studies, save perhaps for idealized self-image—a subjective outcome once considered unworthy of dramatic intervention. Critics will claim otherwise (they already are), and will seek to weaponize the risk of suicide in a manner long considered dangerous and unethical.” Read more here.


Where Is the Evidence for Transgender Youth Suicide? by Michael Cook. “The North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network is currently running a campaign … which advises schools to avoid words like ‘mum,’ ‘dad,’ ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ to help to lower the suicide rates of LGBTQI+ young people. It also wants to bring in unisex bathrooms, non-gendered playing teams and rainbow flags to be more inclusive and make gender non-conforming young people more comfortable.” Read more here.


Keira Bell Deserved Better Than Puberty Blockers, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “…[W]hat did the adults do? They experimented on her. Five years later, she would de-transition. But a double mastectomy cannot be undone. That ‘pause’ on puberty and testosterone shots have a lifetime of consequences. Teenagers don’t think about infertility and breastfeeding. That’s why there are adults. But the adults failed Keira Bell. And the adults increasingly seem nowhere to be seen on these dangerous issues of gender confusion and ideology…” Read more here.


Why All Pregnant Women Should Be Concerned About a Change to Britain’s Abortion Laws, by Naomi Marsden. “But here’s the rub: if decriminalisation gets through and section 58 of the OAPA is repealed, there will be no explicit criminal penalty for causing a woman to miscarry… Furthermore, if the ILPA is repealed, there will be no criminal penalty for child destruction for a preborn baby right up to term. The law in this area is already failing to get justice for women.” Read more here.


Parent in New York Sues to ‘Marry’ Their Adult Child, by Michael L. Brown. “…[T]he moral, legal, and societal wall against incestuous relationships helps remove the possibility of such relationships (and sexual unions)… Take down that wall, and anything can happen. That’s why challenges to incest remain more marginal than mainstream. But make no mistake about it. If marriage could be so radically redefined so as to remove the requirement of a man and a woman, it can be further redefined to include family members or to expand the number from two.” Read more here.


Biden’s New Policy on Transgender Troops Will Weaken Our Military, by Thomas Spoehr. “Allowing mistrust or uncertainty into the unit weakens this critical bond. It breeds resentment. It causes doubt where once was certainty. This is the heart of the transgender service debate. If those with gender dysphoria are at a much higher risk of suicide, crippling anxiety or other mental breakdowns than their peers, those serving next to them will be reluctant to rely on them. Permitting them to serve also violates the principle of not placing individuals at greater risk of injury in harm’s way.” Read more here.


UN Committee Calls for Internet Channels for Child Sexting, by Austin Ruse. “The Committee dealt with what is now commonly called ‘sexting…’ Sexting can be illegal when done by children, and the Committee wants it made legal. The Committee says, ‘Child-friendly channels should be created to allow children to seek advice and assistance where it relates to self-generated sexually explicit content.’” Read more here.


Anti-Life and Anti-Christian Attack at the European Parliament, by Grégor Puppinck. “…[A] few parliamentarians want to promote abortion, even though this subject does not fall within the competence of the European Union, and we are experiencing a serious moral and demographic crisis. According to this text, having women ‘carry their pregnancy to term against their will … is a violation of human rights and a form of gender-based violence.’” Read more here.


My Story, by Keira Bell. “…[T]he further my transition went, the more I realized that I wasn’t a man, and never would be. We are told these days that when someone presents with gender dysphoria, this reflects a person’s ‘real’ or ‘true’ self, that the desire to change genders is set. But this was not the case for me. As I matured, I recognized that gender dysphoria was a symptom of my overall misery, not its cause.” Read more here.


Arkansas Law Lets Kids Be Kids, by Autumn Leva. “In recent years, parents have grown wary of giving their children meat or dairy products filled with artificial hormones. Yet, these same parents are pressured to accept that children should receive unnatural levels of hormones for the politically popular cause of so-called gender affirmation.” Read more here.


When Sons Become Daughters: Parents of Transitioning Boys Speak Out on Their Own Suffering, by Angus Fox. “The parents … are nervous of losing their jobs… While most have expressed to their families their scepticism regarding their sons’ announcements, all are wary of the parent-child relationship worsening. But they did let me in, even with these fears, and took me on a whirlwind ride over the terrain of the new gender ideology.” Read more here.


Stop Hedging, Start Marrying, by Mary Harrington. “…[A]s the first generation to be raised wholly on those messages of freedom begins sliding into unhappy, lonely and childless middle age, it’s time to rethink this belief. Much of the freedom we’ve gained has been bought at the cost of meaning. Interdependence ties us down; but even in America, today’s wellspring of radical individualism, 69% of respondents to a Pew poll indicated that family is their primary source of meaning in life.” Read more here.


Why the World Rugby Guidelines Banning Trans Athletes From the Women’s Game Are Reasonable, by Jon Pike. “If we are to have two classes of sport — male and female — then the division is justified by the existence of male advantage. Those who claim male advantage (including residual male advantage for transwomen) doesn’t matter are actually arguing for unisex sport.” Read more here.


The Crisis at the Tavistock’s Child Gender Clinic, by Hannah Barnes. “The findings make for sobering reading with inspectors raising ‘significant concerns’ about the way the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) works… With Care Quality Commission inspectors recently confirming many of the risks highlighted still remain, some have expressed concern about why neither GIDS, nor NHS England, which has ultimate responsibility for the service, have done more to help the children and young people it cares for.” Read more here.


Activists Deliberately Amplified Transgenderism to America’s Gullible Kids, and Few Are Protecting Them, by Jean C. Lloyd. “…[N]o generation has ever had ‘the normalization of body dissociation’ directly marketed to them for profit. Doctors use Instagram to market top surgery, and hormones are available essentially on demand. Similar to the ubiquitous commercials directing us to ‘ask our doctor about the purple pill,’ the array of options for medicalized identity interventions are finding their target audience, primarily the young.” Read more here.


European Catholics Fear Erosion of Religious Freedoms Across Continent, by Jonathan Luxmoore. “Fears of an incremental assault on religious freedom have long been expressed by church leaders in Europe, where antireligious incidents are logged by the Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians, and publicized by human rights bodies such as the European Centre for Law and Justice.” Read more here.


Children With Gender Dysphoria Need Responsible Adults, Not Affirmation, by Eddie Scarry. “Of the few scientific studies that otherwise exist about transgenderism, indications are that the people afflicted with gender dysphoria will be dealing with lifelong issues of severe depression and even physical ailment… However, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that, well, maybe letting minors tinker with their bodies and their chemical makeup isn’t something that should cause us all to leap for joy.” Read more here.


Parents of Nonbinary Autistic Child Say Child Asked to Be Called ‘They’ at 6, by Sarah Taylor. “Shira and Ari said that they take Hallel to ‘special needs camps,’ spend a lot of time explaining ‘nonbinary’ to the curious, and attend ‘nonbinary meetups’ to further Hallel’s comfort level with the announcement… The family say they often struggle to maintain using ‘they’ when referring to Hallel, but the 9-year-old has a suggestion: ‘Refer to me as a group of people.’” Read more here.


In the European Parliament the Right to Life Is Under Attack, by Redacción. “…[I]t is an attempt to map and stigmatize pro-life citizens, organizations, politicians and governments, creating a kind of ‘black list.’ The result will be their exclusion from European political life as they will be presented as ‘dangerous for democracy and contrary to the values ​​of the EU.’” Read more here.


GLAAD Yanks Blacklist of Anti-LGBT Figures, by Ellie Gardey. “The probable reason GLAAD pulled the blacklist is the sheer carelessness and brainlessness with which the profiles are written. The profiles systematically make use of ideological talking points rather than evidence, contain inaccuracies, use strange and erroneous grammar, and criticize statements with which only the most hardline transgender acitivists [sic] would disagree.” Read more here.


Arkansas Bill Would Bar Doctors From Transgender Drug, Surgical ‘Experimentation’ on Minors, by Jared Eckert. “Given that no lasting psychological health benefits are gained as a result of transitioning, bills like Arkansas’ measure that prevent gender dysphoric children from rushing into irreversible sex-change interventions, whether chemical or surgical, actually save lives and ensure health.” Read more here.


My Friend Was Pressured to Have an Abortion After Scan Showed Chance of Disability, by Nora Sullivan. “The data mirrors the disturbing anecdotes: A study in the medical journal Prenatal Testing and Disability Rights found that a quarter of doctors admitted trying to influence a mother’s decision about whether or not to continue with her pregnancy when faced with a tough diagnosis. Most encouraged mothers to terminate.” Read more here.


Where Do UN Delegations Really Stand on Life and Family? by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “In recent weeks, these socially conservative governments blocked new elements of the LGBT agenda from entering UN policy. Several made declaratory statements opposing ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ and saying that the term ‘gender’ only refers to biological men and women and insisted on respect for their sovereignty and national laws.” Read more here.


Arkansas Is Taking the Health of Transgender Children Seriously, by Zachary Faria. “Chemically or physically altering gender dysphoric children through puberty blockers, hormones, or surgery, setting them on a path at the age of, say, 13 years old, that 80% or more will regret is not ‘affirmation’ or ‘acceptance.’ It is cruelty and abuse. Arkansas legislators made a prudent decision, and the dozen or so states considering joining them with their own legislation should follow suit.” Read more here.


6th Circuit Reaches Right Conclusion on ‘Preferred Pronouns.’ Other Courts Should Follow Suit, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “The court’s opinion in Meriwether v. Hartop is long overdue comfort to those who refuse to bend the knee on leftist groupthink—the kind that forces a subjective and manipulable view of one person’s self to become a defining reality for everyone else. It is a stake in the ground on behalf of religious dissenters and academic freedom.” Read more here.


New Profits for Planned Parenthood: Hormone Therapy for Those Who Identify as Trans, by Heather Sells. “Planned Parenthood’s 2019-2020 annual report shows the extent of the new venture. Two hundred centers in 31 states now welcome patients who desire hormone therapy. It’s labeled gender-affirming hormone therapy which typically means few if any questions are asked that would challenge a young person’s thinking. It also typically means no mental health support is needed to obtain the hormones.” Read more here.


Connecticut School Shows Cartoon of Man With Erection Standing Over ‘Sad’ Girl – to SECOND GRADERS, by Mike Miller. “…[T]he voice-over explains that ‘some children have experienced an adult touching or putting their penis in the child’s private parts or mouth,’ saying they’re ‘terrified that this will happen again.’ Yes, this is insane. I wonder what the over/under is on children walking away from that video with more questions than answers, and a troubling newfound fear in something awful that will likely never come close to happening to them?” Read more here.


Why a Trans Woman Is a [sic] Not a Woman, by Glenn T. Stanton. “If a trans woman was actually a woman, the ACLU would simply declare ‘a woman is a woman.’ But what they … are trying to do is broaden and redefine what a woman is. They should just be honest and admit that the universally understood definition of woman that all cultures have used across history is simply inadequate for their new agenda of redefining what it means to be human.” Read more here.


Why Are Lone-Parent Families Declining in the UK? by Harry Benson. “…[T]he proportion of lone-parent families in 2020 is now down to levels not seen since the 1990s. What’s happened is that, as marriages have become more stable over the past 25 years, the reduction in family breakdown from fewer married families splitting up has more than offset the increase in family breakdown from the increase in relatively unstable cohabiting families.” Read more here.


U.S. and EU Delegations Bully and Make False Claims About Smaller States, by Lisa Correnti. “In addition to abortion, LGBTQI+ rights, and sexual rights for children, this year, progressive countries worked hard to minimize language on the importance of protecting the family, recognition for motherhood, and the role of mothers as leaders in society. All this was wholly ignored by the media reports.” Read more here.


State Legislatures Have Introduced Over 500 Pro-Life Bills in 2021, by Brittany Raymer. “Despite a pro-abortion administration in office, 2021 should be considered the year of the pro-life bills. According to a report created by Planned Parenthood, lawmakers have introduced 516 pro-life pieces of legislation, entirely on the state level… And the abortion industry is concerned.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology May Be More Successful Than I Thought, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The dozens of genders? Phrases like ‘her penis’ and ‘his breasts’? Activists and academics might believe this, sure — but most ordinary people would not. But between the entertainment industry’s drive to normalize transgenderism, the media’s insistence on pretending that this is what we’ve believed all along, and the total takeover of public schools and even many private schools, it appears that this movement may be more successful than I thought.” Read more here.


It’s Not ‘Transphobic’ to Question Whether Rachel Levine Can Be Objective When It Comes to Hormone Blockers or Sex-Change Surgery for Children, by Ian Haworth. “The medical objectivity of those who work in the private sector is less important than those who work in the public sector, because private figures are making less impactful decisions regarding the entirety of society. As the primary advisor on matters of public health, however, Levine’s personal beliefs could impact health care policy on a national level. With this in mind, questioning every element of Levine’s background becomes crucial, as the health of our nation is at stake.” Read more here.


Military Touts ‘Wonderful Teams’ of Doctors for Transgender Troops, but Combat Concerns Remain, by Abraham Mahshie. “In announcing the April 30 implementation of new transgender policies, the Pentagon … declined to comment on a Washington Examiner question about how unit cohesion might be affected, citing ongoing litigation.… In an email response to the Washington Examiner Thursday, DOD spokeswoman Lisa Lawrence admitted that military readiness for medical treatment will be affected but will improve in the end.” Read more here.


With His Satanic New Video, Lil Nas X Is Directly Preying on Children, by Matt Walsh. “If Lil Nas X is blazing any new trails, it is only because he is the first person to go this route less than a year after performing with Elmo on Sesame Street. With his first hit … Lil Nas X gained a large audience of very young children. This was no accident. The rapper and his handlers made a decision to cultivate this fan base with appearances on children’s television shows, performances at elementary schools, and even the release of a children’s book.” Read more here.


Real Feminists Defend the Unborn, by Thomas Glessner, “March is Women’s History Month. The media has featured articles about many impressive women and their contributions to American history. However, it appears one thing is required before a woman can be honored. She must also be a supporter of so-called reproductive rights—code for abortion.” Read more here.


Online Pornography is ‘the World’s Biggest Department of Education,’ by Melinda Tankard Reist. “Given it is the biggest sex educator in the world, given its predatory nature and ease of access to children and young people and given the global research, there is no doubt it is fuelling abuse by eroticising that abuse. It normalises sexual violence. When boys are repeatedly fed images of de-humanising of women, of extreme torture and degradation (bearing in mind that the most violent genres are the most popular), and are trained to become aroused by such images, they incorporate these behaviours into their sexual repertoires.” Read more here.


New York Times is Normalizing Transgenderism One Headline at a Time, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The transgender movement, which exploded onto the scene in the last decade, is spearheading an assault on the traditional (and scientific) understanding of biological sex from the classroom to the bathroom (and, as this article describes, on sex-segregated sports.) They are waging a culture war on the status quo; they are insisting on a radical transformation of society on every level.” Read more here.


Graphic Sexual Content Assigned to Texas Students, by Georgia Howe. “According to one parent … their concerns were not received with tolerance by some involved in the process. Proponents of the pornographic content, including both teachers and parents, lashed out at the concerned parents… Before we move on to the deranged behavior that ensued next, let’s just pause to appreciate that there are actually activists among us who defend pornography in K-12 schools.” Read more here.


Parents Beware: This Nickelodeon Show Smuggles LGBT Identities Into the ‘ABC Song,’ by Tyler O’Neil. “The Blue’s Clues & You video did not just celebrate transgender identity, however. Many of the identities represented by the flags in the video involve sexual desires and sexual activity, such as lesbianism and bisexuality. The video seems more geared toward normalizing all forms of LGBT identity, but some parents may fear that videos like this are trying to sexualize their young children.” Read more here.


Mum and Dad Lite: Parenting Without Sex, Romance, Co-Habitation or Marriage, by Michael Cook. “Amongst the myriad new family forms springing up as traditional marriage loses popularity is platonic co-parenting. This is not co-parenting after divorce, with all of its acrimony and competition for a child’s affection. Instead this involves two strangers making plans to conceive children (naturally or artificially) and taking joint responsibility for raising them – but without marriage or living together.” Read more here.


The Equality Act Would Trample on Doctors’ Religious Freedom, by Jonathan Imbody. “Your medical judgment against transitioning draws upon scientific evidence that gender dysphoria in children typically resolves within a few years. But under the Equality Act, any counsel against gender transitioning now traps you inside a thorny bush of legal hazards that trigger sex discrimination charges.” Read more here.


‘It’s Demonic:’ Religious Mothers Mourn How Trans Movement Is ‘Devouring’ Sons, Find Solace in Secret Online Group, by Jon Brown. “Paulina warned adults online are grooming children with underlying mental health issues and sexual confusion to believe they are trans. ‘The answer that these kids are getting is that there is something wrong with [their body] and that the solution is that they are trans,’ she said. ‘They’re being told a lie … The medical industry is devouring and grooming our boys to be medicalized for life.’” Read more here.


Unintended Births Among Disadvantaged Women, by Maria Archer. “The majority of abortions are performed on poor or low-income women; however, disadvantaged women are more likely to carry out unintended pregnancies than highly educated ‘afluent’ [sic] women.  The reasons for this vary… The majority of women who courageously carry out ‘mistimed’ or ‘unwanted’ pregnancies are unmarried women with limited resources, who often also lack models of healthy family life.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Sits on Potentially Blockbuster Abortion Case, by Nicholas Rowan. “Even if the court ultimately rejects Dobbs, Quigley said, anti-abortion groups have an entire arsenal of other state bills that they plan to send its way. ‘Nearly 400 pro-life bills have been introduced in this year alone in state legislatures across the country,’ she said. ‘As case after case heads their way, the Supreme Court should realize that this issue is not going anywhere.’” Read more here.


Canadian Father Jailed for Talking About Court-Ordered Transgendering of His Teenage Daughter, by Jeremiah Keenan. “…Hoogland told me in a phone interview that he did not regret his choice to speak out publicly under his own name. When asked whether he regretted saying Wong and Hursh’s names, he was emphatic: ‘No.’ Hoogland views the doctors as ‘criminals’ who were ‘doing something wrong,’ harming healthy children with cross-sex hormones that render them sterile.” Read more here.


Why Christians in Scotland Are Breathing a Sigh of Relief, by Lois McLatchie. “Canon Tom’s case is now the first in the UK to overturn disproportionate Covid-19 restrictions… It proves that freedom of worship is an essential human right that runs through the bloodstream of a democracy, and cannot be lightly overridden. Religious views may have a decreasing popularity in Scotland; but perhaps this is all the more reason to protect the freedom of those who bear them to live out their faith to the greatest extent possible.” Read more here.


Happily Never After: Democrats Push a Modern-Day War on Women, by Doreen Denny. “Polls consistently show that people are deeply concerned with the impact of gender identity ideology on women and children. But they are not being told the truth about legislation with nice-sounding titles claiming ‘equality’ or campaigns that weaponize wokeism through corporate boardrooms. It’s time to expose these details to public scrutiny before it’s too late.” Read more here.


Biden, Pelosi Seek to Close Christian Adoption Agencies, by Robert G. Marshall. “They support HR 5, the so-called ‘Equality Act,’ which manipulates the meaning of the word ‘discrimination…’ If a church does not agree with the sexual practices or the social policies of the LGBTQ+ agenda, they will be charged with illegally ‘discriminating’ under the Civil Rights Act just as if they were burning crosses on front lawns and wearing white sheets to intimidate their African American neighbors.” Read more here.


Dad Jailed for Discussing Teen’s Gender Dysphoria, by Mary Jackson. “Despite the Canadian government’s efforts to silence Hoogland, his story has brought to light the dangers for parents in the country who resist or question school officials, therapists, and doctors intent on fast-tracking gender-dysphoric children into medical treatments and surgeries.” Read more here.


The Trans Agenda Uses Exactly the Same Tactics as Woman Abusers, by Natasha Chart. “The two men who introduced the Equality Act could claim the right to stay at a women’s shelter or shower with women at the gym as a result of the bill’s text. Their female colleagues have been told to smile and cheer, or there will be consequences. They aren’t kept hostage by traditional means, but by a false ideology wearing feminist clothes…” Read more here.


Nebraska Eyes Teaching Kindergarteners Gender Identity While Eleven-Year-Olds Study Pansexuality and Demigenderism, by Alex Parker. “As for the older folks, fifth graders will be able to ‘Explain that gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum.’ And sixth graders will progress to defining ‘sexual identity and explain a range of identities related to sexual orientation (e.g. heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two-spirit, asexual, pansexual).’” Read more here.


How the Equality Act Would Legalize Religious Bigotry, by Yaakov Menken. “This piece of legislation mandates the ‘desegregation of public facilities [by] sex (including sexual orientation and gender identity).’ This directly forbids traditional Jewish practice in any such location. Lest you imagine that such a Jewish event would be protected by its religious nature, the act goes out of its way — for the first time in history — to prohibit recourse to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).” Read more here.


How Equality Act Could Become Classroom Bully With Biased, Unscientific Curriculum, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “…[W]hat of the curriculum the Equality Act might force schools to teach? Could it compel teachers to peddle unscientific notions that gender is ‘fluid,’ or that a student’s subjective self-identity is superior to the biological reality of his or her chromosomal makeup? Unfortunately, due to some legal sleight of hand, the answer is very likely ‘yes.’” Read more here.


A Federal Judge Has Hidden 200 Hours of Undercover Footage About Abortion Atrocities for 5 Years, by Madeline Osburn. “Late one Friday in July 2015, District Judge William Orrick of San Francisco issued a restraining order blocking the release of undercover videos at the National Abortion Federation (NAF) convention showing Planned Parenthood employees negotiating the sale of aborted fetus body parts. After nearly six years, more than 200 hours of that footage are yet to be seen by the public…” Read more here.


U.S. Pushes Controversial Abortion and Sexual Rights at U.N.’s Conference on Women, by Grace Melton. “Unfortunately, the pursuit of gender equality at the U.N. has become corrupted by the promotion of abortion, sexual rights and even radical gender theory. The U.S. should buck this trend and champion a real pro-woman agenda that respects women as equal in dignity and entitled to exercise their authentic human rights, and leave abortion out of it.” Read more here.


SCOTUS: Americans Can Hold Government Accountable for Violating Religious Freedom, by Kristen Waggoner. “Two lower courts … said that victims couldn’t continue a lawsuit against government entities for violating their rights unless the victims could prove a quantifiable injury. But violations of constitutional rights aren’t often susceptible to easy price tags… When there are no consequences for violating constitutional rights, we deny victims justice, we undermine our nation’s commitment to the First Amendment, and we embolden the government to disregard those rights again and again.” Read more here.


Throuples? Ho Hum, No Big Deal, by Michael Brown. “Haven’t we seen this before? We sound the alarm about a dangerous cultural trend, warning about what is coming around the corner. In response, our critics tell us that we’re crazy, that no such thing will ever happen, that we’re just fearmongers and fanatics. Then, little by little, the very thing we warned about becomes reality. In response, our critics say, ‘So what’s the big deal? Stop being such babies. This is the real world. Get over it.’” Read more here.


The Equality Act Is a Push for Ideological Submission, Not Civil Rights, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “Biological boys playing on girls’ teams? Foster-care and adoption services banished for having traditional views that Barack Obama and Joe Biden and all of mainstream America believed about ten seconds ago, relatively speaking? Can we please unite together against ideological tyranny here? Care about Ryan T. Anderson’s book being banned on Amazon, because it’s going to be you not submitting in some way or some form soon if this Equality Act passes.” Read more here.


A Grim Reminder That Fetal Tissue Market Is Still Open for Business, by Tara Sander Lee and David Prentice. “A recent scientific review tells the horrid tale of fetal tissue research and the tangled web it weaves. Ongoing destruction of human life is required. And as long as a constant source of funding remains, the supply-and-demand chain is not broken… It is unconscionable that fetal tissue research continues at all, let alone at taxpayer expense.” Read more here.


H.R. 5: The Final Nail in the Coffin of Religious Liberty, by Marc Little. “There are very few clergy who seem to understand that the steamroller of the federal government is infested with radical leftists, and it has had enough of the church preaching ‘hate speech’ for biblical marriage between one man and one woman and that God made two genders, for instance. And clergy have become more compliant by the day; the cancel culture … is cancelling the church right under its own nose and there is nary a whimper to say, ‘No more.’” Read more here.


‘Inclusivity’ Does Not Trump Fairness or Science in Protecting Women’s Sports, by Zachary Faria. “Female athletes at all levels deserve a level playing field. Whether they are chasing athletic scholarships or simply a spot on a team, allowing biological men to compete denies them that. It flies in the face of science and common sense, and it makes for a lousy definition of inclusivity.” Read more here.


Confronting the Lie That Pro-Lifers Don’t Care Once a Child Is Born, by Robert Knight. “In 2019, the latest year tabulated, about 2,700 pro-life pregnancy centers nationally served nearly two million people… This included distributing more than two million baby outfits and nearly 1.3 million packs of diapers to needy parents. At virtually no charge, clients receive counseling before and after births, various tests including ultrasounds, and information about alternatives such as maternity homes and adoption.” Read more here.


Justices’ Title VII ‘On Basis of Sex’ Ruling Spawning Unintended Consequences in Lower Courts, by GianCarlo Canaparo and Nicole Imhof. “The Bostock decision immediately raised the question of whether ‘on the basis of sex’ means sexual orientation and gender identity for all other laws that use that term—and there are several… Now that some time has passed, we’ve been able to look at what the lower courts have done with Bostock, at least so far, and, sure enough, they’ve applied it to other statutes.” Read more here


Father Jailed After Referring to Biological Female Child as His Daughter, by Erin Perse. “The Canadian state has taken a drastically wrong turning by institutionalizing transsexual medical procedures for children, then imposing draconian constraints on free expression to conceal the full horror of what it is doing to a generation of children. It seems unwilling to consider the implications of the decision in Keira Bell v Tavistock in the UK.” Read more here.


Actress Ellen ‘Elliot’ Page Talks About Transitioning in ‘Time Magazine’ Interview, by Brittany Raymer. “The claim by individuals and gender ideologues that there are seven or 64 or an infinite number of genders has no basis in biological reality. And the idea that someone can transition from one sex to the other also has no basis in biology. Every cell in Page’s body remains XX – female, regardless of hormones and surgeries to look male. But these lies have invaded society and have resulted in many young people struggling with their bodily realities. This is especially true for young women.” Read more here.


Biden Establishes White House Gender Policy Council, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “U.S. President Joe Biden has issued an executive order establishing a new White House Gender Policy Council… Despite the announcement of the council on March 8, International Women’s Day, the executive order repeatedly mentions ‘equity and equality,’ where ‘equity’ is defined as including ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) persons.’” Read more here.


When Transgenderism Discards My Daughter, I Will Still Be Here for Her, by Lynn Meagher. “My daughter, like a lot of bright girls, experienced challenges socially. She was often left out and rejected by other kids. She was sensitive and it hurt. I’m sure she believes her new identity will heal those wounds. I’m also sure it will not. When it doesn’t, what will she be left with? I want to believe that she will be alright. I’m here, waiting for her. I pray she knows I’m still here, waiting, for as long as it takes.” Read more here.


4 Highlights From Senate Hearing on Liberals’ Equality Act, by Virginia Allen. “If passed, the Equality Act would prohibit discimination [sic] on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity within ‘places of public accommodation,’ which, in a break with legal tradition, would include churches, mosques, temples, and other places of worship.” Read more here.


VP Harris Avoids Controversy in UN Speech but Behind the Scenes U.S. Pushes for Abortion, by Lisa Correnti and Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Delegates close to the negotiations told the Friday Fax that U.S. diplomats have joined the European Union in promoting the new and ambiguous phrase ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ in UN policy. The phrase is used by UN agencies to promote abortion, LGBT rights and sexual autonomy for children.” Read more here.


In Abortion Case, the Supreme Court Can Stop Biden From Pushing Extreme Rules in Secret Deals, by Margot Cleveland. “Elections have consequences. Abandoning the rule of law should not be one of them. That matters not, though, to the Biden administration, which has abandoned the legally mandated rulemaking process… To stop the administration from gutting the governing Title X regulations on abortion providers, however, Ohio and a contingency of 18 other states could also stop these shenanigans with a petition now pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.” Read more here.


Father Arrested After Continuing to Call His Child ‘She’ After Court-Ordered Gender Transition Treatments, by Jonathan Turley. “I personally disagree with the father in the use of the pronoun if his son has made this choice. I would yield to the child’s preference on how the child is referenced… Yet, arresting a parent for continuing to oppose such a transition or referring to the wrong pronoun is chilling. There is an utter disregard of the countervailing interests and rights of parents in these decisions.” Read more here.


‘Detransition Awareness Day’ Highlights Those Embracing Their True Identity, by Jeff Johnston. “March 12, 2021 was the first ever ‘Detransition Awareness Day,’ created by a coalition of groups and individuals ‘to raise awareness and break down the stigma around detransition.’ The term ‘detransition’ refers to the process people go through of stopping a ‘gender transition’ – trying to live as the opposite sex – and embracing their bodily sex.” Read more here.


The Equality Act and the Rise of the Anti-Theological State, by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. “The Equality Act … represents the threat of government coercion against a certain structure of theology, doctrine, and morality. This means the threat of the state directed against any claim of divine revelation that contradicts the new morality, the newly minted definition of marriage, and the newly constructed ‘rights’ of the LGBTQ revolution.” Read more here.


If Conversion Therapy Is Banned, It Is the Bible That Will Be Silenced, by David Robertson. “…[T]he truth is that most politicians are largely ignorant of what conversion therapy actually is. All they know is that it is ‘bad,’ and they will get hassle if they don’t join in with the mob – and virtue points if they do. And so, they will. But there will be little thought, little reality and little awareness of the consequences of passing a law that they do not understand.” Read more here.


The Equality Act Would Make Protecting Your Child an Act of Bigotry, by Melissa Moschella. “…[I]f the Equality Act or the Fairness for All Act becomes law, you would not only find it difficult to protect your daughter from the irreversible harms of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, but your failure to unquestioningly affirm your daughter’s new identity and your refusal to consent to hormone treatment for her could be considered abusive or neglectful.” Read more here.


Slate Columnist: ‘I Don’t Want to Be a Parent’ Is Fine Reason for Abortion, by Katie Yoder. “Here’s what someone should tell her: It’s normal to be scared. It’s normal to be terrified about the unexpected – especially if it’s something as life-changing as a baby… But know that you are strong. That you are not alone. That you are loved. That abortion is not your only option. That it’s worth considering keeping your baby – whom you already refer to as your ‘second child’ – because you have that superwoman ability.” Read more here.


Equality Act Would Cancel Religious Freedom, by Thomas Jipping and Sarah Parshall Perry. “By excising the Religious Freedom Restoration Act from the legislation equation altogether, the Equality Act gives government free rein to restrict, compromise, or even eliminate the fundamental right to practice religion in pursuit of the Equality Act’s political agenda… This would be the first time that Congress not only provided inadequate protection for religious freedom, but deliberately and publicly repudiated it altogether.” Read more here.


Equality Act Danger: Cross-Sex Hormones Could Create Transgender ‘Menopausal Teens,’ by Dr. Susan Berry. “The Equality Act, if passed in the Senate and signed into law, could be used to punish medical … professionals who do not immediately affirm a teen’s stated desire to be treated with damaging cross-sex hormones. For teens with gender dysphoria who insist on receiving cross-sex hormones following puberty-blocking drugs, the end result could be a fast-forward to middle age and all the health concerns that normally come to those in their 40s and 50s.” Read more here.


Dead Supreme Court Justices Prevent Arkansas From Implementing Will of the People on Abortion, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Fourteen states have seen lawmakers propose sweeping abortion bans across the United States in 2021… Until — or if — Roe falls, these bills illustrate that the public and political will to protect the pre-born exists in many states, but thus far the wall set up by the Supreme Court is blocking the way to full recognition of the humanity of America’s youngest citizens.” Read more here.


‘Equality Act’ Will Make Mother’s Shocking Experience Commonplace, by Liberty Counsel. “The AST supervisor called Jane later and told her they had a new behavior technician, a woman, who will arrive the next Monday. On that Monday, a man dressed like a woman arrived at her door! Jane called AST and said she did not want her child working with a man dressed as a woman. Then Jane was told she was discriminating against the ‘woman in question.’” Read more here.


There Is No Epidemic of Trans Murders, by Rod Dreher. “NBC reports that Braxton used to be involved in prostitution, and was planning to create an account online with OnlyFans, where Braxton could share nude images of himself with paying customers. Police have given no further details on this killing — such as, if it had to do with prostitution, as so many transgender murders do. There is no reason at all to believe at this point that Braxton’s murder was a hate crime. But of course the LGBT activist organizations pump it up, and the media go along with it.” Read more here.


Where the Government Decides What Your Child Should Learn About Sex, by Elizabeth Francis. “Parents in Wales should brace themselves: the Welsh Government is one step away from transferring the right of parents to decide their child’s best interests about sex and religious education to the State. Legal reforms aim to hand over the decision about what is appropriate to the maturity and development of children to the government and schools – to the exclusion of parents, and without their consent.” Read more here.


Seventh Circuit Ban on Parental Notice for Underage Abortions Tees Up Supreme Court Review, by Margot Cleveland. “On Friday in a split 2-1 decision, a federal appellate court declared unconstitutional Indiana’s parental notification law for minors seeking abortions. The Seventh Circuit’s majority decision in Planned Parenthood v. Box II is wrong, but also providential because it provides a perfect vehicle for the Supreme Court to revisit its abortion jurisprudence.” Read more here.


LGBT Activists Sue Canadian Pastor for Preaching Biblical Sexuality, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Van Mackelberg, who fundraises for LGBT causes as a drag queen under the moniker Flo Mingo, was happy to tell the CBC why he’d decided to organize against a Christian pastor for saying Christian things. ‘Unfortunately, we’re not in a place yet where we are fully accepted and we can live our true lives,’ he said, without explaining why Murphy’s views prevent him from doing anything.” Read more here.


Transgender Activists are Trying to Bully the NCAA Into Conformity, by Zachary Faria. “Transgender activists hope to bludgeon the NCAA into complying with their contradiction-filled gender ideology, destroying the integrity of women’s sports and putting many female athletes at increased risk of injury. In doing so, they hope their heavy-handed tactics silence all opposition and chill the expression of opposing opinions.” Read more here.


Here’s What Else Democrats Want to Make You Fund: International Abortions, by Rebecca Downs. “The bill’s name sums accurately sums up a Democratic talking point: ‘Abortion is health care, health care is a human right, and it must be paid for,’ even abroad. When introduced, the bill received attention in the form of supportive tweets… A common them [sic] to such coverage is that opposing taxpayer-funded abortions is racist. As if seeking to end the lives of these targeted populations somehow isn’t worse.” Read more here.


States Need to Protect Children From Trans Abuse by Investigating Planned Parenthood Now, by Margot Cleveland and Joy Pullman. “Absent whistleblower or patient complaints, state boards of medicine may be powerless to protect the public until it is too late. State legislatures, however, could and should ensure that their citizens, especially minors, are protected from the profit-seeking vultures at Planned Parenthood by more stringently regulating the prescribing, dispensing, and injection of opposite-sex hormones.” Read more here.


An Easter Egg From the Government Won’t Roll Away Months of Unfair Treatment of Scottish Christians, by Lois McLatchie. “Since January, they have watched off-licenses, dry cleaners and bicycle shops be given permission to open with safety measures in place to protect public health. Large, airy church buildings have remained tightly locked. The faithful have been forbidden from gathering, even at a masked distance, to worship and to receive communion. How can Christians be more contagious than bicycle enthusiasts?” Read more here.


Nebraska Abortion Darling Seeks to Allow Non-Physicians to Commit Abortions in Dangerous, Misogynistic Move, by Kristan Hawkins. “Name another surgery for which we are trying to downgrade the health and safety standards and licensing requirements for a medical free-for-all… Sure, it might be easier for abortion vendors to hire less-skilled individuals to carry out abortions. It would be cheaper and enlarge their employee pool. But that’s not a valid reason to do it.” Read more here.


Detransitioners Open Up About How Transgender ‘Medicine’ Left Them Scarred for Life, by Tyler O’Neil. “All people should treat those suffering from gender dysphoria with compassion, and the medical community should pursue gender dysphoria treatments other than medical transition. These detransitioners prove that encouraging transgender identity in opposition to the truth of biological sex can cause serious harm — and not just social harms like allowing biological males into women’s restrooms or males into women’s sports.” Read more here.


The Future of Women’s Sports, by David Applegate. “Allowing boys and men to compete against girls and women in high school and college sports will largely discourage most women and girls from competing at all, deprive them of these benefits, and defeat the very purposes of Title IX. No matter what courses we may take in other areas of life, it is high time that American and Western culture return to accepting the lessons of actual science and human experience when it comes to basic biological differences between men and women.” Read more here.


‘Equality Act’ is Bad for Women, by Liberty Counsel. “Julia Beck, a self-described radical lesbian feminist and the former law and policy co-chair of Baltimore’s LGBTQ Commission, has testified before the committee with a surprising revelation of truth of what will become reality if HR 5 becomes law. ‘This would eliminate women and girls as a coherent legal category worthy of civil rights protections. There is no way to tell if someone is lying about being transgender,’ said Beck.” Read more here.


Biden’s COVID-19 Plan: Force Taxpayers to Pay for Abortions, by Terry Jeffrey. “When Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill … was being considered in the House, Reps. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., and Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., offered a Hyde-type amendment to prevent it from funding abortions. This amendment was co-sponsored by 203 of their colleagues… But Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee rejected the amendment and the House Rules Committee refused to allow it to be considered on the House floor.” Read more here.


Chilling Effect: How the Hate Crime Bill Threatens Free Speech, by Lucy Hunter Blackburn. “Most of the current criticism relates to Part 2, which will extend the criminal offence of ‘stirring up hatred,’ and the likely impact of this on freedom of expression. In particular, significant concerns remain in relation to issues around sex and gender identity, and the risk of furthering chilling effects in an area of debate that people are already afraid to enter.” Read more here.


Data Reveals a COVID-19 Baby Bust in the U.S., but the Problem Lies Far Deeper, by Bettina di Fiore. “Perhaps Noah Smith, a former assistant professor of finance, hit the nail on the head when he said, ‘Most important[ly], the U.S. simply needs to change its mentality.’ Our culture of death must be transformed into one that embraces life. We must stop sending taxpayer funds to organizations that are obliterating the future of our nation — like Planned Parenthood — and redirect those funds to agencies and programs that support and protect families and children.” Read more here.


Biden’s ‘Transgender’ Order Imperils Victims of Abuse, by Clare Morell. “Anecdotal evidence also shows that some women fear that non-transgender, biological men may exploit the process of self-identification under the rule to gain access to women’s shelters. Perpetrators perpetrate. That is who they are. We must not lie to ourselves that abusers won’t take advantage of policies such as these to commit further abuse.” Read more here.


Gaming Platform Teaches Children It’s ‘Womxn,’ Not Women, by Douglas Blair. “Twitch’s young audience provides fertile ground for indoctrination. Children won’t even notice that the site they watch ‘Fortnite’ on is pushing leftist ideology. They’ll just passively absorb what Twitch tells them, be it ‘women aren’t real’ or ‘it’s offensive to say “blind.”’” Read more here.


Biden Celebrates International Women’s Day by Forcing Girls to Share Bathrooms, Sports Teams, With Boys, by Tyler O’Neil. “President Joe Biden … issued a glowing statement about women’s empowerment, launched a Gender Policy Council, and signed an executive order barring ‘sex discrimination’ — including discrimination on the basis of gender identity — in public schools. On one hand, Biden celebrated women’s advancement, and on the other, he forced schoolgirls to share bathrooms and sports teams with biological boys.” Read more here.


Liberals, Please Grow a Spine and Say No to Child Gender Transition, by Georgia Howe. “It feels like just yesterday that liberals were fretting about hormones in non-organic milk causing precocious puberty in girls. They weren’t crazy. Hormones are powerful even in small doses, and kids’ bodies are fragile. The fact we are even considering the use of hormones in high enough doses to alter the normal healthy growth of children is stunning. It is not ‘right-wing’ to feel stunned.” Read more here.


Abortion Activists Offer Dubious Claims to Attack Helms Amendment, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Many countries that receive assistance from the U.S. prohibit abortion in all but extreme cases, such as where the life of the mother is at stake or where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. In such places, the vast majority of abortions currently occurring ‘unsafely’ are already illegal, and the U.S. could not assist in making them ‘safe’ without violating the sovereign laws of that country.” Read more here.


Why Christians Must Not Support Republican-Sponsored ‘Fairness for All Act,’ by Travis Weber. “…[T]he philosophical approach of [the Fairness for All Act] sends the message that religious liberty is something that can be ‘carved out’ of a broad SOGI mandate like this bill. Religious liberty is a broad, over-arching principle that extends throughout the public square. Yet this assumption is not present within FFA, and this bill cannot be acceptable to anyone who cares about religious liberty.” Read more here.


San Diego ‘Throuple’ Lays the Groundwork for Legalised Polyamory, by Michael Cook. “Americans were assured that same-sex marriage would merely open up the institution of marriage to gay couples and lesbian couples. There was no intention whatsoever to alter the fundamentals of marriage. Etc. Etc. Well, six years on, it seems that throuples are being normalised and mothers are being erased. If those aren’t fundamental changes, what is?” Read more here.


‘Equality Act’ Makes Abortion a Federal Right, by Liberty Counsel. “The ‘Equality Act’ will make abortion a federal right from fertilization through full birth and will override every state law, including informed consent, parental consent and notification, waiting periods, and even late term abortion procedures like Partial Birth Abortion. The bill will also require state and federal funding and require insurance companies and employers (including religious employers) to provide coverage for chemical and surgical abortion.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Makes Millions Killing Babies, It Doesn’t Need Our Tax Dollars, by Right to Life of Michigan. “Planned Parenthood isn’t close to being in danger of closing because of this pandemic downturn. In the last five years they’ve made a profit of more than $600 MILLION DOLLARS. They made their most recent hefty 8-figure profit in spite of President Trump’s Protect Life Rule, which cut their funding from the Title X family planning program—which President Biden plans to restore.” Read more here.


‘Equality Act’ Bans Life-Saving Counseling, by Liberty Counsel. “The so-called ‘Equality Act’ not only threatens the free exercise of religion and free speech, but it will also be used to prevent people of all ages who struggle with unwanted same-sex attractions, behavior, or gender confusion from getting the counseling they desire. HR 5 will be used to ban licensed and unlicensed counselors from providing consenting minors and adults with talk therapy.” Read more here.


Universities Are Now Trying to Cancel Students for Saying Men Cannot Become Female, by Joshua Arnold. “What ‘conceptual framework’ of education censors basic scientific fact? Apparently one that has grossly reinterpreted its provision that teachers must foster ‘a diverse campus community marked by mutual respect for the unique talents and contributions of each individual.’ On paper, this is innocent, boilerplate lip-service to free academic inquiry. In New York, it now justifies woke administrators dangling students over a cliff until they affirm blatant falsehoods.” Read more here.


Health Professionals Have Lost Jobs for Their Pro-Life Beliefs. The Equality Act Will Make It Worse, by Bettina di Fiore. “’I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy.’ This is part of the original Hippocratic Oath, which all physicians were once required to take… Today, health care workers who attempt to practice Hippocratic, pro-life ethics are openly discriminated against, and if the Equality Act becomes law, the situation will only get worse.” Read more here.


Biden’s Memo on LGBTQ Policies Abroad is Ideological Colonialism, by Grace Melton. “American efforts to bully these countries—whether with a carrot of additional aid or a stick of withholding aid—into liberalizing their laws on marriage or other issues of sexual morality will surely cause friction with proponents of national sovereignty and religious believers alike, especially in Muslim- or Christian-majority countries.” Read more here.


A Child is Born With Three Legal ‘Dads,’ Proving Yet Again That the Slippery Slope is Real, by Matt Walsh. “Sure, the men feel great about their Dad Trio, but their emotional needs aren’t the primary concern of normal and sane people. We are worried about the children, who are being regarded more as fashion accessories than human beings. To respect their humanity is to acknowledge that children need mothers, too. It is an absurd idea that the role of the mother can be adequately replaced just by adding more dads into the equation.” Read more here.


Bride’s Shocking Experience Will Become Common Under ‘Equality Act,’ by Liberty Counsel. “When ‘Ann’ arrived, the salesperson was wearing a COVID mask, dress, tights and heels. The salesperson proceeded to help ‘Ann’ in the dressing room, touching private areas of her body while helping her in and out of wedding dresses. Then ‘Ann’s’ sister and mother pulled her aside and notified her that the salesperson was a man. ‘Ann’ had never undressed in front of a man and felt violated and deceived by the bridal store.” Read more here.


Huge Increase in LGBT Identification Casts Doubt on ‘Born This Way’ Claim, by Glenn T. Stanton. “Being LGBT is not a clinical sexual attraction, nor is it a medical or scientific term. No one is simultaneously a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender person (much less all of the other letters that seem to be added every year). This designation is merely a socio-political mash-up — a broad and imprecise term of political or ideological identity.” Read more here.


A Society That Can’t Debate Trans Ideology’s Effects on Kids Isn’t a Democracy, by Jonathan S. Tobin. “If having a free society should mean anything, it ought to mean it’s possible to debate contentious issues on which reasonable people (and the experts) can disagree. But we’ve gotten to the point where any debate about the treatment of children is shut down. That’s not only unethical and harmful to our kids — but incompatible with democracy and American ideals.” Read more here.


Using the Word ‘Womxn’ is as Silly as It is Illogical, by Ian Haworth. “This argument rests on the fact that you cannot make a gendered term ‘gender neutral.’ The word ‘woman’ relates entirely to biological sex, with its sole use being to assign or describe sex and/or gender… Ultimately, the purpose of words like ‘womxn’ is not to include men who think they’re women, but to exclude those who believe that sex exists by removing our vocabulary to argue otherwise.” Read more here.


At the Coalface of Teenage Gender Change, by Michael Cook. “An undercover investigation by the London Telegraph has found that an online clinic run by suspended doctors is willing to organise sex-change drugs and puberty blockers – without a face-to-face consultation. The website, GenderGP, circumvents the law in the UK by using overseas doctors and exploiting a legal loophole.” Read more here.


The Equality Act Must Die in the Senate, by Washington Examiner. “The Equality Act is a declaration of war against anyone who dares to speak out against the Left’s wild theories about sex and gender identity. It is an attempt to force the rest of the country to accept a bigoted ideology by making it legally binding and then removing the means by which concerned citizens can object.” Read more here.


Snapchat is a Transgender Propaganda and Grooming Machine, by Evita Duffy. “There is no free marketplace of ideas in the Discover section. Snapchat’s editorial team has total control over its content. Millennial editors in Silicon Valley carefully hand-select radical leftist propaganda to give straight to children. LGBT content is very prevalent on Snapchat, and transgender content is specially [sic] common.” Read more here.


The Explosion in Queer Sexuality Among Kids is Not a Natural Trend, by Chad Felix Greene. “Rather than reflecting the natural progression of openness to human variation in sexuality and gender identity, it seems to better reflect a pop culture fad to be included in the LGBT spectrum in any way possible. This seems especially true for younger people, who are inundated with LGBT education, culture, and positivity and … find meaning in being different, unique, and rebellious, along with their friends.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood is Providing Fewer Breast Screenings, Wellness Exams, and More Abortions, Transgender Services, by Melanie Israel. “The Charlotte Lozier Institute notes that over the last decade, Planned Parenthood performed roughly 129 abortions for every adoption referral. The institute … also highlights that in the last decade, cancer screening and prevention services have decreased 63%, prenatal services have decreased 79%, and the number of unique patients has decreased 20%.” Read more here.


Why Do 1 in 6 Gen Z Adults Identify as LGBT? by Michael Brown. “Today, there is an increasing body of evidence that teenagers, especially female, are more prone to identify as transgender in a mistaken effort to get to the root of some of their own emotional and psychological issues… So, it is no surprise that more young adults are identifying as transgender, along with gay, lesbian, and bisexual.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood More Involved in Transgender Revolution Than You Realize, by Nicole Russell. “Planned Parenthood has over 600 ‘health centers.’ If each affiliate provided cross-sex hormone treatment to 300 patients a year, the statistic cited by one affiliate in Massachusetts, that’s upward of 180,000 people per year. And it’s almost as easy as setting up a dinner reservation.” Read more here.


‘Abortion Monopoly’ Planned Parenthood Now the Second-Largest Provider of Trans Hormones in the U.S., by Jonathon Van Maren. “FRC’s report also noted that transgender hormone therapy is now available at 200 Planned Parenthood facilities in 31 states, making the abortion giant the second-largest provider of trans ‘treatments’ (if they can be called that) in the country.” Read more here.


Rand Paul is Right: Transgender Interventions for Kids Can Include ‘Genital Mutilation,’ by Jared Eckert. “Paul is right to make the comparison between genital mutilation and ‘transgender care’ for minors. In any other case, the physical destruction of a minor’s genitalia as a result of social pressures to conform and be accepted by others would be condemned as genital mutilation. Indeed, this is the description of genital mutilation, according to the World Health Organization. Inflicting such irreversible harm to children’s bodies should be condemned for what it is.” Read more here.


Gallup and Major Media Report LGBT Identity is Growing. Is That Really a Thing? by Glenn T. Stanton. “…[T]he general media lazily accepts that ‘being LGBT’ is mere short-hand for being experimental. It is not an objective, scientific thing, but merely an elastically loose identity rooted in politics and self-perception. That is why this new data doesn’t even really tell us anything, other than that people are simply becoming more liberal and elastic in how they identify themselves regarding their sexuality and gender. And of course, they are. It’s the fashion of the day.” Read more here.


The Equality Act Would ‘Potato Head’ All Americans, by Kylee Zempel. “We’re talking about erasing sex and gender distinctions altogether and punishing anyone who resists that gender is fluid, any feminists who don’t think men should be allowed on women’s sports teams, and any church that doesn’t want to hire a transgender staff member. The legal meaning of bigotry and discrimination is about to define anyone who still believes in science.” Read more here.


Therapy Bans, APA Talking Points and Counseling Choice, by Andrè Van Mol, MD. “…[T]he desire for help in addressing unwanted same-sex attraction and gender dysphoria is usually and necessarily driven by the patients themselves, though critics often frame therapy as otherwise. Were it otherwise, change-allowing therapy would have collapsed long ago. Supply and demand dictate there is no market for what is not wanted.” Read more here.


Big Business Sides With Leftists in Pushing Highly Destructive ‘Equality Act,’ by Emily Jashinsky. “Because this progressive-or-bigot binary has such a chilling effect on free expression, extreme elements of the trans agenda like undermining Title IX, hormone treatments for children, and men in women’s shelters are enforced without robust debate. The cost of speaking up far outweighs the benefit for most people.” Read more here.


No, the FDA Shouldn’t Make the Abortion Pill More Accessible, by Grazie Pozo Christie. “Given how sensible the restrictions instituted by the FDA for the use of Mifeprex are, it may seem surprising that those who want to see them abandoned or disregarded should proclaim themselves the champions of women. They seem, rather, to be champions of the abortion industry and its leader, Planned Parenthood, which both stand to make fortunes by selling the drugs without proper oversight.” Read more here.


With the Insane ‘Equality Act,’ the Democrat Party Has Declared Total War on Reality, by Matt Walsh. “Let us try to wrap our heads around the sheer lunacy here… Under the Equality Act, one’s perception of themselves — even if incorrect — takes precedence over the reality of who they actually are. Indeed, the reality is no longer legally recognized at all. Delusion and fantasy supplant truth. Falsehood wins the day.” Read more here.


5 Things You Need to Know About the Extremist ‘Equality Act’ House Democrats Just Passed, by Margot Cleveland. “While Americans may shrug at The Equality Act’s Orwellian use of language, they will be made to care because the proposed law defines ‘gender identity’ so broadly that there is no limit to whom may demand to be treated legally as the opposite sex.” Read more here.


The ‘Equality Act’ is the Greatest Threat to Religious Freedom in Our Lifetime. We Must Stand Against It, by Gary Hamrick. “…[O]ver time we have forgotten God. And worse than forgetting God is the usurping of His authority by drafting laws that dishonor Him because they conflict with His moral code… In a free country, people have the freedom to deny God’s righteous standard. But that should not infringe upon the rights of those who wish to comply with His righteous standard.” Read more here.


Illinois Abortionist With Unsafe History Says State’s ‘Dangerous’ Parental Notification Law Must End, by Anne Marie Williams, RN, BSN. “Parental notification laws further help expose child abuse and trafficking, as abusers and traffickers are highly motivated to bring girls for abortions without their parents’ knowledge… Perhaps the most telling reason that abortion providers argue for the repeal of parental notification is the impact on their financial bottom line. Illinois Right to Life previously noted that abortions on minors dropped by 55% after the state’s parental notification law took effect in 2013.” Read more here.


‘Blessings of Liberty’: How ‘The Equality Act’ Viciously Attacks Christians, Freedom, Society, Sex, and You, by Christopher Bedford. “Meanwhile, Catholic school and other forms of religious education, rare alternatives to increasingly failing and liberal public education, will be compelled by the act to teach a concept of marriage antithetical to their faith, as well as the popular but absurd claim that boys can be girls and girls can be boys.” Read more here.


Standing Up to the Intolerant Equality Act, by Rep. Robert Good. “The Equality Act would make wholesale and damaging changes to our nation’s civil rights laws, with little to no debate in Congress regarding how this legislation will affect the daily lives of Americans and the institutions they hold dear. While the Equality Act purports to be an ‘inclusive’ piece of legislation, it … would ultimately put civil rights law at odds with long-standing religious beliefs pertaining to sex, sexuality, and other moral issues.” Read more here.


The ‘Equality Act’ Destroys Religious Liberty: Here’s What You Need to Know, by Ian Haworth. “Under such legislation, it is clear that religious liberty is trumped by this version of subjective ‘equality,’ all while ignoring other rights such as freedom of association. Further adding to this worry is that much of the language is intentionally vague, meaning that concrete rights such as religious freedom can be cast aside in favor of subjective and emotionally-driven assumptions and interpretations of ‘discrimination,’ whether or not that was the intent or reality.” Read more here.


The Equality Act: Gaslighting Reality, by Emilie Kao. “’Cisgender normativity’ might be an easy concept to dismiss along with erasure of mother and father, and the introduction of ‘chestfeeding.’ But to think of the gender identity revolution as merely another chapter in ‘woke’ wonderland would be to miss the import of the linguistic, cultural, and political revolution for the integrity of education, medicine, and science.” Read more here.


How ‘Equality Act’ Would Impose Transgender Ideology on Everyone, by Jerrett Stepman. “Proponents of the Equality Act, according to Baylor, maintain that the law would mean enforced LGBTQ curriculums, opening up private spaces for boys who ‘identify’ as girls, the participation of biological males in female sports, mandatory ‘preferred pronoun’ use, and a host of other policies for recipients of federal funds.” Read more here.


Democrats Block Laws Stopping Infanticide Even Though Babies Are Born Alive After Abortions, by Wesley Smith. “I don’t see any excuse for opposing abortion-survivor laws — even if one is adamantly in favor of unlimited abortion rights. A living baby outside the womb is not a fetus, but a neonate in medical terms. At that point, nobody is forcing the baby’s mother to gestate against her will. No one is controlling her body. Indeed, such laws do not prevent a single abortion because they only apply in an abortion’s aftermath.” Read more here.


Why the Equality Act is More Extreme Than the Bostock Decision, by John McCormack. “Laycock, a longtime supporter of gay marriage and proponent of enacting a federal gay-rights law, explained that the Equality Act ‘regulates religious non-profits and then it says that [the Religious Freedom Restoration Act] does not apply to any claim under the Equality Act. This would be the first time Congress has limited the reach of RFRA. This is not a good-faith attempt to reconcile competing interests. It is an attempt by one side to grab all the disputed territory and to crush the other side.’” Read more here.


The Equality Act: What to Know and What to Do, by John Stonestreet. “To be clear, you should only care about the Equality Act if you are a Christian, or a person of faith, or a woman, or own a business, or run a non-profit, or go to school, or teach at a school, or are a medical or mental-health professional, or (especially) are a female athlete, or under the age of 18, or ever use a public restroom. That’s not an exaggeration.” Read more here.


‘Equality Act’ Guts Religious Freedom, by Liberty Counsel. “Religious and nonprofit schools that violate the bill could lose their tax-exempt status and schools could lose accreditation – which means they could not accept student loans and many graduates would not be able to be accepted into graduate schools. The expanse of the bill includes church and college overnight stays with youth and/or students, dorms, sports, bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers.” Read more here.


5 Things to Know About the Anti-Family Equality Act That Could Pass This Week, by Raymond Wolfe. “With control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, Democrats are finally poised to enact their extreme anti-family and anti-life agenda into law… If the Equality Act makes it through Congress, the Biden administration has made clear that it will be approved by the White House and become law, ushering in a hard-left onslaught against religious rights in the United States.” Read more here.


The Counterfeit Equality Act: The Left’s Assault on Religious Liberty, by Ken Blackwell. “…[T]he Equality Act would reinstitute the kind of legal system discrimination the civil rights movement sought to undo, only on ideological rather than racial grounds… While the civil rights movement sought educational opportunities for all, the Equality Act will ensure the closure of Christian colleges and universities that are faithful to the Bible’s teachings about marriage, sexuality, and gender.” Read more here.


Amazon: Buy Anything You Could Ever Want, Except This Book Challenging Transgenderism, by Jeremy Beaman. “One has to assume, considering some quite illiberal social trends, that Anderson was struck down for suggesting that human nature and physiology have certain constancies, a notion that is anathema to progressivism… Amazon is treading on dangerous ground, shutting off debate over an issue with very serious implications that have by no means been settled.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood’s New Report Reveals More Than 8.6 Million Abortions, by Katie Yoder. “But not all numbers rose. Prenatal services decreased from 9,798 in 2018—2019 to 8,626 in 2019–2020. Likewise, adoption referrals dropped dramatically from 4,279 in 2018—2019 to 2,667 in 2019–2020. These numbers reveal Planned Parenthood’s priorities.” Read more here.


Accommodating Trans Athletes Without Rejecting the Reality of Human Biology, by Quillette Magazine. “Thankfully, lawmakers and sports officials aren’t confined to this (as the expression goes) false policy binary, because there are ways to protect the integrity of female athletics while also treating transgender individuals with dignity and respect. One promising option, for instance, would be to preserve the traditionally defined female category while also rebranding the male category as an ‘open’ category that’s available to anyone.” Read more here.


These Girls Are Hurt by Transgender Competition, by Salena Zito. “Alanna Smith’s dedication to her sport is profound. Just listening to the elite high school track star explain her training schedule is exhausting. Yet no matter how hard she trains, if she has to compete against biological males, she stands no chance of winning. ‘There is simply a biological advantage that males have over females,’ explained the daughter of baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Lee Smith.” Read more here.


Yes, Biden’s HHS Pick Advocates Puberty Blockers, Medical Transition of Minors, by Amanda Prestigiacomo. “Dr. Rachel Levine, President Joe Biden’s pick as Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), advocates for the use of puberty blockers and the medical transition of minors… Levine has spoken publicly about support for the medical transition of minors and the use of puberty blockers for children who ‘just start puberty’ as a way to make sure they don’t ‘go through the wrong puberty.’” Read more here.


Equality Act is Trojan Horse for Abortion Lobby and More, by Melanie Israel. “Because of the way the Equality Act is drafted, this new definition of sex discrimination—understood to include a medical condition such as abortion—would be applied to areas of law, such as federally assisted programs, public accommodations, and Obamacare’s nondiscrimination provision. In practice, it could mean that a health care provider would be discriminating on the basis of sex if they refused to perform an abortion procedure; …and health insurance plans could be discriminating on the basis of sex if they do not include coverage for elective abortions.” Read more here.


Joe Biden’s ‘War on Women’: Equality Act to End Legal Recognition of Biological Sex, by Dr. Susan Berry. “Schilling warned while the ‘Equality’ Act sounds virtuous, ‘every member of Congress should recognize’ that a vote in favor of it ‘is a vote against women, particularly women and girl athletes, as well as a vote against Americans of faith.’” Read more here.


The Institution of Marriage and the Virtuous Society, by David Lutz. “The transition from a traditional to liberal society has been accompanied by a transformation in our understanding of marriage from an institutional model to a romantic model. While romantic love is a powerful motivator to form personal relationships, it often fades when those relationships become rocky. Traditional marriage is a social institution with moral obligations; it forms the core of families, promotes social stability, and endures, fluctuating emotions notwithstanding.” Read more here.


Why the ‘Equality Act’ Democrats Want to Pass This Week Should Really Be Called the ‘Destroy Our Daughters Act,’ by Margot Cleveland. “America’s girls deserve better than to be sacrificed on the altar of the extreme transgender movement that holds the support of powerful politicians and corporate media. To date, all but a few parents have remained silent, either out of misplaced compassion for those declaring themselves transgender or out of fear of public shaming. But if average Americans don’t rise up now and make their voices heard, it will soon be too late—and their daughters will suffer the consequences.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Kills More Babies in Abortions Than Anyone in America, by Steven Ertelt. “When looking at the Guttmacher figures, Planned Parenthood killed 41.1% of all babies whose lives are unceremoniously ended in abortions every year. And compared to the CDC figures, Planned Parenthood kills 57.2% of all babies who die in abortions on an annual basis.” Read more here.


Why Democrats’ Equality Act is Dangerous to Women, Children, and Gay People Like Me, by John Paul Moran. “This bill would require Americans to consider gender identity and even biological sex a personal choice, not an objective fact… This will turn any recognition of the difference between biological sexes, or any preference for traditional sexual relationships or genders, or even the scientific definition of the two sexes, into potential ‘hate’ crimes.” Read more here.


Biden’s Executive Order on Gender Discrimination Has Muddied Waters on Title IX. Challenges Could Clear That Up, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Either these activities and facilities can be separated by biological sex, or they must be sex-neutral and open to anyone for any reason. Doing that, of course, would vitiate 50 years of progress women have made toward sex parity in education. Gender identity cannot replace biological sex in federal law with the simple stroke of a presidential pen.” Read more here.


Before Rejoining UN Human Rights Council, U.S. Should Commit to Authentic Human Rights, by Elyssa Koren. “If the U.S. joins the ranks of these progressive champions of faux rights – advancing issues such as the ‘right’ to abortion or elimination of ‘hate speech’ – its ability to play a real role in the revitalization of the international human rights system will be jeopardized. Unfortunately, thus far, the Biden administration has not shown a willingness to put consensus-based efforts before divisive agendas.” Read more here.


Three Gay Men All Identify as the Father, by Binary Australia. “The redefinition of marriage in recent years has paved the way for many interpretations that challenge the concept of family and identity. From the age-old, time-honoured definition of one man and one woman, we are now left to navigate a de-gendered society that also includes ‘throuples.’” Read more here.


Promise to America’s Children Warns of Destructive Equality Act LGBT Agenda, by Emilie Kao and Jared Eckert. “After 1964, federal courts ordered public schools to teach black history to remedy discrimination against African Americans. In like fashion, federal courts could also order schools to teach the sexual orientation and gender identity curricula… Imposing one political viewpoint on students on questions about gender and sexual orientation stigmatizes those who hold disfavored views.” Read more here.


Expert Warns: Smartphone Generation ‘Raised on Hardcore Porn,’ Church Must Address Coming ‘Tsunami,’ by Leah MarieAnn Klett. “Shimer acknowledged that talking about porn in the church is ‘awkward, uncomfortable, and surrounded in shame,’ but stressed that it’s ‘not going away…’ The father-of-four also encouraged parents to have the ‘porn and sex talk’ with their children at earlier ages, warning that the ‘world will fill in the blanks if we don’t.’” Read more here.


Entering the Age of Trans Amazons, by Carolyn Moynihan. “Barbara Ehardt, a legislator from Idaho … told the Montana Judiciary Committee hearing that allowing a transgender woman to compete on a collegiate women’s sports team would force teams at other schools to change their recruiting practices and seek transgender players of their own in order to remain competitive.” Read more here.


House to Consider ‘Equality Act’ – a Threat to Life and Freedom, by Jeff Johnston. “The ‘Equality Act’ would elevate these to the same level as other protected characteristics, such as race, color, religion, sex and national origin. In doing so, it threatens First Amendment freedoms such as religious liberty, free speech and freedom of association. The legislation creates even more havoc, threatening women’s sports, conscience rights, charitable institutions, privacy and safety.” Read more here.


Protecting Newborns is Common Sense. Time for Congress to Take Action, by Rep. Ann Wagner and Rep. Steve Scalise. “The fact remains that the law of the land cannot and should not tolerate one premature baby being taken to the intensive care unit, while another baby—at the same age, born during an abortion—is left to die. The Born-Alive Act doesn’t just deserve a vote on the House floor, it deserves to be voted on, passed, and permanently enshrined into law.” Read more here.


Countries Ask to Change UN Procedures to Impose Abortion and LGBT, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. and Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The longstanding way UN negotiations come to agreement is with consensus rather than voting. Though consensus has changed over the years, it still allows a relatively small group of countries to block the political wishes of larger groups. This may be changing. Progressive countries are increasingly frustrated that consensus has in some venues blocked both abortion and the LGBT agenda.” Read more here.


Conservative Groups Lament Reintroduction of ‘Conscience-Crushing,’ ‘Orwellian’ Equality Act, by Ryan Foley. “Ryan T. Anderson, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, described the Equality Act as ‘Orwellian’ and ‘legislative malpractice that turns equality on its head,’ adding, ‘It isn’t drafted as a shield to protect vulnerable minorities from unjust discrimination, but as a sword to persecute those who do not embrace new sexual and gender ideologies.’” Read more here.


LGBTs Lose Again at UN Commission, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “’Family-oriented’ is the compromise between those who want to mention ‘the family’ and those who want ‘family diversity.’ The EU will always block ‘the family’ and conservative countries will always block ‘family diversity.’ Conservatives tend to consider ‘family oriented’ as a win, however, since ‘diversity’ is considered an outright reference to homosexual and other couplings.” Read more here.


The Backlash to Biden’s Transgender Agenda is Already Brewing, by Tyler O’Neil. “Many of these bills have a good chance of becoming law, and these efforts represent a long-overdue backlash to the radical activism of transgender identity in various aspects of American society. Unfortunately, most of the legacy media has bought into the worldview of transgenderism. Outlets like CNN have reported these legislative efforts as ‘anti-LGBTQ bills.’” Read more here.


Feminists Now Call Abortion Drugs ‘Missed Period Pills’ to Make Killing Babies Sound Better, by Petra Phn. “According to the Contraception article, the ‘missed period pill’ would be a uterine evacuation drug or combination of drugs, like mifepristone and misoprostol (which are the two main drugs used in a medical abortion procedure). The true purpose of these drugs are [sic] to bring on a period by causing an abortion if a woman is late for her period because of pregnancy.” Read more here.


Academics Called Breastfeeding ‘Ethically Problematic’ Because It Endorses ‘Gender Roles.’ Their View is Gaining Traction, by Benjamin Zeisloft. “U.S. academics wrote in study [sic] published in 2016 that the promotion of breastfeeding as the ‘natural’ way to feed infants is ‘ethically problematic.’ The academics argued that the term ‘breastfeeding’ could ‘endorse controversial set of values about family life and gender roles.’ Now, major hospitals in the United Kingdom are echoing these points.” Read more here.


UN’s Sexual Orientation-Gender Identity ‘Expert’ Aims to Bully Foes of LGBT Agenda, by Elyssa Koren. “Rather than focusing on holding governments accountable for legitimate abuses, the office instead has delved into the promotion of so-called sexual rights, which have no foundation in international law. Moreover, it has evinced a commitment to advancing radical ‘sexuality’ education for minors, even at the cost of crushing fundamental human rights, such as the rights of parents and the right to freedom of religion.” Read more here.


Leftist Activists Try to Ban Researchers From Studying Transgender People, by Chad Felix Greene. “The University of California at Los Angeles’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior was preparing a National Institute of Health-backed study to better understand brain structures and responses among people living with gender dysphoria… Its researchers were seeking transgender participants when LGBT activists demanded the study be shut down.” Read more here.


‘Transition’ Treatment Harms Kids, Veteran Psychiatrist at UK Gender Clinic Says, by Nicole Russell. “Newman asks the psychiatrist in the interview whether children are at risk while receiving treatments at Tavistock. Bell replies: ‘They’re less at risk now because the puberty blockers have been stopped. The puberty blockers have been stopped because there is no evidence base for them at all… By putting them on that pathway, it rather becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.’” Read more here.


Behind the Curtain of Planned Parenthood’s ‘Gender Factories,’ by Tony Perkins. “And if you think these profit-first radicals are going to involve parents — think again. Just like abortion and radical sex ed and everything else Planned Parenthood offers, ‘you can walk into a clinic at 15 in some states — without your mom or dad’s permission, without so much as a therapist’s note,’ Abigail warns, ‘and get a course of testosterone that day.’” Read more here.


The Equality Act Could Force Faith-Based Organizations to Close Their Doors, by James Whitford. “Charitable work has always been done by people, not cogs in a social-assistance machine. These are individuals who make considerable sacrifices to aid the poor in their communities. The love that drives these humanitarian efforts is rooted in a deep faith. Forced to ignore something as fundamental as sex, not only faith-based shelters, but also Christian counseling services, Catholic adoption agencies, and even single-sex schools would be unable to fulfill their missions.” Read more here.


UN Human Rights Office Prepares Global ‘LGBT Hate Groups’ Blacklist, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The UN rights office is collecting the names of anyone who opposes the LGBT agenda in any way. Politicians, religious leaders, and organizations from around the world who defend life and family will likely be put on a blacklist by the UN office for human rights. The drastic new measure may be used to impose sanctions on pro-family advocates and expose them to terrorist attacks.” Read more here.


As Illinois Considers Comprehensive K-12 Sex Ed, Here’s What Parents Should Know, by Anne Marie Williams. “The REACH Act places heavy emphasis on ‘consent,’ which it defines as ‘knowing, affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in specific interpersonal, physical, or sexual activity at any given time.’ While the Act goes on to specify myriad, drawn-out details of ‘consent,’ research on college-age men and women has consistently shown that ‘consent’ remains a notoriously murky concept at best.” Read more here.


Snapchat is Indoctrinating Children Even More Than Their Teachers Are, by Evita Duffy. “Simply sharing my everyday feed should make it obvious Snapchat clearly seeks to indoctrinate American youth. It provides slanted news from legacy media publications that are selective and misleading. It confuses children’s sexuality. It presents bizarre relationships as normal, lying to kids by labeling these ways of life happy and healthy.” Read more here.


The War on Women’s Sports: Wisconsin Man Wins Women’s Cycling Race, by M.D. Kittle. “The winner of the USA Cycling-sanctioned event was Kenzie Statz, a cyclist who was born male and now identifies as a transgender woman… Statz has been finishing in the money in a number of races. Before transitioning and competing in the women’s events, it appears Statz didn’t fare nearly as well in the men’s competitions.” Read more here.


Feminists Torn: Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood Now Major Player in Transgender Industry, by Dr. Susan Berry. “Feminist organization Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), which also supports abortion rights, has been at the forefront of challenging the elimination of women’s and girls’ sports as a result of the willingness of the Biden administration to make biological sex subservient to gender identity. The group tweeted Shrier’s post, asserting, ‘It’s infuriating’ that Planned Parenthood has been ‘hijacked…’” Read more here.


Global Family Planning Coalition Subsumed in Abortion, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Between providing opportunities for IPPF and MSI to promote their broader agendas, the event showcased FP2020’s crowning achievement: 60 million additional users of modern contraception since 2012. This fell significantly short of the partnership’s goal of adding 120 million new users in that time.” Read more here.


Is There Really ‘No Wrong Way to Be a Woman?’ by Ann Farmer. “We cannot be too surprised that having dehumanised and destroyed unborn females in the name of female choice, those females who do get to be born are subjected to dehumanisation, albeit the rather less violent form of being ditched from the dictionary. ‘There is no wrong way to be a woman?’ Let’s not kid ourselves. In the eyes of UN Women and feminist ideologues, one way is very, very wrong indeed: it’s called being a mother.” Read more here.


Inside Planned Parenthood’s Gender Factory, by Abigail Shrier. “The Planned Parenthood clinic where she worked was located in a small town of roughly 30,000. Abortions were the clinic’s ‘bread and butter,’ something this employee fully supports. But, she noted, ‘trans identifying kids are cash cows, and they are kept on the hook for the foreseeable future in terms of follow-up appointments, bloodwork, meetings, etc., whereas abortions are (hopefully) a one-and-done situation.’” Read more here.


Why Not SRHR? by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “In the quarter century since the Cairo and Beijing conferences, the progress made by gay and lesbian (and, increasingly, transgender) activists has in many ways surpassed that achieved by proponents of abortion.  While both topics still remain far from global consensus, the barriers to the inclusion and definition of ‘sexual rights’ in global negotiations are facing a battering ram of ever-increasing size.” Read more here.


Why Every Child Deserves Married Parents and a Society Who Helps Them Get That, by Ryan Everson. “Every child deserves to live with a married mother and father who love their child and are committed to each other. Parents play an irreplaceable role in helping their children learn proper discipline and moral values, taking their child to extracurriculars that strengthen persistence and teamwork skills, and much more. The data clearly show that married parents are best able to provide these numerous benefits.” Read more here.


Catholic Schools and Transgender Students, by Gerard V. Bradley. “Incarnation no doubt teaches that the earth is spherical and that it revolves around the sun. Flat-earthers are not permitted to opt out; they flunk earth science. Those who deny the truth of heliocentrism flunk astronomy. Were Incarnation to make the little girl’s sex a matter of opinion or individual conviction, it would sharply distinguish the reality of one’s sex from scientific facts. It would make the stubborn objective reality of being male or female a matter of subjective belief.” Read more here.


Africans Plead With Joe Biden to Stop Paying Their Countries to Kill Children, by Helen Raleigh. “Stella Marris, an entrepreneur in Nigeria, lists five things Nigerians need more than abortions: poverty alleviation, education, employment, electricity, and better infrastructure. She also points out that abortion is illegal in Nigeria. She pleaded with President Biden: ‘Please help us, don’t kill us.’” Read more here.


The Science-Denying Woke War on Women and Girls is Speeding Up, by Stacey Lennox. “As mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and women, we must stand up for our girls and their right to continue to have equal opportunities … without competition from biological boys. Compassion does not require acquiescence, and to protect girls, we must loudly proclaim the unique, extraordinary, and essential role biological women play in society in a word [sic] gone mad.” Read more here.


What Does It Mean to Be Trans, Anyway? by Glenn T. Stanton. “…[B]eing ‘trans’ is not a function of the body, but of the mind, of one’s own, subjective self-perception. It is psychological and not physiological, rooted in feelings of identity and not the physical body. And this is the problem with transgenderism as a social and public issue. Trans politics requires everyone else to deny objective biology in favor of one individual’s subjective perception.” Read more here.


First, Do No Harm: A New Model for Treating Trans-Identified Children, by Susan Evans and Marcus Evans. “It’s worth re-emphasising the importance of not separating gender dysphoria from other aspects of a person’s mental functioning, since many of the young people who present with gender incongruence have co-morbid problems. The denial of the psychological factors influencing the desire to transition can unwittingly lead the patient and health professionals to embrace concrete, affirmative solutions, while ignoring relevant aspects of the individual’s mental-health situation and personal history.” Read more here.


Biden’s Trans Rights Proclamation Tramples Women’s Rights, by Larry O’Connor. “’The president’s belief is that trans rights are human rights.’ There it is. In one fell swoop, the Biden Administration negated (or at the very least watered-down) the famous proclamation that ‘women’s rights are human rights’ declared by none other than then-First Lady Hillary Clinton.” Read more here.


‘Pregnant People’ in Parliament, by Maya Forstater. “Like parts of the NHS websites it studiously avoids the word woman or female pronouns and talks about a ‘person [who] is pregnant’ and a ‘person [who] has given birth to a child’ as though this might be a situation that Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees Mogg, or Winston Churchill or Benjamin Disraeli before them, might have found themselves in.” Read more here.


We Must Protect Women’s Sports, by Nikki Haley. “If this trend isn’t stopped, the achievements of so many brave women over so many years will be erased. That’s wrong. It’s insulting. And women know it, too, whether they’re retired athletes, middle-aged mothers, or a 16-year-old girl thinking of signing up for swimming. They’re just afraid to speak out, because they know they’ll be silenced and called bigots.” Read more here.


New App Could Connect Gender-Confused Minors With Hormone Treatment for $99 a Month, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Girls can do an end-run around parents, psychiatrists, and others who might caution them, and for a monthly fee of only $99, ‘customers telechat with a Plume doctor and then get hormone blockers shipped directly to their front door.’ They provide a lot of bang for your buck, too…” Read more here.


I Know What Happens to the Kids in ‘Transhood,’ Because It Happened to Me, by Walt Heyer. “We need to stop pretending that doctors have scientific backing for their recommendations to transition children socially and medically. They do not. In fact, a great amount of research shows transgender treatments are medically harmful to children.” Read more here.


Texas is Kicking Planned Parenthood Out of Medicaid. We Are Not Powerless, by Lauren Enriquez. “The fact that Planned Parenthood is subsidized by taxpayers anywhere to begin with is mind-boggling. The abortion Goliath, according to its own annual report, kills 947 children a day. That’s analogous to four dozen kindergarten classrooms full of children, snuffed out by one catastrophically violent organization, day after day.” Read more here.


Women Shouldn’t Accept Third Place in a Race They Won, by Kelley Paul. “Some transgender advocates insist that hormone therapy erases the physical advantages of male athletes. Hogwash. Hormone therapy cannot and does not magically decrease the size of a male’s larger and longer bones, his larger and stronger tendons, nor his larger heart and lung capacity.” Read more here.


Religious Freedom in Europe is Becoming More of an Issue, by John Burger. “Europe is not the first place most people think of when they hear talk about threats to religious liberty. But Church leaders there have recently been cautioning about trends in that direction.” Read more here.


ACLU ‘Myths and Facts’ About Transgender Athletes Debunked, by Penny Starr. “The election of Joe Biden has opened the floodgates to activists advocating for erasing the lines between biological sexes… It has also caused left-wing organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to put forth a narrative that turns science on its head by creating ‘facts’ about what it means to be transgender.” Read more here.


Transgender Madness is Destroying Girls Sports, by Michael Reagan. “…[U]nless millions of fathers – and mothers – unite in their anger, in five years there’s liable to be no female sports at all in our public high schools or colleges. What sane young girl is going to want to get deeply involved in a sport like swimming when she sees that transgender women are unfairly dominating it?” Read more here.


Seattle Schools Teach K-5 Students to Pick Gender, Disrupt Nuclear Family, by Jason Rantz. “All the lessons and resources center on 13 guiding principles, which include being queer and trans affirming. They tell young children to do ‘the work required to dismantle cis-gender privilege and uplift Black trans folk.’ Teachers are specifically informed that their ‘students need to see how problematic our binary notions of gender are.’” Read more here.


The Moral Incoherence of ‘Family Privilege’ Ideology, by Daniel Frost and Hal Boyd. “Marriage is by definition a kind of relationship that society identifies as uniquely dignified and valuable. To argue that marriage is no more valuable than any other relational form is therefore to undermine the notion itself. It was precisely for this reason that many same-sex couples objected to the idea of civil unions, even though they were legally identical to marriage.” Read more here.


5.8 Million Fewer Babies: America’s Lost Decade in Fertility, by Lyman Stone. “The loss of babies in the U.S. will have momentous consequences in the future, as the next generation is smaller than the one before it. The economic consequences of low fertility can be dire… But these societal effects are of secondary importance to what low fertility means in the lives of those who experience ‘missing births,’ ranging from rising loneliness to aging alone to less happiness.” Read more here.


Honduras Bans Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Over Objections of UN Experts, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The UN office argued that complete bans on abortion have been declared violations of human rights by UN experts because they prevent abortion from being addressed as a public health issue. The UN office it lamented the measure against ‘marriage equality’ because it might ‘increase inequality and discrimination on the basis of gender.’” Read more here.


For Female Athlete, Biden’s Transgender Executive Order is ‘Heartbreaking,’ by Nicole Russell. “…[T]o require biological males and females to compete against each other, under the guise of anti-discrimination laws, is to require that we as a society either deny these scientific facts or state that Title IX is now null and void. We cannot accept both that men and women are exactly the same and that women are protected from sex discrimination.” Read more here.


We’ve Been Erased by Victorian Politicians, by Leah Gray. “I know from personal experience that there are many ex-LGBT voices like mine which testify to the life-saving benefits of counselling for unwanted homosexual or transgender feelings… But our experience and our research are being ignored by the Victorian government and by the media. When we attempt to speak up, we are dismissed as ignorant bigots by LGBT activists.” Read more here.


Biden’s HHS Nominees Lack Basic Competence in Public Health, but Boy, Do They Protect Abortionists, by Tom McClusky. “While in Congress, Becerra received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and pro-abortion NARAL Pro-Choice America. As California attorney general, Becerra used his power to protect Planned Parenthood from a baby body parts trafficking scandal, instead using his office to file charges against the organization that exposed the outrage.” Read more here.


Why Rand Paul and LGBT Champion Martina Navratilova Agree About Transgender Athletes, by Jack Hunter. “For the record, I have defended transgender Americans and pleaded with others … to try to understand and be more compassionate toward one of the least understood groups of people in our society. But this does not mean that people who were born biologically male but now identify otherwise should be able to compete athletically with females. This is basic common sense, as both Paul and Navratilova have expressed in different ways.” Read more here.


How Hollywood and Washington Can Better Protect Children From Harmful Media Content in 2021, by Tim Winter. “What will be the ultimate result if we don’t reverse this trend of sexualized content marketed to children? A generation of children who are desensitized to their own sexual exploitation; a more accepting sexualized culture; and programming standards that foment the appetites of sexual predators and pedophiles…” Read more here.


10 Steps for Resisting Joe Biden’s Order to Transgender Public Schools, by Joy Pullman. “Every single one of us needs to understand the stakes here are not at all about a few trans kids playing on opposite-sex sports teams… The obvious reality that men and women are different in meaningful ways that require us to treat them differently in some contexts is a hill to stake a claim on and refuse to budge no matter the outcome.” Read more here.


The Biden Doctrine on Abortion, by Valerie Huber. “Instead of giving priority to meet the family planning needs of low-income families, as we did and as the Title X legislation requires, this executive action sets in motion the unlawful subsidization of the abortion industry, likely leaving poor women to suffer.” Read more here.


How to Protect Human Life After Conception, by Rep. Alex Mooney. “Also, thanks to science, we know a baby’s heart starts to beat at about six weeks into pregnancy; nails begin to form starting at 10 weeks; and babies have fingerprints by 13 weeks. Our understanding of life and pregnancy has grown with scientific advancement, further confirming the humanity of children long before birth.” Read more here.


On Abortion, the ‘Show Me’ State Shows the Way, by Michael J. New. “During the Biden administration, it will be difficult for pro-lifers to change federal public policy. They will have to play defense and work to save the Hyde amendment, which prohibits direct federal funding of elective abortion. But there is still plenty that pro-lifers can do at the state level… Missouri’s multi-pronged strategy of street-level activism, church involvement, pro-life legislation, and support for pregnant women should serve as a model for other states to follow.” Read more here.


Social Media Platforms Ban Christians for Disagreeing With Transgender Ideology, by Movieguide Staff. “Social media’s censorship of anyone who disagrees with their viewpoints will, undoubtedly, bleed from politics into biblical truths. It is vital for Christians to stand up for what God says about human biology and sexuality as pressure from the government, big tech, and the world increases. As Brown puts it: ‘In the end, Twitter may suspend me or block me (and countless others). But they cannot change the truth.’” Read more here.


YouTube Megastar Followed by Millions of Young Children Comes Out as LGBT, by Jonathon Van Maren. “YouTube personalities like Siwa are called ‘influencers’ for a reason — it’s because they have influence in spades, and their audiences listen to them. Siwa, obviously, didn’t start this parade — she’s just getting on the bandwagon. In fact, she’s part of a trend where teen girls actually worry that they’re ‘dumb and boring’ if they’re straight, especially now that there’s so many other options to choose from…” Read more here.


Human Rights Campaign Releases Report Showing Enormous Corporate Support for LGBT-Identified Individuals, by Jeff Johnston. “It’s not enough to simply hire LGBT-identified individuals, supervisors must undergo training that ‘includes gender identity and sexual orientation as discrete topics’ and ‘provides definitions or scenarios illustrating the policy for each…’ Firms must have ‘gender transition guidelines with supportive restroom, dress code and documentation guidance.’” Read more here.


It’s Not Just ‘Gender Dysphoria.’ It’s Now ‘Rapid Onset Marxism,’ by Walt Heyer. “Intentionally or not, men who live as women, as I did, make a mockery of what it means to be a woman. Requiring the other 99.7% of the population to play along denies biological reality and amounts to gaslighting, forcing them to agree that men can become women and vice versa simply by declaring it. On the other hand, forcing people to use non-gendered designations for family relationships further dehumanizes and demoralizes relationships.” Read more here.


Why I Support the Unalienable Right to Life, by Rep. Ralph Norman. “My grandson was 1 pound, 15 ounces when he was born. Now, he is my daily reminder that the lives of millions of premature infants, whose heartbeats are detected, can be cut short due to the legalization of abortion and current laws that insufficiently prevent infanticide.” Read more here.


Biden Cancels Women, by Rob Jenkins. “In that [Executive Order], he essentially declared that, as far as the law is concerned, men can be women. And in doing so, he utterly wiped out an entire category of human beings known for centuries as ‘women.’ For, as Matt Walsh and others have persuasively argued, if anyone can be a woman, the distinction, the designation itself, becomes meaningless.” Read more here.


Investigation of 50 States Reveals Horrific Conditions in Abortion Clinics, by Steven H. Aden. “California law protects dogs, cats, and other animals from unscrupulous veterinary clinics… Why, then, does California law provide no standards whatsoever to safeguard women experiencing abortion from dirty and dangerous abortion businesses? Because every single one of the commonsense medical standards that use to protect California women from fly-by-night abortionists … have been wiped off the books by state courts or pro-abortion lawmakers, at the urging of abortion practitioners and advocates.” Read more here.


Why Are We Killing Babies When Babies Are Wanted? by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “One of the problems here, of course, is that abortion isn’t mere health care. It isn’t your heart medication or chemotherapy for cancer… Abortion is the ending of a life. It’s the severing of the most precious bond there is, the one between a mother and child.” Read more here.


On Nation’s Report Card on Life, These States Score Highest, by Katie Glenn. “Over 20 states have acknowledged the medical reality that unborn babies feel pain, and they’ve passed laws prohibiting abortions on that basis. At least 36 states recognize mother and baby as separate victims of homicide or assault, providing justice for both when a violent crime occurs.” Read more here.


Is Abortion for Down Syndrome ‘Eugenics’? by Michael Cook. “’The point is not that parents facing perhaps the most difficult decision of their lives should be branded eugenicists, but simply to indicate that despite protests to the contrary, eugenics has not been fully consigned to history’s dustbin. As a society, we are still deciding who is and is not born based on genes…’” Read more here.


Small-Town Iowa Public Schools Teach Preschoolers Transgenderism and Judging People by Skin Color, by Joy Pullman. “On the school district’s webpage about this ‘week of action’ slated for Feb. 1-5, it reprints the ‘Black Lives Matter at School Guiding Principles,’ which include the following: ‘6. Queer Affirming – We are committed to fostering a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking or, rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual unless s/he or they disclose otherwise.’” Read more here.


Insuring Rights for ‘Wrong’ Bodies, by Jean C. Lloyd. “The analogy has been made before, but can you imagine a woman self-diagnosing breast cancer and referring herself for a mastectomy? What competent physician would accommodate her request without investigation? Moreover, does someone have the right to use health insurance to induce a state of unhealth in the body—with no demonstrated benefit for the mind—especially if that someone is a minor?” Read more here.


President Biden Signs Executive Order to Fund the Global Abortion Industry, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Biden’s order effectively forces U.S. taxpayers to fund abortion giants International Planned Parenthood Federation, Marie Stopes International and hundreds of foreign groups that perform and promote abortion across the developing world, including by lobbying to repeal protections for the unborn.” Read more here.


Uniting Virtually, Pro-Lifers Will Continue to Protect Life, by Kay C. James. “…[T]he virtual nature of the event doesn’t change the urgency of the cause for the pro-life movement. A new administration and Congress are poised to roll back protections for the unborn and do even more to promote abortion, including ending the bipartisan Hyde Amendment to allow for the direct taxpayer funding of abortions.” Read more here.


Thirty-Five Nations Declared There is No International Right to Abortion, but Now There Are Only 34, Because Biden Has Pulled the U.S. Out, by Jonathan Abbamonte. “Despite the departure of the U.S. from the agreement, the Declaration remains valid as strong evidence that a significant number of countries do not consider abortion to be a human right under international law. The Declaration is currently being hosted by the government of Brazil and will remain open indefinitely to additional countries that wish to sign the Declaration.” Read more here.


Will the International Community Join in Condemning China’s Uighur Genocide? by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “China’s size and power have made UN entities reluctant to provoke it, which had devastating consequences when the World Health Organization was slow to respond to the growing COVID-19 pandemic and instead repeated the Chinese government’s talking points.  For many countries, defending China on human rights issues could mean keeping a valuable trading partner.” Read more here.


Why the Mexico City Policy is So Significant, by Matt Hadro. “As pro-abortion groups withdrew from partnership with the U.S. over the pro-life requirements, their funding shortfall was not insignificant. The International Planned Parenthood Federation estimated in 2017 it would lose $100 million annually in funding, while Marie Stopes International estimated an $80 million funding shortfall.” Read more here.


BLM Targets Its Own Children Via Gender Confusion and Sterilization, by Marc Little. “Many black parents think BLM diversity lessons uplift black children, but one of the main goals is to make them question their gender.  Once children question their gender by saying they are ‘unsure,’ they are placed in the LGBTQ+ category, because Q means Queer or ‘Questioning.’ When children become ‘unsure’ they are counseled by a ‘trusted adult’ to ‘explore’ or ‘experiment’ with their gender at school via gender expression.” Read more here.


Federal Court Upholds Conscience Protections for Doctors, by Nicole Russell. “While this ruling should be applauded, this lawsuit should not have been necessary in the first place. Under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the First Amendment, religious providers should not have to give care in a way that violates their beliefs, but lawsuits suggesting otherwise challenged that concept.” Read more here.


There’s an Industry to Provide Transgender Kids With ‘Accessories’ They Weren’t Born With, by Jonathon Van Maren. “A cottage industry to service this need has popped up, with “packers” for girls who identify as boys to put in their underwear to mimic a penis (the sophisticated ones are advertised as capable of permitting gender dysphoric girls to pee standing up just like a real boy); binders, which girls can use to flatten their breasts and present as male prior to obtaining double mastectomies; and a wide range of carefully tailored apparel.” Read more here.


Researchers Find Promoting Marriage is the Key to Asia’s Demographic Woes, by Shannon Roberts. “While many governments have tried adopting family-friendly policies to raise the fertility rate, including extending parental leave, providing flexible working hours, and offering a baby bonus, the effect of these policies has been modest on their own according to Chen and Yip. Thus they concluded that, if governments can remove the barriers to marriage and raise the marriage rate, there would be a significant increase in total fertility rates…” Read more here.


Biden’s Politically Correct Assault on Girls Sports, by Washington Examiner. “This anti-woman policy is being propounded in the name of a politically correct gender ideology that rejects basic biological facts about men and women in the name of ‘tolerance.’ This gender ideology now demands the submission of all who question it, under penalty of lawfare and personal cancellation.” Read more here.


Despite Its Good Intentions, Victoria’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill Will Cause More Harm Than It Prevents, by Mark Sneddon. “The Bill will effectively force clinicians to affirm a person’s desire for body transition and prescribe the drugs for body transition because to do otherwise will leave them open to the accusation of engaging in a ‘suppression’ of gender identity inviting criminal investigation, Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission investigation and compliance notices and presumably professional sanctions.” Read more here.


Five Reasons Biden’s Move to Rejoin the WHO is Bad News, by Kimberly Ells. “The WHO not only supports sexual rights for children but is a strong advocate for eliminating parental consent in regard to abortion, contraception, and other sexual services for young people. With these five reasons in view, it is dumbfounding that the Biden administration made a top priority of ensnaring the US in this ethically corrupt organization once again.” Read more here.


State Legislation Would Protect Gender-Confused Children – Here’s How You Can Help, by Jeff Johnston. “While most eyes have been on the presidential transition and inauguration, many state legislatures are already in session. Legislators in at least eight states have proposed new bills that would protect gender-confused children and teens from permanently altering and irrevocably damaging their bodies with puberty blockers, opposite-sex hormones and surgeries.” Read more here.


What the Biden Administration is Expected to Do About U.S. International Policy on Human Rights, by Elyssa Koren. “Perhaps of greatest impact, on the issue of U.S. foreign aid, the Biden administration is expected to revoke the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy. As a result, billions of U.S. dollars that currently go toward maternal health assistance abroad would be used to promote abortion. U.S. taxpayer dollars would fund abortions in the developing world, including in many countries where the practice is either illegal or heavily restricted.” Read more here.


The Transgender Agenda Will Eviscerate Title IX, by Rob Jenkins. “Transgender advocates argue that boys who identify as girls actually ARE girls. No, biologically, they’re not—and in sports, biology matters. Others insist that males have no inherent physical advantage over females. I’m sorry, but anyone who believes that is either seriously delusional or has never played sports (or both).” Read more here.


Virginia Values Act Makes Everyone Who Disagrees a Bigot, by Nicole Russell. “In the United States, citizens of a certain sexual orientation or gender identity must be able to live peacefully with those who espouse traditional Christian beliefs without one labeling the other a bigot. Unfortunately, the Virginia Values Act elevates protections to another level, criminalizing anyone who dares to hold different beliefs and practices.” Read more here.


Equality Act’s Attack on Religious Liberty, Medical Conscience, by Wesley J. Smith. “The bill guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as a defense against acts deemed discriminatory in the bill. Among other wrongs, this could force Catholic hospitals to permit sterilization, contraception, abortion, and transgender surgeries on premises despite their being prohibited by Catholic moral teaching.” Read more here.


Biden’s Trans Agenda Threatens the Military, Science, and Women’s Rights, by Tyler O’Neil. “Biden’s transgender agenda threatens to erode basic biological facts in the military, the health and science establishment, and the culture at large. His agenda threatens the safety of women’s private spaces, fairness in women’s sports, clarity in medicine, and best practices in the military. While the Biden administration touts ‘inclusivity,’ a rush of transgender people into the military may seriously harm morale, as female troops fear abuses at the hands of ostensibly transgender men and as suicide rates may increase.” Read more here.


Abortion – The Issue That Will Not Die, by Jerry Newcombe. “Where’s the most dangerous place to be in America today? In your mother’s womb. It should be the safest. The Court has unleashed this nightmare, provoking the wrath of Almighty God against the nation that sheds innocent blood – and so much of it too. ‘We the people’ did not get to decide this. The Court did.” Read more here.


Roe v. Wade’s Millions of Ghosts in the Cradle Haunt Us All, by Nathanael Blake. “At the time, it might have been said: forgive them, for they know not what they do. For most people in 1973, the womb was a black box; few knew much about fetal development. But we know. We excitedly share ultrasound photos via text and social media, and we stick the printouts on our fridges… We know. We have seen the moving limbs and the tiny fingers and the beating hearts.” Read more here.


Victoria’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill is Too Broad and Too Harsh, by Mark Sneddon. “Instead of trying to define and ban ‘harmful’ conduct and practices, the Bill makes illegal all practices and conduct (including a conversation or family discussion, counselling, pastoral care, prayer) engaged in for the purpose of ‘suppressing or changing’ a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, even if the conduct was requested and consented to by the person and even if that person experienced the conduct as beneficial rather than harmful.” Read more here.


Roe is Ripping America Apart, and It Must Go If the Republic is to Survive, by Jonathon Van Maren. “On abortion, unity is impossible. Those of us who recognize the humanity of the pre-born and abhor the destruction of innocents can never be united with those who believe killing children in the womb is a right. But if America is to survive, overturning Roe is an essential first step.” Read more here.


Seven States Introduce Bills to ‘Save Girls Sports’ – Here’s How You Can Help, by Jeff Johnston. “The good news in all this is that some states are pushing back, working to protect girls and women’s sports… LGBT activists and their allies in the media, academia, and the business world are already attacking these legislative efforts, saying they ‘target’ and ‘attack’ gender-confused students and are ‘discriminatory’ and ‘cruel,’ so it’s important for concerned people to weigh in and support these bills.” Read more here.


The Fight for Life Continues in States Throughout the Country, Despite New Pro-Abortion Administration, by Brittany Raymer. “For those that remain concerned about the radical abortion policy that will likely be introduced by the newly inaugurated administration of Joe Biden, there’s some hope. In states across the country, legislatures and state governments are fighting for life.” Read more here.


Inside the Many Ironies of Argentina’s Abortion Legalization, by Alice Lemos. “How sad that the Argentinians who backed this bill – which would allow girls over 13 years of age to obtain abortions without the consent of the parents – see this as a historic moment which will ‘solve a public health problem.’ Poor women in Argentina deserve better than abortion, as do their American counterparts.” Read more here.


The Real Cost of President Biden’s Radical Transgender Activism, by Michael Brown. “We’re not talking about a legitimate civil rights issue, such as telling a black man he cannot drink from the white man’s water fountain. Or telling a black woman she cannot sit in the white man’s seat on the bus. We’re talking about six-year-old girls being forced to share their school bathroom with a biological boy who believes he’s a girl.” Read more here.


Bill C-6 and Religious Freedom, by Jonathan Griffiths. “Among other penalties set out within the Bill, anyone who causes a child to undergo ‘conversion therapy’ under this definition is liable to a prison term of five years. So, if a preacher, counsellor, or parent engages in any ‘practice’ … that encourages a minor to repent of any non-heterosexual sexual behaviour or to recognize their body as a good gift from God, that person could be liable to face prison.” Read more here.


Biden’s Pick to Head USAID Samantha Power is Committed to Woke Imperialism, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “If Power makes abortion and LGBT issues conditions of U.S. foreign assistance, as is anticipated, it may put faith-based groups in a difficult position. Christians, Muslims, Jews, and others with moral objections to these policies may no longer be able to partner with the American people in delivering aid to the poor overseas.” Read more here.


Will Biden Place Political Correctness Ahead of Military Readiness on Transgender Policy? by Thomas Spoehr. “Military service is inherently stressful. Military suicide rates already exceed the U.S. average. Exposing individuals already predisposed to mental injury—such as those with gender dysphoria—would be immoral and simultaneously present a clear risk to military readiness.” Read more here.


Biden’s Trans Health Official Prioritizes the Pink Police State Above American Lives, by Kyle Sammin. “In throwing a political bone to his transgender supporters by nominating one of their own, Biden will elevate one of the least effective state health officials to a federal job, rewarding Levine’s dangerous incompetence and shocking hypocrisy with a promotion.” Read more here.


Abortion Activists Cheer Biden-Harris Inauguration: ‘Sexual Health Champions,’ by Katie Yoder. “’The inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris closes a chapter, one of the darkest in this nation’s history,’ Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL insisted. ‘But even more, it portends such a bright future.’ Nevermind the future of the unborn baby.” Read more here.


After Inaugural Rhetoric on Unity, Biden Signs Divisive Transgender Executive Order, by Ryan T. Anderson. “…[H]ere’s what it means: Boys who identify as girls must be allowed to compete in the girls’ athletic competitions, men who identify as women must be allowed in women-only spaces, health care plans must pay for gender transition procedures, and doctors and hospitals must perform them. Sounds unifying, right?” Read more here.


A New Phase in Latin America’s Pro-Life Movement? by Jonathon Van Maren. “Without public opinion on their side, abortion activists have had to rely on other tactics… Honduran lawmakers have realized that public opinion does not always dictate public policy, and they are taking steps to ensure pre-born children remain protected by law. Perhaps this is the start of a new phase in the Blue Wave movement’s political strategy.” Read more here.


Two Parents, More Parenting, by Robert VerBruggen. “He also notes that the kids of married moms get lots of time with their dads, and that married moms tend to be more satisfied with their lives. An important upshot of Hamermesh’s findings is that ‘children of non-partnered mothers receive much less parental care—perhaps 40% less—than other children; and most of what they receive is from mothers who are less satisfied with their lives.’” Read more here.


On ‘Day One,’ Joe Biden’s Transgender Executive Order Destroys Women’s Rights, by Ian Haworth. “This means that children — defined by the federal government by anyone who is younger than age 18 or who is not an emancipated minor — have the ‘right’ to decide which restroom or locker room they use. What does this mean, in raw actuality? Girls who believe they are boys can enter bathrooms and locker rooms designated for boys and, more worryingly, boys who believe they are girls can enter bathrooms and locker rooms designated for girls. Don’t like it? Too bad.” Read more here.


UK Transgender Treatment Centre Urged to Speed Up Its Controversial Service, by Ann Farmer. “In reality the biggest risk these children face is getting the treatment they seek — cross-sex hormones and ‘cosmetic’ surgery to align their bodies with their mental self image. It can be argued that making them wait is actually doing them a favour, sparing them from irreversible changes that may only make their mental health worse.” Read more here.


Young Men and Society, Part 2: Social Isolation, Gaming, and Porn, by Philip Zimbardo. “Finally, the solution that we think would have the biggest impact that doesn’t involve institutions, the media, or the government is for more adult men to organize and spend time volunteering and mentoring the younger men in their communities. Parents who are not spending enough time with their boys need to step up their involvement, while helicopter parents who micromanage their child’s development need to give them more space to roam, make mistakes, and discover their resiliency.” Read more here.


How Joe Biden Will Open the Floodgates to Transgendering Public Schools, by Joy Pullman. “All schools that receive federal funding, Biden’s plan says, will be required to treat people as the sex they claim to be… This means your freshman daughter could be placed with a male as her college roommate and the Biden administration could prosecute the school if it allows her to switch.” Read more here.


Victoria’s Conversion Practices Bill is as Bad as They Say It Is, by Neil Foster. “The Bill creates a powerful set of bureaucratic mechanisms by which religious groups presenting the classic teachings of their faith may be subject to investigation and ‘re-education’ by human rights officers. It arguably makes the presentation of some aspects of Biblical teaching unlawful if the aim of that teaching is to encourage someone to follow that teaching in their own life.” Read more here.


Media Claim Abortion Drug in SCOTUS Ruling Ends ‘Pregnancy,’ by Katie Yoder. “Abortion ends a human life, but Americans wouldn’t know that from reading recent news reports. Instead, many in the media claim, abortion drugs ‘terminate pregnancies’ and ‘expel’ the ‘contents’ of a woman’s uterus.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Protects Women’s Health by Reinstating FDA Restriction on Chemical Abortion, by Mary Szoch. “In his concurrence granting the stay, Roberts wrote that the ‘courts owe significant deference to the politically accountable entities with the “background, competence, and expertise to assess public health.”’ In other words, Robert’s [sic] deferred to the FDA rather than specifically voting because of the risk to women’s lives.” Read more here.


Germany Will Be Forced to Think About the Future of Parenthood, by Shannon Roberts. “With a birth rate of just 1.54 babies per woman (the replacement rate is about 2.1), there have been more deaths than births in every year since 1972.  In 2010, the German birth rate hit just 1.39 babies per woman… So why so few German babies?” Read more here.


The Term Ladies Has Been Rendered Meaningless, by Binary Australia. “Extremists, also known as gender activists, have successfully threatened reasonable people so much that even men with penises will be accepted as ladies these days – deny it and you will surely face penalties!” Read more here.


Virginia Plans for All Public Schools to Allow Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms and Sleepovers, by Casey Chalk. “The ‘model policies’ represent an attempt by the state not only to aggressively intervene in the privacy of Virginia families but pit children against their legal guardians… Children live under the guardianship of adults (such as parents or grandparents) precisely because they lack the maturity, prudence, and experience to make safe, responsible decisions for themselves.” Read more here.


Rockstar Gov. Kristi Noem Wants Down Syndrome Babies Like My Sister to Be Protected, by Evita Duffy. “My family and I are truly thankful that Noem has taken on this important life issue, which has a long and disturbing history. The genocide of children with Down Syndrome is a continuation of the eugenics movement that many wrongly assume ended in Nazi Germany. It is selective breeding, unethical, intolerant, and as Noem put it, ‘appalling.’” Read more here.


To Honor Women, Don’t Erase Us, by Ashley McGuire. “It all seems farcical, and yet both the changes to the House Rules and correspondingly-timed gender prayer are just the latest in a rapidly accelerating trend to whitewash society of sex difference in the name of inclusion. The result, however … isn’t just the denial of basic, non-offensive reality and science, but the erasure of women.” Read more here.


Under Biden/Harris, Abortion May Become a Mandate in International Aid, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Once abortion funding is allowed through such a reinterpretation of the Helms amendment, there is nothing to stop abortion from becoming a requirement of U.S. foreign assistance. It could happen with the stroke of a pen. The Biden administration could simply add abortion to the list of essential services that U.S. foreign aid recipients are required to provide.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Keeps Lying About Babies Who Survive Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger. “…Republicans in Congress have been trying to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act for years… The bill would require that the same basic medical care be provided to babies who survive abortions as would be provided to any other baby born at the same gestational age. It also would impose penalties on medical workers who neglect to provide that care. However, Democrat lawmakers who receive campaign donations from Planned Parenthood blocked the legislation dozens of times.” Read more here.


Arkansas Case Shows Path Forward for Banning Down Syndrome Abortions, by Michael Cook. “…[A]bortion law, like all law, has to serve the advancement of humanity. Currently it privileges a woman’s right to choose. But what if the state recognized that there are higher issues than the right to choose — like the danger of creating a radically unequal society divided between people who are gene rich and people who are gene poor?” Read more here.


My College Tried to Stop Me From Speaking About Religion. Now, We’ll Meet In the Supreme Court, by Chike Uzuegbunam. “Students frequently stand in public areas to speak about issues that are important to them. I did that, too, talking about my beliefs, offering Christian pamphlets and engaging cheerfully with interested students… One day, in 2016, a security guard approached, telling me I could not talk publicly about such things except in one of the college’s two ‘speech zones’ — and a reservation would be needed.” Read more here.


Social Issues Amid COVID Crisis Cause Abortion Rate in Canada to Rise, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Canadian media outlets are now confirming our fears, with abortion activists and workers indicating that they believe the abortion rate is rising… With so many careers threatened, businesses at risk, and jobs disappearing, many feel that it is a bad time to have a child. Additionally, many fear going to the hospital; it is also difficult for partners to be part of the process due to COVID-19 health restrictions.” Read more here.


Skyrocketing Lesbian ‘Divorce’ Rates Show Failure of Same-Sex Couples Imitating Marriage, by Joseph Shaw. “Drew offered her clients the chance to have a baby without the involvement of a man — at least, without the involvement of a man they had to have very much to do with. What she could not so easily banish was the masculine role: the role of the person who has not had the baby, who is needed for other tasks to protect and sustain the household while childbirth and child-rearing are going on.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Loses Medicaid Funding in Texas – It Won’t Be Hard for Clients to Find New Providers, by Brittany Raymer. “Will Planned Parenthood patients find it difficult to find a new provider? Probably not, given the plethora of other available options. Many of these clinics also offer much more care than Planned Parenthood does, including pediatrics and advanced medical screenings like mammograms or lab work related to cervical cancer screenings.” Read more here.


UN Pressures Argentina Into New and Extreme Abortion Law, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Argentina’s new law doesn’t just decriminalize abortion. It declares abortion-on-demand in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy an international human right. It refers to ‘gestating persons’ instead of pregnant women. Girls as young as 13 will be able to get an abortion without parental consent under the new law.” Read more here.


State and Federal Laws Move to Erase Biology and Women, by Nicole Russell. “Notice another subtle change in language: Breasts are now ‘abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects.’ That a public official would make such an egregious, misleading statement about basic biology and steer insurance companies to do the same in order to provide coverage is one of the most outlandish things California has done to promote LGBTQ groupthink.” Read more here.


The Endgame of Transgender Ideology is to Dismantle the Family, by Kimberly Ells. “Dethroning the family creates a void that can and must be filled—though it is impossible to adequately fill it. If we are to avoid the destruction of the family and the domination of the state that necessarily follows, we must resist efforts to cancel biological sex.” Read more here.


Abortion Supporters Are No Longer Lying About Their Cruelty, by Glenn T. Stanton. “Say what you will about their sincerity when the ‘safe, legal, and rare’ crowd said it, but at least it was a glimmer of humility and recognition of what abortion produces: a dead child and unspeakable pain for the mother that never truly goes away. That has all changed.” Read more here.


Three Things America Stands to Lose With Taxpayer-Funded Abortion, by Nancy Flanders. “The claim that the Hyde Amendment is racially discriminatory is blatantly false. Eliminating the Hyde Amendment would deeply wound American society and allow widespread, government-funded eugenic abortions fueled by racism and discrimination against the underprivileged. America stands to lose a great deal if taxpayer-funded abortion becomes the order of the day.” Read more here.


New UN Report Builds Rationale for Abortion, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Abortion has never been an international human right, and neither UNFPA nor the UN’s human rights mechanisms such as treaty bodies have the power to make it a right.  Nevertheless, the insinuation that such a right exists has been steadily imposed by treaty bodies and then echoed by other parts of the UN system, including UNFPA and the World Health Organization.” Read more here.


Campus Preaching, Christian Foster Care: 4 Cases That the U.S. Supreme Court May Impact in 2021, by Michael Gryboski. “The case dates back to 2018 when Philadelphia stopped the placement of children in homes of foster parents affiliated with Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Bethany Christian Services of Greater Delaware Valley. At issue was the fact that both groups refused to place children with same-sex couples for religious reasons, with the city arguing that it wanted to prevent discrimination.” Read more here.


Good News for Families in 2021, by Alysse ElHage. “One of the main reasons for the improvement in teen mental health cited in the report is that teens are spending more time with their parents and siblings, ‘which might have mitigated the negative effects of the pandemic.’ Specifically, 56% of teens said they were talking to their parents more than before the pandemic, 54% said their families ate dinner together more often, and 68% said their families were closer.” Read more here.


New England Journal of Wokeness Erases Its Medical Credentials With False Article About Gender Identity, by Glenn T. Stanton. “Disappointment that your objectively documented birth certificate is contrary to your newly realized gender identity is not a medical issue. It is a psychological and emotional issue, and a problem that can’t be blamed on either the official documentation or the medical professionals who ‘assigned’ your sex at birth.” Read more here.


The Sexism of the Transgender Movement is Officially the Most Dangerous in American History, by Kira Davis. “Not only are we being told we are not allowed to challenge letting men into women’s sports, we’re not allowed to refer to our menstrual cycles as periods or refer to nursing our babies as breastfeeding. We’re not even allowed to be called women now … we’re just vagina owners. I’ve never heard of anything more sexist in my life. We’re not even people anymore, we’re just the keepers of vaginas.” Read more here.


Sickening Experiments Using Baby Body Parts Only Confirm the Humanity of Unborn Children, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The very crimes we commit against these tiny people confirms their humanity, because if they were not human, they would not be useful for human research. These experiments confirm their humanity—and that we are losing ours.” Read more here.


Democrats Attempt to Erase the Words ‘He,’ ‘She,’ ‘Mother,’ and ‘Father’ From the House, by Paulina Enck. “Words such as ‘mother’ and ‘father’ would be replaced with ‘parent,’ ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’ with the awkward ‘parent’s sibling,’ and ‘grandmother’ and ‘grandfather’ becomes ‘grandparent.’ I wonder if Pelosi will bring her commitment to language policing to Twitter and remove ‘mother, grandmother’ from her bio.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Pres.: It’s ‘Not a Big Deal’ That We Do Abortion, by Katie Yoder. “Planned Parenthood … has repeated the misleading statistic that abortion is ‘only’ three percent of its ‘services’ throughout the years. But now, the nation’s largest abortion provider is identifying as a ‘proud abortion provider’ – and says that downplaying the number of its abortions actually ‘marginalizes’ and ‘stigmatizes’ abortion.” Read more here.



In 2021, Watch What the Supreme Court Does With Philadelphia’s Ban on Christians Parenting Foster Children, by Yaakov Menken. “The threat here is clear, and not limited to Catholics… Rather than demonstrating the First Amendment’s respect for different traditions and beliefs, Philadelphia is demanding universal conformity to state doctrine.” Read more here.


Enough Already With Using Cartoons and Cookies to Sell LGBTQ Agenda to Kids, by Nicole Russell. “Brands that provide products or entertainment typically reserved for a younger audience have been transparent, honest, and even persuasive that they are using their brand to look appealing and progressive, and to normalize LGBTQ issues, particularly transgender-related ideas.” Read more here.


Who Speaks for the Unborn in Massachusetts? by Pat Buchanan. “Former New England Patriots’ star, Benjamin Watson, a pro-lifer, described the absurdity of what the legislature did. A teenage girl still needs her parents’ permission to get a Tylenol from the school nurse, but she doesn’t need permission to have an abortion and kill their grandchild.” Read more here.


Cartoons Are the Left’s New Weapon to Target Your Kids, by Douglas Blair. “One of the new flagship programs for the channel is ‘Steven Universe.’ The show follows Steven, a young boy who goes on adventures along with his magical, humanoid alien friends. ‘Steven Universe’ has received praise from many LGBT organizations, and in the words of LGBT-focused magazine Them, is ‘the queerest cartoon on television.’” Read more here.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Leads Condemnations of New Argentina Abortion Law, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Abortion activists have been hoping that the narrow Senate vote will herald a new shift away from protections for pre-born children across the continent, but the reactions thus far indicate that the pro-life majority is holding strong in the face of the Argentine tragedy.” Read more here.


Ofcom on the Offensive, by Ann Farmer. “The UK’s broadcasting regulator Ofcom … now defines hate speech as ‘all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance on the grounds of disability, ethnicity, social origin, sex, gender, gender reassignment, nationality, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, colour, genetic features, language, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth or age.’” Read more here.


Medical Journal: Hide Everybody’s Sex Because a Handful of Trans People Get Bottom Surgery, by Chad Felix Greene. “The authors of this paper further argue that the best solution is to remove all acknowledgment of a person’s sex altogether. This should be done with passports and other identifying documents since the LGBT left sees no purpose in legally identifying sex at birth for anyone, when all that matters to them is gender identity.” Read more here.


Thank You, British High Court, for Your Gender Dysphoria Ruling, by Andrè Van Mol. “The British High Court has done a great service to gender dysphoric youth worldwide with the decision that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are indeed experimental, their long-term safety and efficacy are not established, PBs are a ‘stepping stone’ to CSH, PBs and CSH hinder bone density and growth, they do not improve mental health and self-harm, and minors really don’t have the ability to provide truly informed consent to them.” Read more here.


Your Tax Dollars at Work: Man Convicted of Raping His Daughter Approved for Transgender Surgery, by Tyler O’Neil. “It remains unclear whether the DOC or Peterson acknowledged any serious concerns about placing a male rapist in a women’s prison before he undergoes surgery. If this rapist had no qualms about abusing his own daughter, what makes the authorities certain he won’t take advantage of the women in prison?” Read more here.


Dizzying 27 Alternate Pronouns Displayed on College Business School Application – Along With an ‘Other’ Option, by Dave Urbanski. “If the latter choices don’t pass muster with applicants, there are seven more groups of alternate pronouns to choose from that display a whopping 27 words of some sort, such as ‘ey,’ ‘xie,’ ‘hir,’ ‘vis,’ and ‘eirs.’ The kicker? If none of those choices suffice, the application leaves a space at the bottom of the section in which hopefuls can list their ‘other’ pronouns.” Read more here.


C-Fam’s Top 5 Moments for Life and Family Internationally, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “This year has been possibly the most momentous year in U.S. pro-life diplomacy, and therefore for the pro-life cause overall. These are the highlights of the year 2020.” Read more here.


Democrats’ Pro-Abortion Extremism in New Jersey, by Timothy P. Carney. “Murphy would outlaw group and individual health insurance plans that do not cover abortion at 100% with no restrictions or prior authorization. Again: abortion on demand, without explanation, at any point, and paid for by people who oppose abortion. Murphy’s bill would exempt some ‘religious employers,’ but that doesn’t help regular New Jerseyites who don’t want to finance abortions with their health insurance premiums.” Read more here.


The ‘Sexual Rights’ Movement is Gaining Power Globally. Here’s What to Expect, by Kimberly Ells. “Last February, when asked in an interview, ‘Do you think that sex work ought to be decriminalized?’ Harris said, ‘I think so, I do.’ She went on to say that it is a complicated issue and that ‘we should really consider that we can’t criminalize consensual behavior as long as no one is being harmed.’” Read more here.


Pornography is Fueling the Spike in Child Sex Abuse By Normalizing Pedophilia, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The simple fact is that pornography is mainstreaming dangerous behaviors and pumping poison into our cultural groundwater—and we’ve been ignoring the issue. In the process, we’ve been creating an entirely new category of pedophiles and child abusers by creating widely available sexual material that serves as sex education for young people.” Read more here.


Like It or Not, Keira Bell Has Opened Up a Real Conversation About Gender Dysphoria, by Quillette Magazine. “From a medical point of view, artificially halting puberty is a dangerous shot in the dark. Yet endocrinologists and other medical experts who’ve raised the alarm about puberty blockers in recent years have routinely been smeared as transphobic. We know of no other area of health policy in which alerting the public to clear and well-established health risks (among children, no less) is stigmatized in this way.” Read more here.


In VOA Nominee Fight, Washington Post Insists Christians Can No Longer Hold Public Office, by Casey Chalk. “Granted, it is no surprise that Bennett, Sullivan, and the Washington Post take issue with Reilly’s views on homosexuality. What is alarming, however, is how they tacitly declare any person who subscribes to Catholic teaching on this issue to be effectively ineligible for public office.” Read more here.


Trump Officials Reflect on Four Years of Pro-Life Battles, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Valerie Huber, Special Representative for Global Women’s Health in the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services described how hard it was to convince countries to support U.S. pro-life diplomacy… Huber explained that even countries with pro-life laws had become afraid to speak out on life issues because of the ‘aggressive and continuing intimidation and threats.’” Read more here.


Trans Activist Makes Case for Putting All Kids on Puberty Blockers, by Matt Walsh. “…[T]he demented and evil idea presented by Zinnia Jones … is entirely consistent with every other demented and evil item on the radical ‘gender identity’ agenda. In fact, it is the logical conclusion. If sex is ‘assigned’ at birth by unspecified nefarious forces, then puberty is a part of that unfair assignment. If we must break free from this ‘assigning’ process by letting children choose their gender, then they should also be able to choose when and if they undergo puberty.” Read more here.


A Landmark Lawsuit for Gender-Confused Minors, by Madeleine Kearns. “…[N]ot only are these drugs experimental, but they are also, in almost every instance, followed by a regimen of cross-sex hormones that compromises a young person’s fertility and sexual function. Puberty blockers are not a ‘pause button,’ then, but a nuclear button, setting children on the path to irreversible bodily impairment they may well deeply regret.” Read more here.


Tulsi Gabbard is Right on Title IX Protecting Women’s Sports From Transgender Athletes, by Zachary Faria. “The United States is currently trailing global sports organizations in confronting this absurd push by transgender activists. While Idaho is under legal and cultural pressure for taking the basic step of affirming that women’s sports are for biological women, organizations such as World Rugby and World Athletics have already started addressing this issue.” Read more here.


Dems Predict Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Next Year, by Katie Yoder. “Taxpayer funding makes abortion a very public issue. Then again, abortion can never be a private issue because the intentional destruction of innocent human life is something that threatens a thriving society – and contributes to a throwaway culture where human persons of inherent dignity and worth are considered disposable.” Read more here.


Human Rights Campaign Wants Christian Schools to Abandon Beliefs or Lose Accreditation, by Nicole Russell. “By suggesting LGBTQ rights need to be protected more, the blueprint perpetuates the myth that somehow in the freest country in the world, with more sexual parity than almost anywhere else, LGBTQ individuals remain marginalized and disenfranchised. There’s little evidence to show that’s the case.” Read more here.


Transgender Tyranny is Getting Chaotic, Like the French Revolution, by Joseph Shaw. “It is interesting to see in the trans debate a phenomenon I have noted in relation to under-age consent: that the courts are more concerned about outcomes, while social workers, doctors, and teachers can be dazzled by the idea that children should be allowed to consent, whatever this may lead to, despite the fact that consent is not really possible in the circumstances.” Read more here.


Think Twice Before Changing the Military’s Transgender Policy, by Thomas Spoehr. “Gender dysphoria, under current policy, is also a disqualifying disorder … because both military and civilian medical data unequivocally reflects that transgender individuals diagnosed with gender dysphoria experience ‘high rates of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse disorders.’” Read more here.


Shaming Feminists Who Believe in Basic Biology Isn’t Working Anymore, by Libby Emmons. “With very little discussion, the left has decided, wholesale, that a person born male, with a male reproductive system, can be a woman if he merely says he feels like he is one. This is perceived as the compassionate thing to do. Compassion alone, however, is not a good reason to abandon reality and rational thought.” Read more here.


Africa, Aid and Abortion: What Will Biden Do? by Kurt Mahlburg. “Much social critique today takes place through a postcolonial lens… It should shock us, then, to realise that Western imperialism continues on the continents of Africa, Asia and South America today – though under a subtler banner: ‘reproductive healthcare.’” Read more here.


Buyer Beware: Virtual Abortion Pill Websites Are Seeking to Profit During a Pandemic, by Carole Novielli. “…[I]n the days following abortion’s legalization, unscrupulous abortion profiteers with zero to little medical training flooded the marketplace, opening abortion facilities with slick marketing tricks, all in an effort to make a profit selling abortions. Today, the same thing is happening, with the advent of largely unregulated virtual abortion pill websites popping up across the nation.” Read more here.


Social Media and Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, by Binary Australia. “The adverse roll of social media in the rise of ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ has been raised in light of the recent British High Court judgement against transitioning treatments for children… The court ruling has put a stop to children undergoing similar treatments. Now the spotlight is being shone on the role of the internet.” Read more here.


Australia’s Fertility Crash, by Marcus Roberts. “Overall, since 2012 Australia has seen strong population growth of 11.6 percent. But that is despite, not because of, its fertility rate. In the same period the number of registered births in the Lucky Country has fallen by 1.2 percent.” Read more here.


Australian LGBT Laws vs. UK Verdict, by Claire Chandler. “Last week, just as the UK High Court was finalising its findings that puberty blockers are an experimental treatment for which young children are unable to give informed consent, the Victorian government introduced legislation which criminalises discussion of the very same issues highlighted by the court. The Victorian legislation makes any conduct or practice that is not seen as gender affirming potentially illegal.” Read more here.


Why Other Queers Are Stuffing Lesbians Back in the Closet, by Glenn T. Stanton. “Non-binary and queer are the cool new things. Anything that smacks of being a genuine woman is not. The stubborn fact that male and female each have an objective nature will ultimately be the end of contemporary gender theory, and it looks like lesbians are the canary in that coal mine.” Read more here.


Pornhub Profits Off Exploitation and Abuse of Children and Women. It’s Time for the Government to Crack Down, by Matt Walsh. “And while the efforts to protect the people in the videos is virtually non-existent, the efforts to protect the people watching the videos are literally non-existent. Pornhub makes no attempt to prevent children from accessing the hardcore filth on its platform… Any random 8 year old can go to its URL and watch gang bang videos without having to jump through any hoops at all. This gives you an idea of how serious Pornhub is about protecting anyone, least of all children.” Read more here.


LGBTV – the ‘V’ is for Victimhood, by Ryan Bomberger. “Despite constantly comparing themselves to African-Americans and the hard-fought civil rights plight in America, LGBT activists have been trying to sell this lie: Gay is the new black. It’s not. Not even close. The problem when we compare one dissimilar situation with another is that, inevitably, it trivializes the preceding one.” Read more here.


No, Recognizing the Rights and Obligations of Biological Fathers is Not ‘Anti-Gay,’ by Curtis Hill. “Anytime a child is adopted, the adoptive parent enjoys the same legal rights and interests associated with the child as a biological parent. Objections to Indiana’s fatherhood-presumption law ignore adoption as an available means to attain parenthood.” Read more here.


Does a Recent Court Decision Signal the End of ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bans? by Laurence Wilkinson. “The clear problem with this approach is that it inserts the government into the counseling room and seeks to regulate what can and cannot be said. In reality, these are not ‘conversion therapy’ bans, but ‘counseling censorship laws’ that intentionally restrict the right of both patients and counselors to engage in conversations they want to have, and to hear or express ideas they believe to be true.” Read more here.


To Control ‘Toxic Masculinity’ and Heal the Family We Must Appreciate the Differences Between the Sexes, by Willis Renuart. “It is still possible to respect the differences between the sexes while preserving the opportunities of women… There is much that can be done once the differences between the sexes are appreciated. It is time we stop talking down to boys as if they were dim-witted girls and offer them opportunities to build character and provide meaning to their lives.” Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Members of Congress Are Pushing for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion. Here’s What You Need to Know, by Melanie Israel. “The Hyde Amendment is good policy as a matter of principle. It is also a popular policy, too. After all, 6 in 10 Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortion, including 42% of independents and one-third of Democrats. So why the calls to do away with a popular, consensus policy? Three words: the abortion lobby.” Read more here.


Britain Stops Young People Gambling While Approving Contraception and Abortion, by Ann Farmer. “Allowing children to become addicted to gambling is no light matter… But neither is an abortion a minor thing like having a haircut or a manicure, or even a minor operation; there is a separate human being involved, and the after-effects of abortion even on adult women can last for decades.” Read more here.


Analysis: What a Becerra HHS Could Mean for Catholics, by Matt Hadro. “Becerra’s record in California shows that he, perhaps more than any other state attorney general, has been willing to wield the power of the state to enforce pro-abortion policies against religious and pro-life groups. And if appointed as Health Secretary, he would have authority to craft far-reaching policy across a number of controversial ‘culture war’ issues.” Read more here.


Xavier Becerra for HHS Means Biden is Dead Serious About Sticking It to Religious Freedom, by Jeremy Beaman. “In July, the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in Little Sisters of the Poor Saints Peter and Paul Home v. Pennsylvania that the administration has the authority to issue such broad exemptions. It would also mean that a subsequent administration has the authority to remove them, and Biden plans to do that.” Read more here.


Pornhub Makes Money on Videos of Rape and Assault of Children, by Jeff Johnston. “He went on to tell heartrending stories of individuals who had videos of themselves, as teenagers, posted on Pornhub. Even when the company takes down these videos, many have already been downloaded from the website – and often reposted on Pornhub or other pornographic websites.” Read more here.


Activists Promoting New Way to Overcome Abortion Stigma, by Michael Cook. “The people were asked whether they would be interested in a pill which would bring on bleeding like a menstrual period, and which would terminate the pregnancy for nearly all people who were pregnant. The key point is that they would never know whether or not they had been pregnant.” Read more here.


Declaring War on Nuns, Biden Plans to Nominate Abortion Extremist Xavier Becerra for HHS Secretary, by Madeline Osburn. “Becerra served in Congress for 24 years, where he voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion, voted against making it a crime to hurt an unborn child during another crime, and voted for taxpayer-funded abortions.” Read more here.


Yahoo Posts Disgusting Guide Showing People How to Pay to Kill Their Baby in an Abortion, by Micaiah Bilger. “The implied goal of the guide is to help women in need. It’s written in a style similar to articles that inform struggling families about food banks or organizations that provide toys to children over the holidays. But instead of food or gifts, these groups provide money to kill unborn babies.” Read more here.


Argentina and Learning the Wrong Lessons About Abortion, by Kathryn Lopez. “In the United States alone, there have been tens of millions of abortions since 1973. That’s a brutal reality to come to terms with. As we approach a half-century of legal abortion here, we ought to reflect on how much other violence might stem from this, our most poisonous export.” Read more here.


The Dangers of Joe Biden’s Extreme Abortion Agenda, by Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Biden and Harris have both endorsed the idea of using the executive branch to scrutinize (and presumably reject) pro-life legislation brought forth in the states. Their authority to carry out this aggressive violation of the separation of powers is dubious at best.” Read more here.


UK Issues Landmark Ruling Protecting Kids From Life-Altering Hormone Replacement Therapy, by Nicole Russell. “For years, the U.K. has been zealously embracing transgender ideology while demonstrating a laissez-faire attitude toward the harmful effects of hormone replacement therapy. This ruling puts the brakes on that hazardous approach and protects children and their bodies.” Read more here.


Smorgasbord of Choices for Trans Inmates, by Binary Australia. “Under the new policy from the Department of Justice prisoners who are transgender or gender diverse can [sic] who are on remand or sentenced to incarceration can ask to be housed in a facility that corresponds with their gender identity.” Read more here.


Milk-Man is Not a Scientific Concept, by Binary Australia. “Biological reality reveals only ‘breasts’, not chests, have the capacity to produce milk. Female mammary glands develop at puberty due to estrogen and then produce milk (lactation) during pregnancy and beyond due to the presence and increase of the hormones progesterone and prolactin. In the very rare cases of males lactating it is always the result of illness or abnormality.” Read more here.


Abortion Groups That Backed Biden Are Coming to Collect, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “After the election was called for Biden, the president of California’s Planned Parenthood affiliates delivered a statement highlighting the ‘blueprint’ document. ‘The list is long,’ she acknowledged, but promised that Planned Parenthood ‘will be there to hold this administration accountable for its promises to the American people every step of the way.’” Read more here.


Norway Criminalizes Hate Speech Against Transgender People … In Private Homes or Conversations, by Jonathan Turley. “For free speech advocates, we need to educate the public on where this road leads in places like Norway. What is at stake is the very right that has long defined us as a nation. Once we cross the Rubicon into speech criminalization and controls, Europe has shown that it is rarely possible to work back to liberties lost.” Read more here.


Don’t Let the Abortion Lobby Hijack ‘Women’s Issues,’ by Melanie Israel and Grace Melton. “…[T]he GWI office was used to advance ‘sexual and reproductive health’ under the umbrella of ‘gender equality.’ Those terms, while seemingly innocuous at face value, are often code for policies that neither empower women, nor protect their inherent human dignity; namely, the promotion of abortion.” Read more here.


No, the UK Lockdown Has Not Led to a Divorce Boom, by Harry Benson. “…20% of married parents said their relationship had improved, compared to 9% who said their relationship was worse. The remaining 71% said their relationships had remained the same. So the reality is that lockdown was good news for twice as many marriages as it was bad news.” Read more here.


EU Parliament Attacks Poland for Pro-Life Ruling, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The resolution represents a watershed moment in European politics. Only 33 out of 187 members of the European People’s Party voted against the resolution. A majority of members of the center-right party previously opposed such extreme social policies and an international right to abortion.” Read more here.


2020, the Year South Korea Began to Shrink, by Marcus Roberts. “As these figures show, South Korea is currently an aged society and will very soon be a super aged society (with over a fifth of its population aged 65 years or older). It will also be a declining society. One in which births are rarer and old age and deaths more common.” Read more here.


Religion, Childbearing Costs, and Poland’s Baby Bump, by Laurie DeRose. “Poland is a highly religious country: 61% attend religious services at least monthly, and 87% are affiliated with the Catholic Church. And yet Polish women are currently averaging 1.4 children per woman. Bein, Mynarska, and Gauthier’s research makes it abundantly clear that higher fertility among the more religious can coexist with low overall fertility.” Read more here.


Keira Bell: The High Court Hands Down a Historic Judgment to Protect Vulnerable Children, by Transgender Trend. “The judgment is a damning indictment of clinical practice at the GIDS. The case was decided on facts and evidence known to the Tavistock, and ultimately on the lack of facts and the weakness of the evidence in the Tavistock’s defence. The GIDS lacked even basic data on children who had been given puberty blockers.” Read more here.


The Left’s Gender Theories Are Anti-Scientific Nonsense, but They’re Gaining Ground, by Ben Shapiro. “…[F]or an ardent fan of abortion on demand such as Blow to characterize a gender reveal party celebrating the sex of an unborn baby as ‘violent’ while characterizing the in utero dismemberment of that same unborn baby as ‘choice’ is so morally benighted as to boggle the mind.” Read more here.


Victorian Labor Makes Prayer a Criminal Offence, by Freedom for Faith. “In the most aggressive action ever taken by an Australian government to attack freedom of religion, the Labor Government in Victoria proposes to make it a criminal offence, punishable by several years’ imprisonment, for a person to pray with another person about issues they are having concerning their sexual orientation or gender identity. It will not be a defence that the person actually wanted prayer.” Read more here.


Huge Setback for Transgender Activism in UK, by Michael Cook. “The result of the High Court’s decision – which is sure to be appealed – is modest. It does not ban transgender treatment. It simply declares that it is highly doubtful that children under 16 should be given puberty blockers because they cannot give informed consent. In the UK, children over 16 are deemed to be competent to consent to treatment.” Read more here.


Supreme Court’s 5-4 Ruling Shows How Religious Liberty Hangs by a Thread, by Cal Thomas. “When government sets itself up as the ultimate authority on all things, including the right to gather and worship freely, other liberties can quickly be at risk… Once the principle that government endows rights is established, it is a very short step for government to take them away.” Read more here.


Late-Term Abortion Must Stop in the US, by Katie Yoder. “When it comes to late-term abortion, even the terminology is disputed. Many in the media say there’s no such thing as ‘late-term abortion’ because the phrase isn’t ‘medical’ – although media have readily used that exact term in the past. But one thing seems clear: unborn babies who are the exact same age as born babies are still perishing in abortion.” Read more here.


‘Transhood’ Documentary Shows Parents Brainwashing 4-Year-Olds Into Transgenderism, by Chad Felix Greene. “In other words, if a child is not quite one gender or the other, or is possibly both or neither, the medical experts and LGBT activists believe intervention is necessary, which parents must affirm and support. As a result, parents frantically attempt to interpret how a child feels about himself before the kid has any chance to live in his natural body.” Read more here.


Victoria’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill is a Violation of Human Rights, by James Parker. “Hilton also said that ‘LGBTIQ Victorians are welcome and valued members of our community, entitled to live their lives authentically and with dignity and safety.’ No one disagrees. But what about ex-LGBTQ+ Victorians? Are they not welcome and valued community members worthy of dignity and safety? Is she not Commissioner for both?” Read more here.


The Push for Children’s ‘Sexual Rights’ is Coming, by Mattea Merta. “Sharon Slater is the President of Family Watch International… She stated, ‘This submission of Human Rights Watch to the UN expert on the “right to privacy” was predictable. It promotes the legalization of abortion, autonomous sexual rights for children beginning at age 10, harmful comprehensive sexuality education, and, under the guise of protecting privacy, it promotes the violation of private spaces for females, such as bathrooms and showers, by members of the opposite sex.’” Read more here.


Marie Stopes’ Most Famous Memorial Scrubs Her Name Off the Brand, by Michael Cook. “Problem is, there are grubby eugenic fingerprints all over the brand. Marie Stopes, the pioneering birth control provider after whom the group was named, was an ardent eugenicist who even advocated compulsory sterilization. So the organisation is changing its name to MSI Reproductive Choices. Problem gone. But is it?” Read more here.


The Supreme Court Got Church Restrictions Right, by The Editors. “The Court’s ruling is neither surprising nor alarming. Cuomo’s rules discriminate against religious services and thereby run afoul of the Constitution. And to fix the problem, Cuomo would not need to exempt houses of worship from the law everyone else follows, but merely ensure that churches aren’t relegated to second-class status.” Read more here.


A Major Legal Victory Against LGBTQ Tyranny, by Michael Brown. “And remember: under these oppressive ordinances, to sit and talk with the child was forbidden by law if that child wanted to feel at home in her own body. But to put her on puberty-blocking hormones as a child, then remove total healthy parts of her body, then put her on hormones for life, was allowed by the law. To call this perverse is an understatement. Child abuse would be more accurate.” Read more here.


It is Not ‘Humane’ for The Atlantic to Sympathize With Killing Babies With Down Syndrome, Like My Little Sister, by Evita Duffy. “Whether your justification is to ‘spare… [potential] suffering,’ decrease strain on a universal health care system, or on public taxes, or you want to have a career, or you are worried about potential health concerns for your child, killing a disabled child is still wrong. There is no ‘humanity’ in killing a child. There is no ‘humanity’ in targeting the weak. There is no ‘humanity’ in eugenics.” Read more here.


Child Abuse? HBO Max Documentary Celebrates 4-Year-Old Boy’s Transgender Identity, by Tyler O’Neil. “…[T]he disturbing advocacy of transgender identity for young children — likely later to involve experimental treatments that amount to chemical castration — is utterly sickening. Episodes like this should jolt Americans out of their complacency on this issue, and encourage them to stand up for truth against this nefarious movement.” Read more here.


CDC Counts Lowest Abortion Numbers Since Roe v. Wade, by Katie Yoder. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly publishes its annual Abortion Surveillance report around the Thanksgiving holiday… This year’s report released new numbers for 2017 and 2018 that showed an overall decrease in abortion. That’s something that pro-life Americans should celebrate, even if the numbers don’t tell the full story.” Read more here.


Justice Alito: If You’re Worried About Religious Liberty, Follow News in Higher Education, by Terry Mattingly. “In his Federalist Society address, Alito stressed that it is now common to hear students and professors, including many in law schools, express fears about the consequences of being honest about their religious convictions.” Read more here.


LGBT Activists Send Christmas Wish List to Biden and Harris – Asking Them to Assault Religious Freedom, by Jeff Johnston. “HRC hopes to ‘eliminate discrimination against beneficiaries in charitable choice and faith-based initiatives,’ forcing Christian homeless and domestic violence shelters to place men who claim to be women in all-female facilities. Religious adoption agencies would be compelled to serve same-sex couples. LGBT extremists and their allies view religious exemptions in these cases ‘a license to discriminate.’” Read more here.


Pornhub’s Teen Sex Ed Course, by Karen Farris. “Pornhub says it is aiming to provide access to information and advice about sexuality, sexual health, and relationships. It’s all free — but the curiosity of a new young audience will undoubtedly result in the porn content they will be willing to pay for later. Pornhub appears to be capitalizing on the COVID-19 pandemic, with more teens on their screens— and offering ‘clean’ content under the guise of sex education.” Read more here.


Who’s Converting Whom? Sexual Orientation, Gender and Politics, by Barbara Kay. “The bill is deeply problematic, beginning with the preamble, which claims it is a ‘myth’ that gender identity ‘can or ought to change.’ It is no myth that gender identity can change. If one or two of Canada’s top-tier experts in gender dysphoria research had been consulted in the bill’s creation, the working group would have learned that without invasive intervention, 80 per cent or more of gender-dysphoric children who identify as the opposite sex revert to comfort in their natal sex post-puberty.” Read more here.


Remember When the UN Declared the Unborn Should Be Protected? by Ryan Bomberger. “In those historic documents, the UN declares: ‘the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.’ Did some air just get sucked out of the room? Yes, the United Nations—not once but twice—declared that.” Read more here.


The Left Targets Kids, Teens With Gender Fluid Ideology, by Tony Perkins. “In a country where 12% of millennials now say they identify as transgender or ‘nongender conforming’—more than 1 in every 10—the last thing our children need is a generation of parents indulging these dangerous fantasies. And yet, that’s exactly the goal of Apple TV and their extremist cheerleaders.” Read more here.


Why Catholic Bishops Worry Biden’s Abortion Policy Will ‘Confuse,’ by Katie Yoder. “These policies are new for Biden, who voted repeatedly against abortion – for decades. He noticeably flipped on the issue as he prepared for the 2020 election and ran on the Democratic Party platform that calls for ‘safe and legal abortion.’ His switch on abortion became most obvious when he condemned the Hyde Amendment last year – the day after he reaffirmed his support for it.” Read more here.


Thailand Moves to Legalize Abortion Despite It Violating a Key Buddhist Teaching, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Backlash is expected from Thailand’s Christian leaders, and abortion is also considered to be a violation of a key tenet of Buddhist teaching, which requires that people refrain from killing (Buddhists believe that aborting a child is denying a soul the opportunity to be reincarnated.) Under relentless pressure from international organizations, the Thai government seems determined to push ahead nonetheless.” Read more here.


After Trans Activists Try to Ban ‘Irreversible Damage,’ It Becomes a Bestseller, by Chad Felix Greene. “Whether … LGBT activists like it, a huge market for critical thinking and honest discussions surrounds these issues. Meanwhile, they continue bullying businesses into removing content through fear tactics and threats of persecution rather than by countering the message with their own better one.” Read more here.


Fewer Americans Are Marrying Now Than Ever, but Those Who Do Love It More, by Glenn T. Stanton. “While fewer couples are marrying today, as shown in the graph below, these couples who are marrying are doing so later in life. They are more affluent, more selective in choosing a mate, and more likely to be religious than the general population. ‘These are all factors that reduce the risk of divorce,’ Wang explained.” Read more here.


Pandemic Could Lead to Profound Shift in Parenting Roles, Say Experts, by Alexandra Topping. “Research has shown that while women bore the brunt of extra childcare during the initial coronavirus lockdown and are being disproportionately impacted by the economic fallout, there has been also a huge surge in the number of hours men are spending with their children. This could lead to a permanent re-evaluation of the value of fatherhood and a shift in working patterns…” Read more here.


The Transgender Murder Epidemic That Never Was, by Michael Cook. “Back in October, Biden declared that violence against transgender and gender-nonconforming people was an ‘epidemic that needs national leadership’… No one could object to acknowledging the humanity and dignity of transgender people. They should have the same rights and obligations as everyone in the US and elsewhere. But is it a fact? No, it’s not. It’s clever fake news from the Ministry of LGBTQ+ Truth.” Read more here.


Religious Freedom at Risk, by Jerry Newcombe. “Jump forward to today, 400 years after the Pilgrims arrived, and in the land for which they sought refuge, religious freedom is at risk… It would appear that Christophobic bigots are using the pandemic to curb religious freedom in a country that was born for religious freedom.” Read more here.


Fulton v. Philadelphia: The Future of Church-State Cooperation in the Social Welfare Arena, by Helen Alvare. “The larger implications of this case arise because many social services that religious institutions provide overlap areas in which the state wields significant oversight and financial power… During the oral argument in Fulton, the government pressed Philadelphia’s attorney on the question, asking whether, if the government assumed full control over homeless shelters or hospitals, it could thereafter bar many religious entities from serving in those arenas.” Read more here.


Surveys Show Vast Majority of Western Catholics Support Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’ by Michael Haynes. “Compiling the results of studies conducted over the past few years, the figures demonstrate a wide-scale rejection of Catholic teaching on same-sex ‘marriage’ and homosexuality, which the Church describes as ‘intrinsically disordered’ and something that ‘can in no case be approved of.’” Read more here.


This is How Transgender Activists Win: A Relentless Willingness to Fight, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Pause, for a moment, to consider the fact that a once-prestigious newspaper has lapsed into such ridiculousness that it uses phrases like ‘his female reproductive system’ and ‘his menstrual cycle’ and not only considers those phrases to be accurate, but believes that not using them would be bigotry.” Read more here.


The New Department for Education RSE Guidance: What Should Schools Look Out For? by Transgender Trend. “Teaching children to understand themselves through the model of ‘gender identity’ encourages children to believe their personalities are ‘wrong’ for their sex and their bodies are ‘wrong’ for not matching their gender identity. The idea of gender identity is inevitably based on gender stereotypes, there is no other way for children to understand it, and it gives children no way to be ‘right’ with themselves if they reject those stereotypes.” Read more here.


Burning an Anti-Transgenderism Book Gets Cheered by a College Professor – at the Birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, by Alex Parker. “The university, as you know, gained fame as the birthplace of the free speech movement. But movements are sometimes like people — they die in the same place they were born. Hence, Grace took to social media to condemn author Abigail Shrier’s Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.” Read more here.


Pompeo Takes Religious-Freedom Agenda to Istanbul, by Jimmy Quinn. “The U.S. government has considered religious freedom to be a ‘universal human right’ since 1998… Since taking the reins at the State Department, Pompeo has built on that foundation, unveiling a flurry of initiatives toward that end. Among the most notable of these is the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, an ambitious effort to coordinate international action.” Read more here.


Hungary Proposes Constitutional Amendment Protecting Family, Marriage, and Gender, by Jonathon Van Maren. “All of this would, circa 2000, seem so obvious that articulating it would have seemed vaguely ridiculous. Oh, you have eyes too? But in 2020, a statement reflecting reality is now wildly offensive… I continue to watch the Hungarian experiment with great interest. I hope they are modeling a solution that can be adapted by other dying Western countries in the future.” Read more here.


GoFundMe Censors Billboard Fundraising Campaign, by Nicole Russell. “GoFundMe, the private fundraising website, has halted the ability of a group of parents to raise money for a giant billboard that would expose transgender disinformation. GoFundMe claims the fundraising efforts violated its user rules.” Read more here.


Why Is the Federal Government Promoting Censorship Abroad? by Sean Nelson. “’Hate speech’ is simply an unworkable and dangerous concept. The incantatory repetition of the word ‘hate’ to stand for all manner of different kinds of speech needs to stop. Ideas should be debated and defended freely and honestly. No U.S. government body should suggest otherwise.” Read more here.


Even Mainstream Dictionaries Have Bowed to Transgender Insanity, by Jonathon Van Maren. “I’ve noted frequently in this space that the media have now entirely adopted the terminology required of the transgender movement — ‘gender affirmation surgery’ or ‘sex change surgery’ vs. genital reconstruction to imitate the opposite sex; using the ‘preferred female pronouns’ of male rapists and pedophiles, etc. If you control the language of the debate, you inevitably control the debate. Culturally speaking, trans activists have done an incredibly effective job of doing this.” Read more here.


Massachusetts Measure Would Allow Abortions on Teen Girls Without Their Parents Knowing, by Michael New, Ph.D. “The ROE Act would reduce the age of consent to 16; if the bill becomes law, 16- and 17-year-old girls could obtain abortions in Massachusetts without parental consent. Considering that a high percentage of abortions performed on minors are obtained by 16- and 17-year-olds, this should greatly concern pro-lifers.” Read more here.


Abortions Likely to Continue Falling or Increase Under Democrat Administration, by Brittany Raymer. “There’s a belief, rumor if you will, that abortions decrease under a Democrat administration due to increased access to contraception and other preventative measures. This line of reasoning is used by people who want to vote for a pro-abortion president, despite claiming that they are pro-life. It’s not entirely true and is actually a misinterpretation of the facts.” Read more here.


Biden Would Be a Disaster for the Unborn at the UN, by Austin Ruse. “Mr. Biden will begin pushing abortion in UN documents under the phrase ‘reproductive health.’ One of the pro-life movement’s proudest achievements was making that phrase controversial again. The Trump administration pledged to remove the term, replace it, or narrowly define it. Furthermore, other governments followed the U.S.’s lead.” Read more here.


Gender Activists Are Trying to Cancel My Book. Why is Silicon Valley Helping Them? by Abigail Shrier. “To its credit, Spotify has not yet removed the episode. But the controversy delivered a warning shot to other media companies: Unless you want trouble, do not challenge the narrative of unquestioning ‘affirmation’ for every child who claims to be trans—no matter the age, context, or lack of responsible medical oversight provided to the family.” Read more here.


Silencing Ex-Gays, by Belinda Brown. “There is a particularly extreme ban in Canberra which … could result in parents, guardians or teachers being imprisoned if they even had a conversation with their children who were experiencing gender dysphoria and counselled them to think carefully about gender transitioning.” Read more here.


Predicted Divorce Surge During COVID Didn’t Happen, by John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris. “And, maybe, instead of just leaving when conflict started, couples were forced to stay together. Maybe, they experienced the long-term relational and personal improvements that comes when conflict is faced and resolved, as opposed to running away from each other.” Read more here.


Vulnerable British Children Being Dumped in ‘Disgusting’ Care Homes, by Ann Farmer. “The question of which system of care provision to adopt is indeed an important one, but it can all too easily turn into a political debate about what to do with children, rather than what to do for them. Rather we should be asking an even more fundamental question: why are so many children in need of State care?” Read more here.


Cohabitation and Children’s Outcomes in Africa and Latin America, by Laurie DeRose. “I interpret their results differently. It looks to me like their hypothesis was right for three of the outcomes (no remaining association after including couple and community characteristics), but that they underplayed the disadvantage associated with cohabitation for child survival and schooling.” Read more here.


The Unscientific Roots of Bans on ‘Conversion Therapy,’ by Belinda Brown. “The two main pieces of research supporting the ban … exhibit deeply flawed sampling methods and inadequate questionnaire design. For example, they only asked LGBT people about the effectiveness of therapy. This is a bit like exploring the effectiveness of marriage counselling from those who are divorced.” Read more here.


The U.S. Divorce Rate Has Hit a 50-Year Low, by Wendy Wang. “Divorce in America has been falling fast in recent years, and it just hit a record low in 2019. For every 1,000 marriages in the last year, only 14.9 ended in divorce, according to the newly released American Community Survey data from the Census Bureau. This is the lowest rate we have seen in 50 years.” Read more here.


Canadian Pro-Life Politician Runs Beautiful Pro-Child Ad. Abortion Activists Melt Down, by Jonathon Van Maren. “As it turns out, the idea that children might be beautiful like flowers was wildly offensive to many Liberals, who gave the game away by immediately assuming that a pro-child ad was obviously anti-abortion.” Read more here.


Will Laws Banning ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban Teaching the Bible’s Views on Sex? by Law and Religion Australia. “No-one should be coerced using invasive medical and psychological techniques to change their sexuality against their will. But the law must not prevent those who are committed to a religious world-view from receiving sensitive and caring help to change their behaviour to allow them to serve their God.” Read more here.


Toronto Catholic School Board Flouts Own Rules in Joining LGBT Attack Against Catholic Trustee, by Joe Volpe. “On November 4, the TCDSB met in camera (private) … to consider reopening the matter and curry favor with the Minister for his announcements. In their rush, they neglected to report to public session as required by the rules and the law… Nevertheless, the next day the report found its way into the hands of a Toronto Star reporter, and presumably in those of the Minister and in other hands of the LBGTQ+ community.” Read more here.


How Catholics Around the World See Same-Sex Marriage, Homosexuality, by Jeff Diamant. “In the Americas, majorities of Catholics in several countries said society should be accepting of homosexuality… In Eastern Europe, acceptance was weaker, with roughly half or fewer of Catholics saying that homosexuality should be accepted by society in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania.” Read more here.


Polish Government Backs Down Over Abortion, by Michael Cook. “The Polish president, Andrzej Duda, once a supporter of severely restricted access, has backtracked a bit. He now favouring and [sic] exception for fetuses with ‘lethal’ abnormalities. But this would still ban abortions in case of other conditions such as Down syndrome. This compromise does not appear to satisfy either side.” Read more here.


Religious Conservatives Hopeful New Supreme Court Majority Will Redefine Religious Liberty Precedents, by Michelle Boorstein. “The possibility that the newly 6-3 conservative-majority court could overturn Smith and set a new precedent about the legal status of religion comes as the country is deeply unsettled about how to balance LGBTQ and other rights with the rights of religious traditionalists.” Read more here.


The Freedom to Change Your Sexuality, by Belinda Brown. “The lobby justify the ban by arguing that if someone wants to change their homosexual behaviour, this implies it must be a disorder. However, seeking help to change behaviours or emotions is part of therapy. Our behaviours do not need to be ‘sick’ or ‘disordered’ for us to desire change.” Read more here.


Poland’s Revolutionaries Have Declared That Baby Lives Don’t Matter, by Malgorzata Wolczyk. “Unfortunately, winning the right to life for children with a disability has resulted in an uncontrollable explosion of rage from the populace. Yes, the movement of the indignant came from the grassroots, but it was taken over immediately from above by the radical feminist lobby, the LGBT lobby, the far-left, old communists, and of course the anti-government opposition that looks for opportunities in every riot to overthrow the government.” Read more here.


There is No ‘Right’ to Abortion in the U.S. Constitution, by Nancy Flanders. “The abortion lobby itself (unlike many abortion advocates who haven’t yet gotten the memo) has also stopped claiming, ‘no one wants an abortion.’ Instead, abortion is now celebrated as an act of equality and a step on the path to success. However, it’s none of these things — least of all, a ‘right.’” Read more here.


Virginia’s Pregnancy Centers Are So Successful That National Pro-Abortion Group NARAL is Out to Stop Them, by Olivia Aveni Briscoe. “Instead of allowing abortion industry advocates like NARAL to target the good names of these centers in pro-abortion smear campaigns, communities should rally behind pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics in gratitude for all the good they do for women and their families in the state of Virginia.” Read more here.


No, Abortion Numbers Today Are Not the Same as They Were Before Roe v. Wade, by Carole Novielli. “Prior to Roe v. Wade, a handful of states had decriminalized abortion and in those states it was obvious legalization increased abortion. In addition, reported data reveals the number of legal abortions did not exceed one million until several years after Roe was decided.” Read more here.


Abortion in Poland ‘Is Used By the Extreme Left for Cultural Revolution,’ by Jonathon Van Maren. “There have been days of protests, with over 100,000 marching in Warsaw last Friday. Aerial photos show an ocean of people converging in the streets, with COVID-19 restrictions still ostensibly limiting groups to only five. By Tuesday, over half a million people had joined the protests, the largest street rallies since the Solidarity protests that toppled Communism.” Read more here.


Geneva Consensus Declaration Draws Backlash From Abortion Lobby, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Countries that joined the declaration are being pressured to reverse their decision. In Kenya, a group of over twenty organizations asked the government to withdraw… It is expected that one of the first actions of a Biden administration would be to remove the U.S. signature to the declaration.” Read more here.


Religious Liberty Endangered by French Draft Law Against ‘Separatism,’ by The European Times Newsdesk. “…[T]he reference to places of worship unduly used to spread ‘hostility to the laws of the Republic’ should not mean that sermons should not be free to criticize laws they regard as unjust. Religion has always had the prophetic function of criticizing laws deemed as unfair, which is different from inciting to violence.” Read more here.


Memo to the Supreme Court: Keep the Faithful Free to Foster, by Ryan T. Anderson. “It’s not difficult to see how in our ever-growing governmental alphabet soups, historic ministries—on health, education, and welfare, for example—are either being regulated or taken over by government. Can the government then say to religious ministries, ‘It’s my way or the highway’? Hopefully the Supreme Court will tell the government to take a hike.” Read more here.


Gay and Transgender Vote for Trump Doubles in Rejection of Identity Politics, by Brad Polumbo. “According to national exit polls, Trump seems to have won an astounding 28% of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender peoples’ votes… But while only a rough and preliminary estimate, it is more than double the 13% of LGBT voters Trump won against Hillary Clinton in 2016.” Read more here.


The Father Effect: More Relational Than Material, by Michael Jindra. “While material need is important, we must be better at incorporating other basic human needs in our plans and programs, like sociality or meaning. These are things that give people stability and the ability to participate more widely in society and eventually help others.” Read more here.


Do Coloradans Know the Evil They Voted to Continue? by Lila Rose. “…[T]hanks to the profound efforts of pro-life activists, Colorado voters had the opportunity to protect children beginning at 22 weeks of pregnancy by voting to pass Proposition 115, a late-term abortion ban. But voters chose abortion over life, with a majority giving abortionists license to continue murdering the tiniest Coloradans at any point in pregnancy.” Read more here.


Louisiana and Colorado’s Abortion Split is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, by Bill Donohue. “Why are the voters in these two states so different? Much of the divide can be explained by looking at their religiosity profile, namely the extent to which they differ on religious beliefs and practices.” Read more here.


Post-Election Shift in U.S. House Could Hamper Democrats’ Abortion, LGBT Goals, by Matt Hadro. “If Democrats were to expand their House majority and gain control of the Senate, along with winning the White House, a number of pro-abortion and pro-LGBT policies were expected to be considered… Now, with a more competitive House and a possible Republican Senate, that landscape may be altered.” Read more here.


No to Sex Education in Schools, by Scholar Elo. “It is undeniable that the family has a major role in tackling the crisis of sexual violence in Nigeria. As the head teacher of Heritage School Ipaja, Adeyemi Victoria Omolara rightly stated: ‘The education system is not in need of a new curriculum to address sex education. Rather it must be instilled from a young age through deliberate actions of parents and guardians.’” Read more here.


Philadelphia vs. Catholic Church and Children, by Terry Jeffrey. “The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit stood with the City of Philadelphia against Catholic Social Services. Now, five justices on the Supreme Court will decide. Can Philadelphia force the church of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to either hand over children to homosexual couples or give up helping foster children at all?” Read more here.


Can I Answer a Few Questions About Abortion? by Christopher Kaczor. “…Kristof accuses pro-life voters of ‘abortion extremism.’ Abolitionists were accused of the same thing. Why not compromise? Let half the country have slaves, and the other half be free. If you don’t want a slave, then don’t own one.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Hears Case Pitting Religious Liberty Against Same-Sex Marriage, by Paul Strand. “This is not a unique case, and governments cracking down on religious foster or adoption agencies who hold to the concept of one-man/one-woman marriage is growing… All for their standing firm with what the Bible has said for thousands of years about marriage and homosexuality.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Adoption Case Could Have National Impact on Religious Liberty, by Matt Hadro. “The case could decide the fate of other religious adoption agencies facing nondiscrimination ordinances, but according to Becket—which represents CSS—it could also impact prospective foster parents…” Read more here.


Questions on Abortion: A Dinner Invitation to Nicholas Kristof, by R.J. Snell. “The pro-life claim is that it is wrong to intentionally and knowingly kill the unborn human. The fact that many unborn humans do not come to term does not answer the wrongness of intentionally ending that human life.” Read more here.


There’s No Such Thing as ‘Safe Sex’ for Kids, by Maria Baer and John Stonestreet. “I find it a bit strange–and ironic–that lawmakers and other cultural elites who are so quick to claim power simply throw up their hands and claim to be powerless when it comes to sexual activity among young people. ‘Well, the kids are going to do it anyway,’ they say. ‘We might as well enable it.’” Read more here.


Biden Pledges to Gut Religious Freedom Protections, Saying They Give ‘Hate’ a ‘Safe Harbor,’ by Tyler O’Neil. “Joe Biden made no bones about it: If he wins the presidential election, he will gut religious freedom protections that allow faith-based homeless shelters, charities, and small business owners to act according to their consciences. Specifically, he will shove LGBT ideology down the throats of religious Americans in the name of fighting ‘discrimination.’” Read more here.


Artificial Reproduction May Require Redefinition of Parenthood, by Michael Cook. “Rather than the traditional mother and father, she points out that, with emerging possibilities of reproduction, parenthood could be arbitrarily deemed to be a certain threshold of a child’s genetic heritage, probably between 80% and 20%… It might be better to retreat from a genetic understanding of parenthood and embrace a social model.” Read more here.


Young People Who Identify As Transgender Are Making Irreversible Decisions, by Maureen Collins. “…[W]hat they don’t tell you is that those who undergo ‘transitioning’ surgeries and hormones are still 19 times more likely to die by suicide than the general population. There is simply no evidence that surgical or hormonal transition reduces depression and suicide risk for these individuals over the long run.” Read more here.


Abortionist Says Aborting Babies With Down Syndrome is ‘Healing,’ Like Prescribing Antibiotics, by Nancy Flanders. “Potts sees the survival of these individuals as a mistake, even referring to a human being with Down syndrome as ‘a Down syndrome’ instead of as an actual human being. He uses dehumanizing words, masking the humanity of human beings — and even compares killing them to the use of antibiotics.” Read more here.


Maine Decision Asks Shifted Supreme Court to Decide If Only Atheists Can Control Public Education Funds, by Joy Pullman. “In other words, this decision says that in schooling taxpayers must subsidize only one religious view, secularism, but no other religious views, such as those from Christianity, Mormonism, or Islam. It reinforces secularism as the only permissible state-sponsored American civil religion.” Read more here.


Black Pro-Lifers Slap Planned Parenthood With a Lawsuit. Here’s Why, by Beth Baumann. “Throughout the summer, the Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA) conducted an internal audit of Planned Parenthood’s national headquarters to see how employees felt about the organization. After interviewing 64 current and 12 former black Planned Parenthood employees, AORTA concluded that the abortion giant has an issue with racism.” Read more here.


Sports Bureaucrats Have Been Captured by Trans Ideology, by Claire Chandler. “Sporting groups who ignore women’s views and deny the realities of biological sex may genuinely believe they are being inclusive, but eroding the safety and fairness of women’s sport will never be the solution to greater participation.” Read more here.


Can We Please Get Serious About Protecting Religious Freedom? by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “So by all means make your RBG shrine, but remember that her greatest legacies were her family and her friendship with Antonin Scalia. There is room for different views in America. That’s what pluralism is all about. That’s what we’ve been about. Let’s not give up some of the best of ourselves under the intimidation of a politically charged mob.” Read more here.


LGBT Issues Come Back Hard at UN Negotiations, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Turning sexual orientation and gender identity into UN statistical categories will legitimize the work of the UN system to incorporate LGBT issues in the 2030 agenda. And it will translate into pressure from UN agencies and international donors to establish offices to track LGBT data and to promote LGBT policies in every country.” Read more here.


Truth-Telling is a Revolutionary Act. Especially About Transgenderism, by James Parker. “Welcome to the LGBTQ+ agenda which hides, lies, undermines, twists and perverts whatever needs to be done so as to completely smash heteronormativity. I know this firsthand. For years I served this agenda myself as a frontline gay activist.” Read more here.


Biological Men Competing in Most Women’s Sports is Unfair. In Rugby, It’s Dangerous, by Zachary Faria. “According to the document, biological men are ‘stronger by 25%-50%, are 30% more powerful, 40% heavier, and about 15% faster’ than their female counterparts. The key takeaway? A female player tackled by a biological man would have a 20%-30% increased risk of injury.” Read more here.


Seeing Beyond Roe, by Julia D. Hejduk. “Addressing the difficult problem of abortion demand will require constructive, forthright discussions about balancing competing goods: How should academia, businesses, and other institutions accommodate parents and children? What should national, state, and local governments provide directly, and what they should enable smaller social units to do?” Read more here.


How Much of Gen Z Will Be Unmarried at 40? by Robert VerBruggen. “By contrast, the more flexible ‘discrete-time event-history model’ predicts the decline of marriage will continue to accelerate. Only 60% of whites from the 1997 cohort marry by 40. For blacks, the share who marry drops to 30% for the 1990 cohort and 23% for those born in 1997. Whoa – if true.” Read more here.


CBC Meltsdown Over Canadian Human Rights Museum Skipping Abortion on Christian School Tours, by Jonathon Van Maren. “This story is another perfect example of the Canadian media’s attempts to invent controversies where none exist. The Canadian Human Rights Museum was, by all accounts, attempting to accommodate Canada’s multicultural communities and the diversity of views on fundamental issues by choosing not to highlight feticide and various sexual revolutionaries during certain tours.” Read more here.


Statistics Show That Late-Term Abortions in Colorado Are Not as Rare as Some Think, by Bridget Sielicki. “Coloradans are gearing up for a November 3 vote on Proposition 115, which would ban late-term abortions after 22 weeks except in cases of life-threatening danger to the mother. In their fight against the proposition, abortion advocates claim that late-term abortions in the state are rare. However, a closer look at the statistics paints a different story.” Read more here.


No Families, No Children, No Future, by Rod Dreher. “Thirty percent of women aged 25 and under have no interest in sex with men. If that does not alarm you as a religious traditionalist or conservative, then you might actually be dead. We absolutely must form right now — not tomorrow, right now — communities that socialize our children into the goodness of marriage and family.” Read more here.


International Coalition of Governments Defends the Right to Life of the Unborn, by Elyssa Koren. “Never before have governments united on this scale with a singular focus on women’s health and the defense of the unborn… To successfully ward off pro-abortion pressure at the international institutions, governments committed to defending unborn life must work together, uniting their sovereign voices to shut down bureaucratic overreach.” Read more here.


Pope Francis, Civil Unions, and Moral Truth, by Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George. “Fundamental moral and metaphysical realities cannot be altered by human willing or declaring. Thus, no public official or religious leader can change the nature of marriage or the moral status of non-marital sexual conduct. But some laws do obscure the nature of marriage and encourage (and even facilitate and license) non-marital sexual acts.” Read more here.


International Religious Freedom Day: It’s Time to Applaud President Trump’s Remarkable IRF Accomplishments, by Lela Gilbert. “During the Ministerial the U.S. joined 34 countries signing a statement of concern about counterterrorism being used as a pretext for the repression of religious freedom; it was as well one of 27 countries signing a statement condemning blasphemy, apostasy, or other laws restricting religious freedom.” Read more here.


Kenya in the Crosshairs: How the Abortion Lobby is Pressuring an African Country From Within and Without, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Kenya is in the top ten most populous countries in Africa, as well as one of the wealthiest, and it therefore has an influential role…  While it is far from being the only country targeted by groups seeking to change its abortion laws, it is an informative example of how this process is being done in many countries in Africa, as well as elsewhere in the world.” Read more here.


How Can We Bring Sanity to the Devotees of This Transgenderism Cult? by Dianna Kenny. “Can we, as a society, condone the amputation or paralysis of healthy limbs in people with [body integrity identity disorder]? In the same vein, is the amputation of a healthy penis and healthy breasts ethically justifiable? Disorders of assumption are disorders of perception. Disorders of perception belong in the domains of psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, not endocrinology or mutilating surgery.” Read more here.


Abortion is Essential Health Care Service – and Other Falsehoods, by Hendrik van der Breggen. “Sure, every woman has the right to control her own body. But there are at least two bodies involved in an abortion. It’s one thing to control one’s own body — it’s quite another to kill the body of another! We should think critically about abortion, for goodness’ sake.” Read more here.


Governments Launch Pro-Life Declaration at United Nations, by Austin Ruse. “Governments from around the world launched a shot across the bow of UN abortion advocates in a document called the Geneva Consensus Declaration. Signed by 32 countries, the Declaration says what pro-lifers have maintained for decades at the UN, that there is no global right to abortion and that abortion cannot be imposed by the UN because abortion is a matter of national sovereignty.” Read more here.


Joe Biden Bases His Transgender Policies on Fake News, by Chad Felix Greene. “What the Equality Act does demand, however, is further degradation of religious freedom. For example, under the Equality Act, religious adoption and foster care services would be required to adhere to ‘affirming’ LGBT placement and standards.” Read more here.


UK Undermines Plan for Women’s Economic Empowerment Over Abortion, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The United States launched a global plan for women’s economic development today. A sour note, however, was introduced by the United Kingdom’s attempt to put abortion at the heart of the plan.” Read more here.


The Battle Over Transgender Women in Sport is Not About Transphobia, by Martin Fitzgerald. “In LGBTIQ forums the science behind the directive was called into question, which is par for the course when transgender issues arise. The scientists were traduced and called out for transphobia also. This too is now par for the course.” Read more here.


China to Christians: We’re Rewriting the Bible, and You’ll Use It or Else, by Arielle Del Turco. “One way China seeks to Sinicize Christianity is by re-writing the Bible. A complete communist translation has yet to be revealed. The news of one chapter’s government-approved revision left Christians outraged last month… While China may technically allow Christianity, it only allows a version of Christianity remade in the image of the CCP.” Read more here.


America’s Teenagers Are Losing Their Religion, by Timothy Goeglein. “Today’s teenagers are growing up in a society that is increasingly hostile to faith, especially regarding faith-based values, and the social cost of being identified as religious amongst one’s peers is getting higher with each passing day.” Read more here.


Who Are the Real Ideologues in Poland? by Michael Cook. “They claim that many Polish women … are being stripped of their right. Right to what? Let’s look at it from a different angle. They want the right to eliminate Down syndrome children. It would be much more honest if their placards read: ‘disabled children have no right to live’ or ‘retards must die.’ But that wouldn’t sound so good, would it?” Read more here.


Newly Discovered Letter Shows Endocrine Society Urged Experimenting on Trans Children, by Jane Robbins. “Even though trans-identification is psychological and DSD/intersex conditions are physical, the Endocrine Society repeatedly blurred the distinction in its 2013 letter. This deliberate confusion of psychological and physical conditions is central to the Endocrine Society’s radically unscientific denial that humans are either male or female.” Read more here.


Protect Good Medicine, Stop the Censorship of Good Counseling, by Ryan T. Anderson. “Activists use emotionally charged language, labelling all such techniques ‘conversion therapy.’ They do not apply this label only to certain discredited techniques (such as electro-shock therapies), but to any therapeutic service—including basic talk therapy—to help a gender dysphoric youth feel comfortable without ‘transitioning.’” Read more here.


The Pope Hasn’t Changed His Mind About Same-Sex Marriage, by James Parker. “Spanish-speakers are reporting that the Pope has been misquoted and misrepresented once again by the mainstream media — he did not even mention ‘civil unions.’ His words were ‘convivencia civil,’ not ‘unión civil’… So the Pope is talking about a civil coexistence and not the endorsement of same-sex unions.” Read more here.


Divorce is Down During COVID, by W. Bradford Wilcox and Lyman Stone. “Divorce is surging. This is the impression many media reports have conveyed, suggesting marriage in America is crumbling under the pressures of lockdowns, job losses, school closures, and the general uncertainty of 2020… But there is some good news to report about the state of our unions in 2020.” Read more here.


With the Lowest Birth Rate in the World, South Korea Figures Out a Way to Make It Sink Further, by Michael Cook. “Paradoxically, South Korea has another reproductive health problem: there’s not much reproduction… And now South Korea is liberalising its abortion law. Does making it easier not to have children make any sense — in a country which is melting away for lack of children?” Read more here.


NH University’s Transgender Athlete Rule Must Go, Education Department Decides, by Doreen Denny. “For female athletes at the high school and college level, insist on your rights under Title IX. Any school that defies federal civil rights law by denying women equal opportunities in athletic programs or forcing women to compete against transgender athletes who are biologically male stands to lose.” Read more here.


Celebrating a Victory in War on Women’s Sports, by Virginia Allen. “…[W]e’re hoping that this case really does send the warning signal to universities and colleges that they have a responsibility under federal civil rights law to ensure equal educational opportunities for women in sports. And that is based on sex. It’s not based on gender identity.” Read more here.


Pope Francis Contradicts Clear Church Teaching on Same-Sex Unions, by Glenn T. Stanton. “So it is clear that these reported comments from Pope Francis, if true, are indeed directly contrary to official Catholic teaching and do not hold authority for any Christian because the Pope spoke them… Any leader who makes statements diametrically at odds with the clear belief of the institution he leads has failed to be a leader. He has become a revolutionary.” Read more here.


Religious Weddings and Funerals Banned As Illegal Activities, by Han Sheng. “In August, a Christian family in Anyang city invited their church choir and musicians to sing hymns at a deceased family member’s funeral. When local government officials heard about this, they threatened to arrest any church member who came to the funeral. Not a single congregation member dared to go.” Read more here.


5 Most Shocking Abortion Policies Biden-Harris Openly Support, by Casey Chalk. “Harris has voted against legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and in support of late-term abortions. In 2019 and 2020, she voted to refuse protections for babies born alive after an abortion.” Read more here.


‘Trans Lives Matter’ – Biden Pledges to Sign Bill to Force Schools to Allow Boys to Play Girls’ Sports, by Mike Miller. “In yet another glaring example that today’s Democrat Party is not the same Democrat Party of not all that long ago, Joe Biden pledged on Friday to sign the so-called ‘Equality Act’ — a bill that would force public schools to allow biological boys who identify as transgender girls to compete in girls’ sports. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.” Read more here.


October is ‘LGBT History Month’ – Who Are Your Children Learning About in School? by Jeff Johnston. “But the history teacher and those promoting the month do not recognize that labeling any historical figure ‘LGBTQ+’ is anachronistic. The whole idea of homosexuality as an identity is something that has developed in the past century. It places a contemporary, socially constructed label on people who wouldn’t even understand making sexual attractions or behavior the basis for an identity.” Read more here.


Sexual Orientation is Not What You Think It Is, by Glenn Stanton. “So, when we speak of protecting people ‘whatever their sexual orientation,’ we must realize the term is not anywhere as simple as most assume. As we have seen, there are age-based orientations, as in pedophilia. There are romance-based orientations. There are multi-partner orientations, such as polyamory. There are practice-based orientations, like BDSM… There are even abrosexuals who seem to change their sexual orientation often and effortlessly.” Read more here.


Religious Freedom Isn’t Hypothetical, Federal Judge Tells Washington State, by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera. “Judge Mendoza’s ruling was not only strong, it clarified how the state is expected to handle the religious freedom of its citizens. While not rejecting the state’s interests when it comes to LGBTQ kids, regulations must be applied in a neutral manner. In this case, clearly, they were not.” Read more here.


Joe Biden at Odds With Science on So-Called Transgender Kids, by Glenn T. Stanton. “In fact, one of the most significant studies on the topic found that only 2 to 27 percent of gender dysphoric children persist as such into their teen and adult years. This means that 98 to 73 percent of such children come to realize they are not transgender at all, but actually are the boy or girl they were born as and desire to live that way as they enter their teen years.” Read more here.


‘Crying Shame:’ Aggrieved Father Makes Comprehensive Case Against Bishops on Sex Ed, by Tom Rogers. “…[W]e’re now experiencing this state takeover of parenting through the education systems of western democracies, particularly in the area of sex education, where the liberal comprehensive sex education and LGBT agendas are being imposed, often ruthlessly, against the will of parents.” Read more here.


Pushback Against Males in Women’s Sport, by Binary Australia. “Sport Australia has led the way in encouraging biological males to compete as females. 8 national sporting codes have already jumped on the bandwagon with more set to follow. Opponents are joining forces to present scientific and reasonable arguments to protect women’s sport.” Read more here.


Fact Check: Abortion Industry Claims ‘Majority of Americans Support Roe v. Wade,’ by Dr. Susan Berry. “Others who conduct and analyze abortion polls affirm that failing to provide more nuances or specifics in questions about terminating pregnancy to survey respondents often leads to a misread on the true views of Americans.” Read more here.


How the Amy Coney Barrett Hearings Reveal Flaws in LGBT ‘Marriage’ Logic, by Peter Sprigg. “It seems self-evident that if a person has a homosexual ‘orientation’ (often defined as having same-sex sexual attractions), then that person ‘prefers’ sex with people of the same sex. The terms ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘sexual preference’ are essentially synonyms. And they were treated as such in the dictionary — until Tuesday night, when Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary suddenly added a statement that using ‘preference’ as a synonym for ‘orientation’ is considered ‘offensive.’” Read more here.


Christian Leaders React to Joe Biden’s Support for 8-Year-Old Kids Identifying As Transgender, by Brandon Showalter. “’Joe Biden thinks 8-year-olds, have the capacity to make a life-altering decision to change their gender and says for someone to deny them that right (I assume parents included) is discrimination! Either he is pandering for votes or he’s totally lost it,’ Family Research Council president Tony Perkins commented on Twitter…” Read more here.


Biden Endorses the Idea That 8-Year-Olds Can Choose Their Gender, Proving That He Is Owned by the Radical Left, by Matt Walsh. “It is a little hard to decipher his stream-of-consciousness, but he is clearly affirming the notion that a young boy may in some mystical way discover his own inner girlness and that the child ought to be able to act on that discovery by ‘becoming’ a girl. He also amplifies the dubious claim that ‘transgender women’ are the victims of some sort of hate crime epidemic.” Read more here.


Catholic University: The Best U.S. States for Women Graded on Abortion Access, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Georgetown University recently released its ‘U.S. Women, Peace and Security Index’ designating the best and worst states to be a woman. One of the indicators they measured was what percentage of women aged 15-44 lived in a county that had an abortion clinic.” Read more here.


A Landmark Ruling for Religious Schools, by Joshua Dunn. “They were designed to punish religious minorities, but more recently, they have effectively punished low-income parents—who are disproportionately members of racial minorities—seeking better opportunity for their children. Liberated from the threat of losing in litigation, more state policymakers may proceed to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity.” Read more here.


Sorry Netflix, But You Don’t Get to Lecture Americans on Moral Understanding, by Michael Brown. “Second, we did not misunderstand the movie.  We get the fact that the movie speaks against the sexual exploitation of children. But, as we have stated repeatedly, you do not sexually exploit children to convey the message that sexually exploiting children is wrong.” Read more here.


So-Called ‘Virginia Values Act’ Undermines Religious Freedom, by John Stonestreet & Roberto Rivera. “If the exemptions to the Virginia Values Act barely protects religious institutions, individual Christians in Virginia receive none at all… In short, the Virginia Values Act, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom, violates the U.S. Constitution, the Virginia state constitution, and existing state laws. Other than that, it’s great!” Read more here.


FACT: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Support Abortions Up to Birth at Taxpayer Expense, by Micaiah Bilger. “Democrat presidential team Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support aborting unborn babies without restriction and want to force taxpayers to pay for them. But major news outlets are not doing their job to expose the candidates’ radical pro-abortion stance to the public. In some cases, they are doing the opposite.” Read more here.


Media vs. the People: The War Over Pedophilia, by Deborah Franklin. “After promoting the idea that pedophiles deserve special sympathy, the press campaign introduced the insidious concept that children are capable of consent… From there, the campaign inevitably moved on to bitter accusations against right-wing haters who find the practice objectionable… In other words, if you don’t accept the sexual exploitation of children, you’re the problem.” Read more here.


How a DC Court Sided With a Church That Wants to Meet, Not the Mayor, by Rachel del Guidice. “What ended up happening here is that for whatever reason, the District of Columbia did not offer any kind of real medical evidence as to why an outdoor religious assembly was any different than some of the other outdoor activities that they had already allowed. And so, as a result, they weren’t able to demonstrate that they have this compelling interest.” Read more here.


LGBT Websites Now Say ‘Sexual Preference’ Is an Offensive Term. They Were Fine With It Last Month, by Ashe Schow. “Merriam-Webster dictionary updated its definition of the term to include the word ‘offensive,’ even though last month the dictionary made no such distinction. Further, many of the Democrats now attacking Barrett for the phrase have used it themselves in recent years, despite claiming it has been offensive for ‘decades.’” Read more here.


Teen Well-Being During Quarantine, by Jean Twenge, Sarah M. Coyne, Jason S. Carroll, and W. Bradford Wilcox. “Teen well-being was also impacted by financial distress during the pandemic: 25% of teens whose parent had lost a job reported being depressed, vs. 16% of teens without a parental job loss. And 26% of teens who were worried about their family not having enough money were depressed, vs. 13% who did not have this concern.” Read more here.


As the Child of a Low-Income Woman, I Support the Hyde Amendment, by Georgia Caitlin Gallagher. “For decades, the Hyde Amendment was a point of unity between Republicans and Democrats. This year, however, Democratic leaders have vowed to abolish it. Kamala Harris claims that it victimizes ‘poor women,’ by limiting their ability to control their ‘reproductive health.’ This push to repeal the Hyde Amendment sends a clear message: low-income children are better off dead.” Read more here.


Fighting Japan’s Low Birth Rate With More Abortions, by Christian Martini Grimaldi. “After a three-decades-long effort to instill in the public’s mind the necessity for more pregnancies, now Japanese authorities plan to tell women that bearing a child is not such a serious matter after all, and that avoiding it is tantamount to dodging a fever, since buying a morning-after pill will be put on the same level as a self-medicating drug, just like an aspirin… Does anyone see a contradiction?” Read more here.


College Professor: Students Will Be Kicked Out for the ‘Slur’ of Misgendering, by Alex Parker. “’Intentional misgendering, as with any attempt to slur another student’s personal integrity on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion, will result in immediate dismissal from class for that session. Continued abuses will result in disciplinary action with the appropriate administrators.’” Read more here.


The United Nations Continues Its Abortion Advocacy, by Elyssa Koren. “By collaborating on ‘mitigation strategies’ to reduce disruption in abortion access, in addition to ‘procurement and funding’ for abortion services, the goal of the partnership is for Big Abortion and the U.N. to make abortion available and accessible on demand everywhere.” Read more here.


Rampant Illegal Abortion in South Africa Exposes Women’s Underlying Unmet Needs, by Petra. “Given that much of the population already oppose abortion based on moral grounds, it stands to reason that many women are making decisions for abortion against their closely-held moral or religious values and economic or relational circumstances may be driving them to consider an option they do not want.” Read more here.


Young Woman Who Transitioned Prosecutes UK Health System, by Ann Farmer. “And yet in recent years, in uncritical TV programs and on the internet, young people have been sold the really harmful idea that a man can become a woman, and a woman can become a man — or even that they may have been born into the wrong body. The Government has now made clear that such messages must be excluded from sex and relationships lessons, and yet they still cling to the fiction that adults can ‘change sex’…” Read more here.


Despite Abortion Industry’s Denial, Abortion ‘Significantly’ Increases Risk of Mental Health Disorders, by Nancy Flanders. “Women who have suffered the effects of abortion trauma often suffer in silence, shamed by the abortion industry into believing abortion is a ‘right’ they should applaud. However, there are women who have come forward with their heartbreaking stories showing that abortion did not empower them.” Read more here.


Biden-Harris Would Deal a Huge Blow to Religious Liberty, by Josh Hammer. “A Biden-Harris administration would be a disaster for conscience protection. They would follow the lead of Barack Obama, who shamefully took a convent of nuns to court for years to try to coerce them to violate their faith and subsidize abortifacients, and aggressively prosecute men and women of faith — the First Amendment and relevant statutory law, such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, notwithstanding.” Read more here.


Surely We Have a Right to Reconsider Our Sexual Orientation, by James Parker. “The glaring problem around NCOD is this: protagonists only permit a person to come out once and in one direction, towards LGBTQ+ identity and gender ideology. They refuse to entertain or proclaim any other avenue.” Read more here.


Wikipedia Forbids User Profiles Expressing Opposition to Gay Marriage, by T.D. Adler. “Wikipedia users are no longer allowed to include ‘userboxes’ on their profile page that express opposition to gay marriage following a discussion where predominantly left-wing editors argued such a stance was ‘discriminatory’ and against site policy.” Read more here.


The Demographic Wipe-Out Facing Australia, by Marcus Roberts. “But it is not just COVID to thank for lower population growth: there are many barriers which prevent families from having the number of children that they want. There are economic barriers such as the cost of childcare and the effect taking maternity leave has on women’s careers. These will continue even once the effect of this pandemic has subsided.” Read more here.


The Threat to Life and Liberty From the United Nations’ Abuse of Human Rights, by Grace Melton. “This recent report is among the boldest attempts by progressives within the human rights bureaucracy to assert new rights, promoting abortion and affirming expressions and conduct associated with sexual orientation and gender identity, while sacrificing the internationally recognized right to freedom of religion and conscience protections in the process.” Read more here.


Lawmakers Create Legal Protections for Sex Traffickers While California Burns, by John Cox. “There are ramifications beyond allowing a 24-year-old to have relations with a 14-year-old without legal recrimination. Beating the wrap [sic] of a sex offender list would enable predators to live within our communities without residents’ knowledge or law enforcement’s watchful eye.” Read more here.


Is the Divorce Rate Really Declining? by Glenn T. Stanton. “Less than 1% of ever-married women were either separated or divorced in 1900. Today 21% are. But the divorce rate (the number of divorced women for every 1,000 unmarried ones) has been declining since reaching its apex in 1980.” Read more here.


Kamala Harris Must Be Held Accountable for Her Abortion Extremism, by Jeanne Mancini. “Harris’s record has made it clear that if she’s elected vice president, no pro-life policy will be safe… Laws that ban taxpayer funding of abortion, mandate ultrasounds prior to an abortion, require parental consent for minors seeking abortions, and ensure strong oversight of abortionists and abortion facilities would all be targeted.” Read more here.


Do Four People Have a Right to Marry One Another? by Terry Jeffrey. “’In our society, marriage is not simply a governmental institution; it is a religious institution as well,’ wrote Thomas. ‘Today’s decision might change the former, but it cannot change the latter. It appears all but inevitable that the two will come into conflict…’” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Attempting to Deceive Constituents in Its 2020 Voter Guide, by Brittany Raymer. “The proposition is perfectly reasonable, as babies have been born outside the womb and survived at 21 weeks. This isn’t a ‘barrier’ or an ‘obstacle’ to women seeking an abortion, as most women know they are pregnant by this point, but what it does is acknowledge the humanity of the preborn.” Read more here.


The Push for Abortion By Newly Appointed UN Special Rapporteur, by Elyssa Koren. “As a medical expert, the newly appointed UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health, Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng, should be well aware that chemical abortions are 4 times more dangerous for women than surgical abortions… Why then the dangerous insistence on a practice that is antithetical to the wellbeing of women?” Read more here.


New Research Shows Religious Liberty Drives Human Flourishing – And Why This Matters Now More Than Ever, by Christos A. Makridis. “I found that religious liberty is an integral prerequisite for democratic governance… This shouldn’t come as a surprise: limiting the freedom to choose and arrive at even the most basic judgments about one’s identity stifles creativity and increases the potential for corruption by overly zealous and powerful bureaucrats.” Read more here.


Babies Are Being Left to Die in America. President Trump Just Helped More of Them Live, by Jonathan Lange. “Prejudicial and preemptive determinations about a person’s future prospects should not substitute for on-the-scene evaluations from trained emergency medical technicians. They only create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Of course, ‘the child won’t survive long’ if you deprive her of the very means of care that gives the possibility of a long and fruitful life.” Read more here.


Abortion Still Unpopular After 25 Years of UN Lobbying, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Macron’s statement was a sobering reminder of how politically unpopular abortion remains today… And this is despite the massive lobbying efforts to promote abortion by UN agencies and UN human rights mechanisms in the ensuing years, precisely under the rubric ‘sexual and reproductive health.’” Read more here.


We Need Commonsense Protections to Safeguard Women’s Sports, by Senator Kelly Loeffler. “Now, this level playing field is being tilted by schools that allow males to compete in girls [sic] sports. Males, regardless of how they self-identify, have physical differences such as larger bodies, more muscle mass, and larger lung capacities that give them advantages over females. That’s a basic biological fact.” Read more here.


EU Leads Opposition to Human Rights Statement, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “A European diplomat said the U.S. was ‘cherry picking’ human rights even though the statement was broad, about principles and not specifics. It appears opposition to the statement came primarily from abortion and LGBT activists who referred to the statement as dangerous to the progress they have worked to achieve through UN human rights bodies.” Read more here.


Keeping Male Bodies Out of Women’s Rugby, by Linda Blade. “Those who enjoyed the advantage of having a trans-identifying player on their team, on the other hand, were sometimes found to be lacking in sympathy. On one occasion, a team captain was quoted as saying that their male-bodied player had ‘folded an opponent like a deck chair.’” Read more here.


Four Ways the Equality Act Would Harm Children, by Andrea Jones. “The Equality Act would require medical professionals to perform irreversible gender-transition procedures on minors, regardless of conscientious objection or best medical judgment… The bill’s findings also pave the way for an eventual ban on any counseling intended to help children with gender dysphoria accept their bodies.” Read more here.


Airline Eliminates Sex-Specific Greetings to Passengers. Here’s Why it Matters, by Glenn T. Stanton. “Every person boarding a Japan Airlines plane is either male or female, a boy or a girl, a lady, or a gentleman. Every. One. There is no third option. ‘Non-binary’ is not a thing, and no amount of wishful thinking can change that.” Read more here.


44 Years of the Hyde Amendment Amounts to Millions of Lives Saved, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “A study … found that at least 2.4 million lives have been saved by the Hyde Amendment, which prevents Medicaid and other federal government programs from paying for most abortions. Conversely, other studies and reports have found that when the government does fund abortions, the number of abortions increase.” Read more here.


UN Should Recommit to Pro-Woman Agenda by Dropping Push for Abortion, by Grace Melton. “The unfortunate truth is that women’s rights have become nearly synonymous with ‘sexual and reproductive rights,’ which in U.N. speak includes abortion… To elevate women’s status and advance women’s rights, the United Nations should pursue a pro-woman agenda that is guided by the principal goal of promoting and preserving human dignity and unalienable human rights.” Read more here.


Experts Insist USA’s Porn Epidemic Has Spread to Women, Must Be Addressed, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Because men and women are wired differently, they responded to smut differently. But as digital porn with 24-7 availability has swept the culture, that has been changing rapidly. Several years ago, the percentage of women regularly using porn spiked to over 50%. One former female porn-user told me she suspects that the number is substantially higher than that.” Read more here.


Protecting First Amendment Rights to Free Speech and Religious Freedom, by Emilie Kao and Arthur Milikh. “Similarly, the department promulgated a new rule in May 2019 protecting the ability of health care workers in agency-funded programs to decline to participate in procedures such as abortion, sterilization, and assisted suicide that would violate their conscience or religious beliefs.” Read more here.


Just Defund Planned Parenthood Already – Here’s How, by Lila Rose and David Daleiden. “Congress failed to defund Planned Parenthood’s abortion empire in 2017. But Planned Parenthood’s lawlessness demands federal consequences, and the executive branch is tasked with safeguarding the responsible use of public funds and ensuring program integrity in big spending such as Medicaid.” Read more here.


COVID Lethargy Stalks UN General Assembly, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Despite U.S. opposition, the UN system insists on promoting abortion, depending on ever decreasing oversight by UN member states. The diminished transparency and lack of accountability during the UN lockdown was exploited to promote abortion.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Should Rule for the FDA in COVID-19 Abortion Suit, by Denise Harle. “In the recent June Medical decision, Chief Justice John Roberts reaffirmed that government bodies have ‘wide discretion’ to regulate abortion ‘where there is medical and scientific uncertainty.’ If those words have meaning, then the Supreme Court must reinstate the FDA’s patient protections while this lawsuit continues. It is true, after all, that lives are at stake.” Read more here.


Newsom Signs Bill Assigning Inmates Based on Gender Identity, by Bronson Stocking. “The new bill abandons the long-established practice of assigning inmates to separate facilities based on their sex. California inmates are now able to request a men’s or women’s facility based upon their gender identity. And surely we can trust violent felons not to abuse the system.” Read more here.


Is It Lawful for Doctors to Override Parental Rights? by Binary Australia. “Is it really appropriate for doctors to prescribe cross sex hormones for minors? Should it be done with or without parental knowledge or consent? Senior Family Court Judge Garry Watts argues it is not.” Read more here.


What Has the UN Done For Women’s Rights? by Elyssa Koren. “The UN is brazenly committed to changing sovereign laws relating to abortion. In addition to railing against patriarchy, the Secretary General also identified ‘reproductive health services’ (abortion) as the most important part of the international pandemic response.” Read more here.


Task Force Aims to Protect Children From Sex Ed Programs That ‘Groom’ Children for Sex, by Jim Sedlak. “The battles go on and the advocates for the horrendous sexual grooming programs are well funded, continue to make inroads, and are extremely good at putting parents on the defensive. In the midst of all of this, there has emerged a program in the state of Florida that is taking a very specific approach to fighting this decades-long battle.” Read more here.


Abortion and the Battle Over the Supreme Court, by Jerry Newcombe. “You can read the Constitution until you’re blue in the face, and nowhere will you see even remotely the right for an abortion, the right to terminate one’s pregnancy. It’s not there. It had to be imposed onto the Constitution by activist judges.” Read more here.


The Good and Bad News About Marriage in the Time of COVID, by W. Bradford Wilcox, Lyman Stone and Wendy Wang. “Most states have not recovered to pre-pandemic levels of marriage certificates, let alone made up for the lost marriages. It’s possible that, after COVID, there will be a period where marriages run above trend due to delayed marriages getting finalized, but it’s unlikely to fully offset losses given increasing relationship strain, economic turmoil, and decreased romantic coupling.” Read more here.


‘Mandalorian’ Star and MMA Fighter Gina Carano Takes on Transgender Bullies on Twitter, by Joy Pullman. “’I’m not against trans lives at all,’ she wrote pointedly. ‘They need to find less abusive representation.’ Rather than bend to the heat that resulted from boldly speaking her mind, Carano continued to reject the barrage of bullying that ensued, even playing with her would-be tormenters.” Read more here.


Armageddon and Abortion, by Michael Brown. “If these statistics are accurate, then at least 95 percent of all abortions performed have nothing to do with rape, incest, the health of the fetus, or the health of the mother. Most abortions are performed because a pregnancy would get in the way of the mother’s career or education. Or there were financial concerns about caring for another child. Or the mother didn’t feel ready to have a baby.” Read more here.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg Death Spurs Pro-Abortion Mom to Join Satanic Temple, by Jonathon Van Maren. “In short, Smith writes, she joined the Satanic Temple for her young daughters. She now fears that their ‘right’ to get an abortion is under threat, and the Satanists are fighting like Hell to ensure that abortion remains legal for her and for them.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood’s Youth Partner Pushes Birth Control Experiments on 11-Year-Old Girls, by Sharon Slater. “Eleven-year-old girls should be playing with Barbie dolls and weaving friendship bracelets—not worrying about birth control pills. Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, and their ilk have a singular goal to sexualize children. And the earlier, the better.” Read more here.


Parents Are More Concerned About Their Boys Becoming Successful Adults Than Their Girls, by Erica Evans. “When American parents think about their kids becoming successful adults, it’s boys, not girls, they worry about the most. But they struggle to admit it. That’s according to the sixth annual American Family Survey, a nationwide study of 3,000 Americans…” Read more here.


Media Figures React to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Death: ‘Stock Up on Abortions,’ by Katie Yoder. “The media should remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life in the wake of her death. Ginsburg fought for the rights of women, even if she failed to apply the same protections to women in the womb. But the media’s extreme push for abortion to memorialize the Supreme Court justice is not the way to go.” Read more here.


Loeffler Deserves a Medal for Bill to Protect Women’s Sports, by Peter Sprigg. “There is a reason why, even when discrimination based on sex is outlawed, we still allow separate sports teams (not to mention separate bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers) for males and females. That reason has nothing to do with their psychological ‘gender identity.’ Instead, it has everything to do with the fact that males and females have different anatomies from birth, with those differences accentuated after puberty.” Read more here.


Research Shows Planned Parenthood Expands Targeting Minorities as it Spurns Racist Founder, by Susan Willke Enouen. “Despite Planned Parenthood of Greater New York’s recent disavowal of eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger, the abortion giant has undeniably and continuously focused on targeting minority babies for abortion. This face-saving renunciation does not alter its abortion strategy.” Read more here.


Unpregnant: Abortion Infomercial as Chick Flick, by Jonathon Van Maren. “As Bailey has already pointed out earlier in their journey, abortion is normal: One in four women have one. Everyone is in this together — minus the children in the womb, of course. The clinic worker tells Veronica how the ‘fetus’ will be suctioned out of her, and when she awakes in the recovery room, the camera pans out to show a room filled with women and girls — relieved, relaxed, and above all — unpregnant.” Read more here.


How Facebook Censors Science in Trans Debate, by Binary Australia. “The ’fact-checkers’ did not site what was factually wrong with the ad but slapped the fake-news label on it anyway. Feelings have overruled facts in this instance where politics is exalted over and above scientific facts.” Read more here.


How Public Versus Private Schooling Influences Students’ Future Family Lives, by Albert Cheng, Patrick J. Wolf, Wendy Wang, and W. Bradford Wilcox. “The results suggest that boys and girls who attend private schools are more likely to avoid a nonmarital birth and to get and stay married. This pattern is especially pronounced among Protestant-school attendees, which suggests that these schools are more likely to foster a kind of ‘Protestant Family Ethic’ among their students. This is an ethic that seems especially conducive to strong and stable families.” Read more here.


New California Law Could Increase Risk of Child Sexual Abuse, by Nicole Russell. “While I don’t agree with some headlines that proclaimed Wiener’s bill will ‘legalize pedophilia,’ the AP reported recently, the law does seem to offer cover, intentionally or not, for adults up to age 27 to have any kind of sex with someone age 17 (or a 24-year-old to have sex with a 14-year-old) without being labeled a sex offender.” Read more here.


Pro-Life Intervention of the Holy See at the UN General Assembly, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “’In particular, the Holy See rejects the interpretation that considers abortion or access to abortion, sex-selective abortion, abortion of fetuses diagnosed with health challenges, maternal surrogacy, and sterilization as dimensions of ”reproductive health,” or as part of universal health coverage.’” Read more here.


At the Mercy of Equality, by Miriam Sciberras. “If Bill 96 sails through without including an overriding clause on religious freedom and conscientious objection, faithful believers will be sued and will be at the mercy of a police state where they will be suddenly under a gag order if they fail to endorse what they do not believe in.” Read more here.


Child Trafficking Expert: Netflix ‘Cuties’ Could Be Used to Groom Kids for Sexual Exploitation, by Robert Kraychik. “Travers reiterated, ‘The way they groom is operate from alienation of family and friends.’ Cuties illustrates the archetypal sexual predator’s technique of separating children from trusted persons, Travers noted.” Read more here.


International Organizations Target Slovakia as Pro-Life Movement Grows Exponentially, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Once again, Amnesty International is pushing back against pro-life laws in Europe—and this time, Slovakia is the target. Parliamentarians in Slovakia are considering amendments to the current abortion regime, including extended waiting periods as well as a new layer of medical authorization for abortion and requirements for disclosure of motive.” Read more here.


Keeping Kids From Seeing Smut Will Take a Lot More Than Canceling Netflix, by Emma Freire. “In my experience, many parents just don’t give this issue much thought. They are genuinely surprised when you suggest maybe their five-year-old is too young to be listening to certain music or watching certain videos. Our culture is constantly telling parents otherwise.” Read more here.


Is a Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters? by Marcia Segelstein. “Almost as upsetting as those accounts is learning about the role that medical professionals play in spreading the contagion of gender ideology… Simply stated, therapists are to adopt their patients’ beliefs of being in the ‘wrong body;’ they are not to examine what led them to those beliefs.” Read more here.


New Study Sheds Light on Controversial Reason Many Modern Relationships Fail, by Suzanne Venker. “This finding will almost certainly step on some toes, so you won’t hear about it in the media. But that doesn’t change the uncomfortable fact that when the two individuals to whom a child is most attached stop loving one another, it disrupts that child’s ability to bond later in life. Without a model for how love and commitment work, he or she will be shooting blanks down the line.” Read more here.


Christianity’s Global Marriage Problem, by Mark Regnerus. “In an era of new options, more choices, greater temptations, high expectations, consistent anxiety, and endemic uncertainty, nothing about the process of marrying can be taken for granted—even among those belonging to a faith that has long encouraged it. In an era of independence, intentionally becoming interdependent seems increasingly risky.” Read more here.


U.S. Marshals Service Reveals Majority of Rescued Sex-Trafficked Children Came From Foster Care, by Megan Fox. “The State Department recently confirmed that a large number of children involved in sex trafficking in the United States are coming from foster care. Why is the foster care system not under federal investigation? … What more will it take to convince the powers that be that there is a serious problem in our child welfare agencies?” Read more here.


Virginia School Continues to Defend Sensible Bathroom Policy, by Peter Sprigg. “Hopefully, the full Circuit Court and the Supreme Court will find that separate shower, locker room, restroom, and housing facilities for the sexes—long permitted under Title IX and its regulations—can continue to be implemented on the basis of biological sex, which is the basis for the separation in the first place.” Read more here.


COE Commissioner – Slovak Lawmakers Should Reject Pro-Life Bill, by Marie Smith. “The legislation includes enacting reasonable measures to help to reduce the number of abortions such as extended waiting periods so a woman considering abortion can reflect on the information she has been provided about abortion… If enacted, it would increase financial assistance to parents of children born with a disability and to all children at birth, not just the first three born to a family as is now the case. It would also prohibit advertising for abortion.” Read more here.


Just One Pregnancy Center Saved 575 Babies From Abortion, There Are Thousands Nationwide, by Maria Gallagher. “In all, some 575 women who made contact with Morning Star in 2019 chose life for their children… That would be the equivalent of more than 20 kindergarten classes. It is frightening to think what would have happened to those precious children, and what grief their mothers would have suffered, if they did not have Morning Star to turn to.” Read more here.


Correction: Transgender Surgery Provides No Mental Health Benefit, by Andre Van Mol, Michael K. Laidlaw, Miriam Grossman and Paul McHugh. “How about children who are ultimately sterilized by puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones and even gonad removal? These unethical surgeries are receiving funding by the very NIH that claims to be working to correct problems of irreproducibility. These experiments are beyond reproducibility problems: they are ethical failures by which doctors cause long-term harm to children and adolescents, all based on political activism supported by faulty science.” Read more here.


The Depravity of a Culture That Celebrates the Sexploitation of Young Girls, by Michael Brown. “So, it is not just the film critics who are sick. It is not just those who exploited those young girls in ‘Cuties’ (this includes their parents, who allowed it) who are sick. No, our whole nation is sick, drowning in a sea of depravity… In short, either we have a massive spiritual and moral awakening, or we perish.” Read more here.


NARAL Complains That Mainstream Media Doesn’t Use Enough Pro-Abortion Language, by Sarah Terzo. “As noted above, in addition to using the term ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ NARAL does not like the media to include pro-life quotes referring to ‘infanticide,’ even though abortion supporters have adamantly opposed laws requiring medical care for babies who accidentally survive abortions. They also object to the term ‘partial-birth abortion,’ which is also in the name of a law.” Read more here.


Non-Binary Opposition to Gender Reveal Parties Reveals an Inconvenient Truth, by Susie Moore. “Agree or disagree with this premise, one thing that cannot be denied is that it advocates for the ‘agency’ of the unborn. The argument here is that even the pre-born deserve the right to self-determination, particularly when it comes to gender identity… If we’re going to accept the contention that the unborn have the right to determine who they are, should we not also recognize their fundamental right to be?” Read more here.


Comedians Discovering That Joking About Transgenderism Will Get You Canceled, by Jonathon Van Maren. “It appears that Noah has struck on the only thing dumber than causing a natural disaster by wildly overdoing your gender reveal party: believing that children choose their gender at some random point, presumably after they have been told they have options. These are the folks who believe that doctors ‘assign gender at birth,’ as if physicians are just sort of taking a stab at it.” Read more here.


Trump Administration’s Pro-Life Mexico City Policy, by Jeanne Mancini. “Make no mistake, the protection of unborn life in the U.S. and abroad is on the ballot this November. As pro-abortion politicians and international abortion corporations like Planned Parenthood work tirelessly and spend millions for the political power to ensure this popular and compassionate policy comes to an end, Americans everywhere who support it should take note.” Read more here.


Child-Sexualizing ‘Cuties’ Movie on Netflix is Even Worse Than We Thought. It’s Time to Cancel Netflix, by Matt Walsh. “But you can’t judge a movie by its child porn cover, we were lectured. And then yesterday the film was finally released. It turns out, unsurprisingly, you can. As fuller clips from the film now circulate online, it is clear that those of us who criticized the movie actually understated the case. It is, if anything, way worse than we assumed and feared.” Read more here.


Promoting Pornography-Free Schools: The Role of the U.S. Dept. of Education, by National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “In accordance with the Dept. of Education’s mandate to identify the major issues and problems in education and focus national attention on them, the Department could take significant measures to highlight the growing problem of exposure to pornography and harmful sexually explicit material through school-issued devices and research databases.” Read more here.


The Flag Waving Has Gone Too Far, by James Parker. “Therapists and pastors who genuinely care for those in pain are not the true abusers. Rather, it is the politicians who have taken on lead roles to proclaim misleadingly that a person cannot change sexual attraction or experience of gender when this is simply untrue.” Read more here.


Religious Liberty Has Nothing to Do With the Satanic Temple’s Campaign to Tear Down Pro-Life Laws, by Jordan Lorence. “It is difficult to take the pro-abortion advocacy of The Satanic Temple seriously because of its long history of disdaining religious believers with sloppily conceived, publicity-seeking campaigns and lawsuits meant to disrupt and diminish religious liberty protections for all.” Read more here.


The Mysterious Power of an International Transgender Declaration That No One Has Ever Heard Of, by Geoff Holloway. “You may have never heard of either document. But trans activists have turned them into powerful propaganda tools for transforming transgender rights into human rights… The trouble is, they are not worth the paper they are written on.” Read more here.


Why Sex Education Has So Successfully Increased Promiscuity, STDs, Abortion, by Jonathon Van Maren. “That is why our public schools are so involved in handing out condoms and ensuring ready access to birth control pills — because they assume that people, even children, are entirely incapable of abstaining from sex outside marriage. Sex education, in essence, proceeds directly out of that assumption.” Read more here.


Dictionary.com Aims to ‘Help Eliminate Heterosexual Bias in Language’ With ‘Biggest Update Ever,’ by Michael L. Brown. “The revisions are intended to ‘help eliminate heterosexual bias in language,’ and they were ‘informed’ by the gay activist (or, gay activist-driven) organizations GLAAD and the American Psychological Association. No wonder LGBTQ websites like Out.com are celebrating the changes.” Read more here.


Debate Heats Up Over Biological Males Competing in Women’s Sports, by Penny Starr. “Idaho is the first state to pass a law to protect women athletes, even as colleges vow to embrace men who ‘identify’ as women and who want to compete against women. But as the debate and legislative and legal maneuvers continue, the debate is growing about giving up fairness to comply with demands for inclusion.” Read more here.


Parents Have Every Right to Be Alarmed About Govt-Funded Sex Games for Kids, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Most people simply do not believe that public education would be engaged in the deliberate and systematic corruption of children or that activists are using public education to ensure that the upcoming generations embrace the entirety of sexual liberty and the LGBT agenda or that the eradication of chastity could be the entire point of all of this. But as story after story over the past several decades reveals, that is precisely what is unfolding across the West.” Read more here.


Review of Mexico City Policy Shows International Abortion Providers Decline U.S. Aid, by Frank Pavone. “And while it’s certainly regrettable that the decisions of the few organizations unwilling to accept aid lead to under-served people missing out on vital, life-sustaining healthcare, it is not the policy that’s at fault. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Marie Stopes, Planned Parenthood and their partners that believe abortion is more important than treating patients with AIDS and other diseases.” Read more here.


Record Number of Pro-Life Women Run for Congress, by Karen Cross. “While pro-life women were running for office, leading pro-life organizations, establishing pregnancy care centers, sharing their experiences after abortion, organizing marches, lobbying lawmakers, and more, pro-abortion forces minimized their accomplishments and characterized the entire pro-life movement as ‘just old white men.’” Read more here.


Promoting Abortion in Schools: A Challenge to Peter Weir, by Philip Lynn. “According to these recommendations, schools will not be able to opt out of the promotion of abortion to underage girls, regardless of the school’s character or ethos. Furthermore, the Gillick Ruling (1985) also means that there is no requirement that parents be informed that their daughter is seeking an abortion.” Read more here.


Tasmanian Senator Not Intimidated by Vacuous Labels, by Binary Australia. “Several times in recent weeks Senator Chandler has boldly pointed out in the federal parliament that women’s sport is at risk from biological males participating as women. The Senator sticks to reciting scientific data and biological facts while her opposition can only resort to slurs and misplaced insults – without a fact in sight.” Read more here.


Did California Legislators Just Vote to Protect (Gay) Adults Who Have Sex With Minors? by Michael Brown. “The real focus should have been on the protection of the children rather than on lessening the penalty for certain sexual acts. With that in mind, a bill could have been passed calling for equal penalties for any of these sex acts, be they ‘heterosexual’ or ‘homosexual’ acts. Instead, gay activists pushed to lessen penalties for sexual acts that are even more common in the homosexual community. How telling.” Read more here.


Corporations in the Classroom: What are Google and EBSCO Teaching Our Kids? by National Center on Sexual Exploitation. “A middle school searches for ‘city dwellers’ on EBSCO in Minnesota brings up pictures of group sex, language detailing violent acts against women, and links to Pornhub (which is known to be rife with videos of actual rape, sex trafficking, and child sex abuse). Typing in ‘bullying’ in Colorado produced links to ‘horny little Latina girls here…’ Examples like this abound in schools everywhere.” Read more here.


California Legislation: Transgenderism, Abortion and Removing Mandatory Reporting for Some Cases of Statutory Rape, by Jeff Johnston. “One bill sent on to the governor is AB 2218, which establishes a ‘Transgender Wellness and Equity Fund.’ The fund would provide grants for services to sexually-confused individuals – including opposite-sex hormones and surgeries for children and adults.” Read more here.


Poly Parenting and the Value of the Family, by Matthew Lee Anderson. “The limits that marriage imposes on one man and woman are more efficient than any boundaries that polyamorous proponents could devise, and also more fruitful. Diminishing the amount of time adults spend navigating their own relationship frees them to focus on children, empowering the whole household to look beyond its own walls toward the good of their neighbors.” Read more here.


Tightening Up Parental Controls in a Pandemic World, by Ashley McGuire. “Even the strictest parents hoping to delay the introduction of a personal device may find their elementary-aged child learning on a Chromebook or other personal device from the school. If parents thought restricting maturity ratings on Netflix or the like was frustrating, they now have to reckon with the entire world wide web dropped in the laps of their children.” Read more here.


How American Civil Society Depends on Marriage, Family, by Virginia Allen. “American civil society is facing a serious domestic threat: Marriage is declining and family stability with it. Between 1962 and 2019, the percentage of women ages 15 to 44 who were married fell by nearly 30%… The number of children born outside of wedlock grew from just 5% in 1960 to 40% in 2019.” Read more here.


Biden, Harris, and Abortions Late in Pregnancy, by Ramesh Ponnuru. “All in all, then, the evidence justifies the conclusion that Biden and Harris believe abortion should be legal at any stage of pregnancy so long as an abortionist is willing to say it will promote the mother’s emotional health — and journalists who assert otherwise are creating confusion where none need exist.” Read more here.


Artist Becomes Target of Hate Campaign After Refusing to Create LGBT Image, by Brittany Raymer. “Throughout the years, her business as an animator and artist has become so successful that she was able to pay for an entire year and semester at a private university. But due to her views on same-sex marriage, she has become the target of an intense campaign of hate.” Read more here.


President Trump Releases Letter to Pro-Life Americans: ‘I Will Fight in the Trenches for Unborn Children,’ by Steven Ertelt. “President Donald Trump released a letter to pro-life Americans … promising to continue fighting against abortion during his second term in office, saying he would ‘fight in the trenches for unborn children and their mothers.’” Read more here.


New Pregnancy Help Director Seeks to Engage Men in Defeating Abortion, by Kim Hayes. “Roquemore was given a vision to lead men to understand their failings which led to abortion becoming legal in the first place. In his mind, fatherlessness has been a primary issue driving women to abortion… Believing men are called to be providers and protectors, Roquemore advocates for men to take the lead in changing the abortion narrative.” Read more here.


Will European Nationalists Ever Stop LGBT and Pro-Abortion EU Diplomacy? by Stefano Gennarini. “Recognizing the right to life of the unborn in their constitutions will not mean much if abortion is declared a human right. Similarly, all the talk of helping families will be of little help if EU policy redefines the family. Boosting fertility is not going to stop EU-backed governments from putting parents against obscene sex education in prison. Social allowances for families won’t stop governments from taking children away from parents who won’t let their kids ‘change sex.’” Read more here.


UN Attempts to Exploit COVID-19 to Push Abortion, by Elyssa Koren. “The U.S. is unequivocally correct — there is no right to abortion in international law… One could make a strong case for the opposite of what the U.N. contends: International law, in fact, mandates the protection of the right to life for everyone at all stages of life.” Read more here.


Zero Out International Abortion Funding, by Jonathan Abbamonte. “…[S]tructures ought to be put in place at the Department of State to screen international organizations for violations of the Siljander Amendment. In addition to extending the Mexico City Policy to multilateral organizations, this is a necessary step to ensuring that U.S. funds are not used to subsidize the promotion of abortion in foreign countries.” Read more here.


Anchorage Therapy Ban Not Anchored in Truth, by FRC Action. “Late on the night of Wednesday, August 26, the Anchorage (Alaska) Assembly (the municipal legislative body) passed an ordinance, AO-65, to prohibit sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts (SOCE or GICE) by any licensed professional counselor. The final vote was 9-2 in favor. The vote came despite widespread community opposition, with a majority of the 65 people who testified opposing the bill.” Read more here.


Why WAP Matters, by Leonard Sax. “If you were to move to Mexico City or to Cairo, you would be sure to learn about the local culture and neighborhoods. You would find out what areas of the city are high-crime, and you would make sure that your kid didn’t wander alone in those areas after dark. You now need to execute the same due diligence with regard to the Internet, YouTube, and social media. If you don’t, who will?” Read more here.


University Shouldn’t Punish Me for Not Addressing Male Student as ‘Ms.’, by Nicholas Meriwether. “I also believe I should have a certain amount of freedom, within my own classroom, to determine the exact language I do and do not use when teaching my class. The university denied me that freedom, as well. And it also denied my grievance.” Read more here.


The Polys Are Coming, and That’s a Problem, by Jim Daly. “Over the last 50 years, we have seen great changes with family formation, more in this relatively short time-span than since the dawn of humanity. Very few of these changes, if any, have enhanced the well-being of children, women and even men. The social science research on this matter has been robust and conclusive.” Read more here.


Female Minister for Women Can’t Define What a Woman Is, by Binary Australia. “This woman, Minister for Women’s Interests Simone McGurk, actually can’t define the term woman for fear of falling foul of the bullies at the Human Rights Commission that have stolen our identity by refusing to define the term ‘woman.’ Unfortunately, none of these women who are state premiers or ministers for women will have the guts to stand up to them.” Read more here.


You Can Oppose Abortion and Defend Life. You Must, by John Stonestreet. “The difference between millions of people dying every day by natural causes and those who die by murder is intent. It is wrong to take an innocent human life… any innocent human life. Fertilized eggs, embryos, fetuses, newborns, teenagers and adults are all human beings.” Read more here.


The Gender Agenda: How the LGBT Movement is Hijacking Women’s Rights, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Changing the definition of gender to an open definition in UN policy or international law, or discarding the definitions of gender in UN policy and international law altogether would open the door to as many different meanings of ‘gender’ as there are individuals… It includes proposed novel genders including: agender, androgyne, androgynous, bigender, cis, cisgender, cis female, cis male, etc. This will inevitably have implications for parental rights, medical ethics, and the protection of the family.” Read more here.


The Macabre Proposal to Tolerate Infanticide, in the Name of Abortion Rights, by Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues. “El Salvador has one of the strongest laws in the world protecting the lives of unborn children. This fact has led to a false narrative that has gone global about a group of 17 women about whom it is claimed have been, or were, imprisoned in El Salvador for miscarriages… The reality is that these women, and others like them, were convicted for infanticide…” Read more here.


What’s at Stake as Judge Pauses Law on Transgender Sports, by Nicole Russell. “While this is only a preliminary ruling in a lawsuit that’s far from over, it’s frustrating to see a law that Idaho legislators and constituents overwhelmingly supported placed on hold. It is also important to note that transgender women competing with biological women is hardly consistent with Title IX, the federal civil rights law that forbids discrimination based on sex in education programs.” Read more here.


How Attacks on Religious Freedom Threaten the Church in Montenegro, by Evstatije Dragojevic. “… now the church and its members are under attack, as the government earmarks its property, including sacred churches, for their ownership. Under economic pressure predating the coronavirus, the government has looked for new revenue streams. It looks though they will come at the expense of believers.” Read more here.


The Dangers of ‘Sexxx Ed,’ by Jerry Newcombe. “Planned Parenthood is now the nation’s largest sex educator in our public schools. And they profit off of the abortions they provide to sexually active teenagers. This reminds me of the old phrase, ‘Follow the money.’” Read more here.


Bill Would Ban Gender Reassignment Procedures on Minors, by Andrea Jones. “Performing hormonal or surgical interventions on minors because they are experiencing discomfort with their bodies is a serious breach of medical ethics and leaves young patients with irreversible consequences… Contrary to activists’ talking points, the effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are neither risk-free nor reversible.” Read more here.


The Washington Post Just Proved Abby Johnson’s Point on Abortion as a ‘Horror Show,’ by Madeline Osburn. “Johnson didn’t have to describe a routine part of the abortion procedure as a ‘ghoulish jigsaw puzzle’ to conjure up that image in mind of her audience. Hesse came up with that image herself after hearing Johnson laying out the facts. Johnson was simply describing what Planned Parenthood locations call ‘Products of Conception’ rooms, ‘where infant corpses are pieced back together to ensure no extra body parts remain in the mothers.’” Read more here.


Meet the Gender Transcendent Mermaid Royalty, by Michael Brown. “The reality, however, is that this is gender madness. Mai is neither nonbinary nor gender transcendent, neither a mermaid nor a Queen-King. Biology can be a very stubborn thing… But none of this is surprising in the least. As I’ve been shouting for the last 15 years, once you depart from God’s simple order, you can end up with anything, including nonbinary mermaid royalty. Why not?” Read more here.


Snopes Falsely Claims Democrats Didn’t Vote for Infanticide, by Micaiah Bilger. “Initially, Snopes argued that Democrats were ‘not really’ voting to allow babies to die because state and federal laws already prohibit infanticide. Later, however, it acknowledged that the legislation is not redundant, as Democrats claimed when they voted against it, but it adds new protections for babies nation-wide.” Read more here.


New York Times Sympathizes With Adults Who Pursue Sex With 13-Year-Old Girls, by Holly Scheer. “There’s no reason to create sympathetic narratives around these situations and the people snared by these online ads. Decrying the sentencing because a real child’s life wasn’t actually destroyed, just planned to be destroyed, is baffling and horrifying. The very last thing we need is child solicitation and rape to be normalized in any way, in any medium, in our society.” Read more here.


Netflix’s New Film Cuties and the Hypersexualization of Children, by Rachel del Guidice. “All in all, it is only normalizing the sexualization of children, which is becoming a crisis in this country… Combine this with the fact that pornography use rates only increase, have increased in the last 10 years dramatically, that the rate of child porn only mushrooms every single year. So this is an epidemic in our country and globally. And for Netflix to be part of the problem is completely inexcusable.” Read more here.


After Correction, Study That Claimed Mutilating Trans People Helps Them Now Finds the Opposite, by Glenn T. Stanton. “What do we know about the effects of hormone and surgical treatments for gender-dysphoric patients? … The prevailing narrative is that parents and patient advocates who disapprove of surgeries or hormone treatments are both evil and dangerous. The best research, however, indicates just the opposite.” Read more here.


USAID Gender Policy Emphasizes Women and Girls Rather Than Trans, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The new policy clearly characterizes ‘gender equality’ as referring strictly to equality between men and women and boys and girls. This drew outrage from those on the left, who slammed the policy for adopting ‘a conservative framing of human rights’ and erasing any mention of transgender issues or people who identify as LGBTQ.” Read more here.


Study: Kids Whose Moms Don’t Work Full Time More Likely to Get Into Stanford, by Joy Pullman. “Contrary to the reigning narrative that women want to live similarly to men by investing their major energies into full-time paid employment, Putnam found ‘virtually all the increase in female employment over the last two decades of the twentieth century was by necessity, not by choice.’” Read more here.


Conversion Therapy Laws and Religious Freedom, by Neil Foster. “No-one supports coercive electro-shock or other oppressive practices imposed on someone without their consent, to change their sexual preferences or identity. But the problem with the recent legislative proposals is that the laws do not target these practices alone (as to which it is hard to find any evidence of them occurring in Australia in recent years), but seem to reach further and to prevent religious groups sharing the teaching of their faith.” Read more here.


Sexualized Toys Created for Children: A Disturbing Trend, Not a Coincidence, by Melissa Henson. “If any one of these were isolated incidents, it would be easy enough to write them off as simple mistakes, lapses in judgment, or just a mind-boggling lack of awareness — or to simply assume that there were no malign intentions. But taken together, they suggest a growing pattern of sexualizing and exploiting children for entertainment. It is a cancer in the entertainment industry that is metastasizing.” Read more here.


Fetal Therapy Think Tank Works to Advance Medicine to Save Preborn Lives, by Nancy Flanders. “In the future, the Fetal Health Foundation and the Fetal Therapy Think Tank aim to help develop new devices, research, and therapies in fetal medicine and create a fetal medicine curriculum to motivate medical students to pursue a career in fetal medicine.” Read more here.


Margaret Sanger’s Racist Eugenics Still Defended, by Bill Donohue. “The organization she launched continues to serve her goal of eliminating the poor, albeit with greater certainty: it facilitates killing them in utero. This means, of course, that a disproportionate number of black babies are killed every year.” Read more here.


Life is Winning – Inside the Fight for Unborn Children and Their Mothers, by Marjorie Dannenfelser. “In terms of the provision of legitimate health care services, the abortion giant is an insignificant player. Charlotte Lozier Institute found that Planned Parenthood provides just 1 percent of HIV tests and Pap tests performed in America but dominates the abortion market, carrying out approximately 40 percent of all abortions in the nation.” Read more here.


Dr. Dobson Comes Out Swinging Against CA ‘Gender Mutilation and Sterilization’ Bill, by California Family Council. “No rational society or compassionate individual could possibly celebrate the mutilation of adolescents or adults. And yet this bill would fund procedures including double mastectomies on adolescent girls and genital amputations and reconstructive procedures for individuals older than 18. This isn’t the fulfillment of personal autonomy – this is the celebration of acts of cruelty.” Read more here.


Professor Says ‘A Solid Body of Research’ Shows the Effectiveness of Pro-Life Laws, by Anne Marie Williams, RN, BSN. “New also noted that parental involvement laws, which require minor girls either to notify their parents or receive parental permission before obtaining abortions, have caused abortion rates among minors to decrease… ‘There’s kind of a consensus that if your state passes a parental involvement law, the minor abortion rate falls by about 15%.’” Read more here.


Outrage for the Children, by Michael Brown. “Young kids grow up singing the most salacious lyrics, gyrating sexually as they mouth the words, being exposed to filth long before they can even understand it. And kids as young as 8 are regularly encountering porn. How have we let this happen? How have we let our children be emotionally and morally raped?” Read more here.


The Role of the United States in the Revitalization of the International Human Rights Project, by Michael Farris and Elyssa Koren. “The rejection of fundamental rights points to an ultimate denial of objective truth. Religious freedom, for example, allows religion to serve as a reference point for moral action. It therefore makes sense that promoters of progressive agendas would devalue religious freedom in the interest of relativistic ‘rights’ for the radically autonomous person. The abortion-advocacy group Ipas embodies this approach.” Read more here.


Fancy a Vaginoplasty? Think Again, by Michael Cook. “…transgender surgery in the United States is a kind of Wild Wild West of medicine. In 2017 The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a survey of 20 American doctors who perform transgender vaginoplasty. Some comments about their colleagues were dismaying.” Read more here.


Hopes and Fears for Religious Freedom in Vietnam, by James W. Carr and Rep. Glenn Grothman. “We urge the State Department to work with the Vietnamese government to expand this policy to all similarly situated Hmong and Montagnard communities across the country. With Vietnamese leadership and U.S. encouragement, Subdivision 179 could potentially serve as a model for ameliorating the plight of Christian minorities in the Central Highlands.” Read more here.


Study: African-American Women Fare Worse With Abortion, by Michael Cook. “The effects of abortion on African-American women seem to be significantly worse than on white or Hispanic women, according to data from Medicaid between 1999 and 2014.” Read more here.


When Can You Refuse to Bake a Cake? by Rachel Alexander. “What does requiring bakers to make certain kinds of cakes mean? It means they are not allowed to run their business unless they agree to someone else’s worldview. Some say this type of refusal should be treated the same as categories protected under anti-discrimination laws, typically age, race, national origin, religious beliefs, gender, disability, pregnancy and veteran status. But this isn’t refusing to service someone because of their status. This is merely refusing to provide one service.” Read more here.


There’s a Reason That Netflix is Sexualizing Young Girls, by Andrea Widburg. “The movie may indeed be about culture clashes in modern Paris or about pressure on immigrant children (which is what the producer seemed to say), but it still sounds like pedophile porn — and that’s certainly how Americans understood Netflix’s promotional campaign.” Read more here.


Democratic Party’s Platform Promises Taxpayer-Funded Abortion, ‘LGBTQ+ Inclusive’ Sex-Ed, Pro-Roe Judges, by Michael Foust. “The platform approved by Democratic National Convention delegates last week supports taxpayer-funded abortion, judges who will ‘respect and enforce’ Roe v Wade, and ‘LGBTQ+ inclusive, age-appropriate sex education’ for schools. It is likely the most socially liberal Democratic platform in party history.” Read more here.


Sexual Insanity Begins With Language: These Words Don’t Mean What You Say They Mean, by Anthony Esolen. “Adults in the grip of this sexual delusion are now encouraging children to join them. They are subjecting the children to irreversible mutilation of the body, castrating little boys and performing mastectomies on teenage girls, to live a fantasy, a pretense. For there are well over six thousand physical differences between males and females, and all the surgeries can do is to mimic some appearance of the opposite sex…” Read more here.


As Students Begin Online School, Parents and Guardians Must Be Aware of Their Child’s Media Consumption, by Dr. Jack Graham. “We also can’t simply rely on movie, television or video game ratings to tell us what our children should or shouldn’t watch. And just because content is labeled ‘educational’ doesn’t mean that it is. Internet locks and video censoring systems, while helpful, are no replacement for meaningful interaction and discussion.” Read more here.


Raising a Child in a World Obsessed With Transgender Contagion, by Nicole Russell. “The progressive left is enamored with pushing the LGBTQ movement into the mainstream—particularly transgender issues—even though the number of young people struggling with their sexual orientation remains small.” Read more here.


Poly Parenting and the Value of the Family, by Matthew Lee Anderson. “Technological optimists have done much to try to philosophically distance contemporary reproductive programs from nefarious historical applications of eugenics, like those of Nazi Germany. But if moral objections do not matter in the face of our rush to satisfy our desires, there is nothing to prevent us from enacting all manner of social evils.” Read more here.


Netflix to Air ‘Cuties’ Movie About 11-Year-Olds ‘Twerking Their Way to Stardom’ Through ‘Sensual’ Dancing, by Matt Walsh. “The synopsis tells us that Amy, through her ‘sensual’ dancing, will ‘ignite awareness of her burgeoning femininity.’ But will the girls successfully ‘twerk their way to stardom’? You’ll have to watch to find out. That is, if you’re on a registry somewhere and interested in this kind of content.” Read more here.


No Matter How Much the New York Times Pumps Polyamory, It’s Not Good for Kids, by Glenn T. Stanton. “The traditional family of a husband and wife raising their own biological or adoptive children with the encircling help and support of extended family is not the norm because of a lack of other creative options. It exists, and endures, because no society has ever found a better family form for raising its essential next generation of healthy, happy, well-educated, hard-working, and law-abiding citizens.” Read more here.


Poly-Parenting: Is This the Brave New World We Want? by Hal Boyd and Alan J. Hawkins. “And it’s not just traditional couples that can produce a child. But, if a group of three or four can purchase a designer baby, what about a group of 7 or 8? Could, say, a fraternity pay for their own baby mascot for the right price? Such a vision is capitalism unchecked by common sense, let alone human conscience and the rights of innocent, unborn children.” Read more here.


Post-Abortive Women Challenge Writer Calling Abortion Her ‘Best Decision,’ by Katie Yoder. “The media regularly shine a spotlight on the women who celebrate their abortions. But, at the same time, they ignore or overlook the women who mourn their abortions. They exist – even if their stories are all too often left untold.” Read more here.


Latest Marriage Data Suggests Dark Future for America if Things Don’t Change Fast, by Tim Goeglein and Craig Osten. “If we are going to keep our society from crumbling, we need to repair marriage and the family first. A critical element in doing so is the restoration of religious faith and the values that come with it: strong marriages, monogamy, and seeing each person Imago Dei, in the image of God.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Ideology ‘Killing the Family,’ Ex-Volunteer Says, by Virginia Allen and Lauren Evans. “Planned Parenthood is a business. Simply put, America’s largest abortion provider loses profit if young people are not having sex.” Read more here.


I’m the Colorado Cake Artist, and I Believe in Artistic Freedom for All, by Jack Phillips. “When my case was going up through the courts, three other Colorado cake artists were asked to create cakes that expressed a message of opposition to same-sex marriage. I supported them too, because even though we have different beliefs about marriage, we all have the right to choose what we express through our art. Tolerance is a two-way street.” Read more here.


The California Transgender Bill That Should Alarm All Americans, by Jane Robbins. “The bill states repeatedly that the resources will be used for trans-identifying ‘people’ or ‘individuals’ – nowhere limited to individuals 18 years of age or over. In fact, the ‘findings’ section of the bill gives statistics about the number of ‘youth 12 to 17’ who are viewed as gender-nonconforming. Why would this be in the bill if children weren’t covered?” Read more here.


Fired for Accidentally Calling a Transgender Student ‘She,’ Teacher Takes Case to Court, by Rachel del Guidice. “The West Point School Board voted 5-0 on Dec. 6, 2018, to fire Vlaming, saying his refusal to follow orders to use male pronouns in referring to the transgender student ‘harassed and discriminated against the student’ and meant Vlaming was ‘insubordinate.’” Read more here.


Peadophile Threat Escalates in South Africa, by Errol Naidoo. “Pro-peadophilia propaganda has increased dramatically on the internet since the global lockdown took effect in March this year. Peadophiles are aggressively rebranding themselves as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ (MAP) in attempts to remove the negative social stigma associated with peadophilia. The phrase ‘love has no age’ is trending on social media networks.” Read more here.


‘A More Private Experience:’ How the Abortion Industry Soft-Peddles Dangerous At-Home Abortions, by Nancy Flanders. “All of these situations are dangerous for women, yet the abortion industry benefits financially from a faster turnover rate of patients whom they never have to actually see in person — much like the industry’s current reputation for rushing women through surgical abortions ‘like cattle.’” Read more here.


New Bill in Kenya is Attempting to Force Medical Professionals to Do Abortions, by Elyssa Koren. “Inspired and supported by various UN proclamations, abortion activists argue that now is the time to move Kenya, and Africa, in line with the ‘human rights’ values of the West. But, the bill is predicated on an egregious violation of international law, sure to jeopardize Kenya’s hard-won progress in the consolidation of its constitutional democracy.” Read more here.


How the United Nations Promotes an Anti-Family Agenda, by Virginia Allen. “Kimberly Ells arrived at the United Nations excited to engage in work to strengthen families around the world. What she found was an agenda to dismantle the traditional family, promote sexuality to children, and reduce parenthood to a burdensome civil construct.” Read more here.


The Link Between Sex Trafficking, Abortion, and Planned Parenthood, by Nancy Flanders. “Despite clear signs of abuse, abortion businesses frequently fail to report these instances to authorities, though they are mandated to do so. Instead, they collect money for abortions and return victims to their traffickers and abusers… It’s a cruel, inhumane, brutal circle in which Planned Parenthood can often be found at the center.” Read more here.


21 States Move to Support Coach Kennedy for Round 2, by Nicole Russell. “I’m especially heartened to see so many state attorneys general—representing nearly half the states—support the right of a faith-filled person to act on his religious beliefs while in ‘secular’ employment. It’s not only Kennedy’s religious right, it’s all of ours.” Read more here.


Who Won the ‘Conversion Therapy’ Debate in the Queensland Parliament? by John Whitehall. “The Bill contains an ambiguity concerning ‘conversion therapy’ that should not be overlooked by those supporting the right for a person troubled by unwanted sexual pre-occupations to seek and receive help, and by those seeking to prevent gender-confused children from being introduced to a pathway of hormonal and surgical ‘affirmation’ in pursuit of an identity incongruent with chromosomes.” Read more here.


Tasmanian Senator Defends Biological Reality, by Binary Australia. “Opponents have labelled her a bigot and transphobic but the Senator refuses to be intimidated. Trans activists appeal to feelings, not facts, when it comes to their reasons for demanding they be accepted as females when they are in fact biological males.” Read more here.


Progressive Sex Education and the Battle for Our Children, by Virginia Allen. “Progressive activists seek to expand sex education in schools across America to include topics such as sexual orientation and gender identity. Their proposed curriculum also promotes abortion.” Read more here.


Sudan Has Come a Long Way on Religious Freedom in One Year, by Tony Perkins and Anurima Bhargava. “One year after its formation, Sudan’s transitional government has made remarkable progress in advancing religious freedom and protections for previously disenfranchised groups — particularly religious minorities and women and girls. Notably, the transitional government has taken concrete steps to repeal laws and regulations that restricted individual freedoms under the previous regime.” Read more here.


Belgian Neonatologists Support Eugenic Late-Term Abortion and Infanticide, by Wesley J. Smith. “So, vast majorities of surveyed medical professionals who deal with newborns support aborting viable fetuses who would survive with a disability, and some would abort healthy fetuses. And good grief, more would want to kill these children in the womb than care for them properly after they are born.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court’s Abortion-Affirming Decisions Aren’t as ‘Settled’ as Some Say, by Clarke D. Forsythe. “The 4-1-1-3 decision reaffirms that Roe is radically unsettled. There are many reasons for that: the widespread use of obstetric ultrasounds that have humanized unborn children for four decades, legislative limits on abortion in more than half the states, a significant drop in the abortion rate, public opinion, as well as other social, political, and legal reasons.” Read more here.


Drag Queen Story Hour UK Reveals True Colors With ‘Love Has No Age’ Tweet, by Jonathon Van Maren. “For those who might claim that it is incendiary and slanderous to point out that the phrase ‘love has no age’ has pedophilic associations, it must be pointed out that the British-run Paedophile Information Exchange (known colloquially as PIE), which operated between 1974 and 1984, campaigned to lower the age of consent using the slogan ‘no age limit on love.’” Read more here.


Cash-Strapped Treaty Bodies Expand Pro-Abortion Lobbying Amid Calls for Reform, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “They have called for the complete decriminalization of abortion, its legalization at least in certain circumstances, and the removal of barriers to access such as parental or spousal consent or the conscience rights of health service providers. Other UN entities … then refer back to the OHCHR and the treaty bodies when implying that access to abortion is a human right.” Read more here.


Gender-Transition Surgery Does Not Improve Mental Health After All, by John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera. “To be clear, ‘gender affirmation’ is a backwardly defined phrase. It does not refer to attempts to align one’s thinking to the biological realities of the body. Rather, ‘gender affirmation’ affirms the dysphoria, seeking to realign one’s body to feelings, either by dress, counseling, hormone manipulation, or physical mutilation.” Read more here.


The Foundation of Human Society: A Christian Case for Parental Authority, by Colin J. Smothers. “… the natural structure of the human family undergirds and informs human society. What would it be, then, to undermine this structure? Would it not be to attack “the root of humanity,” to unsettle the very foundation of all human authority? The child who is given permission, either by church or state, to ignore the authority of his source … is a child primed to throw off respect for any human authority.” Read more here.


8-Year-Old James Georgulas’ Father Has Court Victory Overturned, Mother Given Power to ‘Transition’ Child, by Bonchie. “It’s possible there’s more to the story, but as I said in my original thoughts on the matter, there are no extenuating circumstances which make it acceptable to transition a child, much less a child who is only 8 years old.” Read more here.


Gorsuch’s Transgender Ruling Paving the Way to Destroy Single-Sex Bathrooms, by Jonathan Abbamonte. “The attorneys representing the employers seeking relief in Bostock warned the court that redefining ‘sex’ to mean ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ would have far-reaching unintended consequences and they warned that such a redefinition of ‘sex’ would make it legally unsustainable to maintain single-sex restrooms, locker rooms, and dress codes. Now we have proof that they were right.” Read more here.


Biden-Sanders’ ‘Unity Plan’ Doesn’t Mention God Even Once. LGBT Mentioned 17 Times, by Michael L. Brown. “Put another way, young ladies in high school, get ready to have boys who identify as girls sharing your bathrooms and locker rooms, by federal mandate. And individual states, expect to lose your federal school funding should you refuse to comply.” Read more here.


How the Transgender Movement Destroyed a Family. A Mother Tells Her Story, by Mass Resistance. “Most people are told about the ‘transgender’ movement through the rose-colored lens of the mainstream media and the ‘social justice’ push in schools, colleges, corporations, government, and even the medical establishment… But almost no one hears about the terrible damage this sexual perversion and mental health disorder causes for virtually all the people it touches.” Read more here.


Parents, Beware: The Global Assault on the Health and Innocence of Children, by Sharon Slater. “Systematic sexual indoctrination would be a better description of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education programs being dished up—sometimes daily—to children in countries as diverse as Namibia, Nepal, and Nauru, and in U.S. states from Montana to Michigan to Maine.” Read more here.


Teachers Openly Fret That Parents Might Hear Them Brainwashing Children, Call Parents ‘Dangerous,’ by Matt Walsh. “One teacher said she’d also been ‘thinking about’ the problem Kay described, and had decided that she’d ask students about their preferred pronouns via survey — though she still worries that ‘caregivers’ might see it and learn something about their children that they weren’t supposed to know.” Read more here.


Why a Generation of Girls is Fleeing Womanhood, by Jean C. Lloyd. “Psychologist and well-known researcher Ray Blanchard points out that there is ‘there is no apparent way to record a detransitioned patient for clinical or research purposes.’ Trans activists don’t want people to know that detransitioners exist, but they do, and their numbers are growing.” Read more here.


No, California Shouldn’t Decriminalize Adult Sex With 14-Year-Olds, by Chad Felix Greene. “This all comes down to the LGBT fixation on treating minors as adults capable of adult decision-making. Yet there is simply no reason for someone between the ages of 14 and 16 to be in a relationship with an adult. This should be non-negotiable, regardless of the sexes involved.” Read more here.


Why the U.S. Commission on Unalienable Rights Should Not Ignore Abortion, by Stefano Gennarini. “… the neutral posture of the commission on abortion may even hurt the pro-life cause. The foremost experts on human rights in the United States could not agree that international human rights law affords children in the womb any protections at all. How can U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his team be expected to contradict them in U.S. diplomacy?” Read more here.


The Abortion Pill is Wreaking Havoc on Children and Women, by Lila Rose and Michael New. “Overall, as the number of surgical abortion facilities in the U.S. continues to decline, the abortion industry will continue its attempts to increase abortion pill sales. The public must be alert and proactive, urgently demanding the removal of this deadly drug from the U.S. market. The lethal dangers of the abortion pill must be better communicated to women, policymakers, and the public at large.” Read more here.


Abortionist Ignores Science in Favor of Pro-Abortion Propaganda, by Brittany Raymer. “What he’s talking about aren’t ‘restrictions’ but regulations, like requiring a woman to see an ultrasound or waiting periods. These opportunities are there to allow a woman to fully evaluate her decision. It’s likely, that in his world, no restrictions means that the abortion pill could be handed out like candy, a dangerous proposition indeed.” Read more here.


Pope May be Key to Preserving Italy’s Social Compact on Abortion, by John L. Allen, Jr. “Ultimately, the concern among Italy’s pro-life movements and politicians is that the RU 486 decision could signal an unraveling of the social compact on abortion that’s held more or less since 1981, leading to pressure from the country’s left-leaning forces for expansion of abortion rights on other fronts.” Read more here.


The Federal Government Must Stop the Deadly Abortion Pill, by Ted Cruz & Lila Rose. “The Mifeprex regimen has unleashed horrors on America’s women and children while providing no medical benefit. Killing innocent children, endangering mothers, and abusing the health-care system to do harm is tragic. And as long as this deadly drug remains on the U.S. market, it will pose a serious health risk.” Read more here.


The Collapse of the Traditional American Family, by Star Parker. “To the large but dwindling number of Americans who care about traditional biblical morality, the collapse of marriage and family, the openness to other lifestyles prohibited by biblical morality, is of concern. It is not a healthy sign about what is happening in our culture. For those whose concerns are more secular, … a large body of research exists showing the social benefits of traditional marriage and family, and the social costs of their collapse.” Read more here.


The Growing Threat to Religious Freedom in Health-Care Provision, by Wesley J. Smith. “The attacks on medical conscience are likely going to increase into a nationwide legal conflagration, perhaps culminating with the Supreme Court determining whether the constitutional guarantee of free exercise of religion retains vigor or will be shriveled to a puny ‘freedom of worship’ concept.” Read more here.


New Social Capital Project Report Examines Family Instability in the U.S., by Robert VerBruggen. “From all this, it seems clear that kids would be better off if adults waited until they were in stable marriages before procreating, and if married parents stayed together even through unhappy rough patches that research shows often improve with time for couples who don’t give up.” Read more here.


Beautiful Baby Born After Mom Changes Her Mind in the Middle of the Abortion, by Kim Hayes. “Rethinking a decision that had been based on false scenarios, Wisdom began researching whether the abortion medication’s effects could be reversed… Within 12 hours of having taken the first abortion pill, Wisdom was at CPC receiving critical care. They had told her on the phone she had 24 hours to get the reversal regimen started.” Read more here.


Mexican Court Turns Down UN-Backed Abortion Lawsuit, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Their statement may have violated a U.S. law known as the Siljander Amendment. The Siljander amendment prohibits recipients of U.S. foreign aid, including UN agencies, from lobbying for or against abortion. The four agencies receive over $200 million from U.S. taxpayers annually.” Read more here.


What a Groundbreaking Study Using 43 Data Sets Reveals About Relationship Satisfaction, by Scott Stanley. “Is relationship satisfaction all in your head? The short answer? Of course it is—at least, mostly. But a large part of the story of relationship satisfaction is explained by how satisfied or committed (and a host of other things) you believe your partner to be.” Read more here.


Cleveland, We Have a Problem, by Linda Harvey. “216Teens is NOT ‘medically accurate’ and ‘evidence-based’ as it claims to be. All the best medicine and evidence points to providing youth with an unequivocal message that delaying sex until marriage is positively correlated with life success and healthy outcomes. Premature sexuality leads to the opposite result.” Read more here.


Ted Cruz Has Renewed the Fight for Religious Liberty on Two Key Fronts, by Nicole Russell. “Cruz’s letter comes on the heels of a piece of legislation he spearheaded last week. If passed, the Safeguarding Americans from Coronavirus and Religious Exercise Discrimination Act will block federal funding for COVID-19 relief to state and local governments that discriminate against people of faith.” Read more here.


Democrats Take Aim at Longstanding Law Holding Back Global Abortion Lobby, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The Helms Amendment plays a critical role in protecting U.S. humanitarian assistance from being co-opted by the abortion lobby… Unlike its domestic counterpart, the Hyde Amendment, the Helms Amendment does not contain exceptions, but focuses on broadly restricting U.S. funding for the means to procure abortions.” Read more here.


Argentina Pro-Lifers Recently Mobilized Millions to Stop Abortion. Their Aug 8 Digital Rally Will be Massive, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Abortion activists, for the moment, appear to have the political power, while the growing pro-life movement has the manpower. The pro-lifers of the Light Blue Wave are inviting pro-lifers from around the world to join them on August 8, and seek their support and solidarity from afar.” Read more here.


Smart Women Don’t Send Nudes to Strangers, and Other Tales of the Sexual Revolution, by Casey Chalk. “It also appears our culture is so saturated in pornography that activities once considered rare, immoral, obscene, and stupid are now condoned, if not celebrated… Television and movies bring all manner of once-obscure sexual fetishes into American homes. Smartphones make the most obscene pornography accessible to us anywhere; they’ve become, as columnist and scholar Chad Pecknold puts it, a ‘red-light district in everyone’s pocket.’” Read more here.


When Men Compete in Women’s Sports, Women Lose, by Nicole Russell. “Fair play in women’s sports will be the next battleground in schools, once schools and universities begin functioning at full capacity again. Given how malicious Outsports was in doxxing those who had the courage to stand up for women, this is obviously a topic the transgender lobby believes should already be in the bag.” Read more here.


Abortion Advocates Defend Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs, by Dave Andrusko. “Dismemberment abortions are every bit as brutal, as inhumane, and dehumanizes the abortionist every bit as much as partial-birth abortions. This ‘technique’ tears and pulverizes living unborn human beings, rips heads and legs off of tiny torsos as the defenseless child bleeds to death.” Read more here.


‘Transitioning’ Procedures Don’t Help Mental Health, Largest Dataset Shows, by Ryan T. Anderson. “The world’s largest dataset on patients who have undergone sex-reassignment procedures reveals that these procedures do not bring mental health benefits. But that’s not what the authors originally claimed. Or what the media touted.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood is Helping to Free El Salvador Women Who Stabbed and Strangled Newborns, by Nancy Flanders. “Pro-abortion organizations in El Salvador are working overtime to free women convicted of brutally killing their newborn babies, despite photographic evidence and witness testimony against them. Helping to fund the efforts to free these women, Planned Parenthood stands to benefit financially should public pressure lead to a liberalizing of the country’s abortion laws.” Read more here.


China’s Repression of Religion Gets Worse, by Arielle Del Turco and Tony Perkins. “One Uighur woman who worked at a hospital recounted witnessing forced abortions: ‘The husbands were not allowed inside. They take in the women, who are always crying. Afterwards, they just threw the fetus in a plastic bag like it was trash. One mother begged to die after her 7-month-old baby was killed.’” Read more here.


UN-Safe Abortion: How the Abortion Industry Has Used UN Agencies to Legitimize Abortion, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. and Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “‘Unsafe abortion’ and ‘safe abortion’ are terms used by international agencies and the abortion industry lobby to pressure countries into changing their laws to make abortion legal. The assumption behind this use of the terms is that governments must do everything in their power to prevent women from seeking abortions in unsafe conditions, or what have been commonly called ‘back-alley abortions.’” Read more here.


Abortionist Who Cuts Unborn Babies’ Cords so They Can’t Scream Now Does Abortions in Alabama, by Dave Andrusko. “In one case, you use forceps if there are problems delivering the baby. In another, you use forceps ‘to loosen the pregnancy’ (maybe the all-time, all-time abortion euphemism).  In fact, forceps most commonly are used to grasp and tear the baby apart. At one end of the spectrum we have a live baby handed over to her mother. At the other end we have a dead baby delivered in parts to be disposed of as ‘medical waste.’” Read more here.


14 Parents Sue a School District Over Secretive Transgender Policy, by Nicole Russell. “It’s hard to tell what’s worse here, that teachers are encouraged to hide a child’s secret transgender life at school behind the backs of concerned parents, completely subverting parents’ natural and legal right to this information, or that teachers essentially are encouraged to evade federal law to make this happen.” Read more here.


ACLU Trying to Force Catholic Hospital to Kill Babies in Abortions, by Wesley Smith. “Specifically, the ACLU wants to force the merged system to practice medicine in a secular fashion, meaning the Catholic hospital would be required to perform abortions, transgender surgeries, and assisted suicides — all legal in Washington, but all also prohibited in Catholic moral teaching.” Read more here.


Britain’s TFR is Shrinking, by Marcus Roberts. “Migration has of course been the answer for many countries faced with low fertility rates. Not only do migrants top up the natural population growth, they also tend to increase the birth rate as they have more children than their native compatriots. In 2019, nearly 30 per cent of the new babies in England and Wales were born to immigrant parents. But immigrant fertility rates are also falling: in the last 15 years it has suffered a precipitous drop of 0.5 children per woman, to 1.97.” Read more here.


The Core Message of a Major Transgender Study Was Wrong, by Michael Cook. “The reality is that there is no rigorous evidence for treating boys and girls and men and women who suffer from gender dysphoria with hormones and surgery. It is basically experimental medicine, a 21st century version of the disasters of thalidomide and frontal lobotomies.” Read more here.


Woman Brags About Killing Her Baby in an Abortion, by Micaiah Bilger. “In a recent column at Newsweek, Sherman, who leads the pro-abortion group We Testify, celebrated the 15th anniversary of her abortion… ‘It was—and still is—the best decision I ever made.’” Read more here.


Women Are Changed by Chemical Abortion – Their Voices Must be Heard, by Kim Hayes. “Between triggering events (such as due date, anniversary of abortion, etc.) and emotional pain, these women who have undergone chemical abortion carry a burden of shame and embarrassment. The report showed that 60% had feelings of isolation and alienation.” Read more here.


Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s ‘Abortion is Health Care Everywhere Act of 2020,’ by Elyssa Koren. “Illinois Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky has introduced the ‘Abortion Is Health Care Everywhere Act of 2020’ to repeal the Helms Amendment, which prohibits the use of U.S. foreign assistance to pay for abortion as a method of family planning. But, the Act, even in its title, assumes more than many Americans are willing to accept.” Read more here.


23 Countries Will Lose Half Their Populations by 2100, by Shannon Roberts. “It is no wonder that women do not have very many children if they do not feel their contribution is important and valuable to society, as well as a more personal experience of love and growth. Studies such as this one show once again just how crucial valuing the role of parenthood is.” Read more here.


Which is Really More Dangerous, Hydroxychloroquine or the Abortion Pill? by Brittany Raymer. “As scientists and researchers continue to debate and examine the usefulness of hydroxychloroquine when treating COVID-19 patients, the professionals should not ignore the obvious threats of the abortion pill. Based on what authorities have found in Britain, not only is the abortion pill dangerous but deadly to the babies and the women.” Read more here.


Why Religious Freedom is Special, by Emilie Kao. “The United States has sought to protect religious freedom for everyone everywhere, not simply because it is a value of Americans. It is more than that. It is an unalienable right protecting something special about being human as we seek truth and live according to our consciences.” Read more here.


UN Reports North Korea’s Abuse of Women: Rape, Forced Abortion, by Katie Yoder. “Media commentators and feminists regularly promote abortion nationally in the name of women’s ‘freedom.’ But they would do well to take a look internationally, or, more specifically, North Korea, to see how abortion is wielded against women.” Read more here.


Abortionist Says Doctors Shouldn’t be OB-GYNs Unless They Will Kill Babies in Abortions, by Micaiah Bilger. “Abortion activists are engaged in an intense push to legitimize the killing of unborn babies by calling abortions medicine and insisting that medical workers either participate in these killings or give up their livelihoods.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Imperils Parents’ Right to Pass Their Values on to Children, by Melissa Moschella. “The current culture already makes it difficult for parents to teach their children that, for instance, maleness and femaleness are grounded on objective biological reality rather than subjective self-perceptions… And whatever one’s beliefs about these issues, parents, not the state, should be the ones to decide what their children are taught about these controversial and sensitive matters.” Read more here.


Supreme Court’s Decision Allows Nevada Governor to Favor Caesars Palace Over Calvary Chapel, by Zack Smith. “But as Alito and Kavanaugh pointed out, that broad discretion is less defensible in this particular case. More time has passed, and the Nevada governor treats similar activities differently based only on whether they are religious in nature. There is no pandemic exception to the Constitution.” Read more here.


Netflix’s ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Writer: We’re Making Tween Trans Propaganda on Purpose, by Chad Felix Greene. “Despite ideological efforts, medical staff will always be required to deal with the objective realities of people’s bodies, regardless of how they wish to be perceived. They cannot expect someone else to defend them for the rest of their lives and bully others into pretending along with them.” Read more here.


U.S. Lawmakers Renew Interest in Defunding UN Bodies Over Abortion, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Funding for foreign aid cannot be used to lobby for or against abortion, according to U.S. law.  There is growing interest among U.S. lawmakers in enforcing that standard against the UN and its various agencies.” Read more here.


Even With Removing Margaret Sanger’s Name, Planned Parenthood is Still Influenced by Racist Founder, by Kay C. James. “Planned Parenthood still considers certain people less than human and rejects the science of prenatal development by calling babies in the womb ‘clumps of cells,’ ‘tissue masses,’ and ‘products of conception.’ Planned Parenthood also still targets minority communities.” Read more here.


First Principles on Human Rights: Freedom of Speech, by Michael Farris and Paul Coleman. “…there is no identifiable and agreed-upon category of speech that can be labelled ‘hate speech’; so-called hate-speech laws are powerful tools in the hands of those who wish to censor unpopular opinions, silence political opposition, and remove irritating voices that speak out against the orthodoxies of the day.” Read more here.


The Little Lives Being Saved by Covid, by Helen Watt. “Abortion is something many women mourn, particularly those who were conflicted or coerced, who wanted the baby, or who believed that abortion was morally wrong. Surprising as this may seem, even if the baby is terminally ill, abortion seems to produce for women significantly more despair, depression and avoidance than going through with the pregnancy.” Read more here.


Bostock Fallout Begins, by Steve West. “The U.S. Supreme Court’s term has barely ended, but LGBT advocates are wasting no time in pushing for gains from their landmark win in Bostock v. Clayton County… In his dissent, Justice Samuel Alito warned the decision would be ‘virtually certain to have far-reaching consequences.’ His prediction has borne out in two recent lawsuits.” Read more here.


Why ‘I Stand With Planned Parenthood’ is a Slogan in Trouble, by Carolyn Moynihan. “Ultimately, though, a movement stands or falls on its principles, and the right to kill an unborn child is a much harder sell than a child’s right to live. No matter how it is dressed up – as women’s right to choose, or reproductive health, or the plight of ‘involuntarily pregnant people’ (to quote Crispin) – ‘abortion is tragic.’” Read more here.


Parents Must Protect Their Children From Netflix’s Transgender Indoctrination, by Denise Shick. “Far from being ‘smart … sweet and self-aware’ as Netflix claims, the series is dangerous to both the mental and physical well-being of the children who watch it. Far from being a sign of ‘hope,’ as Dommu suggests, this brand of insidious propaganda may very well lead to the dangerous health risks associated with puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones.” Read more here.


Why Are Ex-Gays Such a Threat? by Michael Brown. “Really now, in today’s world, if someone wants to go to a new age healer who allegedly makes contact with UFO’s, they can do so… Yet if someone says, ‘I would rather not take hormones for life and remove perfectly healthy organs in order to feel at home in my body. Instead, I would prefer finding wholeness from the inside out, and I’d like to meet with a professionally trained counselor,’ they will be told that such counseling is forbidden.” Read more here.


Police Investigating Murder of 28-Week-Old Baby After Mom Took Abortion Drugs, by Jonathon Van Maren. “They are supposed to utilize ‘telemedicine’—consulting with a physician via phone or video—who will prescribe them the pills, after which a kit with the necessary abortive drugs can be mailed to their homes. There are no reports as of yet indicating whether doctors signed off on the drugs that were used to kill late-term babies in the womb. But we do know that these tragic stories are just beginning.” Read more here.


Speaker: Most Parents Have No Idea Their Kids’ Schools Are Pushing Insane Transgender Ideology, by Allison Schuster. “Shrier provided the stunning example of a kindergarten class in California where teachers inform their five and six-year-old students that their sex was randomly decided at birth and tell them it is now their mission to find what their gender is. They’re then instructed that anyone who questions this is abusing them. If one of their parents inquires about their gender identity quest on religious grounds, Shrier said it’s considered spiritual abuse.” Read more here.


A Student Punished for Privately Sharing Religious Views, by Allie Langhofer. “If colleges are to remain open, free, and safe spaces for all students, students must never be punished for having differing beliefs. The true path to diversity is to allow students to wrestle with reality, come to an understanding of the truth the best they can, and live in line with that understanding.” Read more here.


We Can’t Roll the Dice on Religious Liberty: Nevada, the Supreme Court, and Churches, by Ed Stetzer. “Here’s the thing. You don’t have to agree that churches should be meeting. You don’t have to agree that it is safe. However, we can and should agree that churches should not be treated differently than similar contexts. That’s fundamental to our approach to religious liberty and in general.” Read more here.


Media Matters Targets Christian Organization Helping People Leave Homosexuality – But They’re Fighting Back, by Jeff Johnston. “MMfA … says conversion therapy is the ‘discredited practice that seeks to turn LGBTQ people straight.’ That may have been the goal of some ministries, counselors or strugglers, but groups like RHN have always been clear that the goal isn’t for the same-sex attracted or gender-confused ‘to become straight,’ but to follow Christ, which involves obeying His teaching and pursuing a deep relationship with Him.” Read more here.


Study Reports a 27% Increase in the Number of Women Ordering the Abortion Pill Online, by Brittany Raymer. “There has been a growing movement within the pro-abortion community before the pandemic to try and deregulate and increase access to the abortion pills, bypassing any medical oversight. These challenging times gave them the perfect excuse.” Read more here.


An Unborn Baby is More Than a ‘Fetus,’ A Preborn Child is a Unique Human Being, by Maria Gallagher. “…in my journalism classes, instructors taught me to avoid, at all costs, the phrase ‘unborn baby’ when reporting on abortion. Instead, I was to use the Latin term ‘fetus.’ Other than an occasional ‘status quo,’ how many times do you see Latin terminology, without explanation, used in news stories? Instead of showing a lack of bias, ‘fetus’ serves to depersonalize and dehumanize the child in the womb.” Read more here.


Seizures, Blood Clots, and Depression: Why Many Women in the UK Are Leaving the Pill Behind, by Anne Marie Williams. “Several of the women additionally experienced new onset mental illness. One woman recalled, ‘I would be awake for three days straight, because I had such insane anxiety attacks that I couldn’t sleep’ and also would ‘have depressive attacks so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t go to school.’ Even antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications did not resolve her struggles.” Read more here.


Nebraska Will Vote to End Dismemberment Abortions That Tear Babies Limb From Limb, by Tony Perkins. “Dismemberment abortion is something a lot of doctors never get used to. Dr. Levatino certainly didn’t. When he and his wife lost their five-year-old daughter, the grief of destroying other people’s unborn children gradually overwhelmed him. He quit those abortions. And he’s hoping — along with so many others — that Nebraska will as well.” Read more here.


HUD Moves to Protect Women in Homeless Shelters – Transgender Activists Call This ‘Discriminatory,’ by Jeff Johnston. “Of course, not all transgender-identified individuals threaten women. But activist groups like the ACLU and NCTE refuse to acknowledge that women have been harmed in sex-segregated facilities – by men who claim to be women. Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal aid group, compiled a list of 79 such incidents between 2006 and 2017.” Read more here.


A School District is Evading Federal Law to Hide Information From Parents, by Maureen Collins. “There really shouldn’t be any reason why teachers aren’t forthcoming with parents when it comes to their children’s education. But in Madison, Wisconsin, a school district has adopted a policy that encourages teachers to deceive parents about their child’s claimed ‘gender identity.’” Read more here.


UN Human Rights Council Exploits COVID-19 Pandemic to Support Funding for Abortion, by Elyssa Koren. “The resolution backs the view that the denial of comprehensive sexuality education constitutes discrimination against girls, and is thus a human rights abuse… Proponents of comprehensive sexuality education who claim that denying children this ‘learning’ equals discrimination exploit tragic circumstances to spread their ideology.” Read more here.


1.5 Million Sign Petition to Shut Down Pornhub for Child Pornography, Sexual Abuse, by Allison Schuster. “Human trafficking, which Exodus Cry estimates victimizes 21 million people per year, has steadily gained attention throughout this year. Their website calls the practice ‘highly-organized and lucrative business,’ generating $150 billion every year.” Read more here.


Media Must Keep Reporting: China Weaponizes Abortion, Women’s Bodies, by Katie Yoder. “Media commentators, feminists, and abortion supporters … should be focusing their gaze on China, as reports accuse the country of weaponizing abortion and birth control against women.” Read more here.


Next Up: Abortion Needs to be Canceled, by Kathryn Jean Lopez. “As a people, we cloak ourselves in all kinds of euphemisms when it comes to abortion — and other difficult issues. But how about talking to women about what abortion has done to them?” Read more here.


Pro-Abortion NGOs Rocked by Charges of Racism, ‘White Supremacy,’ by Marie Smith. “Women Deliver and International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) are both facing charges by former staff who claim racism and what is described as a ‘white savior complex’ perpetuated by white women running the organizations and serving on the boards. As these organizations evaluate their internal actions for racism, they would do well to evaluate their external actions for racism and elitism.” Read more here.


‘Cancel Culture’ Finally Comes Knocking at Planned Parenthood’s Door, by Michael Cook. “Like other progressives of the early 20th century, she favoured sterilization of the genetically unfit, keeping the diseased and ‘feebleminded’ from immigrating, and segregating so-called illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, and dope fiends.” Read more here.


Britain Comes Close to Defeating Trans Overreach, by Debbie Hayton. “The (LGB)T activist agenda has long stopped being a campaign for trans rights — which are well established — but rather a manifesto of trans demands. This belligerence has been disastrous for us as well as for women. We have a lot of work ahead of us if we wish to restore the trust and confidence we used to take for granted…” Read more here.


European Abortion Promotion Out of Step With UN Security Council, by Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D. “Last week the UN Security Council debated how to stop sexual violence in conflict. While most nations agreed to prioritize preventing violence and ending impunity, European nations said UN response must include abortion.” Read more here.


If Unborn Lives Don’t Matter, No Lives Matter, by Laura Hollis. “All told, more than 20 million black children have been aborted since the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade in 1973 — more than the entire number of people brought from Africa during 350 years of the Atlantic slave trade.” Read more here.


Another Catholic Hospital Sued for Refusing Transgender Hysterectomy, by Wesley J. Smith. “Secularists may not understand it, but they should hope this case collapses. Catholic hospitals supplement already strained public-health systems. Many Catholic hospitals will close before being forced to practice medicine in ways that violate Catholic doctrine. That could leave a lot of communities with reduced access to quality health care.” Read more here.


Marriage and Money: How Much Does Marriage Explain the Growing Class Divide in Happiness? by Jean Twenge. “This growing marriage gap matters for happiness because married people are happier than unmarried people by a fairly large margin. In the GSS, for example, 42% of married Whites said they were very happy, compared to 22% of unmarried Whites; 33% of married Blacks said they were very happy, compared to 17% of unmarried Blacks.” Read more here.


The Atlantic’s ‘Science’ Writer: Men No Longer Have to Menstruate, by Glenn T. Stanton. “What The Atlantic science writer and editors refuse to acknowledge is that no science supports the idea that a trans woman, or biological man, is actually a woman. Science has